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Sealy Cemetery

AKA: Peaceful Rest Cemetery | Near Sealy

There is only one Sealy Cemetery. The address for this cemetery is 768 4th Street; Sealy, Texas.

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Last First/Maiden DOB DOD NOTES
Abel Anna Rentzch 07 Apr 1871 24-Sep-1951 w/o William A.
Abel Arlien 13-Jan-1921 13-Jan-1921 .
Abel Ewald Morris 25 Jun 1895 1-Jun-1977 WWI USAflag

photo Death Certificate

Abel Geraldine Frances Bischoff 12-Dec-1933 14-Aug-2015 w/o Charles L.
Abel Herman Louis 06 Dec 1891 13-Jul-1957 h/o Pearl A.
Abel Leonard Ida 10-Oct-1906 12-Oct-1971 1st h/o Lillie M Bosse
Abel Pearl A. Siems 24 Jun 1892 6-Nov-1970 w/o Herman L.
Abel William A. 04 Mar 1866 8-Dec-1921 h/o Anna R.
Adams Annette B. Norcross 20-Oct-1922 3-Nov-1994 .
Adams Eugene Eldridge 3-Dec-1958 17-Apr-2003 h/o Jean L.
Adams Jean Louise Olsovsky 25-Apr-1959 28-Jun-2012 w/o Eugene E.
Adamson Earnest Alvin "Shorty" 28-Jun-1946 24-Jul-2001 VietnamUSAflag
Adamson Haley Renee 14-Aug-1996 14-Aug-1996 .
Adamson John Seldon, Jr. 19-Jun-1921 21-Sep-1984 h/o Margie D.
Adamson John Seldon III 21-Feb-1941 10-Sep-2013 .
Adamson Kevin Scott 22-Jan-1973 2-Jul-2022 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Adamson Margie Duke 6-Jun-1941 11-Jun-2012 w/o John S., Jr.
Adamson Virginia Mae Norris 11-May-1928 8-Sep-1990 w/o W. Alvin
Adamson William Alvin 2-Sep-1908 5-Mar-1997 h/o Virginia M.
Agee Baby 1935 1935 .
Agnew Joseph 21 Apr 1836 6-Aug-1911 .
Albert Bennett Eddy (Ben) 05 Nov 1895 9-Mar-1960 WWI USAflagdeath certificate
Albert Lina Huebner 12 Nov 1865 4-Apr-1908 w/o Otto H.
Albert Otto H. 29 Jun 1862 4-Nov-1920 h/o Lina H.
Albert Paulina 11-Mar-1908 27-Jun-1908 .
Alger Julian Wilmot 27 Oct 1890 27-Feb-1932 WWI USAflag
Allen Arthur Willie, Jr. 27-Apr-1909 12-Sep-1991 WWII USAflag
Allen Arthur Willie, Sr. 09 Aug 1874 16-Jan-1957 2nd h/o Etta C.
Allen Donald 25-Jul-1946 25-Sep-2018 .
Allen Etta C. Sumrow Johnson 04 Apr 1874 28-Jun-1939 w/o Arthur W., Sr.; NO MARKER
Allen Hugh Willie 15-May-1900 3-Jan-1948 WWI; USAflag NO MARKER PVT CO G Inf US Army The sources listed are The Bellville Times on 26 May 1955 (an edition that listed deceased county veterans for Memorial Day) and Ratliff (This person's research apparently was the basis for many of those listed in the WWI columns. death certificate
Allen John W. 03 Jul 1843 21-Sep-1921 h/o Mollie J.
Allen Mollie J. Eidman 01 Jul 1845 28-Aug-1929 w/o John W.
Amerine Weldon Frederick 30-Jan-1905 28-Jul-1955 .
Amsler Charlie Conrad 03 May 1884 9-Jan-1956 h/o Magnolia S.
Amsler Clayton Charles 28-Oct-1923 23-Aug-1999 .
Amsler Magnolia Schroeder 06 Nov 1895 20-Oct-1969 w/o Charles C.
Amthor August 06 Aug 1838 26 Jan 1890 CSA USAflag h/o Elizabeth K.
Amthor August Lee 23-Jun-1908 19-Apr-1948 WWII ArmyUSAflag
Amthor Edmund 28 Jan 1882 2-Oct-1944 .
Amthor Elizabeth (Elsie) Keding 19 Jan 1846 26-Mar-1931 w/o August
Amthor Emil William 17 May 1879 14-Jul-1967 h/o Nettie V.
Amthor Gustave 23 Mar 1882 11-Nov-1907 NO MARKER
Amthor Herman Marcus 28 Sep 1880 4-May-1938 NO MARKER
Amthor Hugo August 19 Jul 1884 6-Oct-1929 .
Amthor Maggie Berner 21 Sep 1898 22-Oct-1915 .
Amthor Marie Ramm 07 Jan 1850 13-Mar-1932 w/o Otto
Amthor Nettie Virginia Berner 09 May 1878 6-Dec-1945 w/o Emil W.
Amthor Otto Paul 22 May 1845 2-Dec-1924 h/o Marie R. CSA USAflag
Anderson Betty May Jousan 31-Jul-1902 10-Jun-1983 w/o Roy E.
Anderson Hugh 16-Dec-1905 22-Dec-2011 h/o Rosea L.
. . . . .
Anderson Rosea Lee Hardrick 16-Sep-1907 7-Mar-2006 w/o Hugh
Anderson Roy Everett 5-Feb-1900 4-Jul-1960 WWI USAflag h/o Betty M.
Andrews Glenn Alford 22-Sep-1925 17-Nov-1978 WWII USAflag h/o Virginia J.
Andrews Virginia Jane Kring 23-Jun-1928 18-Sep-1999 w/o Glenn A.
Angel Ina Yvonne Sedberry 21-Jul-1940 30-Mar-1997 .
Appelt Caroline Wilhelmina Kleim 08 Apr 1859 17-Dec-1945 .
Armendariz Donna Lynn Bevill 14-Nov-1947 22-Jan-2014 .
Ashorn Anita Lina Johanna Kulow 16-Dec-1917 15-Jan-2003 w/o Lester E.
Ashorn Annie Himly 9-Mar-1922 29-Jun-2014 w/o Leroy W., Sr.
Ashorn Leroy Willie, Jr., Ph.D. 2-Sep-1943 11-Mar-2014 h/o Myrna K.
Ashorn Leroy Willie, Sr. 22-Apr-1920 2-Oct-1995 WWIIUSAflagh/o Annie H.
Ashorn Lester Edward 21-Mar-1916 28-Jul-2008 h/o Anita L.
Ashorn Mary Bertha Hermine Muench 05 Sep 1893 30-Sep-1965 w/o Willie G.
Ashorn Willie Gustav 27 Nov 1892 18-Feb-1984 h/o Mary M.
Axson Carrie 15 Sep 1887 16 May 1888 .
Baade Charles Frederick 26 Mar 1862 22-Jul-1924 h/o Laura G.
Baade Charles Frederick 18 Dec 1899 25-Jan-1970 h/o Minnie W.
Baade Clarence Haden 17-Jan-1907 10-Mar-1965 WWII USAflag
Baade Elizabeth Overton 22-Nov-1912 26-Jan-2005 w/o Henry H., Sr.
Baade Emily Solcher 27 Dec 1896 29-Dec-1978 w/o George H.
Baade George Houston 01 Jun 1893 18-Jul-1951 WWI USAflagh/o Emily S.
Baade Henry Howard, Sr. 21-Nov-1903 13-Jan-1986 h/o Elizabeth O.
Baade Laura Goebel 12 Mar 1868 27-Jan-1956 w/o Charles F.
Baade Lenora 21-Nov-1903 6-May-1994 .
Baade Minnie Wilms 31 Oct 1895 4-Oct-1978 w/o Charles F.
Baade W. H. 8-Feb-1905 7-Apr-1905 .
Baade W. H. (William H.) 1866 11-Oct-1924 .
Bachmeyer Florine Pacher 16-May-1927 3-Feb-2020 .
Backhus Fred 25-Jan-1908 15-May-1979 h/o Pearl A.
Backhus Pearl Annie Witte 3-Feb-1909 5-Jul-1999 w/o Fred
Bade Philip Damien 7-Oct-1971 9-Oct-1976 .
Bailess Edina Balke 13-Aug-1903 7-Dec-1945 .
Baker Billy Dan 18-Sep-1930 13-Aug-1932 .
Baker Joseph George 17 Jun 1893 30-Jan-1974 h/o Ola Mae
Baker Ola Mae Rominger 01 Jul 1898 26-Sep-1984 w/ Joseph G.
Balke Amanda K. 4-Sep-1908 15-Jan-1925 .
Balke Ardona Josephine Himly 19-Jul-1915 14-Oct-1988 2nd w/o Paul C.
Balke Baby 24-May-1928 24-May-1928 .
Balke Bernhard (Ben) B. 23 Jun 1882 14-Jul-1959 h/o Louise A.
Balke Edwin Lance 27-Jul-1902 28-Jun-1955 h/o Lillie E.
Balke Homer Frank 29-Mar-1916 11-May-1918 .
Balke Infant Son 31-May-1915 31-May-1915 s/o Dr. & Mrs. J. W. Balke
Balke Karl 08 Jul 1879 24-May-1947 h/o Natalie A.
Balke Lasetta Myrone Farris 29-Jun-1906 2-Jan-1992 w/o Louis A.
Balke Lillie E. Ludwig 19-Nov-1903 9-Mar-2002 w/o Edwin L.
Balke Louis August William 3-Mar-1905 14-Jan-1982 h/o Lasetta M.
Balke Louise Alvina Timme 22 Jul 1880 1-Sep-1970 w/o Bernhard B.
Balke Natalie Augusta Timme 14 May 1881 31-Jul-1936 w/o Karl
Balke Nathalie Dolores Hebert 07 Oct 1896 9-May-1958 1st w/o Paul C.
Balke Paul Christian 23 Sep 1894 4-Jun-1972 WWI USAflagh/o Nathalie D./Ardona
Balke Tim Jack 22-Aug-1914 20-Sep-1951 WWIIUSAflag
Ball Alma Joyce 16-Dec-1925 18-Dec-1925 .
Ball Eddie Allen 26-Mar-1905 10-Apr-1988 WWII Army USAflag h/o Laura A. & Estella B.
Ball Eddie Ray 17-Jun-1923 18-May-1970 1st h/o Dorothy Lummus Ford
Ball Estella Mae Braesicke Janecek 18-Aug-1925 12-Aug-2006 w/o Jesse E. & Eddie Ball
Ball Laura Ann Maddox 15-Nov-1905 3-Feb-1977 1st w/o Eddie A.
Ball Louise Sophia Nowak 12 Sep 1894 24-Apr-1964 w/o Mitchell E.
Ball Mitchell Espy 18 Jan 1876 17-Oct-1941 h/o Louise S.
Ballard Robert Reeves, Sr. 24 Jan 1861 3-Apr-1917 .
Balusek Barbara Maler 22 Jul 1885 21-Dec-1954 w/o Joe
Balusek Joe 21 Dec 1883 6-May-1960 h/o Barbara M.
Barnard Sarah E. 16 Jan 1847 26-Sep-1918 .
Barnard Zelia Nettie Nanney 04 Mar 1821 11 Jun 1897 .
Barnette Tyne Esar Hazlitt 28-Oct-1925 17-Feb-1976 .
Barry Claudine Carol Matthews 25-Dec-1935 16-Jul-1990 w/o Jeff G.
Barry Jeff Gene 7-May-1933 4-Oct-1976 Korean War USAflag h/o Claudine C.
Bartay Ella Emma Brast 8-Jun-1904 3-Nov-1991 w/o Emil
Bartay Emil 25 Dec 1888 22-Mar-1953 h/o Ella E.
Bartay Herman Carl 28 Jan 1888 7-Mar-1980 WWI USAflag
Bartay Marian Frances 20-Aug-1920 29-Aug-1920 .
Bartay Roy William 12-Mar-1908 1-Jan-1931 .
Bartay Sara Elizabeth Kolb 26 Jun 1884 13-Sep-1956 .
Bartay Walter E. 25-Jan-1909 25-Nov-1932 .
Bartlett Gerald J. 1-Jan-1907 26-Jul-1988 h/o Mamie D.
Bartlett James Ray 8-Nov-1954 12-Dec-2020 Info submitted by sister: CINDY BARTLETT < Son of Willie & Mary Bartlett
Bartlett Mamie Dell Buller 14-Jun-1909 7-Aug-1996 w/o Gerald J.
Bartlett Willie Ray 2-Jul-1930 12-Mar-1986 h/o Mary Elizabeth Bartlett
Bastiann Auguste Betty Blaschke 13 Oct 1888 12-Dec-1980 w/o Ernest C.
Bastiann Ernest C. 18 Jan 1890 22-Jan-1931 h/o Auguste B.
Bear Mildred Lee Meyer 3-Oct-1929 12-Nov-2001 1st w/o Howard Bear
Beasley Ida Brock 06 Sep 1875 7-Oct-1939 .
Beckendorff Darlene Julia "Dee Dee" Vykoukal 23-Nov-1947 28-Jul-2005 1st w/o Milton
Becker Elizabeth Petra Schobel 23 May 1855 1-Mar-1931 .
Becker Ella Henrietta Keng 28 Jun 1884 30-Dec-1961 w/o Hans G.
Becker Hans Gustav 14 Jul 1886 22-May-1975 h/o Ella H.
Beckman Alma Carolina Frahm 13 Jan 1890 16-Mar-1969 w/o William H.
Beckman August Ed 27 Jan 1891 29-Sep-1975 WWI USAflag
Beckman August W. 03 Sep 1857 24-Jul-1927 h/o Caroline E.
Beckman Caroline Ekarius 24 May 1862 9-Aug-1920 w/o August W.
Beckman Ernestine Helen Frahm 29 Dec 1895 27-Sep-1977 w/o Otto H.
Beckman Otto Henry 07 Jan 1887 29-Aug-1972 h/o Ernestine H.
Beckman William Herman 28 Sep 1882 27-Jul-1974 h/o Alma C.
Beckmann Anna Gerhadine Hibbeler 15 Oct 1867 13-Oct-1956 w/o Joachim F.
Beckmann Ida Annie Kramer 8-Nov-1920 24-Feb-1974 w/o Norman L.
Beckmann Joachim F. 03 Jan 1860 21-Oct-1904 h/o Anna G.
Beckmann Minnie Louise Hintz 26 Jul 1878 20-Feb-1951 w/o Paul
Beckmann Norman Lee 21-Oct-1924 21-Sep-2000 WWII USAflag h/o Ida A.
Beckmann Paul 08 Feb 1869 30-Jul-1930 h/o Minnie L.
Beeson Lillian Ann Zapalka Kruse 4-Jan-1925 25-Dec-1984 w/o Lowman C.
Bender Emily Beckmann 16 Sep 1899 6-Jan-1957 w/o Lawrence L.
Bender Harold A. 2-Feb-1908 19-Sep-1953 h/o Lena F.
Bender Lawrence Louis 07 Jul 1895 7-Jul-1981 WWI USAflag h/o Emily B.
Bender Lena Frieda Neumann 4-Apr-1910 7-Sep-2001 w/o Harold A.
Bengtson Paula Fredericka Luhn 3-Jan-1908 30-Mar-1963 .
Bennett Ora 08 Jul 1895 29 Oct 1896 .
Benoit Linda Gayle 20-Nov-1939 30-Aug-1994 .
Benson Blanche Hoff Corte 16-Sep-1923 5-Jun-2006 w/o William B.
Benson William Bryant 27-Jun-1921 7-Mar-1981 WWII Army USAflagh/o Blanche H.
Benton Cecil Wayne 19-Apr-1953 19-Mar-1999 VietnamUSAflag
Benton Myrle Dee Grubbs 28-Oct-1925 20-Feb-2020 w/o Orville R.
Benton Orville Russell 18-Sep-1922 8-May-2016 WWII Air Force USAflag h/o Myrle D.
Berner Catherine Eidman Gray 16 Mar 1843 14-Apr-1925 w/o Felix A.
Berner Felix August 26 Oct 1853 6-Mar-1920 h/o Catherine
Bernshausen Arnold 24 Nov 1877 30-Jan-1957 .
Bernshausen Arthur Robert 23-Sep-1914 29-Jun-1982 WWII, Korea; Air ForceUSAflag h/o Marjorie M.
Bernshausen Donnie Robert 22-Aug-1945 6-Dec-1990 Vietnam USAflag
Bernshausen Marjorie Evelyn Miner 24-Feb-1923 20-Feb-2004 w/o Arthur R.
Biberstein Weldon Lee 29-Apr-1933 26-Dec-2013 Korean War Vietnam USAflag
Bickers Carrington Howard 12-May-1915 12-May-1915 .
Bickers Emma Howard 04 Jul 1877 2-Jan-1916 .
Bielefeld Fritz 18 Jan 1886 7-Feb-1953 h/o Ida B.
Bielefeld Ida Buechmann 15 Aug 1884 10-Mar-1967 w/o Fritz
. . . . .
Billig Adolf 11-Oct-1911 17-Nov-1911 s/o Edward & Henrietta
Billig Adolph 07 Mar 1834 6-Apr-1915 h/o Maria G. CSA USAflag
Billig Arthur 17 May 1879 29 Jan 1898 .
Billig Edward Claude 08 Sep 1876 18-Sep-1971 h/o Henrietta B.
Billig Henrietta Bertha Auguste Stuessel 12 May 1889 21-Aug-1966 w/o Edward C.
Billig Maria Genevieve Siros 26 May 1846 25 Aug 1885 w/o Adolph
Bills Diann Wanda Pechanec 12-Jul-1952 6-Jul-2008 .
Bills Keith Wayne 13-Aug-1972 21-Aug-2006 .
Bischoff Ella Franz 31 Oct 1882 27-Sep-1965 w/o Theodor
Bischoff Selma Luedecke 1884 18-Mar-1910 1st w/o William
Bischoff Theodor 23 Feb 1883 9-Oct-1953 h/o Ella
Bischoff Wilhelmina Scholz 1884 1913 2nd w/o William
Bischoff William 1880 1911 h/o Selma & Wilhelmina
Bishop Velma Viola Krancher 17-Mar-1935 29-Nov-1994 .
Blackmon Claudia Belle Godwin 7-Nov-1922 8-Apr-1997 .
Blakely Minna Schroeder 03 Aug 1871 22-Dec-1952 .
Blankenship John Frederick 19-Oct-1964 14-Aug-1983 .
Blankenship Ronald Leon 29-Jun-1941 7-Oct-2010 Vietnam USAflag
Blankenship Sherburne Lee 20-Jan-1939 8-Jul-2010 .
Blaschke Adolph 02 Jun 1844 23-Apr-1931 h/o Minna V.
Blaschke Agnes Annie 07 Feb 1878 2-Aug-1972 .
Blaschke Augusta Sophia Louise Bischoff 09 Jul 1877 17-Jul-1910 w/o Roman R.
Blaschke CeCelia Russ 9-Jul-1908 7-Dec-2000 w/o Richard L.
Blaschke Emil Julius 19 Mar 1878 12-Dec-1949 h/o Hattie K.
Blaschke Hattie Kellner 25 Sep 1884 16-Oct-1985 w/o Emil J.
Blaschke Infant Daughter 2-Feb-1907 5-Feb-1907 d/o Roman & Augusta
Blaschke Mary 07 Mar 1885 21-Oct-1974 .
Blaschke Minna Vorbeck 13 May 1855 6-Dec-1929 w/o Adolph Blaschke
Blaschke Otto 22 Jun 1882 8-Feb-1925 .
Blaschke Richard Louis 31-Aug-1904 13-Oct-1997 h/o Cecelia R.
Blaschke Roman Rudolph 06 Jan 1879 28-Dec-1949 h/o Augusta S.
Blasé Earline Leona Rudloff 5-Oct-1919 8-Mar-1996 w/o Herbert C.
Blasé Herbert Christopher 10-May-1912 25-Jan-1999 h/o Earline L.
Blazek Annie Marie Hajovsky 16-Jul-1924 29-Feb-2004 .
Bloomfield Golda Viola Winn 16-Nov-1923 6-Mar-2012 w/o Jim B.
Bloomfield James Brown (Jim) 3-Apr-1923 25-Sep-2010 h/o Golda V.
Bloomfield Ralph Wayne 6-Dec-1946 26-May-2012 Vietnam USAflag
Bock Frank Glenn 29-Nov-1922 24-Mar-1992 WWII Army Corps USAflag 2nd h/o Joyce E.
Bock Joyce Elaine Habermacher Sneed 16-Feb-1925 15-Mar-1992 w/o William Sneed, Jr. & Frank G.
Bock Maria Waack 23 Apr 1842 12-May-1919 .
Bock Maude Lee Oldham 31 Aug 1898 18-Mar-1993 w/o Otto F.
Bock Otto Frank, D.D.S. 09 Mar 1892 9-Mar-1973 h/o Maude L.
Bock Sibyl Leona Glenn 29 May 1891 19-Jul-1984 .
Boehm Fannie Maler 28 Sep 1878 29-Sep-1953 w/o Joseph
Boehm Joseph 03 Mar 1866 20-Apr-1920 h/o Fannie
Boesling Otis Lucille Boesling 13 Feb 1891 31-Oct-1970 w/o Thomas E.
Boesling Thomas Edward 08 Mar 1887 11-Jan-1959 WWI USAflagh/o Otis L.
Bollinger Darla Elayne Cavender 6-Feb-1948 23-Oct-2006 .
Bollinger Florence Madaline Dubose 26-Sep-1916 6-Sep-2001 w/o Ralph
Bollinger Gladys Jewell Gummelt 27-Sep-1923 18-Jul-2011 w/o John
Bollinger John 24-Nov-1913 21-Nov-1979 h/o Gladys J.
Bollinger Melba Rose Broussard 31-Jan-1913 13-May-2016 w/o Werner R.
Bollinger Ralph 7-Oct-1912 8-Mar-1989 h/o Florence M.
Bollinger Victoria Rae Willcoxon 26-Sep-1945 1-Aug-2010 .
Bollinger Werner Robert 26-Mar-1911 10-Feb-1999 h/o Melba R.
Bolten Charles Edwin 12-May-1949 8-Feb-2005 Vietnam USAflag
Bolten Charles Frank "Jack" 24-Dec-1918 24-Jan-2017 h/o Gladys P.
Bolten Gladys Pless 11-Apr-1919 10-Feb-2012 w/o Charles F.
Boon Elizabeth Vint 4-Aug-1909 9-May-2000 w/o John I., Jr.
Boon John Ireland, Jr. 8-Dec-1912 29-Jul-2002 h/o Elizabeth V.
Boon John Ireland, Sr. 20 Jul 1885 24-Jul-1952 h/o Valma I.
Boon Valma Iris Marshall 30 Dec 1892 4-Jan-1991 w/o John I., Sr.
Boone Wanda Gayle 6-Jan-1970 20-Mar-1970 .
Borgel Auguste Charlotte Hollien 07 Jun 1857 25-Oct-1946 w/o Johann B.
Borgel Bernhard 29 Jan 1890 26-Apr-1973 WWIUSAflag
Borgel Elfriede 02 Sep 1887 7-Dec-1974 .
Borgel Esther Pauline Faist 20-Oct-1909 13-Oct-1985 w/o Gerhard R.
Borgel Gerhard Rube 09 Jun 1885 19-Mar-1961 h/o Esther P.
Borgel Johann Bernhard 09 Feb 1848 26-Mar-1908 h/o Auguste C.
Borgel Marcus 04 Apr 1880 02 Dec 1885 .
Bosse Lillie Mae Zachas Abel 6-Feb-1915 9-Oct-2017 w/o Leonard I. Abel
Bostick Dr. James W. 1839 22 Feb 1897 h/o Rebecca W.CSA USAflag
Bostick Rebecca W. Taylor 1841 16-Jan-1916 w/o James W.
Bowman Lillie Harvey 16 Jul 1871 27-Dec-1909 .
Boyd Eveline Louisa Phillips Vint 01 Jan 1890 22-Nov-1987 w/o Vick L.
Boyd Vick Leroy 13 Jul 1893 23-Jul-1986 WWI USAflag h/o Eveline L.
Boykin Olga Marie Appelt 02 Jul 1887 6-May-1960 .
Bozeman Lawrence 13 Apr 1887 14-Nov-1904 .
Bozeman Florence Pearl . 26 Jan 1886 .
Bozeman James Sidney 25 May 1890 10-Oct-1968 WWI USAflag h/o M. Annie
Bozeman Jessie Hinton 29 Dec 1892 10-Dec-1971 WWIUSAflag
Bozeman Mary Annie Bozeman 05 May 1888 15-Nov-1956 w/o J. Sidney
Bracey Harrison "Harry" May 1827 24-Nov-1904 .
Bradley Carl Robert, Jr. "Bob" 7-Mar-1934 11-Apr-2017 .
Bradley Donald Stanley, Sr. 9-Aug-1937 13-Aug-2011 .
Bradley James Thomas 6-Dec-1913 11-Dec-2005 h/o P. Beatrice
Bradley Pearl Beatrice Killough 5-Nov-1918 14-Feb-2002 w/o James T.
Bradshaw Annie 1841 1903 w/o Johnathan
Bradshaw Johnathan 1840 1899 h/o Annie
Braesicke Arthur Henry 15-Apr-1903 4-Mar-1968 h/o Milda A.
Braesicke Edwin Joachim 06 Aug 1897 18-Feb-1957 h/o Erna A.
Braesicke Erna Anna Wittenburg 29 Dec 1897 24-Jul-1958 w/o Edwin J.
Braesicke Milda Alma Schroeder 1-Jan-1906 16-Dec-1974 w/o Arthur H.
Brandes Charles Waddel 28-Nov-1942 9-May-2016 h/o Barbara
Brandes Charles William 2-Nov-1922 28-Jan-2009 h/o Lillie W.
Brandes Jacquelyn Goebel 20-Jul-1946 8-Jan-2022 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Brandes Lillie Willimae Schubert 7-Dec-1923 11-Jul-2013 w/o Charles W.
Brandt Arthur C. P. 18-Nov-1900 26-Jan-1955 h/o Lora P.
Brandt Lora Pless 02 Jan 1891 6-Feb-1984 w/o Arthur C.P.
Brast Adolph 27 Dec 1861 24-May-1942 .
Brast Agnes Hibbeler 9-Feb-1911 25-Mar-1999 w/o Lester, Sr.
Brast Alvin Albert 1-Mar-1907 30-Aug-1989 h/o Rose M.
Brast Bertrand Edgar 13-Jun-1934 17-Dec-1988 .
Brast David Gustav 26-Oct-1930 17-Apr-1999 .
Brast Deana Clara 27-Jan-1946 4-May-2016 .
Brast Doris Ruth Maler 4-Nov-1934 13-Jun-1976 .
Brast Edith Charlotte Timme 11-Jul-1900 21-Nov-1979 w/o Henry A.
Brast Edmund Adolph 26-Jun-1900 22-Feb-1919 .
Brast Edward Julius 18-Jul-1937 23-Sep-1983 Army Veteran USAflag
Brast Eliza Wilhelmine Sailer 5-Dec-1903 1-Jan-1986 w/o Gustav
Brast Emmie Mantzel 07 Jun 1880 12-Apr-1969 w/o Otto C.
Brast Erwin Heinrich Carl 16-Dec-1906 29-May-1961 h/o Lenora H.
Brast Gustav 24 May 1891 12-Nov-1978 WW1; USAflagh/o Eliza W.
Brast Henry August 27 Jan 1894 29-Jun-1969 h/o Edith C.
Brast Herman Adolph 30 Mar 1899 8-Mar-1974 h/o Martha E.
Brast Hugo Fritz 24-Sep-1915 20-Nov-1998 WWII Army USAflagh/o Lorine E.
Brast Lee Landa 9-Jan-1934 1-Sep-1973 Army Veteran USAflag
Brast Lenora Hagen 20-Jan-1904 17-Apr-1968 w/o Erwin H.
Brast Leroy Gus 28-Dec-1934 4-Jul-2004 Korean War USAflag
Brast Lester, Sr. 16-Nov-1910 5-Jan-1994 h/o Agnes H.
Brast Lida Mae "Shirley" Sorters 29-Mar-1940 20-Aug-2016 .
Brast Lorine Elvira Maass 12-Jan-1916 9-Aug-2001 w/o Hugo F.
Brast Manuel Alas 22-Sep-1940 13-Aug-1946 .
Brast Martha Emilie Krause 1-Jan-1905 31-Oct-1976 w/o Herman A.
Brast Otto Carl 31 May 1873 9-Apr-1961 h/o Emmie M.
Brast Reinhardt Herman 25-Aug-1928 2-Feb-1934 .
Brast Richard 17-Jun-1941 6-Mar-1971 Vietnam USAflag
Brast Rose Marie Vrablec 19-Feb-1916 3-Jun-1985 w/o Alvin A.
Brast Victor Frederick 21-Dec-1925 31-Jan-2018 .
Brast William Henry 20-Sep-1932 30-Sep-1984 .
Braun Samuel "Sam" 22-Jun-1953 25-Feb-2022 Obit
Bravenec Ida Lydia Mais 23-Apr-1909 24-Nov-1994 w/o John E.
Bravenec John Edwin 27-Jan-1904 7-Oct-2002 h/o Ida L.
Breaux Anita Joyce 28-Oct-1956 16-Jun-1998 .
Bretschneider Charles William 1-May-1934 10-Feb-2020 .
Brewer John S. 24 Jul 1867 16-May-1935 .
Brezina Albert Charlie 3-Jan-1917 3-Jun-1978 WWII Army USAflag h/o Frances V.
Brezina Edward William 8-Feb-1912 7-May-1986 h/o Ella B.
Brezina Ella Bertha Kaase 22-Jul-1913 29-Mar-2013 w/o Edward W.
Brezina Frances Esterak 1886 18-Oct-1929 w/o Steve
Brezina Frances Vesta Zelenka 14-Dec-1918 23-Jan-2000 w/o Albert C.
Brezina Frank William 4-Jul-1909 14-Jul-1967 WWII Army USAflag
Brezina Steve 1875 1930 h/o Frances E.
Brill Henry 20 Feb 1844 22-May-1914 Civil War USAflag
Britt Joseph Everett 5-Oct-1933 19-Jul-1996 Korean War USAflag
Britt Tyler Lethel 22-Oct-1986 8-Apr-2018 .
Brooks Minton Benjamin 13-Jan-1901 31-Jul-1979 h/o Vollie B.
Brooks Vollie Bertha Krampitz 18-Jul-1902 5-May-1992 w/o Minton B.
Broome Annie Tallelah Cade 11 Oct 1878 5-Feb-1946 w/o Bartow
Broome Bartow 06 Feb 1867 4-Oct-1928 h/o Annie T.
Brosig Alma Swearingen 02 Nov 1883 21-Jul-1981 w/o Anton (dc dod 17 Feb 1981)
Brosig Anton 23 Sep 1896 10-Apr-1979 WWI USAflagh/o Alma S.
Brosig Bertha Wittenburg 19 Nov 1870 12-Jun-1942 w/o Fritz W.
Brosig Daniel 27-Oct-1926 21-May-1999 .
Brosig Dora 11 Dec 1887 25-Mar-1964 .
Brosig Dora Kluever 08 Jun 1859 29-Dec-1948 w/o Theodore, Sr.
Brosig Ennis 18-Jun-1920 31-Dec-1992 .
Brosig Fritz W. 20 Oct 1866 11-Sep-1944 h/o Bertha W.
Brosig McKinley 24 Nov 1899 19-Nov-1963 h/o Olga P.
Brosig Olga Pless 06 Jun 1898 24-Nov-1979 w/o McKinley
Brosig Roland Roosevelt 21-Feb-1905 9-Apr-1947 .
Brosig Roy Roland 21-Feb-1924 28-Apr-2003 WWII Army USAflag
Brosig Theodore, Sr. 13 Oct 1856 20-Sep-1943 h/o Dora K.
Brosig Winston 23-Jul-1931 30-Jun-1993 .
Brown Gladys 22-Aug-1922 5-Jun-2013 .
Brown Joanne Kathryn Sweet 25-Sep-1955 29-Oct-2015 .
Brown Josie Beth 17-Apr-1934 2-Aug-1940 .
Browne Olga (Ollie) Sabrsula 30-Dec-1912 17-Jul-2006 .
Browne Patricia Ann Vykoukal 12-Aug-1943 29-Jul-2014 w/o Billy
Browne Samuel Wayne 29-Oct-1945 3-Feb-2002 .
Brune Alice Marie Washam 29-Apr-1920 19-Jan-2017 w/o Herbert J.
Brune Alton William 4-Feb-1923 3-Jan-1966 WWII ArmyUSAflag
Brune Amalia Planka 8-Dec-1915 16-Oct-1974 w/o Lloyd E.
Brune Barbara Gertrude 1-May-1943 23-Apr-2004 .
Brune Clara Hawkins 28 Dec 1895 28-Feb-1977 w/o Willie F.
Brune Dee Edward 20-Sep-1915 29-Aug-1994 h/o Jane H.
Brune Ed 13 Oct 1851 27-Oct-1939 h/o Mary L.
Brune Edmund 09 Aug 1891 23-Jun-1967 h/o M. Ninette
Brune Edward Louis 12 Oct 1894 16-May-1982 h/o Gertrude L.
Brune Ella Keding 14 Sep 1884 1-Jan-1983 w/o Julius
Brune Emilie Michaelis 29 Jan 1882 17-Oct-1971 w/o Paul
Brune Emmie Keding 01 Jun 1893 15-Nov-1983 w/o Erwin
Brune Erwin 14 Mar 1899 19-Dec-1981 h/o Emmie K.
Brune Gertrude Lera Brune 28 Dec 1893 28-Nov-1986 w/o Edward L.
Brune Herbert 14 Feb 1899 30-Dec-1981 h/o Lula
Brune Herbert James 23-Nov-1921 17-Jul-2016 WWII Army USAflag h/o Alice M.
Brune James Edward 2-Apr-1956 3-Apr-1956 .
Brune Jane Hicks 12-Dec-1925 14-Jan-2004 w/o Dee E.
Brune Julius 9 Sep 1886 25-Mar-1960 h/o Ella K.
Brune Lloyd Edward 2-Jan-1919 16-Apr-1997 WWII USAflag h/o Amalia P.
Brune Lula Waak 10 Nov 1898 6-Feb-1976 w/o Herbert
Brune Mary Louise Litzmann 23 Jun 1855 9-Mar-1941 w/o Ed
Brune Mary Ninette Loper 9-Aug-1905 12-Feb-1990 w/o Edmund
Brune Paul 30 Apr 1882 21-Sep-1976 h/o Emilie M.
Brune Thomas Henry "Tommy" 12-Dec-1932 7-Jun-2017 .
Brune Willie Fredrick 15 Apr 1891 5-Aug-1978 WWI ArmyUSAflag h/o Clara H.
Bryan Faye Willie Robertson 07 May 1893 27-Nov-1983 w/o W. D.
Bryan W. D. (Walter Daniel) 16 Apr 1893 16-Nov-1961 WWI ArmyUSAflag h/o Faye W.
Bryant Allen Elvin 2-Feb-1921 22-May-1999 WWII Army USAflag h/o Katie M.
Bryant Juanita Frances Butler 25-Mar-1925 16-Apr-2002 .
Bryant Katie Maie Loehr 4-Aug-1925 5-Dec-2015 w/o Allen E.
Bryant Thomas Jefferson, Sr. "Whitey" 13-Jan-1916 13-Dec-2013 USMC WWII Veteran USAflag
Bubak Bernice Schultz 4-Mar-1904 1-Dec-2001 w/o Herman E.
Bubak Everett James, Sr. 15-Nov-1930 27-Jan-1989 .
Bubak Herman Ernest 27 Feb 1895 26-Aug-1968 WWI ArmyUSAflag h/o Bernice S.
Bubak Waldine 27-Oct-1924 27-Jun-1928 .
Bubak Wanell Davis 20-Feb-1936 29-May-2012 .
Buchanan Clara Etta 1874 1916 w/o J. G.
Buchanan Frances Maryland Bland 06 Mar 1880 8-Feb-1970 .
Buchanan J. G. 15 Aug 1874 6-Feb-1940 h/o Clara E.
Buchtien August 28 Dec 1875 10-Sep-1949 h/o Freida S.
Buchtien Augusta 27-Apr-1910 6-May-1915 .
Buchtien Augusta Friedericke Meyer 31 Jul 1850 27-Aug-1934 w/o Ernest H. A., Sr.
Buchtien David Ray 27-Oct-1961 3-Jun-2016 .
Buchtien Emma Schneider Hillboldt 20 Jan 1884 19-Oct-1964 2nd w/o Henry
Buchtien Erna Mae Shelburne 20-Jan-1933 16-Aug-2009 w/o Leslie E.
Buchtien Ernest H., Jr. 18 Jul 1886 23-Oct-1937 .
Buchtien Ernest H. A., Sr. 01 Jan 1838 30-Oct-1917 h/o Augusta F.Civil War USAflag
Buchtien Freida Schneider 12 Jan 1883 29-Jan-1976 w/o August
Buchtien Harold Chester 23-Apr-1918 11-Mar-1973 .
Buchtien Henry 08 Jul 1882 30-Jan-1953 h/o Emma S. and Marie R.
Buchtien Herman 22 Sep 1888 11-Jan-1946 h/o Louise E.
Buchtien John 22 Jan 1878 12-Sep-1908 .
Buchtien Leslie 16-Oct-1911 6-May-1915 .
Buchtien Leslie Ennis 5-Nov-1920 4-May-1998 WWII Army USAflagh/o Erna M.
Buchtien Louise Ernestine Hartman 03 Mar 1889 3-Jul-1961 w/o Herman
Buchtien Marie Reichardt 27 Dec 1885 26-Sep-1917 1st w/o Henry
Buckner Dr. Ben F. 27 Jan 1867 19 Mar 1895 h/o Kate E.
Buckner Kate E. Swearingen 16 Mar 1871 30-Jun-1957 w/o Dr. Ben F.
Buechmann Adele Blaschke 25 Jan 1891 21-May-1979 w/o Alvin
Buechmann Alvin 08 Sep 1879 26-Jul-1965 h/o Adele
Buechmann Eugene Lee 8-Oct-1930 2-Jul-1999 Korean WarUSAflag
Buechmann Evelyn Ruth 6-Sep-1921 16-May-1922 .
Buechmann Minna Johse 14 Jan 1873 9-Dec-1962 w/o Willie
Buechmann Olga Koroline 11-May-1909 12-Oct-1994 .
Buechmann Willie 13 Jan 1873 28-Apr-1951 h/o Minna J.
Buenger Emily Marie Minna Wittenburg 03 Aug 1899 5-Aug-1978 w/o Otto C.
Buenger Minnie 17 Jan 1888 8-Jul-1963 .
Buenger Otto Carl 18 May 1895 10-Nov-1951 WWI USAflag h/o Emily M.
Buller Antonie Pless 25 Nov 1872 12-Apr-1960 w/o Fritz A.
Buller Charles W. 11 Dec 1859 10-May-1935 h/o Mary S.
Buller Ernestine Oldag 26 Nov 1850 28-Jan-1925 w/o Joachim
Buller Fritz Alfred 04 Mar 1875 18-Jun-1968 h/o Antonie P.
Buller George Henry 10 Jan 1886 5-May-1935 .
Buller Joachim 20 Dec 1843 11-Jul-1906 h/o Ernestine O.
Buller John Andrew 08 Feb 1887 17-Apr-1963 .
Buller Mary Schluenz 25 Mar 1856 3-Jun-1938 w/o Charles W.
Buls Edward William 2-Sep-1901 13-Aug-1985 h/o Mamie E.
Buls Mamie Ella Schier 3-Jun-1906 29-Dec-1993 w/o Edward W.
Buls Tom Douglas 31-Jan-1940 27-Mar-2000 .
Bunton Bert Allen 3-Dec-1931 15-Jun-2005 US Army USAflag
Bunton Franklin Delano 14-Jan-1933 1-Aug-2002 Korean War USAflag
Bures Anna Marie Anderlla 1-Feb-1909 9-Nov-1991 w/o Frank V., Jr.
Bures Frank Vincenc, Jr. 27 Jan 1897 17-May-1974 WWI Army USAflag h/o Anna M.
Bures Frank Vincenc, Sr. 03 Dec 1862 14-Jun-1946 h/o Marie (Sealy Cath)
Burger Annie Mary Siebert 01 Aug 1871 15-Aug-1957 w/o Chris C.
Burger Christopher Columbus 07 Apr 1870 28-Jan-1959 h/o Annie M.
Burgin Lula Mae Ingle 11-Jan-1931 27-Jun-2009 .
Burttschell Alice Vernell Reichardt 19-Mar-1930 2-Jan-2016 w/o Joe E.
Burttschell Edella Hein 10-Feb-1915 16-Aug-2000 w/o Jesse L.
Burttschell Jesse Lee 8-Sep-1909 16-Aug-2000 h/o Edella H.
Burttschell Joe Edward 24-Feb-1929 3-Jun-2012 h/o Alice V.
Burttschell Laura Stella Brune 28 May 1897 5-Jul-1984 w/o Walter A.
Burttschell Michael Joe 7-Aug-1955 6-Jan-2003 .
Burttschell Quinn Elizabeth 8-Dec-2014 8-Dec-2014 d/o Brad & Stephanie
Burttschell Walter Anton 05 Feb 1891 30-Sep-1971 WWI Army USAflag h/o Laura S.
Bushwall Fannie Tolliver 07 Aug 1877 7-Sep-1944 w/o Thomas F.
Bushwall Frank 15 Jan 1844 14-Nov-1931 CSA h/o Martha C. USAflag
Bushwall James Boyd 13 Nov 1886 14-Feb-1944 WWI USAflag
Bushwall John Louis 24 Dec 1885 7-Mar-1958 .
Bushwall Martha Caroline Boyd Feb 1851 16-May-1910 w/o Frank
Bushwall Maude May 10 Sep 1877 1964 .
Bushwall Thomas Franklin 05 Feb 1872 9-Aug-1952 h/o Fannie A.
Calkin Marjorie Lock 1-Aug-1905 2-Jan-1982 .
Callas Andrew, Jr. 6-Sep-1936 6-Sep-1936 s/o Andrew, Sr. & Gertrude
Callas Andrew, Sr. 3-Jun-1903 7-Aug-1956 1st h/o Gertrude Findeisen
Callas Anne Marie 18-Feb-1939 11-Jan-1988 .
Callas Paul Francis 10-Jan-1935 23-Jul-1990 .
Calligan George Robert 18-Sep-1915 10-Apr-1979 WWII Army USAflag
Camp Stephen Paul 19-Nov-1959 27-Mar-2000 .
Campbell Berna Mae Williams 14-Nov-1930 16-Jun-1985 .
Campbell Earl Leo 17-May-1919 15-Sep-1999 WWII USAflagh/o F. Loucille
Campbell Elmer Dennis 23 Sep 1893 9-Aug-1960 h/o Eva L.
Campbell Eva Lillian McKinley 4-Dec-1904 17-Mar-1997 w/o Elmer D.
Campbell Faith Loucille Beyer 6-Dec-1920 24-Feb-2004 w/o Earl L.
Cannon Willie Green 03 Oct 1872 17-Aug-1914 .
Cannon May D. 04 Sep 1887 02 Sep 1897 .
Cannon Oliver Green, Sr. 12 Aug 1847 20 Feb 1899 h/o Winnie M.
Cannon Willie Green 03 Oct 1872 17-Aug-1914 .
Cannon Winnie M. Allen 01 Sep 1854 17 Dec 1896 w/o Oliver G., Sr.
Capetillo Elias 2-Feb-1950 21-Mar-2014 .
Capetillo Maria Luisa 15-May-1936 4-May-2010 .
Cardwell Jesse C. 4-Jun-1917


Carlin Delos Ira 30-Dec-1907 26-Feb-1985 h/o Earl Dee
Carlin Earl Dee Preibisch 8-Sep-1912 4-May-2003 w/o Delos I.
Carlin Jack Flynn 1-Dec-1932 9-Jul-2014 Korean War USAflag
Carlson Eric Rupert 10-Mar-1918 19-Jul-1994 WWII USAflag
Carmichael Ada Minnie Burger 18-Mar-1908 8-Apr-2006 .
Carmichael Malcolm Lee 12 Nov 1898 4-Aug-1949 .
Carmichael Mary Ada Brackin 01 Jun 1868 27-Jun-1927 .
Carmichael William Peter 22-Feb-1905 23-Mar-1957 .
Carter Maxine Johnston 19-May-1914 27-May-2003 .
Cartwright James Gilbert 2-Sep-1904 22-Dec-1965 h/o Jessie I.
Cartwright Jessie Irene Buck 30-Aug-1906 11-Feb-2002 w/o James G.
Cass Samuel Harvey 25-Nov-1927 28-Nov-2014 WWII USAflag Korea USAflag
Cass Tina Gentry 14-Jul.-1975 19-Nov-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Cass Zoulina Jones 09 Nov 1872 18-Jan-1929 .
Castleton Ann Gaston 21 Sep 1850 1-May-1916 w/o John Rutland
Castleton Hudson Gaston 06 Sep 1867 4-Mar-1918 .
Castleton John Rutland 14 Apr 1845 01 Jan 1893 h/o Ann Gaston
Chandler Grace Elizabeth 3-Sep-2003 3-Sep-2003 .
Cherwak George Lane (Dollie Schindler) 9-Nov-1908 11-Feb-1970 w/o Ludy
Cherwak Ludy 03 Oct 1898 31-Jan-1947 WWII ArmyUSAflag h/o George L.
Chilton Donald Loran 9-Jul-1938 12-Jan-2012 Vietnam USAflag
Chilton Joe Paul 7-Jan-1971 2-Sep-2000 .
Christianson Emma Vint Thomas 12-Mar-1908 19-Sep-1997 .
Chumley Alexander 04 Jul 1889 13-Sep-1972 h/o Lenora J.
Chumley Lenora Jousan 5-Oct-1906 3-Aug-1979 w/o Alexander
Clampitt Henry Lester 05 Feb 1890 18-Jun-1958 h/o Karola F.
Clampitt Karola Foerster 13 May 1891 24-Jan-1970 w/o Henry L.
Clapp Hertha A. Jordan 21 Mar 1895 11-May-1987 w/o Norval F., Sr.
Clapp Norval Franklin, Jr. 10-Mar-1924 5-Feb-2013 WWII Army USAflag
Clapp Norval Franklin, Sr. 27 Dec 1888 30-Mar-1970 WWI USAflag h/o Hertha A.
Clayton Louise Evelyn Oldag 19 Jul 1899 4-Jul-1980 w/o William S.
Clayton William S. 05 Apr 1889 30-May-1939 WWI USNR USAflag h/o Louise E.
Cleveland Infant Twins 27-Dec-2006 27-Dec-2006 .
Cloyd Cecil Dennis 27-Sep-1919 26-Sep-1981 WWII; USAflag h/o Ora D.
Cloyd Ora Dell Rinn 21-Jan-1927 13-Aug-1994 w/o Cecil D.
Coats Ava Einkauf Linkey 9-Nov-1907 4-May-1991 w/o Samuel J.
Coats Calvin Lamar, Jr. 1-Jul-1926 15-Jun-1971 WWII US Marine CorpsUSAflag
Coats Samuel Jahue 11 Nov 1898 31-Aug-1979 2nd h/o Ava E.
Cocke Elma Allen 01 Oct 1876 10-Nov-1932 .
Cole Mattie Josephine O'Connor 30 Aug 1883 25-Dec-1968 w/o Peter A.
Cole Peter Austin 17 Dec 1880 15-Apr-1951 h/o Mattie J.
Compton Carson Allen 30-Oct-1916 23-Nov-1996 WWII ArmyUSAflagh/o Lucille A.
Compton Lucille Adeline Adams 6-Nov-1920 27-Jul-1994 w/o Carson A.
Conner Suzanne Rosser 1-Dec-1933 6-Sep-1992 .
Connor Martha 21 Dec 1825 15 Apr 1884 .
Connor Martha Jane McKinley 31 Jul 1838 15 Nov 1898 .
Connor S. W. 25 Apr 1835 10 Dec 1883 .
Connor S. W., Jr. 17 Sep 1870 23 Sep 1893 .
Connor T. B. 1845 1905 .
Coody Evangeline Emilie 1-Aug-1930 12-Jan-2022 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Coody Mance 27-Feb-1922 14-Dec-2008 WWII ArmyUSAflag
Coody Owen Gilbert 21-Dec-1908 17-Jul-1963 h/o Selma A.
Coody Selma Anna Frahm 20-Feb-1910 12-Jul-1977 w/o Owen G.
Cook Bess B. Lister 16 Feb 1897 9-Jul-1982 w/o George A.
Cook George Allison 11 Jan 1895 21-Jan-1948 WWI Army USAflagh/o Bess B.
Cook Lillian Howard 13 Nov 1872 20-Jan-1958 w/o William R., Sr.
Cook Marion E. Mar 1884 1914 .
Cook Marshall Marion 10 Jul 1899 12-Oct-1975 h/o Nettie L.
Cook Mary Ellen "Mollie" Kidd 20 Mar 1853 5-Dec-1917 w/o Norman H.
Cook Nellie Lee Gipson 05 Sep 1899 8-Aug-1985 w/o Marshall M.
Cook Norman Henry 23 Nov 1844 3-Dec-1912 CSA USAflag h/o Mary E.
Cook William Robert, Sr. 22 Feb 1871 1-Nov-1943 h/o Lillian H.
Cooley Bernice Lucille Schroeder Fuchs 20-Feb-1937 19-Feb-2009 w/o Raymond J. Fuchs
Cooper Maggie E. Oakes 26 Jul 1899 31-Jul-1993 w/o Warren E.
Cooper Randy Don 10-Jul-1961 28-Aug-1979 .
Cooper Ruby Elizabeth 20-Jul-1925 27-Sep-1998 .
Cooper Warren Edward 11 Aug 1888 7-Jul-1964 h/o Maggie E.
Corbit Infant 1884 1884 c/o John L. & Elizabeth
Corbit John L. 1854 1884 .
Cordova Henry Frank 10-Dec-1957 25-Mar-2012 .
Corey Fannie Vick 1872 1964 .
Cowling Martha Ann Rogers 5-Nov-1935 25-Mar-2011 .
Cox Dorothy May Hannah 13-Apr-1928 4-Dec-2012 .
Craft Sophie 1825 1893 .
Crawford Alvina Mieth (Klatt) 31-Mar-1912 5-Nov-1987 w/o Marvin H., Jr.
Crawford Marvin Hunter, Jr. 26-Sep-1929 30-May-2007 h/o Alvina M.
Creekmore Anna Ellen Horton 3-Aug-1925 8-Aug-1986 2nd w/o James E.
Creekmore James Eugene "Jim" 13-Mar-1931 29-Oct-2019 h/o Anna E. & Deanna M.
Crenshaw Fannie P. Griscom (Wilke) 23-Dec-1900 18-May-1944 .
Crittenden Barbara Ann Ueckert 28-Nov-1931 25-Jan-2005 w/o Richard D.
Crittenden Richard Delancey 10-Sep-1928 2-Aug-2014 h/o Barbara A.
Crook Tillie Mae Brune 12-Aug-1910 17-Sep-2005 w/o William L.
Crook William Leonard 30-May-1900 16-Dec-1974 h/o Tillie M.
Crosby Kathrine Renee 4-Sep-1983 27-Jan-1984 .
Crosby Kevin Dwain 5-Nov-1955 5-Nov-1955 .
Crosby Marshall Glenn 7-Jul-1924 18-Sep-2001 .
Crosby Neal Jalowy 28-Aug-1959 23-May-1989 .
Crowder Melvin Douglas 2-Jan-1949 19-May-1995 Vietnam USAflag
Crump William Edward Nov 1856 12-Sep-1934 NO MARKER
Cudd Justin 13-Nov-1991 17-Jan-2021 .
Curtin Kelly Jean 16-Aug-1968 9-Jul-1985 .
Cuthbertson James Patrick 20-Jun-1929 9-Mar-2013 Korean War USAflag h/o Suzanne M.
Cuthbertson Suzanne McEntee 5-Jan-1932 14-Jul-2014 w/o James P.
Damek Johanna Zapalka 02 Jul 1857 27-Mar-1940 2nd w/o John Z. & 2nd w/o John D.
Damek John 22 Feb 1847 23-Feb-1923 h/o Maggie & Johanna
Damek Maggie Pavlica 29 Dec 1844 18-Dec-1921 w/o John
Dannar John Edward, Sr. 25-Feb-1920 13-Oct-1975 h/o Vera N.
Dannar Vera Mae Pitts 21-Apr-1919 5-Feb-1993 w/o John E., Sr.
Datwieler Edward Andrew 04 Feb 1880 10-Nov-1947 h/o Irma J.
Datwieler Irma Jean Hackbarth 10 Nov 1897 2-Jul-2001 w/o Edward A.
Davis Antonia Ludwig 07 Nov 1885 23-Nov-1975 w/o George B.
Davis Cherry Nina Ruth Means 16-Apr-1948 5-Aug-2019 .
Davis Daniella Wilhelmine Ernestine Find 05 Jul 1897 2-Aug-1985 w/o Thomas B.
Davis Drusella A. 14-Sep-1900 22-Jul-1905 .
Davis Ella Eudora Reneau 05 Feb 1872 24-Sep-1960 w/o John W.
Davis George Byron 15 Apr 1872 3-Jan-1959 h/o Antonia L.
Davis J. W. Nelson 6-Sep-1900 20-Mar-1953 WWII Army USAflag
Davis John William 21 Dec 1867 27-Dec-1928 h/o Ella E.
Davis Mollie Monehan 20 May 1868 10-Jun-1913 1st w/o Scott A.
Davis Rosa Lee Tomek 15 Apr 1878 22-Aug-1968 2nd w/o Scott A.
Davis Scott Alonzo (Lon) 25 Sep 1864 2-Oct-1948 h/o Mollie M. & Rosa L.
Davis Thomas B'Lonzo 24 Feb 1896 22-Mar-1987 h/o Della W.
Day Tammy Lynn 30-Nov-1964 4-Oct-1975 .
Deckard Vincent Michael 23 Jul 1990 20 Nov 2004 per Carolyn he probably does not have a tombstone
DeCaussey Marion, M. D. 18 Jun 1842 22 Oct 1898 Civil War USAflag
Deffenbaugh Mary Alice Keer 17-Oct-1926 18-Jan-1983 w/o Robert J.
Deffenbaugh Robert Joseph 19-Jan-1926 28-Jan-2005 WWII Navy USAflagh/o Mary A.
Dehnel Ida Anna Marie Buenger 03 May 1891 16-Aug-1954 w/o William E.
Dehnel William Emil 15 Sep 1888 7-Dec-1950 h/o Ida A. M.
DeNeefe John Henry 31-Jul-1905 16-Jul-1932 NO MARKER
DeNeefe Thomas Joseph 29 Jul 1876 13-Jan-1920 1st h/o Virginia Mitchell; NO MARKER
Derrick Jerry Mitchell 11-Oct-1961 7-Dec-2010 .
Derrick Walter Charles 27-Nov-1959 10-Feb-2012 .
Dickerson Kary 14-Aug-1904 3-Nov-1977 death certificate says buried in Sealy Cem.
Dickey Mary Ellen Phillips 03 Apr 1892 30-Jun-1930 .
Diedrich Fred Henry 04 Jan 1871 10-Feb-1947 .
Dieringer Connie Jo Machac 23-Aug-1955 31-Oct-2011 .
Diestel Arthur Herman 23-Nov-1900 13-Jan-1978 h/o Edna F.
Diestel August 1857 1913 h/o Clara P.
Diestel Clara Preibisch 15 Jun 1860 4-May-1938 w/o August
Diestel Edna E. Franke 14-Oct-1907 27-Sep-2005 w/o Arthur H.
Diestel Walter 10 Jul 1898 1922 .
Diestel Willie A. 29-Dec-1902 23-Aug-1922 .
Ditmore Florence Inez Sharver 25-Oct-1908 19-Jan-1992 w/o Jack L. B.
Ditmore Luther Bruten "Jack" 4-May-1902 10-Dec-1978 h/o Florence I.
Dittert Heinrich 17 Apr 1861 22-Jan-1902 h/o Mary R.
Dittert Henry Marion, Sr. 8-Aug-1913 30-Apr-1996 WWII Army USAflag h/o Pearl O.
Dittert Mary Reibenstein 15 Jan 1864 15-Apr-1906 w/o Heinrich
Dittert Max 18 Mar 1899 22 Aug 1899 .
Dittert Molly 26 Apr 1891 30 May 1896 .
Dittert Pearl Otillie Engelking 4-Jan-1913 28-Mar-1999 w/o Henry M., Sr.
Dittmar Henry 18 Nov 1861 5-Mar-1941 h/o Minnie K.
Dittmar Herman 20 Feb 1897 14-Feb-1978 WWI USAflagh/o Mary S.
Dittmar Mary Sens 11-Dec-1900 13-Feb-1979 w/o Herman
Dittmar Minnie Krause 01 Apr 1868 30-Oct-1948 w/o Henry
Doggett William Noah 26-Apr-1910 4-Dec-1953 WWIIUSAflag
Domorad Ellie Hintz 26-Aug-1906 10-Jun-1992 w/o Joe A.
Domorad Joe Albert 23-Aug-1906 19-Dec-1981 h/o Ellie H.
Donaho Gertrude Braesicke Brown 17 Dec 1898 8-Jun-1970 .
Donnelly Ethel Leona Leazer 5-Sep-1919 29-Dec-2018 w/o James R., Sr.
Donnelly James Ray, Sr. 11-Feb-1925 19-Nov-1997 WWII Army Air ForceUSAflag h/o Ethel L.
Dorsey Kay Ann Krupala 26-Oct-1954 21-Apr-1981 .
Dowdy Arthur Gene 15-Oct-1926 4-Jul-2005 WWII US Marine USAflag
Dowdy Josephine Duncan 15-May-1921 17-Sep-1974 .
Drab Adolph Henry 21 Jun 1885 30-Aug-1963 h/o Friedericke M.
Drab Anita Maria 9-Mar-1915 14-Sep-1990 .
Drab Friedericke Minna Buenger 25 Jun 1889 1-Mar-1975 w/o Adolph H.
Draemer Stephania "Stella" Hammermiller Lapcik 23-Oct-1901 5-Aug-1985 w/o Joe
Drake Joyce 23-Feb-1927 5-Aug-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Duke Jeffrey Michael 18-Jun-1963 12-Dec-1982 .
Duncan Roland Ray 27-Dec-1927 28-Jul-2004 WWII NavyUSAflag 2nd h/o Wilhelmina
Duncan Joyce E. Baker (Taylor) 5-Nov-1926 11-Feb-2012 .
Duncan Wilhelmina Charlotte Grenz Tipton 18-Feb-1922 27-Mar-2002 w/o Joseph B. & Roland R.
Dupre Alma B. Leschper 10-May-1910 12-Apr-1994 w/o Carlton J.
Dupre Carlton Joseph 19-Dec-1909 14-May-1969 WWII Army USAflag h/o Alma B.
Dvorak Susan Lynn Weeber 7-Jul-1960 22-Apr-1988 .
Dziadek Leopold, Jr. 9-Apr-1933 4-Jan-2010 Korean War USAflag
Ebendorf Fritz Christoph Wilhelm 16 Aug 1869 1-Oct-1948 h/o Lena B.
Ebendorf Lena Buntzel 16 Sep 1871 31-Mar-1959 w/o Fritz C. W.
Eber Leslie August 6-Dec-1905 2-May-1989 h/o Nettie B.
Eber Martha Louise Klopsteck 03 May 1877 23-Nov-1971 w/o Otto
Eber Nettie Belle Bartay 1-Mar-1913 25-Nov-2002 w/o Leslie A.
Eber Otto 01 Apr 1872 20-Mar-1963 h/o Martha L.
Eckardt Alvin 10 Feb 1875 20-May-1954 h/o Bertha M.
Eckardt Bertha Kersten 25 Dec 1888 25-Oct-1978 w/o Charles J.
Eckardt Bertha Michaelis 23 Jun 1885 28-Jun-1954 w/o Alvin
Eckardt Charles Julius 13 Feb 1878 23-May-1962 h/o Bertha K.
Eckelberg Erwin 4-Dec-1909 7-Sep-1995 h/o Lodima J.
Eckelberg Frances Helen "Fanny" Manor 21 Mar 1858 20-Jul-1937 w/o Frank H.
Eckelberg Frank H. 11 Dec 1861 1-Dec-1942 h/o Frances H.
Eckelberg Gracie Vivian Sisa 14-Jan-1922 18-Feb-2009 w/o Waco
Eckelberg Hedwig Maria "Hattie" Hartmann 06 Nov 1890 10-Jan-1963 w/o Thomas
Eckelberg Lodima Johanna Garling 21-Aug-1916 7-Oct-1978 w/o Erwin
Eckelberg Thomas 25 Dec 1882 5-Sep-1964 h/o Hedwig M.
Eckelberg Waco 19-Sep-1915 7-Dec-1994 WWII US Navy USAflagh/o Gracie V.
Edwards Lillian Ruth Morehead Hartman 17 Aug 1896 13-Jul-1979 .
Egner John, Jr. 3-Apr-1903 21-Jan-1930 .
Egner John, Sr. 22 May 1869 10-Jun-1939 h/o Tekla M.
Egner Marie Sophie Ludwig 04 Feb 1892 21-Nov-1972 w/o Paul O., Sr.
Egner Paul Otto, Sr. 20 Jan 1897 14-Feb-1941 h/o Marie S.
Egner Rudolf 04 Feb 1899 2-Jul-1901 .
Egner Tekla Mueller 22 Sep 1875 19-Jul-1907 w/o John, Sr.
Ehler Linda Scherbig
10-Aug-2021 .
Eikner Juanita Ida Hillebrand Engelking 27-Jul-1912 5-Feb-1991 w/o Leslie H. & Turner L.
Eikner Turner Lawrence 29-Jun-1900 6-Oct-1993 WWI US Navy USAflag 2nd h/o Juanita I.
Einkauf Donald Lloyd 27-Sep-1937 12-Feb-2009 US Army (pic on FindaGrave) USAflag
Einkauf Fred 31-Aug-1904 6-Oct-1969 h/o Gladys G.
Einkauf George 27-Jan-1940 17-Jan-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Einkauf George Andrew 24 Aug 1865 27-Apr-1959 h/o Jessie M.
Einkauf Gladys Gertrude McKnight Parker 6-Aug-1911 14-Nov-2003 w/o Fred
Einkauf Glennette Dorine Blaschke Null 26-Jul-1933 7-Nov-2011 .
Einkauf Herman 25-Jun-1914 7-Jul-1942 WWII Army USAflag
Einkauf Jessie Mary Hudgins 03 Sep 1875 26-Dec-1942 w/o George A.
Einkauf Roy Mack 8-Sep-1900 9-Jan-1957 .
Einkauf Travis 24-Oct-1939 6-Mar-1948 .
Einkauf Woodrow Lester 1-Oct-1919 13-Oct-1955 1st h/o Clara Shafer
Ekarius (Anna) Christena 25 Dec 1842 19-Dec-1904 w/o J. George
Ekarius Calvin Charles, Sr. 29-Sep-1940 7-Dec-2003 Vietnam USAflag h/o Mary E.
Ekarius Dana Rae 29-Sep-1971 21-May-2018 .
Ekarius Eddie George 04 Jun 1896 14-Mar-1966 WWI Army USAflag h/o Louise S.
Ekarius Edward Charles 30 Oct 1873 27-Apr-1952 h/o Ida S.
Ekarius Elmo(re) Otto 8-Jan-1912 25-Mar-1982 WWII Army USAflag h/o Oridell
Ekarius Emanuel Joseph 10-Oct-1908 29-May-1968 h/o Welda T.
Ekarius George Otto 19-Nov-1903 17-Jun-1970 .
Ekarius Ida Severin 08 Aug 1873 27-Mar-1945 w/o Edward C.
Ekarius (John) George 17 Jan 1833 7-Apr-1904 h/o Christena
Ekarius Louise S. Bastiann 19 Jan 1896 30-Mar-1946 w/o Eddie G.
Ekarius Marvin Edward 29-Dec-1940 27-Apr-1994 VietnamUSAflag
Ekarius Mary Elizabeth Beyer McClanahan 27-Aug-1937 16-May-1999 w/o Calvin C., Sr.
Ekarius Oridell Thomsen 9-Feb-1917 21-Jun-2012 w/o Elmore O.
Ekarius Welda Thomsen 13-Jan-1912 21-Jun-1995 w/o Emanuel J.
Ekarius Wesley L. 14-Jan-1923 15-Jan-1923 .
Elder Christopher James 25-Aug-1979 3-Sep-2002 .
Ellermann Alma Schulz 14 Oct 1894 2-Dec-1991 w/o Fritz W.
Ellermann Fritz William 15 Jan 1898 23-Nov-1945 h/o Alma S.
Elliott Celestine Herum Jeschke 09 Sep 1888 15-Jan-1978 w/o James W.
Elliott David Gray 11-Jun-1918 19-Nov-1983 WWII USAflag h/o Mary D.
Elliott Henry Clay 02 Jun 1889 12-Mar-1968 h/o L. Arvilla
Elliott James Walter 08 Mar 1891 28-Aug-1976 WWI Army USAflag h/o Celestine J.
Elliott Lily Arvilla Koy 29 Nov 1897 25-Jul-1968 w/o H. Clay
Elliott Mary Dee Buller 11-Jan-1918 16-Mar-2004 w/o David G.
Elliott Susie Laura Nesbitt 07 Jul 1875 23-Nov-1964 .
Elsik Frank 31 Jan 1872 14-Apr-1957 h/o Mary E.
Elsik Mary Elsik 16 Apr 1875 18-Feb-1958 w/o Frank
Emmitte Michael John 18-Oct-1943 24-Feb-1999 .
Emshoff Robert L 7-Nov-1951 21-May-2022 Obit
Engelke Clarence Paul 16-Dec-1924 13-Dec-1987 WWII US Navy USAflag h/o Margie R.
Engelke Louise Emma Baumert 10-Feb-1901 5-Apr-1982 w/o Paul H.
Engelke Margie Louise White 13-Oct-1929 31-Dec-2015 w/o Clarence P.
Engelke Paul Herman 10-Jul-1900 4-Jun-1956 h/o Louise E.
Engelking Adele Matilda Schaffner 27 Jun 1880 14-Jan-1956 w/o Rudolph A., Sr.
Engelking Annie Schirpik 23 Aug 1884 7-Sep-1973 w/o Ferdinand C.
Engelking Arnold 16-Jun-1904 7-May-1905 .
Engelking Bertha Minna Timme 08 Dec 1879 8-Dec-1958 w/o Hugo H.
Engelking Charlie 22 Mar 1879 17-Aug-1946 h/o Hattie E.
Engelking Ella Billman 26 Oct 1857 26-Feb-1943 w/o Ferdinand
Engelking Ernest Gus 22 Nov 1879 17-Aug-1932 h/o Luna D.
Engelking Ferdinand 08 Apr 1869 28-Mar-1953 h/o Ella B.
Engelking Ferdinand Carl 21 Oct 1873 10-Nov-1948 h/o Annie
Engelking Gladys Rae Keding 20-Aug-1909 2-Feb-1995 w/o Rudolph A., Jr.
Engelking Hattie Elizabeth Spangler Pipes 09 Feb 1878 26-Nov-1945 w/o Charlie
Engelking Hugo Homer Feb 1875 20-Sep-1919 h/o Bertha M.
Engelking Isabella Brosig 13 Sep 1893 9-Dec-1982 w/o Julius C.
Engelking Johanna Rosa 04 Oct 1879 21-Jun-1966 .
Engelking Julius Christian 09 Jul 1886 23-Mar-1929 WWI Army USAflag h/o Isabella B.
Engelking Leslie Herbert 30-Mar-1911 17-Jan-1952 1st h/o Juanita Hillebrand Eikner
Engelking Luna Dora Diestel 16 Nov 1892 16-Oct-1979 w/o Ernest G.
Engelking Rudolph Adolph, Jr. 7-Sep-1906 18-May-2006 WWII USAflag h/o Gladys R.
Engelking Rudolph Adolph, Sr. 14 Jan 1878 5-Jun-1956 h/o Adele M.
Ernst Charles B. 30 Nov 1871 30-Aug-1912 .
Ernst Charley H. 23 Dec 1895 05 Feb 1898 .
Esar Agnes Orsak 28-Nov-1921 5-Feb-1986 .
Esar Charles Mike, Jr. 23-Feb-1927 1-Sep-1991 WWII USAflagh/o Mildred E.
Esar Charles Mike, Sr. 31-Dec-1904 18-Aug-1990 h/o Daisy L.
Esar Daisy Lee Rogers 5-Dec-1911 9-Dec-1972 w/o Charles M., Sr.
Esar Mildred Emma Hackbarth 23-May-1920 16-Jul-2000 w/o Charles M., Jr.
Esar Ollie Jousan 16 Jun 1897 14-Feb-1998 w/o Will
Esar Will 26 Aug 1889 8-Dec-1973 h/o Ollie J.
Esterak Annie 02 Jan 1887 15-Oct-1965 .
Esterak Emil Charlie 29-Apr-1906 16-Aug-1962 .
Esterak Joe John 15-Mar-1900 24-Aug-1972 WWIWWII ArmyUSAflag
Esterak Joseph, Sr. 1846 1921 h/o Rozie J.
Esterak Rozie Jarosek 1864 1942 w/o Joseph, Sr.
Evans Edith Julia Foytik 5-Jul-1909 3-Sep-1970 .
Evans Gus Franklin 2-Nov-1940 21-Nov-1940 s/o Gus & Edith
Ewing Lee Mova Tillotson 20-Mar-1927 17-Jan-2018 .
. . . . .
Fagan Gladys Johnson 16-Jul-1902 27-Jul-1992 w/o Jesse L.
Fagan Jesse Leland 15-Jul-1900 11-Aug-1974 h/o Gladys J.
Faglie Michael J. 2-Aug-1942 2-Aug-1942 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Milton Faglie
Faircloth Bill 23-Aug-1926 24-Feb-2009 WWII USAflag
Farnsworth Walter Lewis, Jr. 20-Jan-1920 5-Nov-1996 WWII USAflag
Farnsworth Walter Lewis III 29-Aug-1969 27-Jun-1990 Veteran USAflag
Farrar Edmond Ray 14-Dec-1951 28-Jun-1979 .
Farrington Dr. Charles Oliphint 22 Oct 1875 31-Jul-1971 h/o Vada E.
Farrington Vada Elizabeth Meyer 17 Sep 1880 10-Apr-1966 w/o Charles O.
Feik Dallas 02 May 1889 19-Jul-1915 .
Feik Edna Mallett 4-Jul-1902 5-Apr-1950 w/o Jake E.
Feik Ernest 20-Apr-1906 26-Mar-1947 WWII USAflag
Feik Jacob, Sr. 23 Aug 1870 5-Oct-1921 h/o J. Venita
Feik Jake Edward 14-May-1902 17-Sep-1990 h/o Edna M.
Feik James Edward 27-Jul-1935 31-Jul-1935 s/o Jake & Edna
Feik Josephine Venita (Nita) Billig 19 Oct 1874 6-Jun-1971 w/o Jacob, Sr.
Feik Julia 29-Mar-1900 25-Aug-1902 .
Feik Mary 13-Dec-1913 13-Dec-1913 .
Felcman Anna Pacha 24 Apr 1860 7-Jul-1944 w/o Josef
Felcman Elsie Ferrell Fuller 19 Apr 1897 7-Apr-1995 w/o Frank J.
Felcman Frank Joe 01 May 1891 5-Mar-1937 h/o Elsie F.
Felcman Jennie 06 May 1884 30-Dec-1966 w/o Joseph F.
Felcman Josef 10 Feb 1856 22-Jul-1930 h/o Anna
Felcman Joseph Frank 15 Aug 1883 25-Sep-1967 h/o Jennie
Fewell Dollie Lavenia Childers 09 Oct 1873 22-Apr-1972 w/o Henry M.
Fewell Henry Macklin 25 Dec 1874 25-Mar-1963 h/o Dollie L.
Fewell John Willard 10-Dec-1901 29-Oct-1992 h/o Nora E.
Fewell Nora Elsamena Ford 4-Aug-1903 19-Feb-1995 w/o John W.
Fife George Walter 28 Jan 1877 1-Nov-1911 .
Fife James Harvey 1839 1913 h/o Mary E.
Fife Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Kizer 30 Oct 1853 1915 w/o James H.
Fife Oliver 25 Jan 1875 06 Aug 1891 .
Finch Buel Thomas 27-Sep-1928 6-May-1982 h/o Dottie N.
Finch Dottie Nell Brast 17-Aug-1931 13-Aug-2018 w/o Buel T.
Findeisen Effie Thomsen 24-Nov-1915 12-May-1999 w/o Willie O., Jr.
Findeisen Gertrude Clara Pefko Callas 22-Sep-1913 22-Feb-2008 w/o Andrew Callas, Sr.; Hugo
Findeisen Hugo Willie 15-Sep-1911 6-Jan-2003 WWII USAflag 2nd h/o Gertrude C.
Findeisen Sandra Linae 18-Aug-1967 3-Nov-1973 .
Findeisen Willie Otto, Jr. 26-May-1915 4-Jan-2006 h/o Effie T.
Finke Edna Blome 4-Jul-1917 24-Nov-2015 w/o Jones G.
Finke Jones Gus 14-Feb-1917 23-Mar-2010 WWII USAflagh/o Edna B.
Finks Mary Frances Segers 14 Dec 1865 21-Sep-1954 w/o Richard S.
Finks Richard S. 12 Jun 1862 22-Dec-1920 h/o Mary F.
Fisher Franklin Foster 08 Aug 1886 12-Feb-1953 h/o Mayme M.
Fisher Mayme Mae Sing 12 Jan 1890 7-Apr-1946 w/o Franklin F.
Flack Leila Chancellor 29 Aug 1872 01 Jul 1896 .
Flanagan Sonja Dawn 16-Dec-1962 21-Nov-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Flynn (Nannie) Ellen McCoole 26-Oct-1911 5-Apr-2000 .
Foehner Eugene Leon 7-Mar-1924 9-Aug-2008 WWII USAflag
Foehner Lillie Mae 31-Dec-1927 22-Apr-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Foehner Pauline Oldag 25 Feb 1897 25-Oct-1969 .
Folmar Robert Allen 11-May-1959 2-Feb-1985 Army Veteran USAflag


Foltz Elaine Marie Oliger 4-Aug-1948 28-Aug-2010 .
Ford Betty Ruth Scott 14-Jan-1930 24-May-2003 w/o James C.
Ford Dorothy Virginia Lummus Ball 21-Jan-1927 10-Aug-2013 w/o Eddie R. & Oscar E., Jr.
Ford James Charles 17-Oct-1931 2-May-2018 Korea USAflag h/o Betty R.
Ford Oscar E., Jr. 20-Nov-1932 19-Oct-2009 Korea USAflag 2nd h/o Dorothy V.
Fountain Louella Gens 28 Nov 1894 7-Jun-1974 .
Foust Annie T. 10 Jul 1830 29-Sep-1914 .
Fowlkes Annie 06 Jan 1882 05 Jul 1883 .
Foytik Frank John 08 Oct 1877 24-Jan-1951 h/o Julia A.
Foytik Johnnie Edward 15-Apr-1926 16-Nov-1974 WWII USAflagFindAGrave Korea
Foytik Julia Ann Kallus 14 Feb 1888 16-Nov-1953 w/o Frank J.
Frahm Henry Fritz 27-Jun-1900 17-Apr-1960 .
Frahm Joe A. 25 Jan 1856 25-Feb-1943 h/o Mary
Frahm Mary Schmitt 30 Nov 1869 28-Apr-1937 w/o Joe A.
Frank Anthony John "Tony" 17-Jul-1960 19-Apr-2019 .
Frank Elsie Hartman 12-May-1904 13-May-1992 w/o Richard, Jr.
Frank Florence Maxine Leschper 9-Jun-1933 10-Nov-1987 w/o Leon H.
Frank Herbert Allen 11-Oct-1935 12-Dec-2015 .
Frank Leon Henry 22-Jul-1930 4-Oct-1987 Korea USAflagh/o Florence M.
Frank Richard, Jr. 24-Oct-1902 14-Nov-1987 h/o Elsie H.
Franke Bertha Hattie Peterson 18 Jul 1887 26-Aug-1964 w/o Paul H.
Franke Paul Herman 23 Jul 1876 4-Feb-1955 h/o Bertha H.
Frazar Myrtle Avon Josey 30 May 1898 13-Jan-1990 .
Frazer Dora May Moore 03 Sep 1886 28-Apr-1965 .
Frazier Estella Kveton 22-Jan-1917 15-Oct-1980 w/o Waco F.
Frazier Waco Frank 19-Jul-1922 16-Jun-1986 WWII USAflagh/o Estella K.
Friml Annie Felcman 02 Sep 1896 13-Jan-1935 1st w/o Fred
Friml Fred 23 Jan 1888 27-Dec-1963 h/o Annie & Eleanor Hackbarth
Friml Iris Bess 16-Jul-1934 4-Mar-1936 .
Fritts Susan Gillard 30-Mar-1951 20-Mar-2012 .
Froelich Elda Ernstine Hahn 28-Dec-1913 4-Aug-2003 .
Fry Lillian Roberta Blanton 19-Nov-1927 14-Nov-2002 .
Fuchs Frank Andrew 16-May-1924 28-Apr-1984 .
Fuchs Raymond Joseph 5-Dec-1928 6-Aug-1983 Korea USAflag 1st h/o Bernice Cooley
Fuchs Wilhemina Meier 12 Apr 1897 7-Feb-1968 .
Fults M(argie) Julene 5-Jan-1944 7-Feb-2013 .
Furman Ellen Charlotte Breden 02 May 1888 5-Feb-1990 .
Gabbi Heather Gail Schavrda 10-Jun-1970 4-Jul-2013 .
Gaitan Lucy Lou Ramirez 16-Dec-1939 25-Dec-1987 .
Gaitan Miguel Ramirez 29-Sep-1959 7-Jan-1984 .
Gajewski Eugene Joseph 5-May-1937 31-Mar-2000 Vietnam USAflag
Galloway Morris Enell 19-Oct-1934 15-Mar-2008 .
Galloway Winnie Nelius 13-Apr-1908 22-Oct-1985 .
Galvan Antonia 26-Apr-1936 8-Apr-2021 Vietnam USAflag USMarine Corps Knesek Family Funeral Chapels obit
Galyen Michael James 7-Oct-1949 5-Nov-2010 .
Gammage William Ward 11 Jun 1881 15-Mar-1912 .
Garcia Victoria Gomez 28-Jul-1928 15-Feb-2014 w/o Manuel
Garling Albert Rudolph 13-Dec-1921 6-Jan-1979 WWII USAflagh/o Esther C. tombstone
Garling Bertha Wolter 23 Oct 1883 29-Dec-1953 w/o Herman C.
Garling Esther Clara Zahradnick 25-Jan-1922 4-Sep-1973 w/o Albert R.
Garling Frank 04 Apr 1875 4-Apr-1948 h/o Herminie K.
Garling Herbert 15-Dec-1909 22-Aug-1969 WWII USAflag
Garling Herman C. 25 Mar 1882 17-Aug-1953 h/o Bertha W.
Garling Herminie Krancher 07 May 1880 27-Nov-1955 w/o Frank
Gaskamp LeeRoy William 23-Jul-1922 10-May-1996 WWII USAflag h/o Lillie M.
Gaskamp Lillie Mae Hohlt 17-Aug-1923 1-May-1991 w/o LeeRoy W.
Gates David William 25-Aug-1916 25-Apr-1998 h/o Esther T.
Gates Esther Theresie Sramek 22-Jul-1921 29-Aug-1973 w/o David W.
Gates Milton Odell 1-May-1927 19-May-2012 WWII USAflag
Gebhardt Charles Roy 17 Sep 1899 13-Mar-1975 h/o Gladys N.
Gebhardt Charles Walter 28-Dec-1927 29-Jun-1961 WWII USAflag tombstone
Gebhardt Gladys Nell Lay 9-Jul-1904 7-Jan-1992 w/o Charles R.
Gens August Herman 25 May 1887 2-Aug-1959 .
Gens David Alexander 09 Oct 1890 9-Apr-1955 h/o Effie E.
Gens Effie Eleanor Ballard 30 Aug 1894 16-Jan-1961 w/o David A.
Gens Herman Peters, Sr. 29 Jan 1849 17-Feb-1940 .
Gens Shirley Jo 9-Aug-1921 8-Nov-1994 .
Gerhart Annie E. Faist 13 Sep 1896 15-Feb-1989 w/o Joe Peter
Gerhart Joe Paul "J.P." 16-Nov-1922 2-Oct-2012 WWII USAflag
Gerhart Joe Peter 30 Sep 1896 11-Jan-1941 h/o Annie E.
Giddens Myrtle Marie Lummus 27-Mar-1924 15-Dec-2015 w/o William A.
Giddens William Archie, Jr. 10-Oct-1916 27-Feb-1983 WWII USAflag h/o Myrtle M.
Girard Frank Lewis 21 Nov 1879 15-Oct-1945 h/o Ottilie T.
Girard Ottilie Timme 28 Aug 1883 15-Mar-1953 w/o Frank L.
Glasco George Edward 15-Mar-1914 26-Jan-1972 WWII USAflagh/o Gertrude E.
Glasco Gertrude Elizabeth Hughes 8-Jan-1913 3-Mar-1995 w/o G. Edward
Glenn Charlie Cantrell 08 May 1861 8-May-1945 h/o Ora S.
Glenn Ora Sarah Roark 13 Jun 1870 13-Oct-1964 w/o Charlie C.
Glenn Sadie Lucille 09 Mar 1889 26 Jul 1898 .
Glover George W. 1884 1957 .
Glover Jack Orr 8-Dec-1940 9-Jan-1941 .
Glueck Adele Hinze 25-Jun-1905 24-Jun-1996 w/o Alfred E.
Glueck Alfred Emil 26 Sep 1895 23-Oct-1977 WWI USAflag h/o Adele H.
Glueck Emielie Weber 01 Sep 1873 28 Nov 1895 .
Glueck Frank 2-Dec-1902 21-Feb-1974 .
Glueck Irma 23-Sep-1912 27-Mar-1980 .
Glueck Joseph 04 Mar 1871 18-May-1952 h/o Rosalie M.
Glueck Otto Roman 10-Aug-1914 15-Jan-1931 .
Glueck Rosalie Machalek 16 May 1878 23-Jul-1950 w/o Joseph
Glueck Walter 18-Jan-1933 11-Oct-1980 US Army 1957-58 USAflag FindAGrave
Godenzweig August H. W. 22 Aug 1885 21-Nov-1910 .
Godenzweig Elizabeth (Lizzie) Koy 05 Dec 1884 30-Mar-1964 w/o William F.
Godenzweig William Frederick 09 Nov 1877 7-Nov-1941 h/o Elizabeth K.
Goebel Alvin 13 Nov 1895 18-Nov-1967 WWI USAflag h/o Ethel E.
Goebel Ben, Sr. 23-May-1903 27-Oct-1972 .
Goebel Charles, Jr. 22-Jun-1904 12-Mar-1994 .
Goebel Charles, Sr. 17 May 1872 30-Mar-1948 h/o Johanna N.
Goebel Emma Louise Hintz 26 Jan 1891 7-Jan-1954 w/o Hugo
Goebel Ethel Ellen Kveton 18-Jan-1906 9-Mar-1999 w/o Alvin
Goebel Herbert 17-Oct-1909 23-Dec-1992 h/o Mandoline P.
Goebel Hugo 04 Feb 1883 11-Nov-1963 h/o Emma L.
Goebel Johanna Netzel 19 Mar 1874 8-Feb-1917 1st w/o Charles, Sr.
Goebel Mandoline Pearl Meinecke 29-Jan-1910 30-Oct-1988 w/o Herbert
Goebel Oscar 18 Nov 1893 23-Sep-1979 WWI USAflag h/o Roxey P. tombstone
Goebel Roxey Paula Albert 2-Feb-1900 15-Jan-1985 w/o Oscar
Goebel Sidney Allen 16-Jan-1922 13-Mar-1927 .
Goebel Therese Johse 28 Jan 1880 11-Aug-1951 2nd w/o Charles, Sr.
Goller Charles, Jr. 23-Dec-1923 16-Jun-2000 WWII USAflag tombstone
Goller Fay 22-Mar-1931 15-Nov-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Golson Sarah Elizabeth 29-Jul-1941 31-Dec-2004 .
Golson Thomas E 31-Aug-1937 9-Apr-2022 w Sarah Obit
Gonyer Ivan Lee, Jr. 7-Nov-1949 30-Oct-1996 Vietnam USAflag
Goo Shim Sang 2-Mar-1933 15-Jan-2007 .
Gooden Glendora Margaret Schindler 27 Aug 1898 26-Dec-1992 .
Goossensen Timothy Simon 21-Sep-1965 25-Nov-2004 Navy Veteran USAflag FindAGrave
Gordon Josephine (Josie) Mae Miller 14 Feb 1889 27-Apr-1974 w/o Dr. Virgil F.
Gordon Oliver Harvey 05 Dec 1887 29 Nov 1888 .
Gordon Virgil F., M.D. 15 Oct 1889 13-Jan-1978 WWI USAflag h/o Josephine M.
Gorman Richard Joseph 24-Mar-1927 1-Jan-1997 WWII USAflagKorea
Gorman Bettye Jo Fewell 3-Nov-1930 24-Apr-2014 .
Gosler Alva Lee 29 Sep 1861 28-Jan-1956 DC says 1956; TS says 1958
Gosler Erma Lois Campbell 29-Jun-1908 3-Mar-1985 w/o John L.
Gosler John Lee 27-Mar-1907 21-May-1979 h/o Erma L.
Gough Joseph Dalton 06 Jan 1877 3-Mar-1952 h/o Lucy Ann
Gough Lucy Ann Phillips 06 Sep 1885 16-Sep-1994 w/o Joseph D.
Grabow Erna Malinda Stahl 5-Nov-1909 7-Mar-1984 w/o Erwin W.
Grabow Erwin William 13-Oct-1909 30-Apr-2001 h/o Erna M.
Graf Arnold Herman 26-Aug-1914 24-Apr-1994 WWII USAflag h/o Evelyn E.
Graf Evelyn Emma Engelke 16-Apr-1923 13-Sep-2014 w/o Arnold H.
Graf Terri Lynn 30-Aug-1977 30-Aug-1977 .
Grant Henrietta L. Brune 13 Feb 1884 8-Oct-1975 w/o John J.
Grant John Jackson 31 Dec 1890 25-Sep-1972 h/o Henrietta L.
Gray Janet Kay Newey 3-Apr-1947 14-Feb-2007 .
Gray Lula Johnnie 10 Mar 1870 11-Aug-1945 .
Gray Mary Elizabeth 22 Jul 1869 6-May-1940 .
Gray W. L. (William L.) 07 Mar 1862 5-Aug-1932 .
Grayless Hilda Brast Krancher 15-Nov-1923 14-Apr-2004 w/o Leslie F. & Clyde Grayless
Green Jessie Sharpless Cheyney 6-Apr-1908 24-Nov-2006 w/o Wayne H.
Green Wayne Harold 26-Aug-1908 26-May-1995 h/o Jessie S.
Greer Hilda Lydia Schroeder 1-Jan-1906 9-May-1995 .
Gregory Cecil Oren 12-Aug-1909 6-Oct-1970 h/o Mercedes L.
Gregory Mercedes Lucile Seyer 1-Feb-1920 9-Mar-1974 w/o Cecil O.
Gregurek Alfred 31-Jul-1904 22-Sep-1942 .
Gregurek Victor Leo 6-Nov-1942 25-May-1996 .
Griffin Mabel Claire Schindler 14-Jan-1902 14-Jan-1978 .
Grigar Charles Frank, Jr. 9-Apr-1938 25-Jun-1990 Vietnam USAflag h/o Sharon A. tombstone
Grigar Sharon Anne Findley Wallace 22-Apr-1944 18-Jan-2011 w/o Charles F.
Grimm Emma Charlotte 10 Nov 1892 3-Aug-1969 .
Grimm Minna Schroeder 20 Nov 1871 27-Jun-1955 w/o Robert
Grimm Robert 25 Dec 1866 14-May-1951 h/o Minna S.
Griscom Edward Peal, Jr. 13 Dec 1890 11-May-1963 h/o Mary Belle
Gruener Bennie Charles 29-Feb-1912 20-Feb-1963 1st h/o Mary Belle Yeamans
Gruener Charles Henry 03 Jul 1895 24-Sep-1942 WWI USAflag h/o Hattie J. tombstone
Gruener Hattie Jalowy 16-Nov-1904 21-Jan-1994 w/o Charles H.
Guerrero Deborah Jane Cypher 22-Dec-1966 20-May-2017 .
Haag Moritz 30 Sep 1880 3-Oct-1920 .
Habermacher Clintie May 03 Oct 1886 2-Oct-1969 .
Habermacher Emily Laura von Rosenberg 22 Nov 1898 30-Dec-1993 w/o Herman G.
Habermacher Harold Gale 5-Dec-1936 25-Apr-1951 .
Habermacher Herman Gale 11 Aug 1894 27-Mar-1974 h/o Emily L.
Hackbarth Anna Mueller 01 Apr 1849 24-Feb-1924 w/o Fritz W.
Hackbarth Florene Deatrice Elliott 11-Apr-1905 7-May-1996 w/o Leon A.
Hackbarth Fred Adolph, Jr. 19-Nov-1923 28-Dec-1989 WWII USAflag Korean h/o Ruth K.
Hackbarth Fred August 18 Sep 1888 19-Nov-1928 WWI USAflag
Hackbarth Freda C. 21-Sep-1916 15-Apr-1994 .
Hackbarth Fritz William 07 Jul 1849 24-Feb-1944 h/o Anna M.
Hackbarth Fritz William, Sr. 25 Oct 1814 20-Mar-1902 h/o Justine J.
Hackbarth George Henry Otto 25 Oct 1893 16-May-1964 .
Hackbarth John August 09 Jan 1852 17-Sep-1947 h/o Louise M.
Hackbarth John Eugene 13 Jul 1890 26-Sep-1968 WWI USAflag h/o Winnie D.
Hackbarth Juanita Hauser 17 Jul 1897 22-Sep-1987 w/o Robert H.
Hackbarth Julia Wertzner 12 Nov 1872 5-Mar-1957 w/o Richard W.
Hackbarth Justine Julianna Krampitz 29 Oct 1816 21-Apr-1901 w/o Fritz W., Sr.
Hackbarth Leon Arnold 11-Sep-1901 14-Dec-1984 h/o Florene D.
Hackbarth Louise Meta Reibenstein 15 Nov 1862 23-Nov-1950 w/o John A.
Hackbarth Mahala Sanders 15 Aug 1881 18-Sep-1966 w/o Paul
Hackbarth Paul 04 Oct 1883 16-Aug-1968 h/o Mahala S.
Hackbarth Richard W. 28 Aug 1875 25-Apr-1948 h/o Julia W.
Hackbarth Robert Earle 21-Sep-1917 14-Jul-1969 .
Hackbarth Robert Henry 30 Nov 1887 10-Jul-1975 h/o Juanita H.
Hackbarth Ruth Harlan Kendall 27-Nov-1922 1-Dec-2010 w/o Fred A. Jr.
Hackbarth Toine 31 May 1881 18-Jun-1905 .
Hackbarth Winnie Davis Crisp 14-Sep-1907 25-Apr-2000 w/o John E.
Hacker August, Jr. 05 Mar 1897 13-Dec-1976 WWI USAflag h/o Mattie
Hacker August, Sr. 27 Jan 1844 3-Jul-1929 h/o Louise M.
Hacker Louise Meyer 22 Jun 1871 14-Jun-1948 w/o August, Sr.
Hacker Mattie Bush 19-May-1903 19-Jan-1980 w/o August, Jr.
Haedge Adolph 14 Oct 1854 20-Nov-1934 h/o Emilie H.
Haedge Emilie Hackbarth 28 Feb 1854 18-Jul-1928 w/o Adolph
Haedge Theresa Elizabeth Schiller 03 Nov 1896 5-Dec-1981 w/o Walter
Haedge Walter 21 Aug 1889 20-Sep-1976 h/o Theresa E.
Hahn Arthur Verner 14-Mar-1905 22-Mar-1986 h/o Presley W.
Hahn Emilie Marie Minna Buenger 12 Sep 1886 26-Oct-1957 w/o Otto M.
Hahn Otto Max 04 Dec 1885 23-Nov-1900 h/o Emilie M.
Hahn Presley Ward 18-Dec-1905 2-Apr-2005 w/o Arthur V.
Haisler JR Willie Charles 9-Jan-1944 19-May-2022 Vietnam USAflagobit
Hale Clara 1884 1917 .
Hall Ella Emma Meier 14-Dec-1901 5-Mar-1965 .
Hambrick Joyce Elaine Bryant 14-Sep-1946 26-Jun-1993 .
Hamilton Christal Nicole 25-Apr-1983 9-Dec-2000 .
Hamm Jessie Lee Ainsworth 5-Dec-1909 20-Dec-1986 w/o Willie M.
Hamm Willie Eugene 21-Oct-1928 26-Jun-1960 Korea USAflag tombstone
Hamm Willie Materson 25-Sep-1903 8-Feb-1979 h/o Jessie L.
Hammack Jonathan David 03 Jul 1871 7-Aug-1957 h/o Olivia J.
Hammack Olivia Jane Halstead 22 Mar 1868 24-Jun-1944 w/o Jonathan D.
Hammermiller Anna Tallas 26 Jul 1865 4-Feb-1943 w/o Richard
Hammermiller Richard 19 Mar 1868 6-Oct-1947 h/o Anna T.
Hammond James Allen, Jr. 21-Sep-1982 21-Sep-1982 .
Hammond Virginia Briscoe Billings 29-Jul-1918 19-Oct-1980 .
Hancock Bette Magdeline Leenen 12-Aug-1912 1-Apr-1986 w/o Cleytos D.
Hancock Cleytos Daniel 4-May-1911 27-Feb-1982 h/o Bette M.
Hand Frankie Bell Quinn Moon 19-Oct-1922 4-Aug-2007 .
Hansen Donna Mildred "Millie" Yates 3-Feb-1934 6-Sep-2004 w/o James F.
Hansen James Franklin 19-Apr-1931 2-May-2014 h/o Donna M.
Harcourt William John 29 Oct 1866 31-May-1950 .
Harper Greyson Wayne 22-Apr-2008 17-Dec-2016 s/o Kevin & Tiffany Harper
Hart James William, Jr. 4-Dec-1940 25-May-1997 Vietnam USAflag
Hartmann Alvien 15 Feb 1895 12 Aug 1895 .
Hartman Frieda 1899 1899 .
Hartman Friedarika Mamerow Jan 1865 1902 1st w/o Otto E.
Hartman Johnnie 1896 1905 .
Hartman Marvin Frederick . . Korea USAflag
Hartman Otto Emil 28 Aug 1887 16-Mar-1961 WWI USAflag
Hartmann Arthur Ernst 09 Sep 1898 31-Dec-1973 h/o Lodema B.
Hartmann Corinne Katy Miller 10-Apr-1927 25-Aug-2016 w/o Emil A.
Hartmann Emil Albert 23-Sep-1917 8-Oct-1986 h/o Corinne
Hartmann Frieda Johanna Hoek 25-Sep-1910 4-Oct-1981 w/o Paul J. F.
Hartmann Lodema Bischoff 17-Jun-1907 12-Jan-2001 w/o Arthur E.
Hartmann Marvin Fredrick 21-Jul-1933 11-Oct-2013 Korea USAflag
Hartmann Minna C. Thomsen 16 Apr 1882 19-Aug-1966 w/o Otto
Hartmann Otto 18 Jul 1867 3-Sep-1953 h/o Minna C.
Hartmann Paul Joachim Friedrich 15-Jun-1906 26-May-2004 h/o Frieda J.
Harvell John Henry 25-Mar-1930 23-Aug-2006 .
Harvey Francis Marion 05 Sep 1890 5-Mar-1962 WWI USAflag h/o Maggie L. & Johnetta V.
Harvey James Albert 23 Aug 1823 19 Jan 1886 1st h/o Susan J. Stockwell
Harvey James Leroy 4-Apr-1936 14-Oct-2017 Korea USAflag h/o Reba L.
Harvey Johnetta Viola Schier Stallings 18-Nov-1910 15-Apr-1995 w/o Howard B & Francis M.
Harvey Maggie L. McKinney 27 Jan 1899 13-Apr-1937 1st w/o Francis M.
Harvey Mattie S. 31 May 1873 22 Aug 1888 .
Harvey Reba Lucy Carmack 28-Mar-1937 8-Mar-2009 w/o James L.
Hatcher Fred 23-Dec-1904 20-Oct-1985 .
Hauerland Anthony Leroy 3-Feb-1943 2-Nov-2021 Vietnam USAflag
Hauerland Christa Amber 15-Sep-1977 11-Oct-1979 .
Hauerland Edward Allen 31-Dec-1947 31-Aug-2015 Vietnam USAflag
Hauerland Emily A. Kuzell 1-Jan-1905 7-Apr-1995 w/o Richard A.
Hauerland Janie Kuzell 04 Mar 1899 26-Dec-1933 1st w/o Louis
Hauerland Louis 30 Jan 1894 15-Nov-1972 h/o Janie
Hauerland Richard Anton 24-May-1903 21-Nov-1959 h/o Emily A.
Hausinger Mildred Lucile 31-Jan-1923 3-Mar-2013 .
Havemann Alfred 25-Jul-1936 29-Aug-1991 .
Havemann Emilie Anna Wuensch 26 Oct 1898 12-Feb-1969 w/o Willie H.
Havemann Harry Walter 6-Aug-1919 5-Apr-1991 WWII USAflag
Havemann Walter 8-Feb-1926 24-Nov-1993 WWII USAflag
Havemann Willie Henry Joseph 11 Aug 1892 10-Aug-1962 h/o Emilie A.
Havran Jewell Frances Esar 8-Jun-1931 13-Jul-1989 w/o Laddie L.
Havran Laddie Louis 7-Apr-1926 30-Mar-1996 WWII USAflag h/o Jewell F.
Havran Robert Lee 23-Dec-1931 14-Nov-2000 Korea USAflag
Hawes Patricia Alice Parnell 8-Jan-1938 31-Dec-2011 .
Haws James Clarence 26 Feb 1885 7-Oct-1948 .
Hayes Donna Lee Blasé 18-Aug-1941 29-Aug-2003 w/o John J.
Hayes John James 21-Jul-1941 6-Mar-2007 h/o Donna J.
Haynes Daniel 28 Nov 1828 28-Feb-1913 CSA USAflag h/o Lucy E.


Haynes Lallie Kizer 03 Aug 1879 21-Nov-1970 w/o Richard H.
Haynes Lucy Ellen Hill 04 Apr 1840 5-Mar-1933 w/o Daniel
Haynes Richard Henry 17 Feb 1875 16-Nov-1942 h/o Lallie K.
Hein Augusta Wolter 26 Apr 1891 24-Aug-1965 w/o Edwin
Hein Edwin 28 Mar 1893 3-Sep-1981 h/o Augusta W.
Hein Erhardt Henry 15-Jun-1929 2-Jun-2009 h/o Nettie O.
Hein Lester Elton 14-Oct-1916 1919 .
Hein Nettie Ola Hoek 11-Oct-1932 6-Mar-2014 w/o Erhardt H.
Hein Willie Fred "Bill" 23-Jan-1923 12-Feb-2013 WWII USAflag
Heins Louis Fritz 21-Sep-1934 3-Mar-2002 US Army; h/o Ruth M.
Heins Ruth Marie Brady 10-Nov-1935 26-Aug-1999 w/o Louis F.
Heinsohn Natalie Mitzi Anderson Stokely 29-Jul-1927 20-May-1999 w/o Lester V. & Theodore "Ted"
Helms Charles Eugene 25-Mar-1945 28-May-2010 .
Henneke Albert Henry 07 Oct 1889 15-Apr-1970 h/o Ellie L.
Henneke Edmund 24 Mar 1884 17-Aug-1955 h/o Mary W.
Henneke Ellie Louise Ashorn 03 May 1891 4-Nov-1970 w/o Albert H.
Henneke Mary Weber 27 Aug 1886 24-Aug-1972 w/o Edmund
Henneke Roy Edmond 16-Nov-1919 23-Jan-1967 WWII USAflag
Henry Alvin Eugene 24-Feb-1948 11-Jun-2022 Vietnam USAflag
Henry Boyd Earl 10-Dec-1935 12-Mar-2008 .
Henson Lee Sidney 23-Jun-1912 18-Jul-1920 .
Henson Mary Grimm 10 Apr 1894 11-Jul-1980 w/o Walter L.
Henson Walter Lee 21 Jan 1887 10-Oct-1961 h/o Mary Grimm
Hering Bernetta Ann Hinze 7-Mar-1928 11-Feb-2017 w/o Ernest W.
Hering Debra Ann 30-Mar-1955 27-Aug-2015 .
Hering Ernest William 17-Jul-1929 1-Nov-2007 h/o Bernetta A.
Hering Gertrude Matilda Nentwig 23 Oct 1899 2-Jun-1953 .
Hering Janis Faye 26-Oct-1959 28-Oct-1959 .
Herman Albert A. 18 May 1869 12-Apr-1944 .
Herman Gotthold A. 1865 24-May-1933 h/o Johanna H.
Herman Johanna 11-Nov-1900 29-Apr-1901 .
Herman Johanna Henrietta Krancher 24 Jul 1865 12-Jan-1946 w/o Gotthold A.
Herman Marshall John 30 Jan 1899 14-Jul-1922 WWI USAflag
Hernandez Antonia 10-May-1937 8-Feb-2007 .
Hernandez Carlos David 17-Dec-1987 9-Nov-2018 .
Herpin Courtenay Baylor Haynes 20 Aug 1866 30-May-1930 .
Herrington (Elza) Bernard 8-May-1917 16-May-1997 WWII USAflag h/o Jewell M.
Herrington Jewell Marie DuBose 14-Aug-1921 12-Dec-2012 w/o E. Bernard
Herrington Steve Jeffrey 21-Aug-1963 28-Apr-1999 .
Herron Marguerite Dennis 22-Jul-1922 26-Jan-2010 .
Hess Clara Francis 27-Jul-1901 31-Dec-1961 .
Hess Elsie Ernestine Krampitz 8-Jun-1904 14-Nov-1993 w/o Hugo W.
Hess Floyd Charlie 4-Nov-1907 30-Apr-1996 WWII USAflag h/o Gertrude H.
Hess Gertrude Hintz 14-Jan-1910 27-Aug-1996 w/o Floyd C.
Hess Hugo Walter 30-Sep-1902 7-Dec-1984 h/o Elsie E.
Hess Jesse Leo 13-Nov-1905 1-Jan-1930 .
Hess Johanna H. Schneider 17 Aug 1878 31-Oct-1953 w/o John H.
Hess John Henry 27 Feb 1876 13-Sep-1943 h/o Johanna H.
Hess John Henry 21 Aug 1899 22-Dec-1960 h/o Mary K.
Hess Mary Kathryn Broome Hackbarth 17-Oct-1901 30-Jul-1983 w/o Fred A. Hackbarth & J. Henry
Hess Norman Arnold Lee 24-Jul-1920 21-Feb-1988 WWII USAflag
Hess Rowland Kenneth 28-Dec-1909 22-Feb-1918 .
Hibbeler Arnold Herman 3-May-1921 26-May-1995 WWII USAflag
Hibbeler Augusta M. Siems 30 May 1865 20-Oct-1916 w/o Bernhard A.
Hibbeler Bernhard August "Ben" 13 Apr 1863 25-Aug-1934 h/o Augusta M.
Hibbeler John 29 Jul 1870 9-Jan-1955 h/o Minna H.
Hibbeler Minna Hacker 08 Mar 1887 7-Jul-1949 w/o John
Hibbeler Minnie 29-Jun-1925 21-Nov-2001 .
Hicks Emmie Elizabeth Gens 1884 6-Jun-1918 .
Hill Beatrice Ransom 20 Dec 1893 17-Mar-1985 w/o Justus W.
Hill Carrie Josey 12 Sep 1869 17-Mar-1956 w/o George B.
Hill Donna Marie Cassidy 10-Apr-1963 3-Apr-2011 .
Hill Dorothy Sykes 23 Jun 1897 17-Sep-1944 w/o Walter E.
Hill Dorothy M. Westermann 30 Apr 1898 10-Sep-1990 w/o Jacob C.
Hill Effie Mae Lindsey 03 Oct 1894 21-Aug-1986 w/o Henry J.
Hill George Benjamin 06 Jan 1868 17-Sep-1941 h/o Carrie J.
Hill Henry Jefferson 25-Sep-1901 29-Mar-1990 h/o Effie M.
Hill Jacob Castleton 22 Sep 1894 12-Jun-1974 h/o Dorothy M.
Hill Jeanette Marie 18-Aug-1918 22-Jul-1940 .
Hill John Gaston "Bud" 08 Mar 1897 17-Aug-1965 h/o Mary B.
Hill Justus Walter 08 Sep 1899 22-Nov-1988 h/o Beatrice R.
Hill Mary Belle Hillboldt 21 Feb 1899 4-Jan-1993 w/o John G.
Hill Mathilda (Tillye) Koy 03 Apr 1887 16-Oct-1939 2nd w/o William I.
Hill Maxine Titel 3-Nov-1923 1-Jan-2005 w/o Virgil L.
Hill Nettie Castleton 29 Nov 1872 5-Sep-1909 1st w/o William I.
Hill Virgil Lee 13-Sep-1926 27-Dec-1995 h/o Maxine T.
Hill Walter Ernest 13 Jan 1892 19-Feb-1974 WWI USAflag h/o Dorothy S.
Hill William Iseley (Judge) 20 Nov 1870 19-Apr-1939 h/o Tillye K.
Hillboldt Alvina Schroeder 28 Dec 1887 16-Jun-1939 w/o Charles E.
Hillboldt Annie Swearingen 05 Aug 1881 23-Sep-1970 w/o Dallas C.
Hillboldt Bettye I. Bledsoe 27-Jun-1904 9-Sep-1980 w/o Frank W.
Hillboldt Charles Edwin 11 Nov 1884 13-Mar-1939 h/o Alvina S.
Hillboldt Charles Henry 27 Oct 1884 8-Jan-1957 h/o Mary S.
Hillboldt Charles Samuel, Jr. "Buster" 2-Oct-1907 18-Jan-1993 .
Hillboldt Charles Samuel, Sr. 14 Mar 1857 27-Dec-1940 h/o Linnie C.
Hillboldt Curtis Borrell 11-Dec-1930 1-Jun-2001 Korea USAflag
Hillboldt Dallas Curtis 07 Sep 1886 31-May-1958 h/o Annie S.
Hillboldt Debora Brune 28 Mar 1882 14-May-1967 w/o William
Hillboldt Flora Lottie Kurtz 30 Aug 1891 4-May-1984 w/o Jack K.
Hillboldt Frank Walter 20 Oct 1882 9-Jul-1946 h/o Bettye I.
Hillboldt Hattie Braesicke 16 Jul 1890 23-Oct-1983 w/o Sam
Hillboldt Jack Kinch 01 Aug 1889 19-Aug-1978 h/o Flora L.
Hillboldt Lester 3-Apr-1921 30-Mar-2004 WWII USAflag
Hillboldt Linnie Caroline Swearingen 21 Oct 1874 14-Mar-1974 w/o Charles S., Sr.
Hillboldt Lola Belle Hassler 25-Feb-1912 27-Nov-2003 w/o William C.
Hillboldt Mary Strauss 21 Apr 1882 6-Sep-1959 w/o Charles H.
Hillboldt Sam 24 Nov 1888 21-Jul-1977 h/o Hattie B.
Hillboldt Waco Texas 15 Jan 1897 21-Aug-1951 .
Hillboldt William 16 Mar 1890 11-Dec-1972 h/o Debora B.
Hillboldt William Charles 9-Sep-1909 13-Jun-1988 h/o Lola B.
Hillebrand Baby 10-Feb-1927 10-Feb-1927 .
Hillebrand Elenora Josephine Becker 21 Dec 1891 14-Mar-1973 w/o Reinhard R.
Hillebrand Ethel Dora Schier 30-Nov-1904 26-Mar-1995 w/o Walter F.
Hillebrand Gertrude Ruth Halcumb 29-Jan-1926 8-May-2016 w/o Raymond R.
Hillebrand Harry Reinhard 26 Jan 1896 24-Dec-1985 WWI USAflag h/o Mary M.
Hillebrand Henry Louis 15 Jul 1874 14-Mar-1960 h/o Ida D.
Hillebrand Ida Dora Brune 09 May 1875 21-Jan-1960 w/o Henry L.
Hillebrand Mary Melina Schroeder 7-Feb-1902 25-Jan-1985 w/o Harry R.
Hillebrand Raymond Reinhard 3-Mar-1924 13-Feb-2008 h/o Gertrude R.
Hillebrand Reinhard Richard 17 Sep 1879 17-Jan-1964 h/o Elenora J.
Hillebrand Walter Florenz 17-Nov-1904 10-Sep-1995 h/o Ethel D.
Hills Jessica Kay 1-Sep-1990 14-Oct-2004 .
Himly Adelia Sophie Beckmann 02 Jan 1894 16-Apr-1960 w/o Alex K.
Himly Alexander Karl William "Alex" 30 Sep 1891 21-Jan-1971 h/o Adelia S.
Himly Charles Herman 28 Aug 1893 30-Oct-1983 WWI USAflag h/o Louise A.
Himly David James 9-Mar-1944 27-Jun-2019 VietnamUSAflag
Himly Edmund Otto 05 Jan 1895 13-Aug-1966 WWI USAflag h/o Josie M.
Himly Edward Otto 3-Jan-1919 15-May-2010 h/o Winifred E.
Himly Eugene Allan 28-Sep-1927 30-Nov-2011 .
Himly Josie Mathilda Beckmann 9-Oct-1900 22-Mar-1970 w/o Edmund O.
Himly Louise Annie Beckmann 12-May-1903 4-Jun-1993 w/o Charles H.
Himly Winifred Elaine Wendt 25-Oct-1918 21-Jan-2012 w/o Edward O.
Hines Lillie Orsak 24-Jun-1911 10-Sep-1981 .
Hintz Adela J. Gerbermann 14-Nov-1901 1-Aug-1998 w/o Gustav L.
Hintz Alberta 2-Jan-1904 9-Jan-1938 .
Hintz Anna Sophie Pless 20 Sep 1878 19-May-1957 w/o Otto H.
Hintz Antoinette L. Eckelberg 08 Oct 1874 11-Dec-1946 w/o William G.
Hintz Augusta Buller 05 Aug 1862 20-Apr-1923 w/o Charles F.
Hintz Bernice Augusta Henske 13-Mar-1919 25-Nov-2016 w/o Joe W.
Hintz Carlos Wayne 23-Jun-1929 25-Oct-2007 Korea USAflag
Hintz Charles F. 16 Nov 1851 9-Apr-1925 h/o Augusta B.
Hintz Dessie Coovert 08 Mar 1897 22-Nov-1973 w/o Richard W.
Hintz Ed 16 Oct 1892 9-Oct-1966 h/o Linnie L.
Hintz George Robert, Sr. 30-Nov-1907 30-May-1993 h/o Gertrude S.
Hintz Gertrude Louise Sauer 28-Nov-1921 5-Feb-1922 w/o George R., Sr.
Hintz Gustav Louis 02 Feb 1898 17-Jul-1967 h/o Adela J.
Hintz Harold Lloyd 24-Jun-1929 9-Mar-2009 Korea USAflag
Hintz Henry Charles 26 Mar 1848 23-Sep-1917 h/o Wilhelmina K.
Hintz Jake Henry 04 Nov 1899 16-Feb-1984 h/o Mary E.
Hintz (Jesse) Helen McGuire 17-Mar-1914 18-Apr-2013 w/o Leonard B.
Hintz Joe William 1-Sep-1917 8-Apr-2013 WWII USAflag h/o Bernice A.
Hintz Julia Svinky 4-Dec-1917 17-Sep-2005 w/o Valentine
Hintz Leonard Ben 24-Jul-1905 13-Apr-1988 h/o J. Helen
Hintz Leroy 30-Nov-1927 9-Sep-2016 WWII USAflag
Hintz Linnie Loehr 22 Feb 1895 3-Nov-1980 w/o Ed
Hintz Lucy Eckelberg 03 Jan 1872 25-Dec-1943 .
Hintz Mary Emma Kulow 17-Jan-1906 13-Jan-1994 w/o Jake H.
Hintz Otto Henry 04 Jul 1884 26-Jan-1944 h/o Anna S.
Hintz Richard William 21 Oct 1895 6-Jan-1970 WWI USAflag h/o Dessie C.
Hintz Valentine 14-Feb-1912 20-Nov-1966 h/o Julia S.
Hintz Walter 23-Jan-1910 4-Nov-1969 .
Hintz Wilhelmina Kaufhold 20 Mar 1852 21-Feb-1933 w/o Henry C.
Hintz William G. 06 Jan 1873 8-Jul-1944 h/o Antoinette L.
Hinze Alvin Max 23-Mar-1932 25-May-1966 Korea USAflag
Hinze Anna Severin 20 Feb 1871 25-Oct-1950 w/o Joachim
Hinze Annie Christina Schneider 17-Aug-1906 2-Apr-1998 w/o Edwin J.
Hinze Bennie Albert 16-Mar-1914 12-Sep-1976 WWII USAflag
Hinze Charles, Sr. 18-Jan-1900 17-Sep-1994 h/o W. Ruth
Hinze Edwin Joachim 04 Mar 1896 14-Jan-1980 WWI USAflag h/o Annie C.
Hinze Edwin Max 2-Jun-1902 2-May-1993 h/o Ruby P.
Hinze Emilie Zahradnick 17 Sep 1881 20-Sep-1956 w/o William
Hinze Fritz Joachim 23-May-1921 22-Jun-1994 WWII USAflag h/o Rosa L.
Hinze Herman Joseph 3-Nov-1904 12-Aug-1972 .
Hinze Hugo William 15 Oct 1898 27-Jul-1959 h/o Mary E.
Hinze Joachim 01 May 1870 4-Jan-1933 h/o Anna S.
Hinze Johan Christian 11 Sep 1831 14-Jul-1914 h/o Philippine L.
Hinze John Joachim 17 Dec 1897 26-Mar-1971 h/o Laura S.
Hinze Laura Severin 02 May 1897 12-Dec-1984 w/o John J.
Hinze Lena Carol Bischoff 14 Jun 1870 15-Feb-1946 w/o Louis
Hinze Lillie Magnolia 3-Apr-1925 6-Dec-1945 .
Hinze Loreitta Pearl Creager 18-Mar-1909 3-Mar-1992 .
Hinze Louis 01 May 1865 19-Jan-1944 h/o Lena C.
Hinze Mary Edna Kiesewetter 26-Dec-1907 18-Jun-2003 w/o Hugo W.
Hinze Philippine Lammer 21 Feb 1840 25-Jul-1932 w/o Johan Christian
Hinze Rosa Lee Ross 17-Jun-1933 1-Nov-2001 w/o Fritz J.
Hinze Ruby Pomikahl 31-Jul-1916 15-Oct-1988 w/o Edwin M.
Hinze William 22 Mar 1875 17-Sep-1958 h/o Emilie Z.
Hinze Willie Alvin 22-Apr-1908 26-Apr-1980 1st h/o Elsie Luedecke
Hinze Willie Ruth Sims 8-Mar-1915 6-Nov-1975 w/o Charles, Sr.
Hirsch Bertha K. Jacobsen 01 Jul 1899 6-Apr-1984 w/o Leo L.
Hirsch Hettie 30 Mar 1892 27-Aug-1900 .
Hirsch Leo Leon 05 Dec 1893 15-Jul-1958 h/o Bertha K.
Hirsch Matilda Koy Schlapota 16 Apr 1861 25-Nov-1922 .
Hluchan Anna Wolchik 07 Oct 1854 5-Apr-1941 w/o Michal
Hluchan Charles 18 Jul 1890 1-Apr-1953 WWI, WWII USAflag
Hluchan Edward Albert 10-Jul-1909 19-Aug-1986 WWII USAflag
Hluchan Evelyn Keding 15-Feb-1915 2-Dec-1968 1st w/o Woodrow O.
Hluchan Henry Lawrence 01 May 1895 8-Jan-1975 .
Hluchan Josef, Jr. 24 Aug 1872 21-Jan-1911 .
Hluchan Joseph 19 Jan 1839 2-Feb-1914 h/o Veronica H.
Hluchan Louis John 29-May-1911 30-Mar-1945 WWII USAflag
Hluchan Louis Laurence 01 Apr 1877 19-Apr-1960 2nd h/o Sophie D.
Hluchan Michal 29 Sep 1862 8-Aug-1913 h/o Anna W.
Hluchan Rudolph 07 Dec 1897 2-Jul-1929 WWI USAflag
Hluchan Sophie Damek Zapalka 02 Apr 1879 19-Nov-1966 w/o Louis L.
Hluchan Veronica (Vera) Hrushkova 27 Jun 1841 07 Jun1896 w/o Joseph
Hluchan Willie 05 Nov 1892 9-Jul-1918 .
Hluchan Woodrow Otto 30-Aug-1915 21-Aug-2009 WWII USAflag h/o Evelyn K.
Hodge Boyd Lee 31-May-1907 17-Mar-1987 h/o Gladys E.
Hodge Gladys Elizabeth Irwin Sorters 3-Feb-1901 14-Apr-1983 w/o Boyd L.
Hoek Charlie Johann 24-Nov-1902 5-Oct-1966 h/o Hattie A.
Hoek Hattie Anna Hinze 4-Apr-1902 9-Jan-1965 w/o Charlie J.
Hoek John Henry 27 Mar 1864 6-Mar-1937 h/o Minna W.
Hoek Leslie J. F. 9-Feb-1925 5-Aug-1927 w/o Charlie & Hattie
Hoek Minna W. Kulow 18 Jul 1877 13-Sep-1942 w/o John H.
Hoemann Infant Son 11-Nov-1913 11-Nov-1913 s/o Rev. & Mrs. O.H.A. Hoemann
Hoff Anna Auguste Pursche 29 Jul 1868 7-Mar-1953 w/o Karl G.
Hoff Charles Gustav 3-Mar-1901 17-Jan-1995 h/o Louise H.
Hoff Karl George 23 Oct 1859 13-Aug-1904 h/o Anna A.
Hoff Louise Hacker 15-Jul-1903 21-Aug-1993 w/o Charles G.
Hoff William Edward 7-Jun-1903 26-Feb-1944 1st h/o Annie S.
Hoffman Alvin Alfred 26-Feb-1914 7-Dec-2004 h/o Ruby C.
Hoffmann Bruno J. 28 Feb 1896 21 Nov 1896 .
Hoffmann Fritz Jun 1857 22-Jan-1930 h/o Selma M.
Hoffman Ruby Clara Hillboldt 23-Oct-1912 21-Dec-2009 w/o Alvin A.
Hoffmann Selma Marie Mueller 24 Feb 1870 15-Dec-1951 w/o Fritz
Holland Eugenia Joe "Jeannie" Otis 8-Jan-1944 10-Jan-2016 .
Holland Mervin Lloyd 6-Dec-1923 28-Aug-2004 WWII USAflag
Hollien Della Laurie Lesovsky 14 Nov 1881 19-Nov-1966 .
Holtkamp Doris Jean Stalbaum 20-Dec-1929 5-Mar-2019 w/o Henry G., Jr.
Holtkamp Elfrieda Alma Spreen 29-Sep-1924 26-Dec-2011 w/o Herbert L.
Holtkamp Emma Louise Finke 29 Oct 1895 17-Jun-1985 w/o Henry W., Sr.
Holtkamp Henry Gustav, Jr. 14-Aug-1924 27-Jan-2004 WWII USAflag h/o Doris J.
Holtkamp Henry William, Sr. 11 Jun 1897 16-Apr-1978 h/o Emma L.
Holtkamp Herbert Louis 1-Sep-1918 17-Dec-1987 WWII USAflagh/o Elfrieda A.
Hoppe Crystal Viola Neuendorff 9-Aug-1918 1-Jan-1996 w/o Elmo C.
Hoppe Elmo Clarence 28-Nov-1914 26-Jan-1979 h/o Crystal V.
Horn Earl Everett 29-Nov-1915 4-Feb-1939 .
Horn Jay Henry 19 Nov 1891 15-Sep-1981 h/o Julia A.
Horn Julia Ann Soloman 02 Sep 1894 20-Mar-1980 w/o J. Henry
Horton Byron Wayne 11-Mar-1945 3-Feb-2018 Vietnam USAflag
Houston Edgar M. 17 Oct 1891 27 Oct 1892 .
Houston William Allen 28-May-1919 27-Nov-1983 WWII USAflag
Hover Frank William, M.D. 28 Jun 1879 13-Feb-1951 WWI USAflag h/o Julia M.
Hover Julia McPhail Salley 23 Nov 1885 6-Mar-1977 w/o Frank A.
Howard Ann A. Wills Aug 1844 29-Jan-1924 w/o Thomas O.
Howard Frederick Marshall 13 Nov 1867 26-Mar-1927 h/o Zada E.
Howard Martha Bouldin McLaran 21 Oct 1847 25 Dec 1888 w/o Silas G.
Howard Mary King 31 Jan 1811 17 Jun 1890 .
Howard Silas Claude 05 Mar 1899 13-Dec-1907 .
Howard Silas Gordon 20 Jul 1836 05 Jan 1898 h/o Martha B.
Howard Thomas Owen May 1838 1916 CSA Find-a-Grave h/o Ann A.
Howard Zada Elizabeth Cook 09 May 1874 15-Sep-1959 w/o Marshall
Hubbard Friedrich J. 14 Oct 1823 8-Jan-1902 Civil War USAflag
Huey Frances Lera Buchanan 21-Jun-1921 12-May-2007 w/o Preston E.
Huey Preston Elmer 27-Oct-1918 15-Jan-1997 WWII USAflag h/o Frances L.
Hughes Ida Cornelia Parker 31 May 1878 22-Mar-1979 w/o Rev. William
Hughes Rev. William Clinton 05 Sep 1880 24-Dec-1947 h/o Ida C.
Hughs Agnes Cox 07 Dec 1897 11-Nov-1985 w/o James E., Sr.
Hughs James Ernest, Jr. 21-Nov-1919 6-Feb-1995 WWII USAflag
Hughs James Ernest, Sr. 17 Dec 1897 2-Dec-1967 h/o Agnes C.
Hughs Willie Paul 14-Aug-1922 16-Jun-1945 WWII USAflag
Hunt Ruthe Blount 13 Oct 1891 31-Dec-1944 w/o W. Marvin
Hunt (Walter) Marvin 03 Oct 1891 2-Oct-1943 h/o Ruthe B.
Hurst Jim Matthew 13 Oct 1895 15-Dec-1974 WWI USAflag
Hutchingson Emil William 01 Mar 1886 7-Dec-1957 .
Ilse Milton Otto 13-Mar-1904 3-Sep-1975 2nd h/o Nonie W. Leschper
Ilse Nonie Meta Wienecke Leschper 9-Oct-1908 26-Oct-1996 w/o Arthur Leschper; Milton Ilse
Inderman Bessie Lee Brune 2-Jul-1921 20-Sep-1987 .
Infante Issabella Michaela 8-Mar-2010 31-Mar-2010 .
Iselt August Wilhelm 26 May 1866 28-Apr-1923 h/o Emma B.
Iselt Emma Bock 20 Feb 1864 1-Aug-1942 w/o August W.
Iselt Julius A. 21 Mar 1872 15-Feb-1949 .
Ivey James Donald, Sr. 5-May-1940 25-Jan-1983 .
Ivy Jesse Hayden 17-Jan-1947 5-Sep-1995 2nd h/o Linda S.
Ivy Linda Smith Symm 20-Sep-1949 8-Jul-2011 w/o Jesse H.
Jackson Dorothy May Keding 29-Apr-1992 22-Nov-2019 w/o Joe M. Austin County Funeral Home
Jackson Edward Chappell 29 Nov 1884 11-Oct-1960 .
Jackson Freddie Elizabeth Bartay 28-Aug-1916 6-May-1962 .
Jackson Joe Melville 11-Jul-1928 15-Dec-2006 Korea USAflag h/o Dorothy M.
Jackson John Anderson 8-Jan-1921 11-Feb-1925 .
Jackson John Andrew 25 Dec 1841 19-Mar-1927 h/o Nancy P. CSA USAflag tombstone
Jackson Nancy (Nannie) Petronia Perkins 04 Dec 1853 17-Sep-1940 w/o John Andrew
Jackson Sammy Ross 19-Dec-1946 6-Sep-2000 .
Jackson T. J. 27 Jan 1877 23 Oct 1899 .
Jackson Thomas Percy 07 Apr 1891 26-Jan-1931 .
Jacobs Willard Joseph "Jake" 16-May-1933 7-Sep-2019 Korea USAflag
Jalowy Alma Hinze 1-May-1909 21-Dec-1997 w/o Nickodemus
Jalowy Edward 10 Sep 1895 7-Nov-1975 WWI USAflag h/o Minnie G.
Jalowy Herman 20 Jun 1864 19-Mar-1928 h/o Lydia H.
Jalowy Homer John 19-Dec-1930 7-May-2012 h/o Mary Nell
Jalowy Kean Patrick 11-Feb-1959 20-Dec-2010 .
Jalowy Lydia Hartmann 07 Dec 1874 11-Aug-1960 w/o Herman
Jalowy Mary Nell Brandt 21-Jun-1932 26-Aug-2009 w/o Homer J.
Jalowy Minnie Goebel 02 Dec 1896 20-Sep-1983 w/o Edward
Jalowy Nickodemus 29-Jan-1907 17-Jun-1978 h/o Alma H.
Jalowy Willie Daniel 8-Aug-1942 2-Nov-2005 .
James Bill Andrew 5-Mar-1925 17-Mar-1963 WWII USAflag
Jan Anna Petrusek 12 Oct 1882 14-Mar-1946 w/o Leo
Jan Leo(pold) 19 Oct 1882 30-Mar-1944 h/o Anna
Jan Leontina 1912 1918 .
Janczak Gladys Mae Gebhardt 3-Dec-1922 25-Mar-2017 w/o Johnnie
Janczak Johnnie 19-Jan-1921 21-Nov-1984 WWII USAflag tombstone
Janczak Johnnie Wade 20-Aug-1943 1-May-1999 .
Janda Diane Kaye Hluchan 24-Jul-2943 19-Mar-2018 .
Janda Frank Lattie 26-Dec-1916 31-Jan-1973 WWIIUSAflag h/o Olga S.
Janda Olga Smilek 13-Nov-1914 21-Jun-1973 w/o Frank L.
Janecek Annie Johanna/Josie Schiller 24 Mar 1891 25-Oct-1961 w/o Edward J.
Janecek Edward Joseph 12 Jul 1889 5-Jan-1967 h/o Annie J.
Janecek Henrietta Ella Bolten 24-Apr-1921 2-Aug-2016 w/o Walter L.
Janecek Jesse Edward 19-Aug-1920 18-Aug-1977 WWII USAflag 1st h/o Estella Ball tombstone
Janecek Walter Louis 21-Jun-1916 17-Aug-1984 h/o Henrietta E.
Janszen Charles Victor 31-Jul-1930 1-Jun-1998 Korea USAflag h/o Suella T.
Janszen Mark Richard 6-Sep-1955 6-Oct-2021 obit
Janszen Suella Tipp 24-Aug-1932 27-Jul-2010 w/o Charles V.
Jegust Elsie Rose Findeisen 03 Dec 1893 11-May-1936 w/o Frank C.
Jegust Frank Charles 11 Jun 1885 1-Jun-1938 h/o Elsie R.
Jegust Franz 11 Oct 1852 10-Mar-1901 1st h/o Sophie M. Miller
Jegust Henry & Sophie 8-Feb-1913 18-Feb-1913 .
Jegust Lillie 28-Oct-1919 9-Dec-1919 .
Jennings Mary Wilson Josey 24 Feb 1826 10-Sep-1906 w/o T. J. Josey & W. W.
Jennings William W. 06 Jun 1821 7-Nov-1903 CSA USAflag 2nd h/o Mary W.
Jeschke Mary Lillie Rainey 08 Mar 1890 18-May-1976 .
Jester Frank Allen 21-May-1956 23-Feb-2017 .
Johnson Billy 11-Apr-1926 9-Jan-1997 WWII USAflag
Johnson Clary Elizabeth Hulsten 24 Aug 1894 8-Oct-1961 w/o Victor R.
Johnson Frances Mae Brune 22-Jan-1927 8-Mar-2006 .
Johnson James Warren, Sr. 30-Mar-1903 25-Oct-1988 h/o Lucille C.
Johnson Jerly Irving 20 Aug 1895 3-Dec-1955 .
Johnson Jewel, Sr. 1-Apr-1920 14-Oct-1991 WWII USAflagh/o Rose J.
Johnson Lucille Carolyn Beckman 2-Jun-1914 14-Jun-1989 w/o James W.
Johnson Martha Severin 24 Dec 1887 20-Jun-1951 w/o Robert
Johnson Mary Jo Bunton 29-Jul-1938 29-Jan-2010 .
Johnson Robert (Bob) 12 Dec 1877 18-Jun-1935 h/o Martha S.
Johnson Rose Jean Jalowy 19-May-1938 19-May-1998 w/o Jewel, Sr.
Johnson Sam A. 29-Jan-1925 24-Jun-2014 WWII USAflag h/o Mary Jo
Johnson Thomas 19 Feb 1855 17 Feb 1897 .
Johnson Victor Rudolph 15 Aug 1892 15-Mar-1962 WWIUSAflag h/o Clary E.
Johnston Amye Georgie "Emmie" Berner 05 Sep 1895 8-Apr-1966 .
Johnston Andrew Donald 9-Aug-1961 22-Aug-1993 .
Johnston Birdie Keding 5-Mar-1913 7-Jan-1997 w/o Worth B.
Johnston Dallas T. 18 Jun 1883 10-Apr-1907 .
Johnston Edward David 3-Sep-1922 7-Jan-1978 WWIIUSAflag
Johnston Floyd William, Jr. 1-Sep-1930 25-Nov-1993 Korea USAflag
Johnston James Washington 28 May 1861 30-Aug-1937 h/o Martha P.
Johnston James Whitley 21 Feb 1887 24-Dec-1971 WWI USAflag
Johnston Lemuel Linder 17 Jul 1863 17-Sep-1947 h/o Reden S.
Johnston Martha Preibisch 06 Feb 1878 8-Oct-1935 w/o James W.
Johnston Olga Marie Schroeder 18-Jan-1907 8-Jul-1996 w/o Sidney P.
Johnston Reden Staggers 05 Dec 1868 6-Feb-1939 w/o Lemuel L.
Johnston Sidney Preibisch 9-May-1904 26-Jul-1965 h/o Olga M.
Johnston Walter L. 03 Oct 1881 04 Nov 1885 .
Johnston Willard Lee 30-Sep-1901 27-Nov-1985 Veteran; USAflag Cremains Scattered Over Ranch
Johnston Worth Bagley 2-Aug-1900 24-Sep-1970 h/o Birdie K.
Jones Freeman G. 04 Oct 1842 24 Aug 1883 h/o Narcissa C.
Jones Joe Wayne 3-Sep-1948 12-Mar-1996 Vietnam USAflag
Jones Lee Roy 29 Mar 1879 1-Mar-1963 h/o Luna P.
Jones Louise 1-Apr-1934 24-Dec-1995 .
Jones Luna Preibisch 03 Jun 1882 3-Nov-1963 w/o Lee Roy
Jones Marjorie Sue Hill 19-Jul-1923 10-Mar-1990 .
Jones Narcissa H. Conner 1844 . w/o F. G.
Jones Raymond Edward 23-Dec-1927 11-Feb-1989 .
Jones Wilma Ruth Gowin 30-Nov-1910 8-Aug-1990 .
Jordan Minnie Litzmann 16 Jan 1859 14-Nov-1932 w/o Walter
Jordan Walter 08 Jun 1865 28-Mar-1904 h/o Minnie L.
Jordan Werner 15 Sep 1899 22-Aug-1904 .
Josey Addie Bostick 19 Nov 1871 11-Apr-1944 w/o Ernest W.
Josey Ernest William 08 Aug 1872 19-Oct-1945 h/o Addie B.
Josey Eugene 13-Aug-1903 26-May-1954 h/o Margaret J.
Josey John Russell 22 Mar 1857 2-Dec-1916 h/o Laura A. (Wallis Cem)
Josey Margaret Jane Knittel 10-Feb-1908 22-Aug-1986 w/o Eugene
Josey Robert Pinkney 29 Jun 1854 26-Aug-1900 .
Josey Theophilus J. 28 Jun 1818 02 Dec 1885 1st h/o Mary Jennings
Josey William H. 12 Dec 1862 04 Nov 1885 .
Jousan Avis Lurene Morton 23-Mar-1933 9-May-2009 w/o Donald C.
Jousan Bertha Palso 22 Apr 1864 12-Jan-1962 w/o Frank, Sr.
Jousan Callie Habermacher 03 Aug 1896 25-Sep-1981 w/o Jake
Jousan Charles Edward 25-Oct-1952 21-Oct-1983 .
Jousan Donald Charles 18-Jan-1928 29-Apr-1989 WWIIUSAflag h/o Avis L.
Jousan Frank, Jr. 29 Sep 1888 28-Jul-1954 h/o Mae S.
Jousan Frank, Sr. 21 Mar 1858 7-Apr-1946 h/o Bertha P.
Jousan Jake 25 Aug 1893 3-Mar-1978 WWI USAflag h/o Callie H.
Jousan Mae Salomon 10 Dec 1889 19-Aug-1979 w/o Frank, Jr.
Jowers Lucy Dodd Haynes 08 Aug 1872 09 Aug 1899 .
Junek Edwin Willie 13-Sep-1910 23-Feb-1989 h/o Pauline E.
Junek Pauline Emily Fuessel 7-Aug-1922 29-Dec-2000 w/o Edwin W.
Jurica Frank George 30-May-1911 30-Jun-1983 h/o Vlasta A.
Jurica Johnnie 23-Jan-1916 10-Nov-1981 h/o Mollie
Jurica Millie Coufal 13-Nov-1918 11-May-2009 w/o Johnnie
Jurica Vlasta Albina Coufal 18-Nov-1915 6-Aug-2008 w/o Frank G.
Justus Anne Mae Leenen 15-Oct-1916 21-Jan-2009 .
Kabell Alfred Edward 18-Jul-1910 24-Oct-1982 h/o Alvina H.
Kabell Alice Wittenburg 7-Feb-1912 12-Sep-1993 w/o Richard R.
Kabell Alvina Hattie Lillie Ludwig 25-Feb-1922 9-Apr-1984 w/o Alfred E.
Kabell Edwin Edward 27-Sep-1907 22-Feb-1961 h/o Winnie E.
Kabell Richard Reginald 29-Oct-1905 12-Oct-1975 h/o Alice W.
Kabell Winnie Erna Ashorn 7-May-1918 18-Apr-1984 w/o Edwin E.
Kaechele Charles 10 Apr 1878 22-Dec-1963 h/o Clara H.
Kaechele Clara Henrietta Stern 28 Feb 1878 25-Mar-1965 w/o Charles
Kaechele Edna Lenora 24-Feb-1901 7-Nov-1988 .
Kallus Anna Supak 28 Oct 1864 19-Feb-1937 w/o Frank K.
Kallus Frank Karl 28 Jan 1859 7-May-1920 h/o Anna S.
Kallus Joseph 21 Mar 1886 15-Apr-1948 WWI USAflag
Kaminski Darlien Oridell Ekarius 26-Sep-1938 24-Jan-2003 .
Kaminsky Emilian 27-Oct-1937 11-Feb-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Kaminsky Ephraim Joseph 12-Aug-1913 22-Apr-1995 h/o Olga L.
Kaminsky Olga Louise Lubojacky 7-Sep-1917 8-Jun-2009 w/o Ephraim J.
Kanak Jan (John) 22 Feb 1886 25-May-1929 WWIUSAflag
Kanewske Henry Sylvester 11-Oct-1917 20-Nov-1989 h/o Marjorie M.
Kanewske Marjorie McNeill Touchstone 20-Oct-1917 14-Dec-2000 w/o Henry S.
Kastrop Edwin Ernst 25 Jul 1865 4-Oct-1940 h/o Johanna M.
Kastrop Johanna Maria Janssen 19 Sep 1869 6-Jul-1959 w/o Edwin E.
Keding Alvin 07 Dec 1886 15-Jan-1958 h/o Clara
Keding Annie Hintz 28 Sep 1883 26-Jun-1953 w/o Otto
Keding Bernice Clara Loescher 10-Nov-1916 6-May-1996 .
Keding Bessie Lee 28-Jul-1923 31-Mar-1929 .
Keding Clara Meier 02 Mar 1892 25-Nov-1936 w/o Alvin
Keding Dave 5-Mar-1911 14-Nov-1985 h/o Louella K.
Keding Floyd Waco 11-Jun-1935 26-Feb-1998 .
Keding J. D. (Joachim Daniel) 9-Nov-1922 24-Nov-1967 WWII USAflag
Keding Lee Bert 5-Aug-1925 19-Mar-1929 .
Keding Louella Kurtz 1-Sep-1914 8-Apr-2001 w/o Dave
Keding Otto 06 Nov 1881 11-Jun-1958 h/o Annie H.
Keene Ronnie Kieth 15-Aug-1950 16-Aug-1950 .
Keer Charles Mike 11-Jul-1900 6-Oct-1976 h/o Lottie M.
Keer Lottie Mae Phillips 16-Mar-1902 29-Aug-1996 w/o Charles M.
Kellner Bettie Unice Daugherty 22 Oct 1868 23-Jan-1940 w/o Fredrick
Kellner Carl August 06 Sep 1848 14-Feb-1930 h/o Ottilie A.
Kellner Fredrick (Fritz) 19 Apr 1858 5-Apr-1942 h/o Bettie U.
Kellner Ottilie Auguste Pille 17 Jan 1854 23-Mar-1939 w/o Carl A.
Kennary John Francis 25 Sep 1862 21-Nov-1904 .
Kennedy Freda Seitz 28 Feb 1876 1-Feb-1947 w/o Newton S.
Kennedy Newton Seneca 09 Jul 1862 17-Sep-1924 h/o Freda S.
Kennedy Sarah Elizabeth Manor 23 Apr 1885 27-Sep-1942 .
Keprta Charles Adolf, Jr. 10-Feb-1916 8-Mar-1979 h/o Emilie V.
Keprta Emilie Vancik 12-May-1920 23-May-1988 w/o Charles A., Jr.
Kersten Albert 06 Mar 1886 30-Jul-1977 h/o Ophelia L.
Kersten Anna Fredericka Engelking 13 Nov 1883 6-Mar-1918 1st w/o Charles A.
Kersten Annie Mae 1-May-1908 1-Nov-1909 .
Kersten August Herman 1893 1893 .
Kersten August J. 24 Nov 1857 10 Aug 1893 .
Kersten Charles A., Sr. 04 May 1883 24-Dec-1936 h/o Anna F.
Kersten Edwin Roland 4-Aug-1906 2-Feb-1996 h/o Lillie O.
Kersten Edwin Willie 24 Jul 1888 21-Apr-1964 h/o Jewel V.
Kersten Emilie Sens 03 Jul 1886 25-Aug-1980 2nd w/o Charles A.
Kersten Gladys Elizabeth Vornsand 19-Jan-1932 1-May-2012 w/o Marvin A.
Kersten Herman, Jr. 27 Sep 1882 13-Apr-1925 .
Kersten Infant 25-Feb-1918 11-Mar-1918 .
Kersten Jacquelyn 5-Aug-1937 5-Aug-1937 d/o Edwin & Lillie
Kersten Jewel Vern Waldrop 10-Oct-1904 31-Aug-1985 w/o Edwin W.
Kersten Lillie Oline Ueckert 11-Dec-1908 24-May-1998 w/o Edwin R.
Kersten Marvin Albert 1-Oct-1927 20-Jan-1993 Korea USAflag h/o Gladys E.
Kersten Ophelia L. Bastiann 13 Jan 1892 3-Dec-1949 w/o Albert
King Amanda Malvina Wilmans 22 Jul 1819 03 Feb 1894 .
King Jesse Jay 4-May-1945 4-Aug-2001 .
King Margaret Adele Dittert Polocek 20-Sep-1911 12-Aug-1997 w/o Ammon N. & Delizon King
Kinnebrew Allen Ray 18-Jul-1935 28-Nov-2001 .
Kinnebrew David Luther . . Korea USAflag
Kinnebrew Gilbert Quinton 24-May-1927 22-Dec-1949 WWII USAflag
Kinnebrew Martin Luther 25 Sep 1856 16-Apr-1939 .
Kinsey Gail Ann Duncan 17-Sep-1956 24-Aug-2014 .
Kinsey Jerry Dean 30-Dec-1956 27-Aug-1988 .
Kinsey John Franklin 6-Oct-1929 6-Jun-2000 Korea USAflag h/o Louise R.
Kinsey Louise Richter 6-Jun-1929 17-Aug-2015 w/o John F.
Kinsey Roger Dale 12-Jun-1954 12-Aug-2001 .
Kirby Almeda Seyer 9-Jun-1919 1-Mar-2008 w/o Raymond A.
Kirby Raymond Anthony 19-Oct-1921 23-Dec-1975 Korea USAflag Vietnam h/o Almeda S.
Kirkpatrick Mary Sue Smith 3-Oct-1924 4-Jul-2003 .
Kizer Cecil 1903 1918 .
Kizer Charlie 14 Sep 1891 20 Sep 1892 .
Kizer Esther Caroline Boyd 24 Dec 1859 17-Apr-1947 w/o Joseph M.
Kizer Fannie 08 Dec 1885 Nov 1886 .
Kizer Frederick 16 May 1824 16-Oct-1903 h/o Kezia
Kizer Joseph Monroe 1851 1917 h/o Esther C.
Kizer Julius W. 1882 9-Nov-1917 .
Kizer Kezia McKlosky 06 Jul 1820 03 Aug 1893 w/o Frederick
Kizer Maggie Louisa Connor 22 Feb 1874 19-Aug-1955 w/o William M.
Kizer May 02 Oct 1887 08 Oct 1891 .
Kizer William Monroe 02 Mar 1879 6-Sep-1943 h/o Maggie L.
Klatt Dennis Adelbert 5-Mar-1935 18-Jan-1970 .
Kleeman Alice Marie Phillips Davis 14 Sep 1891 25-Mar-1979 .
Kliem Emelia J. Sophie Kohleffel 07 Dec 1870 22-May-1964 w/o William C.
Kliem Wilhelmina Klopsteck 09 Sep 1833 25-Jul-1915 w/o Carl F. (I_Pilgrims Rest)
Kliem William Carl 19 Oct 1871 18-Sep-1943 h/o Emelia J.
Klopp Magnolia Emma Loehr Severin 20 Mar 1897 15-Nov-1987 w/o Monroe Severin
Klopsteck Albert William 14-Nov-1911 28-Jan-1982 h/o Ellie A.
Klopsteck Albert William, Sr. 04 May 1880 20-Aug-1963 h/o Dora M.
Klopsteck Anita Mantzel 7-Sep-1904 5-Jun-1951 w/o William H.
Klopsteck Baby 29-Nov-1906 3-Dec-1906 .
Klopsteck Curtis Gaylan 2-Dec-1951 24-Nov-2015 .
Klopsteck Dora Marie Kaechele 05 Dec 1880 24-May-1950 w/o Albert W.
Klopsteck El Birdie Hartman 1-Sep-1920 25-Aug-2009 w/o Wilmer T., Sr.
Klopsteck Ellie Ann Lux 14-Nov-1913 17-Dec-2005 w/o Albert W.
Klopsteck James Albert 18-Sep-1947 9-Jun-2013 .
Klopsteck Wilhelm 20 Jun 1846 26-Oct-1922 h/o Wilhelmine D.
Klopsteck Wilhelmine Degner 27 Nov 1856 11-Aug-1938 w/o Wilhelm
Klopsteck William IV 18-Oct-1932 14-Mar-2007 Army Veteran USAflag FindAGrave VA marker
Klopsteck William Herman, Jr. 27 May 1898 2-Aug-1962 h/o Anita M.
Klopsteck Wilmer Tobias, Sr. 1-Nov-1916 13-Jul-1975 h/o El Birdie
Kloss Charlie Alexander 17-Aug-1918 5-Jan-1995 WWIIUSAflag h/o Thelma A.
Kloss Thelma Annie Meier 19-Oct-1924 6-Apr-2009 w/o Charlie A.
Kluever Edgar Will 24 Dec 1889 19-Nov-1938 .
Kluever Sophie Wilms 30 Sep 1865 13-Aug-1946 w/o William H.
Kluever William Henry 14 Dec 1858 6-Nov-1930 h/o Sophie W.
Knittel George Winston 31-Oct-1909 30-Dec-1973 WWII USAflag
Koeppen Adolph 07 Apr 1886 2-Dec-1956 h/o Ella B.
Koeppen Bessie Dell Hintz 28-Jun-1931 17-May-2011 w/o Irvin L.
Koeppen Ella Bertha Pless 08 Nov 1891 6-Dec-1950 w/o Adolph L.
Koeppen Irvin Lee "Sonny" 13-Dec-1925 14-Jan-2017 WWII USAflag h/o Bessie D.
Kolb Drusilla Ann Oakes 18 Oct 1855 4-Aug-1913 w/o Robert
Kolb Edward 29 Aug 1886 27-Nov-1955 WWI USAflag
Kolb Robert Roy, Sr. 01 Nov 1850 20-Feb-1945 h/o Drusilla A.
Kollatschny Frank 08 Oct 1871 6-Feb-1963 h/o Henrietta A.
Kollatschny Henrietta Adelina Williamson 21 Nov 1883 24-Aug-1963 w/o Frank
Kollatschny Leander Hover 16-Jan-1909 23-Dec-1995 h/o Ruby E.
Kollatschny Ruby Edna Schultz 7-Jun-1920 4-Sep-1987 w/o Leander H.
Konarik Annie Henrietta Stamnitz Hoff 14-Feb-1907 6-Sep-1978 w/o William E. & Pete S. (Sealy Cath)
Konesheck Albert 18 Feb 1890 20-Feb-1949 h/o Tonie B.
Konesheck August Elgien 20-May-1904 19-Jun-1969 h/o Erna S.
Konesheck Elton Theodore 21-Jul-1931 22-Sep-1974 .
Konesheck Erna Sens 20-Jan-1909 30-Dec-1999 w/o August E.
Konesheck Henrietta (Hattie) Brast 22 Mar 1899 2-Jan-1986 w/o Henry F.
Konesheck Henry Fritz 21 Oct 1894 14-May-1969 WWI USAflag
Konesheck Irene 7-Dec-1934 7-Dec-1934 d/o August & Erna
Konesheck Keith Elgien 29-Sep-1964 15-Dec-1964 s/o Elgien & Esther
Konesheck Tonie Bernshausen 24 Dec 1881 20-Jun-1977 w/o Albert
Konesheck Viola Mae Loehr 2-Jun-1928 12-Dec-2011 w/o Walter H.
Konesheck Walter Henry 14-Jul-1925 27-Jun-1994 h/o Viola M.
Konesheck Willie 12 May 1888 1-Mar-1948 1st h/o Hedwig K. Meier
Kopecky Ennis 31-Aug-1910 28-Sep-1983 WWIIUSAflagh/o Mollie J.
Kopecky Mollie Jurica 8-Jul-1921 21-Jan-2012 w/o Ennis
Koy August Dick 29 Jul 1884 16-Apr-1944 w/o Emma M.
Koy Billy Charles 4-Apr-1927 29-Jan-2007 WWIIUSAflag
Koy Cynthia Anne 27-Nov-1953 27-Feb-1990 .
Koy Douglas Julius 23-Sep-1922 29-Sep-2001 WWIIUSAflag h/o Louise M.
Koy Edward 13 Feb 1895 25-May-1958 WWI USAflag h/o Erna R.
Koy Eleanor Blanche 3-Mar-1916 29-Jan-1998 .
Koy Ellie Ida Henrietta Schenkel 12 Feb 1888 13-Dec-1942 w/o Hugo
Koy Emma Marie Buchtien 06 Jul 1884 21-Feb-1947 w/o August D.
Koy Erna Reichardt 24 Oct 1891 31-May-1977 w/o Edward
Koy Eveline Audrey Major 1-Apr-1924 3-Jun-2013 WWII USAflag w/o Frank W.
Koy Frank 08 Mar 1877 6-Jan-1916 h/o Lucille L.
Koy Frank Weldon 9-Jan-1925 28-Dec-2012 WWII USAflag h/o Eveline A.
Koy George 19 Dec 1893 20-Mar-1937 .
Koy George Franz 28 Jul 1869 17-Mar-1917 .
Koy Hilda Emma Spreen 25-Jul-1913 31-Dec-2009 w/o Woodrow H.
Koy Hugo 25 Oct 1881 20-Jan-1959 h/o Ellie I.
Koy Hugo 08 Oct 1897 9-Feb-1966 h/o Vivian E.
Koy Infant Son 17-Dec-1906 21-Dec-1906 s/o Frank & Lucille
Koy John 12 May 1865 12-Sep-1916 h/o Mamie H.
Koy (Louisa) Clara Wilms 20 Apr 1857 27-Mar-1938 w/o Theodore N.
Koy Louise Mary Zigas 8-Mar-1920 5-Nov-1988 w/o Douglas J.
Koy Lucile Lambert 30 Oct 1877 28-Nov-1961 w/o Frank Sr.
Koy Mamie Hintz 29 Feb 1876 5-Mar-1932 w/o John
Koy Mary Jane 22-Sep-1940 22-Sep-1941 .
Koy Newton 23 Jun 1891 17-Mar-1972 .
Koy Richard 18 Feb 1860 21-Jul-1920 h/o Winnie F.
Koy Terry Lance 14-Nov-1947 1-Jun-2018 .
Koy Theodore Nikodemus 15 Sep 1847 31-Mar-1931 h/o L. Clara
Koy Vivian Estelle Hammack 04 Sep 1896 20-May-1972 w/o Hugo
Koy Will 19 Jun 1880 18-Jun-1914 .
Koy Winnie R. Kveton 14 Jul 1874 21-Sep-1959 w/o Richard
Koy Woodrow Hugo 23-Dec-1912 21-Jul-1971 h/o Hilda S.
Koym Louis Elton Reinhardt 16-Apr-1913 15-Feb-2005 h/o Lucille M.
Koym Lucille Meier 2-Sep-1915 17-Sep-2007 w/o Louis E.
Kracke Mary Judith Sartwelle 8-Jun-1938 28-Nov-1997 .
Kramer Fritz 01 Oct 1887 24-Jan-1962 WWI USAflag h/o Lena
Kramer Lena Mesecke 17 Aug 1890 4-Mar-1988 w/o Fritz
Krampitz Caroline Feierabend 16 Dec 1857 11-Mar-1906 w/o Simon
Krampitz Charles David, Sr. 1-Feb-1923 23-Feb-2004 WWII USAflag h/o Mary J.
Krampitz Charles Otto 02 Jun 1859 20-Mar-1941 h/o Lena
Krampitz Clarence Rynold 15-Sep-1923 30-May-1984 Korea USAflag WWII Burial in San Jose, Costa Rica
Krampitz Dorris Alline 1922 1922 .
Krampitz Douglas Wayne 30-Sep-1949 11-Oct-2002 h/o Ranoo
Krampitz Dovie Dora Barry 20 Sep 1894 21-Dec-1960 w/o Frank J., Sr.
Krampitz Frank Jake, Sr. 19 Apr 1892 8-Jun-1987 h/o Dovie
Krampitz Harold Eugene "Bubba" 21-Oct-1925 3-Jul-2022 WWII USAflag obit
Krampitz Lena Walther 31 May 1865 13-May-1931 w/o Charles
Krampitz Louise L. Hintz 2-Feb-1901 13-Jan-1989 w/o Otto A.
Krampitz Mary Joe Kunze 6-Jan-1926 26-Feb-1978 w/o Charles D.
Krampitz Mary Louise Cartwright 4-Oct-1926 10-Jul-2019 .
Krampitz Myrtle Aline Schier 25-Aug-1902 14-Jan-2002 w/o William R.
Krampitz Otto August 12 Apr 1899 25-Nov-1979 h/o Louise L.
Krampitz Ranoo 27-Dec-1949 2-Dec-1975 w/o Douglas W.
Krampitz Simon 07 Nov 1843 5-Dec-1916 h/o Caroline
Krampitz Vilma H. 10-Nov-1945 30-May-1984 Burial in San Jose, Costa Rica
Krampitz Walter Otto 12 Jul 1889 1-Oct-1970 .
Krampitz William Reinhold 2-Jan-1901 4-Jul-1984 h/o Myrtle A.
Krancher Annie Marie Wolter 03 Apr 1889 25-Jan-1963 w/o Charlie
Krancher Charlie 29 Dec 1884 12-Jul-1958 h/o Annie M.
Krancher Hugo John 2-Oct-1910 27-Mar-1974 WWII USAflag h/o Viola O.
Krancher Leslie Fredrick 12-Oct-1916 24-Apr-1955 1st h/o Hilda B.
Krancher Viola Otillie Korenek 30-Jun-1915 5-Feb-1974 w/o Hugo J.
Krause Ernestine Huebner 30 Aug 1864 10-Jan-1943 w/o John
Krause John 07 Sep 1864 2-Jan-1944 h/o Ernestine H.
Krause Weldon James III 22-Nov-2004 22-Nov-2004 .
Kring Frances Merchant 9-Oct-1902 12-Dec-1986 .
Krudwig Howard Clifton 4-Sep-1901 22-Jan-1986 h/o Ruby M.
Krudwig Ruby Myrtle Sims 31-Dec-1906 25-May-1962 w/o Howard C.
Krueger Daniel Albert 12-Aug-1912 31-Mar-1978 h/o Erna C.
Krueger Erna Clara Becker 28-Aug-1915 18-Jul-2003 w/o Daniel A.
Krupala Anna 01 Nov 1871 3-Sep-1943 w/o Paul
Krupala Annie Jurica 17-Mar-1914 8-Jul-2002 w/o Anton
Krupala Anton 20-Oct-1910 2-Apr-1979 h/o Annie J.
Krupala Cecelia Olbrych 22-Nov-1906 2-Apr-2006 w/o Joe
Krupala Charlie Edwin 18-Jun-1929 12-Jan-1954 Korea USAflag
Krupala Clara 8-Nov-1931 19-Sep-1998 .
Krupala Edna Mae Koeppen 15-May-1923 14-Sep-2009 w/o Willie M.
Krupala Emil 12-Mar-1905 5-Jul-1992 h/o Frances O.
Krupala Frances Ondruch 3-May-1906 19-Sep-1988 w/o Emil
Krupala Hattie Annie Janecek 1-Dec-1918 15-Apr-1989 w/o Rudolph
Krupala Joe 4-Nov-1903 10-Jul-1989 h/o Cecelia O.
Krupala Mary 9-Jan-1901 8-Dec-1970 .
Krupala Paul, Sr. 25 May 1863 7-Jan-1941 h/o Anna
Krupala Rudolph 9-Nov-1906 17-Jan-1977 h/o Hattie A.
Krupala Tomas 12 Apr 1866 30-Oct-1934 .
Krupala Tonie 22-Dec-1906 16-Apr-1985 .
Krupala Walter Ladje 20-May-1915 19-Jun-1962 WWII USAflag
Krupala Willie 3-Jan-1927 8-Dec-2007 WWII USAflag h/o Edna M.
Kruse Lillian Annie Zapalka 4-Jan-25 25-Dec-84 w/ Lowman C.
Kruse Lowman Christian 13-Oct-1918 3-Jun-1980 1st h/o Lillian A.
Kubala Frank 03 Oct 1884 10-Mar-1969 h/o Leonora H.
Kubala Leonora Hintz 05 Aug 1896 31 Oct 1892 w/o Frank
Kubricht Ben Douglas 26-Sep-1939 5-Dec-2010 h/o Sally G.
Kubricht Benjamen Paul Fred 28-Sep-1902 6-Jul-1992 h/o Myrtle R.
Kubricht John Kyle 22-May-1959 1-Oct-1997 Army Veteran USAflag
Kubricht Myrtle Ruth Keding 7-Nov-1912 13-Mar-2005 w/o Ben
Kubricht Sally Gail Seyer 11-Dec-1942 14-Dec-1999 1st w/o Ben D.
Kuchara Harold James 10-Feb-1927 3-Oct-1999 WWII USAflag
Kuchara John 17-Mar-1900 24-Oct-1940 1st h/o Gertrude Lux Loehr
Kuchara Louise Lummus 26-Mar-1928 15-Jul-2022 J. G. Lummus Sr. and Myrtle Haley Lummus Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
. . . . .
Kudlacek Albina Krupala 2-Oct-1913 23-Jun-1993 w/o Johnnie L.
Kudlacek Frank Joseph 15-Apr-1915 26-Oct-1987 .
Kudlacek Johnnie Louis 2-Mar-1913 13-Jan-1981 h/o Albina K.
Kuehn Arnold Erwin 20 Nov 1899 19-Mar-1968 h/o Lillie B.
Kuehn Lillie Braesicke 24-Oct-1904 21-Mar-1980 w/o Arnold E.
Kulow Child . . .
Kulow Erna Irene Hassler 9-Nov-1919 8-Jul-1993 w/o Hugo E. A.
Kulow Hugo Emil August 29-Mar-1913 16-Feb-1979 WWII USAflag h/o Erna I.
Kulow Kevin Wayne 2-Nov-1971 4-Apr-2004 .
Kulow Minna Louise Wittenburg 23 Jan 1869 13-Dec-1961 w/o William
Kulow William 13 Sep 1874 6-Oct-1960 h/o Minna L.
Kunkel Bernetta Viola Ludwig 1-Dec-1919 14-Jun-1948 .
Kunze Edward Oscar 07 Nov 1876 3-Feb-1961 h/o May L.
Kunze Emily Florence Russ 14-Feb-1904 30-Jun-1991 .
Kunze Lena Sens Bielefeld 12 Jul 1862 23-Feb-1952 .
Kunze Leo Carol 25-Sep-1901 1-Sep-1928 .
Kunze May L. O'Connor 31 Dec 1878 27-Jul-1965 w/o Edward O.
Kunze Willard Leo 29-Nov-1923 29-Apr-1945 WWII USAflag
Kurtz Alfred 16-Feb-1905 4-Jan-1976 .
Kurtz Annie Remmert 22 Jul 1894 1-Dec-1972 w/o Otto C.
Kurtz Bettye Ebendorf 05 Sep 1895 27-Aug-1987 w/o Louie E.
Kurtz Carolina (Lena) M. Schroeder 02 Mar 1863 5-Mar-1953 w/o Joseph T.
Kurtz Emanuel B. 04 Jan 1869 3-Nov-1924 h/o Lizzie T.
Kurtz Helen Lucile Schroeder 7-Nov-1926 18-Feb-2016 w/o Ollie E.
Kurtz Henry Emanuel 21 Dec 1887 13-Dec-1953 WWI USAflag
Kurtz Joseph T. 02 Dec 1853 30-Mar-1941 h/o Carolina M.
Kurtz Kenneth William 13-Apr-1916 9-May-1992 .
Kurtz Lawrence Roy 21 Dec 1899 21-May-1955 h/o Rose B.
Kurtz Lena 09 Jan 1894 24-Dec-1977 .
Kurtz Lizzie Mary Remmert 14 Dec 1883 6-Jun-1962 w/o William R.
Kurtz Louise "Lizzie" Thomsen 21 Sep 1879 24-Jan-1981 w/o Emanuel B.
Kurtz Louis Edward 14 Sep 1895 11-Feb-1975 h/o Bettye E.
Kurtz Ollie Ervin 13-Nov-1922 18-Sep-1991 WWII USAflag h/o Helen L.
Kurtz Otto Charles 04 Jun 1889 31-Jul-1980 WWI USAflag h/o Annie R.
Kurtz Rosa Belle McCullock 12 Jan 1892 23-Jul-1977 w/o Lawrence R.
Kurtz William Richard 17 Aug 1885 24-Oct-1952 h/o Lizzie M.
Kurtz Wolter F. 1898 1915 .
Kuzell Annie Jecmenek 14 Mar 1899 2-Feb-2001 w/o Joe
Kuzell Joe 17 Jul 1891 9-Jun-1949 h/o Annie J.
Kuzell Marie Cesek 24 Jun 1862 16-Jul-1942 .
Kveton Adella Max Sailer 06 Aug 1897 7-Mar-1991 w/o Jake D., Sr.
Kveton Adolph 27 Oct 1879 16-Mar-1950 h/o Theresa K.
Kveton Albert 23 Apr 1870 22-Jul-1924 h/o Therese S.
Kveton Angelina Manor 22 Apr 1874 1-Dec-1972 w/o Wensel J.
Kveton Elfrieda Amalea Luedecke 6-Jan-1908 1-Dec-2005 w/o Reese C.
Kveton Elizabeth Kersten 12 Apr 1881 20-May-1966 w/o Joseph
Kveton Ella Helena 24 Feb 1880 21-Mar-1970 .
Kveton Emmett 30-Nov-1911 15-Aug-1987 h/o Illian M.
Kveton Forest Wesley "Mutt" 13-Apr-1917 21-Dec-2002 WWII USAflag tombstone
Kveton Gene Dennis 15-Dec-1930 19-Jul-2000 Korea USAflagtombstone
Kveton Helen Ruth Cartwright 17-Mar-1925 4-Jan-2003 w/o Warren R.
Kveton Herman 05 Nov 1896 4-Feb-1983 WWI USAflag h/o Nora U.
Kveton Ida Hillboldt 05 Aug 1861 9-Aug-1948 w/o John
Kveton Illian Mary Kaiser 27-Aug-1913 18-Oct-2006 w/o Emmett
Kveton Ivybell Eckelberg 4-Mar-1910 27-May-1979 w/o William B.
Kveton Jake Dave, Jr. 29-Sep-1921 22-Mar-2015 WWII USAflag h/o Nancy B.
Kveton Jake Dave, Sr. 28 Oct 1889 22-Jan-1971 w/o Adella M.
Kveton James Wesley 10-Sep-1931 17-Jun-1950 .
Kveton Jesse 6-Nov-1908 19-Aug-1932 .
Kveton John 05 Feb 1855 5-Oct-1911 h/o Ida H.
Kveton Joseph 10 Mar 1875 1-Nov-1954 h/o Elizabeth K.
Kveton Julia Clara Loescher 16 Feb 1880 31-Jan-1968 w/o Thomas M.
Kveton Kate 30 Jul 1885 22-Mar-1928 .
Kveton Laurine 25-Dec-1913 12-Jan-1927 .
Kveton Lee 11-Oct-1921 10-Dec-2004 WWII USAflag
Kveton Leo 10-Oct-1901 12-Jun-1976 h/o Magnolia H.
Kveton Magnolia Huber 09 Mar 1898 12-Dec-1991 w/o Leo
Kveton Minnie Dora 30 Jun 1867 22-May-1956 .
Kveton Nancy Beth Gilbreath 30-Nov-1920 16-Jul-2014 w/o Jake D., Jr.
Kveton Nora Uhlig 09 Nov 1892 17-Nov-1958 w/o Herman
Kveton Reese Coleman 8-Oct-1907 31-Oct-1992 h/o Elfrieda A.
Kveton Roy 14-Oct-1918 23-Oct-1975 WWII USAflag
Kveton Rubin 5-Nov-1923 2-Jun-2009 .
Kveton Steven Michael 2-Sep-1952 10-Jan-1953 s/o Warren & Helen
Kveton Theresa Kellner 06 Sep 1879 25-Jul-1978 w/o Adolph
Kveton Therese Sens 13 Jan 1873 19-Oct-1943 w/o Albert
Kveton Thomas Mathew 28 Jun 1873 20-May-1964 h/o Julia C.
Kveton Walter J. 29 Mar 1893 13-Dec-1931 WWIUSAflag
Kveton Warren Ray 11-Oct-1924 2-Sep-2006 WWIIUSAflag h/o Helen R.
Kveton Wensel Joseph 03 Nov 1869 27-May-1937 h/o Angelina M.
Kveton William Bryan 19-Oct-1904 22-Feb-1990 h/o Ivybell E.
Labaj Frank Joseph 15-Jun-1925 6-Apr-1931 s/o James & Sophie
Labaj Infant 1924 1924 s/o James & Sophie
Labaj James 19 Jun 1891 9-Apr-1931 h/o Sophie Kveton
Labaj Walter Jim 9-Jan-1927 6-Apr-1931 s/o James & Sophie
LaGarde (Mary) Louise Stringer 3-Feb-1915 12-May-2015 .
Lambert Betty Adele Moebes 1-Nov-1928 28-Nov-2002 w/o Charles A.
Lambert Charles Amos 5-Dec-1924 1-Apr-1988 WWII USAflagh/o Betty A.
Landers Marvin Dean 5-Oct-1951 24-Dec-2007 .
Lane Lilly V. Hintz 12 Sep 1888 25-Aug-1972 .
Lapcik Joe 13 Mar 1895 11-Oct-1950 WWII USAflag1st h/o Stella H.
Laredo Francisca Amalia Pena 17-Sep-1953 6-Nov-2012 .
Larsen Ben John 25-Nov-1959 23-Aug-2012 .
Lawhon Eugene Clayton, Jr. 19-Aug-1911 4-Jul-1985 h/o Rosalie
Lawhon Eugene Clayton, Sr. 07 Aug 1886 2-Jul-1964 h/o Sarah A.
Lawhon Rosalie Ognoskie 24-Feb-1914 14-Apr-1989 w/o Eugene C., Jr.
Lawhon Sarah Ann Middleton 22 Aug 1891 24-Jun-1981 w/o Eugene C., Sr.
Lay Albert Arlington 21 Oct 1869 11-Apr-1959 h/o Grace E.
Lay Claude Alexander 16 Dec 1898 7-May-1989 h/o Lillie L.
Lay Frank George 27-Sep-1901 27-Mar-1985 h/o Matilda F.
Lay Georgie Boyd Habermacher 31-Jan-1921 6-May-2009 2nd w/o Claude A.
Lay Grace Ethel Love 16 Sep 1879 21-Jan-1963 w/o Albert A.
Lay Infant Son 19-Jan-1931 19-Jan-1931 s/o Tillie & Frank
Lay Lillie Leona Dorris 23-Aug-1900 26-Oct-1925 w/o Claude A.
Lay Matilda "Tillie" Feik 07 Nov 1896 5-Dec-1985 w/o Frank G.
LeBlanc Richard James 16-Nov-1907 14-Apr-1973 h/o Irene J.
LeBlanc Irene Joy Hill 5-Jan-1921 21-Jan-2013 w/o Richard J.
Leenen Arnold Pete 26 Dec 1866 13-Apr-1917 h/o Bertha S.
Leenen Bertha Schubert 24 Dec 1877 13-Dec-1968 w/o Arnold P.
Legere Brandon Michael 1-Jul-1988 4-Nov-1988 .
Legere Clifford Alfred, Jr. 30-Jul-1967 19-May-1990 Army Veteran USAflag
Lemon George Britton 07 Sep 1856 06 Nov 1892 .
Lemonudas Anastasois 3-Oct-1954 18-Feb-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Lepp Albert Frederick 7-Sep-1905 8-Aug-1987 h/o Lillie S.
Lepp Alice Idell 18-Aug-1932 7-Dec-2004 .
Lepp Blanche Lucena Snyder 13-Jul-1904 13-Aug-1999 w/o Elmore G.
Lepp Daniel 26 Jun 1870 2-Aug-1944 h/o Karoline H.
Lepp Elmore George 23-Sep-1900 21-Mar-1970 WWI USAflag h/o Blanche L.
Lepp Karoline Haag 05 Mar 1873 14-Jan-1952 w/o Daniel
Lepp Lillie Sophie Alma Venghaus 3-Sep-1908 19-Nov-2004 w/o Albert F.
Leschper Adolph 19 Aug 1874 4-Apr-1954 h/o Helen A.
Leschper Arthur B. 5-Jul-1908 25-Dec-1941 1st h/o Nonie W. Ilse
Leschper Helen 18-Jan-1903 8-Jun-1981 .
Leschper Helen Augusta Hibbeler 03 May 1874 3-Aug-1940 w/o Adolph
Leschper Judith Faye Wendt 23-Nov-1937 3-Apr-2019 w/o Walter J., Jr.
Leschper Mary Annie Ludwig 19-Jan-1909 14-Nov-2008 w/o Walter J., Sr.
Leschper Walter Edward, Jr. 7-Aug-1935 17-Nov-2014 h/o Judith F.
Leschper Walter John, Sr. 01 Sep 1896 16-Jun-1974 WWI USAflag h/o Mary A.
Leschper Wilbert Gene 5-Aug-1931 22-Jan-2019 KoreaUSAflag
Lesikar Amalie Broz Novak 28 Nov 1895 16-May-1982 w/o John A.
Lesikar John August 31 Mar 1887 14-Apr-1971 WWI USAflag h/o Amalie B.
Lewis Albert 6-Oct-1914 5-May-1961 WWII USAflag
Lewis Carrie Anna Lewis 24 May 1884 12-Mar-1964 w/o Sylvester B.
Lewis Mamie Emma 6-Feb-1912 1-Feb-1986 .
Lewis Sylvester Baxter 23 Dec 1878 11-Mar-1965 h/o Carrie A.
Lilley Anna Maurine Gentry 13-Nov-1952 4-Mar-1989 .
Lilley Minnie Ebendorf 01 Jun 1893 9-Feb-1972 w/o William R.
Lilley William Robert 26 Sep 1894 25-Feb-1976 h/o Minnie E.
Lindeman Mathilda Pauline "Tillie" Hirsch 11 Sep 1897 17-Jan-1936 .
Liner Martha Clara Ellington 29-Oct-1930 22-Oct-2016 w/o William R. Sr.
Liner William Russell, Sr. 8-Feb-1905 9-Mar-1985 h/o Martha C.
Linkey Robert Leroy 19-Jun-1929 20-Jan-1969 WWII USAflag
Litzmann Erna Hulda Hollien 17 Sep 1889 20-Jan-1977 w/o Gus D.
Litzmann Gus D. 15 Jul 1888 21-Mar-1936 h/o Erna H.
Lockler Betty Ann Turner 30-May-1928 11-Feb-1975 .
Lockwood Fred Mobley 05 Jan 1849 8-Apr-1905 h/o Ida H.
Lockwood Ida Hackbarth 29 Dec 1857 06 Jan 1892 w/o Fred M.
Loehr George Bernard 19-Feb-1901 30-Mar-1989 h/o Nathalie
Loehr Gertrude Johanna Lux 18-Oct-1904 28-Dec-1993 w/o Herman
Loehr Herman 25 Jul 1861 6-Jul-1937 h/o Karolina G.
Loehr Herman 30 Nov 1892 20-Jun-1976 h/o Gertrude J.
Loehr Johnnie Christopher 22 Mar 1899 29-Nov-1976 h/o Leona M.
Loehr Karolina Garling 28 Aug 1865 15-May-1930 w/o Herman
Loehr Leona Marie Hintz 31-Jan-1903 10-Aug-1968 w/o Johnnie C.
Loehr Louise M. Luhn 10 Apr 1878 16-Jul-1973 w/o William J.
Loehr Mary Ognoskie 11-Jan-1908 26-May-1987 w/o William H.
Loehr Max Henry 31 Jan 1887 16-Jan-1961 h/o Tillie B.
Loehr Nathalie Hintz 31-Jan-1903 3-Nov-1963 w/o George B.
Loehr Otto Joe 25 Jul 1898 3-Jan-1919 .
Loehr Tillie Brosig 08 Feb 1884 17-Jan-1968 w/o Max H.
Loehr William Herman 26-Jun-1904 27-Jan-1974 h/o Mary O.
Loehr William Joe 18 Apr 1876 30-Apr-1961 h/o Louise M.
Loescher Adolph Lawrence 20 Sep 1887 25-Apr-1973 WWI USAflagh/o Hallie C.
Loescher Bessie Lee Ross 03 Mar 1887 12-Oct-1975 .
Loescher Charles Anton, Sr. 23 Dec 1847 25-Mar-1929 h/o Mary F.
Loescher Charlie Anton 20 Feb 1891 1-Aug-1964 h/o Rosa H.
Loescher Doris Pearl 17-Apr-1928 3-Dec-1945 .
Loescher Frank Blondeau 28 Nov 1895 5-Oct-1989 WWI USAflagh/o Minnie A.
Loescher Hallie Corrine Cole 26 Dec 1895 3-Mar-1984 w/o Adolph L.
Loescher Infant 16-Jul-1922 16-Jul-1922 .
Loescher Louis Theodore 21 Jun 1872 13-Nov-1940 h/o Sophie A.
Loescher Major 21-Dec-1907 11-Dec-1983 .
Loescher Mary Philomena Blondeau 28 Oct 1851 13-Jun-1935 w/o Charles A., Sr.
Loescher Minnie Agnes Diestel 31 Sep 1894 8-Apr-1961 w/o Frank B.
Loescher Rosa M. Diestel 16 Mar 1891 3-Mar-1986 w/o Charlie A.
Loescher Sophie Ann Urbanscheck 16 May 1888 6-Sep-1978 w/o Louis T.
Loescher Vernon Roy 21-Mar-1927 12-Feb-1951 WWII USAflag
Looper Nata Elizabeth Phillips 22 Sep 1886 23-Jan-1953 .
Lopez Francisco 28-Jul-2017 7-Sep-2017 .
Lopez Maria Guadalupe Malagon 6-May-1975 20-Aug-2011 .
Love George Sherman, M.D. 27 Apr 1849 . Uncle of Grace Love Lay
Lowe Eleanor 1902 1906 .
Lowe W. J. 1859 1918 .
Lowe Willard Hearon 26 Jan 1894 13-Sep-1940 NO MARKER
Luca Hajdin 9-May-1934 10-Aug-2012 h/o Zoje
Luca Zoje Limani 6-May-1938 28-Jun-2017 w/o Hajdin
Lucas Hazel Dell Byrd 26-Oct-1927 19-Dec-2020 Schmidt Funeral Home
Ludwig Anton 03 Dec 1850 29-Jun-1918 h/o Carolina R.
Ludwig Carolina Roloff 17 Jun 1850 14-Sep-1936 w/o Anton
Ludwig Charles Joseph 12 Dec 1890 29-Aug-1975 WWI USAflag h/o Gertrude W.
Ludwig Emil 16 Nov 1892 7-Nov-1973 h/o Lydia J.
Ludwig Frank 26 Mar 1875 29-Nov-1935 .
Ludwig Gertrude Wilhelmina Hoff 22 Aug 1898 17-Jan-1975 w/o Charles J.
Ludwig Lillie Marie Schubert 4-Jul-1908 28-Sep-1999 w/o Paul K.
Ludwig Lydia Johanna Dorothea Hinze 26 Mar 1894 31-Mar-1979 w/o Emil
Ludwig Paul Karl 22-Aug-1906 18-Apr-1994 h/o Lillie M.
Luedecke Alfred Roman 23-Feb-1909 9-Mar-1993 h/o Lizzie G. & Elsie H.
Luedecke Betty Lucille Frank 20-Aug-1931 26-May-2015 w/o Earl C.
Luedecke Carla Ann Thompson 9-Sep-1951 17-Jun-2000 w/o William H.
Luedecke Christian August 09 Mar 1877 4-Aug-1969 h/o Emelea
Luedecke Earl Charles 25-Mar-1929 26-Jan-2001 Korea USAflag h/o Betty L.
Luedecke Edgar Ellison 18-Oct-1901 27-Sep-1966 h/o Myrtle D.
Luedecke Elsie Hermine Dittmar Hinze 7-Aug-1908 25-Oct-1994 w/o W. Hinze & Alfred Luedecke
Luedecke Emelea Bischoff 01 Sep 1885 15-Jan-1968 w/o Christian A.
Luedecke Esther Reibenstein 21-Dec-1927 20-Oct-2019 w/o Hilton H.
Luedecke Fredrich 28 Feb 1872 15-Jun-1943 h/o Mollie V.
Luedecke Henry Ferdinand 13 Aug 1879 7-Sep-1973 h/o Julia W.
Luedecke Hilton Henry 25-Jun-1914 18-Nov-1984 WWII USAflagh/o Esther R.
Luedecke Julia Weber 19 Jun 1875 28-Apr-1958 w/o Henry F.
Luedecke Lizzie Garling 18-May-1910 22-Jun-1982 1st w/o Alfred R.
Luedecke Mollie (Amalia) Vick 10 Jun 1872 7-Oct-1914 w/o Fredrich
Luedecke Myrtle D. Kveton 15-Apr-1909 10-Jun-1993 w/o Edgar E.
Luedecke Verne Lee 26-Jan-1933 2-Dec-1952 .
Luedecke William Henry 27-Jul-1944 24-Jun-1990 Vietnam USAflagh/o Carla A.
Luedke Marie Wienke Brune 09 Feb 1867 10-Jun-1967 w/o Fritz (New Ulm) & Otto O.
Luedke Otto O. 04 Sep 1860 9-Jan-1951 2nd h/o Marie B.
Luhn Benjamin Roland 4-Dec-1901 19-Jan-1972 h/o B. Pearl
Luhn (Blanchie) Pearl L. 21-Dec-1909 8-Jun-1987 w/o Benjamin R.
Luhn Charles Otto 31 Jan 1844 25-Jan-1920 CSA USAflag
Luhn Clara Helene Engelking 04 Oct 1874 29-Oct-1940 w/o Conrad C.
Luhn Conrad Charles 12 Jun 1878 16-Nov-1955 h/o Clara H.
Luhn Frederick Phillip 28 Jun 1880 26-Jul-1963 h/o Netty L.
Luhn Netty Lou Mabry 07 Sep 1880 23-Feb-1963 w/o Frederick P.
Lukas Anna Nov 1856 Apr 1924 w/o Paul
Lukas John 18 Nov 1888 16-Oct-1959 WWI USAflag
Lukas Paul 18 Oct 1855 17-Feb-1937 h/o Anna
Lukas Teresie 01 Sep 1886 23-Sep-1957 .
Lummus Bob William 22-Aug-1930 8-Jun-2009 Korea USAflag
Lummus Dorothy Lee Krampitz 10-Oct-1925 31-Oct-1988 w/o Joseph G., Jr.
Lummus Janie Marie Lively 28-Jul-1927 31-May-1954 .
Lummus Joseph Goree, Jr. 23-Mar-1923 10-Jul-1983 WWII USAflag h/o Dorothy L.
Lummus Joseph Goree, Sr. 08 Sep 1894 10-Nov-1955 WWI USAflagh/o Myrtle I.
Lummus Myrtle Inez Haley 05 Oct 1898 7-Nov-1983 w/o Joseph G.
Luther Clara Lockwood 1878 1914 .
Lux Bertha Ludwina Frohner 27 Aug 1831 30-Mar-1913 w/o Joseph, Sr.
Lux Eddie Ray 28-Jul-1933 11-Nov-2012 h/o Eva Nell
Lux Edwin 15-Jan-1908 28-Aug-1997 h/o Elsie G.
Lux Elsie Goebel 4-Jun-1909 10-Aug-1994 w/o Edwin
Lux Eva Nell Garling 17-Aug-1940 2-Aug-2006 w/o Eddie Ray
Lux Leo Ferdinand 24 Dec 1855 9-Feb-1917 h/o Josephine K.
Lux Joseph, Jr. 05 Nov 1861 4-Jan-1942 h/o May H.
Lux Joseph, Sr. 07 Sep 1819 04 Jun 1897 h/o Bertha
Lux Josephine Kveton 28 May 1880 31-Oct-1972 w/o L. Ferdinand
Lux Leo Ferdinand 2-Jun-1909 15-Apr-2001 h/o Rosa L.
Lux May Howard 04 Apr 1865 2-Jan-1916 w/o Joseph, Jr.
Lux Rosa Lee Wienecke 10-Dec-1915 27-Jun-1983 w/o Leo F.
Mabry Nadine Sophie Nentwig 21-Mar-1923 12-Mar-2018 w/o Wilson D., Sr.
Mabry Wilson David, Sr. 7-Feb-1918 2-Jun-1975 WWII USAflagh/o Nadine S.
Mach Leon Emanuel 8-Oct-1906 30-Jun-2002 h/o Leona K. & Adele Zahradnick
Mach Leona Keyser 22-Oct-1922 26-Aug-1975 1st w/o Leon E.
Machala Frank Charles 11-Jan-1911 27-Feb-1989 h/o Mollye M.
Machala Kevin Wayne 26-Dec-1975 24-Sep-2002 .
Machala Mollye Marie Vancik 18-Sep-1919 16-Aug-2009 w/o Frank C.
Macias Francisco Lopez 9-Jul-2017 28-Jul-2017 .
Madden Vernon Marshall 26-Dec-1907 29-Oct-1979 .
Maddox Eleanor "Ellie" Steger 3-Sep-1935 24-Jun-2014 2nd w/of Truman A.
Maddox Truman Albert 30-Sep-1917 19-Mar-2000 WWII USAflag
Maddox Ruby Lois Zahradnick Schavrda 23-Sep-1920 29-Jun-1968 w/o Albert Schavrda, T.A. Maddox
Magill Aaron Winston, Jr. 6-Mar-1917 3-Nov-1999 WWII h/o Margaret G.
Magill Aaron Winston III 8-Jul-1950 3-Nov-1980 .
Magill Jo Ann 8-Aug-1945 8-Aug-1945 .
Magill Margaret Gloria Lummus 8-Nov-1925 18-Jan-2008 w/o Aaron W., Jr.
Magjarevich Daniel 30-Jan-1937 2-Apr-2013 h/o Gladys M.
Magjarevich Gladys Marie Herzik 16-Aug-1942 10-Jan-2008 w/o Daniel
Magruder Evelinah Louisa Dulaney 17 Feb 1817 24 May 1889 w/o Patrick H.
Magruder P. H. (Patrick Henry) 14 Jul 1803 17 Nov 1883 h/o Evelinah L.
Mahaffey Darrion Anthony 8-May-1999 3-Feb-2015 .
Mahnke Edwin Charles 11-Jan-1904 27-Dec-1973 .
Mahnke Ella Mersmann 23 Oct 1888 15-Mar-1959 .
Mahnke Paul Charles 13-Aug-1916 5-Apr-1978 WWII USAflag
Maler Annie 29 Jun 1887 28-Oct-1964 .
Maler Barbara Cernoch 10 Aug 1855 28-Jul-1929 w/o Frank, Sr.
Maler Bernice Dorothy Trettin 16-Jul-1920 27-Sep-1980 w/o Theodore A.
Maler Della Marie Duke 18-Jan-1946 5-Jul-2016 w/o James R.
Maler Edward Lee 27-Sep-1928 30-Mar-1988 Korea USAflag
Maler Frances Anna Gaydosik 30 Dec 1898 22-Jan-1971 w/o Joseph J.
Maler Frances Marie Krupala 12-Jun-1907 19-Jul-1998 w/o George Edwin
Maler Frank, Jr. 22 Jan 1891 25-Apr-1977 .
Maler Frank, Sr. 14 Oct 1848 14-Dec-1907 h/o Barbara C.
Maler George Edwin 2-May-1900 7-Aug-1993 h/o Frances M.
Maler George Eugene 9-Jan-1932 14-Jan-1997 Korea USAflag
Maler James Rogers 2-Apr-1934 22-Feb-2008 Korea USAflagh/o Della M.
Maler John 01 Apr 1896 23-Dec-1980 h/o Marie S.
Maler Joseph Joe 23 Jun 1894 16-Feb-1971 WWI USAflagh/o Frances A.
Maler Marie Surovik 20-Jan-1902 18-Aug-1962 w/o John
Maler Theodore Al 9-Nov-1913 19-Apr-1997 WWII USAflagh/o Bernice D.
Malich Freada Hinze 26 Feb 1893 3-Feb-1984 w/o Fritz
Malich Fritz 05 Mar 1889 12-May-1959 h/o Freada H.
Malich Ida 1886 1895 .
Malich Paul Harry 12 Oct 1890 21-Mar-1961 WWI USAflag
Mamerow H. C. (Henry C.) 15 Sep 1875 10-Dec-1903 .
Mangum Billie Ruth Fisher 21-Sep-1928 23-Aug-2012 w/o Samuel A.
Mangum Samuel Albert 24-Dec-1925 25-Feb-2003 WWII USAflagh/o Billie R.
Mansel Edward Earl 2-Mar-1921 25-Nov-1984 WWII USAflag
Mantzel Carl Julius 9-Jul-1915 29-Sep-1978 .
Mantzel Charles 19 Apr 1878 8-Feb-1947 h/o Ernestine L.
Mantzel Ernestine Louise Engelking 11 May 1884 28-Mar-1959 w/o Charles
Marburger Elo Alfred 21 Oct 1892 17-Dec-1979 h/o Emily H.
Marburger Emily Hartmann 29-Jul-1900 10-Dec-1990 w/o Elo A.
Marburger Leroy 20-Nov-1926 6-Jul-1995 WWII USAflag
Marburger Viola Selma Clara 13-Jan-1924 14-Jan-1980 .
Marcak Marie 27 Jan 1827 29 Apr 1889 .
Marcum John 3-May-1911 25-Apr-1974 WWII USAflag1st h/o Mary Ware
Mares Frantiska Schiller 20 Jun 1869 15-Jun-1911 1st w/o Frank F. Maresh
Mares Mark F. . . .
Maresh Frank F. 08 Feb 1868 19-Jul-1942 h/o Frantiska & Mary J. Schiller
Maresh James William 14-Jan-1935 27-Dec-2014 .
Maresh John Frank 28 Oct 1896 21-Mar-1983 WWI USAflagh/o Sophie Z.
Maresh Mary Julia Seda Schiller 14 May 1879 15-Jan-1965 w/o Jan Schiller, Frank Maresh
Maresh Sophie Tonie Hluchan 20-Dec-1905 17-Aug-1984 w/o John F.
Maresh Wilmer John 27-Aug-1925 16-Jan-1999 Korea USAflag
Martin Dorothy Bernice Robertson 23-Mar-1913 4-Aug-1939 .
Martin Dorothy Jeanne Lepp 24-Dec-1926 28-May-1998 w/o H. E.
Martin Graciela Rodriguez 9-Nov-1911 30-Dec-2008 w/o Lorenzo F.
Martin H. E. (Herman Eugene) 30-Oct-1924 9-Mar-1998 WWII USAflag h/o Dorothy J.
Martin Hubard Harrison 06 Oct 1890 01 Jun 1891 .
Martin (Frances) Evelyn Witt 19-Jul-1905 16-Feb-1993 w/o Scott E.
Martin Lorenzo Froilan, M.D. 10-Oct-1910 23-Dec-1998 .
Martin Mary Emma Chancellor 09 Jun 1869 17 Jul 1894 .
Martin Scott Eugene 7-Nov-1904 29-Dec-1986 h/o F. Evelyn
Martinez Anacleto Hernandez 13-Jul-1936 9-Sep-2016 .
Martinez Delfino, Sr. 12-Feb-1927 14-May-2002 h/o Guadalupe D.
Martinez Georgina Samantha 24-Oct-1992 6-Mar-2011 .
Martinez Guadalupe DeLosSantos 7-Jan-1931 31-Mar-2010 w/o Delfino, Sr.
Martinez Johnny Joe 4-May-1965 28-Dec-2002 .
Massey Charles Monroe 13 Nov 1892 3-Nov-1946 h/o Lena B.
Massey Lena Baade 16 Aug 1887 27-Sep-1965 w/o Charles M.
Mata Luis Alberto, Jr. 2-Oct-1993 1-Aug-2016 .
Matejka Ellen Katherine Phenicie 24-Jan-1920 23-Apr-1998 w/o John I.
Matejka John Irvin, Sr. 28-Jun-1920 2-Sep-1980 WWII USAflag h/o Ellen K.
Matthews Claude Preston 31 Aug 1892 9-Jan-1982 WWI USAflag h/o Ruth E.
Matthews Ruth Elizabeth Lloyd 10 Oct 1898 20-Feb-1991 w/o Claude P.
Matula Infant 12-Mar-1914 12-Mar-1914 .
Matyas Frank Ignac 05 Jun 1881 12-Mar-1958 h/o Mathilda S.
Matyas Mathilda Schiller 27 Sep 1882 26-May-1972 w/o Frank I.
Maust Randy Kieth 27-Jan-1953 26-Nov-2006 .
Maxwell Annie Hugh Meadows 27-Jul-1938 13-Oct-2006 .
Maxwell Joseph William 19-Aug-1969 22-Nov-2007 .
Mayeaux Elsie Leah Felcman 31-May-1915 22-Jan-2005 .
McCaghren Marty Don 10-Jul-1953 16-Oct-2012 .
McCarthy John Francis 01 Nov 1858 11-May-1904 .
McClary Agnes Annie Veselka 28-Oct-1929 3-Oct-1997 w/o Leonard R.
McClary Leonard Ray 27-Sep-1916 26-Feb-1996 WWII USAflag h/o Agnes A.
McClellan Grace Viona Fewell 29 Oct 1895 17-Nov-1970 .
McClendon Milton Doyle 13-Apr-1920 25-Feb-2001 WWII USAflag h/o P. Louise
McClendon Prebyl Louise Tennison 6-Feb-1926 8-Sep-2006 w/o Milton
McCoslin Ernest Way 5-Mar-1952 18-Oct-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
McDonald Bordman Compton 06 Sep 1879 6-Nov-1917 1st h/o Mary Vick Portis
McDonald Helen Faye Simmons Noska 11-Apr-1931 14-Apr-1996 .
McDonald Jerry Mae Crisp 1-Mar-1914 29-Jan-2007 .
McElwee Frederick 31-Oct-1903 26-Mar-1986 WWII USAflag h/o Opal A.
McElwee Opal Agnes McJimsey 27-Jan-1905 21-Jul-1987 w/o Frederick
McGrath Ruby Karolina Loehr 12-Mar-1918 8-Nov-1996 .
McLean Eugene Cecil 11-Oct-1918 7-Oct-2002 WWII USAflag
McLeod Acie Leonard 31-Oct-1904 9-Dec-1973 WWII USAflag
McMichael Bennie Jean Smith 5-Jan-1932 31-Jul-2002 .
McMichael Ricky Wayne 8-Aug-1952 3-Aug-1953 .
McRae Melissa Ann Solis 6-Feb-1968 18-Jul-1996 .
Mecham Alma Ruth Crosby 23-Sep-1951 13-Jan-1994 .
Mecklenburg Amelia 1887 1888 .
Mecklenburg Arthur Frederick 19 Jul 1889 11-Oct-1948 .
Mecklenburg Frederick Maria Theodor 26 Feb 1856 2-Jan-1909 h/o Louise J.
Mecklenburg John 1888 1888 .
Mecklenburg Louise John 01 Jul 1862 29-Jun-1941 w/o Frederick M.
Mecklenburg Theodore John 27 Aug 1885 5-Dec-1930 .
Mehillka Llazar "Gjyshi" 25-Apr-1956 22-Jan-2019 .
Meier Adele Brune 08 Nov 1884 13-Jun-1967 w/o Hellmuth W.
Meier Adolph Alvin 28 Jan 1892 17-Jul-1976 WWI USAflag h/o Alma E.
Meier Alma Ewald 19 Jan 1898 28-Jan-1976 w/o Adolph A.
Meier Annie Marie Nentwig 13 Sep 1882 15-Sep-1974 w/o Charlie, Jr.
Meier Carl 27 Sep 1849 10-Feb-1933 h/o Wilhermine K.
Meier Charles John, Jr. 15 Nov 1872 12-Jul-1940 h/o Annie M.
Meier Hedwig Kersten Konesheck 25 Dec 1888 21-Sep-1968 w/o Willie Konesheck
Meier Hellmuth Wilhelm 14 Jul 1882 1-May-1931 h/o Adele B.
Meier Henry Carl, Sr. 13 May 1883 21-Dec-1952 h/o Violet K. & Hilda W.
Meier Hilda Wilhelmine Rudloff 05 Aug 1898 1-Jan-1982 2nd w/o Henry C.
Meier Melvin Adolph 23-Nov-1930 28-Jul-1993 Korea USAflag
Meier Violet Krancher 01 Oct 1882 17-Oct-1928 1st w/o Henry C.
Meier Wilhermine Kulow 18 Mar 1853 20-Jan-1936 w/o Carl
Meloneck Emil 15 Apr 1890 14-Jun-1977 WWI USAflag h/o Norma A.
Meloneck Herman William, Sr. 15 Sep 1898 1-Jan-1967 h/o Lillie M.
Meloneck Lillie Mathilda Leschper 28 Apr 1898 19-Apr-1993 w/o Herman W., Sr.
Meloneck Norma Augusta Beckmann 05 Jul 1895 9-Jun-1969 w/o Emil
Melton Lucy Cochran Bracey 1859 6-Aug-1913 w/o William H.
Melton William Henry 1852 18-Dec-1915 h/o Lucy C.
Melville Fredonia 23 Sep 1887 24 Sep 1887 .
Menke Ernest 1905 1905 .
Menke Ethel Lynn 19 Jul 1896 26-Nov-1972 .
Menke Henry Bernard 16 Oct 1856 10-Sep-1930 h/o Nettie H.
Menke Lillian Carroll 10 Jan 1898 31-Dec-1982 .
Menke Nettie Howard 09 Mar 1871 28-Nov-1949 w/o Henry B.
Menke Thomas Henry 16-Jan-1903 6-Aug-1976 Veteran USAflag
Menke Vivian May 1900 17-Jul-1909 .
Merkel Charlotte Winterfeldt 12 Feb 1838 26 Aug 1896 w/o John
Merkel John H. 14 Jul 1875 7-Oct-1957 NO MARKER
Merkel John W. Nov 1836 26-Dec-1911 h/o Charlotte
Merritt Clarence Arnold 18-Oct-1934 2-Apr-2005 Korea USAflag
Mersmann Charles David, Sr. 08 Nov 1897 9-Jan-1995 h/o Mildred M.
Mersmann Clarence Edward 31-Oct-1931 10-Jul-1993 KoreaUSAflag
Mersmann Flora Engelking 1-Mar-1902 25-Feb-1995 w/o Max F.
Mersmann Max Frank 1-Aug-1900 14-Mar-1966 h/o Flora E.
Mersmann Mildred Mae Mueller 23-Dec-1908 12-Jun-1993 w/o Charles D.
Merten Herbert A. 5-Jun-1903 17-Mar-1918 .
Meyer Alexander Herman 20 Jan 1846 29-May-1904 .
Meyer Debra Annette Harvey 22-Nov-1956 10-Jun-2004 .
Meyer Edwin Joseph 23 Oct 1889 22-May-1967 WWI USAflag h/o Lillie G.
Meyer Fannie O. Weekley 12 Aug 1886 22-Jul-1958 w/o Herman A.
Meyer Frank Joseph 28 Feb 1892 3-Jan-1978 h/o Lillie F.
Meyer Heinrich F. 05 Sep 1851 30-Jul-1924 .
Meyer Herman Alexander 12 Dec 1883 16-Mar-1949 h/o Fannie O.
Meyer Infant Son 2-Sep-1946 2-Sep-1946 .
Meyer Kinch Edward, Sr. 30-Mar-1924 2-Jul-1996 WWII USAflag
Meyer Lillie Fredericka Faist 07 Dec 1898 23-May-1992 w/o Frank J.
Meyer Lillie Georgianna Krause 18 Aug 1898 22-Aug-1980 w/o Edwin J.
Michaelis Edmund Louis 22 May 1890 29-Jan-1973 h/o Nora E.
Michaelis Evelyn Olga Kulow 30-Nov-1922 4-Feb-2014 w/o Luke W.
Michaelis Leroy Walter 31-Aug-1920 14-Aug-2002 WWII USAflag
Michaelis Luke Werner 25-Jul-1915 26-Sep-1990 h/o Evelyn O.
Michaelis Nora Emma Hollien 27 Sep 1891 28-Aug-1980 w/o Edmund L.
Michaels Marvin Merrell 17-Jan-1933 6-Aug-2005 Korea/VietnamUSAflag
Mieth Curtis 20-May-1952 20-May-1952 .
Mieth Emil 2-Mar-1907 25-Jan-1988 h/o Leona L.
Mieth Leona Louise Garling 8-Dec-1912 6-Oct-1986 w/o Emil
Mieth Minnie Doernbraack 07 Oct 1883 17-Oct-1949 .
Mikeska Frank Ted 2-Apr-1901 2-May-1982 h/o Minnie P.
Mikeska Minnie Pauline Bravenec 19-Mar-1902 1-Dec-1977 w/o Frank T.
Miles William Robert, Sr. "Bill" 1-Nov-1952 23-Dec-2019 Schmidt Funeral Home
Miller Ella 04 Mar 1884 22 Jun 1886 .
Miller Henry 14 Apr 1856 21-Nov-1941 2nd h/o Sophie M.
Miller Sharon Lawrence 25-Jul-1946 1-Feb-2000 .
Miller Sophie Meyer Jegust 05 Sep 1857 20-Nov-1927 w/o Franz Jegust; Henry Miller
Mills Thomas Jack, Jr. "Coach" 19-Apr-1954 7-Apr-2015 .
Minar Alice Mae Henneke 25-May-1922 2-Jan-2011 .
Mitchell Virginia "Jennie" Hintz DeNeefe 18 Oct 1883 11-May-1939 w/o Thomas J.; NO MARKER
Moebes Adele Independence Mecklenberg 04 Jul 1895 10-May-1977 w/o Arthur H.
Moebes Arthur III 1941 1941 .
Moebes Arthur Henry 20 Sep 1889 24-Oct-1950 h/o Adele I.
Moebes Arthur William 20-Apr-1922 18-Apr-2006 WWII USAflagh/o Bernice M.
Moebes Bernice Mary Amsler 29-Apr-1918 20-Nov-2011 w/o Arthur W.
Moebes Lambert Frederick 2-Nov-1915 11-Aug-1960 h/o Lillie E.
Moebes Lillie Ellen Wildy 11-May-1914 26-Feb-1996 w/o Lambert F.
Moeckel August F. 23 Apr 1870 16 May 1899 .
Moeckel Ernst (Ernest) 05 Jan 1898 09 Jan 1898 .
Monson John Alfred 10 Nov 1855 20-Sep-1925 .
Monson S. A. 08 Aug 1857 25-Apr-1930 .
Montgomery Myrtle McKinley 12-Sep-1909 2-Oct-2001 w/o William E.
Montgomery William Earl 17-Jun-1904 28-Jul-1987 h/o Myrtle M.
Moody Debbie Irene Price 3-Mar-1956 19-Jul-2018 .
Mooney Ivadell F. Williams Towson 4-Apr-1917 24-Jan-1985 w/o Ernest L. & Sam Mooney
Moore Antonia Kaufhold 03 Jan 1854 18-Jan-1912 w/o Fritz R.
Moore Fritz R. 20 Jun 1846 27-Feb-1928 CSA USAflagh/o Antonia K.
Moore Jesse Henry 05 Aug 1895 6-Feb-1960 WWI USAflag
Morgan Mary Elizabeth Browning 7-Mar-1913 5-Mar-2004 w/o Ralph F.
Morgan Ralph Frederick 26-Nov-1909 25-Oct-1994 WWII USAflagh/o Mary E.
Morris Henry Madison 1824 06 Aug 1890 h/o Katherine A.
Morris Katherine Ann Slate 24 Sep 1836 4-Nov-1918 w/o Henry M.
Morris Samuel Guy 15 Sep 1877 4-Feb-1921 .
Morton Ronald Ray 21-Aug-1954 15-Sep-1954 .
Mosley William 16 Jul 1871 21-Mar-1946 .
Mosley Pascal Ray 2-Jul-1921 3-Jan-2012 WWII USAflag
Mouton Steven Lynn 1-Sep-1952 16-Mar-2015 .
Muehr Ruby B. Small 1-Oct-1909 10-Jul-1998 .
Mueller Bruno T. 28 May 1874 02 Jun 1895 .
Mueller Helene Himly 08 May1877 31-Aug-1923 w/o John A.
Mueller Innes Paul 17-Aug-1911 20-Dec-1981 WWII USAflagh/o Norma N.
Mueller John August 15 May 1866 20-Jul-1958 h/o Helene H.
Mueller Nettie Nancy Lockwood 18 Aug 1879 30-Aug-1958 .
Mueller Norma Nathaleen"Mouci" Balke 5-Jun-1916 20-Feb-2014 w/o Innes P.
Muench Bessie Anna Hall Willis 12 Feb 1885 15-Dec-1972 w/o Edward B.
Muench Edward Benjamin 15 Oct 1881 31-Jul-1968 h/o Bessie A.
Munoz Janet Lee 2-Sep-1972 18-Jul-1978 .
Murphy George May 1876 27-Feb-1927 .
Murphy Susan M. Dawson Jul 1842 21-Dec-1940 .
Murray Audrey Opal Schoonover Valentine 6-Nov-1906 29-Jun-1984 .
Murray Harvey Marcellus 25 May 1898 29-Jan-1900 .
Murray James Henry 05 Jul 1841 06 Jun 1898 h/o Mary L.
Murray Jerrold (Jerry) E. 7-Nov-1939 25-Sep-2021 Obit
Murray Mary Louise Carson 06 Oct 1846 24-Mar-1924 w/o James H.
Necker Arthur Carl 5-Feb-1903 24-Mar-1981 h/o Lorene K.
Necker Arthur James 28-Jan-1939 7-Sep-2002 USMC USAflag
Necker Ida Schulz 06 Jan 1881 4-Jul-1975 w/o Louis H. C.
Necker John Mark 4-Jun-1955 17-Oct-2018 .
Necker Lorene Auguste Clara Konesheck 3-Jan-1911 8-Dec-1985 w/o Arthur C.
Necker Louis Henry Charles 10 Jul 1879 9-Dec-1942 h/o Ida S.
Necker Walter Charles 31-Dec-1901 21-Dec-1963 .
Nelius Ella Hoff 29 Jan 1887 22-Sep-1910 .
Nelson Joseph Clarence 6-Jul-1900 1-Sep-1981 h/o Lucille F.
Nelson Kersti 1835 1919 w/o Mans
Nelson Lucille Fewell 14-Apr-1906 10-May-1977 w/o Joseph C.
Nelson Mans 1840 1900 h/o Kersti
Nentwig Bruno Franklin 6-Apr-1918 10-Jan-1989 WWII USAflag
Nentwig Elfrieda Sophie Brosig 24 Sep 1896 1-Aug-1973 w/o Emil J.
Nentwig Elsie Elizabeth Stolterfoht 31 Aug 1890 5-Sep-1973 w/o Gus L.
Nentwig Emil John, Sr. 31 Mar 1893 4-Dec-1967 h/o Elfrieda S.
Nentwig Ennis Clifton 14-Aug-1918 24-Mar-2005 WWII USAflag h/o E. Ann
Nentwig (Ethel) Ann Duran 21-Nov-1922 15-Nov-1989 w/o Ennis C.
Nentwig Gus Ludwig 04 Apr 1884 7-Apr-1974 h/o Elsie E.
Nentwig Jay Franklin 18-May-1949 5-Nov-2014 .
Nentwig Michael Allen 30-Nov-1946 30-Nov-1946 .
Nentwig Mollie Dee Schanick 2-Aug-1921 16-Apr-2013 .
Nentwig Norma Ernestine 13-Nov-1909 7-Feb-2003 .
Nerger Mathilde Querling Schroeder 30 Nov 1859 10-Jan-1940 w/o Otto L. Schroeder
Netzel Antonia Marie Meier 01 Oct 1887 25-Oct-1984 w/o Edward
Netzel Edward 20 Aug 1879 25-Nov-1949 h/o Antonia M.
Neves Earl 15-Nov-1934 8-Nov-2021 Army Natl. Guard USAflag
Newcom Ora Dell Koy 08 Feb 1899 28-Jun-1986 2nd w/o William J., Jr.
Newcom Pearl Bostick 09 Aug 1869 6-Nov-1931 1st w/o William J., Jr.
Newcom William James, Jr. 08 Oct 1881 21-Jul-1939 h/o Pearl & Ora Dell
Nichols Nettie Marie Schier 23-Feb-1911 2-Apr-1989 w/o Raymond C.
Nichols Raymond Carroll 20-Nov-1909 19-Dec-1998 Navy Veteran; USAflag h/o N. Marie
Nixon Bettie Annie Malich 26 Sep 1885 21-Jul-1972 w/o Henry E.
Nixon Henry Everett 07 May 1883 12-Jun-1948 h/o Bettie A.
Norcross Herbert Allen 5-Sep-1904 5-Jul-1991 h/o Isabel K.
Norcross Isabel Katherine Amthor 22-Sep-1903 27-Jul-1995 w/o Herbert A.
Norman Monte Lee Spinks 22 Oct 1890 9-Jul-1972 .
Norman Sammy Collins 19-Jun-1929 1-Sep-1961 WWII USAflag
Northrup Mary Elizabeth Herpin 31 Jul 1897 8-Apr-1995 .
Nowak Alice 4-Feb-1911 16-Nov-2007 .
Nowak Alvin J. 2-Nov-1914 1-May-1990 WWII USAflag
Nowak Augusta Baade 24 Jan 1860 6-Apr-1932 w/o John H.
Nowak (Frances) Alvina Braden 05 Aug 1877 15-Feb-1945 w/o William J.
Nowak Harry Henry 29 Aug 1899 19-Dec-1967 h/o Mona L.
Nowak Henry 16-Jun-1913 14-Mar-2004 .
Nowak Infant No Dates . .
Nowak John Anton 29 Aug 1891 17-Feb-1952 WWI USAflag
Nowak John H. 12 Jun 1858 16-Oct-1929 h/o Augusta B.
Nowak Mona Louise Kennedy 21-Nov-1902 22-Nov-1986 w/o Harry H.
Nowak William John 02 May 1867 5-Jun-1956 h/o F. Alvina
Null Elizabeth Dorine 7-Aug-1969 26-Jan-2006 .
Oakley Roger Wayne 5-Mar-1957 1-Aug-1981 .
O'Connor Florine Walker 30 Jun 1855 19-Jan-1921 w/o William R., Sr.
O'Connor Gayle Jenette 27-Nov-1936 29-Nov-1936 d/o Henry and Almeda
O'Connor Henry Frost 29 Feb 1888 30-Oct-1942 h/o Naomi M.
O'Connor John Trenton 30 Nov 1872 30-Jul-1939 h/o May B.
O'Connor May Belle Woodall 18-Nov-1974 13-Jan-1944 w/o John T.
O'Connor Naomi McKee 19 Sep 1893 22-Feb-1946 w/o Henry F.
O'Connor Ruth Ivanona McKee 08 Jun 1892 9-Dec-1960 w/o William R., Jr.
O'Connor William Roderick, Jr. 26 Nov 1886 5-May-1957 h/o Ruth I.
O'Connor William Roderick, Sr. 18 Sep 1852 2-Jan-1937 h/o Florine W.
Odom Archie William 04 Aug 1899 27-Oct-1983 h/o Beulah M. & Hattie K.
Odom Beulah Mae Tadlock 8-Feb-1900 26-Sep-1954 1st w/o Archie W.
Odom Hattie Kveton Hillboldt 8-Sep-1905 24-Jul-1968 w/o Waco Hillbolt & Archie Odom
Oke Babatunde Folorunsho 26-Feb-1970 14-May-2005 .
Olbrych Edmond Jerry 2-Jan-1910 27-Sep-1994 h/o Emily S.
Olbrych Emily Sofia Manna 10-Jan-1915 17-Nov-2002 w/o Edmond J.
Oldag Aaron Scott 7-Jan-1985 13-May-1997 .
Oldag Agnes Drozd 26 Dec 1877 29-Jan-1969 w/o Henry
Oldag Al Smith 30-Sep-1928 1-Apr-1995 Korea USAflag h/o Helen S.
Oldag Antonia Buechmann 9-Feb-1906 5-Sep-1980 w/o Joe C.
Oldag Charles 28-Jul-1901 11-Nov-1904 .
Oldag Daniel Moody, Sr. 30-Jan-1927 4-Jun-1998 WWII USAflag
Oldag Emil 12 Aug 1892 27 Jul 1895 .
Oldag Evelyn Hillboldt 8-Jul-1920 1-Jul-1996 w/o Robert L.
Oldag Helen Stewart 28-Sep-1933 26-Jul-2013 w/o Al S.
Oldag Henry 01 Apr 1870 5-Aug-1934 h/o Agnes
Oldag Joachim Charles "Joe" 03 May 1894 7-Jun-1971 WWI USAflag h/o Antonia
Oldag Joachim Heinrich 17 Oct 1830 26-Dec-1913 h/o Marie C.
Oldag John 20 Oct 1879 01 Nov 1898 h/o Rosa R.
Oldag Marie Catharina Schumacher 16 Dec 1836 8-Mar-1926 w/o Joachim H.
Oldag Robert Louis 20-Jul-1920 3-Jan-1983 WWII USAflagh/o Evelyn H.
Oldag Robert Willie 10 Oct 1896 30-Mar-1957 WWI USAflag h/o Vera H.
Oldag Rosa Reck 09 Nov 1867 20-Jul-1908 w/o John
Oldag Vera Hintz 30 Jul 1899 20-Jan-1970 w/o Robert W.
Ondruch Ernest Frank 24-May-1941 14-Aug-2001 Vietnam USAflag
Ondruch Frank R. 5-Oct-1910 20-Jul-1993 h/o Mary J.
Ondruch Mary Alice 24-Jul-1924 7-Apr-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Ondruch Mary Jane Coody 5-Oct-1913 14-Jan-2007 w/o Frank R.
Ongman Margaret Ursula Nelson 27-Mar-1909 5-Jul-2003 .
Orange Boyce Dawson, Sr. 9-Sep-1930 4-Oct-2018 USAflagUSMC Veteran; h/o Florence M.
Orange Florence Mae McElwee 25-Nov-1929 22-Feb-2005 w/o Boyce D.
Orsak Agnes Konarik 05 Jun 1885 12-Jul-1961 w/o Ernest J.
Orsak Albert John 26-Aug-1939 24-Jun-2010 .
Orsak Ernest Jerry 24 Dec 1879 10-Apr-1944 h/o Agnes K.
Ortiz Gloria 16-Mar-1946 14-Feb-2015 .
Overkamp Richelle 16-Jan-1969 16-Jan-1969 .
Owens Billy Ray 12-Mar-1947 1-Dec-2000 .
Owens John Herman 22-Jul-1910 29-Sep-1994 .
Owens Lillie Belle Kuhne 10-Apr-1901 28-Jan-1977 w/o Odell P.
Owens Odell Paul 27-Aug-1904 11-Aug-1970 h/o Lillie B.
. . . . .
Pacher Adelheide Sens 19-Nov-1902 7-Jul-1986 w/o Gustav M.
Pacher Alma Roggemann 12-Feb-1909 14-Apr-1984 w/o Herman G.
Pacher Donald Wayne 16-Mar-1954 30-Sep-2009 .
Pacher George Henry 1-Mar-1905 13-May-1992 h/o Susanna C.
Pacher Gustav Martin 19-Feb-1900 9-Oct-1975 h/o Adelheide S.
Pacher Herman Gottlieb 25-Jun-1907 9-May-2001 h/o Alma R.
Pacher Susanna Charlotte Schubert 1-Jun-1900 8-Jan-1987 w/o George H.
Paden Luther 16-Apr-1935 7-Jul-2021 USAflagNational Guard Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Paden Ruth Kveton 21-Oct.-1935 22-Oct.2021 H.: Luther Paben; P.: Reese & Alfrieda (Luedecke) Kveton
. . . . .
Pagel Albert John, Sr. 3-Jan-1917 12-Oct-1980 WWII USAflag2nd h/o Mary Ware
Palm Alfred K. 15-May-1903 8-Nov-1918 .
Palm Alvin 15-Nov-1911 16-Feb-1928 .
Palm Charles G. 25 May 1879 13-May-1960 h/o Pauline H.
Palm Dora Christine Kulow 28-Feb-1915 18-Mar-1996 w/o Edwin A.
Palm Edwin Adolph 12-Jun-1905 20-Dec-1974 h/o Dora C.
Palm Janice Clarine Pietsch 6-Jul-1939 27-Jul-2013 .
Palm Pauline Heleine Kirschke 27 Jul 1879 11-Nov-1959 w/o Charles G.
Palm Vallie Ruby Kersten 11-Jun-1923 22-Jan-1987 w/o William O.
Palm William Otto 20-Feb-1920 12-Nov-1998 WWII USAflagh/o Vallie R.
Papke Anna . . .
Parcus Correa Pelham 24-Jan-1917 20-Sep-2001 w/o William G.
Parcus William Charles 1-Apr-1942 1-Apr-1942 .
Parcus William Gordon 01 Sep 1898 12-Feb-1966 h/o Correa P.
Park Robert Arnold 16-Jan-1938 5-Feb-1985 Veteran USAflag
Park William Thomas 07 Jan 1881 26-Jan-1960 .
Parker Anna Mary Hunt 2-Aug-1912 31-Oct-1997 .
Parker Kenneth Lowell 24-Nov-1934 17-Aug-2005 KoreaUSAflag
Parker Lydia Emilie Mueller 19-Dec-1902 15-Oct-1979 .
Parker Thomas Alfred 20 Nov 1881 7-Jun-1946 .
Parkin Lucille Anne Trank 11-Aug-1948 13-Sep-2003 .
Patterson Louise Ludwig 16 Oct 1888 22-Feb-1968 w/o Thomas A., Sr.
Patterson Ruth Elaine Bauer 5-Apr-1926 19-Jul-1990 w/o Thomas A., Jr.
Patterson Thomas Alexander, Jr. 1-Dec-1919 25-Feb-2000 WWII USAflag h/o Ruth E.
Patterson Thomas Alexander, Sr. 02 Jul 1883 6-Jul-1954 h/o Louise L.
Paull Henry 12 Aug 1821 01 Aug 1889 h/o Sarah A.
Paull Sarah Ann Ostler 04 Dec 1824 3-Jan-1918 w/o Henry
Pavelka Benjamin V. 23 Apr 1899 3-May-1959 1st h/o Josie Wasicek Schmidt
Pavelka Doris Lee 18-Oct-1926 25-Aug-1933 .
Pavelka Edward John "Eddie" 26 Sep 1893 24-May-1968 h/o Martha L.
Pavelka Elgin Melvin "Zeke" 5-Sep-1927 28-May-2011 WWII USAflag
Pavelka Irwin William 4-Apr-1921 25-Oct-1989 WWII USAflag h/o Lillian L.
Pavelka Leslie Lynn 2-Aug-1935 16-Feb-1991 .
Pavelka Lillian Louise Engelke 16-Jan-1928 22-Jun-1985 w/o Irwin W.
Pavelka Martha Luedke 23 Mar 1893 26-Jul-1987 w/o Eddie J.
Pechanec Annie Katherine 10-Nov-1905 4-May-1983 w/o Charles A.
Pechanec Charles Alois 25-Apr-1917 4-Oct-1996 WWII USAflagh/o Annie K.
Pechanec Emil John 17-Mar-1909 23-Oct-1993 WWII USAflagh/o Mary M.
Pechanec Lola Belle Braesicke 12-Sep-1922 5-Dec-1997 w/o William J.
Pechanec Mary Millie Konarik 20-Feb-1915 26-Dec-1990 w/o Emil J.
Pechanec William John 1-Aug-1922 12-May-1992 WWII USAflagh/o Lola B.
Peek George Francis 27 Mar 1896 23-Feb-1911 .
Pefko Charles Martin 02 May 1873 1-Jul-1941 h/o Marie E.
Pefko Elsie Anna 25-Dec-1904 21-Jun-1914 .
Pefko Marie Elizabeth Piosek 06 Apr 1877 26-Jul-1962 w/o Charles M.
Pefko Paul Albert 16 Nov 1896 3-Nov-1921 .
Perdue Lily Belle Adams 16 Jul 1892 30-Jan-1914 NO MARKER
Perez Oneida Dolores 11-Apr-1926 30-Jul-2022 Obit
Peschel Hazel Dale Shelley 17-Sep-1925 21-Apr-1999 .
Peschel John Edward 18 Jul 1899 19-Aug-1988 h/o Natalie T.
Peschel Natalie Theresa Blaschke 18 Jul 1899 2-Aug-1993 w/o John E.
Peschka Hedwig L.ouise Brast 4-Mar-1906 15-Jan-2002 .
Peters Estal B. 29-Feb-1912 28-Jul-1939 .
Peters Frankie Walter 28-Oct-1934 15-Apr-2016 Army Veteran; USAflag h/o Jean A.
Peters Jean Anette Hintz 4-Feb-1938 19-Oct-2019 w/o Frankie W.
Petru Martin 1715 1830 .
Petrusek Charles M. 19 Feb 1893 25-May-1954 h/o Mathilda F.
Petrusek Edward Emil 13-Oct-1917 27-Apr-1990 WWII USAflag
Petrusek Elizabeth Lois "Betty" Ansel 9-Jul-1924 13-Dec-2007 w/o Erwin A.
Petrusek Erwin Alfred 14-Dec-1923 25-Jun-2010 WWII USAflagh/o Elizabeth L.
Petrusek Frank 22 Mar 1895 1-Apr-1974 h/o Jane S.
Petrusek Johana Chupik 25 Mar 1857 21-Nov-1925 .
Petrusek Johana "Jane" Sabrsula 18 Apr 1895 9-Jan-1994 w/o Frank
Petrusek Joseph 11 Sep 1879 14-May-1950 .
Petrusek Martin 19 Jan 1837 18-Nov-1915 .
Petrusek Mathilda Frances Maresh 14 Feb 1895 1-Jan-1969 w/o Charles M.
Petrusek Thomas 06 Nov 1850 9-Oct-1939 .
Petrusek Wilma Ann 6-Feb-1920 29-Apr-1998 .
Phenicie Frank Edward 23-Feb-1922 31-Oct-1944 WWII USAflag
Phenicie Grace Inez Thomas 02 May 1897 12-Aug-1989 w/o John W.
Phenicie John Wilbur 08 Aug 1897 15-Apr-1974 WWI USAflagh/o Grace I.
Phenicie Mary Jane Weddle 19 Apr 1873 19-Mar-1937 w/o William P.
Phenicie William Paul 27 Dec 1872 17-Nov-1950 h/o Mary J.
Phillips Anna P. Bishop 14 May 1866 02 Nov 1889 1st w/o Robert W. (SFA Cem.)
Phillips Daniel Newton 27 Jan 1876 09 Dec 1886 .
Phillips Eleanor Marion Houseman 27 Feb 1899 5-Oct-1990 w/o Thomas W.
Phillips Elizabeth Bowie 09 May 1838 11-Jan-1923 w/o John H., Sr.
Phillips Emma Louisa Magruder 02 Aug 1854 22-Apr-1945 w/o James
Phillips James 14 Nov 1857 07 Feb 1897 h/o Emma L.
Phillips John, Sr. 08 Jun 1839 21-Aug-1922 h/o Elizabeth
Phillips Leon 29-Jan-1905 28-Feb-1981 h/o Vera M.
Phillips Thomas Wendell 20 Jan 1894 26-Dec-1966 WWI USAflag h/o Eleanor M.
Phillips Vera Mae Kunze 11-May-1914 24-Apr-2005 w/o Leon
Pinette Buck Allen 6-Apr-1913 19-Oct-2002 WWII USAflag h/o Gladys M.
Pinette Gladys Marie Buchtien 19-Oct-1915 4-Feb-2004 w/o Buck A.
Pleasant Joseph Donald "Don" 10-Nov-1932 12-Aug-2021 Korea USAflag
Pleasant Juanita Jacqueline"Jackie" Anderson 15-Mar-1934 28-Jul-2014 .
Pless Adele Julia Wittenburg 07 Feb 1894 9-Jun-1966 w/o Edwin J.
Pless Alfred 18 Mar 1896 18-Mar-1976 WWI USAflag h/o Elizabeth D.
Pless Annie Dierke 18 Sep 1892 25-May-1985 w/o Robert
Pless Ardala Hildebrandt Nolte 21-Feb-1900 17-Jun-1995 w/o Jesse
Pless Bobbie Gene 26-Nov-1937 8-Jul-1944 .
Pless Charlie 20-Nov-1905 10-Aug-1949 h/o Minnie H.
Pless Dave 09 Sep 1897 16 Aug 1877 h/o Lillie S.
Pless Edwin John 20 Oct 1892 3-Sep-1973 h/o Adele J.
Pless Elizabeth Doernbrack 16 Oct 1899 7-Aug-1989 w/o Alfred
Pless Ennis John 16-Feb-1917 20-Mar-1993 WWII USAflagh/o Ethel M.
Pless Ethel Marine Schultz 7-Jul-1923 25-Jul-2011 w/o Ennis J.
Pless Jesse 17 Nov 1899 16-Jun-1969 2nd h/o Ardala H.
Pless Lillie Schroeder 21-Nov-1904 5-Apr-1991 w/o Dave
Pless Marie Sophia Thomsen 09 Feb 1864 4-Sep-1948 w/o Fritz
Pless Marvin Fred 14-Feb-1925 25-Mar-2012 WWII USAflag h/o Mildred L.
Pless Mary Hartmann 8-Mar-1909 24-Aug-1989 w/o Waco
Pless Mildred Lea Kaechele 25-Feb-1926 11-Oct-2017 w/o Marvin F.
Pless Minnie Hartmann 31-Jan-1904 10-Aug-1949 w/o Charlie
Pless Robert 30 Apr 1890 12-Apr-1950 h/o Annie F.
Pless Waco 12-Dec-1901 16-Dec-1970 h/o Mary H.
Pless Waco, Jr. 13-Jul-1929 13-Jul-1929 .
Pless Wilbert Albert 28-Nov-1930 7-Jun-1961 Korea USAflag
Polocek Ammon Nicholas 4-Dec-1901 22-Nov-1970 1st h/o Margaret A. King
Polocek Anton 01 Nov 1873 1-Aug-1957 h/o Mary G.
Polocek Mary Glueck 10 Dec 1875 15-Dec-1936 w/o Anton
Pomikahl Emmett 13-Mar-1925 15-Jul-2007 WWII USAflagh/o Mary K.
Pomikahl Johnnie 13 Aug 1890 30-Dec-1979 h/o Louise W.
Pomikahl Louise Wolchik 25 Jul 1890 13-Dec-1975 w/o Johnnie
Pomikahl Mary Katherine Boatright 10-Oct-1925 28-Sep-2015 w/o Emmett
Portis Charles Addison 10 Jun 1886 29-Jul-1968 h/o M. Daisy
Portis Mary Daisy Vick 03 Mar 1881 3-Jan-1968 w/o Charles A.
Powell John Clarence 07 Dec 1885 30-Nov-1965 h/o Nellie J.
Powell Nellie Jane Barry 09 Aug 1885 3-Apr-1964 w/o John C.
Prause Elsa Julia "Elsie" Engelking 21-Dec-1906 3-Feb-1999 w/o Richard W.
Prause Richard Woodrow 28 Nov 1896 17-Mar-1982 h/o Elsie E.
Preibisch Adolph Henry 12 Nov 1840 13 Jul 1899 h/o Emilie H.
Preibisch Adolph Gustavus 09 Jan 1867 13-Jul-1950 h/o Rosa S. & Marie H.
Preibisch Arnold Adolph "Strany" 27-Jun-1907 31-Dec-1951 h/o Lillie B.
Preibisch Arthur C. 23 Nov 1860 7-Nov-1948 h/o Ella K.
Preibisch Bertha Amthor Wilms 08 Apr 1870 16-May-1957 w/o Oscar
Preibisch Ella Koy 26 Jun 1878 3-Feb-1959 w/o Arthur C.
Preibisch Emilie Haak 20 Apr 1841 3-Jul-1905 w/o Adolph H.
Preibisch Homer Oscar 9-Aug-1908 24-Feb-1996 WWII USAflagh/o Norma E.
Preibisch Landan Arthur 8-Dec-1918 7-Oct-1944 WWII USAflag
Preibisch Lena Emily Hackbarth 18 Jul 1883 4-Jun-1969 w/o Walter W.
Preibisch Lillie Bertha Engelking "Billie" 30-Jun-1906 13-Feb-1979 w/o Arnold A.
Preibisch Marie Helen Kloss 30 Aug 1878 11-Sep-1964 2nd w/o Adolph G.
Preibisch Martha Marie 11-Nov-1946 13-Mar-1947 .
Preibisch Melvin Adolphus 23-Nov-1914 12-Apr-1980 WWII USAflag
Preibisch Norma Elizabeth Viereck 20-Sep-1902 17-Jul-1975 w/o Homer O.
Preibisch Oscar P. 17 May 1871 6-Apr-1928 h/o Bertha
Preibisch Rosa Sass 10 Nov 1870 25-Mar-1904 1st w/o Adolph G.
Preibisch Walter Wilfred 04 Dec 1879 2-Feb-1938 h/o Lena E.
Presley Elma Irene Lannom 13-Mar-1917 12-Dec-1983 w/o George A.
Presley George Allen 29-Aug-1918 22-Apr-1988 h/o E. Irene
Price Gloria Lee Rogers 12-Mar-1933 1-Oct-1969 1st w/o Wendell W.
Price Mary K. Kimball 23 Jan 1866 25-Nov-1911 NO MARKER
Price Wendell Wallace 9-Jun-1927 2-Dec-2007 WWII USAflagh/o Gloria L.
Pulos Arthur Francis 14-May-1920 25-May-2004 WWII USAflagh/o Barbara K. O.
Pulos Barbara Kathleen 20-Nov-1963 9-Oct-2001 .
Pulos Barbara Kathleen O'Brien 19-Apr-1928 8-Feb-1993 w/o Arthur F.
Pults Barbara Louise Harris 12-Dec-1952 24-Aug-2016 .
Putt Joshua Tyler 29-Apr-1992 22-Oct-2015 .
Pyka John 25 Apr 1849 3-Aug-1933 .
. . . . .
Ralph Harriett Sarah Paull 07 Jul 1855 17 Jul 1899 .
Ramm Adele Louise Brast 29 Jul 1891 20-Jun-1972 w/o Emil
Ramm Emil 20 Sep 1891 3-Feb-1952 h/o Adele L.
Ramm Joseph 15 Sep 1877 28-Jul-1956 .
Ramsey Charles Edward 23-Feb-1983 23-Feb-1983 .
Rasche Erna Louise Klopsteck 29-Aug-1906 24-Aug-1979 w/o Henry F., Sr.
Rasche Henry Fred (Fritz), Sr. 03 Jan 1895 15-Feb-1961 WWI h/o Erna L.
Raskey Douglas Basil, Jr. 15-Dec-1959 13-May-2003 USMC Veteran USAflag Find-A-Grave
Ray Clifford G. 12-Jul-1914 28-Dec-1969 WWII; USAflag h/o Etheleder E.
Ray Etheleder E. Ekarius 30-Dec-1918 1-Apr-1975 w/o Clifford G.; NO MARKER
Reagan Patricia Claudine 29-May-1942 13-Mar-1996 .
Reagan Russell Eugene 16-May-1980 1-Jul-2004 .
Reardon M. H. . 03 Sep 1888 .
Reaser D. E. (Delos Elmer) 04 Nov 1851 1-Nov-1907 h/o Mary W.
Reaser Eleanor Hackbarth (Friml) 13 Feb 1887 3-Feb-1981 w/o Floyd N. & Fred Friml
Reaser Floyd Neal 25 Apr 1885 18-Nov-1928 1st h/o Eleanor H.
Reaser Imogene Clara Weeks 12-Sep-1905 22-Aug-1989 w/o Vernon N.
Reaser Lloyd Neal 26 Feb 1884 18-Nov-1928 .
Reaser Mary Wood 14 Mar 1861 8-Oct-1948 w/o D. E.
Reaser Vernon Neal 14-Oct-1906 8-Feb-1994 h/o Imogene C.
Redden Michael Scott 10-Aug-1968 21-Aug-2021 US Army USAflagFind-A-Grave
Reed Pauline L. Nowak 29-Aug-1922 20-Sep-2008 .
Reeder Marguerite Katurah Bowden 25-Aug-1910 5-Nov-2005 .
Reger Adolph Ernst John 08 Oct 1897 9-Jan-1919 .
Reger Bertha Maria Margretha Weishuhn 06 Jan 1858 13-Sep-1938 w/o John N.
Reger John N. 20 Feb 1867 26-May-1919 h/o Bertha W.
Reibenstein Adolph Ernst 03 Jul 1873 14-Jan-1954 h/o Ida M.
Reibenstein Arno 19-Dec-1904 22-Oct-1993 h/o V. Zadie
Reibenstein Bernice Theresa Krause 8-Oct-1926 14-Feb-2020 w/o Leslie
Reibenstein Eddie Adolph 27-Jul-1906 6-Dec-1995 h/o Mary M.
Reibenstein Edmund 16 Oct 1895 3-Aug-1961 WWI USAflag h/o Lodima B.
Reibenstein Edwin 17 Mar 1899 13-Oct-1981 h/o Lillie M.
Reibenstein Ida Meier 20 Feb 1875 1-Dec-1929 w/o Adolph E.
Reibenstein Leslie 10-Oct-1924 27-Nov-1971 WWII USAflagh/o Bernice T.
Reibenstein Lillie Menking 1-Nov-1907 23-Jun-1971 w/o Edwin
Reibenstein Lodima Bertha Wittenburg 13 Sep 1897 15-Apr-1989 w/o Edmund
Reibenstein Mary Maude Worsham 29 Dec 1894 6-Jun-1985 w/o Eddie A.
Reibenstein Venita Zadie Zachas 16-Feb-1909 3-Mar-2006 w/o Arno
Reichardt Kermit William 22-Dec-1910 23-Sep-2004 WWII; USAflagh/o Maydell K.
Reichardt Maydell Kulow 15-Jul-1925 5-Apr-2012 w/o Kermit W.
Reichelt Frieda Annie Clara 27-Sep-1900 23-Aug-1995 .
Reid Carolyn Hillebrand 21-Feb-1929 26-Apr-1984 .
Reinbeck Dorothy Lee Moulton 16-Jan-1918 9-Apr-2009 w/o Jesse B.
Reinbeck Jesse Berne 8-Jul-1918 15-Jul-1986 WWII USAflagh/o Dorothy L.
Reinke Anna Nustedt Stoerner 12 Sep 1884 22-Jul-1972 w/o Martin (Welcome) & Walter F.
Reinke Walter Fritz 15 Jul 1888 9-Apr-1958 h/o Anna H.
Remmert Adolph Fritz 27 Mar 1887 27-May-1962 h/o Edna W.
Remmert Alan Neal 25-Jan-1948 12-Apr-1978 .
Remmert Alphonse Henry 3-Aug-1911 29-Dec-1986 WWII; USAflagh/o Alta L.
Remmert Alta Lee Williams 25-Jan-1901 14-Feb-1983 w/o Alphonse H.
Remmert Alvin Otto 15-Sep-1911 6-Sep-1989 h/o Leona L.
Remmert Bruno Otto Wilhelm 24-Jan-1902 24-Dec-1904 .
Remmert Charlotte Henriette Thielmann 10 Jun 1854 29-May-1918 w/o F. Wilhelm
Remmert Clara Billig 26 Mar 1881 11-Jun-1967 w/o William C.
Remmert Edna Wilhelmine Albert 13 Dec 1888 16-Apr-1977 w/o Adolph F.
Remmert Edwin Louis "Buster" 30-Apr-1918 4-Mar-2019 WWII USAflagh/o Estelle J.
Remmert Emma Hulda Hartmann 23 Jan 1890 19-Dec-1987 w/o Louis H.
Remmert Estelle Jeanette Abel 7-Oct-1926 4-Jan-2019 w/o Edwin L.
Remmert Evelyn Joy Gerhart 11-Mar-1921 4-May-1990 1st w/o Werner F.
Remmert Friedrich Wilhelm 10 Nov 1845 09 Mar 1899 h/o C. Henriette
Remmert Gerhardt Adolph (Jelly) 19-Apr-1913 17-Jun-2010 WWII; USAflag h/o Lillie M.
Remmert Henry August 27 May 1880 8-Aug-1956 .
Remmert Kenneth Lee 5-Sep-1930 18-May-1998 Korea USAflagh/o Sidney D.
Remmert Leona Lucia Meinecke 21-Mar-1911 1-Apr-1996 w/o Alvin O.
Remmert Lillie Mae Gerhart 26-Feb-1919 9-Aug-2016 w/o Gerhardt A.
Remmert Lou Vena "Girlie" 28-Jul-1915 21-Dec-1998 .
Remmert Louis Henry 31 Dec 1884 6-Apr-1960 h/o Emma H.
Remmert Mattie Kurtz 27 Jun 1894 27-Oct-1987 w/o Otto A.
Remmert Mildred Louise Davis 31-May-1910 20-Dec-1987 w/o Otto A.
Remmert Otto Adolph 2-Oct-1906 14-Aug-1991 h/o Mildred L.
Remmert Otto August 28 Aug 1888 12-Jun-1973 WWI USAflag
Remmert Sidney Dell Johnston 9-May-1939 31-Mar-2017 w/o Kenneth L.
Remmert William Christopher 22 May 1877 21-Oct-1955 h/o Clara B.
Rench Edwin Aaron 7-Apr-1902 5-Jan-1973 h/o Estelle E.
Rench Estelle Emeroy Roach 22-Nov-1912 7-Jun-2011 w/o Edwin A.
Reneau Annie R. 01 Nov 1869 03 Nov 1870 d/o Thomas & Annie
Reneau Annie R. Munger 12 Mar 1845 6-Apr-1914 w/o Thomas S.
Reneau James Cleveland 02 Aug 1881 20-Aug-1938 .
Reneau Thomas S. 02 May 1829 02 May 1882 CSA USAflagh/o Annie R.
Reneau Walter William 06 Aug 1877 14-Jan-1932 NO MARKER
Renfroe Mary Ellen Gomez 27-Nov-1950 17-Oct-2013 .
Renken Catherine Spoede 14 Feb 1890 1-Jul-1953 w/o Eddie C.
Renken Eddie Carl 03 Nov 1889 3-Dec-1975 h/o Catherine S.
Rentzch (Anna) Marie Wienecke 18 Feb 1840 29-Dec-1933 w/o Herman (1861 PR)
Resendez Manuel, Sr. 27-Jul-1927 25-Aug-2019 h/o Frances S.
Reynolds Elmina D. 30 Jan 1892 28-Jul-1984 w/o Marvin P.
Reynolds Marvin Pinckney 10-Feb-1907 23-Dec-1990 h/o Elmina D.
Rice James H. 04 Feb 1843 03 Dec 1894 .
Richards Helen Harriett 7-Dec-1900 27-Nov-1986 .
Richardson Kenneth Wayne, Jr. 9-Mar-1957 9-Dec-2007 .
Richter Betty Lou Kelm 27-Nov-1942 7-Jul-2018 w/o Robert M.
Richter Jody Ann Bolten 6-Sep-1975 12-Mar-2005 .
Richter Robert Max 18-Jul-1939 22-May-2019 Vietnam USAflagh/o Betty L.
Ricker Lenore Lester 20 Nov 1894 28-Oct-1979 .
Riley Heather Renee 28-Sep-1989 7-Jan-1991 d/o Ollie & Judy
Rios Laura Avine Wolcik Krampitz 15-Oct-1925 2-Dec-1984 .
Ripper May Ruth Wolcik 15-Sep-1934 8-Jun-2015 .
Ripple Elsie Janis 22-Feb-1906 19-Apr-2005 .
Ripple Evelyn 7-Aug-1909 8-Nov-1913 .
Ripple Harold John 7-Oct-1903 2-Nov-1950 .
Ripple John William 18 Nov 1877 19-Jul-1943 h/o Vera A.
Ripple Vera Agnes Schlapota 05 Jul 1884 12-Jun-1973 w/o John W.
Risinger Gary Wayne, Jr. "Bubba" 20-Apr-1989 4-Jul-1997 .
Rivers Robert Ryan 5-Jan-1953 23-Dec-1995 .
Roberts El Mina Barnard 05 Apr 1844 12-Sep-1906 w/o John D.
Roberts John D. 06 May 1846 09 Sep 1891 h/o El Mina B.
Robertson Catherine Gray 07 Dec 1867 19-Nov-1923 .
Robertson Helen 12-Jan-1909 26-Dec-1910 .
Robertson Joshua 14 Jul 1881 30-Mar-1940 h/o Maude S.
Robertson Mary Margaret Bolin 4-Nov-1914 16-Mar-1991 w/o Sumner D.
Robertson Maude Sessions 12 Jul 1888 28-May-1981 w/o Joshua
Robertson Sumner Daniel, Sr. 29-Mar-1911 4-Jan-1984 h/o Mary M.
Robison Alberta Lillian Lepp 23-Mar-1935 18-Mar-2009 w/o Milburn G.
Robison Milburn Gerald 2-Jun-1925 6-Dec-2014 WWII USAflagh/o Alberta L.
Rodriguez Guillermina 2-May-1907 19-Oct-1986 .
Rodriguez Ramiro, Jr. 20-Sep-1954 30-Nov-2005 .
Rogers Bonnie Lee Spinks 25 Jan 1883 23-Jan-1968 w/o James M.
Rogers Clyde "Mutt" 25-Dec-1913 22-Feb-1983 h/o Gracie K.
Rogers Don Centex 30-Sep-1936 9-Apr-2003 .
Rogers Emily Louise 3-Apr-1913 21-Mar-1985 .
Rogers Gladys Lillie Schroeder 27-Dec-1915 15-Jan-1994 w/o Thurmond J.
Rogers Gracie Kizybelle Nelson 6-Dec-1915 1-Jul-2000 w/o Clyde
Rogers James Madison 08 Oct 1884 4-Feb-1967 h/o Bonnie L.
Rogers Mabel McClain 29-Sep-1913 18-May-2000 .
Rogers Martha Ann Cowling 5-Nov-1935 25-Mar-2011 w/o Raymond W.
Rogers Raymond William 14 May 1885 12-Jan-1958 WWII USAflagh/o Martha A.
Rogers T. J. (Thurmond James) 25-Mar-1909 26-May-1985 h/o Gladys L.
Rosales Benjamin Salgado 26-Aug-1986 4-Oct-2006 Iraq USAflag
Rose (Emma) Laura Farrington 22-Feb-1915 26-Apr-2004 w/o William B.
Rose William Barry 3-Sep-1912 25-Jun-1998 h/o E. Laura
Rosenauer Charles 19 Apr 1886 20-Aug-1958 h/o Elise N.
Rosenauer Elise Nollkemper 24 Oct 1888 2-Jun-1961 w/o Charles
Ross Dora Lee Corkill 18-Sep-1917 2-Sep-2001 w/o William L.
Ross Joyce Elaine Loescher 16-Aug-1926 9-Aug-2006 .
Ross Kelli Sue 17-Oct-1967 18-Oct-1967 .
Ross William Lewis "Shorty" 11-Nov-1913 16-Sep-1990 h/o Dora L.
Rosselli Florene Hill 18-Feb-1927 13-Jun-2016 .
Rosser Mamie Gazelle Winningham 01 Mar 1896 29-Apr-1987 w/o M. Frank
Rosser Moses Frank 23-Oct-1904 5-Sep-1983 h/o Mamie G.
Rossler Alfred Leo 14-Nov-1900 12-Oct-1940 .
Rossler Florence Lee Esar 23-Oct-1917 20-Feb-2011 w/o Louis G., Sr.
Rossler John Hans 20 Apr 1876 30-Nov-1948 h/o Sophie C.
Rossler Louis George, Sr. 10-Dec-1901 5-May-1976 h/o Florence L.
Rossler Sophie Christina Schneider 09 Jan 1874 10-Feb-1971 w/o John H.
Rother Helen Marie Cypher 13-Oct-1961 26-Sep-2019 .
Rowe Jordan Scott 25-Sep-1986 9-Dec-2003 .
Rudloff Archer Lee 21-Oct-1921 18-Apr-1994 WWII; USAflagh/o I. Eloise
Rudloff Cheryl Lynn 21-Oct-1951 23-Oct-2016 .
Rudloff Edmund George 07 Feb 1893 18-Jul-1978 h/o Regina J.
Rudloff Edmund Reginald 27-Aug-1924 19-Feb-1994 WWII USAflag h/o M. Frances
Rudloff Emil Gustav 09 Jan 1864 2-May-1914 h/o Wilhelmina F.
Rudloff (Ida) Eloise East 27-Feb-1929 26-Jun-2017 w/o Archer L.
Rudloff Lee Louis 02 Jun 1893 12-Mar-1968 WWI; USAflagh/o Ruby M.
Rudloff (Mary) Frances Fewell 25-Jan-1926 24-Jun-2014 w/o Edmund R.
Rudloff Regina Johanna Rath 09 Jan 1898 27-Dec-1989 w/o Edmund G.
Rudloff Ruby Maranda Hudson 24-Aug-1902 15-Aug-1991 w/o Lee L.
Rudloff Wilhelmina Find 03 Apr 1871 6-Oct-1950 w/o Emil G.
Ruff Charles Hilmar 31 Aug 1833 25 Apr 1892 h/o Irene A.
Ruff Charles Otto 08 Mar 1869 25-Feb-1942 .
Ruff George Roesabrandt 10 Dec 1876 28-Jun-1945 .
Ruff Hellen Annieliza 18-Aug-1903 11-Jun-1904 .
Ruff Irene A. Delacroix Apr 1836 1903 w/o Charles H.
Ruff Irene Delacroix 18 Jul 1873 10-Jul-1933 .
Ruff William Robert 14 Mar 1861 26-Apr-1909 .
Ruffner Elizabeth Mahala Brune 15-Sep-1923 17-May-1968 w/o James R.
Ruffner James Ray 15-Jan-1926 29-Feb-2004 WWII USAflagh/o Elizabeth M.
Rushing Ruth Gonyer 20-Aug-1922 15-Aug-2012 .
Russ Frank, Jr. 4-Jul-1912 12-Sep-1982 WWII USAflag
Russ Vera Kuzell 15 Nov 1881 16-Mar-1956 .
Rychlik Henrietta Wetz 15-Jul-1940 23-Mar-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Ryder Mary E. 14 Sep 1836 29 Jan 1895 .
Rye John Cecil 12-Sep-1903 23-Jul-1983 h/o Wilma E.
Rye Wilma Eunice Woody 28-Jan-1903 25-Jun-1982 w/o John C.
Sailer (Elenora) Fay Kennedy 26 May 1876 17-Nov-1961 w/o Joe C.
Sailer Emil 27 Nov 1896 10 Jun 1899 .
Sailer Emma 10 Jun 1895 17-Nov-1903 .
Sailer Ernestine 25 Oct 1891 18-Nov-1903 .
Sailer Ernestine Emilia Hartman 11 Jan 1865 31-Jan-1945 w/o William
Sailer Harold Arthur "Jack" 14 Sep 1895 21-Jan-1936 WWI USAflag
Sailer Iola Sophie Kveton 03 Dec 1881 22-Apr-1953 w/o Max H.
Sailer Jake Walter 28-Jul-1913 9-Jun-1965 WWII USAflag
Sailer Joe Charles 10 Feb 1872 19-Jun-1959 h/o Elenora F.
Sailer Max Herman 27 Oct 1870 25-Jan-1944 h/o Iola S.
Sailer William 18 Aug 1865 18-Feb-1918 h/o Ernestine E.
Salomon Charles Henry 21 Apr 1857 12-Mar-1911 h/o Minnie B.
Salomon Leona Hackbarth 19 Apr 1899 4-Apr-1996 w/o S. J.
Salomon Minnie Brosig 13 Apr 1858 10-Jun-1934 w/o Charles H.
Salomon Seymour Julius "King" 13 Aug 1896 1-Mar-1983 WWI USAflag h/o Leona H.
Sanders Alma Kluever 10 Aug 1894 13-Aug-1978 w/o Charles H.
Sanders Bertha Lazetta Menke 27 Mar 1860 6-Aug-1950 w/o Christie T.
Sanders Charles Henry 03 Oct 1889 14-Jun-1954 h/o Alma K.
Sanders Chrisopher Thompson "Christie" 30 Jan 1852 18-May-1921 h/o Bertha L.
Sanders Edward Wiley 29 Jan 1885 10 Nov 1885 .
Sanders Harry Oliver 1879 1898 .
Sanders Laneta Grace 1898 1899 .
Sanders Lucy Ann Magruder 06 Sep 1854 16-Apr-1933 w/o Wiley A.
Sanders Theo 1884 1888 .
Sanders Wiley A. Oct 1853 . h/o Lucy A.
Sandlin Blake Anthony 30-Jul-2004 15-Jul-2016 .
Sandlin Collin Ray 3-Sep-2002 15-Jul-2016 .
Sartwelle SR James Dinsmor 26-Mar-1921 15-Mar-2002 WWII USAflag h/o Mary P. Find-A-Grave
Sartwelle JR James Dinsmore 28-Sep-1940 6-Nov-2021 Vietnam USAflag Find-A-Grave
Sartwelle Mary Parker Belk 17-Sep-1919 4-Nov-1992 w/o James D., Sr.
Saxton John Murray 6-Oct-1905 28-Aug-1957 h/o Mary F.
Saxton Mary Frances "Dolly" Foytik 20-Jan-1921 22-Jan-2015 w/o John M.
Scearce Judy 10-Dec-1950 8-Apr-2021 Schmidt Funeral Home
Scearce Richard Lee (Ricky), Jr. 7-Jul-1951 4-May-2012 .
Schaare Bernetha Augusta Beckman 16-Dec-1918 12-May-2002 w/o Leroy H., Sr.
Schaare Doris Ann Krupala 24-Oct-1940 12-Apr-2007 w/o Leroy H., Jr.
Schaare Ella Helene Emma Pfeffer 21 Jan 1896 26-Aug-1990 w/o Theodor, Jr.
Schaare Florine 16-Feb-1934 28-Mar-1934 d/o Theodor & Ella
Schaare Ida Meyer 01 Jun 1865 17-Sep-1933 w/o Theodore C., Sr.
Schaare Karen Sue 26-Jun-1943 3-Mar-2016 .
Schaare Leroy Henry, Jr. 11-Sep-1940 2-Aug-2008 h/o Doris A.
Schaare Leroy Henry, Sr. 27-Sep-1918 27-Jan-1997 h/o Bernetha A.
Schaare Mathilda Henrietta "Tillie" Remmert 19 Feb 1891 8-Jan-1950 w/o Willie
Schaare Theodor, Jr. 01 Nov 1895 12-Jan-1966 WWI USAflagh/o Ella H.
Schaare Theodore C., Sr. 23 May 1860 19-Feb-1943 h/o Ida M.
Schaare Willie 09 Jul 1889 22-Apr-1975 h/o Tillie H.
Schaefer Daniel Rudolph 4-Aug-1926 19-Sep-1990 WWII USAflag h/o Hattie M.
Schaefer Gary John 9-May-1952 18-May-1990 .
Schaefer Hattie Marie Schneider 22-May-1918 1-Oct-2009 w/o Daniel R.
Schaer Carl Ernst 03 Sep 1883 21-Apr-1952 h/o Leonora H.
Schaer Cynthia Gail 3-Dec-1952 30-May-2013 .
Schaer Henry Carl 27-Oct-1924 30-Dec-2009 WWII USAflag h/o Sue M.
Schaer Leonora Henrietta Klopsteck 19 Apr 1892 21-Oct-1988 w/o Carl E.
Schaer Sue Mallicote 6-Jan-1931 27-Aug-1972 w/o Henry
Schaffner Ernest Charles 25-Oct-1903 23-Feb-1944 .
Schaffner Fred Charles 03 Sep 1873 5-Sep-1922 h/o Sophie L.
Schaffner (Gladys) Inez Fagan 26-Jul-1928 2-Feb-2000 w/o Robert H.
Schaffner Robert Henry 11-Jan-1926 1-Oct-1994 WWII USAflagh/o G. Inez
Schaffner Robert Lee 18-Sep-1900 5-Sep-1922 .
Schaffner Sophie L. Kloss 21 Nov 1874 29-Sep-1968 w/o Fred C.
Schavrda Albert E. 18-Mar-1915 17-Nov-1944 1st h/o Ruby Z. Maddox
Schavrda Clanton Wayne 1-Nov-1968 10-Jun-2022 .
Scherbig Marguerite Edwina Jeschke 29-Oct-1913 16-Jul-1985 w/o Otto W.
Scherbig Otto William 29-Oct-1910 29-Mar-1971 h/o Marguerite E.
Schier Anna 11 Feb 1884 15 Jul 1884 .
Schier Annie May 12-Jan-1906 1-Apr-1906 .
Schier Clarence John 19-Jan-1917 30-Aug-2001 WWII; USAflagh/o Marian C.
Schier Elizabeth Thanheiser 07 Dec 1884 6-Feb-1978 w/o Joe F.
Schier Elmore Willie Edwin 19-Dec-1900 25-Aug-1986 h/o Ruth J.
Schier Hulda Doris Kersten 05 Jan 1882 27-May-1964 w/o John C.
Schier Ida Anna 15 Sep 1882 26-Feb-1900 .
Schier Joe Frank 10 May 1880 14-Dec-1966 h/o Elizabeth T.
Schier John Christian 15 Aug 1877 2-Jun-1913 h/o Hulda D.
Schier John Christian III 30-Oct-1965 13-Aug-1992 .
Schier LaVonn Evelyn Jousan 15-Nov-1916 30-May-2016 w/o Oscar E.
Schier Maria Ann Hilmer 04 Sep 1846 09 Nov 1896 .
Schier Marian Claire Koy 15-Dec-1917 4-Dec-1992 WWII USAflagw/o Clarence J.
Schier Olga Caroline Klopsteck 19 Aug 1882 11-Jun-1973 w/o Willie E.
Schier Oscar Edward 18-Nov-1913 27-May-2009 WWII; USAflagh/o LaVonn E.
Schier Ruby Edwina 1907 1913 .
Schier Ruth Jane Hood 15-Jun-1913 22-Dec-2000 w/o Elmore W.
Schier Willie E 20-Nov-1903 20-Nov-1903 .
Schier Willie Edward 25 Dec 1876 18-Dec-1960 h/o Olga C.
Schill Fred 20 Dec 1886 24-Dec-1954 h/o Lola H.
Schill Lola Herman 29 Jan 1892 19-Jan-1939 w/o Fred
Schiller Aldon Edward 27-Mar-1929 14-Nov-1996 Veteran; USAflagh/o Bernice S.
Schiller Anna Marek 21 Jan 1845 1910 w/o John A.
Schiller Bernice Stetenpohl 31-Aug-1934 14-Nov-1996 w/o Aldon E.
Schiller Emily Marie 06 Jan 1872 31-Mar-1954 Burial in George West, Texas
Schiller Frank Ed 02 Apr 1889 1-Jul-1956 h/o Louise K.
Schiller Jan 19 Dec 1875 20-Nov-1912 1st h/o Mary J. Maresh
Schiller John A. 20 Apr 1845 26-Feb-37 h/o Anna
Schiller Joseph H. 18 Aug 1885 23-Jan-1959 h/o Vlasta I.
Schiller Louise Rose Janecek 12 Aug 1894 25-Jun-1985 w/o Frank E.
Schiller Oldriska Luciyye 15 Nov 1897 4-Nov-1900 .
Schiller Rev. John 13 Dec 1867 9-Jun-1953 Burial in George West, Texas
Schiller Ruth Olga 6-Sep-1907 14-Feb-1942 Burial in George West, Texas
Schiller Sidoniye Amalyje 02 Aug 1899 5-Nov-1900 .
Schiller Theresie 26-Mar-1905 11-Jul-1924 .
Schiller Vlasta Isadore Janecek 13 Sep 1898 17-Dec-1978 w/o Joseph H.
Schilling Lawrence "Doc" 3-Feb-1906 31-Dec-1973 WWIIUSAflag
Schindler Annie Jane Willy 05 Mar 1872 12-Jul-1961 w/o Joseph J.
Schindler Irene Willie Bartay 9-Dec-1911 24-Apr-1939 w/o Marvin W., Sr.
Schindler Joseph James 11 Apr 1872 4-Aug-1930 h/o Annie J.
Schindler Marvin Willy, Jr. 24-Sep-1932 31-Mar-1980 Korea USAflag
Schindler Marvin Willy, Sr. 22-Nov-1904 18-Nov-1978 h/o Irene W.
Schindler Sidney Joseph 28 Nov 1896 15-Apr-1930 WWI USAflag
Schley Mary Elizabeth Oldag 17 Sep 1894 21-Jun-1991 w/o William A.
Schley William Albert 10 Oct 1881 2-Apr-1959 h/o Mary E.
Schlittler Herbert Richard 18-Oct-1907 25-May-1991 h/o Mildred J.
Schlittler Mildred Jessie Brannan 19-Dec-1910 14-Sep-1994 w/o Herbert R.
Schluens Katie May Babel 18 Nov 1875 5-Dec-1929 w/o W. J.
Schluens W. J. (William J.) 28 Sep 1868 13-Jun-1934 h/o Katie M.
Schmidt Josephine Pauline Wasicek Pavelka 19-Mar-1900 29-Apr-1980 w/o Benjamin V. Pavelka
Schmiz Anna Solansky Nentwig 20 Oct 1875 14-Mar-1930 w/o Louis A.
Schmiz Louis Adolph, Sr. "Smitty" 03 Sep 1873 18-Apr-1947 2nd h/o Anna S.
Schmoeller Dr. William S. 02 Jan 1856 6-Jul-1917 .
Schneider Aldine Annie Schiller 27-Mar-1929 11-Mar-2005 w/o Walter W.
Schneider Anna M. Thomsen 16 Dec 1886 6-Feb-1954 w/o Paul A.
Schneider Carl B. 12 Aug 1877 8-Oct-1924 .
Schneider Leo 7-Sep-1928 10-Jan-1929 s/o Paul & Anna; NO MARKER
Schneider Paul Adam 25 Jan 1882 1-Mar-1969 h/o Anna M.
Schneider Roy Owen 8-Jan-1948 18-Nov-1994 .
Schneider Walter William 3-Oct-1924 30-Nov-2011 WWII; USAflagh/o Aldine A.
Schroeder Adelle Pinson 27-Nov-1906 19-Aug-1990 w/o Herbert W.
Schroeder Birdie Henrietta Schubert 5-Sep-1912 18-Oct-2000 w/o Ernest
Schroeder Birdie Schluens 24-Jul-1915 24-Feb-1999 w/o Ralph
Schroeder C. A. 24 Jul 1878 18-Dec-1902 .
Schroeder Charles Henry 17 Sep 1866 26-Feb-1949 h/o Melanie B.
Schroeder Charles Wilhelm 26 May 1877 4-Jul-1948 h/o Ella W.
Schroeder Dora 04 Oct 1861 15-Feb-1907 w/o Karl
Schroeder Edmond Louis 20 Sep 1899 24-May-1947 WWII USAflag
Schroeder Edna Bertha Elise Braesicke 25-Jul-1907 23-Nov-1994 w/o Leonard F.
Schroeder Edna Emma Rogers 27-Apr-1907 16-Feb-1965 w/o Reno W.
Schroeder Ella Winnie Stein 12 Jul 1884 30-Mar-1972 w/o Charles W.
Schroeder Ellbertha 27-Dec-1908 4-Apr-1924 .
Schroeder Elvier M. 11-Nov-1911 10-Aug-1994 .
Schroeder Ernest 25-Dec-1908 22-Apr-1996 h/o Birdie H.
Schroeder Eula Mae Norman 2-Feb-1914 30-May-1989 w/o Milam
Schroeder Frederick "Fritz" C. 09 Oct 1897 12-Jul-1968 WWII USAflag
Schroeder Frieda Hintz 25-Jun-1908 26-Jun-1983 w/o Lee F.
Schroeder Herbert William 4-Jun-1904 3-Dec-1985 h/o Adelle P.
Schroeder Irene Lydia Amsler 3-Apr-1913 4-May-1999 w/o Raymond M.
Schroeder Jimmie Lee "Blue" 19-Nov-1938 22-Oct-1999 .
Schroeder Karl 08 Aug 1841 12-Aug-1900 h/o Dora
Schroeder Lee Frank 2-Dec-1902 10-Dec-1987 h/o Frieda H.
Schroeder Leonard Fred 28-Aug-1901 28-Apr-1969 h/o Edna B.
Schroeder Louis Carl 16 Dec 1877 15-Dec-1956 .
Schroeder Melanie Balke 20 Nov 1875 8-Jul-1959 w/o Charles H.
Schroeder Milam 23-Jan-1907 28-Aug-1965 h/o Eula M.
Schroeder Minnie Pless 04 Nov 1879 17-Aug-1945 w/o Paul J.
Schroeder Otto Leopold 07 Sep 1840 16-Jan-1910 1st h/o Mathilde Nerger
Schroeder Paul John 22 Jul 1876 27-Jun-1945 h/o Minnie P.
Schroeder Ralph 12-Mar-1911 10-Nov-1985 h/o Birdie S.
Schroeder Raymond Morris 11-Oct-1909 25-Jun-2003 h/o Irene L.
Schroeder Reno Walter 13-Apr-1905 3-Dec-1953 h/o Edna E.
Schroeder Terry Walter 19-Jan-1991 23-May-2005 .
Schroeder Walter Fred 28 Sep 1889 12-Dec-1950 WWI USAflag
Schubert August, Jr. 28 Mar 1875 17-Jan-1965 .
Schubert Bella 03 Sep 1894 2-Sep-1961 .
Schubert Dora Hoff 10 Apr 1893 11-Nov-1970 w/o Max T.
Schubert Henry 04 Jan 1883 9-Feb-1959 .
Schubert Max Theodore 10 Aug 1885 20-Apr-1971 h/o Dora H.
Schubert Roy Charles 21-Jun-1919 28-Dec-1947 .
Schulke Alice Annie Adele Meloneck 27-Oct-1923 16-Sep-2004 w/o Herman
Schulke Edward Herman, Jr. 7-Dec-1948 7-Jul-1949 .
Schulke Edward Herman, Sr. 8-Jun-1905 12-Feb-1968 h/o Hilda F.
Schulke Elaine Joyce 23-Oct-1940 28-Feb-1941 .
Schulke Herman 11-Mar-1915 1-Aug-2002 WWII USAflag h/o Alice A.
Schulke Hilda Frances Manna 13-Jan-1911 17-Mar-2001 w/o Edward H., Sr.
Schulke Jeanette Lorine 11-Apr-1937 7-Jun-1937 .
Schulke Margaret Louise 17-Feb-1945 22-Aug-1945 .
Schulte Hazel Routh Lay 28-Jun-1915 29-Mar-1982 .
Schultz Albert 01 Nov 1879 26-Apr-1937 h/o Bertha S.
Schultz Bertha Keding 24 Dec 1879 9-Nov-1961 w/o Albert
Schultz Bertha Kollhoff 04 Sep 1898 26-Jan-1919 1st w/o Charles G.
Schultz Charles Gottfried 04 Jun 1887 10-Jan-1971 h/o Bertha K.
Schultz Christian 11 Jun 1851 22-Jan-1917 h/o Maria S.
Schultz Edwin William 6-Nov-1902 16-Jul-1984 h/o Elsie K.
Schultz Elisa 26 Jan 1890 22-Jun-1943 .
Schultz Elsie Kveton 15-Jan-1906 13-Aug-2004 w/o Edwin W.
Schultz Emil 18 Jul 1880 27-Feb-1967 .
Schultz Infant Son 22-Jan-1919 22-Jan-1919 s/o Charles & Bertha
Schultz Maria Salomon 27 Mar 1854 16-Aug-1930 w/o Christian
Schultz Willie 04 May 1885 22-Apr-1962 .
Schulz Minnie Lena Wienecke 14 Sep 1899 24-Aug-2000 w/o Willie H.
Schulz Willie Herman 23 Feb 1891 19-Mar-1962 WWI; hUSAflag/o Minnie L.
Scott Helen Naomi Willard 20-Aug-1906 4-Aug-1982 .
Scott JR James D 5-Oct.-1961 15-Nov.-2021 P.: James & Julie Scott
Scott Oranelle Haynes 19-Dec-1900 3-Jan-1980 .
Scranton Joe, Jr. 22-Aug-1926 27-Apr-2018 WWII USAflagh/o Norris M.
Scranton Norris Mae Anderson 3-Jan-1926 10-Sep-2016 w/o Joe, Jr.
Seals Elizabeth Sloane 16-Jul-1918 4-Aug-2010 w/o James H.
Seals James Harley 10-Sep-1917 19-May-1999 WWII USAflagh/o Elizabeth S.
Sealy Anthony Lynn 25-Jul-1945 13-Sep-2007 .
Sears Sammie Charlene O'Bannon 5-Nov-1928 7-Feb-2020 .
See Eva Nell 21-May-1920 26-Dec-1921 .
See Mildred Beschoner 20 Mar 1870 29-Nov-1962 w/o Adolph
Self Jasper McDonald, Jr. 5-Dec-1919 11-Feb-1961 WWII USAflagNO MARKER
Selman John Robert 24-Jul-1924 6-Jan-2001 WWII USAflagh/o Maggie B.
Selman Maggie Brune 18-Apr-1918 26-May-2013 w/o John R.
Senf Oswald Gus 02 Oct 1892 19-Oct-1929 .
Sens Alice Hassler 6-Sep-1902 20-Sep-1999 w/o Edwin
Sens Arnold 6-Nov-1903 21-Aug-1935 h/o Minnie L.
Sens Arthur 24-Sep-1900 14-Feb-1963 h/o Ivy M.
Sens Bertha Strauss 28 Jan 1880 24-Jul-1963 w/o Willie
Sens Calvin Lee "Sonny" 2-Aug-1930 15-Dec-2019 .
Sens Edgar 16-Jun-1905 11-Jun-1961 .
Sens Edwin 06 Feb 1899 3-Oct-1963 h/o Alice H.
Sens Eliese 03 Jul 1886 3-Aug-1977 .
Sens Erwin Lee 14-Feb-1907 5-May-1973 .
Sens Francis Glueck 29 Jan 1878 26-Mar-1960 w/o Herman, Jr.
Sens Fritz 21 Sep 1869 30-May-1951 h/o Mary K.
Sens Herman, Jr. 13 Jan 1873 17-Feb-1960 h/o Francis G.
Sens Herman, Sr. 22 May 1839 11-Mar-1920 h/o Therese L.
Sens Ivy Mary Huebner 26-Jun-1904 25-Jan-1975 w/o Arthur
Sens Louise Meissner 19 Jan 1883 4-Nov-1971 w/o Otto
Sens Marvie LaRoy 29-Jan-1933 29-Mar-1985 .
Sens Mary Kveton 10 Mar 1873 18-Jul-1948 w/o Fritz
Sens Minnie Lee Liermann 17-May-1907 19-Aug-1938 w/o Arnold
Sens Otto 16 Apr 1882 30-Mar-1956 h/o Louise M.
Sens Therese Leschikar 18 Feb 1843 15-Mar-1925 w/o Herman, Sr.
Sens Willie 21 Mar 1873 16-Jan-1953 h/o Bertha S.
Sessions Homer Oscar 16 Jan 1894 15 Nov 1895 .
Sessions William Moultry 20 Jun 1862 10-Feb-1936 h/o Willie W.
Sessions Willie Mae Coleman 27 Oct 1867 15-Apr-1938 w/o William M.
Severin Arthor 08 Dec 1891 16 Dec 1899 .
Severin August 15 Sep 1898 28-May-1980 h/o Frieda M.
Severin Ervin Julius 31-Oct-1925 4-Sep-1993 WWII USAflag
Severin Frieda Marie Wilhemine Wittenburg 15-Dec-1905 18-Feb-1993 w/o August
Severin Fritz 28 Jan 1890 5-Jun-1981 h/o Martha H.
Severin Joachim Johann Carl 08 Apr 1850 25-Nov-1912 h/o Wilhelminne H.
Severin John August 1-Oct-1926 3-Dec-1945 .
Severin Lena 15 Sep 1886 13-Jan-1904 .
Severin Martha Hacker 26 Jan 1891 4-Jul-1973 w/o Fritz
Severin Mary Zahradnick 14 Jan 1891 4-Mar-1961 2nd w/o Max J.
Severin Max Johann Carl 05 Jan 1881 20-Mar-1967 h/o Minna J., Mary Z.
Severin Minna Jegust 15 Apr 1882 18-Sep-1913 1st w/o Max J.
Severin Monroe 13 Oct 1893 14-Mar-1948 1st h/o Magnolia Klopp
Severin Wilhelminne Henrica Maria Severin 07 Dec 1852 25-Nov-1922 w/o Joachim J.
Seyer (Annie) Pauline Touchstone 12-Jun-1914 5-Sep-1985 w/o Harry R.
Seyer Alvine Annie Hacker 25 Dec 1894 30-May-1990 w/o Felix
Seyer Clinton Waldo 2-Jun-1913 4-Jun-1995 WWII USAflagh/o Lynne L.
Seyer Felix 10 Oct 1894 1-Oct-1956 h/o Alvine A.
Seyer Harry Richard 20-Sep-1911 10-Jul-2006 h/o A. Pauline
Seyer Joseph Richard 28-Nov-1946 5-Feb-2009 .
Seyer Lynne Lulu Baker 23-May-1916 20-Apr-1988 w/o Clinton W.
Seyer Meta Sophia Mueller 10 Nov 1892 31-Mar-1954 w/o Richard E.
Seyer Richard Edward 11 Oct 1889 3-Sep-1960 h/o Meta S.
Seyer Roy Henry 17-Jul-1914 13-Jul-1973 h/o Vivian A.
Seyer Vivian Alberta Turner 15-May-1913 9-Feb-2006 w/o Roy H.
Shafer Clara Bernarda Walters Einkauf 20-Aug-1918 22-Jul-1998 w/o W.L. Einkauf & Thomas R.
Shafer Thomas Raymond 21-Nov-1922 5-Jul-1996 WWII USAflag2nd h/o Clara B.
Shelburne Ben Lester 14 Dec 1895 28-Dec-1987 WWI; h/o Carrie E.
Shelburne Carrie Elizabeth Kleb 27 Nov 1894 3-Feb-1984 w/o Ben L.
Shelburne Clarence Templeton 27 Nov 1880 24-Nov-1951 h/o Frances T.
Shelburne Emma Sailer 26 May 1860 10-Jan-1934 .
Shelburne Ernestine (Erna) Marie Kulow 30-Jan-1901 5-Jul-1990 w/o Micager T., Sr.
Shelburne Frances Theresa Elshick 06 Apr 1884 8-Nov-1969 w/o Clarence T.
Shelburne Hattie Kulow 24 Feb 1898 29-Dec-1928 w/o John P.
Shelburne John Pamplin 29 Mar 1885 9-May-1955 h/o Hattie K.
Shelburne Micager Terry, Jr. 15-May-1918 6-Feb-2004 WWII USAflagh/o Mildred A.
Shelburne Micager Terry, Sr. 21 Oct 1894 6-Dec-1961 WWI USAflagh/o Ernestine M.
Shelburne Mildred Anna Clara Konesheck 11-Sep-1915 24-Sep-2008 w/o Micager T., Jr.
Shelburne Roy 17-Mar-1908 4-May-1967 .
Shepherd Anna Lena Gens 20 Jan 1889 16-Nov-1974 w/o Jacob H.
Shepherd Jacob Husted 27 Dec 1881 15-Aug-1943 h/o Anna L.
Sheppard Kiara "Nikki" Nicole 19-Dec-1993 8-Feb-2022 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Sherbig Gary Dean 2-Jan-1935 20-Jan-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Shields James Albert 20-Sep-1929 15-Feb-2010 Korea USAflag
Shivers Josette Florence Snyder 13 Sep 1890 17-Jun-1966 .
Shivers William Morgan, Jr. 19-Dec-1917 1-Apr-1963 .
Siegert Anna Garling 16 Apr 1877 24-Apr-1968 .
Siegert Minnie C. Schultz 12 Feb 1894 12-Nov-1965 w/o Theodore H.
Siegert Theodore Henry 18 Jul 1889 10-Jun-1962 h/o Minnie C.
Sims Carole Evelyn Jewett 12-Dec-1919 12-Jan-1979 .
Sims Elsie D. Schluenz 28 Aug 1887 15-Apr-1970 w/o Robert T.
Sims Robert Tilden 17 Aug 1875 17-Aug-1928 h/o Elsie D.
Sims Virginia (Jennie) May Coon 01 Apr 1878 11-Aug-1948 .
Sims Wilbur Godfrey 15-Apr-1903 28-Oct-1969 .
Skaggs Erna Louise Iselt 20 Jun 1892 23-Oct-1972 w/o Eugene
Skaggs Eugene 18 Jun 1888 10-Feb-1957 WWI; USAflagh/o Erna L.
Skaggs Hattie Bertha Iselt 15 Oct 1890 12-Feb-1969 w/o Olmir R.
Skaggs Olmir Ray 23 Oct 1886 31-Oct-1958 h/o Hattie B.
Skeen Mary Sophie Ladig 05 Apr 1878 23-Aug-1975 w/o Milton W.
Skeen Milton Wilbur 30 Sep 1873 7-Nov-1910 h/o Mary S.
Skeete Charlotte M. Schroeder 01 May 1874 29-Apr-1959 w/o Henry L.
Skeete Edna Dora Eber 06 Oct 1899 5-Nov-1974 w/o Leon H.
Skeete Henry Leon 02 Aug 1857 18-Jun-1938 h/o Charlotte M.
Skeete Infant Son 06 Nov 1890 16 Nov 1890 s/o H. L. & Irene
Skeete Leon Hines 10-Sep-1900 31-Jul-1976 Army Veteran; USAflagh/o Edna D.
Skeete Sarah Christian Wyeth 11 Feb 1827 16-Dec-1911 .
Skiles Elsie Addie Iselt 17-Feb-1903 27-Jul-1984 .
Skinner F. E. 30 Apr 1869 7-Feb-1907 .
Skrivanek Albina Elsik 24 Oct 1897 28-May-1989 w/o John V.
Skrivanek Emil William 2-Aug-1902 6-Nov-1981 h/o Pauline L.
Skrivanek John Vladislav 22 Nov 1898 5-Dec-1972 h/o Albina E.
Skrivanek Pauline Lena Gajdosik 1-Jun-1909 27-Jan-2008 w/o Emil W.
. . . . .
Sliva Ralph James "Buddy" 13-Jun-1938 13-Jun-2011 .
Sliva Robert 24-Sep-1904 4-Jul-1975 .
Sloan David Craig 27 Jul 1857 26-Oct-1927 h/o Josephine U.
Sloan Infant Son 7-May-1935 8-May-1935 s/o Ralph & Waldine Sloan
Sloan Josephine Underwood 15 Nov 1860 21-Oct-1943 w/o David C.
Sloan Ralph Russell, Sr. 5-Sep-1900 11-Jun-1975 h/o Waldine V.
Sloan Waldine Vandegrift 20-Nov-1904 8-Jan-1992 w/o Ralph R.
Sloane Anna Lou 04 Jul 1895 10-May-1984 .
Sloane Effie Lanora Dial 21 Oct 1898 21-Sep-1964 .
Sloane Jerry Dervin 6-Sep-1919 12-Mar-1999 WWII USAflagh/o Melba M.
Sloane Melba Maxine Thompson 24-Dec-1916 15-Jul-1999 w/o Jerry D.
Small Doris Ruth VonHeeder 2-Jul-1920 26-Sep-2007 w/o Orville M.
Small Orville M. 27-Aug-1916 17-Jul-1990 h/o Doris R.
Smilek Frances Bubella 09 May 1878 28-Sep-1946 w/o Paul
Smilek Jerry James 30-Jan-1920 31-Aug-1943 WWII USAflag
Smilek Paul, Sr. 25 Oct 1867 29-Jul-1938 h/o Frances
Smith Ben Clifford 18-Apr-1907 16-Nov-1966 h/o Vera M.
Smith Emma R. 23 Mar 1856 3-Dec-1925 .
Smith Florence Clara Engelking 12-Dec-1923 5-Mar-1996 w/o John T.
Smith Frank Thomas, Jr., M. D. 11-Sep-1918 10-Nov-1992 WWII USAflagh/o Geraldine I.
Smith Gary Douglas 23-Dec-1944 30-Dec-2018 .
Smith Geraldine Irene Thompson 13-Mar-1923 10-Jun-2012 w/o Frank T.
Smith Harold Huston, Sr. 24-Jan-1911 13-Feb-1979 .
Smith Joan Faye Keding Smith 13-Nov-1942 8-Sep-2018 .
Smith John B. 01 Jan 1856 22-Jul-1928 2nd h/o Sarah E.
Smith John Talbert "Tabby" 1-Aug-1919 25-Sep-1994 WWII USAflag h/o Florence C.
Smith Kathleen 8-Jul-1950 18-Jun-1952 .
Smith Lelia Allison Waldrop 05 Jan 1876 22-Apr-1942 2nd w/o Benjamin F., Sr.
Smith Martha Belle . . .
Smith Romia Jacquelin Rodgers 29-Oct-1907 8-Jul-1992 .
Smith Sarah Elizabeth Blagrave Weaver 20 Oct 1844 7-Jul-1911 w/o John B.
Smith Tommy Ray 31-Oct-1957 18-May-2009 .
Smith Vera Myrtle McAnallen 30-Apr-1904 9-Jan-1990 w/o Ben C.
Smith Willie Mae Hartmann 29-Jan-1940 13-Sep-1990 .
Sneed William Calvin, Jr. 6-Oct-1921 25-May-1974 WWII USAflag1st h/o Joyce Bock
Snowden Lulu Miller 24 Sep 1876 4-Nov-1964 .
Snyder Addye Jousan 07 Mar 1884 27-Oct-1972 w/o Fred W.
Snyder Earl Clifton 29 Sep 1895 12-Apr-1915 .
Snyder Edwin Paul, Sr. 11-Apr-1921 5-Feb-2010 WWII USAflag
Snyder Elizabeth 20-Oct-1902 18-Nov-1942 .
Snyder Elizabeth Evelyn McKenna 15-Aug-1936 7-Mar-2012 .
Snyder Fred W. 20 Oct 1888 30-Jul-1921 h/o Addye J.
Snyder Willa May Tapley 14 May 1866 18-Aug-1909 .
Solamon Mahalay Catherine Gentry 22 Feb 1860 12-Jan-1928 .
Solanska Aloisie (Louisa) 06 Jan 1876 12-Sep-1934 .
Solansky Jan (John), Sr. 25 Mar 1847 12-Jan-1914 h/o Anna M.
Solansky Anna Maler 25 Mar 1853 23-Nov-1917 w/o Jan, Sr.
Soloman Ethel Stidham 05 Oct 1885 14-Jan-1919 .
Soloman Mescal Aubrey 5-Dec-1914 7-Jul-1998 .
Solomon John Wesley 02 Dec 1880 6-Aug-1956 .
Sommermeyer Raymond Valrod 7-Oct-1913 5-Oct-1917 .
Soriano Manuel Guadalupe 9-Oct-1987 27-Jun-2022 Obit
Soto Auerillia Ann Breedlove Wilson 13-Oct-1942 19-Jul-2005 .
Spahn Margaret Ruth Loescher 20-Jul-1911 1-Jun-1999 .
Spangler Henry 28 Apr 1845 29-Nov-1938 h/o Texanna B.
Spangler Texanna B. Dawson 14 Nov 1851 27-Sep-1915 w/o Henry
Spreen Bertha Krampitz 01 Oct 1889 25-Jun-1975 w/o Fritz
Spreen Fritz 21 Jul 1881 22-Aug-1946 h/o Bertha K.
Spurlock Richard Lafayette 05 Nov 1880 26-Apr-1957 .
Sramek Eddie Charles, Jr. 8-Jul-1915 4-May-1980 .
Sramek Edward Charles, Sr. 04 Mar 1885 13-Feb-1938 h/o Frances N.
Sramek Frances Nedbalek 24 Dec 1886 24-Dec-1982 w/o Edward C., Sr.
Sramek Otto Frank 5-Mar-1918 25-Jul-1964 .
Stahl Alma 22-Sep-1908 25-Feb-2006 .
Stahl Alvin William 15 Aug 1872 21-Jan-1965 h/o Emilie S.
Stahl Emilie Sens 17 Jan 1882 5-Feb-1970 w/o Alvin W.
Stahl Ervin 19-Nov-1912 23-May-1998 WWII USAflag
Staley Betty Jo Viereck 11-Jan-1932 11-Jul-1975 .
Stallings Howard Biggs 15 Mary 1893 2-Apr-1945 1st h/o Johnetta Harvey
Standlee Allen Davidson 16-Jul-1925 14-Aug-1991 WWII USAflag h/o Martha L.
Standlee Martha Lee Schwartz 1-Jun-1929 5-Jan-2015 .
Stanford Clifton Lloyd 22-Jan-1912 6-Jul-1968 1st h/o Irma Stewart
Stanford John Thomas, Sr. 22-Sep-1947 25-Mar-2005 .
Stapleton Patsy Roberta Scott 14-Apr-1935 18-May-2007 .
Stark Albert Preston 31 Mar 1862 10-Mar-1956 h/o Nannie A.
Stark Nancy Ann "Nannie" Carrington 19 Dec 1862 2-Nov-1947 w/o Albert P.
Stark Robert Clifton 27-Dec-1920 16-Jun-1985 WWII USAflag
Statema Wallace Scott 14-Oct-1962 9-May-2012 .
Stavely Charlie Elonza 30-Mar-1926 25-Apr-1988 WWII;USAflag h/o Madeen J.
Stavely Madeen Joy Braesicke 19-May-1931 9-Dec-1992 w/o Charlie E.
Steck Adolph Rudolph Wilhelm 26 Mar 1866 27-Apr-1946 h/o Johanna G.
Steck Bertha Henrietta Minna Roehr 11 Feb 1875 21-Jun-1965 w/o William G.
Steck Dennis Edward Henry 24-Aug-1917 13-Sep-1943 WWIIUSAflag
Steck Ernest Christopher 25 Dec 1880 24-Aug-1968 h/o Lillie A.
Steck Eugene William Paul 1-Mar-1922 31-Dec-1981 WWII USAflag
Steck Jenna Lee Jackson 8-Oct-1939 27-Jan-2011 w/o Marcus W., Jr.
Steck Johanna Grossman 09 Mar 1873 5-Sep-1957 w/o Adolph R. W.
Steck Lillie Amsler 09 Nov 1886 16-Feb-1945 w/o Ernest C.
Steck Marcus Edward William, Sr. 07 Oct 1894 24-Dec-1975 WWI USAflag h/o Norma D.
Steck Marcus William, Jr. 12-Oct-1933 22-May-2014 Korea USAflag h/o Jenna L.
Steck Mary Gretchen 17-Feb-1942 21-Feb-2016 .
Steck Norma Dorothy Schroeder 16-May-1903 9-Jul-1987 w/o Marcus E. W., Sr.
Steck Oliver Ernest 3-Aug-1925 11-Jan-2001 h/o Rosalie F.
Steck Rosalie Foytik 24-Mar-1923 29-May-2012 w/o Oliver E.
Steck William Gustav 25 Dec 1868 19-Apr-1960 h/o Bertha H.
Stephenson Agatha Love Apr 1885 . .
Stewart Irma Alma Baumert Stanford 17-Oct-1914 23-Nov-1988 w/o Clifton Stanford
Stickney Eva Lamar Harvey 16 Nov 1869 23-Aug-1909 .
Stickney Eva Lillie 23 Aug 1892 31-Jul-1913 .
Stickney Fred Harvey 24 Feb 1890 25 Oct 1891 .
Stidham Charlotte T. Depay 11 Apr 1858 23-Mar-1943 .
Stidham Evalena Daniels 14 Jul 1872 21-Jul-1960 .
Stock Augusta Mary Jacobs 16 Dec 1875 13-Jan-1971 w/o Joseph A.
Stock Erwin Henry 31-May-1902 1-Sep-1972 h/o Thelma L.
Stock Joseph Anton 07 Jul 1873 26-Apr-1915 h/o Augusta M.
Stock Lucille B. 27-Jun-1911 31-Aug-1929 .
Stock Thelma Lois Calk 24-May-1911 23-Dec-1993 w/o Ervin H.
Stockwell Myron H . . Civil War USAflag
Stockwell Susan Jane Oliver Harvey 01 Apr 1836 8-Mar-1920 .
Stokeld Ada Ann 21 Mar 1873 3-Jun-1947 .
Stokeld Alvina Schiller Damek 09 May 1880 23-Oct-1948 w/o Fred W.
Stokeld Bettie Elizabeth McIntyre 15 Nov 1876 16-Oct-1965 w/o Thomas D., Jr.
Stokeld Elinor Bilton 05 Oct 1838 13-Dec-1924 w/o Thomas D., Sr.
Stokeld Fred William 31 Aug 1875 6-Jan-1929 h/o Alvina
Stokeld Thomas Dent, Jr. 16 Feb 1871 29-Nov-1953 h/o Bettie E.
Stokeld Thomas Dent, Sr. 27 Aug 1834 28-Mar-1921 h/o Elinor B.
Stokely Lester Vaughn "Bob" 9-Oct-1927 1-Nov-1968 WWII USAflag 1st h/o Natalie A.
Stolarski Frank 22-Dec-1900 26-Dec-1983 h/o Mary M.
Stolarski Mary Malinowski 17-Apr-1901 1-Sep-1996 w/o Frank
Stone Betty Jo Lewis 31-May-1931 25-Dec-2013 w/o Clyde M.
Stone Clyde Moore, Jr. 1-Oct-1929 18-Oct-2017 h/o Betty Jo
Stone Frances (Fannie) Vaughan Lockett 31 Jan 1862 17-Jan-1900 w/o Stephen L.
Stone Gary Edward 24-Jul-1963 28-Nov-1999 .
Stone Howard Legon 05 Feb 1887 2-Jul-1908 .
Stratton Frieda Rowena Engelking Vandegrift 16 Jun 1879 21-Sep-1927 .
Strauss Alfred Max Gustav 28-Oct-1913 4-Mar-1995 h/o Clara M.
Strauss Alma Juliane Bertha Bastiann 18 Aug 1893 16-Jul-1969 w/o Emil C.
Strauss Betty Jo Peters 12-Feb-1936 2-Jan-2009 .
Strauss Clara Minna Christine Schneider 21-Jan-1912 18-Jan-1991 w/o Alfred M. G.
Strauss Emil C. 17 Mar 1889 9-Sep-1961 h/o Alma J.
Strauss Ludwig "Louis" 27 Jul 1873 7-Dec-1943 h/o Mary R.
Strauss Maria Rosa "Mary" Meyer 26 Feb 1882 7-Jul-1978 w/o Louis
Strauss Mary Louise Thomsen 15-Dec-1910 5-May-1970 w/o Robert H.
Strauss Robert Henry 2-Oct-1910 16-May-1992 h/o Mary L.
Strauss Robert Lee 10-Apr-1935 7-Feb-2022 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Strokos Beatrice Adela Sisa Zettel 7-Feb-1924 28-Oct-2009 w/o Johnnie C. & Albert Strokos
Stroud Addison Riley 23-Nov-1997 6-Feb-2014 .
Stucky Dixie Dee Benton 11-Oct-1953 22-Jun-2013 .
Stuessel Annie Ernestine Diedrich 01 Dec 1890 12-Aug-1950 w/o Edwin E.
Stuessel Aubrey Gene "Mutt" 30-Oct-1939 13-Sep-1995 .
Stuessel Edwin Eugene 27 Dec 1887 16-Sep-1975 h/o Annie D.
Stuessel Eugene Alphonse 20-Nov-1934 23-Nov-1934 s/o Edwin & Annie
Stuessel Frieda Augusta Krancher 10-Jun-1906 13-Aug-1987 w/o Herbert L.
Stuessel Herbert Louis 24-May-1904 14-May-1987 h/o Frieda A.
Stuessel Nathan Lynn 15-Nov-1944 15-Nov-1944 s/o Orville & Wilma
Sugulas Demetris "Jimmy" Rodgers 21-Dec-1939 16-Jan-2006 .
Summers Mary Louise Koy 13-Aug-1915 27-Sep-1981 .
Surovik Johnnie Alvin 13-Dec-1914 10-Nov-1996 WWII h/o Lillie A.
Surovik Johnnie Wayne 30-Nov-1953 2-Nov-2014 Vietnam
Surovik Lillie Annie Maler 10-Apr-1920 10-Oct-2014 w/o Johnnie A.
Surovik Mildred Wolcik 28-Jun-1911 13-Sep-2001 w/o Willie V.
Surovik Willie Victor 20-Jul-1905 17-Oct-1978 h/o Mildred
Susen Alfred Ladgie 17-Nov-1918 15-Dec-1962 WWII
Susen Douglas Alfred 10-Dec-1953 22-Dec-2000 Vietnam
Susen Emilia M. Pavelka 30 Oct 1893 28-Aug-1977 w/o John C.
Susen John Charles 06 May 1887 1-Oct-1968 h/o Emilia M.
Sutton Cordelia C. 23 Aug 1850 23 Jan 1899 .
Sutton John Calvin 21 Feb 1847 24-May-1916 h/o Sarah C.
Sutton Sarah C. Carson Mar 1844 1-Jul-1909 w/o John C.
Sutton Thomas W. C. 1849 1923 .
Svinky Eddie Charles 23-Apr-1925 13-Feb-2016 .
Svinky Edmund Ray 24-Aug-1945 24-Aug-1945 .
Svinky Rickey Charles 8-Feb-1954 14-Feb-1981 .
Swearingen James Ed "Red" 19-Apr-1913 23-Oct-1982 .
Sweet Arch L. 8-Jul-1930 26-Jul-2007 Korea USAflag
Sweet Kathryn Margaret Briggs 1-Oct-1929 24-May-2022 wife of Arch Obit
Symm Linda Ann Smith 20-Sep-1949 8-Jul-2011 .
Syptak Annie Mathilda Schiller 9-Dec-1910 23-Mar-1961 w/o Milford A.
Syptak Children 26-Feb-1935 27-Feb-1935 c/o Milford & Annie
Syptak Milford Alvin 31-Oct-1912 16-Jul-1990 h/o Annie M.
Syptak Raymond Milford 1-Feb-1935 3-Feb-1935 s/o Milford & Annie
Szymanski Alma Hilgen 10 Jul 1888 8-Apr-1957 w/o John, Jr.
Szymanski John, Jr. 13 Nov 1884 30-May-1962 WWI USAflagh/o Alma H.
Talbot Gertrude Emily 21 Feb 1894 6-Feb-1985 .
Talbot Janet Furman 21-Mar-1921 22-Dec-1983 .
Talbot Kenneth John III "Kenny" 9-Sep-1982 31-Jul-2011 .
Tatar Nicholas Robert 15-Mar-1924 8-May-1995 WWII USAflag
Taylor Danie Ella Keding 12-Sep-1919 31-Oct-1993 w/o Robert C.
Taylor James Lanier 11-Nov-1944 23-Oct-1997 VietnamUSAflag
Taylor Molissia Lorene Moore 13-Mar-1903 29-Nov-1983 .
Taylor Molly Margaret Wegenhoft 15-Oct-1930 30-Sep-2016 w/o William R., Jr.
Taylor Robert Clint 16-Nov-1910 12-Mar-2000 h/o Danie Ella
Taylor William Reginald, Jr. 17-Aug-1930 24-Dec-1994 h/o Molly M.
Tejeda John Arthur, Jr. 29-Apr-1988 3-Feb-2015 .
Terry II Sanoi 6-Jan-1996 7-Mar-2021 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Teubner August Fred 3-Oct-1906 10-Nov-1985 h/o Bernice I.
Teubner Bernice Irene Miller 25-Aug-1906 9-Mar-1991 w/o August F.
Thanheiser Agnes B. Vetter 05 Feb 1860 5-Jun-1930 w/o August T.
Thanheiser August T. 18 Dec 1855 25-Jun-1926 h/o Agnes B.
Theodore Ryan Desmond 19-Apr-1970 14-Mar-2006 .
Theriot Thomas Lonnie 19-Jul-1950 1-May-2010 .
Thielemann Borden James 5-Nov-1942 9-Mar-2013 .
Thielemann George Allen 6-Dec-1938 23-Apr-1961 USMC Veteran USAflag
Thielemann George William 17-Oct-1910 12-Jul-2008 h/o Pauline A.
Thielemann Pauline Ann Klosterhoff 6-May-1918 17-Apr-1994 w/o George W.
Thomas Everett Rue 3-Sep-1925 11-Nov-2000 WWII USAflag h/o Marjorie N.
Thomas Marjorie Nell Sparks 13-Jul-1928 23-Nov-2016 w/o Everett R.
Thomas William Edward 28-Sep-1936 24-May-1951 .
Thompson Bart Alan 11-Apr-1967 5-Jul-2000 .
Thompson Bertha Irene Izard 7-Jun-1903 21-Dec-1994 w/o Henry H.
Thompson Carl Ray, Jr. 10-Dec-1924 31-Dec-1991 WWII USAflag Korea USAflag h/o Mae Fern
Thompson Henry Hiram 03 May 1895 30-Oct-1977 WWI USAflagh/o Bertha I.
Thompson Kristina LeAnne 11-Mar-1983 12-Mar-2020 .
Thompson Mae Fern Hood 24-Feb-1931 7-Oct-2001 w/o Carl Ray, Jr.
Thomsen Adale (Adela) Koepke 12-May-1911 29-Mar-1937 1st w/o Quincy
Thomsen Albert Friedrich 21 Nov 1872 27-May-1962 .
Thomsen Charles John 11 Aug 1876 26-Feb-1966 h/o Emma M.
Thomsen Christian 18 Jan 1851 18-Nov-1916 .
Thomsen Emma Meier 16 Dec 1877 14-Sep-1961 w/o Charles J.
Thomsen Emma Louise Zahradnick 04 Jul 1883 17-Dec-1966 w/o Friedrich W.
Thomsen Friedrich Wilhelm 04 Aug 1878 7-Aug-1949 h/o Emma L.
Thomsen Iola Ella Findeisen 9-Sep-1909 15-Jun-1996 2nd w/o Quincy F.
Thomsen Mary Bell 25-Mar-1937 26-Mar-1937 .
Thomsen Paul Carl 26 Nov 1881 15-Jun-1968 .
Thomsen Quincy Fritz 4-Sep-1905 17-Nov-1997 WWII USAflag h/o Adela K. & Iola E.
Thorer Anna Sager 09 Mar 1851 10-Feb-1936 w/o Otto
Thorer Ernest M. 07 Dec 1873 19-Oct-1949 .
Thorer Otto 28 Feb 1833 19-Feb-1915 h/o Anna S.
Thornton Esther Lou Meyer 16-Apr-1920 13-Feb-2001 w/o William F.
Thornton William Frank 18-Feb-1915 26-May-1997 h/o Esther L.
Tillman Cheslee Briann 11-Dec-1984 10-Nov-2014 .
Tillotson Ethel Eoline Hammack 15 Sep 1892 27-Feb-1967 w/o Leonard
Tillotson Leonard 28 Dec 1863 31-Aug-1931 h/o Ethel E.
Timme Anna Thorer 13 Feb 1875 11-Nov-1957 w/o Albert
Timme Edgar Otto 11-Jul-1900 18-Jan-1987 h/o Georgie M.
Timme Ernest 06 Feb 1898 16 Oct 1899 .
Timme Georgie Marie Amsler 23-Mar-1920 3-Dec-2000 w/o Edgar O.
Tinelli Mary Patricia 15-Feb-1942 1-Jun-2007 .
Tipp Alice Kveton 4-Sep-1903 7-Oct-1997 w/o Max J.
Tipp Barbara Ann Chavers 5-Sep-1942 31-Mar-1998 .
Tipp Delmer "Dick" 12-Jul-1934 31-Jul-2011 Army Veteran USAflag
Tipp Dorothy Lee Moore 31-Oct-1927 22-Dec-2010 w/o Leaburn
Tipp Frank Andrew 31-Jan-1901 25-Aug-1990 h/o Louise S.
Tipp Harvey 16-Sep-1930 20-Jun-1985 Korea USAflag
Tipp Leaburn Lewis Frank 21-Nov-1925 11-Sep-2007 WWII USAflag h/o Dorothy
Tipp Louise Sophie Dernehl 9-Mar-1906 17-Oct-1971 w/o Frank A.
Tipp Max Jacob 23-Oct-1902 16-Oct-1982 h/o Alice K.
Tipton Carrie Louise Patton 14-Dec-1904 21-May-1977 w/o Joseph F., Sr.
Tipton Joseph Brack 3-Apr-1924 16-Apr-1968 WWII USAflag 1st h/o Wilhelmina
Tipton Joseph Franklin II 16-Sep-1946 18-Jul-1950 .
Tipton Joseph Franklin, Sr. 9-Oct-1908 27-Sep-1970 h/o Carrie L.
Tirey William Donald 22-May-1936 21-Oct-1973 Korea USAflag
Titel Albert G. 06 May 1885 22-May-1964 h/o Alma M.
Titel Alma Margaret Krinkie 17 Apr 1896 5-Sep-1985 w/o Albert G.
Titel Elizabeth 10 Oct 1889 31-Dec-1960 .
Toellner Carolyn Faye Hein 5-Oct-1947 25-Dec-2007 .
Tolbirt Josephine Bohac 5-Jun-1903 29-Mar-1987 w/o Sam E., Sr.
Tolbirt Sam Elton, Sr. 20 Apr 1899 8-Mar-1962 WWI USAflagh/o Josephine
Tomlinson Charles Ray 18-Jul-1928 20-Mar-1982 Korea USAflag
Tomlinson Helen Lois Felcman 13-Sep-1914 17-Dec-1998 w/o Lloyd E.
Tomlinson Hermina Johanna Renken 24 Apr 1899 28-May-1988 w/o Phillip B.
Tomlinson Jewell J. Schultz 30-May-1928 17-Nov-2021 H.: Charles R. Tomlinso; P.: Edwin Elsie (Kveton) Schultz
Tomlinson Lloyd Elliott 15-Dec-1919 17-Feb-2005 WWII USAflag h/o Helen L.
Tomlinson Phillip Britt 30 Mar 1898 9-Jul-1968 h/o Hermina J.
Tomlinson Rebecca Kizer 06 May 1858 27 Jul 1887 .
Townsend Oscar Luther, Jr. 16-Jul-1928 25-Apr-1981 WWII USAflag h/o Rosa L.
Townsend Rosa Lee Thompson 30-Sep-1930 31-Aug-1993 w/o Oscar L.
Towson Ernest Leroy 20-Aug-1913 30-Aug-1971 1st h/o Ivadell Mooney
Tracy John Albert, Jr. 20-Jun-1934 22-Nov-2019 .
Trammel Jimmy Lee 11-Dec-1939 30-Jun-2010 .
Trenckmann Rose Marie Grawunder 21-Jun-1931 10-Mar-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Trogdon Walter Allen 12-Sep-1928 13-Nov-1955 .
Trotter Wanda Jean Hill Christoferson 15-Nov-1935 15-Apr-2010 .
Trusty Bernice Rossler 7-Nov-1912 3-Nov-2005 .
Turner Agnes Donham 28-Sep-1902 3-Mar-1998 w/o Cecil O.
Turner Albert B. 1880 25-Oct-1913 1st h/o Sally J. Wilmeth
Turner Cecil O'Connor 2-Feb-1904 26-Feb-1976 h/o Agnes D.
Turner Emerald Loescher 4-Jun-1915 15-Dec-1983 .
Turner Luther Eldridge 3-May-1904 15-Apr-1979 .
Ueckert Edith Ann Polocek 26-May-1908 12-Aug-1983 w/o Herbert L.
Ueckert Emma Hedwig Schwark 05 Apr 1866 16-Jun-1924 w/o Herman J.
Ueckert Herbert Louis 14-Mar-1905 31-Jan-1973 h/o Edith A.
Ueckert Herman J. 24 Dec 1867 23-Sep-1927 h/o Emma H.
Urbanscheck Elizabeth Kuheholtz 23 Jul 1867 10-Aug-1928 w/o Frank
Urbanscheck Francis Johanna 15-May-1905 15-Nov-1969 .
Urbanscheck Frank 25 Mar 1859 12-Sep-1920 h/o Elizabeth K.
Urbanscheck Lizzie Clara 07 Nov 1899 9-May-1975 .
Urbanscheck Pauline Emilie 02 Nov 1892 13-Oct-1943 .
Vakis Arthur S. 7-Jun-1900 16-Dec-1928 .
Valentine Boyce Kerwyn 30-Apr-1930 12-Apr-1952 Korea USAflag
Valentine Paul Kermit 23-Nov-1927 1-Jul-2001 .
Van Wey Derwanna Sloane 11-Aug-1924 14-Jan-1968 .
Vancik Annie Emilia Manna 15-Feb-1902 0 May 1977 .
Vancik Frank John 25-Feb-1929 28-Dec-1979 Korea USAflag
Vancik Janet Martha 3-May-1939 9-Aug-1949 dc dod 8/20/1949
Vancik Joe Ben, Jr. 27-Sep-1914 4-Mar-1974 WWII USAflag
Vancik Joe Frank 30 Jul 1884 17-Jul-1972 h/o Mary
Vancik Mary Esterak 17 Jul 1890 16 Aug 1897 w/o Joe F.
Vandegrift Ernest Eugene, Sr. 3-Jan-1910 24-Nov-1976 h/o Ruth P.
Vandegrift Ruth Pearl Sweeney 28-Jun-1910 26-Mar-2004 w/o Ernest E., Sr.
Vasek Charles Everett 26-Oct-1922 19-Jan-2000 WWII USAflag h/o Lindell L.
Vasek Chris Randall 17-Dec-1961 15-Apr-1994 .
Vasek Lindell Laverne Smith 31-Jan-1930 20-Jun-1996 w/o Charles E.
Vasquez Adolfo Gonzalez 23-Sep-1932 14-Mar-2022 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Vavrecka Bernice Hauerland 1-Jan-1936 1-Feb-2022 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels Obit
Vavrecka Grace 28 Jun 1896 27-Sep-1981 .
Vecera Frank Patrick 15-Mar-1941 6-Oct-2011 .
Verm Esther Mae Zachas 20-Jan-1919 5-Feb-1996 w/o Zenith C.
Verm Zenith Carl 8-May-1917 14-Jun-1998 h/o Esther M.
Vermillion Hattie Haynes 22 Feb 1877 12-Jan-1937 .
Vick Christian Heinrich 19 Feb 1838 26-Mar-1908 h/o Mary B.
Vick Christopher Henry, Jr. 12 Dec 1889 27-Oct-1968 h/o Florence E.
Vick Florence Edna Camp 01 Jan 1888 19-Jan-1934 w/o C. H., Jr.
Vick Jennie E. 14 Oct 1873 17-Dec-1958 .
Vick John Caspar 17 Mar 1878 29-Jun-1943 .
Vick Mary Bushwall 07 Nov 1855 7-Oct-1925 w/o C. H., Sr.
Viereck Acie Gardner 18-Dec-1913 23-Feb-1991 h/o Willie M.
Viereck Alfred August 14 Dec 1878 3-Feb-1930 h/o Lena F.
Viereck Augusta Ewald 16 Apr 1864 12-Nov-1949 w/o William F.
Viereck Bertha Lela Oldag 20-Nov-1901 20-Jul-1949 w/o Hawley E.
Viereck Bettie 22 Aug 1883 31 Dec 1892 .
Viereck Bruce Marshall 21-Mar-1916 23-Oct-2004 WWII USAflag h/o Grace L.
Viereck Christie Sanders 11-Nov-1904 21-May-1956 w/o William F.
Viereck Eva 02 Feb 1891 18 Oct 1893 .
Viereck Fay Lucille 26-Jun-1939 21-Sep-2017 .
Viereck Gardner Acie 19 Apr 1894 27-Feb-1960 h/o Irene B.
Viereck Grace Lee Loescher 11-Jul-1921 21-Apr-1998 w/o Bruce M.
Viereck Hawley Edward 10 Oct 1896 17-Apr-1974 h/o Bertha L.
Viereck Henry 29 Jan 1894 2-Feb-1918 .
Viereck Irene Brosig 01 Jan 1895 17-Apr-1971 w/o Gardner A.
Viereck Lena Flora Engelking 20 Aug 1880 5-May-1959 w/o Alfred A.
Viereck Millie Mae Hahn 31-Jan-1921 31-Jul-1993 .
Viereck William Fredrick, Jr. 27 Sep 1899 22-Jan-1957 .
Viereck William Fredrick, Sr. 26 May 1862 20-Jun-1929 h/o Augusta E.
Viereck Willie Mae Bolten 31-Mar-1920 3-Feb-2005 w/o Acie G.
Vinson Geraldine Wanda Bowling 14-May-1920 18-Aug-1998 w/o Wayne
Vinson Wayne 19-Nov-1922 4-Nov-1994 WWII USAflag h/o Geraldine W.
Virnau Carl Henry 28-Aug-1902 20-Dec-1978 .
Virnau (Delania) Juanita Dubose 25-Oct-1905 28-Sep-1985 w/o Walter A., Sr.
Virnau Harry Lee 7-Jul-1929 3-Sep-1999 h/o Norma Z.
Virnau Joyce Nell Boiles 21-Jan-1929 31-Oct-2014 .
Virnau Norma Zane Kollman 4-Dec-1928 19-Apr-2019 w/o Harry L.
Virnau Verlin Janette Childress Berry 3-Aug-1934 13-Oct-2016 .
Virnau Walter Arthur, Jr. 23-Jul-1932 26-Sep-2013 Korea USAflag
Virnau Walter Arthur, Sr. 13 May 1898 2-Apr-1987 h/o D. Juanita
Virnau William Roy 28-Jan-1939 30-Aug-2020 Henneke Funeral Home
Voitek Frances Chernosky 07 Sep 1855 14-Dec-1917 w/o Martin
Voitek Martin 14 Jun 1853 27-Mar-1927 h/o Frances C.
Wacusek Frantiska Moudra 09 Mar 1845 28-Jul-1936 .
Wacusek Frances A. Moudry 28 Jan 1899 31-Jul-1975 w/o Joe P.
Wacusek Joe Peter 20 Dec 1884 7-Apr-1962 h/o Frances A.
Waldrop Benjamin Franklin III . . s/o Ben, Jr. & Fannie
Waldrop Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 06 Jun 1897 6-Oct-1977 .
Waldrop Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Sr. 24 Dec 1848 13-May-1925 h/o Lelia A.
Waldrop Infant . . .
Waldrop Infant . . .
Waldrop J. W. . 26-Jan-2001 .
Waldrop Winston Boyd 8-Sep-1930 10-Feb-1931 s/o Ben, Jr. & Fannie
Walker Francis Ann 07 Sep 1836 28-May-1900 w/o R. L.
Walters (Arlye) Margie McDonald 30-Mar-1921 23-Mar-2002 w/o Joe F.
Walters Joe Ferrell 27-Dec-1918 2-Dec-1977 WWII USAflag h/o A. Margie
Walters (Margaret) Michelle Henry 19-Mar-1959 4-Dec-2006 .
Warburton Bruce Lane 25-Feb-1932 27-Mar-2012 Korea USAflag h/o Dorris R.
Warburton Dorris Ruth Schier 22-Aug-34 12-Jan-15 w/o Bruce L.
Ward Fannie L Staggers 11 Dec 1845 8-May-1917 w/o Presley
Ward Forest Andrew 6-Jul-1911 28-Dec-1989 .
Ward Infant Son 12-Mar-1909 12-Mar-1909 s/o Richard & Xulla
Ward Lillian E. Rice 19 Mar 1884 4-Oct-1955 Buried in Mobile, Alabama
Ward Marion Flynn 23 Oct 1875 18-Dec-1959 h/o Rosa L.
Ward Marion Lee 24-Jul-1901 12-Sep-1901 .
Ward Oradell May Kveton 3-May-1912 28-Dec-1993 .
Ward Presley 12 Jul 1838 2-May-1914 h/o Fannie L.
Ward Richard McLemore 10 Feb 1873 30-Jul-1957 h/o Xulla M.
Ward Rosa Lee Cannon 02 Jul 1879 25-Jul-1901 w/o Marion F.
Ward Xulla May Stidham 17 Feb 1883 10-Nov-1953 w/o Richard M.
Ware Joe O. 2-Jan-1922 20-Mar-2008 WWII USAflag3rd h/o Mary L.
Ware Mary Lucille Loescher Marcum Pagel 15-Jul-1917 25-May-2005 w/o John Marcum, A. J. Pagel, & Joe O.
Washburn Catalina Miranda 15-Aug-1923 23-Feb-2012 w/o Donald H.
Washburn Donald Hobbie 21-May-1903 28-Aug-2000 h/o Catalina M.
Washburn Jose Raymundo 19-Feb-1950 15-Feb-2015 .
Wasicek Adell . . .
Wasicek Anna Wolcik 12 Sep 1836 8-May-1902 w/o Pavel
Wasicek August 20 Jan 1872 12-Nov-1945 .
Wasicek Emma Eleanor Sabrsula 11-Nov-1908 12-Nov-2000 w/o William J.
Wasicek Paul 20 Sep 1875 15-Feb-1958 h/o Theresa S.
Wasicek Pavel 10 Jan 1834 25-Dec-1905 h/o Anna W.
Wasicek Theresa Schiller 15 Feb 1876 20-Dec-1969 w/o Paul
Wasicek Walter E. 8-Nov-1905 5-May-1908 .
Wasicek William Joseph "Bill" 27-Mar-1902 12-Feb-1967 h/o Emma E.
Watkins Jean Love . . s/o Grace Love Lay
Weber Juliane Kellner 08 Jan 1852 11-Apr-1947 w/o Robert
Weber Ottilie 30 Jan 1884 17-Jul-1945 .
Weber Robert 05 Mar 1839 22 Nov 1899 h/o Juliane K.
Weeber Johnny Marvin, Sr. 1-Apr-1935 4-Aug-2003 Korea USAflag
Wegenhoft Roy Davis 29-Mar-1903 19-Aug-1983 .
Weir Ellen Hilda Reichardt 5-Feb-1908 4-Nov-1950 .
Welch Michael Gene 11-Nov-1953 27-Jan-2018 .
Wendt Mildred Waldine Machinsky 22-Nov-1944 1-Apr-2019 .
Westermann Alma 14 Aug 1899 12-Apr-1991 .
Westermann Fred Herman 1-Jul-1903 9-May-1944 h/o Ruth E.
Westermann Fritz C. 31 Mar 1864 6-Jan-1938 h/o Marie E.
Westermann Marie Ernestine Ueckert 20 Nov 1874 2-Dec-1968 w/o Fritz C.
Westermann Ruth E. Preibisch 1-Oct-1901 31-Jan-1998 w/o Fred H.
Whisenant Vallie Koy 28 Dec 1897 8-Mar-1986 w/o W. Henry
Whisenant Wolford Henry 15 Feb 1882 6-Jun-1958 h/o Vallie K.
Whitaker Cordelia B. . 30 Jul 1841 .
White Caroline Fay Svinky 9-Aug-1957 25-Sep-1999 .
White Eliza A. "Lizzie" Buchtien 17 Apr 1874 22-Jan-1923 .
Whitfield James Monroe 23 Nov 1878 7-Mar-1916 .
Whitfield Thomas Brannon 09 Aug 1887 19-May-1923 .
Whitley Amanda Alberta Josey 18 Oct 1866 07 Jul 1887 1st w/o Claudius G.
Whitley Claudious Gilmer 11 Mar 1857 24-Feb-1901 h/o Amanda A. & Lelia (Ft. Worth)
Whitley Infant . . c/o Claudius G. & Amanda A.
Whitley Susan Amelia Staggers 13 Oct 1830 7-Mar-1904 .
Whitney William C. 22 Aug 1874 5-Apr-1912 .
Whitzel (Marilyn) Joyce Walton 15-Oct-1934 13-Apr-2000 w/o Robert W.
Whitzel Mildred Mae Dunham 25-May-1909 13-Jul-1989 .
Whitzel Robert Wade 16-Dec-1929 27-Feb-2001 Korea USAflag h/o M. Joyce
Wickham John B. 18 Jan 1835 16-May-1919 .
Wiechmann Morris Theodore "M. T." 17-Feb-1923 25-Jan-2017 WWII USAflag
Wienecke Herman J. 19 Sep 1871 12-Oct-1942 h/o Meta M.
Wienecke Meta Maria Loehr 07 Jul 1879 5-Apr-1972 w/o Herman J.
Wildy Elizabeth Spillman 31 May 1849 10-Nov-1910 w/o Fritz, Sr.
Wildy Fritz, Jr. 16 Jul 1879 26-Dec-1958 h/o Lillie A.
Wildy Fritz, Sr. 26 Feb 1853 10-Jan-1941 h/o Elizabeth S.
Wildy Lillie Ann Remmert 09 Apr 1886 31-Dec-1930 w/o Fritz, Jr.
Wildy Mary Elizabeth 7-Jan-1908 21-Jan-1945 .
Wilfe Ella Kizer 13 Nov 1896 11-Feb-1919 .
Wilke Adelheid E. "Adele" Blaschke 16 Jul 1886 22-Apr-1956 .
Willard Lillian Grace 13-Nov-1907 8-Jun-1909 .
Willberg Evelyn Cape 29-May-1954 16-Oct-2001 .
Williams Bernard Oren 4-Sep-1943 5-Apr-2007 .
Williams Diana Lynn 21-Aug-1968 7-Mar-2015 .
Williamson Ann Reneau Compton 21-Sep-1901 9-May-1982 w/o Robert C.
Williamson Eldridge Andrew 15-Jul-1906 8-Sep-1980 h/o Evalena K.
Williamson Evalena Kitty Stidham 13-Oct-1911 15-Mar-1985 w/o Eldridge A.
Williamson Robert Clyde 11-Apr-1906 29-Jul-1980 h/o Ann R.
Williamson Weta Grace 22-Jul-1932 14-Aug-1935 d/o Eldridge & Evalena
Willis Mark Conrad 18-May-1959 31-Aug-1984 .
Willougby Jim 16-Oct-1927 9-Jan-1995 WWII /Korea USAflag/Vietnam
Wilmeth Lawrence Jackson 06 Mar 1886 5-Jun-1968 2nd h/o Sally J.
Wilmeth Sally Jane O'Connor Turner 07 Mar 1885 7-Oct-1980 w/o Lawrence J.
Wilms Elizabeth 14 Dec 1832 26-Jun-1917 .
Wilms Emma Schluens 18 May 1855 7-Oct-1905 w/o Paul
Wilms Paul 19 Jun 1856 11 Sep 1893 h/o Emma S.
Wilms William 14 Nov 1868 17-Mar-1924 .
Wilson Baby 20-Jan-1919 20-Jan-1919 .
Wilson Gertrude Burger 30-Apr-1900 5-Jan-1942 .
Wilson Harry Leslie 23 Nov 1885 23-Mar-1937 h/o Mattie L.
Wilson Herman Word 31-Aug-1926 3-Aug-1956 .
Wilson James Howard, Jr. 14-Feb-1929 31-Aug-2000 h/o S. Frances
Wilson Mattie Lee Hermann 19 Sep 1888 8-Oct-1956 w/o Harry L.
Wilson (Sarah) Frances Fleming 17-Sep-1931 13-Feb-2001 w/o James H.
Witte Albert 04 Mar 1898 2-Jun-1979 h/o Lena C.
Witte Annie Dorothea Hoff 29 Jan 1888 29-Aug-1965 w/o Willie
Witte Barbara Lanell Vasek 15-Oct-1947 25-Aug-2002 .
Witte Edward Lee 3-Feb-50 4-Feb-50 s/o William & Grace; NO MARKER
Witte Frances Ebling 11 Dec 1856 4-Mar-1943 .
Witte Grace Eleanor Lotz 19-Feb-1921 27-Apr-2005 w/o William C., Sr.
Witte John 21 Apr 1869 26-Nov-36 NO MARKER
Witte Lena Christiana Ekarius 17-Dec-1900 31-Dec-1972 w/o Albert
Witte Philip 20 Mar 1894 27-Feb-1925 WWI USAflag
Witte Richard 20 Mar 1894 4-Oct-1946 WWI USAflag
Witte Rosa 04 Mar 1898 11-Dec-1950 .
Witte William Charles, Jr. 16-May-1942 10-May-2016 Vietnam USAflag
Witte William Charles "Bob", Sr. 10-Mar-1918 15-Mar-2002 h/o Grace E.
Witte Willie 16 Apr 1880 23-Feb-1960 h/o Annie D.
Wittenburg Edna M. 18-Jan-1908 10-Oct-2001 .
Wittenburg Edwin 5-Sep-1903 26-Apr-1983 .
Wittenburg Emma 07 May 1882 23-Jan-1941 .
Wittenburg Jessie 26-May-1918 8-Sep-1998 WWII USAflagh/o Lillie M.
Wittenburg Lillie Mae Jurek 8-Sep-1917 20-Aug-2013 w/o Jessie
Wohleb Clement Monroe 4-May-1937 4-Sep-2019 h/o Elizabeth A.
Wohleb Elizabeth Ann Rosniak 6-Mar-1946 11-Mar-2012 w/o Clem
Wolcik Albin John 26-Dec-1903 10-Jul-1984 h/o Helen M.
Wolcik Frances 27 Dec 1866 17-Feb-1951 .
Wolcik Helen M. Rozner 2-Feb-1908 4-May-1985 w/o Albin J.
Wolcik John Jul 1868 1-Apr-1905 h/o Louisa
Wolcik Louise Konitza . . w/o John
Woolsey Melinda Ann Reeves 18-Feb-1968 24-Jul-1996 .
Wosnitzky Albina Marie Labaj 13-Sep-1906 6-Oct-1999 2nd w/o Frank
Wosnitzky Antonie Francis Stastny 11 Mar 1897 31-Oct-1941 1st w/o Frank Wosnitzky
Wosnitzky Frank 01 Sep 1894 12-Apr-1978 WWI USAflagh/o Antonie F. & Albina M.
Wright Charlie Ray 5-Jan-1913 3-Jan-1966 .
Wren Curtis Lee 24-Aug-1940 30-Sep-2007 .
Wright Clara May Troutt 28 Sep 1895 7-Mar-1990 w/o Ray E.
Wright Margaret F. 6-Dec-1920 27-Oct-2011 .
Woytek Francis 07 Sep 1855 14-Dec-1937 .
Wright Ray Elijah 16 Sep 1892 19-Oct-1984 h/o Clara M.
Yeamans Mary Belle Schubert Gruener 23-May-1916 23-Aug-2004 w/o Bennie C.
Yetter Clifton Perry 26-Jan-1914 26-Jan-1914 s/o Perry & Elfrieda
Young Gerald James 15-Nov-1928 14-Sep-2005 Korea USAflag
Young Joyce J. Witt 21-Sep-1950 14-Dec-2003 .
Young Milton Earl 3-Dec-1929 11-Jan-2019 Navy Veteran USAflag
Zachas Annie Doernbraack 03 Dec 1887 29-Jun-1986 w/o Charlie
Zachas Charlie 02 Mar 1880 24-Jun-1950 h/o Annie D.
Zachas Emil 04 Oct 1889 14-Jan-1976 h/o Magnolia N.
Zachas Magnolia Necker 02 Aug 1891 22-Apr-1972 w/o Emil
Zahn Minnie Esterak 12 Jul 1894 28-Apr-1965 .
Zahradnick Adele Lizzie Rosa Strauss (Mach) 11-Feb-1909 7-Nov-1986 w/o Emil & Leon Mach
. . . . .
Zahradnick Alouise Kubish 21 Nov 1849 3-Apr-1927 w/o Ferdinand
Zahradnick August 17 May 1887 04 Apr 1897 .
Zahradnick Clara Mieth 31 Jul 1890 11-Aug-1977 w/o John
Zahradnick Emil 22 Sep 1896 23-Sep-1969 WWI USAflag 1st h/o Adele L.
Zahradnick Ferdinand 23 Nov 1846 16-Aug-1919 h/o Alouise K.
Zahradnick Ferdnard Johann, Jr. 04 Feb 1887 27-Mar-1919 h/o Mary E.
Zahradnick John 04 Jun 1892 15-Mar-1974 WWI USAflagh/o Clara M.
Zahradnick Johnnie August 27-Jun-1926 2-Apr-1982 WWII USAflag h/o Judith R.
Zahradnick Judith Ray Sandifer 25-Sep-1938 4-Apr-2008 w/o Johnnie A.
Zahradnick Mary Emma Hinze 07 Jul 1880 1-Jul-1955 w/o Ferdnard J., Jr.
Zapalac Brian Keith 26-Sep-1956 25-May-2006 .
Zapalac Edith "Edi" Vecera 28-Aug-1930 19-Apr-2022 obit
Zapalac Emil Rudolph 9-Apr-1902 31-Oct-1966 h/o Stefina S.
Zapalac Infant Son 28-Feb-1917 28-Feb-1917 s/o John M. & Amalie
Zapalac John Mike 30 Apr 1876 15-Jul-1947 h/o Amalie (Sealy Catholic)
Zapalac Stefina Stella Esterak 29-Nov-1903 19-Jun-1981 w/o Emil R.
Zapalka Frank 01 Jan 1879 10-Jul-1959 h/o Rosie R.
Zapalka Jan 07 Apr 1874 12-Mar-1907 .
Zapalka John 28 Oct 1836 28 Mar 1897 h/o Johanna
Zapalka Joseph 07 Feb 1868 28-Mar-1950 h/o Veronica
Zapalka Rosie Rydel 18 Oct 1898 6-Oct-1976 w/o Frank
Zapalka Veronica "Vera" Huser 19 Jan 1875 30-Dec-1963 w/o Joseph
Zaruba Frances Wasicek 11 Jan 1881 29-Apr-1942 .
Zettel Johnnie Charles 6-Nov-1914 8-Jan-1969 1st h/o Beatrice Strokos
Zurovec Donna Lynn 11-Sep-1963 24-Dec-1980 .
Zurovec Georgia Brandt 2-Sep-1933 1-Mar-2013 w/o Johnnie M.
Zurovec Johnnie Max 3-Jul-1933 1-Jun-2008 Korea USAflag h/o Georgia B.
Zurovec Tracy Ann 14-Sep-1957 24-Dec-1980 .

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