Austin County, Texas

Military Veterans
of Austin County, Texas

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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

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Early Veterans

Many Austin County residents found themselves involved in battles chronicled in Texas History and American History. Some veterans fought in the Texas Revolution 1835-1936, the Mexican War, 1845 - 1847, and the Spanish War, 1898 to 1901. Others found themselves embroiled in other similar situations, such as the Mier expedition. We do not know all the names, but Joy Neely has compiled information about as many veterans as she could find. --From Handbook of Texas Online:

MIER EXPEDITION. The Mier expedition, the last of the raiding expeditions from Texas into the area south of the Nueces River during the days of the Republic of Texas, was the most disastrous of the expeditions from Texas into Mexico. It developed out of the Somervell expedition, which captured Laredo and Guerrero. On December 19, 1842, Alexander Somervell, recognizing that his expedition had been a failure and concluding that a longer stay upon the Rio Grande might prove disastrous, ordered his troops to prepare to return home by way of Gonzales. Many of the men had reached the conclusion that there was little possibility of accomplishing their objectives of engaging the Mexican Army and of seizing and plundering Mexican towns, but they were so dissatisfied with the order to return home that they determined to separate from the command, cross the river, and attack the Mexican settlements to secure cattle and horses. Only 189 men and officers obeyed the order to return; five captains and most of the men refused to do so. Constituting what is known as the Mier expedition, they moved down the Rio Grande to a convenient campsite and selected William S. Fisher as their commander. Some wanted revenge and retaliation; many sought adventure; the leaders were nearly all political opponents of Sam Houston.

Note some of these veterans were not directly related to Austin County. The additional Veterans lists were Old Three Hundred colonist.

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Name GenFolks
Alford, Winfield (1804-1877)Details
Allen, Martin C (1780-1837)Details
Alley, Abraham "Abram" (1803-1862)Details
Alley, John Christopher (1801-1823)Details
Alley, Rawson (1793-1833)Details
Alley, Thomas Jr (1798-1826)Details
Alley, William A (1800-1869)Details
Alsbury, Charles Grandison (1795-1828)Details
Alsbury, Dr Horace (1805-1847)Details
Alsbury, James Harvey (1798-????)Details
Alsbury, Thomas Perry Jr (1773-1826)Details
Anderson, Simeon Asa (????-????)Details
Andrews, John (1766-1838)Details
Andrews, William (????-1840)Details
Angier, Samuel (1792-????)Details
Atkinson, John (????-????)Details
Austin, James Elijah Brown (1803-1829)Details
Austin, John (1801-1833)Details
Austin, Stephen Fuller (1793-1836)Details
Baily, James B. (1797-1835)Details
Baker, Joseph "Don Jose" (????-????)Details
Baker, Mosely (????-????)Details
Balis, Daniel E. (????-????)Details
Baratt, William (????-????)Details
Barnet, Thomas (????-????)Details
Barron, Thomas Hudson (1796-1874)Details
Battle, Mills M. (????-????)Details
Beason, Benjamin (1786-1837)Details
Belknap, Charles (????-????)Details
Bell, CAPT Andrew Jackson "Jack" (1818-1885)Details
Bell, James (1796-1859)Details
Bell, Joseph H. (????-????)Details
Bell, Josiah H. (1791-????)Details
Bell, Thomas Henry (1796-1858)Details
Berry, M (????-????)Details
Best, Isaac (1774-1837)Details
Betts, Jacob (????-????)Details
Biggam, Francis (????-????)Details
Blanchette, Ed (1879-1953)Details
Bloodgood, William (????-????)Details
Bluford, Brooks (????-????)Details
Boatwright, Thomas (????-????)Details
Bollinger, Peter (????-????)Details
Borden, Paschal Paolo (????-????)Details
Borden, Thomas (????-????)Details
Bostick, Sion R. (????-????)Details
Bostwick, Caleb R. (????-????)Details
Bowman, John T. (????-????)Details
Bradley, Edward R. (????-????)Details
Bradley, Thomas (????-????)Details
Brast, Lee L. (????-????)Details
Breen, Charles (????-????)Details
Brias, Patrick (????-????)Details
Bricker, John (????-????)Details
Bridges, William B. (1795-1853)Details
Bright, David (1770-1837)Details
Brinson, Enoch (????-????)Details
Brotherington, Robert (????-????)Details
Brown, George (????-????)Details
Brown, John (????-????)Details
Brown, William S. (????-????)Details
Brunet, Pumphrey (????-????)Details
Bryan, Moses Austin (????-????)Details
Buckner, Aylett C. (????-????)Details
Burnam, Jesse (1792-1883)Details
Byrd, Micajah (????-????)Details
Callihan, Morris A. (????-????)Details
Calvit, Alexander (1784-1836)Details
Campbell, John (????-????)Details
Campbell, Rufus Easton (1815-1878)Details
Carpenter, David (????-????)Details
Carson, William C. (????-????)Details
Carter, Samuel (????-????)Details
Cartwright, Jesse H. (????-????)Details
Cartwright, Thomas Notley Jr (1798-1846)Details
Castleman, Sylvenus (????-1832)Details
Chance, Samuel (????-????)Details
Chriesman, Horatio (1797-1878)Details
Clark, John C. (????-????)Details
Clarke, Antony R. (????-????)Details
Cleveland, Horatio N. (????-????)Details
Coats, Merit M. (????-????)Details
Cochran, James (????-????)Details
Cochran, Thomas B. (1812-1877)Details
Coles, John P. (????-????)Details
Coody, Mance (????-????)Details
Coody, Warren G. (????-????)Details
Coody, Warren Gilbert "Manse" (1870-1947)Details
Cook, James Russell (1812-1843)Details
Cooke, John (????-????)Details
Cooper, Robert (????-????)Details
Cooper, William (????-????)Details
Crownover, John (????-????)Details
Cummings, James (????-????)Details
Cummings, John (????-????)Details
Cummings, William (????-????)Details
Cummins, James "Jack" (1773-1849)Details
Curtis, Hinton (????-????)Details
Curtis, James Sr (????-????)Details
Curtis, James Jr (????-????)Details
Davidson, Samuel (????-????)Details
Davis, Thomas (????-????)Details
Deckrow, D (????-????)Details
Demos, Charles (????-????)Details
Demos, Peter (????-????)Details
Dewees, William B. (1799-1878)Details
Dickinson, John (????-????)Details
Dillard, Nicholas (????-????)Details
Duke, Thomas Marshall (1785-1867)Details
Duty, George (????-????)Details
Duty, Joseph (1801-1855)Details
Dyer, Clement C. (????-????)Details
Earle, Thomas (????-????)Details
Edwards, G.E. (????-????)Details
Elam, John (????-????)Details
Elder, Robert (????-????)Details
Elolf, Fritz (????-????)Details
Ernst, Johann Friedrich Meinhard "Fritz" (1820-1863)Details
Falenash, Charles (????-????)Details
Fenter, David (????-????)Details
Ferrell, PVT John P. (1819-1892)Details
Fisher, James (????-????)Details
Fitzgerald, David (????-1832)Details
Flanakin, Isaiah (????-????)Details
Flowers, Elisha (????-????)Details
Fordtran, Charles William (1801-1900)Details
Foster, Benjamin Franklin (1817-1895)Details
Foster, Isaac (????-????)Details
Foster, John H. (????-1837)Details
Foster, Randolph (????-????)Details
Francis, Miller (1810-1882)Details
Frazier, James (????-????)Details
Fulshear, Churchill (????-????)Details
Garret, Charles (????-????)Details
Gates, Samuel (????-????)Details
Gates, William (????-????)Details
George, Freeman (1780-1834)Details
Gilbert, Preston (????-????)Details
Gilleland, Daniel (????-????)Details
Gorbet, Chester S. (????-????)Details
Gouldrich, Michael (????-????)Details
Granville, PVT Benjamin (????-????)Details
Gray, Thomas (????-????)Details
Grimes, Frederick Miller (1805-1889)Details
Grimes, George Washington (1822-????)Details
Groce, Jared E. (1782-1836)Details
Groce, Leonard Waller (????-????)Details
Guthrie, Robert (????-????)Details
Haddan, John (????-????)Details
Hady, Samuel C. (????-????)Details
Hall, George B. (????-????)Details
Hall, James (????-????)Details
Hall, John W. (????-????)Details
Hall, W. J. (????-????)Details
Hallien, John F. (????-????)Details
Hamilton, David (????-????)Details
Harris, Abner (????-????)Details
Harris, David (????-????)Details
Harris, John Richardson (????-????)Details
Harris, William (????-????)Details
Harris, William J. (????-????)Details
Harrison, George (????-????)Details
Harvey, William (????-????)Details
Haynes, Thomas S. (????-????)Details
Hensley, James (????-????)Details
Hodge, Alexander (1757-1836)Details
Holecek, PVT John (????-????)Details
Holland, Francis (????-????)Details
Hope, Adolphus (????-????)Details
Hope, Prosper S. (????-????)Details
Hope, Richard (????-????)Details
Hope, son of James (????-????)Details
Huff, George (????-????)Details
Ingram, Ira (1788-1837)Details
Jackson, Joseph (????-????)Details
Kerr, Dr James (1790-1850)Details
Kleberg, Robert Justus I (1803-1888)Details
Kuykendall, Abner (1777-1834)Details
Kuykendall, Barzilla (????-????)Details
Kuykendall, Gibson (????-????)Details
Kuykendall, Jonathan Hampton (????-????)Details
Lapham, Moses (????-????)Details
Martin, Wylie (????-????)Details
McKinney, Thomas F. (1801-1873)Details
Milski, Mike S. (????-????)Details
Minton, Samuel Andrew (1841-1899)Details
Montgomery, McCready (????-????)Details
Montgomery, McGrady (1812-1878)Details
Moore, John H. (1800-1880)Details
Moore, Lovick Pierce "LP" (1813-1905)Details
Nichols, John (????-????)Details
Pettus, John (????-????)Details
Pettus, William A. (????-????)Details
Pier, James Bradford (1813-1888)Details
Pilgrim, Thomas J. (????-????)Details
Pilley, Michael Robert (1820-1865)Details
Price, William B. (????-????)Details
Reamos, Sherwood Young (1812-1887)Details
Reed, Nathaniel (????-????)Details
Selkirk, William (1792-1830)Details
Shelby, David (1799-1872)Details
Shipman, Daniel (1801-1881)Details
Smeathers, William (1767-1837)Details
Sommerville, Alexander (????-????)Details
Stalknecht, F. H. (????-????)Details
Star, Franklin Jefferson (????-????)Details
Swearingen, Elemelech Sr. (1805-1887)Details
Swearingen, Elemeleck (????-????)Details
Swearingen, Valentine W. (????-????)Details
Thompson, Jesse (1749-1834)Details
Travis, William Barrett "Buck" (1809-1836)Details
Varner, Martin (1785-1844)Details
Verm, Henry (1818-1873)Details
Vince, Allen (????-????)Details
White, Joseph (????-1830)Details
Williamson, Robert McAlpin (????-????)Details
Woods, Zadock (1773-1842)Details
York, John (????-????)Details
Zurek, August G. (????-????)Details
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