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Welcome Cemetery # 2

AKA Welcome New Salem Lutheran


From Bellville take 159 west to Nelsonville.  Turn right onto  FM2502 north.   At Welcome, turn right onto FM 109.  Cemetery is across from church where there are two cemeteries in a pasture area.   The one to the left is the older of the two.  This cemetery  on the right is numbered 2 as the  newer one.

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

Note: Carolyn Zaskoda

has recently supplied new  information and provided corrections to many of these Cemetery files.   Her information is added to the bottom of the file rather than incorporated into  "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas" format.   This means that more recent burials are not shown in the original family  groups.   Using the Cemetery Names   CemNames  index you can determine which Cemetery was used, or you can  use Control F to find the particular grave in the files below...but not in reference to  adjacent graves.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 202


Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Abke Earl 28-Nov-23 10-Sep-98 WW II
Abke Irene D. 14-Apr-30 20-Aug-02  
Ahrens Wilhelm 28 Dec 1854 24-Dec-32  
Ahrens Marie Dierking 28 Mar 1860 25-Nov-40  
Albert Lisette Boeker 22 May 1866 1951  
Albert Herman J. 4 Apr 1877 7-Feb-36  
Albert Malinda Warmke 14 Oct 1878 25-Jun-63  
Albrecht Billy Roy 6-Sep-30 11-Sep-30  
Albrecht Martin G. 24-Feb-00 1-Aug-62  
Anton Willie G. (Gustav) 5 Nov 1891 6 Jan 1974 WW I
Appel Elsie 21-Mar-04 1-May-46  
Arning Bernhard Christopher 17-Dec-1920 17-Jan-2005  WW II
Arning Helen L. Emshoff 21-Sep-22 21-Jun-04  
Ashorn Edward Vincent 26 Mar 1883 20-Nov-64  
Ashorn Lina Mehner 20 Sep 1886 7-Aug-72  
Ashorn Delano F. 8-Dec-34 20-Sep-84  
Ashorn Edgar 6-Apr-10 8-Apr-92  
Ashorn Olga Wacusek 9-Nov-05 18-Oct-90  
Balke Celesta Albert 18-Aug-16 16-Jul-01  
Bender Paul 8 Aug 1896 6-Apr-67  
Bender Ernestina 18-Apr-01 26-Jan-70  
Bernhausen Emma 1884 1953  
Bernshausen Robert Oscar 14-Oct-03 24-May-86  
Bernshausen Wilhelmina Reichelt 10-Jan-11 28-Dec-95  
Bernshausen Richard 1867 17-Dec-1931  
Bernshausen Theodor 14 May 1862 11-Sep-46  
Bernshausen Mathilde Wesatzke 1875 22-Sep-61  
Bliznak Vincent Jerry, Jr. 1937 1937  
Boecker Auge Bockelman 20 Sep 1859 10-Mar-51  
Boecker Burney William 22-Feb-1933 14-Aug-2019 Korea 
Memorial Oaks Funeral Home
Boecker Charles 18 Jul 1890 9-Jul-67  
Boecker Frieda Eben 12 Aug 1887 29-Nov-63  
Boecker Fred A. 16 Mar 1892 24-Dec-73  
Boecker Ella Hess 31 Aug 1891 27-Dec-56  
Boecker Jodie Lee 1-Jun-63 1-Jun-63  
Boecker Otto 12 May 1899 26-Aug-65  
Boecker Minnie 18 Mar 1898 19-Apr-78  
Boecker Henry 21 Oct 1858 21-Aug-31  
Boecker Fred Otto 3-Feb-16 19-Nov-95  
Boecker Leon Henry 2-Sep-1926 17-May-2014 WWII
Boecker Pearly Wunderlich 7-Nov-16 7-Oct-04  
Boenker Henry 24 Nov 1886 5-Dec-50  
Boenker Erna 3 Feb 1893 24-Apr-89  
Borman Harry W. 1898 28-Jan-56  
Borman Elsie P. 1894 No date given  
Bormann George W. 4 Jul 1894 18-May-67  
Bormann Emma 18 Jan 1896 1-Jul-77  
Bormann Calvin T. 19-Jan-28 2-Sep-84  
Bormann Laura Kolbe 28 Sep 1863 10-Jan-48  
Bormann Alfred B. 15 Jun 1892 9-Aug-47 WW I
Bormann Paula 25 Feb 1895 15-Nov-86  
Bormann Roger Alfred 5-Jul-21 14-Oct-89 WW II
Brinkmeyer C. R. 9-Dec-26 8-Jan-27  
Brinkmeyer Charles 18 Jun 1897 4-Mar-51  
Brinkmeyer Malinda 9 Oct 1897 31-May-79  
Brinkmeyer William 10 Nov 1860 30-Jan-29  
Brinkmeyer Henriet 5 Sep 1865 6-Apr-34  
Buenger Bernita M. Jurchak 24-Apr-25 20-Sep-98  
Buenger Jay C "Jimmie" 18-Mar-1924 27-Dec-2015 WW II                     h/o Bernita Jurchak
Cordes Carolyn 23-Nov-1940 15-May-2021 Memorial Oaks Funeral Home obit
Craig Mary Louise Weicker 3-Jan-1933 20-Feb-2019 Memorial Oaks Funeral Home
Dierking Marvin H. 9-Oct-12 3-Jul-03  
Dierking Esther Wensel 19-Nov-13 28-Sep-85  
Eben William 26 Aug 1874 20-Dec-51  
Eben Emma Juergens 5 Jun 1878 3-Mar-62  
Eben Keven Deane 23-Dec-69 11-Jul-70  
Eben Bertha 27 Aug 1872 27-Jul-48  
Eben John 8 Oct 1871 25-Apr-59  
Eben Roosevelt M. 1-Dec-33 16-Nov-71  
Eben Walter H. 20-Sep-01 8-Mar-75  
Eben Edith Charlotte Wienke 14-Sep-05 15-Sep-94  
Eben Henry Otto 21-Sep-31 4-Jul-82  
Eben H. F. 23 Jul 1857 12-Feb-47  
Eben  Heinrich 17 Oct 1823 6-Apr-1911  CSA  
Eben Manfred C. 19 Dec 1897 7-Jul-80  
Eben Mary Blezinger 21-Sep-00 3-May-99  
Eben Viola 29-May-22 No date given  
Eben Ben 8-Nov-03 13-Oct-83  
Eben Mae Dell Maas 27-Dec-46 Nov-86  
Eben Edgar Steven 30-Mar-09 21-Nov-99  
Eben Harry F. 23-Jul-10 12-Jun-03  
Eben Agnes E. Kaase 18-Sep-11 31-Jan-00  
Eben Daniel 8-Dec-39 9-Dec-39  
Eickoff Selma H. Lorenz Albrecht 25-Mar-03 1-Oct-87  
Emshoff William 15 Jun 1878 18-Apr-47  
Emshoff Bertha Grebe 2 Jan 1875 27-Feb-56  
Emshoff Erna 27-Sep-03 6-Jun-00  
Enax Fred 5 Sep 1883 15-Jan-35  
Faist Jacob F. 4 Oct 1859 14-Jul-39  
Faist Emma Dickman 15 Oct 1870 19-Feb-48  
Faist Clemons S. (Steven) 14-Jul-12 29-Jun-70 WW II
Faist Edmund 30 Mar 1892 22-Feb-72 WWI
Franke Roger M. 22-Apr-15 30-Jun-82 WW II
Franke Helmuth Sam 16-Mar-11 4-Sep-96 WW II
Franke Walter Herman 28-Jan-09 14-Nov-94  
Franke Lillie Emshoff 28-May-08 2-Jan-02  
Garlin Friedrich W. 23 Dec 1872 13-Jul-53  
Garlin Ella L. Schulz 23 Oct 1887 5-Aug-43  
Garlin Ellis L. 11 Aug 1899 2-Apr-92  
Garlin Elsa Blezinger 16 Oct 1896 22-Jul-00  
Glaeser Paul R. 18 Apr 1892 24-Nov-65  
Glaeser Hilda Ahrens 6 Feb 1899 10-May-86  
Glaeser Wilbert 11-Mar-19 15-Oct-03  
Glaeser Helen Lindemann 21-Nov-19 3-May-05  
Glenewinkel Erich Carl 6-Jul-20 1-Feb-02 WW II
Haevischer Fritz H. 22-Jan-03 22 Feb 1962  
Haevischer Hermine Wiecker 2 Dec 1891 27-Aug-70  
Haevischer William 13 Dec 1881 14-Oct-65  
Haevischer Meta Hohlt 15-Feb-04 31-Dec-91  
Haevischer Herbert C. 18-Apr-12 30-Jul-96  
Haevischer Lenora 12-Aug-18 26-Nov-75  
Haevischer Benhart 10-Jul-09 30-May-78  
Haevischer Elsa K. 8-Oct-14 26-May-00  
Haevischer Bertha 24 Nov 1871 16-Feb-40  
Haverlah H. A., MD 1901 1964  
Haverlah Harold Gus 6-Jan-33 17-Jan-64 US Army
Haverlah Willie 15-Sep-03 23-Feb-71  
Haverlah Erna Schilling 14-Feb-11 20-May-70  
Haverlah Elizabeth C. 1871 1929  
Haverlah William A. 1868 16-Sep-55  
Hegemeyer Beatrice Laura Eben 2-Oct-35 2-Dec-02 w/o Hubert
Hegemeyer Hubert Theodore 26-Dec-24 2-Nov-15 h/o Beatrice L. Eben
Henske Milady Wiecker 16-Mar-16 3-Jan-04  
Herr John 15 May 1880 15-Sep-65  
Herr Dorothea Mahlmann 23 Feb 1891 6-Oct-75  
Herr Edgar Willie 10-Dec-18 12-Oct-98 WW II
Herr Oranell Emshoff 31-Jul-26 1-Sep-96  
Higgins Craig A. 25-Oct-73 30-Jan-88  
Higgins Leroy R. 6-Jan-45    
Hohlt Walter H. 7-Jan-13 23-Mar-71  
Hohlt Ada Mae 14-May-11 18-Sep-91  
Hohlt Theo (Theodore Henry) 9 Mar 1897 5-May-80 WWI
Hohlt Hattie W. 14-Sep-00 5-Nov-78  
Hohlt Robert C. No date given 5-Dec-28  
Hohlt Willie C. 9 Dec 1888 4-Dec-30  
Hohlt Louise 8 Aug 1861 17-Aug-31  
Hohlt Louise 27 Apr 1864 13-Jan-35  
Hohlt Wilhelm F. 7 Aug 1858 15-May-39  
Hohlt F. William 8 Jan 1871 15-Mar-46  
Hohlt Emma Warmke 31 Aug 1873 1-Dec-49  
Holt Carl 17 Feb 1866 30-Mar-55  
Holtkamp Leona L. 10-Jun-26 27-May-05  
Honerkamp Fritz 12 Mar 1866 8-Oct-42  
Huebner Willie C. 22 Jul 1882 19-Dec-60  
Huebner Elsie E. Faist 7 Apr 1894 15-Apr-80  
Huebner Hugo L. 8 Jan 1889 26-Nov-61  
Huebner Alma R. 30 Jan 1886 1-Mar-69  
Huebner Willie 10 Sep 1891 30-Dec-72  
Huebner Lena Schaefer 12 Feb 1894 9-Aug-88  
Huebner Otto C. 26-Apr-02 10-Dec-74  
Huebner Meta Emshoff 8-May-14 23-Nov-92  
Huebner Louis E. 1-Dec-10 19-Sep-82  
Huebner Bernard W.(Ben) (Willie) 25 Dec 1895 26-Feb-85 WWI
Huebner Paula Louise Bernshauser 15-Oct-06 14-Feb-94  
Huebner Bennie 10-Oct-07 11-Apr-78 WWII
Huebner Herman J. 26 Nov 1898 22-Apr-74  
Huebner Joseph 19 May 1864 8-Mar-41  
Huebner Emilie Kentoph 12 Oct 1868 8-Jun-54  
Huebner Frieda 20-Dec-05 22-Jan-90 d/o Jos.& Emilie
Huebner Tonie M. 21 Dec 1895 9-Jun-84  
Huebner Otto William 8-Sep-14 9-Mar-04 WWII
Hueske Otto W. 6 Jul 1873 23-Feb-57  
Hueske Emilie 20 Mar 1877 18-Jun-48  
Hueske Alvin 29-Aug-24 24-May-05  
Hueske Edna Eickhoff 30-May-21 3-Mar-92  
Huff Willie 23-Oct-14 21-Mar-02  
Hurtig Robert 17-Apr-14 4-May-68  
Hurtig Mabel 21-Feb-18 No date given  
Jurchak Frank J. 3-May-00 6-Feb-68  
Jurchak Lola Pauline Albert 30-Sep-01 5-Jun-80  
Jurchak Florence Marjorie 6-Jul-28 24-Dec-99  
Kaase Eugene E. H. 8-Jan-10 12-Feb-93  
Kaase Mabel L. 16-May-07 24-Dec-65  
Kaase Wilheim Calvin 27-Aug-26 10-Mar-27  
Kaase Willie 5 Apr 1884 28 Decmeber 1962  
Kaase Emma Rosalie Maeckel 30 Jul 1889 13-Jun-69  
Kaase Ernst 3 Feb 1888 26-May-76  
Kaase Mary 22 Aug 1889 19-Sep-68  
Kaase Roger 16-Dec-28 2-May-69  
Kaase Walter 27-May-08 14-Jun-97  
Kaase Ella Hohlt 29-Oct-03 22-May-77  
Kaase Roy W. 1-Apr-16 24-Dec-73 WW II
Kaase Ervin Glanton 27-Aug-26 18-Dec-96  
Kaase Edgar Willie 12-Apr-13 7-Dec-01  
Kalbow Arthur 7-Dec-21 10-Jan-99 WW II
Kaseberg Albertina 14 Apr 1896 29-Feb-76  
Kaseberg Charles 8 Jul 1892 28-Aug-71  
Kaseberg Marvin   13-Aug-29  
Kirchner Aug F. 10 Feb 1887 5-Jun-60  
Kirchner Martha L. Meier 28 Nov 1890 12-Apr-70  
Klaus Roy W. (Willie) 25-Oct-30 9-Jun-01 WW II
Klausmeyer Arnold Theodore, Sr. 23-Sep-20 25-May-97 WW II
Koehl Bertha 1890 1963  
Koehler Otto 14-Apr-82 11-Dec-71  
Koehler Lisette 14 Feb 1895 13-May-60  
Koehler Olga 25 Aug 1887 1-Mar-44  
Koehler Sophie   1966  
Koester Henry, Sr. 21 Feb 1880 21-Sep-58  
Koester Caroline 1 Jul 1880 24-Feb-61  
Kolwes Reinhardt E. 16-Jan-10 21-Jan-00  
Kolwes Ena A. Albert 29-Jun-06 11-Sep-73 w/o Reinhardt E.
Kolwes Verlien Hegemeyer 10-Mar-1933 24-Feb-2018 Schmidt Funeral Home
Konieczny Charles James 6-Mar-1942 12-Jun-2019 Brenham Memorial Chapel
Kraemer Olga 18 Sep 1896 7-Aug-83  
Kramer Erwin 14-Sep-13 10-Nov-74  
Kramer Viola 5-Jan-18 29-Nov-04  
Kramer Adolph S. 14 May 1888 3-Jan-74  
Kramer Selma A. 16 Feb 1890 26-Jan-70  
Kramer Lonnie T. 1-Jul-20 7-Jul-98  
Kramer Mary Jo 3-Apr-23    
Krause Gustav S. 12 Jun 1884 31-Dec-76  
Krause Alma L. Becker 2 Mar 1890 20-Mar-86  
Krause Raymond 24-Mar-15 15-Aug-04  
Krinke Willie 14 Oct 1896 15-Aug-79  
Krinkle Hattie 14-Feb-07 9-Jan-70  
Krueger Willie E. 22 Mar 1887 25-May-64 m.9/29/1914
Krueger Emma Wesatzke 13 Feb 1892 12-Sep-88 m. 9/29/1914
Krueger Annie Richter 9 Apr 1886 7-Mar-81  
Krueger Fritz 9 Feb 1881 19-Nov-70  
Krueger Elton Henry 9-Nov-14 17-Jun-82  
Krueger Laura Boecker 5-Nov-13 24-Jul-01  
Krueger Heinrich 11 Sep 1851 14-Jun-29  
Krueger Auge Manske 23 Jul 1852 7-Aug-36  
Kuehn Ernst J. 27 Dec 1885 6-Feb-76 WWI
Kuehn Mary C. Platte 2 Jun 1895 27-Aug-81  
Kuehn Elfrieda A. 7 Sep 1885 7-Apr-71  
Kuehn Edwin G. 22 Jul 1893 14-Jul-66  
Kuehn Elsie A. Platte 25 Aug 1896 19-Sep-92  
Kuehn Edwin A 17-Oct-32 3-Dec-15 h/o Delores Krinke
Lahrmann Adelbert F. 27 Jul 1897 15-Jun-79  
Lahrmann Eleanor 9-Jun-02 30-Jul-43  
Lindemann William 8 Oct 1893 10-Apr-36  
Lindemann Frieda 1 Dec 1894 28-Mar-84  
Lindemann Herman 27 Dec 1862 12-Dec-46  
Lindemann Minnia Engelking 22 Jul 1868 1-Apr-46  
Loesch Charlotte 9 May 1831 22-Nov-28  
Luedeker Carl 25 Nov 1870 12-Mar-53  
Luedeker Anna Thielemann 30 Mar 1873 11-Jul-58  
Luedeker Wilfred 17-Nov-29 16-Jan-36  
Luedeker Vergil Aug 9-Jan-24 16-Jun-13 WW II 
Luedke Aug E. 28-Feb-00 7-Dec-66  
Luedke Alma Hill 10 Aug 1897 19-Oct-91  
Luhn Olga Sturm 25-Oct-26 31-Jan-92  
Machemehl Leslie M. 21 Augut 1919 25-May-33  
Mahlmann Wilhelm T. 1 Oct 1888 2-Oct-70  
Mahlmann Hedwig Marie Platte 19 Dec 1888 19-Jun-68  
Mahlmann Bernice 20-Mar-26 17-Aug-68  
Mahlmann George F., Jr.(Friedrich) 23 May 1895 5-Jan-79 WWI
Mahlmann Ottilie Langer 20 Augut 1898 10-May-69  
Marek Vida E. Rinn 12-Nov-12 24-Aug-69  
Marek Henry H. 9-Jan-10 1-Jun-99  
Marek Clarence Harold "Bobby" 17-Nov-30 4-Feb-98  
Marek Bernice Ruth Hueske 1-Aug-29 23-Oct-04  
Meier Herbert J 11 Jan 1894 22-Jun-75 WWI  
Meier Hattie Wittneben 10-May-02 2-Feb-74  
Meier Erna 5 Jun 1887 13-Jan-79  
Meischen Adolph, Sr. 17 Nov 1890 4-Jun-78  
Meischen Nora W. Platte 30 Dec 1895 1-Jun-78  
Melcher Charles F. H. 1893 1944 WWI
Mertz Edwin (L.) 9 Apirl 1894 16-Apr-58 WWI
Mertz Hilda 13-Sep-00 21-Jun-54  
Merz Stanley J.(John) 2-Oct-20 15-Nov-05 WW II
Mertz Viola Meier 19-Jul-1922 25-Jul-2016 Brenham Memorial Chapel
Meyer Wilhelmine 1874 1931  
Meyer Benhardt 1862 1948  
Meyer Raymond 7-Dec-16 3-Aug-35  
Michael Elroy Otto 10-Jul-36 4-Jun-70  
Mikeska Michael G. 12-May-61 30-Apr-77  
Mikeska John Robert, Jr. 26-Dec-24 8-Mar-95 WW II
Noerenberg Albert 27 Jul 1892 5-Mar-81  
Noerenberg Meta 5 Dec 1894 30-Jul-79  
Norwood Loyd Edward 4-Jan-35 13-Sep-08 Korea
Nustedt Henry 1 Jul 1858 14-Sep-42  
Nustedt Anna 26 Aug 1865 4-Jan-37  
Oberender Clara Meyer 14 Mar 1897 12-Jun-95 m. 12/16/1923
Oberrender Ernst 31 Dec 1880 16-Apr-67 m. 12/16/1923
Peters Otto 14 Sep 1899 12-Feb-39  
Peters Anna 21-Mar-04 11-Jan-84  
Platte Cornelson 1938 4-Jan-42  
Platte Ernst 7 Aug 1862 11-Mar-45  
Platte Emilie Hinzel 11 Feb 1866 7-Jul-49  
Platte Wilson Oscar 14-May-10 30-Dec-93  
Platte Esther Thielemann 15-Jun-16 4-Aug-00  
Pontruff Ben 23 Decemaber 1911 10-Oct-81  
Priesmeyer Willie 14 Aug 1890 16-May-73  
Priesmeyer Edna Lydia Eickhoff 7 Jul 1897 19-Jun-82  
Rathke Richard 6 Oct 1881 10-Sep-73  
Rathke Minnie Spreen 13 Jan 1881 11-Apr-64  
Rathke Harvey 26-Jul-07 15-Jul-86  
Rathke Erna Garlin 7-Feb-11 23-May-88  
Rathke Ernest H. 10 Jul 1805 1-Jan-36  
Rathke Walter W. 11-Feb-13 17-Mar-87  
Rathke Leona 18-Dec-12 11-Oct-86  
Rathke Lilice May   1932  
Rathke Lester   1934  
Reichle Robert 16 Apr 1898 9-Feb-82  
Reichle Elda Mae Schultz 9-Jul-25 4-Nov-01  
Reichle Olga Lydia Marek 12-Aug-02 19-May-94  
Reichle Benjamin C. 27-Jul-03 14-Nov-71  
Reichle Julia 8 Aug 1865 14-Apr-44  
Richter Margaret Dierking 24-Aug-42 15-Apr-03  
Rinn Dorothy Eben 8-Oct-1923 2-Jun-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Rinn Wilbert James 28-Jun-21 28-Dec-97 WW II
Rinn Robert P. "Bobby" 1-Aug-71 17-Apr-88  
Rinn Jerry L. 28-Oct-42 16-Mar-04  
Roeske Faye Nell Dierking 5-Sep-48 5-Feb-02  
Ruemke Bernhardt 17 Sep 1859 13-Oct-42  
Ruemke Johanna 25 Jun 1867 12-Jun-62  
Ryan John Robert 11-Aug-30 9-Jan-16 h/o Connie Knight
Sander Ed 6-Nov-19 6-Apr-78  
Sander Raymond W. 24-Oct-14 3-Oct-00  
Sander Leona Amanda Garlin 8-Feb-14 7-May-92  
Sanders Judy 30-Dec-49 18-Aug-04  
Schaefer Ella 28 Jan 1893 6-Jan-29  
Schilling Gustav 23 Sep 1885 9-Feb-68  
Schilling Marie 22 Nov 1889 21-Nov-78  
Schmidt Henry O. 23 May 1889 19-Apr-70  
Schmidt Ella Platte 25 Oct 1890 11-Dec-79  
Schmidt Henry, Jr. 7-Nov-16 3-Feb-92  
Schmidt Nelda 15-May-18 23-Dec-05  
Schmidt Roger Lee 9-Feb-43 6-Nov-43  
Schomburg Herbert, Sr. 31-Jan-19 7-Apr-87  
Schomburg Nelda Kirchner 28-Oct-17 9-Aug-83  
Schomburg Paul H. 10-Apr-14 3-Apr-92 WW II
Schomburg Meta Wiecker Rathke 25-Jan-06 15-Jul-91  
Schovajsa Raymond Willie 31-Aug-31 27-Apr-00 Korean War
Schovajsa Betty J. Thielemann 26-Aug-35 21-Jun-03  
Schroeder Edward 14 Feb 1894 13-Nov-51  
Schroeder Hattie Meier 15 Dec 1894 1-Dec-50  
Schroeder Roger E. 11-May-25 11-May-91 WW II
Schroeder Annie Marie Meyer 23-Jul-25 8-Feb-81  
Schroeder Edward, Jr. 11-Jul-18 11-Apr-97  
Schuette Edwin 23-Apr-01 25-Sep-70  
Schuette Louise 26-Jun-03 24-Mar-64  
Schuette Anna 4 Mar 1877 22-Nov-62  
Schuette Elgin 24-Oct-03 28-Jan-36  
Schultz Julius 17 Nov 1856 11-Jul-53  
Schultz Vada 24-Feb-32 7-Apr-32  
Schultz Eugene 23 Jul 1898 22-Nov-66  
Schultz Bennie G. 1904 28-Feb-62  
Schultz Hattie 1912 1980  
Schultz Meta H. Koester 10-Sep-04 14-Jun-87  
Schultz Gottlieb C. 23 Sep 1894 16-Jul-71  
Schultz Berthold W. 23-Aug-04 4-Nov-76  
Schultz Selma B. 10-Feb-11 12 Dec 1000  
Schultz Robert G. 6 Aug 1895 31-Jul-76 WW I
Schultz Lydia Maurer 6 Apr 1899 12-Jul-87 m. 10/7/1919
Schultz Walter 4-Apr-02 6-Feb-87  
Schulz Ernst 30 Mar 1888 14-Jan-64  
Schulz Emma 20-Oct-03 3-Sep-75  
Schulz Henry E. 21-Feb-00 5-Mar-61  
Schulz Rosa 31-Oct-01 18-Dec-78  
Schulz Willie 27 Jul 1883 8-May-58  
Schulz Frances Posival 7 Jul 1888 27-Jul-73  
Schulz Robert A. 9 Sep 1896 28-Mar-71  
Schulz Bertha 29 May 1897 10-May-78  
Schulz Alfred 20 Feb 1886 10-Jan-44  
Schulz Frieda Glaeser 31 May 1890 6-Dec-71  
Schulz Charles 9 Aug 1893 8-Feb-50  
Schulz Johanna 24 Sep 1882 12-Jan-47  
Schulz Adolph Gottlib 21-Jan-11 6-Feb-97  
Schulz Esther Thielemann 16-Jun-13 12-Feb-45  
Sonnenberg Louis (Eddie) 2 May 1895 25-Feb-65 WW I
Sonnenberg Edna Faist 7-Aug-01 5-Jun-56  
Spiess Bennie(Ben) Gerhardt 5 Oct 1894 7-Apr-82 WW I
Spiess Ella Rudloff 21 Apr 1896 24-Feb-57  
Spiess Edwin 27-Jul-09 14-Jun-72  
Spiess John 10-Feb-16 25-Sep-80  
Spiess Alvina 13 Feb 1859 25-Nov-32  
Stegent Albin David 5-Feb-26 22-May-88 WW II
Stegent Gladys Bayer 22-Dec-27 Nov-86  
Stoerner Betty Jean Wiecker 8-Nov-1934 26-Jul-2016 Brenham Memorial Chapel
Stoerner William L "Willie" 3-Feb-31 23-Feb-16 Korea;w/o Jeanie Wiecker
Streitbeck Hilda 3 Apr 1894 17 Dec 1979  <