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Williams-Bouldin Cemetery

Near Industry

Go west on 159 out of Industry to FM 1457, turn right, go to Schoenau Rd. turn right go approximately 3-2/10 miles to a sign "Williams Bouldin Cemetery" on your left and a gate 50 Ft. down the road from that point. Enter the gate and follow the trail to the Cemetery, (about 200 yards).

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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Comment
Bonner Buster 1900 1935 Killed by J.D. Ray Age 35
Bouldin Broddck 1867 4-Apr-49  
Bouldin Emma Williams 4 Mar 1867 5 Mar 1954  
Davis Andrew Jr. 9-Jan-45 11 May 2010  
Fritzjells Emma 1915 19-Aug-40  
Gibson Bessie M 8-Oct-28 1-Nov-13 Dau/o Maud Wms
Hilliard Shelley M. 6-Apr-89 19-Sep-89  
Jenkins Micheal 1979 1979  
Jenkins Mechelle 23-Apr-78 24-Apr-78  
Jones Bessie H. 3-Jul-05 14-Mar-54  
King Francis   21-Sep-69  
King Norma Flakes 3-May-14 25-Dec-70  
King Howard      
Mahon Jessie 1931 2010  
Smith Dustin Donovan "Duck" 27-Sep-94 27-Oct-13  
Williams  Abramham 1866    
Williams  Ben F. 27 Aug 1889 13-Jan-81 h/o Lillie McGroger
Williams  Charlie   196?  
Williams  Curtis 5-Sep-31 30-Dec-96  
Williams  Eddie 30-Apr-33 14 Jul 1996  
Williams  Howard     Age 15
Williams   Kervionna 31-May-1998 29-Aug-2021  
Williams  Lillie 17 Mar 1889 25-Dec-67  
Williams  Maud 1896 1957  
Williams  Nealy 25 Jun 1919 9-Sep-81 US Army WWII
Williams Nora 10 Oct 1936 10 Aug 2000 w/o Woodie Lee Williams
Williams Phil 20-Feb-1923 21-Apr-1980 PVT US Army WWII  
Williams  Robert B. 10-Mar-30 28-Oct-98 Korean War
Williams  Richard Cefred 10-Oct-35 4-Apr-93 Children Pam, Leroy, & Tyson
Williams  Walter 1898 13-Aug-33 Killed in Navasots Age 36
Williams  Wilking   4-Apr-93  
Williams  Rev. Woodie 20 Dec 1927 18-Oct-10  
Williams  Nora 10 Oct 1936 10 Aug 2000 w/o Woodie Lee Williams
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