Austin County, Texas

Military Veterans
of Austin County, Texas

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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

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Korea Conflict

The Korea Conflict (1950-1953).

Our thanks to Joy Neely who compiled most of this information. Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all!
Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda for updates to these files December 2022.
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Name GenFolks
Abel, Alfred Erwin Jr. (1930-1985)Details
Abel, Allan John (1930-????)Details
Adams, SSGT Frederick Lacy "Fred" (????-????)Details
Adams, Jean Carter (????-????)Details
Adams, Martin (????-????)Details
Adams, Thomas Edward (1928-1990)Details
Agnell, COL Peter Walfred (1907-1995)Details
Alford, Ernest James (????-????)Details
Allison, Phillip Ray Sr. (????-????)Details
Allison, Roy Parker Jr. (????-2015)Details
Alvarado, Bennie Jr. (????-????)Details
Alvarado, CPL Eulalio "Lalo" (1931-1951)Details
Ammann, Elmo August Jr. (1909-2005)Details
Anderlla, Florian Faustin (????-2015)Details
Anderson, PFC Edward Robert (1931-2001)Details
Anderson, Grady Lanier (????-????)Details
Anderson, Johnnie Jt (1930-2000)Details
Anderson, Warren Owen (1925-????)Details
Andreas, Lynwood Arthur (1929-1975)Details
Andrews, PVT Robert Lee (1932-1960)Details
Armstrong, Billy G. (????-????)Details
Aronson, CAPT Donald Jerry (????-????)Details
Ashorn, CPL Otis Edward (????-????)Details
Aukerman, E. L. Charles (1903-1975)Details
Baasen, Milton E. (????-????)Details
Badders, James Perry (????-????)Details
Baden, Byron Juan "Pete" (????-????)Details
Bailey, Walter Edward (????-1990)Details
Baker, Clarence H. (????-????)Details
Baker, Rex Thomas (????-????)Details
Balke, PFC Charles Herman Sr. (1932-2003)Details
Ballington, John Emanuel (1931-1996)Details
Balusek, Adolph Stanley (1929-1996)Details
Balusek, Victor Daniel (????-????)Details
Baranowski, SGT Leonard Lee (1931-1999)Details
Barbee, A1C Joseph Elwyn (????-????)Details
Barber, A. P. (????-????)Details
Bargas, CPL Valeska Alarcon (1918-2007)Details
Barnett, MAJ Doyle Eugene (????-????)Details
Baronowski, Ike R. (1931-1988)Details
Barrett, MAJ Delvin Royce (????-????)Details
Barrett, Gary Alton (1939-????)Details
Barry, Jeff Gene (1933-1976)Details
Barta, PFC Jerome Joseph (????-????)Details
Barta, Milton (????-2013)Details
Baumgart, Ernest Jr. (????-????)Details
Beachboard, SGT Robert Leroy (????-????)Details
Beal, Clarence (1926-1990)Details
Beaman, PFC Clinton Dwight Jr (1907-1981)Details
Bebee, Robert T (????-????)Details
Becker, Dr. Paul Joseph (1930-2007)Details
Bednar, Eugene D (????-????)Details
Bender, CPL Herbert Paul "Buck" (1932-2007)Details
Bennett, Thomas James Sr. (1915-1984)Details
Benton, Cecil Wayne (1953-1999)Details
Bernshausen, Arthur Robert (1914-1982)Details
Bernshausen, SGT Richard Emil (1908-????)Details
Biberstein, Weldon Lee (1933-2013)Details
Blansett, Charles Jr. (????-????)Details
Blazek, SP3 Alvin Joe "Coach Al" (1934-2007)Details
Blazek, Lawrence Joseph "Joe" (1929-2017)Details
Block, David Gordon (1928-1990)Details
Blum, Harvey Rudolph Sr. (1912-1987)Details
Boecker, Burney William (1933-2019)Details
Boehme, Ernest Lee (1931-2008)Details
Bolten, PFC Jubal Earl (1934-2008)Details
Bonner, Booker T. (1904-1984)Details
Bookout, John Charles (1916-200)Details
Borak, Simon August (1933-2012)Details
Boriack, Jerry Wilbert (1932-2018)Details
Brandes, Owen Otto (1930-1979)Details
Brast, PFC Leroy Gus (1934-2004)Details
Bravenec, SSGT John Ignac (1920-1984)Details
Britt, SGT Joseph Everett (1933-1996)Details
Bryant, Joe Edward (1931-????)Details
Buechmann, Cleo Edward (1933-2010)Details
Buechmann, CPL Eugene Lee (1930-1999)Details
Bufkin, James "Ralph" (1930-2015)Details
Bullard, CPL Robert Lee (1931-2010)Details
Bunton, A!c Franklin Delano (1933-2002)Details
Buntzel, Herbert Jr. (1930-2009)Details
Burditt, Harold Dean "Dennie" (????-2014)Details
Burditt, PVT Robert Wesley (1927-1990)Details
Burger, Raymond Louis (1932-1986)Details
Burnley, LT. Cary Lamar (1926-2000)Details
Byerly, Clement Samuel (1930-2000)Details
Caldwell, Tolly Rex Sr. (1933-2006)Details
Campos, CPL Blas (1928-1954)Details
Canino, SSGT Anthony Jr (1929-2014)Details
Cannon, James Henry "Jim" (1922-2000)Details
Carlin, Jack Flynn (1932-2014)Details
Carraway, Earl Franklin (1929-1957)Details
Cass, Samuel Harvey (1927-2014)Details
Cerny, CPL Anton William Jr (1929-2019)Details
Cerny, CPL Jerome Theodore (1928-2004)Details
Chalupa, PFC Frank Jerome (1926-1955)Details
Chernosky, Alden Otto "Al" (1927-1998)Details
Chernosky, CPL Norris Rudy (1929-1977)Details
Clark, Paul (1934-1992)Details
Clark, Samuel Randall (1932-2014)Details
Clayton, SGT Eugene Elvis (1930-2004)Details
Cloyd, CPL Raymond Elvin "Bogger" (1925-2012)Details
Cole, William Henry Jr (1931-1979)Details
Condon, Charles John (1929-1998)Details
Conklin, ICFN Alvin Bartlett (1932-1997)Details
Crawford, SGT Bobby Jerome (1929-1953)Details
Creekmore, SGT James Eugene "Jim" (1931-2019)Details
Curd, MSGT Thomas Louie (1917-1984)Details
Cuthbertson, James Patrick (1929-2013)Details
Dahse, Calvin Louis (1930-1983)Details
Dehmer, Louis Wink (1926-1977)Details
Dement, SP3 Duverna Lee (1936-1957)Details
Demny, TSGT John Theodore (1927-1995)Details
Demny, PFC Roy Alexander (????-2015)Details
Dempsey, PFC Roy Dee (1928-2013)Details
Denena, PVT Leon (1928-1970)Details
Dethloff, Rubin Charles "Charlie" (1933-????)Details
Dierschke, SGT Walter Doyle "Bub" (1931-1996)Details
Dirba, CPL Bernard John "Bennie" (1930-1984)Details
Dismuke, Raymond Lee (????-2012)Details
Dittert, CPL Clarence Alvin (1932-2020)Details
Dittert, J. Lee Jr (1931-2006)Details
Doering, SSGT Henry John "Buddy" (1921-1989)Details
Drawe, Ralph Jerome (????-2015)Details
Drozd, SGT Ben Joe (1926-2000)Details
Dziadek, PFC Leopold "Leo" Jr. (1933-2010)Details
Eckhardt, Wilifred Henry (????-2021)Details
Eddins, Wade Ray (1937-2009)Details
Eder, SSGT Marion Frank (1924-2012)Details
Einkauf, Donald Lloyd (1937-2009)Details
Emshoff, CTAC Wilfred Edwin Edward (1935-2020)Details
Evans, A1c Johnny Mose Jr. (1929-2002)Details
Faircloth, Billy E (1929-1998)Details
Faircloth, MSGT Billy Edward Sr (????-????)Details
Fajkus, PFC Felix Raymond (1920-1951)Details
Faterkowski, Bennie F. (1930-2003)Details
Fisher, SSGT Clifton Neely (1919-1996)Details
Flores, PFC Joe Fernandez Sr. (1927-1989)Details
Ford, James Charles "Jim" (1931-2018)Details
Ford, Oscar E. Jr. (1932-2009)Details
Forse, SGT Hubert Earl "Heavy" (1930-2010)Details
Fox, Bobby Buel (????-2021)Details
Foytik, TSGT Johnnie Edward (1926-1974)Details
Frank, SSGT Arno Edward Jr (1931-2012)Details
Frank, Bryan William (1924-2003)Details
Frank, SP3 Calvin Kenneth (1933-2010)Details
Frank, Leon Henry (1930-1987)Details
Franke, SSGT Ralph Allen (1925-2012)Details
Franks, SGT Lee Roy (1930-1984)Details
Froebel, Cecil Ray (1931-2023)Details
Froebel, Clyde Rupert (1934-2005)Details
Froebel, Robert Gene (1932-2021)Details
Fuchs, PFC Raymond Joseph (1928-1983)Details
Gallas, Frank Don (1932-1986)Details
Gallia, George (1931-2020)Details
Garling, PFC Allen Earl (1931-2022)Details
Garrett, SGT Allen Arthur "Pop" (1930-2014)Details
George, A1c Norman Lee (1935-1999)Details
Gerhart, Joseph Paul "J. P., Joe" (1922-2012)Details
Giebel, Freddie George (1925-1955)Details
Globel, CPL Clarence George (1931-1976)Details
Goebel, SGT Vernon Dean (1935-2022)Details
Gomez, PFC Dianicio Manuel Jr. (1933-1979)Details
Goodwin, 2LT Marion Robert "Bob" (1938-2005)Details
Gorman, Richard Joseph (1927-1997)Details
Graham, Jack Freeman (1933-2010)Details
Grawunder, SP3 James Edward (1930-2021)Details
Green, TSGT Iowa (1907-1980)Details
Griffin, James Augsteen Jr (1933-2001)Details
Grigar, CPL Eugene J.oe (1929-1979)Details
Grigar, PFC Raymond Joseph "Joe" II (1932-1984)Details
Gross, Harlan E. (1930-1986)Details
Gross, SGT Harlen Ernst (1930-1986)Details
Gross, Robert Lee Wallace (1919-????)Details
Grounds, James Robert (1931-2011)Details
Hackbarth, Fred Adolph Jr. (1923-1989)Details
Hacynski, Paul Edward (1931-1996)Details
Haczynski, Jan (1915-1918)Details
Haczynski, Paul Edward (1931-1996)Details
Hajdik, Willie Louis Jr (1935-2014)Details
Hamala, CPL Fred Joseph (1929-1967)Details
Hamm, PFC Willie Eugene (1928-1960)Details
Hartmann, Marvin Fredrick (1933-2013)Details
Harvey, James Leroy (1936-2017)Details
Hatch, SSGT Gordon Lee (1933-2007)Details
Havemann, CPL Arnold (1931-2020)Details
Haverlah, PFC Harold Gus (1933-1964)Details
Havran, Robert Lee (1931-2000)Details
Hedden, SGM Charles Raymond (????-????)Details
Hegemeyer, PVT Newton (1938-2004)Details
Heins, Louis Fritz (1934-2002)Details
Henderson, PVT Tracy Sr (1931-1990)Details
Hennessey, Lawrence Richard (1931-1981)Details
Henrichsen, Charles Erwin Jr (1938-2005)Details
Hernandez, PFC Feliciano Gutierrez Jr (1931-2015)Details
Higgins, Frank Joseph Jr (1933-2001)Details
Hill, CPL James (1929-1961)Details
Hillboldt, Curtis Barell (1930-2001)Details
Himly, Harvey Leon (1931-????)Details
Hines, James Doyle Jr. (1932-2001)Details
Hintz, CPL Carlos Wayne (1929-2007)Details
Hintz, CPL Harold Lloyd (1929-2009)Details
Hinze, CPL Alvin Max (1932-1966)Details
Hluchan, PFC Charles Michael Sr (1929-2019)Details
Hobbs, Brack Weaver (1925-1986)Details
Hoff, John Jr (1929-1956)Details
Hoff, CPL Lawrence Charles Jr (1929-2010)Details
Hogan, Owen Clark Jr (1935-1982)Details
Holiday, Italy (1930-1993)Details
Holloway, James Edward (1929-2010)Details
Holtkamp, SP4 Elroy Herman (1933-2004)Details
Hoppe, George Lee (1927-1996)Details
Hover, Frank William "Billy" Jr. (????-????)Details
Hruzek, PFC Raymond Robert (1928-1979)Details
Hupe, Eldon Louis (????-????)Details
Hurta, Leroy Ralph (1929-2006)Details
Huskey, HM1 John Mabery Jr (1929-2016)Details
Inglish, SSGT Robert Bailey "Crazy Bob" (1930-2016)Details
Jackson, PVT Joe Melville (1928-2006)Details
Jackson, PFC John Louis Jr (1932-1960)Details
Jackson, A2c Mchenry (1932-1963)Details
Jacobs, Willard Joseph "Jake" (????-2019)Details
Jalowy, PVT Charles Steve Jr (1931-2008)Details
Janca, William Lawrence "Bill" (1936-2013)Details
Janczak, Marcus Ray (1939-1970)Details
Janda, PFC Vit Blaise (1928-2018)Details
Janicek, SSGT Alfred Charles Sr (1929-2017)Details
Janicek, TSGT Alphonse Valentine (1926-1972)Details
Janicek, CPL Joseph August "Joe" (1931-2020)Details
Janszen, Charles Victor (1930-1998)Details
Jemela, Frank Joseph Jr (1934-????)Details
Jez, MSGT Norbert John Jr. (1922-1979)Details
Johnston, Floyd William Jr (1930-1993)Details
Jones, PFC Lee Roy Jr. (1929-2017)Details
Jones, Roy McKinley (1927-????)Details
Jurek, SP4 Delfeen Sylvester (1937-1970)Details
Kaase, CPL Ervin Glanton (1926-1996)Details
Kaase, LeRoy (1933-2019)Details
Kaase, SSGT Robert Ernst (1919-1963)Details
Kahanek, SGT Robert (1929-1957)Details
Kalmus, Silvin Walter (1934-2011)Details
Kamas, SGT Edwin John (1928-1983)Details
Kaminski, Emilian John (1931-2021)Details
Kanak, Benjamin Jerry "Bennie" (1931-2019)Details
Karwick, Donald Glen (1932-2020)Details
Keaton, PFC Leroy Norman (1939-2017)Details
Kemper, Leroy Bennie "Pete" (1931-1998)Details
Kersten, PVT Marvin Albert (1927-1993)Details
Kieke, Nelson Norris (1925-2009)Details
Kingston, Thomas Richard (1936-1956)Details
Kinnebrew, David Luther (????-????)Details
Kinsey, John Franklin (1929-2000)Details
Kirby, SSGT Raymond Anthony (1931-1975)Details
Klaus, SFC Roy Willie (1930-2001)Details
Klehm, PFC Wilburt Paul (1930-1991)Details
Klopsteck, William IV (1932-2007)Details
Kmiec, Phillip David Sr. (1930-1977)Details
Knapek, PFC Clarence John (1929-2006)Details
Knobelsdorf, William Joseph (1932-1986)Details
Kokemor, CPL Leroy William "Koke" (1930-2016)Details
Kolafa, Jerry Joe Sr (1935-2018)Details
Kolafa, PFC Lidge Joe (????-????)Details
Kollatschny, CPL Gilbert Charles (1932-2011)Details
Konesheck, CPL William Fred "Bill" (1932-1998)Details
Korenek, Dennis Alfred (1929-2010)Details
Kovar, George Joseph (1934-2013)Details
Koy, EN Billy Charles (1927-2007)Details
Krampitz, Clarence Rynold (1923-1984)Details
Krampitz, DonEll Woodrow (1928-1973)Details
Krause, SGT Edward Henry Sr (1930-2017)Details
Krause, Otto Karl Jr. (1932-2021)Details
Krc, SGT Walter John Sr. (1926-1996)Details
Krchnak, Dennis James (1934-1989)Details
Krebs, SGT Calvin Otto (1931-2004)Details
Krebs, CPL Larry Arno (1932-2011)Details
Krenek, MSGT Wilfred Thomas (1915-1995)Details
Krolczyk, Edward Walter (1928-1983)Details
Krumrey, Lloyd Allen (1929-2007)Details
Krumrey, Ralston (1934-1999)Details
Krupala, SFC Charles Edwin "Charlie" (1929-1954)Details
Krupala, PFC Edwin Edward (1929-2006)Details
Kuehn, CPL Edwin Adolph (1932-2015)Details
Kuehn, Howard Glenn Jr. (????-????)Details
Kuehn, John Calvin (????-????)Details
Kveton, CPL Gene Dennis (1930-2000)Details
Lamberth, Jessie Earl Sr (1919-1970)Details
Landrum, Aubrey Olaf Jr (1928-2020)Details
Leschper, PVT Wilbert (1931-2019)Details
Lewis, Robert Ravell (1937-2005)Details
Lewis, PVT Robert Wilson (1931-1961)Details
Limmer, Lloyd Dell Sr (1930-2016)Details
Lindemann, Robert Lee (????-2007)Details
Loescher, PFC Vernon Ray (1927-1951)Details
Love, Henry Jr (1928-1984)Details
Lueckemeyer, SSGT Leroy John (1922-1981)Details
Luedecke, A1c Earl Charles (1929-2001)Details
Luedecke, SP4 Wilfred Christian (1932-2008)Details
Luedeker, SGT Luedeker Quinton Herbert (1931-1962)Details
Luedke, PVT George Albert (1932-2004)Details
Luedke, Willard Herman "Bubba" (1939-2007)Details
Lummus, Bob William (1930-2009)Details
Lunsford, Robert Valden Sr (1933-2005)Details
Lynn, Barkley Young "B.Y." (1928-2011)Details
Lyons, SSGT Charles William (1933-1987)Details
Lyons, Harold Elmer Sr. (1932-2010)Details
Lyons, PFC Jesse Delmar (1932-1951)Details
Lyons, AMC Marvin Ellsworth (1916-1975)Details
Lyons, Truman (1936-1983)Details
Machala, Jerry Gilbert (1927-????)Details
Maeckel, PFC Leland Edward (1931-2009)Details
Mahlmann, PVT Bailey B. "Bennie" (1926-1977)Details
Mahlmann, PFC Dennis Herman (1928-2020)Details
Mahnke, SSGT Paul Charles (1916-1978)Details
Malatek, TSGT Jerome Stanley "Jerry" (1920-1972)Details
Maler, Edward Lee (1928-1988)Details
Maler, George Eugene (1932-1997)Details
Maler, SP3 James Rogers (1934-2008)Details
Manak, SP5 August Leonard (2014-1985)Details
Manning, Howard Calvin Sr. (????-????)Details
Marcinkiewicz, SFC Edmund (1927-1994)Details
Marek, PFC Adolph Joseph (1930-2006)Details
Marek, Clarence Harold "Bobby" (1930-1998)Details
Marek, RM2 Edwin Gilbert (1923-2011)Details
Marek, PFC John Peter "Johnnie" (1933-2017)Details
Maresh, Robert Frank (1928-????)Details
Maresh, SP3 Wilmer John (1925-1999)Details
Marks, TSGT Clarence (1915-1980)Details
Masar, PFC Joe Frank (1931-1975)Details
Masarik, CPL Blaise Joseph (1932-2007)Details
Masarik, Clifford Timothy (1927-2020)Details
Massey, William Walter O "Bill" (1931-2000)Details
Maxie, PVT Leon Sr (1930-2005)Details
Maxwell, LTJG John Alfred (1928-2010)Details
Mayo, MSGT Oliver Eugene "Shug" (1929-2009)Details
Mazac, Jerry Joseph (1927-1994)Details
Mazac, TM3 Joseph Otto "Jody" (1931-2017)Details
McCarn, Donnal Hugh "Don" (1932-2013)Details
McCollister, Clinton Needham (1930-1996)Details
McCoy, PFC William Wallace "Paul - Mac" (1930-2015)Details
McDaniel, Robert Eugene (1931-2002)Details
McDonald, PFC Freddie "Sam" (1930-1993)Details
McGill, CPL Bobby Ray "Bob" (1930-2017)Details
Meier, Melvin Adolph (1930-1993)Details
Meinecke, SP3 Gillis Earl (1929-2002)Details
Meinecke, PVT Vivian Lois (Collett) (1934-1981)Details
Meinscher, PFC William Henry (1925-1993)Details
Melnar, Alfonse William "Willie" (1932-2015)Details
Merritt, Clarence Arnold (1934-2005)Details
Mersmann, Clarence Edward (1931-1993)Details
Mewis, SFC Monroe Ben Jr (1928-2010)Details
Mewis, Wilbert Emil (1933-2010)Details
Meyer, Ben Henry (1895-1918)Details
Meyer, SFC Elmer Dennis (1930-1991)Details
Michaels, MAJ Marvin Merrell (1933-2005)Details
Miller, Jack Wilford (1931-2022)Details
Miller, Oscar Lee (1922-1998)Details
Minks, SP4 Frank Fred (1934-2005)Details
Minks, CPL Joseph "Joe" (1930-2014)Details
Mock, SP3 Charles Ignatz (1933-2021)Details
Morgan, Jack Perry (1933-2019)Details
Morgan, Robert Eugene (1932-2000)Details
Morris, SP3 Stanley (1929-2004)Details
Mozola, A2c Frank John Jr (1931-2000)Details
Muegge, Leroy Louis (1931-1988)Details
Mueller, Fred H. (1932-1956)Details
Mueller, CPL Kirby (1932-2011)Details
Muery, EA1 Charles Ray (1935-2017)Details
Mutina, Will Henry (????-????)Details
Muzny, Steve Lee (1931-2023)Details
Nastoupil, LTC Carl John Jr. (1920-????)Details
Necker, CPL Arthur James (1939-2002)Details
Neely, Dr. Robert Allen "Bob" M.D. (1921-2014)Details
Neely, CAPT Winston Brookfield (1924-2012)Details
Newman, SFC George Eugene (1925-1999)Details
Nichols, Lloyd Curtis Sr. (????-????)Details
Niver, CPL Lawrence (1931-1988)Details
Norris, Charles Wayne "Doc" (????-2017)Details
Norris, Joe Warner (1930-2014)Details
Norwood, Loyd Edward (1935-2008)Details
Noviskie, Bryan Theodore "Cotton" (1927-1987)Details
Novosad, Joe (1928-2023)Details
Oakley, Charles Foster "Chuck" (????-????)Details
Oldag, Al Smith (1928-1995)Details
Olson, FN Joseph Franklin (1928-2009)Details
Ondruch, SP4 Jerry Joe Sr (1931-2004)Details
Orsak, Frank Leonard (1927-????)Details
Orsak, SSGT Ludwig Charles "Charlie" (1913-????)Details
Owens, Emmitt Elroy (1927-1955)Details
Pacher, SGT Georgie Lee (1929-2005)Details
Page, Leslie Karl (????-????)Details
Parker, PVT Kenneth Lowell (1934-2005)Details
Pate, Orvis Lee Sr. (1931-1979)Details
Pavalock, SP3 Ambrose (1934-1900)Details
Pavlicek, SP3 Charlie Eddie Jr (1933-2013)Details
Pavlicek, George Joe (1930-1997)Details
Pawlak, Joe Willie (1923-????)Details
Pazderny, Raymond Bohumil (Ray) (1925-2015)Details
Peschel, CPL Wilfred Johnnie (1930-1997)Details
Peters, CPL Edward Oran (1930-2000)Details
Pfeffer, A1c Eugene Winston (1934-2007)Details
Pfeffer, CPL Milton Lee (1932-2013)Details
Pfeffer, SFC Woodrow W. (1923-1976)Details
Phillips, Jack Dwight (1935-1998)Details
Piazza, Robert Jr (1931-1989)Details
Pilchiek, Travis Franklin (1934-2018)Details
Pleasant, Joseph Donald "Don" (1932-2021)Details
Pless, CPL Wilbert Albert (1930-1961)Details
Pomykal, CPL Frank George (1927-2002)Details
Poncik, PFC Daniel Edward (1932-1983)Details
Poncik, William Joseph (1929-1990)Details
Porter, SGT Glen Dale (1933-1997)Details
Powell, SSGT Dudley Carlton "Mark" (1931-1998)Details
Price, Harold Robert/Roland (????-????)Details
Rabius, Leroy William (1928-1999)Details
Raley, SGT Ray Lee Sr (1928-1992)Details
Ranly, Erwin Ray (1930-2019)Details
Raska, Joe Louis Jr (1935-1996)Details
Ratjen, Leroy Henry (1936-2002)Details
Reese, Hoffman Clifton (1932-1979)Details
Reinhardt, PVT Oliver Wilburn (1928-2006)Details
Remmert, TSGT Floyd Gordon "Red" (1925-1997)Details
Remmert, Gene Alton (1936-2020)Details
Remmert, Kenneth Lee (1930-1998)Details
Reuther, SFC Lee Roy (1926-2006)Details
Reznicek, Emil Alvin Sr (1932-2014)Details
Reznicek, Henry Frank Sr. (1928-2001)Details
Richard, CPL Milton Milford (1931-2010)Details
Richardson, Thomas Orville (????-????)Details
Rogers, A3C Bing Joseph (1931-2000)Details
Rosene, LT Willard George "Bill" (1927-2021)Details
Rudek, CPL Stanley Daniel (1931-2004)Details
Rudloff, SGT Rubin Otto (1928-2012)Details
Sanders, John Tom (????-????)Details
Schiller, Aldon Edward (1929-1996)Details
Schiller, Milton Edward (1914-1996)Details
Schiller, CPL Milton Willie "Pete" (1931-2005)Details
Schindler, CPL Marvin Willy Jr. (1932-1980)Details
Schmid, CPL William Robert III (1926-1991)Details
Schmidt, CPL Alton Herbert (1928-2019)Details
Schmidt, PFC Melvin Glenn (????-2021)Details
Schoenenberg, 1LT Henry Gustav "Dutch" (1922-1950)Details
Schovajsa, CPL Raymond Willie (1931-2000)Details
Schroeder, 1LT Aaron Ray (1931-1956)Details
Schultz, LTC Gilbert James "Guy" (1929-2019)Details
Schultz, Gilbert Lee (1929-2014)Details
Schultz, Lester E. (1924-????)Details
Schultz, S1 Richard William (1931-2020)Details
Schulz, Delphine Henry (????-????)Details
Schwecke, COL Hugh Reginald (1895-1970)Details
Seals, SSGT Anthony James "Wine" Jr. (1934-2010)Details
Sell, SSGT Allen Eldrich (1929-2021)Details
Sessions, Vernon (1932-2013)Details
Sessums, LT John Valton Jr MD (1928-1999)Details
Shedd, Julius Milton Jr (1930-2008)Details
Shields, SSGT James Albert (1929-2010)Details
Shultz, Robert Lloyd Sr (1930-1991)Details
Shunka, CPL Elgin (1930-2014)Details
Sincl, Lloyd Allen (1931-1954)Details
Sistrunk, CPL Charles Floyd (1929-2010)Details
Skarpa, PFC Charles Adolph (1932-1998)Details
Slansky, CPL Peter Frank (1928-1950)Details
Slovak, Clifford William (1932-1998)Details
Smith, PVT Ebbie (1930-1979)Details
Smith, Lawrence Curtis Sr (1929-1999)Details
Snell, John Edward Jr (1932-1979)Details
Snell, Rev Phil Solomon (1932-2000)Details
Snock, Rev. Bernard Carl (1931-1913)Details
Sontag, Wilfred Edward "Sonny" (1932-2014)Details
Sopchak, Lawrence (1931-2020)Details
Sowa, CPL Leon Steve (1930-2000)Details
Spacek, Joe Ladislav (1935-1992)Details
Spiess, PFC Benjamin Glenn (1932-2018)Details
Spoede, Robert William (1926-2021)Details
Stafford, Robert Ernest Jr (1929-2013)Details
Stanley, James "Wayne" (1934-2013)Details
Stastny, CS1 Arnold Anton "Anthony" Sr (1927-2001)Details
Steck, Marcus William Jr. (1933-2014)Details
Steck, William Curtis "Billy" (1930-2012)Details
Steinbach, CPL Edgar John (1929-2009)Details
Stepan, Clarence Ben (1930-1999)Details
Stewart, PFC Roger Paul (1931-1967)Details
Stoerner, SGT William Louis "Willie" (1931-2016)Details
Surovcak, Frank Alois Sr (1930-1998)Details
Surovcak, CPL Willie Martin (1932-2012)Details
Svoboda, MSGT Joe John (1913-1999)Details
Svoboda, PFC Robert Charlie (1931-1987)Details
Svoboda, PVT Victor Dominic (1933-1985)Details
Sweet, TESN Archibald L "Arch" (1930-2007)Details
Tanner, PVT Virgil Eugene (1934-2014)Details
Teague, GM3 James Milton (1925-????)Details
Teichmann, CPL Wilfred (Milton) "Bubba" (1929-2001)Details
Thielemann, George Allen (1938-1961)Details
Thomas, Ager Lee (1934-1982)Details
Thomas, James Russel (1931-1997)Details
Thomas, CPL Lloyd (1929-1971)Details
Thompson, SGT Carl Ray Jr (1924-1991)Details
Thompson, Norris Jr (1929-1979)Details
Thompson, E3 Walter Myles (1929-2002)Details
Tipp, Harvey (1930-1985)Details
Tipp, CPL Winston Eugene (1931-2020)Details
Tirey, AN William Donald (1936-1973)Details
Toalson, Clayton Ellwood (1919-1993)Details
Tomlinson, A2c Charles Ray (1928-1982)Details
Townsend, COL Robert T. (1922-2013)Details
Trenckmann, 1LT Leon Maurice Jr (1930-1994)Details
Turlington, James E. (1940-1989)Details
Turner, Jessie Lee Jr (1925-1972)Details
Ueckert, Bruce Wayne (1936-2009)Details
Ueckert, SGT Jesse Jr. (1932-1995)Details
Uhlig, SP3 Wayne Earl (1934-2011)Details
Uhyrek, SSGT Leonard Steven (1929-1974)Details
Ulbricht, Hans Richard "Jim" (1933-2001)Details
Valentine, PFC Boyce Kerwyn (1930-1952)Details
Vancik, Frank John (1929-1979)Details
Vavrecka, James Woodrow (1929-2011)Details
Velchoff, SMSGT William Sr (1927-2004)Details
Vicenik, GM2c Louis James Sr (1915-1996)Details
Viereck, Charles Athur (1940-2013)Details
Virnau, EN3 Walter Arthur Jr (1932-2013)Details
Voelkel, SGT August Fred (1935-2020)Details
Voelkel, Ernest William Sr (1920-????)Details
Vornkahl, Weldon Everett (1931-1999)Details
Voswinkel, CPL William Herman Jr. (1931-1998)Details
Waak, James Allen (1929-1980)Details
Waddell, Daniel Wayne "DW" (1924-1986)Details
Waddell, PFC John Jack III (1924-1986)Details
Walden, CPL Charles Ray (1928-1989)Details
Waldrop, Jones Carter "Pops" (1933-1998)Details
Wallace, SP4 Wilfred (1933-1998)Details
Warburton, Bruce Lane (1932-2012)Details
Warmke, Bobby Dale (1932-2008)Details
Watterson, Lewis Andrew (????-????)Details
Weaver, SGT Horace B (1928-2014)Details
Weeber, PVT Johnny Marvin Sr. (1935-2003)Details
Wehring, Waldo Henry (1933-1996)Details
Wendt, EN1 Vernon Leslie (1922-????)Details
Wernecke, CPL Vernon Eugene (1928-2005)Details
Whitzel, SSGT Robert Wade (1929-2001)Details
Wiecker, PFC Elroy Henry (1931-2014)Details
Wienecke, Edward Lee (1928-1994)Details
Williams, PVT Albert B. (1930-1998)Details
Williams, Curtis Deland (1931-1996)Details
Willoughby, Jim (1927-1995)Details
Wittneben, Orville Henry (1930-1967)Details
Woodrick, LTC Victor Henry (1917-1949)Details
Yancey, Earl Chapman Jr. (1928-1999)Details
Yarber, James Harold (1933-2014)Details
Young, CPL Gerald James (1928-2005)Details
Zajicek, CPL Albert Emil "Rabbit" (1932-2016)Details
Zander, Ross Sterling (1930-1998)Details
Zapalac, CPL Jerry Josef Ernest (1929-2020)Details
Zapalac, Joe Clarence Jr (1929-1981)Details
Zaruba, Dr Lawrence Charles (1930-2019)Details
Zavala, SP3 Antonio (1926-2003)Details
Zdunkawicz, CPL Eugene Fredrick (1929-2001)Details
Zdunkawicz, CPL James Allen Sr (1932-2011)Details
Zernicek, SSGT Alois D. (1927-????)Details
Zettel, Jessie Gilbert (1926-1983)Details
Zuber, SGT Lesher Louis (1923-1962)Details
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