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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Millheim G Graveyard

Millheim Graveyard is north of Sealy. From Sealy go north on Hwy. 36 to Peters and turn right on the Peters-San Felipe road. Go 6/10 of a mile to Harvey Stuessel, Jr.'s farm which is on the left. The cemetery is on the north end of the farm.

Name GenFolks
Balke, Amanda H. S. (1858-1946)Details
Beckmann, Christina (1834-1919)Details
Beckmann, Joachin F. L. (1832-1898)Details
Beckmann, Sophia (1812-1898)Details
Buller, Herman H. F. (1871-1873)Details
Buller, infant (1890-1890)Details
Buller, infant dau. of C.W. & E. (1889-1889)Details
Buller, Maria Catherina (1828-1901)Details
Buntzel, Lottchen (1883-1903)Details
Dietrich, Anna E. (1827-1897)Details
Engelking, Edna (1902-1904)Details
Goebel, August Sr. (1823-1918)Details
Goebel, Helene (1836-1933)Details
Hibbeler, Johann Rankin (1837-1905)Details
Hibbeler, Sophia J. (1839-1888)Details
Hintz, Alma (1881-1881)Details
Hintz, Henrietta S. (1822-1895)Details
Hintz, Joachim (1819-1881)Details
Hintz, Louis (1855-1920)Details
Hintz, Louise (1857-1894)Details
Hintz, Louise J. (1894-1895)Details
Kalkemey, John Fritz (1844-1896)Details
Keding, Elizabeth (1808-1883)Details
Keppel, Johann August (1836-1893)Details
Ludwig, Joseph (1830-1901)Details
Ludwig, Joseph (1870-1948)Details
Ludwig, Maria Anna (1837-1906)Details
Ludwig, Max (1873-1925)Details
Ludwig, Theresa (1873-1920)Details
Meissner, Auguste (1846-1921)Details
Meissner, Robert (1872-1917)Details
Mueller, Gerhard August (1910-1911)Details
Mueller, John Herbert (1907-1917)Details
Mueller, Meta (1833-1919)Details
Mueller, Wilhelm J. (1871-1897)Details
Mueller, Wilhelm Joseph (1894-1897)Details
Nentwig, Franz (1860-1917)Details
Nentwig, Franzakus (1896-1897)Details
Nentwig, Sophia (1858-1900)Details
Schenkel, Carl J. (1882-1895)Details
Schenkel, Johann Julius (1846-1910)Details
Schenkel, Louisa (1862-1914)Details
Schill, Edward (1885-1920)Details
Schmidt, Dorathea (1829-1898)Details
Schmidt, Wilhelmine M. (1844-1910)Details
Schubert, August (1837-1923)Details
Schubert, infant of A. & M. (1888-1891)Details
Schubert, Marie (1852-1931)Details
Senf, Friedrich August (1896-1897)Details
Severin, Klara (1862-1910)Details
Siems, Edwin (1889-1889)Details
Siems, Franz (1820-1871)Details
Siems, Heinrich (1857-1889)Details
Siems, Lee (1898-1899)Details
Siems, Maria Dorothea (1863-1877)Details
Siems, Walter (1891-1892)Details
Sigert, Hugo (1896-1896)Details
Sonsel, Edmund J. (1904-1905)Details
Sonsel, Sophie (1845-1923)Details
Witte, Adelheide (1907-1907)Details
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