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Millheim Cemetery


From Sealy, go west on FM 1094 about 8.8 miles.   Turn right on Swearingen road.  

 Go 1.9 mile to paved road, turn right and go .3 mile.   Cemetery is on the right. 

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files March 2022 for military records.


Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Abel Josephine 18 Jun 1891 12-Jan-01  
Allen Evelyn L. 11-Sep-30 29-Jul-52  
Amsle Samuel G. 4 Nov 1852 15 Nov 1885  
Amsler Emma 12 Oct 1883 No date given  
Balke Christian     Civil War
Bankston John Robert 12-Feb-29 7-May-94  
Barbee Hurst "Dock" 7-Jun-1921 15-Jul-1996 WW II
Barbee Jun Edith Severin 20-Jan-23 15-Feb-16 w/o "Doc" Hurst
Barremore Esther B. 2-Jan-02 28-Mar-98  
Bechmann Leopold G. 6 Apr 1859 28-Dec-39  
Beckmann Bertha 24 Jul 1867 21-May-20  
Beckmann Herbert 23-Nov-02 28-Feb-04  
Beckmann Leopold 19 Nov 1821 23 Jan 1890  
Beckmann Emilie Braesicke 8 Apr 1825 22-Feb-01  
Bender Albert R. 30 Jan 1897 19-Dec-57  
Bender Bernice B. 21-Dec-17 10-Mar-45  
Bender Johnnie, Jr. 1907 1937  
Bender Pauline 1872 1929  
Bender John H. 1871 1948  
Bender Pauline 4-Oct-11 2-Jun-12  
Bender Alex 4-Oct-11 9-Oct-11  
Bender Adele Born and died 2-Feb-08  
Beschoner Max 18 Nov 1859 30-Jan-39  
Beschoner Josepha B. 18 May 1834 1 Aug 1898  
Beschoner Benedick T. 21 Mar 1830 27-Jan-05  
Beschoner Max 23 May 1896 23-Jun-07  
Beshoner Bertha Goebel 29 Aug 1861 30-Jan-53  
Bolten Adele Mueller 8 Jan 1896 19-Jan-67  
Bolten Annie 5 Feb 1861 17-Dec-34  
Bolten Auge Mueller 18 Dec 1829 9 Jan 1884  
Bolten Bettie Schluens 3 Nov 1859 12 Apr 1896  
Bolten Bruce W. 19-Jun-64 26-Jul-81  
Bolten Charles 9 Dec 1858 14-Sep-34  
Bolten Charles 17 Jun 1894 13-Feb-85  
Bolten Deroy, Jr. 16-Nov-54 18-May-81  
Bolten Deroy, Sr. 15-Jul-1925 28-Jan-1995 WW II
Bolten Elmo W. 6-Sep-15 10-Feb-86  
Bolten Ferdinand 18 Apr 1898 21-Jan-00  
Bolten Flora 11 Mar 1899 5-Aug-88  
Bolten Geanett S. 18-Jan-17 18-Apr-24  
Bolten Herbert 21 Apr 1897 18-Feb-81  
Bolten Herman F. 8 Apr 1812 31 Jul 1877  
Bolten Melinda Meckel 12 Aug 1896 28-Sep-25  
Bolten Johan 17-Nov-01 19-Nov-01  
Bolten John W. 18 Nov 1851 17-May-19  
Bolten Jubal Earl     Korean
Bolten Leroy No date given 9-Nov-20  
Bolten Lee Royal 19 Jan 1895 15-Oct-66  
Bolten Marie 18 Jun 1890 23-Aug-00  
Bolten Mary 31 Dec 1849 27 Dec 1920  
Bolten Melba L. No date given 9-Nov-20  
Bolten Norbert Gene 25-Aug-26 9-Aug-04  
Bolten Richard 14 Oct 1898 17-Jan-82  
Bolten Sidonia Kinkler 10 Sep 1868 11-Jan-33  
Bolten Walter 17 Jun 1894 7-Mar-40  
Brooks Clarence H. 29-May-11 5-Aug-88  
Brugger Samuel 29 Jul 1848 15-Jan-18  
Bunge Louise Hillboldt 22 Sep 1851 20-Mar-47  
Bunge Wilhelm 25 Dec 1840 9-Oct-1915  Civil War 
Bunge W. H. 18 Sep 1893 25-Apr-16  
Bunge Orval Theo 3-Aug-03 6-Oct-03  
Bunge Oscar Fred 3-Aug-03 6-Oct-03  
Bunge infant 1 May 1872 3 May 1872  
Bunge infant No dates given    
Bunge Sophie 21 Dec 1843 19 Oct 1868  
Burroughs Alma 25 Jun 1877 9-Mar-02  
Burroughs Alma M. 3-Mar-02 9-Jul-02  
Candelaria Linda Price 17 Oct, 1957 12-Jun-15 w/o Gene
Claborn Jewel Gibson 27-Aug-10 2-Apr-00  
Cronin Lee Roscoe 5-Oct-1918 11-Jun-1992 WW II
Dahms Willie 8 Nov 1896 12 Nov 1896  
Dean Elsie Beckman 2 Feb 1892 16-Jan-74  
Dempsey Roy Dee 3-May-38 4-Apr-13 Korean h/o Rose Medelin
Dethloff Charles 4-Mar-03 27-Feb-84  
Dethloff Ivy Garling 6-Mar-05 26-Apr-97  
Dethloff Rubin 1-May-1933 1-Dec-1912  Korean
Dittert Robert L. 13-Nov-21 28-Dec-02  
Dittert Naoma Hefflefinger 21-Oct-21 7-Feb-00  
Dlauhi Anna 28 Jul 1815 11-Mar-05  
Ehlert Johann 22-Oct-08 21-Apr-82  
Ehlert Paul 7 Feb 1899 26-Oct-70  
Engelking Paul B. 17-Jan-05 13-Apr-05  
Engelking Paul B. 20 May 1876 27-Oct-04  
Garling Woodrow 21-Apr-37 20-Apr-84  
Garling John Louis 17-Aug-02 15-Jan-41  
Garling Alice Mettke 13-Feb-03 19-Jun-92  
Garling Aug H. 4 Jun 1873 8-Dec-41  
Garling Johnnie Everett 8-Apr-1940 25-Mar-2017 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Garling Louise 24 Apr 1874 13-Dec-40  
Garling Leola Lena Hillboldt 5-Jan-13 29-Jul-90  
Goebel Edwin 17 Oct 1886 19-Dec-57  
Goebel Hattie 11 Jan 1888 21-Jun-71  
Goebel Antonie Suhr 8 Apr 1874 27-Dec-43  
Goebel Julius 9 Sep 1880 14-Feb-48  
Goebel Bertha Mersmann 27 Feb 1866 27-Aug-51  
Goebel Emil 27 Dec 1860 7-Feb-47  
Goebel Herman 27 Aug 1892 5-Jun-78  
Goebel Robert 14 Feb 1888 16-Sep-53  
Goebel Ida 11 Aug 1884 21-Mar-75  
Goebel William 1 Aug 1875 31-Mar-32  
Goebel Otto 1 Aug 1875 19-May-59  
Goebel Louis 8 Nov 1868 14 Dec 1894  
Goebel Otto 10 Mar 1829 10 Sep 1895  
Goebel Maria M. 24 Aug 1841 12 Oct 1889  
Goebel Marie Grimm 10 Jun 1862 28-Feb-32  
Goebel Aug 5 Jun 1863 1-Mar-49  
Goebel Olga 14 Mar 1855 5-Jul-41  
Goebel Rudolf 2 Feb 1853 28-Jun-16  
Goebel Ida 8 Mar 1883 31 May 1888  
Goebel Addie 22 Nov 1896 24-Oct-00  
Goebel Reinhols 23 Jul 1891 31-May-64  
Goebel Selma Himly 8 May 1891 8-Apr-71  
Goebel Albert 28-Dec-08 12-Sep-53  
Goebel George 5 Dec 1875 23-Aug-47  
Goebel Therese Palm 3 Jul 1876 22-Dec-53  
Goebel Lodima Schluens 1-Jun-12 21-Nov-36  
Goebel Alwin 6-Jan-04 9-Oct-47  
Goebel Dennis 28-Feb-12 30-Dec-86  
Goebel Grace Lucille Dominey 9-Jul-15 21-Jan-88  
Goebel Edna 21 Oct 1894 27-Sep-85  
Goebel Leslie 2-Dec-16 28-Mar-97  
Goebel Sophie Wittenburg 15-Feb-02 29-Jul-96  
Goller William 14 Sep 1869 18-Sep-53  
Goller Josephine Brosig 24 Jun 1869 23-Jun-38  
Goller Waldo W. Born and died 26-Oct-02  
Gully Adelle Mersmann 10-Apr-12 15-Feb-74  
Hillboldt Herman 6 Apr 1891 2-Dec-78  
Hillboldt Hattie 26 Apr 1893 5-Mar-22  
Hillboldt Adela Herrin 6 Dec 1896 28-Apr-83  
Hillboldt Ben 4 Oct 1893 6-Mar-84  
Hillboldt Anna Jousan 20 Jan 1865 18 Apr 1890  
Hillboldt Fritz 31 Aug 1853 30-Aug-03  
Hillboldt Emma Sens 2 Feb 1863 22-Jan-49  
Hillboldt Louis Sam 16 Jul 1862 25-Feb-50  
Hillboldt Auge Suhr 4 Mar 1862 11-Jan-46  
Hillboldt Walter 9 Feb 1895 17-Feb-74  
Hillboldt Dora Rinn 27 Mary 1891 29-Oct-39  
Hillboldt Louis 20 Dec 1885 20-Jul-13  
Hillboldt unknown 31 Jul 1898 24 Dec 1898  
Hillboldt unknown 22 Jun 1886 8 Jul 1896  
Hillboldt Dora Mersmann 16 Mar 1859 30-Nov-44  
Hillboldt Heinrich 10 Jan 1859 24-Feb-23  
Hillboldt Leroy Louis 23-Nov-1921 22-Nov-1996 WW II
Himly Irene Hillboldt 13-May-23 31-Dec-86  
Himly Clarence M. 3-Nov-1925 12-Nov-2012 WW II
Hintz Fred H. 28 Jul 1882 8 Dec 1884  
Hintz J. H. 8 Nov 1841 1-Jul-1920  Civil War 
Hintz Minna Schneider 1 Mar 1851 20-Dec-30  
Hintz Hattie Mueller 17 Jan 1890 7-Mar-78  
Hintz Larry Michael 23-Aug-51 10-Jun-00  
Hintz infant infant Born and died 9 Jul 1884  
Hollien Fred W. 15 Jul 1853 18-Jul-37  
Hollien Ida M. Kloss 23 Nov 1866 9-Sep-18  
Huffman Delores 10-Jul-1939 23-Apr-2021 Schmidt Funeral Home
Hundt Anna A. 7 Aug 1874 12-Feb-1954  
Hundt Erich 7-Aug-1904 14-Nov-1989  
Jalowy Nicholas Ray 6-Oct-94 25-Jul-13 s/o Billy
Jones, JR Lee Roy 3-Nov-1929 5-Sep-2017 Army Korean
Kabell Thomas 26 Oct 1842 1-Jan-1927  Civil War 
Kabell Josephine 22 Mar 1845 4-Aug-40  
Kaufhold Henry W. 8 Oct 1860 24-Nov-25  
Kaufhold Dora Bolten 22 Jan 1867 9-Mar-36  
Kaufhold Wilhelmina 20 Dec 1824 19 Jan 1892  
Kaufhold Anton 17 Feb 1821 30 Sep 1890  
Keeshan James Harold 2-Sep-19 8-May-04  
Keeshan Lavada Aileen 21-Nov-1921 27-Mar-2017 Schmidt Funeral Home
Kisling Jesse Ivan 18-Mar-1904 29-Mar-1991 US Army WWII
Kisling Lucille Schluens 12-Jun-14 18-May-68  
Klaus Lloyd 21-Oct-40 9-May-16 h/o Nila Schluens
Kloss Elfrieda Goebel 12-Jan-01 22-Mar-56  
Kloss unknown      
Kloss O. H. 24 Oct 1884 29-May-17  
Kloss Ellen 31 Oct 1886 9-Feb-82  
Kloss Johana D. 7 Apr 1852 9-Feb-24  
Kloss Robert Aug 21 Feb 1849 29-Mar-03  
Kloss Alexander 10 Dec 1836 25-Oct-16  
Kloss Emma Stoltefoht 11 Feb 1846 10-Aug-04  
Kloss Dora Hillboldt 21 Novmeber 1886 20-Apr-62  
Kloss Charlie 21 Oct 1878 17-Mar-38  
Kloss Fred C. 25 Jan 1873 15-Nov-50  
Kloss Richard 24-Aug-08 17-Apr-92  
Kloss Julius Charles "J.C" 17-Feb-32 11-Feb-12 h/o Glenda Brock
Kluever Charles 8 Apr 1869 21-Feb-40  
Kluever Martha Schluens 11 Sep 1869 11-Jun-51  
Kondo Jimmy 12-Feb-40 3-Feb-04  
Krancher Henry 9 Mar 1876 21 Mar 1890  
Krancher Johanna E. 19 Oct 1843 9-May-1902 Civil War 
Krancher John Hubert 5 May 1833 27-Feb-22  
Krause Herman 6 Jan 1873 25-Jul-50  
Krause Aug J. 29 Nov 1879 11-Jul-52  
Krause Mathilda 25 Aug 1887 26-Jan-32  
Krause Franz 5 Oct 1871 2-Mar-39  
Krause Johanna Linder 5 Sep 1848 6-Apr-38  
Krause Aug 14 Oct 1842 11-Mar-23  
Krause Rudolf H. 16 Feb 1870 13-Aug-44  
Langhammer H. 29 Aug 1846 31 Mar 1886  
Langhammer Minna K. 5 Jul 1852 6 Apr 1899  
Langhammer Minnie 10 Oct 1874 2-Sep-47  
Leschper Andrew 2-Oct-15 20-Nov-99  
Leschper Leona Netzel 29-Sep-15 28-Nov-95  
Ludwig David 1 Dec 1863 27-Jul-46  
Ludwig Anna 19 Jan 1859 20-Oct-03  
Ludwig Klara 8 Nov 1887 6 May 1888  
Ludwig Ida 7 Mar 1869 27-Nov-48  
Luedecke Robert J. 27-Jul-11 11-Feb-88  
Mayers unknown 13 Jul 1900's 2-Sep-1881  
McGill Bobby Ray 2017 CPL US Army 1946-52 Korean
McGovern Henrietta 2 Nov 1859 25-Sep-44  
McGovern John 3 Sep 1861 17 Janaury 1947  
Meloneck Lillie L. 20 Dec 1890 21-Apr-35  
Meloneck Frank H. 7 Dec 1884 18-Mar-35  
Meloneck Frank, Sr. 15 Aug 1846 25-Mar-30  
Meloneck Anna 17 Jul 1861 21-Jun-25  
Mersman Alton Hiram 18-Dec-07 2-Mar-94  
Mersman Mary Blanche Hart 12-Jun-00 18-May-86  
Mersmann Mathilde 22 Nov 1887 23-Apr-50  
Mersmann Ernest Roy 1 Nov 1882 3-Oct-66  
Mersmann Wilhelm 4 Jul 1820 4-Dec-1904  Civil War 
Mersmann Johanna Bolten 6 Sep 1855 16-Jan-38  
Mersmann William No date given Jul 1897  
Meyers Gloria Ann Goebel 12-Sep-32 10-Aug-04  
Michaelis Sedonia Bolten 3 Oct 1892 6-Apr-84  
Michaelis William 20 May 1891 12-Mar-36  
Michaelis Max C. 27-Feb-05 27-Apr-05  
Mueller Mathilda 13 Oct 1890 25-Jan-63  
Mueller Charles F. 11 Nov 1890 12-Oct-78  
Mueller Herman C. 28 Dec 1860 11-Nov-31  
Mueller Jeanette H. 22 Aug 1862 5-Oct-50  
Mueller Charles William 22-Mar-22 23-Oct-96 WW II
Mueller Lina Schluens 1-May-08 21-Apr-91  
Mueller Wesley Hardin 6-Nov-06 1-Jul-00  
Mueller Julia Anne Barremore 11-Sep-33 5-May-03  
Navarro Richard 26-Nov-1960 30-Sep-2021 Veteran obit
Nelius Ida Mersmann 17 Sep 1880 14-Jan-35  
Nelius William 21 Nov 1876 1-Jul-55  
Nelius Waco 2-Mar-02 4-Nov-91 WW II
Netzel Mathilde 22 Oct 1889 8-Sep-73  
Netzel Fritz 1 Oct 1877 13-Feb-51  
No dates given        
Oldag Charles J. H. 20 Oct 1865 30-Mar-26  
Oldag Betty Kloss 4 Feb 1870 2-Feb-56  
Oldag Walter A. J. 24 Aug 1893 5-Nov-04  
Oswald Frantiska 29 Jul 1851 17-Jul-39  
Oswald Ernest L. 23 Dec 1856 28-Aug-14  
Pacher Karl J. 14 Oct 1897 17-Jun-25  
Pacher Anna Victoria 23-Sep-02 10-Nov-18  
Pacher Jakub 6 Jul 1810 20 Sep 1896  
Pacher Victoria 14 Dec 1813 25-Nov-04  
Pacher Auge Schubert 5 Apr 1868 23-Feb-58  
Pacher George 24 Apr 1857 27-Nov-34  
Pacher Emma J. Mueller 18-Jul-16 31-Jul-00  
Pacher Adolph Jacob 14-Aug-10 2-Jan-04  
Palm Ulna Wittenburg 19-Sep-15 20-Oct-72  
Palm Hulda 30 Aug 1874 1-Jul-20  
Palm Erna Goller 27 Jul 1889 22-Jul-67  
Palm Fred, Sr. 3 Oct 1879 12-Apr-61  
Palm Wayne D. 23-Dec-43 23-Dec-43  
Palm Peggy Ann 15-Oct-40 15-Oct-40  
Palm Fred, Jr. 19-Mar-17 12-Aug-76  
Palm Myrtle Vornkahl 3-Dec-18 10-Jul-89  
Palm Adolph 2-Feb-12 10-Apr-87  
Pavlicek Patricia 7-May-1960 21-Nov-2020 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Pfeffer Emilie 15 Sep 1856 2-Mar-23  
Pfeffer Elizabeth L. 25-Jan-22 17-Nov-75  
Pfeifer Wilhelmine 22 Jul 1854 14-Feb-18  
Pike James Travis, Sr. 13-May-26 13-Apr-15 w/o Sylvia
Pomikal Leora Stetenpohl 8-Apr-30 6-Aug-95  
Pomikal Ben John 25-Oct-26 1-Nov-04  
Pouncy Melvin Earl 25-Mar-45 19-Feb-00  
Rainer Dwayne Odis 11-Jan-1947 4-Jun-2011  
Raley Ray Lee, Sr. 10-Nov-1928 17-Aug-1992  Korean tombstone
Reinhardt Albert 8 Dec 1845 5-Aug-1902  
Reinhardt Louise Rogge 29 Mar 1858 5-Aug-1937  
Reinhardt Minna 23 Jun 1886 1 Jul 1886  parents Albert and Louise
Riniker Charles 6 Apr 1866 16-Jan-1946  
Riniker Edward 23 Nov 1892 21 Mar 1893  
Riniker Hugo 15 Oct 1885 31 Aug 1892  
Riniker Louise Goebel 10 May 1867 1-Apr-1966  
Riniker Paul 16 Apr 1865 20-Oct-1938  
Riniker Sam 26 Dec 1856 9 Jan 1891  
Rinn Charles Clarence 1-Jun-1893 10-Jun-1966  
Rinn Frieda Mary Oldag 25 Aug 1895 10-Dec-1961  
Roggemann Emma Mersmann 4 Aug 1885 10-Apr-1970  
Roggemann George 10 Aug 1880 15-Jan-1938  
Rose Gladys 18-Jun-1930 1-Jul-2020
Russett E. Z. 29-Jan-1922 6-Dec-1922
Schaffner Clara 30 Sep 1868 2-Jan-1931  
Schaffner Esther Hillboldt 29-Aug-1917 22-Jun-2000  
Schaffner Hilma Emma Luedecke 4-Aug-1909 16-Sep-1999  
Schaffner Jacob 8-May-1838 8-Mar-1898
Schaffner SR James E 14-Oct-1914 9-Jul-1986  
Schaffner Pauline 31 Oct 1871 29-Apr-1935  
Schaffner Jacob 8 May 1838 8 Mar 1898  Civil War 
Schaffner Pauline Keng 20 May 1839 26-May-1919  
Schaffner Pauline 31 Oct 1871 29-Apr-1935 parents Jacob and Pauline Keng Schaffner
Schaffner William J 6-Apr-1907 4-Dec-2007  
Schluens Charles E. 28 Feb 1871 11-Sep-1923  
Schluens Ella Himly 16 Feb 1889 14-Feb-1980  
Schluens Evelyn Goebel 30-Nov-1915 19-Feb-1992  
Schluens Fred C. 17-Dec-1910 19-Apr-1993  
Schluens Frieda Himly 2 Sep 1882 15-Nov-1961  
Schluens Henry 28 Nov 1870 30-Mar-1942  
Schluens Lina Himly 17 Sep 1881 14-May-1908  
Schluens Marie Anna Kloss 9 Nov 1845 12-Feb-1907  
Schmidt JR Joe 26-Oct-1880 22-May-1946  
Schmidt SR Joseph unk 1911  husband of Josephina
Schmidt Josephina Krazel unk 1914  
Schmidt Klements J "Klem" 17-Sep-1876 29-Aug-1942  
Schneider Augusta Reichardt 16 Sep 1857 30-Dec-1957 Parents Carl and Maria Reichardt
Schneider Carl 12 Apr 1860 20 May 1894  
Schneider Harry 23-Nov-1894 31-Aug-1898  
Schneider Karl P. D. 23 Feb 1824 4 Jul 1881  
Schneider Therese 21 Apr 1831 18-Nov-07  
Schneider William 13-Sep-1856 6-Jun-1914  
Schroeder Albert 29 Sep 1865 7-Jul-1929  
Schroeder Alma Dora Bolten 23-Jun-1915 8-Oct-1994  
Schroeder Elise G. 23 Nov 1837 3-May-1904  
Schroeder Heinrich 22 Feb 1832 22-Nov-1917  Civil War 
Schroeder Laura Mueller 15 Apr 1885 28-Aug-1914  
Schroeder SR Milton George 7-Jul-1905 15-Jan-1991  
Schroeder Myrtle Hattie 25-Jun-1908 23-Apr-2004  
Schroeder Sterling Jack 24-Oct-1946 28-Nov-2003  
Schubert Carl 21 May 1873 10 Aug 1888  
Schubert Carl 18 Mar 1835 27 Jul 1896  
Schubert Susanna 31 Aug 1828 20 May 1886  
Schultz Joyce E  Allensworth 28-Jun-1935 10-Aug-2021 P.: Everet F. & Jessie
Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Schultz Richard William 5-Nov-1931 14-May-2020 Korean Obit
Schultz Steven Lee 2-Dec-1954 26-Nov-1999  
See Louis 20 Jan 1860 13-Jan-1946  
Severin Alfred O. 5 Jan 1899 3-Aug-1986  
Severin Allan Curtis 30-Oct-1928 9-Oct-1999  
Severin Arlie Mae Caletka 9-Mar-1928 6-Jun-2014 w/o Allan Curtis
Severin Charles 15 Apr 1860 16-Mar-34  
Severin Charles J. 7 Sep 1897 28-Feb-20  
Severin Dora M. 30-Dec-00 27-Jul-75  
Severin Henry J. 17 Aug 1889 4-Mar-1921  WWI
Severin Mary Oldag 13 Jul 1864 1-Mar-47  
Severin May Belle 21-Jun-27 24-Jan-28  
Shluens Charles E 27-Feb-1871 11-Sep-1923  
Sitzman Gary Wayne 13-Oct-1941 14-May-2009  
Sontag Joyce LaVerne Mersman 13-Sep-1937 5-Jun-2010  
Sontag Wilfred Edward "Sonny" 11 Oct 1932 2 Dec 2014 Korean
Steinhauser Ellis A. 21-Nov-1930 21-Nov-2021 P: Edwin Steinhauser and Mary (Schneider)
Stewart Myrtle Rebecca Swearingen 17-Jan-1920 7-Jun-2009 Obit
Stoddard Lydia Mueller Bolten 6 Sep 1897 1-Sep-89  
Straub Augusta Reiter 19 Jan 1870 23 Aug 1895  
Streckfuss Linda Marie 28-Feb-1957 20-Jul-2020  
Swartztraube Lotte 19 May 1887 20-Sep-1913  
Swearingen Aaron D. 8-Jul-1921 20-Apr-1993  WW II
Swearingen Ann Alexander 27-May-1934 4-Aug-2016  Obit
Swearingen Annie Werlla 1853 1896  
Swearingen Calvin Ray 29-May-1943 28-Nov-1989  
Swearingen Charles O. 3 May 1893 2 Oct 1885  
Swearingen Dolores Ann Severin 27-Dec-1946 21-Jul-1947  
Swearingen Ella E. 25 Aug 1891 21-Nov-1979  
Swearingen Gladys Goebel 9-Aug-1922 12-Jul-2010
Swearingen Jake Henry 16-Jan-1926 21-Oct-2009 WW II tombstone
Swearingen Jasper Templeton     WW II
Swearingen Marvin R. 18-Aug-1918 25-Apr-2004  
Swearingen Nettie Goebel 22-Nov-1920 17-Apr-1915 w/o Aaron
Swearingen Richard C. 23 Sep 1880 30-Jun-1949  
Swearingen Sydell Mae Goebel 29-Aug-1929 29-Jul-2020
Swearingen Wesley A. 2-May-1917 20-Sep-1974  
Swearingen DR Willis Oren 6-Dec-1929 4-Oct-2014 US Army obit
Swonke Juanita Pauline Quinters 20-Dec-1928 28-Mar-2004 obit
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unverfehrt Dorothea 6 Sep 1831 16-Mar-1900  
Viereck Arnold Earl 8-Apr-1912 9-Jun-14  
Vornkah Bernice 6-Jan-16 26-May-19  
Vornkahl Charles 30 Jun 1889 29-Dec-45  
Vornkahl Bertha See 11 Sep 1887 24-Apr-68  
Vornkahl Henry 27 Dec 1862 10-Jan-29  
Vornkahl Anna Riniker 30 Nov 1860 24-May-36  
Vornkahl Christine 18 Aug 1830 12-Oct-03  
Vornkahl Heinrich 15 Apr 1817 4 Mar 1894  
Vornkahl Carl 4 Jan 1866 7 Feb 1888  
Vornkahl Walter 17 Jul 1894 25-Jan-61  
Vornkahl Sam 15-Oct-03 29-Aug-81  
Vornkahl Ella Engelking 1-Jul-03 2-Aug-88  
Vornkahl Weldon Everett 3-Jan-1931 20-Jul-1999  Korean
Walther Gussie 6-Aug-00 11-Jun-01