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Pleasant Grove Cemetery

AKA: Richard Grove, Raccoon Bend Cemetery | Near Raccoon Bend

From Bellville take Hwy 159 to 1456 to Raccoon Bend. Turn right on 1456 to Pleasant Grove. Cemetery is next to Richard Grove Methodist Church

Picture submitted by: Carolyn Suchecki
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Name GenFolks
Allen, Harriet (????-1886)Details
Artentia, Edward (1867-1904)Details
Beal, PVT Joseph Nathan (1889-1959) USFlagDetails
Beal, Rasia (1883-1933)Details
Bevin, Melvin D. (1934-1978)Details
Boson, Allred Norman "Al" Sr (1938-2011)Details
Bracy, Em (Rev) (0-1957)Details
Bush, Mathis Virginia (Brown) (1900-1977)Details
Canty, Eddie (1891-1975) USFlagDetails
Cole, William Henry Jr (1931-1979) USFlagDetails
Davis, William Floyd "Ben" (1945-2024)Details
Dorsey, Lillie Mae (Whitmire) (1910-1981)Details
Douglass, Arles (1947-1949)Details
Edwards, Simon (1920-1985) USFlagDetails
Evans, Lewis (1900-1965)Details
Harper, PVT John E. (1890-1952) USFlagDetails
Harris, Edna Jean (1950-2017)Details
Harris, Willie Steve (1930-2003)Details
Hayden, Jim W. (1900-1966)Details
Hayden, Leon (1922-1979)Details
Hayden, Mary (1901-1976)Details
Jackson, Allen (1891-1976) USFlagDetails
Jackson, Eva Ida (1900-1975)Details
Jackson, George E. (1887-1967)Details
Jackson, Gertrude (1894-1985)Details
Jackson, Joe (1925-1987) USFlagDetails
Jackson, SGT John Earl Sr (1942-2019) USFlagDetails
Jackson, A2c Mchenry (1932-1963) USFlagDetails
Jackson, Robert Lee (1917-1980) USFlagDetails
Johnson, Mae Molly (1900-1982)Details
Jones, Kitty Ann (1906-1985)Details
King, Abbie (1844-????)Details
King, Henry (????-1907)Details
Leehaiw, Hattie (????-????)Details
Lindsey, Kimberly (1978-2015)Details
Madison, Earl (1917-1966)Details
Madison, Rachel (1878-1973)Details
Mays, PVT Sam Jr. (1897-1961) USFlagDetails
McDade, Lee Gussie (1922-2002) USFlagDetails
Mitchell, PVT Eddie (1895-1954) USFlagDetails
Reese, Amanda (1887-1967)Details
Reese, Angie (1896-1943)Details
Reese, Arthur (1887-1931) USFlagDetails
Reese, Douglas M. (1942-1983)Details
Reese, Earnest S. (1911-1977)Details
Reese, Herbert L. (1936-1985)Details
Reese, Hoffman Clifton (1932-1979) USFlagDetails
Reese, TEC5 Lawrence Douglas "L.D." Sr. (1914-1998) USFlagDetails
Reese, Mary (1849-1929)Details
Reese, Robert E. (1965-1986)Details
Reese, PVT Walter Jr. (1897-1939) USFlagDetails
Rigsby, SSGT Sheffield (1914-1963) USFlagDetails
Sherrill, Lillie (1900-1978)Details
Sherrill, Simon (1920-1985)Details
Sherrill, Susie (1876-1931)Details
Singleton, Myrtle Lee (Bouldin) (1909-2013)Details
Smalley, PVT Oscar (1894-1969) USFlagDetails
Snell, Rev Isom (1851-1933)Details
Snell, Minor, Jr. (1883-1969)Details
Sutton, Lorenen (1930-1976)Details
Taplin, Luvenia Ward (1930-2008)Details
Teal, Homer Colevn "Calvin" (1918-1983) USFlagDetails
Thomas, Ager Lee (1934-1982) USFlagDetails
Thomas, Rev. Charley "Buddy" (1900-1977)Details
Tompkins, Dempsy M. (1924-1976)Details
Wallace, Robert Lee Jr. (1943-2017) USFlagDetails
Ward, Louis (189-1923) USFlagDetails
Ward, Sarah L. (1885-1971)Details
Whitley, PVT Hezikiah (1890-1918) USFlagDetails
Williams, SGT Freddie Lee Sr. (1912-2001) USFlagDetails
Wilson, Edmond Sr. (1895-????)Details
Wilson, Edmond Jr. (1924-1981) USFlagDetails
Wilson, J. (1898-1968)Details
Wilson, Lola (1894-1971)Details
Wilson, Rosie (1878-1967)Details
Wilson, PVT Wilbert (1894-1970) USFlagDetails
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