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Other Veterans



Sources are provided when known.  SN indicates Sealy News; BT indicates Bellville Times.   If other abbreviations  are confusing, let us know.   And, as always:

If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler .

M - Q


Surname Given Name Rank, Etc Cemetery Source
Macha Joe J.      
Macha Larry      
Macha Richard      
Macha Thomas Joseph     V. A.
Machemehl Arleigh Earl "Chuck" US Navy 1958-1961, Reserves for 8 yrs. Ntl Cem. Santa Fe, N.M. BT obit ; VA death file.
Mackey Cecil Leland death cert yes in armed forces Medical research U of Tx health cen V. A. death cert
Maeckel Lee L.      
Maetze August Vet. OKc BT-5/26/55
Maggard Narbert Louis     V. A.
Mahaffey C. L.      
Mahaffey William F.      
Maines Jerry Otha US Navy PR V. A.
Makeever S. J.      
Maloney Dorothy Lucille     V. A.
Manning Howard Calvin, Sr. M Sgt US Air Force Houston National V. A.  death cert
Mantey Fred W.      
Mantooth Garland Dean     V. A.
Maresh Jerry Edward     V. A.
Maresh Joseph      
Marks Joseph W.      
Marshall Edward D., Sr. military Yes armed forces PR V. A. death cert
Marshall Gerald Allen     V. A.
Martinez Delfino, Sr.     V. A.
Massey William M.      
Matejak Adolph      
Mayo Herman Tyler, Sr.     V. A.
Mazoch Henry F. Yes US Armed Forces Roch's Cath Cem Mentz, TX V. A. death cert
McCarthy Leroy Frederick     V. A.
McCaul Richard Lewis     V. A..  Sealy
McClelland, Jr. Robert O.      
McClure Marshall Franklin, Jr.     V. A..   Bellville
McDade Lee G.     V. A.
McDaniel Robert Eugene   Industry United Methodist Ceme NU Enterprise 8/29/2002 V. A..  Industry
McDonald Eddie     V. A.
McDonald Robert Dell Yes US armed forces Paradie N Cem Houston, TX V. A.  death cert  Bellville
McElfresh Jesse Howard U. S. Army   BT-9/16/99 p 4 V. A..
McElroy Clyde Donald     V. A.
McGee A. A.      
McGraw Philip Bernard, Jr.     V. A.
McGuff Paul      
McGuire Billy Lee death cert Yes armed forces Moore Memorial Gardens Arlington V. A. death cert
McGuire J. M.      
McKeehann Osman Pshaw     V. A.
McKeon James Thomas     V. A.
McLean George James Milton     V. A..    Sealy
McMurrey Clarence      
McPherson Gerald Glenn     V. A..   Sealy
Medellin George      
Meissner Richard W.  Pvt. 1st Class U S Army CatSprLutheran tombstone
Mellard Billy Neil     V. A.
Meredith Thomas E.      
Merritt Clarence Arnold     V. A.
Mertz Willie E.      
Meyer Billy      
Meyer Burney      
Meyer Raymond      
Meyer Waltermore E.      
Michaels Marvin Merrell     V. A..  Sealy
Mieth Eugene W.      
Mikeska Zbramel      
Milam James Carlisle Yes US armed forces Resurrection Cem Pearland, Brazoria V. A.  death cert   Sealy
Miller Daniel Anthony     V. A.
Miller Lee Arthur US Marine Corps 1922-25 Pattison Ceme SN-11/11/2008 p 10 V. A.  death cert  Sealy
Minks Leonard John     V. A.
Mitchell Flavel Moral     V. A.
Mitchell John G.      
Mitchell Michael S.      
Mlcak Eddie      
Molloy Karl Bowen     V. A.
Morris F. G.      
Morris Stanley     V. A.
Mosley Jonathan Pvt U S Army SFC colored tombstone
Mosmeyer Robert Lee of Cat Spring inducted June 7, 1954   BT-5/20/54 p. 7
Moss Robert J.      
Motl Gilbert C.      
Muegge Leroy Lewis Yes US armed forces StJohnsLuth Cat Spring V. A.  death cert   Sealy
Mueller Johnnie      
Mueller Kenney      
Murray Charles T.      
Murray Donald G.      
Murrey Earl J.      
Nails Freddie Lee     V. A.
Nanes Jessie      
Nanez Lupe      
Narvais Guadalupe, Jr.     V. A.
Nava Antonio Vargas     V. A..  Cat Spring
Nelius Victor L.      
Nelson Harold Roy Yes US armed forces Wood Natl Milwaukee, Wisc V. A. death cert  Sealy
Neuman Charles Thompson, Jr.     BT-Apr 2004  V. A.. 765 Jackson Rd Bellville
Neuman Clyde W.      
Neuman Wayne Emmett Yes US armed forces Stacy Memorial C Devers, Liberty, T V. A.  death cert
Newman O. F.      
Nielsen Lee Roy Yes US armed forces Houston National V. A.  death cert  Bellville
Noble Willie Stephen, Jr. US Army discharged 10/1/1966 Waller Cemetery BT-Aug 2002  V. A..  Industry
Nolen Tracy      
Norris Joe J.     V. A..  Bellville
Northington Rodell      
Novicki Larry      
Nowak E. T.      
Oakes James Richmond "Jim" US Navy Rank-Personnel Man VAHS/USS Forrestal 1961-67   SN-11/11/2008 RUARS/USS Ranger
Oldag Eugene      
Oldag Tommie Douglas Spec 4th Class US Army 39th Division   BT-7/20/2000 p 5 V. A..
Oldham John Charles     V. A.
Oliver William Bernard     V. A.
Omberg Louis V.      
Ondrasek Delphine      
O'Rourke Elnora     V. A..   Sealy
Owen James Dillard      
Owen Robert W.     V. A.
Owens Other Dean   Brookside Ceme Houston BT-1128/2002  V. A..  Sealy
Pack James C.     V. A.
Page Leslie K.      
Palasek Isidor      
Palm William   OKa  
Palmer Henry Brandon     V. A.
Palmer Ralph Era     V. A.
Palombi Howard      
Park Robert Arnold Yes US armed forces PubSealy V. A.  death cert
Parr Billy Jack     V. A.
Parrish Orris E.      
Parrott William L.      
Patton Moody     V. A..  Sealy
Pavlicek Billy      
Pavlik Charlie Alfred, Sr.     V. A..   Wallis
Pederson Richard Neil     V. A.
Peoples Roy Edward, Sr. Yes US armed forces Brookside Ceme Houston V. A.  death cert
Perkins Donald Eugene   d Sealy V. A.
Perkins Fred Felix death cert yes armed forces Hillside cemetery V. A. death cert
Perry Cary C. US Navy   BT-2/17/2000 p 4  V. A.. New Ulm
Perry Donald Eugene     V. A.
Peschel Lloyd Otto 1933-1934 Industry PR BT-4/22/1993
Peschel Lonnie R.      
Pester Karl Fredrick     V. A.
Peter Aloysius   Krasna  
Peterson Robert E.      
Pharmer Harriet Delima     V. A.
Phillips Jack Dwight  US Army & Navy San Felipe Cem BT-2/26/98 & tombstone; VA death file.
Piazza Robert, Jr.  Am. Leg. Post #115 Bellville CathSealy BT-7/20/89 p. 9
Pilchiek Jesse "Jack" U. S. Army  Burton,TX BT-2/6/97
Plummer Victor Marks   Memorial Oaks Crematory 1930 Census, V. A.  death cert, wife
Poncik Daniel Edward   FrydekCath 1930 Cenus, Y V. A.  death cert
Pontruff William   Union Ceme Industry, TX death cert
Post Jerome M.      
Powers Ira Winford, Jr. Yes US armed forces Katy Magnolia Ceme  Katy, TX 1930 Census, V. A.  death cert , Sealy
Prause Michael D. US Navy E6 USS Sellers & USS Doyle 1987-91   SN-11/11/2008
Prazak Vencil H.     V. A.
Preiesmeyer H. F.   PR  
Preiesmeyer H. F.   PR  
Priesmeier See Priesmeyer      
Pullin George Lagrande, Jr.     V. A.
Purvis Kyle      
Pustejovsky Benedict Frank   Guardian Angel BT-8/1/2002  V. A.
Quinton Clyde   New Ulm  


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