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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Star Hill Cemetery

AKA Sternenberg Cemetery | Near New Ulm

Directions: From New Ulm, go north on Hwy 109 for 2.5 miles. Then right on New Bremen Road. Follow road for 3.2 miles. Turn right and go .7 miles. There is a Star Hill Cemetery sign. Cemetery is on the left side of New Bremen Road.

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Name GenFolks
Baring, Ida Lucile (Sternenberg) (1879-1963)Details
Baring, Otto Henry (1879-1955)Details
Becker, Charles (1864-1931)Details
Becker, Charlie J. Jr. (1899-1981)Details
Becker, Ida (Krenek) (1909-1991)Details
Becker, Louise (Peschel, Golmer) (1858-1943)Details
Daughtrey, Anna (Roberts) (1800-1847)Details
Dipple, Louis (????-????)Details
Gollmer, Mina (1884-1903)Details
Hegemeyer, baby girl (1943-1943)Details
Hegemeyer, Bernice (1923-1982)Details
Hegemeyer, Delbert "Butch" (1950-2022)Details
Hegemeyer, Elda Caroline (Peschel) (1905-1992)Details
Hegemeyer, Frances Anna (Zettel) (1922-2023)Details
Hegemeyer, Gene H. (1942-1974)Details
Hegemeyer, Herbert A. (1919-1965)Details
Hegemeyer, Reinhardt Wilheim Otto (1913-2000)Details
Hegemeyer, Willie F. (1903-1977)Details
Huebner, Auguste "Gussie" (Wittner) (1874-1956)Details
Huebner, James Edward (1927-1983) USFlagDetails
Huebner, Lee (1896-1983)Details
Huebner, Louise Ida (Becker) (1896-1969)Details
Huebner, Waldo (1901-1981)Details
Huebner, William "Willy" (1870-1966)Details
K, Infant (????-????)Details
Krenek, MSGT Wilfred Thomas (1915-1995) USFlagDetails
Lockwood, Elizabeth "Eliza" (1846-1906)Details
Lockwood, Elum (1860-1893)Details
Meissner, Ella Arby (1873-1937)Details
Peschel, Alma (Hegemeyer) (1908-2002)Details
Peschel, Emilie Louise (Hegemeyer) (1901-1996)Details
Peschel, George Ferdinand (1899-1989)Details
Peschel, Johanna E. (Kretzschmar) (1886-1954)Details
Peschel, Oscar Reinhold (1885-1945)Details
Peschel, Willie Charley (1897-1984)Details
Raies, Angeline J. (1913-1993)Details
Reddick, Clifford Arthur "Kip" (1923-2016) USFlagDetails
Reddick, Ida Mae (Hegemeyer) (1927-2023)Details
Sternberg, Edwin Henry "Eddie" (1918-1923)Details
Sternenberg, Anna (Zulauff) (1847-1938)Details
Sternenberg, Arthur (1881-1968)Details
Sternenberg, Bertha (Helweg) (1875-1901)Details
Sternenberg, Birdie (1889-1889)Details
Sternenberg, Bretta Auguste (1876-1882)Details
Sternenberg, Pvt. Carl Otto (1838-1919) USFlagDetails
Sternenberg, Eddie (????-????)Details
Sternenberg, Elizabeth (Meissner) (1863-1936)Details
Sternenberg, Elum (1887-1888)Details
Sternenberg, Emma A. (1876-1882)Details
Sternenberg, Frank Julius (1873-1914)Details
Sternenberg, Friedrich William (1803-1869)Details
Sternenberg, Gustav (1864-1869)Details
Sternenberg, Harry Charles (1893-1964) USFlagDetails
Sternenberg, Helen (Kristen) (1894-1975)Details
Sternenberg, Hugo Otto (1872-1882)Details
Sternenberg, Julia H. (1874-1882)Details
Sternenberg, Julia Henriette (Brauss) (1810-1861)Details
Sternenberg, Pvt. Julius Gustav (1839-1901) USFlagDetails
Sternenberg, Kermit Fred (1918-1918)Details
Sternenberg, Mary Ann (Lockwood) (1851-1888)Details
Sternenberg, Max (1884-1973)Details
Sternenberg, Nettie (1886-1886)Details
Sternenberg, Olga Elizabeth (1891-1971)Details
Sternenberg, Ralph Huber (1904-1981)Details
Sternenberg, Rudolph A. (1880-1882)Details
Watson, Laverne (Hegemeyer) (1949-2009)Details
Weige, Alma Bertha (Peschel) (1886-1968)Details
Weige, Anna (Peschel) (1854-1940)Details
Weige, Ferdinand C "Ferd" (1852-1903)Details
Weige, Hugo W. (1885-1973)Details
Young, Clarence Otto (1921-2004) USFlagDetails
Young, Lorene Lucile (Huebner) (1922-1978)Details
Zulauff, Caroline (1845-1933)Details
Zulauff, Caroline (1845-1933)Details
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