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Austin County Veterans who served during the Vietnam War





Our thanks to Joy Neely who  compiled most of this information.  Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all! 

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News.

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                           DR = Discharge Record


If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. May 2020

Surname First Name(s) Rank,  Other Information Cemetery Source
Adamson Ernest Alvin "Shorty"   Sealy  
Bailey Wendell Lamar YNCS US Navy Baton Rouge Ntl Cem. VA death file; US Vet gravesites
Baranowski David Earl US Navy to 1960 OKC  
Barnett James F Sgt. Air Force St. Mary, Smithville U. S. Vet. gravesites
Barrett Robbie Ray SP5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Bartos Jerry Jim US Army Immac. Sealy military marker
Benton Cecil Wayne   Sealy  
Bernshausen Donnie Robert   Sealy  
Biel Harvey Kenneth US Army 1959-61, Resv to 1965. Forest Pk.East Cem. Webster, Tx BT obit,
Binns Byrne Louis US Navy Houston National Cemetery BT Obit, VA death file
Blankenship Ronald Leon   Sealy  
Bloomfield  Ralph Wayne   Sealy  
Boehm Larry Joe Pfc. CO A  US Marine Corps died in Vietnam San Felipe Cem tombstone
Boehme Calvin Homer "Kelly" SPr US Army 1958-1964 New Ulm mil tombstone
Bolten Charles Edwin   Sealy  
Bolten Deroy, Jr. FN US Navy MillheimCeme. tombstone
Bookout John Charles ENCS US Navy 1941-61 Houston National Cemetery BT obit
Borgeson Geoffrey Charles US Army   BT obit, VA death file
Brashear Sidney Earl US Navy SeaBees Oak Knoll BT obit
Brast Richard TX S.P. 5, US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 7
Brune Leebert Andrew Spec 4th class 1968-1969   Family
Brussard Charles Kenneth Sgt. US Army Houston National Cemetery U. S. Vet. gravesites
Brown Gary Wilson US Air Force 1966-72 Sgt. Fire Controll Houston National Cemetery. U. S. Vet. gravesites, BT obit
Burditt Douglas W.  Sp 5 U S Army Dotson tombstone
Cable Perry J. US Navy 3rd Btt.Medic Corps 1964-68, 4th Marine Reg.    
Camp Floyd (Raymond US Army Private 1st Class 1954-56 Copperas Cove Cem US Vet Gravesites
Caldwell Tolly Rex Sr. US Air Force Korea & V.N National tombstone
Cardwell Wilbur Franklin Msgt, US AF 21 years   VA, SN-1/16/09
Chilton Donald Loran   Sealy  
Clark Roy "Cage"  US Army   BT-3/12/92
Coody Alvin US Army 1962-1966 San Felipe SN 12/6/2012
Coody Leroy SP4 US Army San Felipe military tombstone; Death Cert. 55359
Crowder Melvin Douglas   Sealy  
Crutchfield James Clifton, III  Commander U. S. Navy    
Dahse Verdis C. SP 4 US Army Vietnam #457-72-6448
Davis Elige, Jr. Spec E 4 Co A 13 Signal Batt 1st Air Cav. Vietnam 1965-1967 tour of duty
DeFoy Harry Joe US Army   BT obit
Deutrich Wilbert Ray SP4 US Army Oak Knoll BT obit
Diggs Dennis L.      
Edwards John B US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Ekarius Calvin Charles, Sr.   Sealy  
Ekarius Marvin Edward   Sealy  
Esquivel John R SP4 US Army 1960-63 Oak Knoll BT obit; US Vet. Gravesites
Faircloth Billy E.  M/Sgt. U. S. Army Cat Spring BT-10/8/98
Foytik Johnnie  T Sgt. USAF Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 7
Fuchs Sylvester Joseph, Msgr LTC, US Army Reserves 1963-85 Ch Visitation Cath. Cem. Westfalia, Tx. BT obit, VA death file, US Vet. Gravesites
Gentry Eddie Gene GYSGT US Marine Corps Houston National Cemetery BT obit, US Vet. Gravesites
Gonyer Ivan Lee, Jr.  US Army Sealy BT-11/7/96 p. 4
Hansard Tommy Vell US Navy Oak Knoll Houston MemOaks obit
Harlan James William SP5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Harris Walker U S Army Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Hattox Tommy Carlson US Army 1969-71 Houston National Cemetery BT obit
Hauerland Edward Allen   SealyF-K  
Hegemeyer Eddie C, Jr. Spr4US Army I_ICChurch mil. tombstone
Heinlen Russell M MSSN US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Himly David James   SealyF-K  
Hines James Doyle Jr. SN US Navy, Korea & Viet Nam I_Pilgrims_Rest tombstone
Hollis Ira Lee  US Army Gregory,TX BT-10/10/85
Hunt Dudley Charles US Navy USS Robinson. USS Gearing Houston National Cemetery
Ivy Truett W US Navy San Felipe military tombstone
Jackson Stanley Allen US Marine   Family
Jasek Wiliam Terrell Sp4E4 U.S. Army AUS Arty 1960-66   Disc. Record
Jones Joe Wayne US Army SealyF-K tombstone 
Jordan William Ray SP4 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Kainer Lawrence Alfred  US Air Force1961-1965 CathSealy BT-11/12/98 p. 4 ; VA death file
Kanter L. Erick  (Lawrence) Lt. 7th Fleet U. S. Navy New Ulm info from L. Erick Kanter
Kiker Karl M Sp5 US Army1961-1964 Immac. Sealy military marker, VA death file
Klopsteck Wilmer US Army Spec E 5 35th Eng. Batt.   Dierking's list
Koehler Buford Ray, Jr. Colonel Army Signal Corps    
Krause A. J. (Aug Joe)   Wesley  
Krumrey Melton Arien US Navy Oak Knoll US vet. Gravesites
Krumrey Ronald Edward US Army Oak Knoll BT obit; VA
Krueger Douglas Wayne   Oak Knoll  
Lahrmann Woodrow Larry SW2  US Navy Oak Knoll tombstone , DC; VA
Leenen Jake E US Navy 1959-1985 living  
Lehman David Gene US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Lewallen Joe Bob US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT Obituary
Lunbeck Stanley Laurence Sgt. U. S. Air Force MethCemIndus tombstone & BT 4/14/88 p. 15 V. A.  death cert, death file.
Lyons Stuart Thomas 1968-1974 Oak Knoll DC; VA
Maass Harold Wayne SP4 US Army Oak Knoll US Vet. Gravesites
Machala Larry Charles SP4 US Army Immac. Sealy military marker
Magallanes Ruben (Bobby)  US Army Sp 4, wounded San Felipe Cem BT-12/25/97 p. 4 ; military tombstone
Mahaffey William Louis  S/Sgt Air Force  Killed in Vietnam San Felipe Cem tombstone
Maher Ed, Jr. Sgt. US Air Force 1963-1967   info Ed Maher, Jr.
Marek Perry Lee US Army 1960 1962 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT Obit.; VA
Marik Jimmy      
Marquis John Roldney, Sr. US Army Oak Knoll BT obit.
Martin Barry Leone GM3 US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/28/92 p 7; VA; tombstone
McCain Freddie Leon  Sgt. USMC GAngelWallis tombstone
McIntyre David Roderick A1c US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
McNeil Robert Army Williams Obit
Miller Arthur Lee Pfc US Army Samuel Ceme tombstone
Morgan Robert Eugene US Navy Oak Knoll US Vet. Gravesites
Moudry Charles Ray  SP4 CoA 39 Inf 9 Div  US Army--KIA Oak Knoll tombstone
Ness James Dennis SP4 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Novosad Alois C SP4 US Army Immac Sealy military marker
Odom James Richard Jr. US Navy 1961-67 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Ottmer David H. Sgt. American Div. 196th Light Inf Brigade   info from family
Pekar Louis Leon US Army Immac Sealy VA death file
Potts Michael Allen US Army 1967-1970 Oak Knoll BTobit; VM; VA
Pouncy Melvin Earl, Sr. Bul 3 US Navy Seabees 1964-1968 MillheimCeme. wife:  Sealy
Quinton David Carl RD2 US Navy San Felipe military tombstone
Ralls Sidney C US Marine Corps   BT obit
Ramsden John Victor   Wesley  
Remmert Earl Ray Seaman, USNR Oak Knoll DC
Rogers Joseph Benton US Army/ Sgt US Marine Corps New Ulm mil tombstone
Rogers Roy Frank  Navy New Ulm tombstone
Rohan Franklin A. SP4 Air Frame Repmn 3rd US Army   Wallis, TX info from family
Schramm Leeland Frank US Army 1957-1963 National Knesek obit.
Selig Frederick Henry Jr. US Navy 1961-66 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Shafer Tommy Lee EN3 US Navy S_Catholic mil tombstone
Sisa Ladgie Reuben US Army National mil tombstone
Smith Roy   PRC colored tombstone
Smith Harold M., Jr. Lt. US Navy pilot U. S. S. Kitty Hawk   family
Solis Jesse Espinoza  US Army S_Catholic BT-7/10/9 p. 4; military marker
Steck Michael Ernest SGT Air Force 1969-73 Houston National Cemetery BT obit.
Stepan David Ray SP4 US Army National mil tombstone
Susen Delmer John Jr Pvt US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil tombstone
Tapley Donald Ray US Air Force San Felipe SN: 11/26/2008
Taylor James Lanier US Navy PubSealy BT-11/6/97 p. 4
Taylor Olen L., Jr. WO2 USMCRET S#450909331 Marines MCAB, 1st Div. Danang    
Teague James Milton GM 3 US Navy: W2, Korea, VN 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, BT Obit, VA, tombstone
Touchette Bernard Lawrence US Air Force 1957-79 Houston National Cemetery BT obit; VA death file.
Tull Michael  Sgt 561st TAC Fighter SQ    
Ueckert Bruce Wayne US Navy Ready Reserves 1953-61 Oak Knoll VM; BT obit
Vesely Daniel     BT-7/18/46, Family
Walton Paul Calvin US Army Oak Knoll
Waltrip James McMurry 1stLt US Army National Ho.Chr 5/15/08
Werner John Ralf SGT US Marine Corps Oak Knoll DC; VM; VA
Wickel Nolan Bernard  US Army Germania Ceme BT-3/5/98
Wienecke Floyd R SP5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT Obit; tombstone
Wiktorik Joseph Arnold Jr. Pfc US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT Obit; tombstone
Willoughby Jim US Air Force Sealy tombstone sec 7 & BT-1/19/95p.6
Young Donald Curtis SP4 US Army PR BT Obit; tombstone
Zlrnicek John E. Colonel; Army Signal Corps    


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