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San Felipe Community Cemetery


San Felipe Black Cemetery 

From Sealy go east on I-10.  Exit and take FM 1458 north about 1.1 miles to Front St.   

Turn left and go about one block and cemetery is on right. 

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.



PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. January 2021

Last name First name Birth Death Comment
2 unmarked graves        
2 unmarked graves        
2 unmarked graves        
2 unmarked graves        
2 unmarked graves        
2 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
4 concrete vaults no names No dates given    
Anderson Kanchie 1900 1960  
Anderson Robert L. 5-Oct-00 27-Jul-75  
Anderson Frances 1899 1950  
Anderson Eddye L. 5-Oct-00 24-Dec-60  
Anderson Rosa Lee 13 Dec 1884 8-Jul-48  
Anderson Ed 27 Feb 1876 27-Oct-1960 WW I
Andrews Maggie 1902 1985  
Andrews Louis 1901 1971  
Andrews Robert Lee 26-May-1932 2-Jul-1960 Korea tombstone
B;yars Claborn 19 Jun 1879 20-Jun-29  
Bassett Hattie M. 1901 1970  
Blacknell T. S. 5 Apr 1875 4-Nov-49  
Blacknell James 31 Aug 1890 23-Apr-44 WW I 
Blacknell E. B. No dates readable    
Blacknell Charles 24 Apr 1850 8-Jun-23  
Bolden Herbert n/a 3-Apr-2014 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Bonner Haywood 1896 1898  
Bonner SR Louis 5-Sep-1927 3-Oct-2012 WW II
Bonner Rev. O. L. 1861 1925  
Bonner Willie L. 1894 1955  
Boyd Freddie Lee Sr. 2-Nov-1922 12-May-2005 WW II
Bracy Margaret 17 Feb 1842 12-Feb-08  
Brandiberg L. C. 14-Jul-1922 17-Aug-1980 WW II
Brandiberg Oliver No date given 16-May-55 WW II
Brooks Anna 9-Dec-1935 27-Sep-2017 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Brooks Seth 14 Jul 1889 6-Mar-69  
Brown Leslie Ray 6-Feb-58 6-Sep-84 Sp4 Army VN
Brown Marion L., Jr. 9-Mar-34 20-Jul-69 Pvt
Brown Searcy Lee Sr 14-Jan-12 10-Apr-92 WW II  
Brown Thelma Jean 15-Aug-1957 18-Feb-2018 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Byars Allen 1-Apr-03 1-Nov-81  
Byars Estella No date given 3-Jan-58  
Byars Elijah 1895 1975  
Byars Elise 1917 1986  
Byars Novell 16-Mar-08 2-Jul-71  
Byars Walter 1924 1983 WW II  
Cade Matt 1843 2-Jun-31  
Campbell Andrew C 22-Oct-1927 5-Aug-1958 WW II  
Cartwright Mollie M. 1 Jun 1898 9-Mar-83  
Cartwright O. 12-Apr-12 5-Jan-35  
Cellars Mabel 17 Jun 1898 20-Sep-46  
Chandler James No date given 2-Mar-45  
Cloud William 14 Novmeber 1900 10-Jun-90 yh/o Annie Bell Moses
Crawford Rosie L. 29-Mar-21 19-Jul-84  
Dabney Eddie 1917 1982  
Dabney Earnest Sr. 13-Feb-1920 20-Jan2001 WW II  
Dabney Elcener Byars 10-May-1928 15-Oct-2018 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Dabney Forest 15-Nov-1916 31-Aug-1967 WWII
Dabney Lauretta A. 1955 1971  
Dabney William 1971 1971  
Davis Luzine 22-Mar-03 26-Nov-81  
Davis Jessie O. 2-Dec-16 21-Nov-71  
Dilon Nannie 5 Apr 1893 16-Apr-27  
Downey Arthur 08 Sep 1893 5-Apr-27 Pvt. WW I
Downey Dennis 15 Sep 1890 20-Jan-69 Pvt WW I
Downey Lucy 15 Aug 1849 18-Mar-30  
Downey Lillie M. 23-Apr-07 No date given  
Downey Bennie 3 Jan 1880 9-Apr-01  
Evans Van P., Sr. 1911 1986  
Eveline Elmer R. 1940 1986  
Flake Thomas 27 Mar 1879 19-Nov-67  
Gonzales Charlie 31 Jul 1897 22-Jan-77 WWII
Gonzales Nettie M. 1903 1977  
Gonzales Hiram 24-Jun-21 27-Sep-78 WW II
Gonzales Bernice M. 1928 1981  
Gonzales Ann No dates given    
Gonzales George 8 Nov 1888 31-May-64 WW I
Gonzales Hiram L. 25 Dec 1853 27-Oct-37  
Gonzales Mary Ann 1872 1944  
Gonzales Oldham 24-Dec-21 2-Mar-70 WW II
Gonzales Maggie B. 15 Oct 1895 2-Mar-69  
Gonzales Wheeler, Jr. 15 Sep 1889 25-Jun-74  
Gonzales Willard     WWI
Gonzales Joseph J. 1918 1970  
Gonzales H. Coleman 1895 1916  
Gonzales Davidson 4-May-16 10-Dec-00 WW II
Gonzales Hiram 24-Jun-21 27-Sep-78 WW II
Gonzales James David 21-Nov-23 21-Sep-87 WW II
Hall George 7 Feb 1898 1973  
Hall Ernest No date given 25-Feb-85  
Hall Jeff 15-Feb-36   Pvt. Army WWI
Hall Tommie 12 Jun 1896 2-Mar-55 WW I
Hall Janie 1897 1972  
Hardeman Lucy 18 Nov 1891 24-Feb-77  
Harris Charles "Charlie" Edward 29-Aug-1958 14-Jan-2015 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Harris Marshall 21-Oct-03 17-Apr-84 WW II
Harris May L. 4 Aug 1877 12-Apr-62  
Harris Aaron 12 Mar 1875 14-Jun-51  
Harris Morris 1900 1976  
Harris Riley 12-Oct-12 26-Oct-72 WW II
Harris Frank No date given 1859  
Harris Gloria D 25-Jul-1948 28-Jan-2017 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Harris Henrietta No dates given    
Harris Harold D. 6-Jun-57 13-Aug-58  
Harris, SR Howard Odean 9-Mar-1939 23-Feb-2017 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Harris John No date given 4-Dec-46  
Harris John J. 7 Aug 1892 4-Nov-69 WW I
Harris Johnnie, Jr. No date given 8-Aug-44  
Harris Johnnie Lee 9-Nov-27 15-Feb-00 h/o Luvenia Ward
Harris Lena 1869 1929  
Harris Lillie B. 26-Jan-27 25-Apr-85  
Harris Linda No date given 6-Jan-56  
Harris Lucille G. 1898 1971  
Harris Mandy 9 Feb 1886 23-Jul-52  
Harris Melvin Lee 19-Aug-49 27-Jul-85 Veteran
Harris T. J. No date given 13-Jan-56  
Harris unknown No dates given    
Holiday Beaulah 13 Nov 1897 13-Jul-59  
Holiday Ottie F. 18-Jun-09 21-Jan-48  
Holiday Robert K. 1905 1966  
Holiday Loucish 17 Mar 1892 3-Oct-71 WW I
Holiday Italy 2-Jun-30 1-May-93 Korea 
Holloway George 18 Feb 1852 11-Dec-29  
Houston Rev. James 1902 1983  
Jackson Virge 25 Apr 1884 25-May-64  
Jackson Emma 21 Jan 1887 6-Oct-79  
Jackson Learoy 10-Jan-09 4-Apr-84 WW II
Joesey Sarah 1858 28-Jul-16  
Johnson Novelette 1932 1974  
Johnson Loucille 18 Aug 1892 2-Feb-74  
Josey Lewis 20 Feb 1886 21-Feb-00  
Josey Mettie 16 Mar 1884 26-Apr-78  
King Annie 6 Jul 1887 25-Jan-67  
Lane Cherish Denise 23-Aug-2019 22-May-2020 Austin Funeral Home
Lane Lunn B. 29-Nov-07 21-Apr-80  
Lewis Victor E. 1974 1981  
Lewis Eva 19-Jul-00 27-Sep-33  
Lewis Ella 9 Dec 1888 17-Jan-77  
Lewis Ira 27 Feb 1890 28-Jul-67 WW I
Long Jewell 1906 1975  
Long Robert, Jr. 14 Mar 1891 12-Dec-43 Corp. WW I
Mayweather Betty No date given 24-Dec-27  
Mayweather James No date given 27-Jun-28  
McDade Emmet J. 1926 1985  
McDade Emmitt Sep-1903 22-Jul-1969  
McDade Lottie A. 11 Aug 1895 25-Aug-1968  
McDade Dallas 5 Apr 1891 17-Jan-1980  
McDonald Freddie "Sam" 10-Jun-1930 30-Jan-1993 Korea 
McGruder Clara No date given 12-Jun-86  
Medearis G. G. 27 Oct 1884 27-Jul-40  
Miller Geneva No date given 21-Oct-53  
Montgomery Sabrina 1957 1984  
Mosley May D. 1939 1983  
Mosley Jonathan No date given 25-Sep-36 Pvt. Army WWI
Nash Willie 11-May-00 25-Nov-73 WW II
Nash Hiram 15 Dec 1892 22-Nov-67 WW II
Newsome Philip 1881 1953  
Newsome Mable 1892 1923  
Oldham Otho 1922 1978  
Palmer Bessie No dates given    
Porters Jewel 4-Jul-18 20-Nov-45  
Richardson Annetta M. 13-Feb-33 30-Jul-82  
Richardson Willie 1932 1974  
Robinson Eugene 1914 1984  
Robinson Shelby 17-Jun-02 29-Dec-80  
Ross Mary Ann 28-Mar-26 12-May-80  
Scyrus Jacqueline Yvette 9-Dec-70 10-Jun-94  
Shaw Florence 1928 1930  
Shields Roberta 1902 1981  
Shields James 25-Dec-00 13-Aug-58  
Slaughter Vada 1904 1985  
Sloan Jim 19 Jun 1894 2-Mar-59 WW I
Smith Mary Lu 23 Jun 1898 19-May-61  
Stephen unknown No dates given    
Tailor Arthur 24 Dec 1889 18-Nov-12  
Taylor Annie B. No date given 23-Jan-43  
Taylor Lue Ella 3 Jan 1876 7-Nov-54  
Thomas Dorothy 25-Mar-1958 15-Feb-2018 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Thomas Mike, Sr. No date given 3-Nov-72  
Thomas Rillian 1886 1975  
Thomas Mose 1872 1965  
Thomas Josephine 9 Feb 1896 6-Feb-85  
Thomas Margaret Ann 29 Mar 1872 17-May-70  
Thomas Moltie H. 11-Dec-09 21-Aug-72 WW II
Thomas John 16 Apr 1895 20-Feb-45 Pvt.WWI
Thomas Annie Z. 7 Sep 1874 19-Jun-58  
Thomas John W. 9 Sep 1876 24-Sep-65  
Thompson Betty Jewel 24-Jan-1933 20-Jan-2018 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Thompson Juanita 1952 1981  
Thompson Edward 1984 1984  
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Vaughn James B., Sr. 1947 1985  
Warren Odessa No dates given    
Washington Rev. F. F. 12 Jun 1863 17-Jun-24  
Washington Nancy No date given 1-Jun-13  
Webster Rosa Lee 6-May-1946 9-Apr-2017 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
White Evelyn R. 1950 1983  
Wilson Florence Marie 8-Jun-58 6-Sep-84  
Wilson Marcus Terrell 19-Jun-84 6-Sep-84 s/o Florence & Leslie Brown
Yetman Willie Mae 1897 1976  





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