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Other Veterans



Sources are provided when known.  SN indicates Sealy News; BT indicates Bellville Times.   If other abbreviations  are confusing, let us know.   And, as always:

If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Jane Keppler  .


Surname Given Name Rank, etc Cemetery Source
Acock Covin     BT-6/25/45
Adams Glen Ellis Yes US armed forces Pattison Ceme Death Cert
Adamson Earnest Alvin "Shorty" Veteran of the Armed Services Sealy Cemetery BT-8/2/2001 p 4 V. A..10133 Schluens Sealy
Alexander Warren Amos     V. A.
Anderson Dwight W.      
Anderson Willis Franklin   d Sealy V. A.
Armentrout A. A. Age 46, 1910Census San Saba, Tarrant Co.    
Armstrong Ralph William US Army 3 yrs 2 in Germany OK BT-Sep 2003    V. A.
Armstrong Ruby Pauline     V. A.
Aronson Donald J.      
Ashorn Leroy A.     1930 Census
Ausanka Martha A      
Baggerly Neal S.     V. A.
Baker Johnnie . Brenham SSDi
Baranowski Ignac J (Ike) Cpl US Army GuardianAngel military tombstone
Barnett Doyle E.      
Barrett Bobbie Eugene      
Barton Theodore (Ted)      
Bartos Jim Adolph Pfc US Army GuardianAngel military tombstone
Beaman Clinton Dwight, Jr PFC US Army I_ICChurch military tombstone
Beckman Ed (Edwin)      
Bednar Eugene D. Navy ET3 (Electronic Technician)   Family
Beebe William Edward, Jr. SRA US Air Force 6 yrs. St.Mary's Cath Cem. Hempstead, Tx US Vet Gravesites, BT obit.
Bell Thomas Roy     V. A.
Benton Cecil Wayne     V. A.
Berry Charles M.      
Berry Claude K.      
Berry William      
Bertone Joseph F.      
Bertrand Maurice J.     V. A.
Bielec Frank Poncho 1st Sgt US Army Guardian Angel MIlitary tombstone
Bielec William J Tec5 US Army Guardian Angel crypt inscription
Bilski Mike S Pvt US Army Guardian Angel military tombstone
Blackmon Bennie, Jr. Yes US armed forces Community Cem Bellville V. A.  death cert
Blevins Barry      
Bloom Michael Theodore     V. A.
Bolden Lewis E. military Yes armed forces Fulshear Ceme V. A. death cert
Boldt Leon L.      
Bolech Edwin James      
Bolten Cercy     V. A.
Bolten Norbert Gene   Millheim Ceme BT-Aug 2004  V. A..  Sealy
Bond Donald      
Botard Guy E.      
Boudreaux John Paul     V. A.
Bouquet Leonard Edward Yes US armed forces Memory Gardens of Edna, Jackson Co. TX V. A. death cert  Wallis
Boyd Freddie Lee     V. A.
Braggon Boyce      
Brandt Lloyd      
Brast Edward Julius Pvt. U S Army PubSealy V. A. death cert  tombstone sec 7
Brast Leon US Army 1956-59; Army Reserves    
Breneman Marvin      
Brenner Hilmut C.      
Bricker Travis F.     V. A..  Sealy
Brinkmeyer Raymond C U. S. Army Prairie Lea, Brenham US Vet. Gravesites
Britt Joseph Everett     V. A.
Brown Harold Sylvester Yes US armed forces Forest Park Lawndale Housto V. A. death cert
Brown Leslie Ray SP 4 U. S. Army SF_Black V. A.  death cert  tombstone
Brown Sam   St Peter AME  Blair SC V. A.  death cert  tombstone
Bryan Leslie E.      
Bryant Joe Edward     V. A.
Buchala Joe      
Bueckner John Earnest, Sr.     V. A.  New Ulm
Bunton Bert Allen PFC US Air ForceArmed Forces US Airman PubSealy BT June 2005     V. A.. 
Burger C.C.      
Burger Raymond Louis Yes US armed forces St John's Luth Cat Spring V. A.  death cert 
Burger William H.      
Burke John J.     from Sealy
Burns Don      
Burns Norwood     lived in Houston
Burns R. W.      
Burns Roger      
Burns W. D.      
Burnshausen Larry      
Burta Alvin J.      
Burton Burt A.      
Bushwall Fred      
Butler James B.      
Butler James H.      
Cabe Donald W.      
Cable Perry J.      
Callahan Amparo Sue     V. A.
Callahan William F.     Tx. Birth Index
Campbell Sam Cpl Hillside Ceme Tx death index; tombstone
Cano Jose     V. A.
Carbery Charles W.      
Carbery Worth Harrison     V. A.
Cardova Fred      
Cardwell Wade M.      
Carby Wayne US Air Force Res. 6 yrs Cedar Cem. La Grange BT obit
Carey Charles Am.Leg.Post 115   BT-6/18/98
Carey Charles M.      
Carlisle Roger D. Res. Lamb Co    
Carlson Raymond A.     SSDI
Carroll Jordan Paul   New Ulm SSDI, V. A.
Catania Frank A.     V. A..   Sealy, SSDI
Cerny Austin E.   Brookshire  
Chandler Roderick Donald     V. A.
Chandler Simon F.      
Childs James M., Jr.      
Chilton Charles      
Chilton Donald L.      
Chronister Jim D.      
Cieslewich Kathleen      
Ciolek John Steve     V. A.
Clark Paul     V. A.
Claxton Buford Everett     V. A.
Clement Jack W.      
Clesi Carl      
Clore John Lane     V. A.
Close John J.      
Coats Clyde Kelton     V. A.
Cobb Brad US Army Sergeant 2002-   SN-11/11/2008
Coleman Ernest      
Collins Charles Winston     V. A.
Collins Ernest     V. A.
Collins John Wallace     V. A.
Collins William, III     V. A.
Conley David Ray miltary Yes on death cert Paradise N. Cem Houston V. A. death cert
Cook Robert Edward   Forest Park Lawndale V. A. death cert
Cooper James C.      
Cooper Raymunn Edward     V. A.
Colunga Zeferino Eusebio SPC US Army, Iraq Oak Knoll US Vet. Gravesites, BT obit. VA
Covey Charles Eugene      
Cox Billy T.      
Craddock John William, Jr. Yes US armed forces Brookside Memorial  Houst V. A.  death cert
Craig James Harvey, Jr.      
Craig John      
Cramer Alton      
Crisp C. A.      
Crosby Billy Bishop     V. A.
Crowder Melvin Douglas     V. A.
Cufr Joe D.      
Cummings Walter Lee, Jr.     V. A.
Cunningham Willis Eugene     V. A.
Curfman Percy Alvin     V. A.
Dabney Lester E.     V. A.
Danek Joe Ludewk Pvt. USMC Cath. Sealy military tombstone
Danek John L.      
Darden Percy Gene US Army Jan 1958-Jan 1964 Jefferson Ceme BT-6/20/2002  V. A..   Bellville
Daris Fred Lee, Jr.     V. A.
Davenport James D.   HoustonVetCem BT-8/29/85
Davila Tony US Army Specialist 4 1964-67   SN-11/11/2008 p 5
Davis Curtis     V. A.
Davis Jack      
Davis Jacquez Rashard US Marine corps 2011-2012 Glenn Miller-Josey Obit
Davis Louis Colbert     V. A.
Davis Mitchell L.      
Davis Rex Levern     V. A.
Dean Anthony D. U. S. Navy Seaman Recruit musician   BT-7/29/99 p. 18
Dean F. E.      
Dean Richard L US Air Force Cath. Sealy military marker/ tombstone
Dement Duverna Lee Army Sp 3 PRC  
Demny David E.      
Demny Flavian C.      
Demny Johnnie T.      
Denena Leon PVT US Marine Corps Oak Knoll USMC Muster Rolls
Dernehl Wilbert A.      
Dethlefsen William Christian     V. A.
Dhom Ivo Ray     V. A.
Dibala Hubert J.      
Dickman Michael      
Dillion Kenneth R.      
Dittert Henry M.      
Divin Willie Albert   Waller Cath Cemetery V. A.   death cert  Wharton Co.
Dixon Herbert Logan     V. A.
Dodd Raymond      
Donnell Lonnie D., Jr.      
Dooley Kenny Lee     V. A.
Doss Dan Pvt. U. S. Marines   Dierking's list
Doty Clyde Barnette     V. A.
Drake Brandon US Marine Corps Lance Corporal 2005   SN-11/11/2008
Drozd Albert D.      
Drozd Ben      
Drozd John      
Drymalla Bennie      
Dudloff Oliver H.      
Duensing Delbert Junior     V. A.
Duncan Douglas Monroe, Sr. Yes US armed forces Houston National V. A.  death cert, wife 
Dunham Audley Scott Yes US armed forces Memorial Oaks Houston V. A.  death cert
Durbin Harvey J.      
Dusak Frank      
Dusak Jake C.      
Dusak John P.      
Duty Clyde Donald     V. A.
Dvorak Leonard      
Dybala Joe J.      


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