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Pleasant Grove Cemetery

AKA: Richard Grove, Raccoon Bend Cemetery | Near Raccoon Bend

From Bellville take Hwy 159 to 1456 to Raccoon Bend. Turn right on 1456 to Pleasant Grove. Cemetery is next to Richard Grove Methodist Church

Picture submitted by: Carolyn Suchecki

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Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment
Allen  Harriet No date given 25 May 1886  
Artentia  Edward 16 June 1867 29-Aug-04  
Beal  Rasia 1 January 1883 30-Aug-33  
Bellard Valencia Lynnique 15-Dec-04 9/0/2009 bur 9/12
Benjamin Robert Lee "Buda" 12-Feb-22 6-Aug-94  
Bevin  Melvin D. 2-Nov-34 26-Dec-78  
Bevins Mae Ola 11-Oct-13 18-Jun-04  
Bivins Melvin D 2-Nov-34 26-Dec-78  
Boulds Aniyah Valencia 10-Apr-10 28-Apr-10 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Bracy  Rev. Em 15 Nov 1800's 19-Dec-57  
Browning Eula Mae 11-Jan-22 28-Aug-93  
Bryant Dwayne Eddie 6-Oct-60 7-Dec-07   WW1
Bush  Mathis V. 8-Sep-00 30-Mar-77  
Canry  Eddie 31 July 1891 14-May-75  
Canty Peggy - 21-Feb-1905 Picture submitted by:
Carolyn Suchecki

Cole Evelly   14-Jan-02  
Cole Rosie      
Cole Williams      
Cole William Henry, Jr. 1-Oct-31 1979 Korea h/o Margaret Lane
Cole William Henry, Sr. 25-Mar-10 17-May-93 h/o Rosie Madison
Davis Daisy L. Canty 23 April 1890 24-Jan-54  
Douglass  Arles 1947 1949  
East Andrew "Frog" 25-Aug-28 6-Jul-07  
East Willie Lee "Black" Jr. 6-Mar-52 2-Apr-95  
Edward Julia   19-Mar-07  
Evans  Louis H. 3-Aug-10 11-Mar-65  
Foster Richard 10-Feb-1895 12-Oct-1938 WW I

according to Find-A-Grave His military

 headstone application shows buried in the

Pleasant Grove Cemetery but his marker is

in the Ives Creek Cemetery.

Harper  John 24 April 1890 18-Jun-52 WW I
Harris Edna Jean 10-Nov-1950 14-Jan-2017 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Harris Jessie   10-Oct-08  
Harris Willie Steve 30-May-30 10-Nov-03  
Hayden  Jim Willie 15-May-00 8-Sep-66  
Hayden  Mary John 5-Apr-01 5-Mar-76  
Hayden  Leon P. 12-May-22 26-Aug-79  
Hill-Wallace Ora Mae Madison 18-Jul-1940 23-Feb-2021 Singleton & Sons Funeral Home
Jackson Albert Cloyd "A.C." 6-Jan-1936 26-Oct-1994 h/o Louella Jordan
Jackson  Allen 22 Jan 1896 15-May-76  
Jackson  Eva Ida Tate 28-Jan-1900 1-Feb-1975  
Jackson  George E. 1 Dec 1891 5-Jan-1967  
Jackson General 6 June 1874 13-Nov-1941 death cert
Jackson  Gertrude 13 April 1894 17-Apr-1985  
Jackson Joe 1-Jan-1925 21-Sep-1987  
Jackson JR John Earl     Vietnam
Jackson Julie 6-Jun-1865 27-Jun-1908 Picture submitted by:
Carolyn Suchecki

Jackson Willie Ann Taylor 1-Jun-12 20-Oct-00  
Jackson Willie James "Jake" 6-Jul-27 17-Jan-97 h/o Lonnie Louise Peacock
Jackson  Robert Lee 14-Jan-17 12-Jun-80  
Johnson  Mae Molly 1900 1982  
Jones  Kitty Ann 10 Nov 1906 5-Feb-85  
Jones  Annie Lee 10-Nov-36 14-Mar-05  
King  Henry No date given 17-Mar-07  
King  Abbie 24 Dec 1844 No date given  
Leaks Sara Tate 7 Mar 1880 25-Dec-83 w/o Will
Leehaiw  Hattie No dates given    
Lindsey Kimberly 26-Aug-1978 2-Jul-2015 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Madison Willie Jr. 7-Jun-28 17-Feb-83 h/o Tella
Madison  Earl 1917 17-Dec-66  
Madison  Rachel Reed 5 Apr 1878 11-Jun-73  
Madison  Sadie 17-Sep-12 4-Apr-89  
Matthews Willie Mae 6-Jul-27 6-Mar-99 SSDI
Matthews C. L.   6-May-07  
McDade Lee G. 9-Sep-22 21-Apr-02  
McDowell Mary 14-Sep-40 21-Nov-87  
McFarland Ernest 1-Nov-1940 9-Sep-2021  
McFarland Richard 2-Dec-1938 7-Jun-2018 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Nunn Elizabeth Portis 8-Dec-1945 13-Jul-2022 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Reese Amanda 28-Nov-1886 8-Nov-1967 Death Certificate
Reese Angie 25-Aug-1896 24-Dec-1943 Death Certificate
Reese  Arthur No date given 22-Feb-31  
Reese Donald Alexander 29-Apr-41 22-Feb-04  
Reese  Douglas M. 1942 1983  
Reese  Earnest S. 1911 1977  
Reese Ella Mae 23-Dec-14 15-Apr-14 w/o E Stein 
Reese  George E. 14-Jun-28 28-Apr-06  
Reese  Herbert Lafette 30-Aug-36 9-Feb-85  
Reese Hoffman C 11-Aug-32 1979 h/o Rosie Lee
Reese  Jerry Louis 8-Apr-60 10-May-01  
Reese John Wayne 24-Nov-55 25-Mar-15 h/o Brenda Joyce Jeffery
Reese  Walter, Jr. No date given 4-Jul-39  
Reese  Mary 1849 1929  
Reese Robert Earl 16-Oct-65 1-Jun-86 s/o Earnest & Hannah
Reese Stein 24-Feb-11 21-Jun-77 h/o Ella M.
Reese  Walter   18 March 1873 2-Oct-38 Death Certificate
Rigsby Earline Edwards 23-Nov-46 26-Jun-05  
Rigsby Birdola 4-Mar-17 27-Feb-01  
Rigsby Charlie   26-Sep-09  
Sargeon Isabell "Bell" Brown Mosley 10-Nov-43 24-May-96 w/o James
Sherrill  Lillie 6-Sep-00 5-May-78  
Sherrill  Simon 1920 1985  
Sherrill  Jessie 15-Mar-03 3-Jul-78  
Sherrill  Susie 24 December 1876 4-Jan-31  
Singleton Myrtle Lee 3 Jun 1909 12 Dec 2013 w/o Eddie
Snell  Minor, Jr. 15 March 1883 23-Feb-69  
Snell  Rev. Isom 25 February 1851 11-Jan-32  
Starks Wanda Mae   9-Oct-10  
Sutton  Lorene Jones 5-Apr-30 27-Jan-76 w/o Robert E
Teal  Homer C. 17-Nov-18 15-Aug-83  
Teal  Elthenia Washington 3-Sep-14 20-Dec-07  
Telford Josie Ann 22-Jun-1940 19-Jul-2019 Tommy Taylor Mortuary
Thomas  Ager L. 1934 27-Jan-82  
Thomas  Rev. Charley 20 Sep 1900 Feb-77  
Toler Toney T. Jr. "Mr. Crumb" 17-Apr-18 17-Mar-93 h/o Laura Ann Lee
Tompkins  Dempsey  29-Dec-24 4-Apr-76  
Ward  Louis 16 Nov 1892 18-May-23  
Ward  Sarah Lee 5-Sep-04 16-May-71  
Washington Ida Louiza Hawkins 10-Sep-07 20-Jun-07  
Washington Martha 12-Jun-10 19 Aug 2003  
Washington Carolyn Denise 2-Apr-67 13-Apr-06  
Williams John Henry 8-Nov-09 18-Mar-27  
Williams Henrietta Lee 29-Aug-17 4-Aug-05  
Wilson Charles Ray 5-Feb-50 12-Aug-68  
Wilson Willie Ida McDade 25 Dec 1876 20-Jan-69 w/o Sammie Kinnard, Frank Wilson
Wilson Hazel Jr. 29-Nov-42 18-May-86 h/o Patricia Boggas
Wilson Thomas Ira 22-Jan-36 30 May, 1982 s/o Ira & Kitty
Wilson Sarah High   24-Jun-77 w/o Leroy
Wilson  J. 1898 1968  
Wilson  Rosie 1 May 1878 15-Jun-67  
Wilson  Edmond, Jr. 29-Sep-24 24-Mar-81  
Wilson  Edmond, Sr. 11 Sep 1895 9-Oct-82  
Wilson  Lola Madison 25 May 1897 8-Dec-71  
Wilson  Alton Earl 3-Jun-62 31-Dec-05  
Wilson  Roy      
Wilson  Willie   12-Dec-08  
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