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Welcome to the Austin County, TXGenWeb Project site!  My name is Jane Keppler and I am the County Coordinator for Austin County.  If you have an interest in helping to maintain this site, please email me.  I am looking for volunteers.

While visiting the site I hope that you will find valuable information to aid in your research for families in Austin County.
This site is part of the TXGenWeb and USGenWeb
projects.  All information on this site is FREE for your personal use.  If you paid to view any of these pages, please contact me.   If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to email me. To submit information please email me the information to be contributed to this site as well as your name and email address.
I must thank the previous coordinators, Joy, Steve and Linda for all the hard work and hours they have put into this project.  TXGenWeb needs more volunteers like them so if you are interested contact me.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not live in Austin County and cannot do research.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.



Other Veterans

Please Help us.

 We believe all the names on this list are names of veterans.  Some are Veterans who definitely served in peacetime.  Others  may have served during a specific war, but we do not know when. or where.   Many names were given to us with very little other information.  We believe they once lived in Austin County, or have/had relatives here, or wandered through in the dark of night.   If you know more about anyone on this list, or,  if you have information for  Veterans that should be included in this category,  please let us know.  Also give us a source:  ie. "Family," name of publication,   url for a Web Site, etc.   Please keep the source  very brief so it will  fit into our little boxes.  Thanks!


If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler  .


Our thanks to Joy Neely who  compiled most of this information.  Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all! 

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News.

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                           DR = Discharge Record


If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files. May 202



LAST NAME FIRST NAMES RANK, BRANCH, ETC. CEMETERY click here to search cemeteries in Austin County SOURCES
Adams Thomas Ben, Jr. US Air Force 1960-86 Kenney VA death file
Beebe William Edward, Jr. SRA US Air Force 1992-97 St Mary's Cath Cem--Hempstead VM; VA death file; tombstone
Berger Kenneth Lee US Army Guardian Angel KnesekFH-10/30/2020
Bertrand Maurice Jesse US Air Force   Wallis VA  
Blanchette Ed 26 INF CO L US Army Oak Knoll VA Enlist Rec/Index (1908); DC
Blanks Gregory Dwayne PFC US Army-Desert Storm SF_Black SN-5/2/91 p4; ACFH-1/17/2021
Bolcerek Joe P. PFC US Army   St Mary's Cath Cem--Brenham BT-5/22/58 p1; BT-6/5/ 58 p2
Bolten Norbert Gene Millheim VA; BT-8/12 or 19/2004
Boudreaux John Paul St Vincent de Paul Cem #3-New Orleans LA VA
Bowyer Lucas Bailey SGT US Marine Corps SN-11/2016; KnesekFH-10/14/2020
Brast Edward Julius PVT US Army Sealy DC; tombstone
Brast Leon SP4 US Army/USAR 1956-59 Sealy Catholic KnesekFH-8/6/2013; tombstone
Brast Marcus Wade SGT USMC 1993-2000 Oak Knoll SchFH-5/24/2015; tombstone
Bricker Travis Franklin US Army Greenmount Cem--Quincy IL VA;
Briles Daniel Eli "Cotton" Merchant Marines 1946-48 National VM; BT-8/3/95 p3
Brown Leslie Ray SP4 US Army  SF_Black DC; VA; tombstone
Brown Marion Lawson, Jr. PFC US Army SF_Black tombstone
Bryant Thomas Jefferson, Sr. "TJ" US Marine Corps 1932-36 Sealy   SN-11/2015 p6
Bunton Bert Allen PFC US Air Force Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Callahan Amparo Sue Hernandez Wallis VA
Chalupa Robert Eugene, Sr. US Army Davis-Greenlawn Cem-Rosenberg
Chapman Richard Edward SK3 US Navy BT-8/2/56 p1; BT-5/22/2008 p4
Chilton Joe Paul US Navy Sealy BT-9/14/2000 p4
Chittwood Paul Steven US Army 1982-85 Wesley VA death file; tombstone picture
Collins John Wallace US Army-SpanAmerWar Mission Burial Pk--San Antonio DC
Colunga Zeferino Eusebio SPC US Army--Iraqi Freedom Oak Knoll BT-1/23/2014 p1; VA; USVetGravesites
Combs Gailon Byrum, Jr. US Air Force 1977-81 Wallis VA death file
Danek Joe Ludewk PVT USMC 1922-24 Sealy Catholic tombstone
Darby Thomas Russell US Army--Medic Cat Spring Cem AKA Kollatschny BT-3/3/2005 p4
Davis Jacquez Rashard US Marine Corps 2011-12 Glenn MJFH-5/1/2013
Davis Lloyd Adam "Bill" MP US Army I_Pilgrim's Rest BrenMemCh-11/15/2019
Dean Richard Lafayette US Air Force Sealy Catholic tombstone
Deason John Daniel PFC 10 MT DIV US Army 2006-10 SN-11/2015 p8; KnesekFH-10/3/2016
Denena Leon PVT USMC 1946-48 Oak Knoll MC Muster Rolls; BT-8/24/50 p7
Dickerson John Ernest PFC US Army Central TX State Vet Cem-Killeen US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Divin Willie Albert US Army 1922-24 Waller Cath Cem DC; VA death file
Dodge  Michael Lynn CPL US Marine Corps StMary's-Frydek VA death file; tombstone
Dooley Kenneth Lee VA
Downey Paul Lawrence US Army 1956-58 VA death file; SN-11/2015 p10
Duty Clyde Donald US Army StMary's-Frydek tombstone
Emshoff Wilfred Edwin Edward CTAC USNR 1953-95 StJames Dierking; BrenMemCh-7/23/2020
Engeling Paul Milton US Merchant Marines Oak Knoll VM; SchFH-4/22/2014
421st Army Band 1946-48
Erlandsen Earl Richard VA
Esar Mike PTS (Peace Time Service) San Felipe BT-5/26/55
Ewald Allen Neal SGT-E5 US Army St Mary's Cath Ch Cem--High Hill BT-5/22/58 p1; BT-12/3/2015 p5
Faircloth Billy Edward, Sr. MSGT US Army 1956-76 Cat Spring AKA Kollatschny BT-10/8/98 p4; US Vet Gravesites
Farrell William George USNG/USAR 1958-85 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; SchFH-2/5/2021
Faterkowski Darrell Wayne PVT US Marine Corps-Iraq St Stanislaus Cath Cem-Chappell Hill KnesekFH-12/25/2011
Fife James Everly S1 US Navy 1922-26 Oak Knoll DC; VA; tombstone
Filip Victor Daniel SP4 US Army 1957-59 Hartsville KnesekFH-8/2/2019;
Finch Rodney Thomas SSGT USMC 1975-81 Houston Natl Cem BT-1/9/58 p5; tombstone
Fisher Elijah, Jr. PFC US Army Houston Natl Cem BT-1/9/58 p5; tombstone
Fojt Wesley Patrick US Army Hartsville
Folmar Robert Allen US Army Sealy photo/
Frank Bruno Lee SP2 US Army 1955-57 Brookside Mem Pk--Houston VM
Frank Edgar George, Jr. "Dick" US Navy 1947-48 Garden Park Cem--Conroe CashnerFH-4/3/2013
Frank Herbert Allen SN USNR 1955-1963 Sealy BT-11/24/55 p7; SN-12/15/2015
Froebel Clyde Rupert US Army 1957-59 Cat Spring Cem AKA Kollatschny VA death file
Fuchs Msgr. Sylvester Joseph LTC USAR 1963-85 St Mary's Cem--Westphalia BT-10/28/2004 p5; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Fulford Alton Murrell US Army 1926-27 Restland Mem Pk--Dallas VA death file
Gaskamp Ervin CPL US Marine Corps Orchard Cem VM; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Geisendorff Ernest Goodwin US Army 1919-23 Oak Knoll DC; VA death file
George Norman Lee A1c US Air Force Hillside US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Giese Cornell Wallace US Army I_Pilgrim's Rest KSFH-4/6/2019;
Glueck Walter US Army 1957-58 Sealy DC; VA death file
Godwin James Roger III I_Pilgrim's Rest NUEnterprise-9/30/99
Goodwin Marion Robert 2LT US Army 1961-2005 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; tombstone
Goossensen Timothy Simon US Navy Sealy BT-12/2/2004 p4
Gordon George Thomas MAJ US Marine Corps Sealy SN-11/15/2018
Goss Hayden Candler US Army 1922-25 Hoppe DC; VA death file
Grattic Bruce Swiney US Air Force 1974-85 Died in Ft Myers FL VA death file
Gregory Arthur Laurence, Jr. SGT US Army 1955-62 Pattison Cem VM; US Vet Gravesites
Gross Dwayne Lyndon AMSAN US Navy New Ulm tombstone
Gulley Luther Manverse Jones Prairie Cem--Leggett TX VA
Hajdik Willie Louis, Jr. US Army 1955-57 Guardian Angel VM; KnesekFH-6/16/2014
Harle James Burroughs, M.D.  MAJ US Army Leavenworth (KS) Natl Cem discharge record; tombstone
Harris Melvin Lee SP5 US Army 1975-79 SF_Black VA death file; tombstone
Hartman Carl, Jr. US Army 1946-47 Cat Spring Cem AKA Kollatschny KnesekFH-11/27/2017
Hartwig W. C. Sutman Peace Time Service San Felipe BT-5/26/55
Hatton Elmer Roland, Jr. "Bo" US Army Oak Knoll BT-9/1/2011 p6
Hegemeyer Newton PVT US Army New Ulm US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Heins Louis Fritz PFC US Army Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Heintschel Malcolm Leroy US Air Force 1955-59 Wells Cem--Cleveland TX BT-2/17/55 p4
Henrichsen Charles Erwin, Jr. US Navy Oak Knoll BT-9/25/2005 p4; VA death file
Henske Otto Charles, Jr. SGT US Army   Prairie Lea Cem--Brenham tombstone
Holcombe Charles Richmond US Army   KnesekFH-7/6/2011
Hold James Nathan SP5 US Army 1956-58 Oak Knoll BT-6/4/2009 p6; VA; tombstone
Holly Eldon Thomas, Jr. SP5 US Army 1977-81 Krasna VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Hromadka Edward James PVT US Army 1957-63 I_ICChurch VA death file; tombstone
Hurley Wylie James US Army 1955-58 BT-5/30/2002 p4; VA death file
Jackson Joe US Army Richard Grove VA
Jalowy Leroy Jimmy PFC US Marine Corps Sealy Catholic BT-8/26/76 p11; tombstone
Janczak Marcus Ray US Navy 1956 Oak Knoll DC; BT-9/3/70 p5
Janik James Joseph US Army Medic 1861Pilgrim's Rest SN-10/27/2016;
Jenner Frederick Rudolf US Marine Corps 1924-28 Forest Park Lawndale--Houston BT-1/11/90 p3; VA death file
Johnston Willard Lee US Army Sealy (Cremains scattered over ranch) VA; Wallis American Legion #200
Joyner William Gene US Marine Corps BT-1/29/2009 p6
Kamas Landis Lanbert US Navy Reserves National BrenMemOaks-8/31/2003
Kendrick William Estle US Army Concord Cem--Fairchild TX KnesekFH video-10/27/2018
Kenter Leslie Fred US Army 1936-41 Oak Knoll DC; VA; tombstone
Kinnard Leonza, Jr. SP4 US Army Houston Natl Cem BT-5/1/58 p8; tombstone
Krchnak Dennis James US Army 1956-58 Sealy Catholic VA death file; tombstone
Krejci Arlin Earnest PFC CO C 33 TNK DIV US Army Sealy Catholic KnesekFH-6/30/2016; tombstone
Krizan Lawrence Roy, Sr. US Army 1947-49 Wesley VA death file
Krueger Todd Allen SPC US Army--Bosnia Henske-Krueger Fam Cem-New Wehdem VM; SchFH-3/23/2010; VA death file
Kubricht John Kyle US Army 1976-78 Sealy discharge record; VA death file
Labaj Edwin Ernest Bellwood Mem Pk--Temple
Lamb William Donald US Army Oak Knoll BT-11/15/56 p2; discharge record
Laskoskie Raymond Louis Sealy Catholic
Legere Clifford Alfred, Jr. SGT US Army 1986-90 Sealy BT-5/1/90 p6; tombstone
Lehmann Lenard SP5 US Army/Natl Guard Phillipsburg BrenMemOaks-3/18/2017; tombstone
Lessing Kelsy Benjamin US Navy SN-1/8/2020 p14;
Lewis Clarence Darrow Oak Knoll VA death file
Lewis Robert Ravell US Army National US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Lewis Robert Wilson PVT 141 GH US Army 1948-50 Oak Knoll DC; tombstone
Lewman  Jeffery Scott PO1 US Navy Lazy A Ranch Cem--Bellville SchFH-1/29/2018
Lindsay Don Roland US Army Oak Hill Cem--Burton KnesekFH-11/22/2014; HC-11/26/2014
Lockstedt Bruno August, Jr. SP4 US Army Moulton (TX) City Cem BT-3/9/2000 p4; VA; tombstone
Losack Charles Francis PFC USMC 1949-50 Guardian Angel USMC Muster Rolls; tombstone
Love Henry, Jr. US Army 1946-49 Samuel VA death file
Luedecke Harry Louis SGT US Army Sealy Catholic tombstone
Luedke Willard Herman "Bubba" US Natl Guard 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-11/29/2007 p4
Lyons Truman US Navy 1955-59 Oak Knoll BT-8/25/83 p3; VA death file
Macha Victor John CWO Natl Guard 1951-91 Davis-Greenlawn Cem-Rosenberg DGFH-8/25/2019; tombstone
Mackenroth Travis   Natl Guard 1957-60 Shelby BrenMemOaks-1/29/2007
Maness Tommie Linzy US Army 1957-58 SN-5/14/2015
Mantey Jason Dean US Navy 1993-97 discharge rec; VM; SchFH-10/8/2020
Mantooth Garland Dean AB US Air Force Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
McCarn Robert Ray CAPT US Army/USAR KnesekFH-11/14/2018
McKeon James Thomas     VA
McKeown Robert, Sr. US Marine Corps 1947-50 Buckhorn VA death file; tombstone
Mellard Billy Neil US Air Force Resthaven Cem-Houston HC-9/11/2002
Menke Thomas Henry US Armed Forces 1923-34 Sealy DC; VA death file
Mewis Wilbert Emil US Army 1956-58 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM;
Meyer Richard Alan LTC US Air Force HennekeFH=2/24/2020
Mieth Ivan Gene, Sr. COL US Air Force 1955-84 Shenandoah Mem Pk-Winchester VA BT-5/18/67 p10;
Miller Lee Arthor "L.A." US Marine Corps 1922-25 Pattison Cem SN-11/11/2008 p10; VA death file
Minnix William Bailey US Army BT-5/27/2010 p6
Mittanck Eugene US Army 1955-57 National VM; BT-11/11/93 p3
Morton Jesse Ray US Air Force MJFH-8/1/2017
Mosley Lloyd Ray US Army SF_Black discharge record; MJFH-2/9/2020
Mueller Johnnie Dewayne US Army 1956-58  La Bahia Cem--Burton BBP-5/22/2009;
Muse Benjiman James SN US Navy Prairie View (TX) Cem SN-11/2015 p26; tombstone
Myer Luke Kurtz TEC5 US Army Guardian Angel tombstone
Nail Walter Leon US Army I_Pilgrim's Rest BT-3/21/2013
Narvais Guadalupe, Jr. US Army 1958-59 VA death file
Necker Arthur James CPL USMC 1957-59 Sealy VM; tombstone; SN-11/2015 p27
Nichols Raymond Carroll US Navy 1927-30 Sealy VA death file
Nowak Henry Stanley US Navy Davis-Greenlawn Cem-Rosenberg discharge rec; KnesekFH-6/8/2014
Olds Clyde McMorris Jr. US Army KnesekFH-10/6/2012
Orange Boyce Dawson, Sr. PFC US Marine Corps 1947 Sealy USMC Muster Rolls; KnesekFH-10/4/2018
Orellana Joshua Paul SPC US Army 2006-12 Houston Natl Cem SN-12/11/2018; tombstone
Park Robert Arnold Sealy VA
Pawlowski Norbert Elice "Sonny" US Marine Corps 1956-58 VM; BT-10/26/2017
Pederson Richard Neil US Army Forest Park Lawndale--Houston VA; BT-1/9/97 p5
Perry Cary C. US Navy BT-2/17/2000 p4 ; VA; New Ulm
Peschel Lloyd Otto US Armed Forces 1933-34 I_Pilgrim's Rest BT-4/22/93
Peters  Frankie Walter SP E-4 US Army 1958-60 Sealy SN-11/2015 p28; KnesekFH-4/15/2016
Pilgrim  John Earl US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest KnesekFH-8/20/2019
Porter Caldine Charles SSGT US Army El Pleasant tombstone
Quintero Michael Joseph SSGT US Army-Iraq Hartsville KnesekFH-7/4/2015; tombstone
Rade Walter Louis PVT USMC 1922-30 Cat Spring Cem AKA Kollatschny USMC Muster Rolls; tombstone
Raskey Douglas Basil, Jr. CPL US Marine Corps Sealy VA; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Ratjen Leroy Henry US Army Oak Knoll BT-1/17/2002 p4
Regenbrecht Roland Adolbert US Army 1957-59 Katy Magnolia Cem HC-1/6/2009
Renz Nolan Lee SP3 US Army SN-12/16/2019
Roberts Thomas Wolsey BTGC US Navy 1921-49 Seaside Mem Pk-Corpus Christi DC; headstone app
Robinson Gaines Arthur "Art" US Army SchFH-8/7/2020
Rodriguez Roland Anzaldua, Jr. US Army New Ulm VA death file; tombstone picture
Rogers  Allen Burgess, Sr. US Army 1956-58 VA death file
Romine William Warren "Bill" BT-1/6/2005 p5
Rosales  Benjamin Salgado CPL USMC-Iraq  KIA Sealy tombstone;
Sample Lawrence Buford US Army Giddings (TX) City Cem DC; VA death file
Schier William Edward US Coast Guard 1958-83 Wallis VA death file
Schuknecht Johnny Jovan, Sr. US Army Cat Spring Luth US Vet Gravesites 
Seals Elmer Curtis PFC US Army Houston Natl Cem BT-7/10/58 p3; tombstone
Seeger John Jerry US Marine Corps Atkinson Cem--Chappell Hill tombstone
Shedd Julius Milton, Jr. US Navy Oak Knoll BT-10/16/2008 p7
Shunka Jodie US Army Woodlawn Cem--Houston BT-11/15/56 p2;
Sikes David Daniel, Sr. US Navy Gunter Mt Mem Gardens-Swearengin AL BT-5/7/98 p4
Simmons William Russell, Sr. US Navy 1957-61 Buried in Monterrey, Mexico VA death file;
Sistrunk Charles Floyd CPL US Air Force 1947-50 Oak Knoll BT-3/18/2010 p7; VA death file
Skeete Leon Hines US Army 1919-22 Sealy DC; VA death file
Slovak Edwin Edward "Sonny" PVT US Army 1955-57 BT-11/24/2011 p6
Smidovec Arthur John US Army 1948 Fulshear (TX) Cem DC; VA death file
Smith Darrell Raythaniel SP4 US Army Carlisle Cem-Sauney Stand Wash Co TX US Vet Gravesites
Sodolak Albert Joe SGT E6 US Army StMary's-Frydek SN-11/2015 p31; SN-1/10/2019
Steck William Curtis "Billy" US Army/USAR-1948-49/1949-55 Oak Knoll BT-7/19/2012 p6
Stepczyk Robert John US Army  Guardian Angel KnesekFH-12/11/2015
Svajda Vladimir Frank, Jr. US Army 1947-48 Sealy Catholic VA death file
Svoboda Adolph Joe, Jr. US Army Guardian Angel DC; VA death file
Thielemann George Allen US Marine Corps 1957-59 Sealy DC; SN-11/5/2020 p22
Thomas Ager Lee US Armed Forces Pleasant Grove Death Certificate
Tipp Delmer "Dick" SP4 US Army 1957-59 Sealy BT-8/31/2011; tombstone
Tipp Harvey US Army 1955 Sealy BT-2/3/55 p1; VA death file
Turner Jessie Lee, Jr. US Army 1949-70 Jefferson DC; VA death file
Turner John Morgan MAJ US Army 1930-1952 Houston Natl Cem DC; VM; US Vet Gravesites
Vacha Lumir Rudolph US Army StMary's-Frydek KnesekFH-1/18/2015
Walker James Wayne US Armed Forces Baylor College of Medicine DC; VA
Wasicek William John, "Jr." PVT US Army Hempstead (TX) Cem BT-7/19/56 p8
Wehrung George William III US Army Prairie Lea Cem--Brenham US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Wells John Michael SFC US Army 1985-89 Evergreen Cem N-Parkersburg WV VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Westfield Chrystal Sade US Navy Houston Natl Cem MJFH-6/17/2020
White Jerry Allen SR US Navy Meadow Green Mem Pk-Huron OH BT-11/18/2004; USVetGravesites
Whiting Levester, Jr. US Army Ives Creek US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Williamson Donald Ray US Army BT-11/3/2011 p6
Wilson Gary Lee US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest tombstone
Witt Marvin Rolland PFC USMC 1956-58 Grace Mem Pk--Hitchcock VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Young  Milton Earl US Navy Sealy KnesekFH-1/14/2019
Zalesak Jerry Gilbert US Marine Corps 1949 Guardian Angel MC Muster Rolls; KnesekFH-2/10/2011
Zanek Kerby Joe SP4 US Army 1957-59 Millheim VM; BT-8/2009; tombstone
Zbranek James Harley SP4 US Army I_ICChurch KSFH-6/7/2012; tombstone


More information on Veterans:


The World War II Memorial in Washington DC


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