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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Scranton Grove Cemetery

West of Bellville

From Bellville go west on Hwy 159 and turn right on FM 2502. Go about 3 miles, then turn right onto Ueckert road. At the mailbox of John R. Mikeska, turn left on first road past mailbox. Pavement ends and the cemetery is at the top of the hill.

Name GenFolks
Blum, August Paul (1886-1963)Details
Blum, Elsa Mikeska (1900-1999)Details
Davis, Della Anne Huff (1909-1997)Details
Davis, William Lester "Jack" (1905-1970)Details
Hartman, Andreas (1850-1913)Details
Hochbaum, Friedericka (1816-1875)Details
Hochbaum, Johan (1812-1875)Details

Huff, PVT Erwin John (1903-1992)
Huff, Frieda (Ueckert) (1881-1949)Details
Huff, Olivia (1904-1974)Details
Huff, Richard (1872-1948)Details
Kasse, Carl (1836-1879)Details
Leps, Edward Charles (1912-1912)Details
Leps, Henriette (1839-1895)Details
Mikeska, Bertha Lena (Ueckert) (1879-1957)Details
Mikeska, Edwin (1896-1896)Details
Mikeska, Ferry (1905-1928)Details

Mikeska, Frank W. (1870-1953)
Mikeska, Henrietta (1875-1968)Details
Mikeska, Hilda (1898-1904)Details
Mikeska, John R. (1867-1939)Details
Mikeska, Willie H. (1905-1971)Details
Nehrkorn, Fritz (1885-1914)Details
Peters, Annie (1895-1934)Details
Peters, Friedericke (1852-1929)Details
Peters, Henry (1857-1930)Details
Pochmann, Franz A. (1795-1877)Details
Pochmann, Katherine (-)Details
Roesler, Clara Annie (1884-1970)Details
Roesler, Friederick August (1836-1933)Details
Roesler, Ida (1850-1901)Details
Roesler, Martha (1873-1920)Details
Schmidt, Lora (1899-1899)Details
Ueckert, Adele G. B. (1829-1879)Details
Ueckert, Clara A. (1871-1875)Details
Ueckert, daughter (1874-1877)Details
Ueckert, Fritz W. (1874-1875)Details
Ueckert, Otto Emil (1877-1962)Details
Ueckert, Richard (1847-1890)Details
Ueckert, unknown (1813-1884)Details
Ueckert, Willie Carl (1883-1947)Details
Uecket, Sophie (1870-1932)Details
Wunderling, Emma (1816-1911)Details
Wunderling, Henrich (1843-1912)Details
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