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National Cemetery

  Take Hwy. 159 west out of Bellville and go through Nelsonville to 1754 and turn right.

The cemetery will be on the left about 2/10 of a mile from the turn.      

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

Note: Carolyn Zascoda has recently supplied new  information and provided corrections to many of these Cemetery files.   Her information is added to the bottom of the file rather than incorporated into  "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas" format.   This means that more recent burials are not shown in the original family  groups.   Using the Cemetery Names   CemNames  index you can determine which Cemetery was used, or you can  use Control F to find the particular grave in the files below...but not in reference to  adjacent graves.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. December 2020


Last name First name/maiden Birth Death Comment
Baletka Marie 1871 1953  
Barnett Joseph E. 3-Apr-09 15-Sep-77  
Barnett Annie V. 3-Sep-03 27-Dec-70  
Beckmann Edwin 4-Sep-02 23-Jun-66  
Beckmann Ladella Abel 7-Sep-02 2-Mar-88  
Blackwell Mildred 24-Dec-24 19-Apr-65  
Bravenec Otto 17-Oct-08 17-Nov-90  
Bravenec Lydia Jurica 23-Dec-08 12-Jun-97  
Bravenec Mary      
Broughton Rosalie Stepan 23-Jul-00 28-Feb-82  
Caldwell Tolly Rex Sr.     Korea
Chaloupka Vince B. 5-Mar-1913 28-Apr-1965 WW II tombstone
Chaloupka Maxine Reinecker 20-Jun-17 6-May-99  
Chaloupka Ladislav 24-Mar-09 4-Jun-75  
Chaloupka Theresa A. Sefcik 28-Jan-12 27-Aug-99  
Chaloupka Vincenc 3 Apr 1888 2-Aug-1963  
Chaloupka Albina 27 Oct 1888 24-Mar-54  
Chernosky Otto 2 Sep 1895 27-Jul-85  
Chernosky Sadie Annie Maresh 18-Jul-01 19-Dec-97  
Chernosky Al (Alton Otto) 20-Nov-27 6-Apr-98 Korea
Chernosky Norris 6-Dec-29 29-May-77 Korea
Chernosky Milady 20-Jun-03 30-Mar-79  
Chernosky Elmo 16-Oct-04 5-Oct-02  
Chernosky Paula J. 12-Apr-60 19-Jan-62  
Chernosky Ignac 27 Nov 1871 29-Apr-57  
Chernosky Cecelia 26 Oct 1885 18-Aug-69  
Cossman Frank Paul 2-May-1917 5-Jul-2002 WWII
Coufal Joseph F. 8 Sep 1886 7-Aug-75  
Coufal Anna O. 30 Jul 1890 14-Apr-82  
Dean Douglas C. 12-Jul-28 10-Jul-82  
Drevojanek Mathilda 16 Feb 1898 12-Mar-52  
Drevojanek Wilhelm (William?) 29 Aug 1887 21-Apr-59  
Duebbe Adolph 24-Jul-19 22-Jun-81  
Faithauer Brian Alan "Yoyo" 30-May-1986 25-Apr-2017 Memorial Oaks Chapel
Fick Willie 14-Dec-15 9-May-54  
Grebe Sidney James 25-Oct-49 15-Jan-75  
Grebe Vlasta F. Stepan 3-Jun-15 27-Feb-04  
Grebe Reuben J. 19-Mar-11 24-Oct-75  
Holba John E. 5 Oct 1897 24-Nov-72  
Holba Louisa Mikeska 24-Sep-02 23-Aug-77  
Huff Connie Lee 20-Jul-1922 13-Jul-2017 wife: Teolo.  Knesek Funeral Chapels
Janecek Lydia 16 Sep 1891 2-May-79  
Jochec Louis 16 Jun 1898 7-Aug-78  
Jurik Anna 15 May 1895 6-Oct-58  
Jurik John L. 29 Dec 1892 12-Feb-59  
Jurik Joe 7 Apr 1889 10-Nov-59  
Kamas Edwin John 9-Apr-28 11-Feb-83 Korea 
Kamas William Daniel 25 Nov 1893 18 (10?) Aug 1982 WWI
Kamas Lillie 21 Aug 1893 14-Aug-79  
Kamas John P.(Paul) 6 Mar 1890 24-May-64 WWI
Kamas Hermina A. Jurchak 31 Dec 1897 2-Apr-74  
Kamas Frances 3 Mar 1867 13-Aug-58  
Kanas Mary R. 1 Sep 1876 28-Oct-72  
Krause Alvin W. 7-Feb-09 20-Dec-90  
Krause Edward H. 24-Dec-1924 8-Jun-2017 veteran USAF      wife Benolye Zttel.       Schmidt Funeral Homes
Krause Emma Sophie Heidemann 17-Jul-11 14-Oct-84  
Krause Louis Otto 9-Jun-34 10-Apr-00  
Krause Keith A. 22-Dec-71 22-Dec-71  
Krause Dennis E. 4-Jan-33 6-Nov-51  
Krause Elsie O. Maresh 15-Jan-10 26-Dec-95  
Krause Edwin 12-Oct-07 24-Sep-89  
Krizan Frank 6-Nov-03 9-Feb-79  
Krizan Hermina Anna Schovajsa 8-Sep-06 11-May-98  
Kudlacek Rudolph (William ) 31-Jul-08 15-Oct-70 WW II
Liska Louise 28 Nov 1876 21-Nov-61  
Liska Will 15 May 1896 4-Dec-62  
Liska Frank 20 Jan 1898 3-Jan-77  
Liska John 8 Jan 1894 13-Jul-54  
Liska Minnie 26-Aug-04 No date given  
Lubojasky Frank 18 Dec 1893 4-Dec-69 WWI
Lubojasky Annie Maresh 10 Dec 1898 9-Nov-80  
Macat Ernest E. 14-May-16 17-Mar-85  
Macat Otto 15-Nov-25 17-Dec-79  
Maresh Wilma 3-Jan-18 13-Jan-77  
Maresh Edward Raymond 31-Aug-06 17-Sep-93  
Maresh Annie 24-Feb-14 5-Mar-75  
Maresh Otto Joe 16-Jul-12 10-Feb-70  
Maresh Lula Belle Klostermann 4-Oct-09 24-Mar-95  
Maresh Alvin 9-Jul-01 28-Jun-68  
Maresh Alfred E. 8-Oct-15 22-Jun-79  
Maresh Olga A. 12-Mar-19 20-Sep-77  
Maresh Willie A. 11-Mar-03 30-Sep-85  
Masar Joe (F.) 19-Jan-31 23-Jul-75 Korea 
Masar Edwin 5-Apr-36 20-Apr-53  
Masar Joe 7-Apr-04 6-Oct-69  
Masar Emlie Plasek 25-Jun-06 23-Jul-89  
McKinney Olga A. 17-Jul-11 15-Feb-93  
McKinney Mollie 24-Sep-19 19-Sep-75  
Mehner Ernst 16 Jun 1890 18-Nov-68  
Mehner Hertha Andreas 22 Sep 1892 4-Jan-70  
Meinke Paul Arnold. 11-May-03 7-Oct-61  
Mikeska Harry J. 17-Dec-11 19-Nov-81  
Mikeska Otto 17-Apr-44 4-Mar-81  
Mikeska Otto A. (Adolph) 8-Jul-18 6-Jan-78 WW II
Mikeska Joseph F. 15-Jun-05 16-Oct-86  
Mikeska Tillie Maresh 1-Oct-04 16-Jul-78  
Mikeska Frane 15 Dec 1831 14 Apr 1896  
Mikeska Rozara 1 May 1835 16-Nov-08  
Mikeska Matthew 22-Jul-81 22-Jul-81  
Mikeska Jerry D. 14 Aug 1899 12-Oct-73  
Mikeska Esther Dorothy Kamas 31-May-04 19-May-01  
Mikeska Marian 20-Nov-00 22-Jun-68  
Mikeska John W. 10-Nov-07 31-Oct-68  
Mikeska Milada O. Maresh 28-Aug-08 29-Nov-90  
Mikeska Pat Ray 10-May-1931 17-Apr-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Mikeska Anton 5-Sep-07 25-Sep-59  
Mikeska Ella Clara Maresh 22-Aug-08 12-May-96  
Mikeska Thomas 24 Feb 1899 9-Jul-61  
Mikeska Mary 6-Sep-01 13-Sep-90  
Mikeska John M. 14-Mar-68 15-Mar-68  
Plagens Julia G. 7 Nov 1858 18 Jan 1942  
Plasek Frank 20 Jun 1866 28 Sep 1956  
Plasek Josef 11 Feb 1849 17 Aug 1899  
Plasek Teresa 14 Feb 1870 26 Jun 1944  
Platte Dessie Huff 15 Sep 1907 22 Mar1999  
Platte Richard C. 28 Feb 1906 9 Jan 1994  
Pomykal Frank George 26 Sep1927 01 Dec 2002 Korea
Pomykal Joe 6-Dec-04 9-Jul-80  
Pomykal Vlasta Mikeska 1-Jul-04 23-Jan-90  
Prasek Lodie Emil 2 Jul 1906 8 Dec 1993  
Prasek Lydia Maresh 1 May 1906 28 Sep 1993  
Reed Lydia 13-Mar-05 10-May-05  
Reed Frank Bell 1905 1960  
Renner Alford P. 3-Oct-07 16-May-85  
Richard Calvin Lee 9-Sep-1937 9-Dec-2020 US Army                           Schmidt Funeral Home   Obit
Richard Fannie Sefcik 23-Apr-04 20-Nov-84  
Richard Leopold 8-Mar-00 22-Sep-80  
Ripple Henry C. 19-Jul-03 1-Jun-74  
Ripple Elda Hattie Sefcik 26-Sep-06 28-May-87  
Schiller Bohuslav W. 23 Nov 1894 27-Feb-85 WWI
Schiller Alma 11 May 1894 30-Mar-72  
Schimara Calvin W. 17-Jun-48 1-Dec-54  
Schmalriede Fred 9 Aug 1889 4-Nov-77  
Schmalriede Helena Maeckel 21 Jul 1887 13-Feb-61  
Schovajsa Emil H. 9-Aug-00 5-Aug-81  
Schovajsa Albina 25-Dec-00 24-Nov-84  
Schovajsa Willie 25-Mar-09 24-Apr-83  
Schovajsa Olga Slacik 11-Feb-05 18-Jun-80  
Schovajsa Ben 29-Jun-11 24-Oct-87  
Schovajsa Sadie F. Susen 16-Mar-16 8-Jan-58  
Schramm Michael 14-Mar-66 2-Dec-81  
Schramm Mike A. 14-Mar-66 16-Dec-79  
Schroeder David G. 23-Mar-40 21-Sep-81  
Schroeder Robert 6-Mar-16 24-Dec-98  
Schroeder Edna Krause 29-Nov-21 12-Jan-70  
Sebesta Frank 2 Feb 1873 13-Feb-51  
Sebesta Albina 15 Sep 1887 19-Dec-65  
Sebesta Joseph 9 Mar 1870 15-Jul-49  
Sebesta Anna Cermac 21 Feb 1879 12-Nov-61  
Sefcik Joseph 22 Dec 1879 16-Jan-63  
Sefcik Mary Palvelka 6 Jan 1878 9-Oct-62  
Sefcik Esther Marie 28-Nov-04 11-Aug-94  
Shupak Jesse F. 14-Oct-06 3-Feb-81  
Shupak Willie 17 Aug 1883 21-May-65  
Shupak Annie 28 May 1882 22-Jan-66  
Shupak Larry W. 14-Dec-57 20-Dec-67  
Siptak Edwin 24-May-07 20-Oct-73  
Siptak Minnie 21-Feb-09 25-Jul-79  
Siptak Sadie Macat 1-Sep-21 9-Jan-12 w/o Ernest
Siptak Delmo 1-Jan-25 25-Jun-63  
Siptak Charlie 1 Jun 1888 20-Aug-71  
Siptak Annie 17 Mar 1891 3-Mar-68  
Sisa John Frank 14 Feb 1899 12-Sep-82  
Sisa Olga Mikeska 16-Mar-03 19-Sep-88  
Sisa Annie 1 Aug 1891 26-Jun-79  
Slacik Willie 5-May-10 11-Feb-79  
Sloupensky Jan 14 Mar 1843 1895  
Sloupensky Anna 26 Dec 1847 17-Feb-25  
Slovak Joseph 26 Aug 1880 20-Dec-61  
Slovak Theresie Gerhart 27 Feb 1884 29-Nov-72  
Smilek Paul 25-Sep-03 29-Dec-75  
Stalmach Edwin L. (Lidumil) 6 Dec 1896 11-Jul-84 WWI
Stalmach Lydia A. Mikeska 20-Sep-09 18-Mar-83  
Stark Virginia Ann Luetge 6-Nov-1931 19-May-2017 Schmidt Funeral Home
Stasny Edmund A. 2 Aug 1891 19-Jun-75 WWI
Stasny Marie 23 Dec 1893 22-Feb-72  
Stepan David Ray 28-Feb-44 2-Oct-83 Vietnam
Stepan John A. 29-Jan-04 13-Sep-75  
Stepan William Martin 4 Oct 1898 14-Apr-82  
Stepan Alfred 1902 1955  
Stepan Ruth O. 19-Mar-05 30-Jan-85  
Stepan Otto H. 2-Jun-06 23-May-81  
Stepan Nettie Bell Minton 29-Jun-08 3-Jan-92  
Stepan Earnest 13-Jul-19 13-Mar-57  
Surovik Esther 13-Jan-19 5-Sep-79  
Surovik Frank Henry 1-Apr-17 12-Nov-82  
Surovik Walter George 22-Apr-07 23-Jul-85 WW II
Susen Willie 9 Dec 1891 29-May-72  
Susen Herminia 28-Sep-14 3-Jun-80  
Syptak Jonathon 9-Sep-82 9-Sep-82  
Syptak Joseph 21-Jan-82 21-Jan-82  
Taska Ellis 21-Mar-32 6-May-78  
Taska George 1871 1908  
Taska Frank 19 Apr 1895 28-Jan-69 WWI
Taska Frances M. 22 Nov 1898 29-Mar-89  
Templeton Vlasta (Sebesta) Meinke 11-Sep-09 14-Oct-93  
Tylajka Steven 25 Aug 1887 30-Jan-59 WWI
Ueckert Alfred 13-Sep-11 19-Apr-83  
Uhrik Frank 18 Mar 1882 19-Jan-55  
Uhrik Frannie Holba 1 Jan 1884 3-Jan-76  
Unknown Baby 1984    
Waltrip James McMurry 30 Jul 1943 12 May 2008 Vietnam
Waltrip Sandra Perry 26 Jun 1943 28 Sep 2004  
Wernli Jacob 11 Mar 1874 26 Nov 1874  
Wernli Jacob 3 Aug 1865 14 Jul 1905  
Yarber James Harold 11 Jul 1933 9 Oct 2014  
Zettel Alfred 20-Mar-10 29-Feb-80  
Zettel Anna 7 Feb 1888 17 Jun 1946  
Zettel Charlie J.(Julius) 11-Jul-17 8-Apr-62 WW II
Zettel Donna 6 Nov 1954 6 Nov 1954  
Zettel Donna Jo 13-Nov-60 13-Nov-60  
Zettel John 6 Mar 1884 7 Oct 1966  
Zettel Lillie M. Shupak 11-Dec-10 6-Oct-57  
Zettel Willie E. (Eddie) 17-Oct-12 6-Nov-79 WW II


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