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Susen Cemetery

From Nelsonville go south on Skalak road.  Turn left at cemetery on the right.  There is a sign at the gate.  

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

Note: Carolyn Zaskoda

has recently supplied new  information and provided corrections to many of these Cemetery files.   Her information is added to the bottom of the file rather than incorporated into  "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas" format.   This means that more recent burials are not shown in the original family  groups.   Using the Cemetery Names   CemNames  index you can determine which Cemetery was used, or you can  use Control F to find the particular grave in the files below...but not in reference to  adjacent graves.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Arriens Bertha 2 Mar 1886 31-Dec-1928
Arriens Irma Louise Boles 16-Jul-24 2-Feb-92  
Arriens Otto M. 28-May-1912 23-Nov-1979 WW II
Arriens Theodore 31 Dec 1879 11-Nov-1954  
Arriens Thomas Keith 6-Dec-1948 23-Jun-2009  
Bacica Anna Dorak 10-Jul-1844 15-Dec-1916  
Bravenec Albina Schiller 26-Feb-1904 2-Sep-2000  
Bravenec Frances Shiller 23 Dec 1877 27-Feb-1935  
Bravenec Jerry 8-Dec-1905 25-Jul-1977  
Bacica Sr John 17-Aug-1843 5-Dec-1917  
Bacica Jr John 1867 1942  
Bravenec John Thomas 1-Dec1906 3-Sep-1969  
Bravenec Mathilda Susen 14-Nov-12 1-Jan-2009  
Bravenec Stephen 2 Jul 1877 21-Mar-1956  
Chernosky Frances 4 Dec 1887 28-Apr-1983  
Chernosky John W. 1861 1941  
Chernosky Mary F. Divoky 1870 1942  
Driggers Vannie Mae Dyches 29-May-1918 25-Feb-2007  
Engelholm Alvin E. 30-Mar-21 26-Dec-21  
Engleholm Dennis 22-Dec-25 13-Jun-37  
Fila Wilhemina 15 Nov 1872 22 Apr 1896  
Flick Gladys Floy 27-Jul-10 21-Jul-69  
Flick Adolph   15-May-08 17-Apr-78  
Frieda Mattie Marie Mikeska 26-Nov-23 28-Mar-94  
Frieda Jodie Henry 18-Mar-20 1-May-07 WW II
Golan Amelia No date given    
Golan Alvina 27 May 1880 18-Apr-36  
Golan Jesse 3-Jun-08 19-Dec-97  
Golan Edna Lyons Ca 1917 8-Jan-03  
Haedge J. D. (Jerry D) 4-Aug-26 24-Jun-94 WW II
Haedge Helen Joyce Flick 21-Feb-30 3-Oct-99  
Janosky Francis Mikeska 4-Oct-09 17-May-69  
Janosky Rudolph T. 18-Sep-06 4-Jan-71  
Janosky Norma Charlene 21-Jan-58 19-Jul-94  
Janosky Clayton "Scott" 8-Dec-66 5-Aug-12  
Janovsky John T. 25 Jan 1862 30-May-43  
Janovsky Julia Golan 4 Jan 1869 9-Jan-45  
Janovsky Amalia Golan 17 Jan 1867 22-May-57  
Janovsky Joe F. 14 Feb 1864 23-Jan-46  
Kasparek Anna 24-Dec-11 11-Jan-13  
Koppa Ludig Frances 1 Nov 1892 16-May-74  
Koppa Vlastia Lydia 1 Nov 1896 9-Jun-85  
Koppa Thomas 2 Feb 1862 16-Jul-35  
Koppa Annie 4 Aug 1860 21-Nov-41  
Koppa Anton A. (Albert) 7 May 1888 9-Dec-86 WW I
Koppa Lillie T. 7-Jun-01 11-Dec-85  
Korenek Joe 23-Jan-06 27-May-86  
Korenek infant   Born & Died 9-Apr-42  
Korenek infant   Born & Died 9-Apr-42  
Lesikar Frantiska 1 Mar 1871 18-Nov-52  
Lubojasky Lydia 2 Jan 1890 5-Mar-55  
Lubojasky Will 8 Jun 1886 28-Feb-56  
Lubojasky Infant   31-Jul-14  
Machuch Anna Chernosky No date given 20-Aug-68  
Mahlmann Bailey B. (Bennie) 16-Jan-26 26-Jun-77 Korea
Mahlmann Norris R.(Robert) 15-May-27 21-Feb-80 WW II
Mahlmann Edna Walicek 27 Jul 1898 12-Jul-86  
Mahlmann Herman 19 Aug 1899 15-Apr-97  
Mann Freddie Wayne 7-Apr-54 8-Dec-68  
Marak Karel infant No dates given  
Marak Terezie infant No dates given  
Middlebrook Mary Amelia 23-Sep-26 18-Sep-86  
Mikeska Anna 8 Oct 1869 18-Oct-1967  
Mikeska Elsie Mae Bravenec 8-Nov-43 11-Feb-16 w/o Johnnie Wm., Jr.
Mikeska Eugene J. 31-Aug-24 25-Mar-32  
Mikeska Frank J. 23 Sep 1893 27-Nov-1965  
Mikeska George Jr. 7 May 1896 3-Mar-1989  
Mikeska George Sr 9 Dec1864 26-Jun-1950  
Mikeska Jan No dates given    
Mikeska Jiri 30 Sep 1837 4-Mar-11  
Mikeska Julia A. Shupak 17 Aug 1892 2-Feb-81  
Mikeska Millie Janosky 22 Apr 1897 1-Jul-93  
Mikeska Rosa 1843 1929  
Mikeska Rosena No date given    
Middlebrook Vernon B 11-Apr-1923 11-Jul-1888 WW II
Mikeska Veronia 26 Nov 1836 3-Oct-1907  
Mikeska Zachary Ross 18-May-95 8-Dec-12  
Miller Joachim 10 Jan 1849 13-Jul-21  
Miller Amalie 10 Dec 1853 11 Apr 1891  
Miller George W. 11-May-10 7-Oct-81  
Minatera Joyce M. 1-Oct-51 9-Oct-04  
Pavelek Jan 27 Dec 1836 29 Apr 1898  
Pavelek Hedwig 1841 22-Feb-04  
Pavelek Jan 1866 14-Feb-04  
Pavelek Joseph 17 Feb 1873 16-Jun-05  
Pavelka Alma 12 Oct 1886 5-Feb-57  
Pavelka William 25 May 1883 14-Aug-39  
Ripla Franc 8 Jun 1833 1 Mar 1878  
Schiller Sister Anna 1886 1907  
Schiller John S. 15 Jul 1852 25-Feb-35  
Schiller John W. 14 Dec 1888 22-Jul-57  
Schiller Louise W. 15 Jun 1889 15-Nov-80  
Schmalriedge Emil 30 Nov 1893 12-Oct-15  
Schmalriedge Adolph Nov 1896 10-Mar-05  
Schmalriedge Rosa Susen 9 Oct 1858 31-Jul-32  
Schmalriedge Friedri 3 Sep 1857 27-Jan-37  
Sharli Carl 24 Mar 1866 27 Dec 1898  
Shiller Edward L. 1898 1935  
Shiller Erline N. 1927 1960  
Shiller Adina H. 1909 1931  
Shiller Winent 15 Oct 1850 20-Apr-37  
Shiller Frances 15 Dec 1858 9-Jul-30  
Shiller John J. 6 Oct 1885 26-Nov-10  
Shiller Frantiska 6 Sep 1857 6-May-33  
Siller Jan No date given 19 Jul 1883  
Siller Rosalie No date given 20 Apr 1897  
Siller Frantisek 22 Aug 1896 3-Apr-10  
Siller Joseph B. 21 Feb 1885 19-Jun-13  
Susen Joe 1846 1894  
Susen Edwin 23-Jul-10 21-Oct-18  
Susen Theresa Baron 23 Apr 1886 11-Oct-67  
Susen Frank 12 Feb 1884 15-Jan-52  
Susen Franklin Charlie 13-Jan-20 17-Oct-08 WW II
Susen infant   Born & Died 1909  
Tiemann Annie 14 Sep 1887 7-Nov-73  
Tiemann Willy 8 Jan 1883 24-Jul-65  
Uhrik John 1855 1912  
Uhrik Frances Mikeska 1858 1916  
Uhrik Willie 11 Feb 1899 7-Jul-95  
Vacusek Lydie 28 Jun 1898 21-Jul-17  
Vacusek Annie 13 Feb 1882 21-Dec-28  
Vacusek Frank 4 Oct 1872 12-Jan-62  
Wacusek Frank 15-Jun-07 12-Mar-86  
Walicek Adolph 20 Aug 1870 5-Mar-45  
Walicek Theresa 12 Apr 1876 10-Sep-56  
Weige Kathrine Nance 14-Feb-1943 16-Jan-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels


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