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Other Veterans

Sources are provided when known.  SN indicates Sealy News; BT indicates Bellville Times.   If other abbreviations  are confusing, let us know.   And, as always:

If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler .



Surname Given Name Rank, Etc Cemetery Source
Ison Coleman J.      
Jackson Billie      
Jackson Donald E., Sr.     V. A.
Jackson Joe Yes US armed forces Richard Grove V. A. death cert
Jackson Stanley Allen 865-3750   VFW
Jackson Tyrone     V. A.
Jalowy Leroy J PFC US MC Cath. Sealy military marker
Jamela Frank J.      
Janczak Marcus Ray US Navy 1956 OKb DC
Janecek Edwin J.      
Janezak Louis      
Janicek Dan D.      
Janicek Gary      
Janicek Joe A.      
Janicek Lawrence J.      
Janik Raymond B.      
January Alvin      
January Emil L.      
January Lamir      
January Orville      
Jaster Edwood S.      
Jenner Frederick Rudolf Yes US armed forces Forest Park Lawndale Houston V. A.  death cert 
Jeschard Craig      
Jocusan Jake      
Johnson Archie E.      
Johnson Bracy, Jr Yes US armed forces Greer Ceme San Augustine, TX V. A.  death cert
Johnson James C., Jr. Yes US armed forces Welcome Ceme V. A.  death cert
Johnson John D., Sr. Yes US armed forces Jeff Ceme V. A.  death cert
Johnson Nathanael Linus     V. A.
Johnson Vernon Saunders Yes US armed forces Forest Park Lawndale Houst V. A.  death cert
Johnson Will Ray      
Johnson William R.   OKc  
Johnston Floyd William, Jr.     V. A.
Johnston Gary C.      
Johnston Gray C   Sealy  
Johnston Walter M.      
Johnston Willard Lee Yes US armed forces Memorial Oaks Crematory V. A.  death cert 
Joiner William Gene     V. A.  
Jolly Fred B. Navy OKC tombstone
Jones Clifford      
Jones E. L.      
Jones Gerald J.      
Jones Jack Wilson     V. A.
Jones Johnny Mack     V. A.
Jones Lynwood      
Jones Thomas Victor     BT-8/9/2001 p 4  V. A..
Jones Tommy   Died Houston Veterans Hospital  
Jordan William Ray US Army Reserves 1960-1966 PRC BT-Jan 2004  V. A..
Jordon Hugo Walter   d. Wharton Co.  
Josey William E.     Dierking's list
Jousan Frank      
Jurek August A.     V. A.
Jurek Louis J.      
Jurek Richard      
Kalinec Eugene E.     V. A.
Kaliszewski David Earl Tx. Air Ntl Guart Ellington Field.    
Kanewske Robert      
Kapanke Scott A. US Air Force Tech Sergeant    
Karbulka Frank Joseph Yes US Armed Forces Pilgrim's Rest Ind V. A.  death cert
Karsteter Theo Audrey     V. A.
Kattes Ben Rex     V. A.
Keating, Sr. Phillip N.      
Kech Sam Walter US Army 1953-1955 Frelsburg  
Keefer Bill F.      
Keinkel Edward F.      
Kelly Bobby Dale     V. A.
Kelly Marlene Louise     V. A.
Kemp Robert      
Kennedy Walter Yes US armed forces Houston Natl Cem V. A.  death cert
Kenney Auto U S Navy Hillside Ceme tombstone
Kent Robert Yes US armed forces Forest Park E Haris County V. A.  death cert
Kenter Leslie Fred US Army1936-41 OKa Tombstone, DC VA, friend
Kersten William M.      
Kessler Stewart Byron Yes US armed forces San Jacinto Memorial Houston V. A.  death cert    Sealy
Kessler Tracey US Navy 1993-    
Kettler Wilburn Fritz     V. A..   Wallis
Kiersh Eric      
Killian Dennis Gene     V. A.
Kimbell Billy R.      
Kimich Steve Thomas     V. A., New Ulm
King Russell B.      
Kingston Thomas R. Army Repl. Tng. Center Buck Tombstone
Kirsch Richard E.      
Klechka Raymond Robert Yes US armed forces GuardianAngel V. A. death cert.
Kline Leslie C.      
Kmiec Edward Julian   Harris Co  
Knapp Ardell AS Navy Hillside Ceme tombstone
Knapp Herman Tyler RM3 U S Navy Hillside Ceme tombstone
Knight William Jackson, Jr.     V. A.
Kocurek Margaret   OKc  
Koehler Bufford Ray, Sr.     V. A..   Sealy
Koehn Johnnie F.      
Koenig George G., Jr.      
Koenig Martin F.      
Koenig Maurice      
Kolafa Jerry J.      
Koleck Ed      
CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Gilbert G.      
CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Gotlieb      
CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny John      
Kollman W. D.      
Kopecky Vincent      
Kopycinski Mike      
Kopyczyski Mike      
Korenek Clement L.      
Kosik Daniel Lee   Wallis  
Kouvicka Alfons      
Kouvicka Leon        
Kovar Pete      
Kovar Pete Louis, Jr.      
Kovasonic Edward (Eddie Robert?)   S.Cath  
Koy Terry      
Koyn Elton L.     Dierking's list
Kramer Edward Paul      
Krampitz David      
Krampitz David Harold      
Krampitz Frank J.Sr.   SealyB  
Krampitz Harold Eugene      
Krause A. J. U. S. Army veteran Wesley Ceme. BT-12/4/86 p. 7
Krause Alfred      
Krause Harry E.      
Krause Karl      
Krause Leon A. Cpl    
Krc Alfred      
Krc Frank      
Krchnak Daniel Method     V. A.
Krchnak Dennis US Army 1956-1958 Cath. Sealy VA death file
Krebs Calvin   Shelby  
Krebs Larry A.      
Krenek Linhart      
Krenek Sylvester S.      
Kristynik John J.      
Krolczyk Henry S.      
Krolczyk Steve P.      
Krolczyk Theodore J.      
Kubala Edwin J.      
Kubala Jerome F.      
Kubick Hubert Ray     V. A.
Kubricht J. J.      
Kuehn Howard SSgt - Kenny    
Kuehn Howard (G?) SSgt - Kenny    
Kuehn Howard Glenn      
Kulhanek Charles      
Kulhanek Frank B.      
Kulhanek Leopold      
Kulow Will      
Kunard Kenneth Leo Natl. Guard Col. Ret. After 30 yrs. Ft. Sam Houston San Antonio, TX BT-June 2003   V. A..
Kunkel Edward F.      
Kurtz L. D.      
Kutach Felix E.      
Kutach Peter John   Ft. Bend, Co.  
Kutra Alois Stepan death cert say Yes in armed forces Frydek Cath V. A. death cert
Kutra Bennie US Air Force Reseres Cath. Sealy BT Obit
Kveton John   Sealy  
Kveton Roy Pvt US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Labaj Edwin      
Labaj Jim (James)   Sealy   
Lackey Steve      
LaFrance Lloyd I.      
Lalande Robert      
Lalonde Clarence      
Lamar John L.      
Lamp R. E., Jr.      
Lands Thurman V. Yes US armed forces Oak Lawn Somerville, Tx Death Cert.
Largent Roma Allen Yes US armed force Forest Park Westheimer Hous V. A.  death cert  Cat Spring
Larkin Donaldson Jack, Jr.     V. A.
Laskoski Charles      
Laskoski Raymond Louis     V. A.
Laycock Leroy      
Lednicky Patrick 1953-1955? Lakeside; Eagle Lake Colorado Co V. A. death cert
Lee Larry Dean     V. A.
Legely Eugene      
Legere, Jr. Clifford A. Sgt. U. S. Army PubSealy tombstone sec 6 & BT-5/5/1/90 p.6
Legon James      
Levine Melvin      
Levinson Norman Nathan     V. A.
Lewis Clarence Darrow   OKb V. A.  death cert  Bellville
Lewis Robert L.      
Lewis Robert Ravell US Army National V. A.
Lewis Robert Wilson PVT 141 GH US Army 1948-50 OKb DC; tombstone
Lezek Frank      
Linder Howard A.      
Little Billie Wayne     V. A.
Little Wallace Larimore     V. A.
Lockstedt Bruno August US Army Moulton City Cem Moulton, Tx BT-3/9/2000 p 4 V. A..  Cat Spr
Lodge Jack, Jr. TSgt    
Loesch Delton SP5 36 Inf Divn Tank Support US Army 1959-60 (Germany) Pilgrim's Rest Friend, BT Obit
Loesch Leroy      
Loesch Melvin      
Loesch Otto, Jr.      
Lokken Alfred      
Longbotham Odis C.     V. A.
Loomis Kenneth C.      
Losack John G.      
Losack John M.      
Louis Lowell      
Lovejoy Oce W.      
Lowe James David     V. A.
Lowman James W.      
Lueckemeyer Ed. J. Staff Sgt 434 AntiAircraft    
Luedecke Harry Louis SGT US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Luedke Willard Herman US Ntl Guard PR BT Obit
Luedecke William H. U. S. Air Force PubSealy tombstone sec. 6
Luker Walter Fred. Yes US armed forces Brookside Houston V. A.  death cert   Sealy
Lummus L. G.      
Lumpkin Alton Wilson Yes US armed forces Memorial Oaks Crematory  
Lyons Charles William US Marine Corps military career Atkinson Cem V. A.  death cert
Lyons Truman US Navy 1955-59 OKa VA


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