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Sealy Cemetery

  There is only one Sealy Cemetery. The address for this cemetery is 768 4th Street; SealyA, Texas.   The Haven of Rest Mausoleum is a building on the cemetery property.    

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.







Sealy Catholic


Names F-K

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 2022 for military records.

Last First/Maiden DOB DOD NOTES
Fagan  Gladys Johnson 16-Jul-1902 27-Jul-1992 w/o Jesse L.
Fagan  Jesse Leland 15-Jul-1900 11-Aug-1974 h/o Gladys J.
Faglie Michael J. 2-Aug-1942 2-Aug-1942 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Milton Faglie
Faircloth Bill 23-Aug-1926 24-Feb-2009 WWII
Farnsworth Walter Lewis, Jr. 20-Jan-1920 5-Nov-1996 WWII
Farnsworth Walter Lewis III 29-Aug-1969 27-Jun-1990 Veteran
Farrar Edmond Ray 14-Dec-1951 28-Jun-1979  
Farrington Dr. Charles Oliphint 22 Oct 1875 31-Jul-1971 h/o Vada E.
Farrington Vada Elizabeth Meyer 17 Sep 1880 10-Apr-1966 w/o Charles O.
Feik Dallas 02 May 1889 19-Jul-1915  
Feik Edna Mallett 4-Jul-1902 5-Apr-1950 w/o Jake E.
Feik Ernest 20-Apr-1906 26-Mar-1947 WWII
Feik Jacob, Sr. 23 Aug 1870 5-Oct-1921 h/o J. Venita
Feik Jake Edward 14-May-1902 17-Sep-1990 h/o Edna M.
Feik James Edward 27-Jul-1935 31-Jul-1935 s/o Jake & Edna
Feik Josephine Venita (Nita) Billig 19 Oct 1874 6-Jun-1971 w/o Jacob, Sr.
Feik  Julia 29-Mar-1900 25-Aug-1902  
Feik  Mary 13-Dec-1913 13-Dec-1913  
Felcman Anna Pacha 24 Apr 1860 7-Jul-1944 w/o Josef
Felcman Elsie Ferrell Fuller 19 Apr 1897 7-Apr-1995 w/o Frank J. 
Felcman Frank Joe 01 May 1891 5-Mar-1937 h/o Elsie F.
Felcman Jennie   06 May 1884 30-Dec-1966 w/o Joseph F. 
Felcman Josef 10 Feb 1856 22-Jul-1930 h/o Anna
Felcman  Joseph Frank 15 Aug 1883 25-Sep-1967 h/o Jennie
Fewell Dollie Lavenia Childers 09 Oct 1873 22-Apr-1972 w/o Henry M.
Fewell Henry Macklin 25 Dec 1874 25-Mar-1963 h/o Dollie L.
Fewell John Willard 10-Dec-1901 29-Oct-1992 h/o Nora E.
Fewell Nora Elsamena Ford 4-Aug-1903 19-Feb-1995 w/o John W.
Fife George Walter 28 Jan 1877 1-Nov-1911  
Fife James Harvey 1839 1913 h/o Mary E.
Fife Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Kizer 30 Oct 1853 1915 w/o James H.
Fife Oliver 25 Jan 1875 06 Aug 1891  
Finch Buel Thomas  27-Sep-1928 6-May-1982 h/o Dottie N.
Finch Dottie Nell Brast 17-Aug-1931 13-Aug-2018 w/o Buel T.
Findeisen Effie Thomsen 24-Nov-1915 12-May-1999 w/o Willie O., Jr.
Findeisen Gertrude Clara Pefko Callas 22-Sep-1913 22-Feb-2008 w/o Andrew Callas, Sr.; Hugo
Findeisen Hugo Willie 15-Sep-1911 6-Jan-2003 WWII                2nd h/o Gertrude C.
Findeisen Sandra Linae 18-Aug-1967 3-Nov-1973  
Findeisen Willie Otto, Jr. 26-May-1915 4-Jan-2006 h/o Effie T.
Finke Edna Blome 4-Jul-1917 24-Nov-2015 w/o Jones G.
Finke Jones Gus 14-Feb-1917 23-Mar-2010 WWII h/o Edna B.
Finks Mary Frances Segers 14 Dec 1865 21-Sep-1954 w/o Richard S.
Finks Richard S. 12 Jun 1862 22-Dec-1920 h/o Mary F.
Fisher Franklin Foster 08 Aug 1886 12-Feb-1953 h/o Mayme M.
Fisher Mayme Mae Sing 12 Jan 1890 7-Apr-1946 w/o Franklin F.
Flack Leila Chancellor 29 Aug 1872 01 Jul 1896  
Flanagan Sonja Dawn 16-Dec-1962 21-Nov-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Flynn (Nannie) Ellen McCoole 26-Oct-1911 5-Apr-2000  
Foehner Eugene Leon 7-Mar-1924 9-Aug-2008 WWII
Foehner Lillie Mae 31-Dec-1927 22-Apr-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Foehner Pauline Oldag 25 Feb 1897 25-Oct-1969  
Folmar Robert Allen 11-May-1959 2-Feb-1985 Army Veteran


Foltz Elaine Marie Oliger 4-Aug-1948 28-Aug-2010  
Ford Betty Ruth Scott 14-Jan-1930 24-May-2003 w/o James C.
Ford Dorothy Virginia Lummus Ball 21-Jan-1927 10-Aug-2013 w/o Eddie R. & Oscar E., Jr.
Ford James Charles  17-Oct-1931 2-May-2018 Korea h/o Betty R.
Ford  Oscar E., Jr. 20-Nov-1932 19-Oct-2009 Korea                 2nd h/o Dorothy V.
Fountain Louella Gens 28 Nov 1894 7-Jun-1974  
Foust Annie T. 10 Jul 1830 29-Sep-1914  
Fowlkes Annie 06 Jan 1882 05 Jul 1883  
Foytik Frank John 08 Oct 1877 24-Jan-1951 h/o Julia A.
Foytik Johnnie Edward 15-Apr-1926 16-Nov-1974 WWII FindAGrave
Foytik Julia Ann Kallus 14 Feb 1888 16-Nov-1953 w/o Frank J.
Frahm Henry Fritz 27-Jun-1900 17-Apr-1960  
Frahm Joe A. 25 Jan 1856 25-Feb-1943 h/o Mary
Frahm Mary Schmitt 30 Nov 1869 28-Apr-1937 w/o Joe A.
Frank Anthony John "Tony" 17-Jul-1960 19-Apr-2019  
Frank Elsie Hartman 12-May-1904 13-May-1992 w/o Richard, Jr.
Frank Florence Maxine Leschper 9-Jun-1933 10-Nov-1987 w/o Leon H.
Frank Herbert Allen 11-Oct-1935 12-Dec-2015  
Frank Leon Henry 22-Jul-1930 4-Oct-1987 Korea  h/o Florence M.
Frank Richard, Jr. 24-Oct-1902 14-Nov-1987 h/o Elsie H.
Franke Bertha Hattie Peterson 18 Jul 1887 26-Aug-1964 w/o Paul H.
Franke Paul Herman 23 Jul 1876 4-Feb-1955 h/o Bertha H.
Frazar Myrtle Avon Josey 30 May 1898 13-Jan-1990  
Frazer Dora May Moore 03 Sep 1886 28-Apr-1965  
Frazier Estella Kveton 22-Jan-1917 15-Oct-1980 w/o Waco F.
Frazier Waco Frank 19-Jul-1922 16-Jun-1986 WWII h/o Estella K.
Friml Annie Felcman 02 Sep 1896 13-Jan-1935 1st w/o Fred
Friml Fred 23 Jan 1888 27-Dec-1963  h/o Annie & Eleanor Hackbarth
Friml Iris Bess 16-Jul-1934 4-Mar-1936  
Fritts Susan Gillard 30-Mar-1951 20-Mar-2012  
Froelich Elda Ernstine Hahn 28-Dec-1913 4-Aug-2003  
Fry  Lillian Roberta Blanton 19-Nov-1927 14-Nov-2002  
Fuchs   Frank Andrew 16-May-1924 28-Apr-1984  
Fuchs   Raymond Joseph 5-Dec-1928 6-Aug-1983 Korea                 1st h/o Bernice Cooley
Fuchs Wilhemina Meier 12 Apr 1897 7-Feb-1968  
Fults M(argie) Julene 5-Jan-1944 7-Feb-2013  
Furman Ellen Charlotte Breden 02 May 1888 5-Feb-1990  
Gabbi Heather Gail Schavrda 10-Jun-1970 4-Jul-2013  
Gaitan Lucy Lou Ramirez 16-Dec-1939 25-Dec-1987  
Gaitan Miguel Ramirez 29-Sep-1959 7-Jan-1984  
Gajewski Eugene Joseph 5-May-1937 31-Mar-2000 Vietnam
Galloway  Morris Enell 19-Oct-1934 15-Mar-2008  
Galloway  Winnie Nelius 13-Apr-1908 22-Oct-1985  
Galvan Antonio 26-Apr-1936 8-Apr-2021 Vietnam USMarine Corps
Knesek Family Funeral Chapels  obit
Galyen Michael James 7-Oct-1949 5-Nov-2010  
Gammage William Ward 11 Jun 1881 15-Mar-1912  
Garcia Victoria Gomez 28-Jul-1928 15-Feb-2014 w/o Manuel
Garling Albert Rudolph 13-Dec-1921 6-Jan-1979 WWII h/o Esther C.  tombstone
Garling Bertha Wolter 23 Oct 1883 29-Dec-1953 w/o Herman C.
Garling Esther Clara Zahradnick 25-Jan-1922 4-Sep-1973 w/o Albert R.
Garling Frank   04 Apr 1875 4-Apr-1948 h/o Herminie K.
Garling Herbert 15-Dec-1909 22-Aug-1969 WWII
Garling Herman C. 25 Mar 1882 17-Aug-1953 h/o Bertha W.
Garling Herminie Krancher 07 May 1880 27-Nov-1955 w/o Frank  
Gaskamp LeeRoy William 23-Jul-1922 10-May-1996 WWII h/o Lillie M.
Gaskamp Lillie Mae Hohlt 17-Aug-1923 1-May-1991 w/o LeeRoy W.
Gates David William 25-Aug-1916 25-Apr-1998 h/o Esther T.
Gates Esther Theresie Sramek 22-Jul-1921 29-Aug-1973 w/o David W.
Gates Milton Odell 1-May-1927 19-May-2012 WWII
Gebhardt Charles Roy 17 Sep 1899 13-Mar-1975 h/o Gladys N.
Gebhardt Charles Walter 28-Dec-1927 29-Jun-1961 WWII    tombstone
Gebhardt Gladys Nell Lay 9-Jul-1904 7-Jan-1992 w/o Charles R.
Gens August Herman 25 May 1887 2-Aug-1959  
Gens David Alexander 09 Oct 1890 9-Apr-1955 h/o Effie E.
Gens Effie Eleanor Ballard 30 Aug 1894 16-Jan-1961 w/o David A.
Gens Herman Peters, Sr. 29 Jan 1849 17-Feb-1940  
Gens Shirley Jo 9-Aug-1921 8-Nov-1994  
Gerhart  Annie E. Faist 13 Sep 1896 15-Feb-1989 w/o Joe Peter
Gerhart  Joe Paul "J.P." 16-Nov-1922 2-Oct-2012 WWII
Gerhart  Joe Peter 30 Sep 1896 11-Jan-1941  h/o Annie E.
Giddens Myrtle Marie Lummus 27-Mar-1924 15-Dec-2015 w/o William A.
Giddens William Archie, Jr. 10-Oct-1916 27-Feb-1983 WWII h/o Myrtle M.
Girard Frank Lewis 21 Nov 1879 15-Oct-1945 h/o Ottilie T.
Girard Ottilie Timme 28 Aug 1883 15-Mar-1953 w/o Frank L.
Glasco George Edward 15-Mar-1914 26-Jan-1972 WWII h/o Gertrude E.
Glasco Gertrude Elizabeth Hughes 8-Jan-1913 3-Mar-1995 w/o G. Edward
Glenn Charlie Cantrell 08 May 1861 8-May-1945 h/o Ora S.
Glenn Ora Sarah Roark 13 Jun 1870 13-Oct-1964 w/o Charlie C.
Glenn Sadie Lucille 09 Mar 1889 26 Jul 1898  
Glover George W. 1884 1957  
Glover Jack Orr 8-Dec-1940 9-Jan-1941  
Glueck Adele Hinze 25-Jun-1905 24-Jun-1996 w/o Alfred E.
Glueck Alfred Emil 26 Sep 1895 23-Oct-1977 WWI    h/o Adele H.
Glueck Emielie Weber 01 Sep 1873 28 Nov 1895  
Glueck Frank 2-Dec-1902 21-Feb-1974  
Glueck Irma 23-Sep-1912 27-Mar-1980  
Glueck Joseph 04 Mar 1871 18-May-1952 h/o Rosalie M.
Glueck Otto Roman 10-Aug-1914 15-Jan-1931  
Glueck Rosalie Machalek 16 May 1878 23-Jul-1950 w/o Joseph
Glueck  Walter 18-Jan-1933 11-Oct-1980 US Army 1957-58     FindAGrave
Godenzweig August H. W. 22 Aug 1885 21-Nov-1910  
Godenzweig Elizabeth (Lizzie) Koy 05 Dec 1884 30-Mar-1964 w/o William F.
Godenzweig William Frederick 09 Nov 1877 7-Nov-1941 h/o Elizabeth K.
Goebel Alvin 13 Nov 1895 18-Nov-1967 WWI   h/o Ethel E.
Goebel Ben, Sr. 23-May-1903 27-Oct-1972  
Goebel Charles, Jr. 22-Jun-1904 12-Mar-1994  
Goebel Charles, Sr. 17 May 1872 30-Mar-1948 h/o Johanna N.
Goebel Emma Louise Hintz 26 Jan 1891 7-Jan-1954 w/o Hugo
Goebel Ethel Ellen Kveton 18-Jan-1906 9-Mar-1999 w/o Alvin
Goebel Herbert  17-Oct-1909 23-Dec-1992 h/o Mandoline P.
Goebel Hugo 04 Feb 1883 11-Nov-1963 h/o Emma L.
Goebel Johanna Netzel 19 Mar 1874 8-Feb-1917 1st w/o Charles, Sr.
Goebel Mandoline Pearl Meinecke 29-Jan-1910 30-Oct-1988 w/o Herbert 
Goebel Oscar   18 Nov 1893 23-Sep-1979 WWI   h/o Roxey P.   tombstone
Goebel Roxey Paula Albert 2-Feb-1900 15-Jan-1985 w/o Oscar
Goebel Sidney Allen 16-Jan-1922 13-Mar-1927  
Goebel Therese Johse 28 Jan 1880 11-Aug-1951 2nd w/o Charles, Sr.
Goller Charles, Jr. 23-Dec-1923 16-Jun-2000 WWII   tombstone
Goller Fay 22-Mar-1931 15-Nov-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Golson Sarah Elizabeth  29-Jul-1941 31-Dec-2004  
Gonyer Ivan Lee, Jr. 7-Nov-1949 30-Oct-1996 Vietnam
Goo Shim Sang 2-Mar-1933 15-Jan-2007  
Gooden Glendora Margaret Schindler 27 Aug 1898 26-Dec-1992  
Goossensen Timothy Simon 21-Sep-1965 25-Nov-2004 Navy Veteran   FindAGrave
Gordon Josephine (Josie) Mae Miller 14 Feb 1889 27-Apr-1974 w/o Dr. Virgil F.
Gordon Oliver Harvey 05 Dec 1887 29 Nov 1888  
Gordon Virgil F., M.D. 15 Oct 1889 13-Jan-1978 WWI   h/o Josephine M.
Gorman Richard Joseph 24-Mar-1927 1-Jan-1997 WWII Korea
Gorman Bettye Jo Fewell 3-Nov-1930 24-Apr-2014  
Gosler Alva Lee 29 Sep 1861 28-Jan-1956 DC says 1956; TS says 1958
Gosler Erma Lois Campbell 29-Jun-1908 3-Mar-1985 w/o John L.
Gosler John Lee 27-Mar-1907 21-May-1979 h/o Erma L.
Gough Joseph Dalton 06 Jan 1877 3-Mar-1952 h/o Lucy Ann
Gough Lucy Ann Phillips 06 Sep 1885 16-Sep-1994 w/o Joseph D.
Grabow Erna Malinda Stahl 5-Nov-1909 7-Mar-1984 w/o Erwin W.
Grabow Erwin William 13-Oct-1909 30-Apr-2001 h/o Erna M.
Graf Arnold Herman 26-Aug-1914 24-Apr-1994 WWII h/o Evelyn E.
Graf Evelyn Emma Engelke 16-Apr-1923 13-Sep-2014 w/o Arnold H.
Graf Terri Lynn 30-Aug-1977 30-Aug-1977  
Grant Henrietta L. Brune 13 Feb 1884 8-Oct-1975 w/o John J.
Grant John Jackson 31 Dec 1890 25-Sep-1972 h/o Henrietta L.
Gray Janet Kay Newey 3-Apr-1947 14-Feb-2007  
Gray Lula Johnnie 10 Mar 1870 11-Aug-1945  
Gray Mary Elizabeth 22 Jul 1869 6-May-1940  
Gray W. L. (William L.) 07 Mar 1862 5-Aug-1932  
Grayless Hilda Brast Krancher 15-Nov-1923 14-Apr-2004 w/o Leslie F. & Clyde Grayless
Green Jessie Sharpless Cheyney 6-Apr-1908 24-Nov-2006 w/o Wayne H.
Green  Wayne Harold 26-Aug-1908 26-May-1995 h/o Jessie S.
Greer Hilda Lydia Schroeder 1-Jan-1906 9-May-1995  
Gregory Cecil Oren 12-Aug-1909 6-Oct-1970 h/o Mercedes L.
Gregory Mercedes Lucile Seyer 1-Feb-1920 9-Mar-1974 w/o Cecil O.
Gregurek Alfred 31-Jul-1904 22-Sep-1942  
Gregurek Victor Leo 6-Nov-1942 25-May-1996  
Griffin Mabel Claire Schindler 14-Jan-1902 14-Jan-1978  
Grigar Charles Frank, Jr. 9-Apr-1938 25-Jun-1990 Vietnam h/o Sharon A.   tombstone
Grigar Sharon Anne Findley Wallace 22-Apr-1944 18-Jan-2011 w/o Charles F.
Grimm Emma Charlotte 10 Nov 1892 3-Aug-1969  
Grimm Minna Schroeder 20 Nov 1871 27-Jun-1955 w/o Robert
Grimm  Robert 25 Dec 1866 14-May-1951 h/o Minna S.
Griscom Edward Peal, Jr. 13 Dec 1890 11-May-1963 h/o Mary Belle
Gruener Bennie Charles 29-Feb-1912 20-Feb-1963 1st h/o Mary Belle Yeamans
Gruener Charles Henry 03 Jul 1895 24-Sep-1942 WWI   h/o Hattie J.   tombstone
Gruener Hattie Jalowy 16-Nov-1904 21-Jan-1994 w/o Charles H.
Guerrero Deborah Jane Cypher 22-Dec-1966 20-May-2017  
Haag Moritz 30 Sep 1880 3-Oct-1920  
Habermacher Clintie May 03 Oct 1886 2-Oct-1969  
Habermacher Emily Laura von Rosenberg 22 Nov 1898 30-Dec-1993 w/o Herman G.
Habermacher Harold Gale 5-Dec-1936 25-Apr-1951  
Habermacher Herman Gale 11 Aug 1894 27-Mar-1974 h/o Emily L.
Hackbarth Anna Mueller 01 Apr 1849 24-Feb-1924 w/o Fritz W.
Hackbarth Florene Deatrice Elliott 11-Apr-1905 7-May-1996 w/o Leon A.
Hackbarth Fred Adolph, Jr. 19-Nov-1923 28-Dec-1989 WWII Korean h/o Ruth K.
Hackbarth Fred August 18 Sep 1888 19-Nov-1928 WWI
Hackbarth Freda C. 21-Sep-1916 15-Apr-1994  
Hackbarth Fritz William 07 Jul 1849 24-Feb-1944 h/o Anna M.
Hackbarth Fritz William, Sr. 25 Oct 1814 20-Mar-1902 h/o Justine J.
Hackbarth George Henry Otto 25 Oct 1893 16-May-1964  
Hackbarth  John August 09 Jan 1852 17-Sep-1947 h/o Louise M.
Hackbarth  John Eugene 13 Jul 1890 26-Sep-1968 WWI   h/o Winnie D.
Hackbarth  Juanita Hauser 17 Jul 1897 22-Sep-1987 w/o Robert H.
Hackbarth Julia Wertzner 12 Nov 1872 5-Mar-1957 w/o Richard W. 
Hackbarth  Justine Julianna Krampitz 29 Oct 1816 21-Apr-1901 w/o Fritz W., Sr.
Hackbarth  Leon Arnold 11-Sep-1901 14-Dec-1984 h/o Florene D.
Hackbarth  Louise Meta Reibenstein 15 Nov 1862 23-Nov-1950 w/o John A.
Hackbarth  Mahala Sanders 15 Aug 1881 18-Sep-1966 w/o Paul
Hackbarth  Paul 04 Oct 1883 16-Aug-1968 h/o Mahala S.
Hackbarth  Richard W. 28 Aug 1875 25-Apr-1948 h/o Julia W.
Hackbarth  Robert Earle 21-Sep-1917 14-Jul-1969  
Hackbarth  Robert Henry 30 Nov 1887 10-Jul-1975 h/o Juanita H.
Hackbarth  Ruth Harlan Kendall 27-Nov-1922 1-Dec-2010 w/o Fred A. Jr.
Hackbarth  Toine 31 May 1881 18-Jun-1905  
Hackbarth  Winnie Davis Crisp 14-Sep-1907 25-Apr-2000 w/o John E.
Hacker August, Jr. 05 Mar 1897 13-Dec-1976 WWI   h/o Mattie
Hacker August, Sr. 27 Jan 1844 3-Jul-1929 h/o Louise M.
Hacker Louise Meyer 22 Jun 1871 14-Jun-1948 w/o August, Sr.
Hacker Mattie Bush 19-May-1903 19-Jan-1980 w/o August, Jr.
Haedge Adolph  14 Oct 1854 20-Nov-1934 h/o Emilie H.
Haedge Emilie Hackbarth 28 Feb 1854 18-Jul-1928 w/o Adolph
Haedge Theresa Elizabeth Schiller 03 Nov 1896 5-Dec-1981 w/o Walter  
Haedge Walter 21 Aug 1889 20-Sep-1976 h/o Theresa E.
Hahn Arthur Verner 14-Mar-1905 22-Mar-1986 h/o Presley W.
Hahn Emilie Marie Minna Buenger 12 Sep 1886 26-Oct-1957 w/o Otto M.
Hahn Otto Max 04 Dec 1885 23-Nov-1900 h/o Emilie M.
Hahn Presley Ward 18-Dec-1905 2-Apr-2005 w/o Arthur V.
Hale Clara 1884 1917  
Hall Ella Emma Meier 14-Dec-1901 5-Mar-1965  
Hambrick Joyce Elaine Bryant 14-Sep-1946 26-Jun-1993  
Hamilton Christal Nicole 25-Apr-1983 9-Dec-2000  
Hamm Jessie Lee Ainsworth 5-Dec-1909 20-Dec-1986 w/o Willie M.
Hamm Willie Eugene 21-Oct-1928 26-Jun-1960 Korea     tombstone
Hamm  Willie Materson 25-Sep-1903 8-Feb-1979 h/o Jessie L.
Hammack Jonathan David 03 Jul 1871 7-Aug-1957 h/o Olivia J.
Hammack Olivia Jane Halstead 22 Mar 1868 24-Jun-1944 w/o Jonathan D.
Hammermiller Anna Tallas 26 Jul 1865 4-Feb-1943 w/o Richard
Hammermiller Richard 19 Mar 1868 6-Oct-1947 h/o Anna T.
Hammond James Allen, Jr. 21-Sep-1982 21-Sep-1982  
Hammond Virginia Briscoe Billings 29-Jul-1918 19-Oct-1980  
Hancock Bette Magdeline Leenen 12-Aug-1912 1-Apr-1986 w/o Cleytos D.
Hancock Cleytos Daniel 4-May-1911 27-Feb-1982 h/o Bette M.
Hand Frankie Bell Quinn Moon 19-Oct-1922 4-Aug-2007  
Hansen Donna Mildred "Millie" Yates 3-Feb-1934 6-Sep-2004 w/o James F.
Hansen James Franklin 19-Apr-1931 2-May-2014 h/o Donna M.
Harcourt William John 29 Oct 1866 31-May-1950  
Harper Greyson Wayne 22-Apr-2008 17-Dec-2016 s/o Kevin & Tiffany Harper
Hart James William, Jr. 4-Dec-1940 25-May-1997 Vietnam  
Hartmann Alvien 15 Feb 1895 12 Aug 1895  
Hartman Frieda 1899 1899  
Hartman Friedarika Mamerow Jan 1865 1902 1st w/o Otto E.
Hartman Johnnie 1896 1905  
Hartman Marvin Frederick     Korea
Hartman Otto Emil 28 Aug 1887 16-Mar-1961 WWI
Hartmann Arthur Ernst 09 Sep 1898 31-Dec-1973 h/o Lodema B.
Hartmann Corinne Katy Miller 10-Apr-1927 25-Aug-2016 w/o Emil A. 
Hartmann Emil Albert 23-Sep-1917 8-Oct-1986 h/o Corinne 
Hartmann Frieda Johanna Hoek 25-Sep-1910 4-Oct-1981 w/o Paul J. F.
Hartmann Lodema Bischoff 17-Jun-1907 12-Jan-2001 w/o Arthur E.
Hartmann Marvin Fredrick 21-Jul-1933 11-Oct-2013 Korea    
Hartmann Minna C. Thomsen 16 Apr 1882 19-Aug-1966 w/o Otto
Hartmann Otto 18 Jul 1867 3-Sep-1953 h/o Minna C.
Hartmann Paul Joachim Friedrich 15-Jun-1906 26-May-2004 h/o Frieda J.
Harvell John Henry 25-Mar-1930 23-Aug-2006  
Harvey Francis Marion 05 Sep 1890 5-Mar-1962 WWI   h/o Maggie L. & Johnetta V.
Harvey James Albert 23 Aug 1823 19 Jan 1886 1st h/o Susan J. Stockwell
Harvey James Leroy 4-Apr-1936 14-Oct-2017 Korea      h/o Reba L.
Harvey Johnetta Viola Schier Stallings 18-Nov-1910 15-Apr-1995 w/o Howard B & Francis M.
Harvey  Maggie L. McKinney 27 Jan 1899 13-Apr-1937 1st w/o Francis M.
Harvey  Mattie S. 31 May 1873 22 Aug 1888  
Harvey  Reba Lucy Carmack 28-Mar-1937 8-Mar-2009 w/o James L.
Hatcher  Fred 23-Dec-1904 20-Oct-1985  
Hauerland Anthony Leroy 3-Feb-1943 2-Nov-2021 Vietnam
Hauerland Christa Amber 15-Sep-1977 11-Oct-1979  
Hauerland Edward Allen 31-Dec-1947 31-Aug-2015 Vietnam
Hauerland Emily A. Kuzell 1-Jan-1905 7-Apr-1995 w/o Richard A.
Hauerland Janie Kuzell 04 Mar 1899 26-Dec-1933 1st w/o Louis
Hauerland Louis  30 Jan 1894 15-Nov-1972 h/o Janie
Hauerland Richard Anton 24-May-1903 21-Nov-1959 h/o Emily A.
Hausinger Mildred Lucile 31-Jan-1923 3-Mar-2013  
Havemann Alfred 25-Jul-1936 29-Aug-1991  
Havemann Emilie Anna Wuensch 26 Oct 1898 12-Feb-1969 w/o Willie H.
Havemann Harry Walter 6-Aug-1919 5-Apr-1991 WWII
Havemann Walter 8-Feb-1926 24-Nov-1993 WWII
Havemann Willie Henry Joseph 11 Aug 1892 10-Aug-1962 h/o Emilie A.
Havran Jewell Frances Esar 8-Jun-1931 13-Jul-1989 w/o Laddie L.
Havran Laddie Louis 7-Apr-1926 30-Mar-1996 WWII h/o Jewell F.
Havran Robert Lee 23-Dec-1931 14-Nov-2000 Korea    
Hawes Patricia Alice Parnell 8-Jan-1938 31-Dec-2011  
Haws James Clarence 26 Feb 1885 7-Oct-1948  
Hayes Donna Lee Blasť 18-Aug-1941 29-Aug-2003 w/o John J.
Hayes John James 21-Jul-1941 6-Mar-2007 h/o Donna J.
Haynes Daniel 28 Nov 1828 28-Feb-1913 CSA h/o Lucy E.


Haynes Lallie Kizer 03 Aug 1879 21-Nov-1970 w/o Richard H.
Haynes Lucy Ellen Hill 04 Apr 1840 5-Mar-1933 w/o Daniel
Haynes Richard Henry 17 Feb 1875 16-Nov-1942 h/o Lallie K.
Hein Augusta Wolter 26 Apr 1891 24-Aug-1965 w/o Edwin
Hein Edwin 28 Mar 1893 3-Sep-1981 h/o Augusta W.
Hein Erhardt Henry 15-Jun-1929 2-Jun-2009 h/o Nettie O.
Hein Lester Elton 14-Oct-1916 1919  
Hein Nettie Ola Hoek 11-Oct-1932 6-Mar-2014 w/o Erhardt H.
Hein  Willie Fred "Bill" 23-Jan-1923 12-Feb-2013 WWII
Heins Louis Fritz 21-Sep-1934 3-Mar-2002 US Army; h/o Ruth M.
Heins  Ruth Marie Brady  10-Nov-1935 26-Aug-1999 w/o Louis F.
Heinsohn Natalie Mitzi Anderson Stokely 29-Jul-1927 20-May-1999 w/o Lester V. & Theodore "Ted"
Helms Charles Eugene 25-Mar-1945 28-May-2010  
Henneke Albert Henry 07 Oct 1889 15-Apr-1970 h/o Ellie L.
Henneke Edmund  24 Mar 1884 17-Aug-1955 h/o Mary W.
Henneke  Ellie Louise Ashorn 03 May 1891 4-Nov-1970 w/o Albert H.
Henneke  Mary Weber 27 Aug 1886 24-Aug-1972 w/o Edmund
Henneke Roy Edmond 16-Nov-1919 23-Jan-1967 WWII
Henry Boyd Earl 10-Dec-1935 12-Mar-2008  
Henson Lee Sidney 23-Jun-1912 18-Jul-1920  
Henson Mary Grimm 10 Apr 1894 11-Jul-1980 w/o Walter L.
Henson Walter Lee 21 Jan 1887 10-Oct-1961 h/o Mary Grimm
Hering Bernetta Ann Hinze 7-Mar-1928 11-Feb-2017 w/o Ernest W. 
Hering Debra Ann 30-Mar-1955 27-Aug-2015  
Hering Ernest William 17-Jul-1929 1-Nov-2007 h/o Bernetta A.
Hering Gertrude Matilda Nentwig 23 Oct 1899 2-Jun-1953  
Hering Janis Faye 26-Oct-1959 28-Oct-1959  
Herman Albert A. 18 May 1869 12-Apr-1944  
Herman Gotthold A. 1865 24-May-1933 h/o Johanna H.
Herman Johanna 11-Nov-1900 29-Apr-1901  
Herman Johanna Henrietta Krancher 24 Jul 1865 12-Jan-1946 w/o Gotthold A.
Herman Marshall John 30 Jan 1899 14-Jul-1922 WWI
Hernandez Antonia 10-May-1937 8-Feb-2007  
Hernandez Carlos David 17-Dec-1987 9-Nov-2018  
Herpin Courtenay Baylor Haynes 20 Aug 1866 30-May-1930  
Herrington  (Elza) Bernard 8-May-1917 16-May-1997 WWII h/o Jewell M.
Herrington  Jewell Marie DuBose 14-Aug-1921 12-Dec-2012 w/o E. Bernard
Herrington  Steve Jeffrey 21-Aug-1963 28-Apr-1999  
Herron Marguerite Dennis 22-Jul-1922 26-Jan-2010  
Hess Clara Francis 27-Jul-1901 31-Dec-1961  
Hess Elsie Ernestine Krampitz 8-Jun-1904 14-Nov-1993 w/o Hugo W.
Hess Floyd Charlie 4-Nov-1907 30-Apr-1996 WWII h/o Gertrude H.
Hess Gertrude Hintz 14-Jan-1910 27-Aug-1996 w/o Floyd C.
Hess Hugo Walter 30-Sep-1902 7-Dec-1984 h/o Elsie E.
Hess Jesse Leo 13-Nov-1905 1-Jan-1930  
Hess Johanna H. Schneider 17 Aug 1878 31-Oct-1953 w/o John H.
Hess John Henry 27 Feb 1876 13-Sep-1943 h/o Johanna H.
Hess John Henry 21 Aug 1899 22-Dec-1960 h/o Mary K.
Hess Mary Kathryn Broome Hackbarth 17-Oct-1901 30-Jul-1983 w/o Fred A. Hackbarth & J. Henry
Hess Norman Arnold Lee 24-Jul-1920 21-Feb-1988 WWII
Hess  Rowland Kenneth 28-Dec-1909 22-Feb-1918  
Hibbeler Arnold Herman 3-May-1921 26-May-1995 WWII
Hibbeler Augusta M. Siems 30 May 1865 20-Oct-1916 w/o Bernhard A.
Hibbeler Bernhard August "Ben" 13 Apr 1863 25-Aug-1934 h/o Augusta M.
Hibbeler John 29 Jul 1870 9-Jan-1955 h/o Minna H.
Hibbeler Minna Hacker 08 Mar 1887 7-Jul-1949 w/o John
Hibbeler Minnie 29-Jun-1925 21-Nov-2001  
Hicks Emmie Elizabeth Gens 1884 6-Jun-1918  
Hill Beatrice Ransom 20 Dec 1893 17-Mar-1985 w/o Justus W.
Hill Carrie Josey 12 Sep 1869 17-Mar-1956 w/o George B.
Hill Donna Marie Cassidy 10-Apr-1963 3-Apr-2011  
Hill Dorothy Sykes 23 Jun 1897 17-Sep-1944 w/o Walter E.
Hill Dorothy M. Westermann 30 Apr 1898 10-Sep-1990 w/o Jacob C.
Hill Effie Mae Lindsey 03 Oct 1894 21-Aug-1986 w/o Henry J.
Hill George Benjamin 06 Jan 1868 17-Sep-1941 h/o Carrie J.
Hill Henry Jefferson 25-Sep-1901 29-Mar-1990 h/o Effie M.
Hill Jacob Castleton 22 Sep 1894 12-Jun-1974 h/o Dorothy M.
Hill Jeanette Marie 18-Aug-1918 22-Jul-1940  
Hill John Gaston "Bud" 08 Mar 1897 17-Aug-1965 h/o Mary B.
Hill  Justus Walter 08 Sep 1899 22-Nov-1988 h/o Beatrice R.
Hill  Mary Belle Hillboldt 21 Feb 1899 4-Jan-1993 w/o John G.
Hill  Mathilda (Tillye) Koy 03 Apr 1887 16-Oct-1939 2nd w/o William I.
Hill  Maxine Titel 3-Nov-1923 1-Jan-2005 w/o Virgil L.
Hill  Nettie Castleton 29 Nov 1872 5-Sep-1909 1st w/o William I.
Hill  Virgil Lee 13-Sep-1926 27-Dec-1995 h/o Maxine T.
Hill  Walter Ernest 13 Jan 1892 19-Feb-1974 WWI h/o Dorothy S.
Hill William Iseley (Judge) 20 Nov 1870 19-Apr-1939 h/o Tillye K.
Hillboldt Alvina Schroeder 28 Dec 1887 16-Jun-1939 w/o Charles E.
Hillboldt Annie Swearingen 05 Aug 1881 23-Sep-1970 w/o Dallas C.
Hillboldt Bettye I. Bledsoe 27-Jun-1904 9-Sep-1980 w/o Frank W.
Hillboldt Charles Edwin 11 Nov 1884 13-Mar-1939 h/o Alvina S.
Hillboldt Charles Henry 27 Oct 1884 8-Jan-1957 h/o Mary S.
Hillboldt Charles Samuel, Jr. "Buster" 2-Oct-1907 18-Jan-1993  
Hillboldt Charles Samuel, Sr. 14 Mar 1857 27-Dec-1940 h/o Linnie C.
Hillboldt Curtis Borrell 11-Dec-1930 1-Jun-2001 Korea    
Hillboldt Dallas Curtis 07 Sep 1886 31-May-1958 h/o Annie S.
Hillboldt Debora Brune 28 Mar 1882 14-May-1967 w/o William
Hillboldt Flora Lottie Kurtz 30 Aug 1891 4-May-1984 w/o Jack K.
Hillboldt Frank Walter 20 Oct 1882 9-Jul-1946 h/o Bettye I.
Hillboldt Hattie Braesicke 16 Jul 1890 23-Oct-1983 w/o Sam
Hillboldt Jack Kinch 01 Aug 1889 19-Aug-1978 h/o Flora L.
Hillboldt Lester   3-Apr-1921 30-Mar-2004 WWII
Hillboldt Linnie Caroline Swearingen 21 Oct 1874 14-Mar-1974 w/o Charles S., Sr.
Hillboldt Lola Belle Hassler 25-Feb-1912 27-Nov-2003 w/o William C.
Hillboldt Mary Strauss 21 Apr 1882 6-Sep-1959 w/o Charles H.
Hillboldt Sam  24 Nov 1888 21-Jul-1977 h/o Hattie B.
Hillboldt Waco Texas 15 Jan 1897 21-Aug-1951  
Hillboldt William 16 Mar 1890 11-Dec-1972 h/o Debora B.
Hillboldt William Charles 9-Sep-1909 13-Jun-1988 h/o Lola B.
Hillebrand Baby 10-Feb-1927 10-Feb-1927  
Hillebrand Elenora Josephine Becker 21 Dec 1891 14-Mar-1973 w/o Reinhard R.
Hillebrand Ethel Dora Schier 30-Nov-1904 26-Mar-1995 w/o Walter F.
Hillebrand Gertrude Ruth Halcumb 29-Jan-1926 8-May-2016 w/o Raymond R.
Hillebrand Harry Reinhard 26 Jan 1896 24-Dec-1985 WWI h/o Mary M.
Hillebrand Henry Louis 15 Jul 1874 14-Mar-1960 h/o Ida D.
Hillebrand Ida Dora Brune 09 May 1875 21-Jan-1960 w/o Henry L.
Hillebrand Mary Melina Schroeder 7-Feb-1902 25-Jan-1985 w/o Harry R.
Hillebrand Raymond Reinhard 3-Mar-1924 13-Feb-2008 h/o Gertrude R.
Hillebrand Reinhard Richard 17 Sep 1879 17-Jan-1964 h/o Elenora J.
Hillebrand Walter Florenz 17-Nov-1904 10-Sep-1995 h/o Ethel D.
Hills Jessica Kay 1-Sep-1990 14-Oct-2004  
Himly Adelia Sophie Beckmann 02 Jan 1894 16-Apr-1960 w/o Alex K.
Himly Alexander Karl William "Alex" 30 Sep 1891 21-Jan-1971 h/o Adelia S.
Himly Charles Herman 28 Aug 1893 30-Oct-1983 WWI h/o Louise A.
Himly David James 9-Mar-1944 27-Jun-2019 Vietnam
Himly  Edmund Otto 05 Jan 1895 13-Aug-1966 WWI h/o Josie M.
Himly  Edward Otto 3-Jan-1919 15-May-2010 h/o Winifred E.
Himly  Eugene Allan 28-Sep-1927 30-Nov-2011  
Himly  Josie Mathilda Beckmann 9-Oct-1900 22-Mar-1970 w/o Edmund O.
Himly  Louise Annie Beckmann 12-May-1903 4-Jun-1993 w/o Charles H.
Himly  Winifred Elaine Wendt 25-Oct-1918 21-Jan-2012 w/o Edward O.
Hines Lillie Orsak 24-Jun-1911 10-Sep-1981  
Hintz Adela J. Gerbermann 14-Nov-1901 1-Aug-1998 w/o Gustav L.
Hintz Alberta 2-Jan-1904 9-Jan-1938  
Hintz Anna Sophie Pless 20 Sep 1878 19-May-1957 w/o Otto H.
Hintz Antoinette L. Eckelberg 08 Oct 1874 11-Dec-1946 w/o William G.
Hintz Augusta Buller 05 Aug 1862 20-Apr-1923 w/o Charles F.
Hintz Bernice Augusta Henske 13-Mar-1919 25-Nov-2016 w/o Joe W.
Hintz Carlos Wayne 23-Jun-1929 25-Oct-2007 Korea    
Hintz Charles F. 16 Nov 1851 9-Apr-1925 h/o Augusta B.
Hintz Dessie Coovert 08 Mar 1897 22-Nov-1973 w/o Richard W.
Hintz Ed 16 Oct 1892 9-Oct-1966 h/o Linnie L.
Hintz George Robert, Sr. 30-Nov-1907 30-May-1993 h/o Gertrude S.
Hintz Gertrude Louise Sauer 28-Nov-1921 5-Feb-1922 w/o George R., Sr.
Hintz  Gustav Louis 02 Feb 1898 17-Jul-1967 h/o Adela J.
Hintz  Harold Lloyd 24-Jun-1929 9-Mar-2009 Korea    
Hintz  Henry Charles 26 Mar 1848 23-Sep-1917 h/o Wilhelmina K.
Hintz  Jake Henry 04 Nov 1899 16-Feb-1984 h/o Mary E.
Hintz  (Jesse) Helen McGuire 17-Mar-1914 18-Apr-2013 w/o Leonard B.
Hintz  Joe William 1-Sep-1917 8-Apr-2013 WWII h/o Bernice A.
Hintz  Julia Svinky 4-Dec-1917 17-Sep-2005 w/o Valentine
Hintz  Leonard Ben 24-Jul-1905 13-Apr-1988 h/o J. Helen