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Staehle Cemetery

Near Cochran

Location: From Bellville, take 1456 north through Buckhorn. On the other side of Buckhorn , take the left fork onto Newson road. Follow Newson road .6 mile, turn left onto Brooks road. The Big C. Running Quarter Horse Ranch is about .4 mile down Brooks road. The cemetery is on Lois Staehle Penton property nearby. The cemetery is to the southwest of their house. Owner's permission required for access.

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2 unmarked graves

Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Edwards Margie Lee No date given 14-Dec-61  
Fisher Andrew J. No date given 27-Mar-1916 WWI USAflag
Fisher Henry 14 Aug 1893 19 Mar 1951 WWI USAflag
Gilbert Melisa 2 May 1875 2 Feb 1877  
Gilbert Mellissa B. No dates given    
Gilbert Sarah Lucy 13 Jun 1887 17-Jul-00  
Gilbert Gena C. 22 Oct 1876 17 Oct 1895  
Hoffmann Balthasar 24 Jun 1813 2 Apr 1888  
Hoffmann Conradine Pluenneke 12 Jul 1828 15-Sep-03  
Hoffmann Johann 11 Jun 1851 3 Sep 1872  
Kenter Henrietta No date given 10 Aug 1889  
Lockett Ann B. 1852 1926  
Lockett Wesley L. 1839 1913  
Pluenneke Sophie Schmidt 9 May 1797 4 May 1886  
Staehle Mary L. 12 Sep 1896 20 Nov 1897  
Staehle Johnie 23 Aug 1893 14 Oct 1894  
Staehle Willie 9 Oct 1890 11-Oct-84  
Staehle William C. 16 Jun 1858 17-Mar-32  
Unknown Anna L. No dates given    
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