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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Susen Cemetery

South of Nelsonville

From Nelsonville go south on Skalak road. Turn left at cemetery on the right. There is a sign at the gate.

Name GenFolks
Arriens, Bertha Charlotta Sophia (Remmert) (1886-1928)Details
Arriens, Irma Louise (Boles) (1924-1992)Details
Arriens, Otto Matthew (1912-1979) USFlagDetails
Arriens, Theodore (1879-1954)Details
Arriens, Thomas Keith (1948-2009)Details
Bacica, Anna (Dorak) (1844-1916)Details
Bacica, John Sr. (1843-1917)Details
Bacica, John Jr. (1867-1942)Details
Bravenec, Albina (Schiller) (1904-2000)Details
Bravenec, Frances "Fannie" (Shiller) (1877-1935)Details
Bravenec, Jerry (1905-1977)Details
Bravenec, John Thomas "Johnnie" (1906-1969)Details
Bravenec, Mathilda Theresa (Susen) (1912-2009)Details
Bravenec, Stephen (1877-1956)Details
Chernosky, Frances (1887-1983)Details
Chernosky, John W. (1861-1941)Details
Chernosky, Mary Frances (Divoky) (1870-1942)Details
Driggers, Vannie Mae (Dyches) (1918-2007)Details
Engelholm, Earnest Alvin (1921-1921)Details
Engleholm, Dennis (1925-1937)Details
Fila, Wilhemina (1872-1896)Details
Flick, Adolph Jr. (1908-1978)Details
Flick, Gladys (Floy) (1910-1969)Details
Frieda, CPL Jodie Henry (1920-2007) USFlagDetails
Frieda, Mattie Marie (Mikeska) (1923-1994)Details
Golan, Alvina (1880-1936)Details
Golan, Amelia (????-????)Details
Golan, Edna (Lyons) (1917-2003)Details
Golan, Jesse (1908-1997)Details
Haedge, Helen Joyce (Flick) (1930-1999)Details
Haedge, PVT Jerry Delmus "JD" (1926-1994) USFlagDetails
Janosky, Clayton "Scott" (1966-2012)Details
Janosky, Francis (Mikeska) (1909-1969)Details
Janosky, Norma Charlene (1958-1994)Details
Janosky, Rudolph T. (1906-1971)Details
Janovsky, Amalia Golan (1867-1957)Details
Janovsky, Joe F. (1864-1946)Details
Janovsky, John T. (1862-1943)Details
Janovsky, Julia Golan (1869-1945)Details
Kasparek, Anna (1911-1913)Details
Koppa, Annie (1860-1941)Details
Koppa, Anton Albert (1888-1986) USFlagDetails
Koppa, Lillie T. (1901-1985)Details
Koppa, Ludig Frances (1892-1974)Details
Koppa, Thomas (1862-1935)Details
Koppa, Vlastia Lydia (1896-1985)Details
Korenek, infant (1942-1942)Details
Korenek, Joseph "Joe" (1906-1986)Details
Lesikar, Frantiska (1871-1952)Details
Lubojasky, Infant (????-1914)Details
Lubojasky, Lydia (1890-1955)Details
Lubojasky, Will (1886-1956)Details
Macat, Becky (Herbrig) (1969-2019)Details
Machuch, Anna (Chernosky) (????-1968)Details
Mahlmann, PVT Bailey B. "Bennie" (1926-1977) USFlagDetails
Mahlmann, Edna (Walicek) (1898-1986)Details
Mahlmann, Herman (1899-1997)Details
Mahlmann, PFC Norris Robert (1927-1980) USFlagDetails
Mann, Freddie Wayne (1954-1968)Details
Marcak, infant Terezie (????-????)Details
Marcak, Karel (????-????)Details
Middlebrook, Mary Amelia (1926-1986)Details
Middlebrook, TM3 Vernon Buford (1923-1988) USFlagDetails
Mikeska, Anna (1869-1967)Details
Mikeska, Elsie Mae (Bravenec) (1943-2016)Details
Mikeska, Eugene Johnnie (1924-1932)Details
Mikeska, Frank J. (1893-1965)Details
Mikeska, George Sr (1864-1950)Details
Mikeska, George Jr. (1896-1989)Details
Mikeska, Pvt. Jan "John" (????-????) USFlagDetails
Mikeska, Jiri (1837-1911)Details
Mikeska, Julia A. Shupak (1892-1981)Details
Mikeska, Millie Janosky (1897-1993)Details
Mikeska, Rosa (1843-1929)Details
Mikeska, Rosena (????-????)Details
Mikeska, Veronia (1836-1907)Details
Miller, Amalie (1853-1891)Details
Miller, George Walter (1910-1981)Details
Miller, Joachim (1849-1921)Details
Minatera, Joyce M. (1951-2004)Details
Pavelek, Hedwig (1841-1904)Details
Pavelek, Jan (1836-1898)Details
Pavelek, Jan (1866-1904)Details
Pavelek, Joseph (1873-1905)Details
Pavelka, Alma (1886-1957)Details
Pavelka, William (1883-1939)Details
Ripla, Franc (1833-1878)Details
Schiller, John S. (1852-1935)Details
Schiller, John W. (1888-1957)Details
Schiller, Louise W. (1889-1980)Details
Schiller, Sister Anna (1886-1907)Details
Schmalriedge, Adolph (1896-1905)Details
Schmalriedge, Emil (1893-1915)Details
Schmalriedge, Friedri (1857-1937)Details
Schmalriedge, Rosa Susen (1858-1932)Details
Sharli, Carl (1866-1898)Details
Shiller, Adina H. (1909-1931)Details
Shiller, Edward L. (1898-1935)Details
Shiller, Erline Nadine (1927-1960)Details
Shiller, Frances (1858-1930)Details
Shiller, Frantiska (1857-1933)Details
Shiller, John J. (1885-1910)Details
Shiller, Winent (1850-1937)Details
Siller, Frantisek (1896-1910)Details
Siller, Jan (????-1883)Details
Siller, Joseph B. (1885-1913)Details
Siller, Rosalie (????-1897)Details
Susen, Edwin Frank (1910-1918)Details
Susen, Frank (1884-1952)Details
Susen, PFC Franklin Charlie (1920-2008) USFlagDetails
Susen, infant (????-1909)Details
Susen, Joe (1846-1894)Details
Susen, Joyce (Krenek) (1932-2023)Details
Susen, Theresa Baron (1886-1967)Details
Tiemann, Annie (1887-1973)Details
Tiemann, Willy (1883-1965)Details
Uhrik, Frances Mikeska (1858-1916)Details
Uhrik, John (1855-1912)Details
Uhrik, Willie (1899-1995)Details
Vacusek, Annie (1882-1928)Details
Vacusek, Frank (1872-1962)Details
Vacusek, Lydie (1898-1917)Details
Wacusek, Frank (1907-1986)Details
Walicek, Adolph (1870-1945)Details
Walicek, Theresa (1876-1956)Details
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