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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Welcome New Salem Lutheran Cemetery

AKA: Welcome Cemetery # 2 | Near Welcome

From Bellville take 159 west to Nelsonville. Turn right onto FM2502 north. At Welcome, turn right onto FM 109. Cemetery is across from church where there are two cemeteries in a pasture area. The one to the left is the older of the two. This cemetery on the right is numbered 2 as the newer one.

Additional information may be found at the GenFolks database link above.

Name GenFolks
Abke, Earl (1923-1998) USFlagDetails
Abke, Irene D. (1930-2002)Details
Ahrens, Marie (Dierking) (1860-1940)Details
Ahrens, Wilhelm (Houston) (1854-1932)Details
Albert, Herman J. (1877-1936)Details
Albert, Lisette (Elledge, Boeker) (1866-1951)Details
Albert, Malinda (Warmke) (1878-1963)Details
Albrecht, Billy Roy (1930-1930)Details
Albrecht, Martin G. (1900-1962)Details
Anton, PVT Willie Gustav (1891-1974) USFlagDetails
Appel, Elsie (1904-1946)Details
Arning, SGT Bernhard Christopher "Ben" Sr. (1920-2005) USFlagDetails
Ashorn, Delano F. (1934-1984)Details
Ashorn, Edgar Edmund Emil (1910-1992)Details
Ashorn, Edward Vincent (1883-1964)Details
Ashorn, Lina (Mehner) (1886-1972)Details
Ashorn, Olga (Wacusek) (1905-1990)Details
Balke, Celesta Bertha (Albert) (1916-2001)Details
Bender, Ernestina (1901-1970)Details
Bender, PVT Paul (1896-1967) USFlagDetails
Bernhausen, Emma (1884-1953)Details
Bernshausen, Mathilde (Wesatzke) (1875-1961)Details
Bernshausen, Richard (1867-1931)Details
Bernshausen, Robert Oscar (1903-1986)Details
Bernshausen, Theodor (1862-1946)Details
Bernshausen, Wilhelmina (Reichelt) (1911-1995)Details
Bliznak, Vincent Jerry, Jr. (1937-1937)Details
Boecker, Auguste (Bockelman) (1859-1951)Details
Boecker, Burney William (1933-2019) USFlagDetails
Boecker, Charles (1890-1967)Details
Boecker, Ella (Hess) (1891-1956)Details
Boecker, Fred August (1892-1973)Details
Boecker, Fred Otto (1916-1995)Details
Boecker, Frieda (Eben) (1887-1963)Details
Boecker, Henry (1858-1931)Details
Boecker, Jodie Lee (1963-1963)Details
Boecker, Leon Henry (1926-2014) USFlagDetails
Boecker, Minna Henriette Louise "Minnie" (Schroeder) (1898-1978)Details
Boecker, Minnie (1898-1978)Details
Boecker, Otto (1899-1965)Details
Boecker, Pearly (Wunderlich) (1916-2004)Details
Boenker, Erna (1893-1989)Details
Boenker, Henry (1886-1950)Details
Borman, Elsie P. (1894-????)Details
Borman, Harry W. (1898-1956)Details
Bormann, Alfred Ben (1892-1947) USFlagDetails
Bormann, Calvin T. (1928-1984)Details
Bormann, Emma (1896-1977)Details
Bormann, George William (1894-1967)Details
Bormann, Laura (Kolbe) (1863-1948)Details
Bormann, Paula (1895-1986)Details
Bormann, Roger Alfred Jr. (1921-1989) USFlagDetails
Brandt, Virginia (Schmidt) (1946-2021)Details
Brauner, Alfred (1952-2022)Details
Bright, Sherry Lynn (Brandt) (1966-2018)Details
Brinkmeyer, C. R. (1926-1927)Details
Brinkmeyer, Charles (1897-1951)Details
Brinkmeyer, Henriet (1865-1934)Details
Brinkmeyer, Malinda (1897-1979)Details
Brinkmeyer, William (1860-1929)Details
Buenger, Bernita M. (Jurchak) (1925-1998)Details
Buenger, Jay Charles "Jimmie" (1924-2015) USFlagDetails
Dahse, Verdis Charles (1942-2023) USFlagDetails
Dierking, Esther (Wensel) (1913-1985)Details
Dierking, Marvin "MH" (1912-2003)Details
Eben, Agnes E. (Kaase) (1911-2000)Details
Eben, Bennie "Ben" (1903-1983)Details
Eben, Bertha (1872-1948)Details
Eben, Daniel (1939-1939)Details
Eben, Edgar Steven (1909-1999)Details
Eben, Edith Charlotte (Wienke) (1905-1994)Details
Eben, Emma (Juergens) (1878-1962)Details
Eben, H. F. (1857-1947)Details
Eben, Harry F. (1910-2003)Details
Eben, Heinrich (1823-1911) USFlagDetails
Eben, Henry Otto (1931-1982)Details
Eben, John (1871-1959)Details
Eben, Keven Deane (1969-1970)Details
Eben, Mae Dell (Maas) (1946-1986)Details
Eben, Manfred C. (1897-1980)Details
Eben, Mary (Blezinger) (1900-1999)Details
Eben, Roosevelt (1933-1971)Details
Eben, Viola (Huebner) (1922-2014)Details
Eben, Walter H. (1901-1975)Details
Eben, William (1874-1951)Details
Eickoff, Selma H. (Lorenz, Albrecht) (1903-1987)Details
Emshoff, Bertha (Grebe) (1875-1956)Details
Emshoff, Erna (1903-2000)Details
Emshoff, William (1878-1947)Details
Enax, Fred (1883-1935)Details
Faist, Clemons Steven (1912-1970) USFlagDetails
Faist, Edmund (1892-1972) USFlagDetails
Faist, Emma (Dickman) (1870-1948)Details
Faist, Jacob F. (1859-1939)Details
Franke, PVT Helmuth Sam (1911-1996) USFlagDetails
Franke, Lillie (Emshoff) (1908-2002)Details
Franke, PVT Roger Myles (1915-1982) USFlagDetails
Franke, Walter Herman (1909-1994)Details
Garlin, Ella L. (Schulz) (1887-1943)Details
Garlin, Ellis L. (1899-1992)Details
Garlin, Elsa (Blezinger) (1896-2000)Details
Garlin, Friedrich W. (1872-1953)Details
Glaeser, Helen (Lindemann) (1919-2005)Details
Glaeser, Hilda Lissett (Ahrens) (1899-1986)Details
Glaeser, Paul Robert (1892-1965)Details
Glaser, Wilbert H. (1919-2003)Details
Glenewinkel, Erich Carl (1920-2002) USFlagDetails
Haevischer, Benhart (1909-1978)Details
Haevischer, Bertha (1871-1940)Details
Haevischer, Elsa K. (1914-2000)Details
Haevischer, Fritz H. (1903-1962)Details
Haevischer, Herbert C. (1912-1996)Details
Haevischer, Hermine (Wiecker) (1891-1970)Details
Haevischer, Lenora (1918-1975)Details
Haevischer, Meta (Hohlt) (1904-1991)Details
Haevischer, William (1881-1965)Details
Haverlah, Elizabeth C. (1871-1929)Details
Haverlah, Erna (Schilling) (1911-1970)Details
Haverlah, H. A. MD (1901-1964)Details
Haverlah, PFC Harold Gus (1933-1964) USFlagDetails
Haverlah, William A. (1868-1955)Details
Haverlah, Willie (1903-1971)Details
Hegemeyer, Beatrice Laura (Eben) (1935-2002)Details
Hegemeyer, PVT Hubert Theodore (1924-2015) USFlagDetails
Henske, Milady (Wiecker) (1916-2004)Details
Herr, Dorothea (Mahlmann) (1891-1975)Details
Herr, CPL Edgar Willie (1918-1998) USFlagDetails
Herr, John (1880-1965)Details
Herr, Oranell (Emshoff) (1926-1996)Details
Higgins, Craig A. (1973-1988)Details
Higgins, Larry Ray (1945-2003) USFlagDetails
Hohlt, Ada Mae (1911-1991)Details
Hohlt, Emma (Warmke) (1873-1949)Details
Hohlt, F. William (1871-1946)Details
Hohlt, Hattie W. (1900-1978)Details
Hohlt, Louise (1861-1931)Details
Hohlt, Louise (1864-1935)Details
Hohlt, Robert Charles "Charlie" Sr. (1895-1928) USFlagDetails
Hohlt, Theodore Henry "Theo" (1897-1980) USFlagDetails
Hohlt, Walter H. (1913-1971)Details
Hohlt, Wilhelm F. (1858-1939)Details
Hohlt, Willie C. (1888-1930)Details
Holt, Carl (1866-1955)Details
Holtkamp, Leona L. (1926-2005)Details
Honerkamp, Fritz (1866-1942)Details
Huebner, Alma R. (1886-1969)Details
Huebner, PFC Bennie (1907-1978) USFlagDetails
Huebner, Bernard William "Ben, Willie" (1895-1985) USFlagDetails
Huebner, Elsie E. (Faist) (1894-1980)Details
Huebner, Emilie (Kentoph) (1868-1954)Details
Huebner, Frieda (1905-1990)Details
Huebner, Herman J. (1898-1974)Details
Huebner, Hugo L. (1889-1961)Details
Huebner, Joseph (1864-1941)Details
Huebner, Lena (Schaefer) (1894-1988)Details
Huebner, Louis E. (1910-1982)Details
Huebner, Meta (Emshoff) (1914-1992)Details
Huebner, Otto C. (1902-1974)Details
Huebner, TEC5 Otto William (1914-2004) USFlagDetails
Huebner, Paula Louise (Bernshauser) (1906-1994)Details
Huebner, Tonie M. (1895-1984)Details
Huebner, Willie (1891-1972)Details
Huebner, Willie C. (1882-1960)Details
Hueske, Alvin (1924-2005)Details
Hueske, Edna (Eickhoff) (1921-1992)Details
Hueske, Emilie (1877-1948)Details
Hueske, Otto W. (1873-1957)Details
Huff, Willie Otto (1914-2002)Details
Hurtig, Mabel (1918-????)Details
Hurtig, Robert (1914-1968)Details
Jurchak, Florence Marjorie (1928-1999)Details
Jurchak, Frank Joe (1900-1968)Details
Jurchak, Lola Pauline (Albert) (1901-1980)Details
Kaase, Edgar Willie (1913-2001)Details
Kaase, Ella Louise Henri (Hohlt) (1903-1977)Details
Kaase, Emma Rosalie (Maeckel) (1889-1969)Details
Kaase, Ernst "Ernest" (1888-1976)Details
Kaase, CPL Ervin Glanton (1926-1996) USFlagDetails
Kaase, Eugene E. H. (1910-1993)Details
Kaase, Mabel L. (1907-1965)Details
Kaase, Mary (1889-1968)Details
Kaase, Roger (1928-1969)Details
Kaase, SSGT Roy Willie (1916-1973) USFlagDetails
Kaase, Walter (1908-1997)Details
Kaase, Wilheim Calvin (1926-1927)Details
Kaase, Willie (1884-1962)Details
Kalbow, TEC4 Arthur Reinhard (1921-1999) USFlagDetails
Kaseberg, Albertina (1896-1976)Details
Kaseberg, Charles (1892-1971)Details
Kaseberg, Marvin (????-1929)Details
Kirchner, August F. (1887-1960)Details
Kirchner, Martha L. (Meier) (1890-1970)Details
Klaus, SFC Roy Willie (1930-2001) USFlagDetails
Klausmeyer, SGT Arnold Theodore Sr. (1920-1997) USFlagDetails
Koehl, Bertha (1890-1963)Details
Koehler, Lisette (1895-1960)Details
Koehler, Olga (1887-1944)Details
Koehler, Otto (1882-1971)Details
Koehler, Sophie (????-1966)Details
Koester, Caroline (1880-1961)Details
Koester, Henry Sr. (1880-1958)Details
Kolwes, Ena A. Albert (1906-1973)Details
Kolwes, Reinhardt E. (1910-2000)Details
Kraemer, Olga (1896-1983)Details
Kramer, Adolph Stephan (1888-1974)Details
Kramer, Erwin (1913-1974)Details
Kramer, Lonnie Theodore (1920-1998) USFlagDetails
Kramer, Mary Jo (1923-????)Details
Kramer, Selma A. (1890-1970)Details
Kramer, Viola (1918-2004)Details
Krause, Alma L. (Becker) (1890-1986)Details
Krause, Gustav S. (1884-1976)Details
Krause, Raymond Adolph (1915-2004) USFlagDetails
Krinke, Willie (1896-1979)Details
Krinkle, Hattie (1907-1970)Details
Krueger, Annie (Richter) (1886-1981)Details
Krueger, Auguste (Manske) (1852-1936)Details
Krueger, Elton Henry (1914-1982)Details
Krueger, Emma Anna (Wesatzke) (1892-1988)Details
Krueger, Fritz (1881-1970)Details
Krueger, Heinrich (1851-1929)Details
Krueger, Laura (Boecker) (1913-2001)Details
Krueger, Willie Ernst (1887-1964)Details
Kuehn, CPL Edwin Adolph (1932-2015) USFlagDetails
Kuehn, PVT Edwin Gotholt (1893-1966) USFlagDetails
Kuehn, Elfrieda A. (1885-1971)Details
Kuehn, Elsie A. (Platte) (1896-1992)Details
Kuehn, Ernst J. (1885-1976) USFlagDetails
Kuehn, Mary C. (Platte) (1895-1981)Details
Lahrmann, Adalbert Fredr (1897-1979)Details
Lahrmann, Eleanor (1902-1943)Details
Lindemann, Frieda (1894-1984)Details
Lindemann, Herman (1862-1946)Details
Lindemann, Minnia (Engelking) (1868-1946)Details
Lindemann, William (1893-1936)Details
Loesch, Charlotte (1831-1928)Details
Luedeker, Anna (Thielemann) (1873-1958)Details
Luedeker, Carl (1870-1953)Details
Luedeker, Carrie Evelyn (Spiess) (1925-2018)Details
Luedeker, PFC Vergil August (1924-2013) USFlagDetails
Luedeker, Wilfred (1929-1936)Details
Luedke, Alma (Hill) (1897-1991)Details
Luedke, August E. (1900-1966)Details
Luhn, Olga (Sturm) (1926-1992)Details
Machemehl, Leslie M. (1919-1933)Details
Mahlmann, Bernice (1926-1968)Details
Mahlmann, PFC Dennis Herman (1928-2020) USFlagDetails
Mahlmann, PVT George Friederich Jr. (1895-1979) USFlagDetails
Mahlmann, Hedwig Marie (Platte) (1888-1968)Details
Mahlmann, Ottilie (Langer) (1898-1969)Details
Mahlmann, Wilhelm T. (1888-1970)Details
Marek, Bernice Ruth (Hueske) (1929-2004)Details
Marek, Clarence Harold "Bobby" (1930-1998) USFlagDetails
Marek, Henry H. (1910-1999)Details
Marek, Vida Emma (Rinn) (1912-1969)Details
Meier, Erna (1887-1979)Details
Meier, Hattie (Wittneben) (1902-1974)Details
Meier, PVT Herbert John Martin (1894-1975) USFlagDetails
Meischen, Adolph Dietric Sr (1890-1978)Details
Meischen, Nora Wilhelmine (Platte) (1895-1978)Details
Melcher, PFC Charles Fredrick Henry (1893-1944) USFlagDetails
Mertz, Edwin Louis (1894-1958) USFlagDetails
Mertz, Hilda (1900-1954)Details
Merz, TEC4 Stanley John (1920-2005) USFlagDetails
Merz, Viola (1922-2016)Details
Meyer, Benhardt (1862-1948)Details
Meyer, Raymond (1916-1935)Details
Meyer, Wilhelmine (1874-1931)Details
Michael, Elroy Otto (1936-1970)Details
Mikeska, John Robert Jr. (1924-1995) USFlagDetails
Mikeska, Michael G. (1961-1977)Details
Noerenberg, Albert (1892-1981)Details
Noerenberg, Meta (1894-1979)Details
Norwood, Loyd Edward (1935-2008) USFlagDetails
Nustedt, Anna (1865-1937)Details
Nustedt, Henry (1858-1942)Details
Oberender, Clara (Meyer) (1897-1995)Details
Oberrender, Ernst (1880-1967)Details
Oberrender, Gotthold Bernard "Ben" (1924-2010) USFlagDetails
Peters, Anna (1904-1984)Details
Peters, Otto (1899-1939)Details
Pieper, Lloyd (1946-2022)Details
Platte, Cornelson (1938-1942)Details
Platte, Emilie (Hinzel) (1866-1949)Details
Platte, Ernst (1862-1945)Details
Platte, Esther (Thielemann) (1916-2000)Details
Platte, Wilson Oscar (1910-1993)Details
Pondruff, Bennia "Ben" (1911-1981)Details
Priesmeyer, Edna Lydia (Eickhoff) (1897-1982)Details
Priesmeyer, Willie (1890-1973)Details
Rathke, Erna Agusta (Garlin) (1911-1988)Details
Rathke, Ernest H. (1805-1836)Details
Rathke, Harvey (1907-1986)Details
Rathke, Leona (1912-1986)Details
Rathke, Lester (????-1934)Details
Rathke, Lilice May (????-1932)Details
Rathke, Minnie (Spreen) (1881-1964)Details
Rathke, Richard (1881-1973)Details
Rathke, Walter William (1913-1987)Details
Reichle, Benjamin C. (1903-1971)Details
Reichle, Elda Mae (Schultz) (1925-2001)Details
Reichle, Julia (1865-1944)Details
Reichle, Olga Lydia (Marek) (1902-1994)Details
Reichle, Robert (1898-1982)Details
Richter, Margaret Ann (Dierking) (1942-2003)Details
Rinn, Jerry L. (1942-2004)Details
Rinn, Robert P. "Bobby" (1971-1988)Details
Rinn, AEM1 Wilbert James (1921-1997) USFlagDetails
Roeske, Faye Nell (Dierking) (1948-2002)Details
Ruemke, Bernhardt (1859-1942)Details
Ruemke, Johanna (1867-1962)Details
Sander, Ed (1919-1978)Details
Sander, Leona Amanda (Garlin) (1914-1992)Details
Sander, Raymond W. (1914-2000)Details
Sanders, Judy (1949-2004)Details
Schaefer, Ella (1893-1929)Details
Schilling, Gustav (1885-1968)Details
Schilling, Marie (1889-1978)Details
Schmidt, Ella (Platte) (1890-1979)Details
Schmidt, Henry O. (1889-1970)Details
Schmidt, Henry, Jr. (1916-1992)Details
Schmidt, Nelda (Warmke) (1918-2005)Details
Schmidt, Roger Lee (1943-1943)Details
Schomberg, TEC5 Paul Herman (1914-1992) USFlagDetails
Schomburg, Herbert Sr (1919-1987)Details
Schomburg, Meta (Wiecker, Rathke) (1906-1991)Details
Schomburg, Nelda (Kirchner) (1917-1983)Details
Schomburg, Paul Herman (1914-1992) USFlagDetails
Schovajsa, Betty J. (Thielemann) (1935-2003)Details
Schovajsa, CPL Raymond Willie (1931-2000) USFlagDetails
Schroeder, Annie Marie (Meyer) (1925-1981)Details
Schroeder, Edward (1894-1951)Details
Schroeder, Edward (1918-1997)Details
Schroeder, Hattie (Meier) (1894-1950)Details
Schroeder, Roger E. (1925-1991) USFlagDetails
Schuette, Anna (1877-1962)Details
Schuette, Edwin (1901-1970)Details
Schuette, Elgin (1903-1936)Details
Schuette, Louise (1903-1964)Details
Schultz, Bennie G. (1904-1962)Details
Schultz, Berthold W. (1904-1976)Details
Schultz, Gottlieb C. (1894-1971)Details
Schultz, Hattie (1912-1980)Details
Schultz, Julius (1856-1953)Details
Schultz, Lydia (Maurer) (1899-1987)Details
Schultz, Meta H. (Koester) (1904-1987)Details
Schultz, Robert Gustav (1895-1976) USFlagDetails
Schultz, Selma B. (1911-2000)Details
Schultz, Vada (1932-1932)Details
Schultz, Walter (1902-1987)Details
Schulz, Adolph Gottlib F. (1911-1997)Details
Schulz, Alfred (1886-1944)Details
Schulz, Bertha (1897-1978)Details
Schulz, Charles (1893-1950)Details
Schulz, Emma (1903-1975)Details
Schulz, Ernst Gustav (1888-1964) USFlagDetails
Schulz, Esther (Thielemann) (1913-1945)Details
Schulz, Frances (Posival) (1888-1973)Details
Schulz, Frieda (Glaeser) (1890-1971)Details
Schulz, Henry E. (1900-1961)Details
Schulz, Johanna (1882-1947)Details
Schulz, Robert A. (1896-1971)Details
Schulz, Rosa (1901-1978)Details
Schulz, Willie (1883-1958)Details
Sonnenberg, Edna (Faist) (1901-1956)Details
Sonnenberg, Louis Edward "Eddie" (1895-1965) USFlagDetails
Spiess, Alvina (1859-1932)Details
Spiess, Benjamin Gerhardt "Bennie" (1894-1982) USFlagDetails
Spiess, PFC Benjamin Glenn (1932-2018) USFlagDetails
Spiess, Edwin (1909-1972)Details
Spiess, Ella (Rudloff) (1896-1957)Details
Spiess, John (1916-1980)Details
Stegent, Albin David (1926-1988) USFlagDetails
Stegent, Gladys (Bayer) (1927-1986)Details
Stoerner, Betty Jean (1934-2016)Details
Stoerner, SGT William Louis "Willie" (1931-2016) USFlagDetails
Streitbeck, Hilda (1894-1979)Details
Sturm, Adolph L. (1879-1954)Details
Sturm, Alfrieda (Dudensing) (1888-1949)Details
Sunderhuse, Edna B. (1889-1961)Details
Thielemann, Alice Julia (Stark) (1913-1995)Details
Thielemann, Anita Mathilda (Schulz) (1914-2003)Details
Thielemann, Edmund Willi (1911-1989)Details
Thielemann, Elsa (Wensel) (1904-1971)Details
Thielemann, Erwin W. (1913-1980)Details
Thielemann, Fred (1869-1954)Details
Thielemann, Herbert W. (1900-1994)Details
Thielemann, Lillie (Eickhoff) (1892-1961)Details
Thielemann, Lonnie Fred (1909-1974)Details
Thielemann, Louise (Krueger) (1879-1975)Details
Thielemann, Norvill (1943-1946)Details
Thielemann, Regina Emilie (Meischen) (1917-1978)Details
Thielemann, Sophie (1872-1954)Details
Thielemann, Theodore (1887-1951)Details
Thielemann, Wm.Christian (1877-1956)Details
Tietjen, Meta H. H. (1876-1928)Details
Vierus, Elsie (Bender) (1926-2018)Details
Vierus, Herman (1853-1941)Details
Vierus, Hernrietta L. (1928-1928)Details
Vierus, Lizzie (1892-1979)Details
Vierus, Wilbert Edward (1924-1991) USFlagDetails
Vierus, Willie (1883-1973)Details
Warmke, Arnold (1907-1992)Details
Warmke, Bobby Dale (1932-2008) USFlagDetails
Warmke, Ella (Eben) (1883-1952)Details
Warmke, Erna (Luedeker) (1894-1985)Details
Warmke, Fritz (1881-1963)Details
Warmke, Helga (1910-????)Details
Warmke, Lee (1908-1966)Details
Warmke, Meta (Wehring, Hohlt) (1890-1990)Details
Warmke, Ralph (1942-1951)Details
Warmke, Raymond Charles Sr. (1919-1995)Details
Warmke, Roert William (1906-1981)Details
Warmke, Verlin Kramer (1917-2002)Details
Warmke, Walter William (1922-1968)Details
Warmke, William (1875-1950)Details
Washam, Thomas Jefferson (1922-1982) USFlagDetails
Weaver, Edward Allen (1906-1965) USFlagDetails
Wehmeyer, Eldo Grimm "Bobby" (1923-1998) USFlagDetails
Wehmeyer, Joyce (Lahrmann) (1926-2000)Details
Wehring, Alita Clara Martha (Krause) (1926-2002)Details
Wehring, Lillie A. (Boeckelmann) (1887-1969)Details
Wehring, Theodore Ben "Tatsey" Jr. (1918-1997) USFlagDetails
Wehring, Theodore W. (1891-1951)Details
Wensel, Adolph (1896-1986)Details
Wensel, August (1870-1940)Details
Wensel, Lena (Albert) (1888-1978)Details
Wensel, Louise (Boecker) (1874-1949)Details
Wensel, Rubin August (1915-1994) USFlagDetails
Wensel, Theo W. (1891-1981)Details
Wensel, Tony (1896-1944)Details
Wesatzke, Christine Marie (1854-1931)Details
Wiecker, Ben K. (1896-1955)Details
Wiecker, Dora Caroline (Kalkhake) (1904-1992)Details
Wiecker, Ella D. (1889-1972)Details
Wiecker, PFC Elroy Henry (1931-2014) USFlagDetails
Wiecker, Heinrich George (1893-1972)Details
Wilke, Arnold Henry (1900-1972) USFlagDetails
Wilke, Dorthy Caroline (1907-1958)Details
Wilke, Edna (1899-1972)Details
Wilke, Friedrich G. (1885-1931)Details
Wilke, Ida F. (1902-1977)Details
Wilke, Otto August (1892-1969)Details
Wilke, Paul (1887-1958) USFlagDetails
Wilke, Richard Gus (1894-1973) USFlagDetails
Winkelmann, Arthur Carl (1917-1998)Details
Winkelmann, Elda (Garlin) (1920-1971)Details
Winkelmann, Joyce Ann (1947-1948)Details
Wittlif, Gustav (1866-1938)Details
Wittlif, Martha (Rust) (1874-1942)Details
Wittliff, Lillie (Hassebrock) (1907-1988)Details
Wittliff, Willie (1903-1993)Details
Wittneben, Aletha (Warmke) (1917-2000)Details
Wittneben, Edgar Albert (1914-1996)Details
Wittneben, Fredericka (1862-1942)Details
Wittneben, Henry F. (1857-1930)Details
Wittneben, Herman W. (1893-1948) USFlagDetails
Wittneben, Julia (Meier) (1895-1973)Details
Wittneben, Lena (Winkelman) (1906-1981)Details
Wittneben, Orville Henry (1930-1967) USFlagDetails
Wittneben, Robert H. (1904-1970)Details
Wittner, Elda A. (Mahlmann) (1912-1997)Details
Wittner, Ellie I. (Glaeser) (1888-1972)Details
Wittner, Herman W. (1889-1961)Details
Wittner, Roy W. (1907-1989)Details
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