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Austin County Veterans who served during the Vietnam War




Other Veterans in Austin County



Our thanks to Joy Neely who  compiled most of this information.  Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all! 

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News.

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                           DR = Discharge Record


If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files July 202

LAST NAME FIRST NAMES RANK, BRANCH, ETC. CEMETERY click here to search cemeteries in Austin County SOURCES & OTHER
Ables Roy Lyvon A3c US Air Force Oak Knoll Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-2/25/2017; tombstone
Acebo Charlie, Jr. US Army Klein (TX) Mem Pk BT-10/10/63 p3; BT-11/17/2016 p5
Adams Thomas Ben, Jr. US Air Force 1960-86 Kenney VA death file
Adamson Earnest Alvin "Shorty" SP4 US Army Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Addkison Kenneth Thomas SP4 US Army I_Methodist SchFH-3/16/2017; tombstone
Adrian James Dennis US Army   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels3/14/2011; BT-3/24/2011 p6
Agnell Peter Walfred COL USAF 1942-75 Mt Olive Cem--Big Spring  VM; VA death file
Alvarado Alfredo SP4 US Army Wallis tombstone
Anderson Anthony SGT US Air Force El Pleasant KnesekFH-7/27/2012; VA; tombstone
Anderson Glenn Franklin A1 US Air Force Dotson BT-7/16/70 p10; MJFH-11/2/2021
Anderson  Robert Lawrence US Marine Corps 1963-69   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-11/14/2015
Anderson Warren Owen US Air Force 1944-65   discharge record; VA death file
Armstrong James Thomas US Marine Corps 1956-75 Helen Crigger Cem--Munford TN USMC Muster Rolls; VA death file
Armstrong Ralph William US Army 1960-62 Oak Knoll VA death file; BT-9/25/2003 p4
Arndt Leroy Lester SSGT US Army Prairie Lea Cem--Brenham BT-8/2/62 p1; VM; tombstone
Asaf Mark Stephan LCPL US Marine Corps Houston National Cem VM; tombstone
Bailey Wendell Lamar YNCS US Navy Baton Rouge National Cemetery, Baton Rouge, LA VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Baiter Audie "Gerald" US Army 1965-67   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-3/4/2011
Baranowski David Earl RM2 US Navy Oak Knoll Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-3/3/2006; USVetGravesites
Baranowski Eugene John MSGT US Army Houston National Cemetery US Vet Gravesites;
Baranowski LeRoy US Marine Corps 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-9/10/64 p7
Baranowski Melvin Roy US Naval Reserve Oak Knoll SchFH-4/11/2014; BT-4/24/2014 p5
Barnett Doyle Eugene MAJ US Army (II, K, V) Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio VA enlistment; tombstone
Barnett James Francis SGT US Air Force St Mary's Cem--Smithville US Vet Gravesites
Barrett Robbie Ray SP5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; tombstone
Bartos Jerry Jim US Army Sealy Catholic VA death file; tombstone
Beachboard Robert Leroy SGT USMC 1952-83   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-4/24/2021
Beil Harvey Kenneth SP4 US Army/USAR 1959-65 Forest Park East Cem--Webster VM; BT-6/16/2011 p6
Bell Thomas Roy US Army 1969-71 Haynes Mem Gardens-Lake Co TN Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-2/8/97; VA death file
Bender Richard Doyle SP4 US Army Houston National Cemetery SN-8/4/2011; tombstone
Benjamin Raymond Leroy   PR_Black Death Certificate
Bennett Howard Lee SFC US Army Houston National Cemetery BT-2/3/2000 p4; tombstone
Bennett Thomas James, Jr. CSM US Army Ft Logan Natl Cem--Denver CO US Vet Gravesites
Benton Cecil Wayne US Navy Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Bernshausen Donnie Robert SMSGT US Air Force Sealy VA death file; tombstone
Bertone Joseph Francis   Died in Colorado Wallis Legion #200; SSDI
Besser Arthur Raymond SP4 US Army Houston National Cemetery US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Biberstein Weldon Lee E6 USAF 1954-75 Sealy SN-11/2015 p4
Binns Byrne Louis BT3 US Navy Houston National Cemetery BT-1/21/2010 p6; VA death file
Bishop Robert Morris, Jr. PVT US Marine Corps Atkinson US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Blackmon Bennie, Jr. PFC US Army Macedonia DC; BT-5/27/71 p6
Blankenship Ronald Leon US Navy Sealy Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-10/7/2010;
Blansett Charles, Jr. ADRC US Navy (K/V) Houston National Cemetery SN-11/2015; tombstone
Blazek Johnnie James US Army   discharge rec; KnesekFH-2/18/2012
Blezinger Clinton Earl  1954-62
Army Natl Guard (K/V)
  VM; BT-6/26/58 p10
Block David Gordon US Army 1959-69 Burger  VA death file
Bloom Michael Theodore MAJ US Army   StMary's-Frydek HC-4/25/2006; tombstone
Bloomfield Ralph Wayne US Air Force Sealy Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-5/26/2012;
Boehm Larry Joe PFC CO A USMC  KIA San Felipe VA death file; tombstone
Boehme Calvin Homer "Kelly" SP4 US Army 1958-64 New Ulm VA death file; tombstone
Boeker Ernest Elo, Jr. PFC US Army StJames US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Boggs Donald George INFO SP US Army Oak Knoll discharge rec; BT-6/21/2007 p4
Bolden Lewis Edward PVT US Army Fulshear Black Cem DC; tombstone
Bolten Charles Edwin CPO US Navy Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Bolten Deroy, Jr. FN US Navy Millheim DC; VA death file; tombstone
Bonner William Henry SP5 US Army Forest Park Cem--Houston VM; SSDI
Bookout John Charles ENCS US Navy 1941-61 Houston National Cemetery BT-10/28/2004 p4
Bookout Troy Earl YN3 US Navy Houston National Cemetery US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Borgeson Geoffrey Charles US Army   BT-7/15/2010 p6; VA death file
Borman Glenn Otto MAJ US Air Force (II, K, V) C-W Mem Hill Cem--Austin VA; tombstone
Boson Clarence Edward SFC US Army San_Felipe_Black SN-11/2015 p5; MJFH-5/7/2021 obit
Boson Elias Lee, Jr. SSGT US Army Killeen City Cem VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Boyte Otis Rodney PFC US Army  Rogers (Buckhorn) BT-7/29/2010 p8; VA death file
Brashear Sidney Earl SW3 US Navy Seabees Oak Knoll BT-12/28/2006 p4; tombstone
Brast Bernhard Fritz MSGT USMC 1935-1966 Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio VA; tombstone; USVetGravesites
Brast George Bernice 1LT US Army (II, K, V ) Franklin (LA) Cem VA death file
Brast  Lee Landa SP4 US Army 1956-62 Sealy BT-9/6/73 p5; tombstone
Brast  Richard   SP5 US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79; tombstone
Bresan Lawrence Anthony "Larry" A1c US Air Force I_Pilgrim's Rest K-BFH-9/30/2019; tombstone
Brooks Maurice SSGT US Air Force (K, V) Houston National Cemetery M-JFH-6/2009; tombstone
Broom James William TSGT US Air Force 1963-68   BT-5/28/64 p4; VA death file
Broussard Charles Kenneth SGT US Army Houston National Cemetery US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Brown Gary Wilson SGT US Air Force 1966-72 Houston National Cemetery BT-12/29/2005 p4; US Vet Gravesites
Brown Sam US Navy (II, K, V) St Peter AME Cem--Blair SC DC; VA death file
Bruton Jesse, Jr. LTC US Army Natl Guard (II, K, V) Gresser Fam Cem--Fayetteville VA deaths; AustinA-S-7/26/2006
Bryant Willie R. L. SP4 US Army Hillside GalvDN-6/23/94 p4; tombstone
Bumbalough Jerry Douglas US Air Force I_Methodist Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-4/8/2016
Burditt Douglas Wayne SP5 US Army Dotson VA death file; tombstone
Burditt Lowell Horace MSGT USAir Force 1949-69 Leavenworth (KS) Natl Cem VA death file; tombstone
Burditt Willie Massey MSGT US Army (II, K, V) Houston National Cemetery VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Burke Robert Arthur PFC US Army Dallas-FW Natl Cem VM; VA death file; tombstone
Burke Thomas Doyle US Navy 1970-72 Farris Cem--Madisonville VM;
Burkett Kenneth Harold US Army na SchmidtFH-8/24/2021
Burnett Hal Alexander, Jr. LCOL US Army 1942-66 Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio VM; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Bynum Edward US Army 1972-75 Jefferson DC; VA death file
Caldwell Tolly Rex, Sr. US Air Force (K,V) National tombstone
Callas Christopher "Michael" US Army 1957-63 Cremated VM; Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-9/10/2015
Camp Floyd Raymond CW3 US Army (K, V) Copperas Cove (TX) Cem VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Campbell Warren Franklin LTC US Air Force (II, K, V) Natl Mem Cem of the Pacific-Honolulu VA; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Campos Alex Martinez SP4 US Army Reserves Sealy Catholic discharge record; DC
Carby Wayne King US Air Force Reserves-6 yrs Cedar Cem--La Grange BT-10/28/2004 p4
Cardwell Wilbur Franklin MSGT US Air Force 1963-84   VA; SN-1/16/2009
Castanier Eugene Maurice RCAF/US Air Force Sealy Catholic SchFH=8/12/2016
Chandler Roderick Donald US Air Force 1958-62   BT-1/26/2006 p4; VA death file
Chapman Mark Allen CAPT US Army Broughton Cem--Clay Center KS Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-4/18/2014; tombstone
Chapman William Dunn SP6 US Army Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Chateauvert Denys Joseph US Army   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels4/20/2010; VA deaths
Chatham Roy Jackson MAJ US Air Force (II, K, V) Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio BT-5/15/2008 p4; tombstone
Chernosky Dennis Elmo SGT US Army 1961-62 Prairie Lea Cem--Brenham discharge record; VA death file
Chilton Donald Loran US Air Force Sealy Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-1/12/2012
Ciolek John Steve US Army Atkinson VA death file; tombstone
Clark Raleigh Thomas SSGT US Army 1945-69 Masonic Cem--Las Cruces NM VA enlistment/death file
Clark Roy Edward "Cage" US Army   BT-3/12/92 p10
Clemons Forrest Avery SGT US Air Force Houston National Cemetery Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-11/2/2011; tombstone
Clesi Carl Brazil US Army 1969-72   VA death file
Cloud Gary Thomas A1c US Air Force Buckhorn Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-4/21/2010; tombstone
Clower Claude Douglas CDR US Navy POW Forest Lawn Mem Pk-Houston Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-10/3/2010; tombstone
Coburn David Sherman PFC US Army Buckhorn VA; US Vet Gravesites
Collins Charles Winston SGT US Air Force Brookside Mem Pk--Houston VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Coody Alvin US Army 1962-66 San Felipe SN-12/6/2012;
Coody Leroy  SP4 US Army San Felipe DC; VA; tombstone
Cooper Tommie PVT E-1 US Army Pope SN-9/19/2013
Corbett Lloyd Anthony BU3 US Navy KY Vet Cem--Radcliff KY US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Cornell Floyd, Jr. US Army   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-2/17/2018
Coufal Daniel James US Navy I_Brethren VA death file; tombstone picture
Coufal Joseph Jaroslav MCPO US Navy 1944-68 Chamberlain Cem--Kingsville USN Muster Rolls; CCCaller-7/27/2016
Coufal Thomas John SP5 US Army I_Brethren VA death file; tombstone
Covey Charles Eugene SGT US Marine Corps Emmanuel Luth Ch Cem-Greenvine BrenMemCh-9/6/2005; tombstone
Crowder Melvin Douglas US Army-Crew Chief/Special Forces Sealy BT-6/1/95 p13; VA
Cryer Merlin Bruce US Army 1969-72 Houston National Cemetery BT-6/19/2008; VA death file
Daft Donald Duane US Marine Corps 1968-70 Wallis VM; Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-7/2014
Darden Percy Gene US Army 1958-64 Jefferson BT-6/20/2002; VA death file
Davenport James David SGT US Army Houston National Cemetery BT-8/29/85; US Vet Gravesites
Davis Curtis Howard, Jr. SP4 US Army SF_Black tombstone;
Davis Curtis Howard, Sr. SSGT US Army (K, V) Houston National Cemetery VA death file; tombstone
Davis Glenn Alan US Army 1967-69 Memorial Service VM; SchFH-2/2/2017
Davis Leodis CPL US Army Houston National Cemetery BT-12/5/68 p2; tombstone
Davis Lloyd Dale US Army Memorial Service Knesek Family Funeral Chapels1/10/2011
Davis Sammie Leon US Army 1964-68   VA death file
Dean Leslie Eugene "Butch" US Army    Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-4/21/2015
Deats Edwin Watts US Army No Service Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-2/4/2021
DeFoy Harry Joe US Army Memorial Service BT-10/5/2006 p4
Deutrich Wilbert Ray SP4 US Army Oak Knoll VM; VA death file
Dever Louis Douglas SGT US Army Houston National Cemetery VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Diggs Ennis Earl, Jr. US Army Died in Jacksonville FL discharge rec; PrestwoodFH-2/3/2019
Dotson T. C., Jr. US Army 1964-70/1973-78 Jefferson DC; VA death file
Downey Hayward Curtis US Navy 1969-76 Houston National Cemetery ACFH-8/25/2015; SN-11/2015 p9
Draper Thomas Edward CB US Navy   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-2/4/2018
Dronka Paul Joseph COL US Army Sealy Catholic SN-11/2015 p10; KnesekFH-5/25/2020  Find-A-Grave
Dungen Raymond Leo, Jr. 1LT US Army   New Ulm US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Eckermann Clarence Elbert TSGT US Air Force (K, V) Greenwood Cem--Montgomery AL VA death file; tombstone
Eddins Wade Ray BM3 US Navy 1957-61 New Ulm tombstone;
Edwards John Broach, Jr. US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-12/6/90 p6; tombstone
Edwards Robert Charles SFC US Army (K, V) Houston Natl Cem VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Ekarius Calvin Charles, Sr. US Army Air Corps Sealy BT-12/18/2003 p4; VA death file
Ekarius Marvin Edward US Air Force Reserves  Sealy discharge record; BT-5/5/94 p13
Emshoff  Jerry Wayne, Sr. US Army 1968-70 1861Pilgrim's Rest SN-11/2015 p11;Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-12/18/2017
Emshoff Wilfred Edwin Edward CTAC USNR 1953-95 StJames Dierking; BrenMemCh-7/23/2020
Esker Larry Arthur BMSN US Navy Davis-Greenlawn Cem-Rosenberg discharge record; tombstone
Eubanks Harold Michael LT US Navy -- SchFM obit--6/19/2022
Evans Marcus Eugene US Navy Schlobohm Cem--Greens Bayou
Evans Phillip Lowell US Air Force Buckhorn BT-12/24/87 p3
Esquivel John Ramirez SP4 US Army 1960-63 Oak Knoll BT-4/15/2004 p4; US Vet Gravesites
Faircloth Billy Edward, Sr. MSGT US Army (K, V) CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny BT-10/8/98 p4; US Vet Gravesites
Farrell William George USNG/USAR 1958-85 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; SchFH-2/5/2021
Fenner Charles Edwin, M.D. CAPT US Air Force Fenner Fam Cem--New Ulm Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-1/30/2015
Flentge Alvinlee Willie  PVT US Army 1970-74 National BT-7/12/2007 p4; tombstone
Folsom Paul Charles A2c US Air Force 1955-63 National BrenMemOaks-11/2/2013; tombstone
Ford Jerry Milton MP US Army 1962-67 Oak Knoll Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-9/20/2015
Fordyce Sammy Patrick CPL US Marine Corps San Felipe Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-11/20/2012
Foster Robert Eldon US Navy Morgan (TX) Cem Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-3/3/2013; SN-3/14/2013
Foytik Johnnie Edward TSGT US Air Force (II, K, V) SealyF-K SN-6/28/79; VA; tombstone
Frank Herbert Allen SN USNR 1955-1963 SealyF-K BT-11/24/55 p7; SN-12/15/2015
Franke Ralph Allen SSGT US Army (II, K, V) Cen TX State Vet Cem-Killeen, TX US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Frayard David Robert SP4 US Army Wallis VA death file; tombstone
Frazier Rex Lee US Navy 1956-63   VA death file
Freeburn Ronald Clarence US Navy USS Randolph --  SchmidtFH-1/7/2022    Obit  
Freeman Melvin Eugene US Army Medic Hartsville Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-3/5/2015; tombstone
Froebel Carlos Wayne US Army St Roch Cath Cem--Mentz HennFH- Obit 6/11/2022
Fuchs Msgr. Sylvester Joseph LTC USAR 1963-85 St Mary's Cem--Westphalia BT-10/28/2004 p5; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Gaedecke Steven Clyde US Navy 1964-65   VA death file
Gajewski Eugene Joseph US Army SealyF-K BT-4/6/2000 p4
Gallia Frankie David LCPL USMC 1971-72 GuardianAngel BT-1/21/71 p8; KnesekFH-11/3/2018
Galvan Antonia US Marine Corps Sealy KnesekFH-6/8/2021 obit
Gardner Jerry Don PVT US Army Wallis KnesekFH-6/2/2017; tombstone
Gardner Rodney Earl SSGT US Army Cat Spring Luth VA death file; tombstone
Garnett Freddie Eugene SSGT US Army 1970-73 (II K, V) Clemons Cem--Pattison VA death file; tombstone
Geick Glenn Roy RM US Navy ImmLuthChCem--Wiedeville TX BrenMemOaksFH-12/1/2021
Geistmann Herbert James US Army 1963-65 I_ICChurch DC; VA death file; tombstone
Gentry Eddie Gene GYSGT USMC (K, V) Houston National Cemetery BT-8/12/2004 p4; VA; tombstone
Gerland Larry Eugene US Air Force StMary's-Frydek KnesekFH-7/11/2018
Givens Johnny Alexander MM3 US Navy Hillside DC; tombstone
Godwin Thomas Lloyd EO2 USN Seabees 1966-69 Sealy Catholic VM; KnesekFH-12/3/2018
Gonyer Ivan Lee, Jr. US Army SealyF-K BT-11/7/96 p4
Gonzales Carlos LCPL US Marine Corps Died in California BT-1/9/75 p11
Gonzales Jose Raul A2c US Air Force   National BT-3/13/2003; VA; tombstone
Goodwin Marion Robert 2LT US Army 1961-2005 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; tombstone
Gracey Allen Curry III SA US Navy Forest Park Lawndale--Houston VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Graessle David William US Army I_Methodist SchFH-7/17/2020;
Grattic Bruce Swiney US Air Force 1974-85 Died in Ft Myers FL VA death file
Greer Robert, Jr. SFC US Army 1948-64 Ft Sill (OK) Post Cem VA; tombstone
Gregory Arthur Laurence, Jr. SGT US Army 1955-62 Pattison Cem VM; US Vet Gravesites
Grigar Charles Frank, Jr. US Army SealyF-K BT-7/5/90 p14; VA; tombstone
Gross Kirby Wayne US Army 1960-66 New Ulm VM; BT-6/25/2003 p4
Gross Robert Lee Wallace MSGT US Air Force (II, K, V) East Lawn Palms Cem-Tucson AZ BT-12/15/55 p10; VA death file
Gutierrez Jessie James US Army GuardianAngel BT-12/9/65 p4
Gutowsky Billy Jack "BJ" MP US Army 1961-63 Oak Knoll VM; KnesekFH-12/14/2016
Gwosdz Leon Eugene US Army GuardianAngel KnesekFH-11/2017
Hagen Bobby Allen MP US Army 1963-65 Sealy Catholic VM; SN-11/2015 p14; Knesek-12/24/2021
Haines  Alfred Bradley US Navy Oak Knoll BT-10/26/2000 p4
Haisler JR Willie Charles SP5 US Army Sealy KnesekFH-5/19/2022
Hall Claude Bevil SSGT US Air Force   StMary's-Frydek KnesekFH-10/6/2017; tombstone
Hambrick David Carlton, Jr. US Army Chaplain Old Kingsport (TN) Presbyterian Ch Cem VM;
Hammond Dale Henry USN 4 yrs/USAF 4 yrs Roseland Pk Cem-Berkly MI VA; US Vet Gravesites
Hamrick Charles Harry US Army San Felipe KnesekFH-2/8/2011;
Hansard Tommy Vell US Navy Oak Knoll HoustonMemOaksFH-6/3/2013
Harder Herschel Danny     SSDI
Harlan James William SP5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; tombstone
Harris  Walker SP4 US Army SF_Black ACFH-8/10/2012; tombstone
Hart James William, Jr. US Coast Guard Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Hatton Harold Charles, Sr. SMSGT USAF 1967-94 El Pleasant VA death file; tombstone
Hattox Tommy Carlson PV2 US Army 1969-71 Houston National Cemetery BT-10/13/2005 p4; VA; tombstone
Hauerland Anthony Leroy   Sealy discharge record
Hauerland Edward Allen TX Natl Guard/USAR 1969-76 Sealy KnesekFH-8/31/2015
Haverlah Herbert Lee PFC US Army I_Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Havran Charles Henry SGT US Army 1957-63 Sealy Catholic BT-1/30/97 p10; VA; tombstone
Havran Clinton Louis SP4 US Army 1958-63 San Felipe BT-3/16/2017 p5; tombstone
Haywood Charles Wesley AN US Navy 1958-61 Ives Creek DC; tombstone
Hearn Jesse Ray PNCS US Navy 1965-87 Sealy Catholic KnesekFH-2/16/2017; tombstone
Hegemeyer Eddie Charles, Jr. SP4 US Army I_ICChurch VA death file; tombstone
Heinlen Russell Monroe, Jr. MSSN US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; tombstone
Heinrich Paul Lawrence US Army 1971-73 Davis-Greenlawn Cem-Rosenberg discharge rec; DGFH-6/26/2020
Heisch Ralph Paul A1c US Air Force 1958-64 Prairie Lea Cem--Brenham VM; VA death file; tombstone
Helweg Robert Earl SP4 US Army I_Pilgrim's Rest US Vet Gravesites
Henry Alvin Eugene SFC US Army Sealy KnesekFH--6/11/2022
Henske Billy Chris SGT USMC 1969-75 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; SchFH-2/14/2018
Hickman Arthur Carlos US Air Force   BT-1/1/2009 p6
Higgins Larry Ray US Army Natl Guard Welcome2 BrenMemOaks-10/28/2003
Hill James Hamilton II 2LT US Army 1961-63 Forest Park Lawndale--Houston HC-5/12/2009;
Hill  William Clark "Bill" MAJ US Army Hill Fam Cem SN-10/24/2013
Hillegeist John Edward US Army Reserves Sealy Catholic HC-4/5/2011;
Himly David James SP5 US Army 1965-68 Sealy VM; SN-11/2015 p15
Hines James Doyle, Jr. SN US Navy (K, V) I_Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; tombstone
Hintz Chester Allen, Jr. US Navy 1969-73 1861Pilgrim's Rest BrenMemOaks-3/8/2017
Hinze Charles, Jr. US Army Sealy Catholic BT-2/9/2017 p5
Hinze Robert Henry US Air Force Fayetteville City Cem discharge record; BT-3/18/93 p12
Hintzel James Edward US Army Reserves Oak Knoll Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-12/25/2016;
Hirt Robert Lee MSGT US Air Force 1948-65 Odd Fellows Cem--Rockdale VA; VM; GiddP&LFH-3/22/2017
Hodges Douglas Mac USMC 1966-68   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-11/2/2020
Hogan Willie Festus A2 US Air Force Houston National Cemetery DC; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Hollis Ira Lee US Navy Gregory(TX)-Portland Cem BT-10/10/85 p9; VA death file
Holloway William Michael US Army   SchFH-7/2/2018
Hoover Kenneth Clarence US Air Force Ashes scattered over Gulf of Mexico Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-9/25/2018
Horton Byron Wayne   Sealy Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-2/3/2018
Housley Billy Vernon US Army 1960-63 Groom (TX) Cem VM; SchoolerFH-5/30/2014
Hover Frank William, Jr. "Billy" US Air Force 1946-62 Died in Bossier City LA VM; VA death file
Howard Virgil Lee US Army/USAR 1958-62 StMary's-Frydek Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-12/18/2019
Howle John Wayne US Army 1966-68 Bluebonnet Hills Mem Pk--Colleyville VM; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Hromadka Edward James PVT US Army 1957-63 I_ICChurch VA death file; tombstone
Hughes Charles Evans US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-9/17/2015 p5
Hughes John Frederick US Navy Ashes scattered at Lake Somerville NUEnt-5/19/2005 p5; VA death file
Hughes Thomas Elven MSGT US Air Force 1955-76 Hartsville BGThompsonFH-4/6/2017
Hunt Dudley Charles FN US Navy USS Robinson  ScottFH-7/15/18 US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Huskey John Mabery, Jr. HM1 US Navy 1947-67 Oak Knoll VM; KnesekFH-8/14/2016; tombstone
Huth Harold Robert US Army 1950-70 Palm Valley Luth Ch Cem-Round Rock BellvilleVFW; BeckFH-12/23/2018
Iselt Kirby Gene US Army 1959-61 New Ulm VM; EarthmanFH-10/8/2016
Ivy Truett Wayne "Hap" US Navy San Felipe US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Jackson Ervin, Jr. US Army 1963-65 Houston Mem Gardens--Pearland BT-4/23/64 p9; VA death file
Jackson SR John Earl SGT US Air Force Pleasant Grove M-JFH-6/4/2019
Jackson Sammy, Jr. PFC US Army ScottFH-7/15/18 US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Jackson Tyrone Doyle US Army Eagle Lake Community Cem VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Janicek Gary Lee E-3 USNR 1967-68 GuardianAngel VM; DGFH-1/12/2014
Janik August John US Army died in Galveston TX ScottFH-7/15/18
Jasek William Terrell SP4 E-4 US Army 1960-66 Jasek Cem discharge record; VM; BT-7/14/2011 p6
Jaster Elwood Army Shelby Memorial Oaks Funeral Home with obit
Johnson Carl Melvin US Army   ACFH-9/1/2016
Johnson Johnnie, Sr. SGT US Army Pope VA death file; tombstone
Johnson Robert Albert III CPL US Marine Corps   SchFH-12/4/2020
Johnson William Hayes US Army Cremated--Beaumont discharge rec; BT-11/15/2007 p4
Joiner Charles David, Jr. SGT US Army PR_Black US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Jones Joe Wayne US Army Sealy VA death file; tombstone
Jones Thomas Victor     BT-8/9/2001 p4
Jones Whitcomb Orville COL US Air Force 1943-74 Houston National Cemetery VM; SchFH-4/16/2019; tombstone
Jordan William Ray SP4 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Kainer Lawrence Alfred US Air Force 1961-65 Sealy Catholic BT-11/12/98 p4; VA death file
Kalinec Eugene Edward US Army Reserve 1963-69 St Michael Cath Cem--Weimar VA death file; tombstone
Kanter  L(awrence) Erick LT 7th Fleet US Navy New Ulm VM; BT-12/9/2004 p4
Kent Charles Holland, Jr.   Lived in Sealy in 2011 (death year) discharge record; SSDI
Kiker Karl Martin SP5 US Army 1961-64 Sealy Catholic VA death file; tombstone
Killian Dennis Gene US Army 1960-63 Hempstead Cem US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Kimich Steve Thomas SP4 US Army Oakland Cem--Navasota VA death file; tombstone
King J. C. SP4 US Army Houston National Cemetery BT-8/14/69 p8; tombstone
Kinsey Dickie Glenn US Navy 1972-73 Cat Spring Luth VA death file
Kirby Raymond Anthony SSGT US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79; VA; tombstone
Kistler Allison Clay LTC US Air Force 1942-67 Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio VM; BT-1/28/2010 p6; tombstone
Klanika Johnny William, Jr. US Army San Felipe discharge rec; KnesekFH-10/28/2020
Klausmeyer Virgil Lee SP5 US Army 1960-62 Frey Cem--Waller VM; VA death file
Klecka Rudolph Nathan US Army/National Guard - BT-1/9/2014 p6
Klehm Larry Wayne US Army 1966-76 Phillipsburg BrenMemOaks-9/30/2016
Klopsteck James Albert US Air Force Reserves SealyF-K KnesekFH-6/9/2013
Kloss J(ulius) C(harles) EN3 US Navy Millheim SN-2/11/2012; tombstone
Knapp Herman Tyler RM3 US Navy Hillside DC; tombstone
Kollatschny Gary Wayne PVT US Army   BT-3/12/70; KnesekFH-10/23/2019
Kopycinski Mike US Air Force 1942-64 C-W Mem Hill Cem--Austin VA death file
Kosik Daniel Lee SP5 US Army GuardianAngel VA death file; tombstone
Kramer Edward Paul US Navy Reserves Phillipsburg BT-12/23/93 p6
Krause A(ugust) J(oe) SP4 US Army Wesley BT-12/4/86 p7; VA; tombstone
Krause Wilbert Roger PFC US Army 1961-63   BT-9/6/62; BrenMemCh-4/17/2020
Krueger David Royce US Army--Ft Bragg NC 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM
Krueger Douglas Wayne SP4 US Army 1967-68 Oak Knoll BT-4/18/68 p9; VM; tombstone
Krumrey Melton Arlen SN-E3 US Navy 1958-65 Oak Knoll US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Krumrey Ralston ETN2 US Navy 1953-61 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; BT-7/29/99 p4
Krumrey Ronald Edward SP4 US Army 1963-66 Oak Knoll VM; tombstone
Kubricht James Franklin  LCPL US Marine Corps Coastal Carolina St Vet Cem-Jacksonville NC tombstone;
Kucera James David Army Natl Guard StMary's-Frydek SN-11/2015 p20
Kuehn Howard Glenn, Jr. US Army Forest Park Lawndale--Houston US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Kuehn John Calvin COL US Army (II, K, V) Arlington (VA) Natl Cem VA death file; tombstone
Kulhanek Charles James SGT US Air Force Guardian Angel US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Kulhanek Clarence Bernard SP4 US Army--Medic Houston National Cemetery SetKopfFH-1/2/2019; tombstone
Kunard Kenneth Leo LTC US Army Natl Guard   Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio BT-7/17/2003 p4; tombstone
Kutra Adrian Alois US Air Force Reserves StMary's-Frydek BT-2/8/2007 p4
Kutra Benjamin Steve US Air Force Reserves Sealy Catholic BT-10/25/2007 p4
Kutra Wilbert Joe US Army/Natl Guard Sealy Catholic KnesekFH-2/20/2014;
Lahrmann Larry Gene SP4 US Army Wallis VA death file; tombstone
Lahrmann Woodrow Larry SW2 US Navy Oak Knoll DC; VA; tombstone
Lamberth SR Jessie Earl US Navy 1940-61 Atkinson VA death file; tombstone
Landua Dennis Paul SSGT US Army 1969-70 Millheim VM; KnesekFH-1/20/2022 obit
LaRive SR Doney Ray US Army/Navy   SchFH-7/9/2017
Lastovica Joseph John MSGT US Air Force 1941-64 Holy Cross Mem Pk--El Campo VicAdvo-4/12/2005; VA death file
Lee Larry Dean SP4 US Army Mahaffey (PA) Cem US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Leenen Kenneth Arnold ET3 US Navy Reserves 1955-63 Oak Knoll VM; SchFH-2/9/2018
Lehman David Gene US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; tombstone
Levine Melvyn O. USMC Reserves 1962-66 Beth Israel Mem Garden-Houston JewishFunerals obit-9/17/2021
Lewallen Joe Bob US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-1/3/2008 p4
Lewis Edgar Edward SGT US Air Force 1962-67   SchFH-8/8/2016
Linseisen Edward August US Army 1963-65 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; KnesekFH-6/22/2020
Little Wallace Larrimore US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA; BT-8/1/96 p15
Loesch Delton SP5 US Army/Natl Guard 1959-64 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-12/31/2009 p6
Lokken  Alfred Martinius, Jr. US Navy 1955-78 Sierra Mem Gardens Cem-Reno NV VA death file; tombstone
Losack Donald Paul A2c US Air Force GuardianAngel VA death file; tombstone
Losack Joseph Patrick 1LT US Marine Corps--5yrs GuardianAngel KnesekFH-12/8/2014; tombstone
Loughridge Jerry Leslie SFC US Army/Natl Guard Houston National Cemetery KnesekFH-8/31/2019; tombstone
Lueckemeyer Leroy John SSGT US Air Force (II, K, V) StJames VA death file
Luedecke William Henry US Air Force Sealy tombstone
Luna Guadalupe Sanchez SP4 US Army San Francisco Cem--East Bernard KnesekFH-10/27/2017;tombstone
Lunbeck Stanley Laurence SGT US Air Force I_Methodist DC; VA; BT-4/14/88 p15; tombstone
Luvaul Joe William, Jr. SK3 US Navy 1975-76 Wallis US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Luvaul Richard Allan US Army 1974-75 Wallis VA death file
Lynn Robert Roy, Sr. Paratrooper US Army   VM; VA death file
Lyons Charles William SSGT US Marine Corps (K, V) Atkinson tombstone
Lyons Frank Cyril SP4 US Army Ft Logan Natl Cem--Denver CO discharge record; tombstone
Lyons Harold Elmer, Sr. US Air Force 1949-69 Atkinson SchFH-12/1/2010; tombstone
Lyons Philip Patrick, Jr. PFC US Army Houston National Cemetery VA death file; tombstone
Lyons Stuart Thomas US Marine Corps 1968-74 Oak Knoll DC; VA death file
Maass Harold Wayne SP4 US Army Oak Knoll US Vet Gravesites
Macha Sylvester James US Army Natl Guard GuardianAngel DC
Macha Thomas Joseph LCPL US Marine Corps East Bernard Meth Cem BT-5/11/72 p10; tombstone
Macha Victor John CWO Natl Guard 1951-91 Davis-Greenlawn Cem-Rosenberg BT-4/19/62 p8;D-GFH-8/25/2019
Machala Larry Charles SP4 US Army Sealy Catholic tombstone
Machemehl Arleigh Earl "Chuck" LTJG USN 1958-61/USNR 1961-67 Santa Fe (NM)Natl Cem BT-7/30/2009 p6; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Magallanes Ruben "Bobby" SP4 US Army (Wounded) San Felipe BT-12/25/97 p4; tombstone
Mahaffey William Louis SSGT US Air Force San Felipe tombstone
Mahlmann Donald Vincent US Army 1966-69 Oak Knoll VM; KnesekFH-8/25/2010; VA
Maines Jerry Otha US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Maly Rev. Milton Alvin A1c US Air Force Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio tombstone;
Manak August Leonard SP5 US Army Holy Cross   BT-11/12/2009 p3; tombstone
Manna Jerry US Army 1964-66 GuardianAngel BT-6/11/64 p7; KnesekFH-12/1/2016
Manning Howard Calvin, Sr. MSGT US Air Force Houston National Cemetery VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Marek Charles John "CJ" PVT US Army I_Brethren BT-5/14/64 p2; discharge rec; DC
Marek JR Bernard Frank US Army 1966-72 GuardianAngel KnesekFH-7/11/2022
Marek Perry Lee US Army 1960-62 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT obit; VA death file
Maresh Robert Frank MSGT US Air Force Greenwood Mem Terrace-Spokane WA VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Marks Clarence TSGT US Air Force (II, K, V) 1861Pilgrim's Rest DC; VA death file; tombstone
Marquis John Rodney, Sr. US Army Oak Knoll VM; BT-8/12/2004 p4; tombstone
Martin Barry Leone GM3 US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/28/92 p7; VA; tombstone
Mascheck Royce Natl Guard 1964-70 Wesley KSPFH-7/5/2002;
Mateja Frank William, Jr. PFC US Army St.Marys_Frydek VA death file; SN-11/2015 p24 tombstone
Mayfield William Alvin "Skeeter" US Air Force I_Pilgrim's Rest Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-9/17/2012
McCain Freddie Leon SGT US Marine Corps GuardianAngel DC; VA death file; tombstone
McCain Richard Eugene US Army GuardianAngel Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-12/6/2016;
McCarn Robert Ray "Bob" CAPT US Army Reserves   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-11/4/2018
McCaul Richard Lewis US Navy   SN-11/23/2004; VA death file
McCollom Terry Lee US Air Force   discharge rec; SchFH-3/19/2021
McDonald David Allen     ACFH-11/8/2015; SN-11/19/2015
McIntyre David Roderick A1c US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA; USVetGravesites; tombstone
McLean Duane Allen TSGT US Air Force 1956-74 Houston National Cemetery BT-7/7/2005 p4; USVetGravesites
McNeil Robert Lee US Army 1966-77 Williams M-JFH-9/14/2017
Meischen Will Louis National Guard St James BrenMemOaksFH-2/23/2022obit
Mertins Jimmie Lee US Army 1969-71   VM; BrenMemCh-2/11/2016
Mewis Marvin, Jr. SP4 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; SchFH-8/19/2016
Michaels Marvin Merrell MAJ US Air Force Sealy VA death file; tombstone
Mieth Ivan Gene, Sr. COL US Air Force 1955-84 Shenandoah Mem Pk-Winchester VA BT-5/18/67 p10;
Mikeska Delano Franklin US Navy Reserves Eastlawn Mem Pk--Early TX disch rec; Brownwood Bulletin-4/23/2019
Mikeska Donald Edmund, Sr. SP4 US Army National VA death file; tombstone
Mikeska Floyd Allen US Navy Phillipsburg SchFH-1/19/2015
Mikeska Olvin Jerry "OJ" US Army   BT-4/5/62 p5; SchFH-11/15/2012
Miksovsky Arthur Henry (Mikles) LCDR US Navy (II, K, V) Rosecrans Natl Cem--San Diego CA USN MusterRolls; VM; tombstone
Milam James Carlisle SSGT US Navy 1969-70 South Park Cem--Pearland VA death file; tombstone
Miles Burton Leroy Merchant Marines 1967-69 Hickory Grove Cem-Colmesneil VM
Miller Arthur Lee PFC US Army Samuel tombstone
Miller Daniel Anthony SP4 US Army St Anthony Cath Cem--Columbus US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Miller David Leon, Sr. US Air Force 1954-62 Pattison Cem SN-11/2015 p26; KnesekFH-8/15/2019
Minks Bernard Sigmund PFC US Army 1957-63 Krasna VA death file; tombstone
Mireles Larry Sustaita SP4 US Army Houston National Cemetery Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-2/23/2013; tombstone
Mobley Charles Thomas US Army 1966-68 I_Methodist VA death file
Morgan Robert Eugene US Navy (K,V) Oak Knoll US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Morris Michael Ray US Army   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-7/7/2019
Moss Robert Louis SGT US Air Force St.Marys_Frydek Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-5/16/2021
Moudry Charles Ray SP4 CO A 39 INF 9 DIV US Army KIA Oak Knoll BT-3/16/67 p1; tombstone
Mueller Paul Gene "Robin" MAJ US Army Restland Cem--Gatesville SN-9/12/2013; tombstone
Muery Charles Ray EA1 USNR Seabees Oak Knoll VM; PutnamFH-7/2017
Mugrage Donald Clark US Navy
Mullenix James Donald US Air Force Houston National Cemetery SchFH-5/1/2022
Muncy Charles Wade SFC US Army (K, V)   SchFH-3/25/2015; BT-4/2/2015 p5
Mutina Alvin Fritz US Army 1956-62   BT-5/3/56 p7; VM; SSDI
Nastoupil Carl John, Jr. LTC US Air Force (II, K, V) Sealy Catholic VM; SN-6/26/2014
Nawara James Carroll US Army 1956-62 New_Ulm CCC-7/21/2021
Ness James Dennis SP4 US Army 1959-62 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-2/13/92 p14; VA; tombstone
Newsome John Preston US Army   KnesekFH-1/23/2022
Newsome Leroy Vincent     discharge record; MJFH-9/28/2019
Nichols Lloyd Curtis SFC US Army (II, K, V) Ft Bliss Natl Cem--El Paso VA; US Vet Gravesites
Niver Howard A1c US Air Force 1957-61 GuardianAngel VM; tombstone
Noble Willie Stephen, Jr. US Army 1960-63 Waller Cem BT-8/22/2002 p5; VA death file
Novicke Michael Gene US Army Ridgeview Mem Pk--Allen TX BT-2/27/75 p12
Novosad Alois Charlie SP4 US Army Sealy Catholic US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Oakley Charles Foster "Chuck" MAJ US Army Air Corps (II, K, V)   VM; VA; BT-3/4/2004 p5
O'Brien Benjamin Gaines, Jr. SGT US Army St John Luth Cem--Dime Box VA death file
Odom James Richard, Jr. US Navy 1961-67 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-8/29/2002 p5; VA death file
Oldag Tommie Douglas SP4 39 DIV US Army   BT-7/20/2000 p5
Olson Gary Wayne SP E-5 US Army Houston National Cemetery SN-11/2015 p27; KnesekFH-10/2019
Olson Robert Alvin TSGT US Air Force 1951-71 Holy Cross Cath Cem--East Bernard Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-1/6/2011; tombstone
Ondruch Ernest Frank A2c US Air Force Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Orsak Dennis Louis SP4 US Army 1964-66 StMary's-Frydek BT-3/17/66 p7; KnesekFH-7/2017
Orsak Frank Leonard MSGT US Marine Corps (II, K, V) Omaha (NE) Natl Cem MC Muster Rolls; tombstone
Orsak Ludwig Charlie SSGT US Air Force 1941-66 Memory Lawn Mem Pk-Roswell NM VA death file; tombstone
Owen Robert Winston US Army   HC-1/27/2006
Pack James Carroll SP5 US Army Oak Dale Cem--Huckaby TX VA death file; tombstone
Page Leslie Karl US Army 1942-62 Abilene (TX) Municipal Cem VA death file;
Palla Louis Edwin SP4 US Army Coshatte BT-6/19/2014 p5; tombstone
Palmer Henry Brandon SFC US Army 1966-72 Forest Pk Westheimer--Houston VA death file; tombstone
Parker Walter Lee, Jr. SN US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest SchFH-11/13/2016; tombstone
Parrott William Louis  SGT US Army Houston National Cemetery US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Pavlicek Billy Ray US Air Force Grand View Mem Pk--Pasadena VA death file; tombstone
Pawlak Julian George Airborne DIvision Army Natl Guard Oak Knolll Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-9/6/2014; BT-9/11/2014 p7
Payton Marvin Darrell AB US Air Force Houston National Cemetery discharge rec; US Vet Gravesites
Pearson Harve Daniel, M.D. CAPT USAF Flight Surgeon    BT-6/30/66 p4; AmarilloGN-5/31/2019
Peikert Kenneth Lee SP E-5 Natl Guard 1968-74   ECLN-12/17/2012; SN-11/2015 p28
Pekar Louis Leon US Army 1961-63 Sealy Catholic DC; VA death file
Peoples SR Roy Edward US Army 1958-60 Brookside Mem Pk--Houston, TX VA death file
Petrusek Milan Allen US Army I_Brethren BT-4/3/70 p9
Pfeiffer Bennie Emil, Jr. US Army Shelby BrenMemOaks-1/27/2010
Phillips Jack Dwight US Navy San Felipe BT-2/26/98 p4; VA; tombstone
Pieper Milton Raymond US Army StJames BrenMemOaks-9/14/2016
Polasek Edward Gene US Marine Corps   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-7/6/2014
Poliquin William Paul US Army 1966-68   VM; VA death file
Porter Woodrow Edward US Army 1973-1985 El Pleasant Knesek Family Funeral Chapels obit
Potts Michael Allen SSGT US Army 1967-70 Oak Knoll VM; VA death file; tombstone
Pouncy Melvin Earl, Sr. BUL3 US Navy Seabees 1964-68 Millheim wife; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Powers  Ira Winford, Jr. US Marine Corps Katy Magnolia Cem VA death file
Price Harold Robert/Roland US Air Force (K,V) S NV Vet Mem Cem-Boulder City VA death file; tombstone
Prihoda Daniel Bob US Army 1962-65 Guardian Angel (Mausoleum) SN-6/2/2011; SN-11/2015 p29
Purcell Robert Eugene CBCPO US Navy 1953-72 Cremated VM; SN-11/2015; SchFH-11/12/2017
Quinton David Carl  RD2 US Navy San Felipe VA; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Rainer Dwayne Odis US Army Reserves--5 yrs Millheim SchFH-6/4/2011
Ralls Sidney Clarence III US Marine Corps   BT-7/26/2012 p7
Ramsden John Victor LISN US Navy Wesley VA death file; tombstone
Ramsey John Wyatt SP5 US Army DFW Natl Cem VA; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Randermann Ervin Henry, Jr. "Randy" SGT US Army 1959-65 Weimar Masonic Cem FBHerald-1/7/2009; tombstone
Randolph Seth Earl SP4 US Army  KIA El Pleasant BT-2/27/69 p2; VM;tombstone
Ratjen Lawrence Fred "Larry" A1c E-4 US Air Force Oak Knoll SchFH-11/30/2018; tombstone
Ray  Lawrence Earl LCPL USMC 1968-70 Houston National Cemetery VA death file
Regenbrecht Gene US Navy Oak Knoll SchFH-7/10/2022
Reichle Jake Alan US Army/Natl Guard   Henneke Funeral Home -12/10/2021
Remmert Alan Neal TX Natl Guard  Sealy BT-4/20/78 p12
Remmert Earl Ray Seaman US Navy Reserves Oak Knoll DC
Renneker William John, Jr. 525 MIG US Army   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-6/1/2020
Reuther Lee Roy SFC US Army (II, K, V) Wallis VA death file; tombstone
Reveal James William US Air Force Pleasant Hill Cem--Dutton AL
Reznicek Johnnie Louis PVT US Army Hartsville BT-12/2008; tombstone
Richard Calvin Lee US Army National discharge rec; SchFH-12/7/2020
Richards George Dewey III A1c US Air Force Fulshear Cem VA death file; tombstone
Richards Monte Aaron SP4 US Army I_Pilgrim's Rest BT-4/7/2011 p7
Richardson Thomas Orville LTC US Army 1942-69 Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio VM; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Richter Robert Max US Army 1958-61 Sealy Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-5/24/2019
Richter William Herman US Navy 1958-64 I_Methodist BT-5/4/2000 p4; VA death file
Roach Lawrence Everet US Army/Natl Guard   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-4/13/2017
Roberts Kenneth Wayne US Marine Corps   BT-8/17/67 p5; MJFH-5/2/2010
Robertson Larry James SSGT US Army Houston National Cemetery tombstone; SN-11/2015 p29
Robertson Roy Eugene III US Navy New Ulm Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-5/18/2016;
Rogers Joseph Benton US Army/SGT USMC New Ulm tombstone
Rogers Roy Frank US Navy New Ulm DC; VA death file; tombstone
Rose Barney Ray A2 US Air Force 1957-61 Davis-Greenlawn Cem-Rosenberg TX  
John David 
US Navy --
VA discharge; KnesekFH-6/7/2021
Runnels Richard, Jr. US Army Glenn MJFH-8/30/2014
Rychlik Albert Rudolph PVT Army Natl Guard Calvary Cem--Granger BT-7/27/67 p5; GabFH-3/27/2021
Salcido Angel Alvarado SGT US Army Guardian Angel VA death file; tombstone
Sampson Arthur LaBruce CO A 2 DIV US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest SchFH-8/8/2019
Sander Donald Ray SP US Army 1960-63 St. James BrenMemOaksFH-10/22/2021
Sandman Darrell Alfred "Sandy" MSGT US Air Force 1948-75 Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio BT-1/24/2008 p5; VA death file
Sartwelle James Dinsmore, Jr. 2LT US Army Sealy Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-11/6/2021
Sayle Frank Henry US Navy SEAL   SN-10/6/2016;
Schier William Edward US Coast Guard Wallis VA death file
Schimara James Roy US Army Natl Guard 1965-71 National West End Vet Roster; SchmidtFH-1/20/2022
Schneider Charles Roland US Army 1963-69 Sealy Catholic DC; VA death file
Schneider Frederick Paul SFC US Army 1969-73 Houston National Cemetery VA death file;
Schomburg Wayne William US Air Force Reserves 1861Pilgrim's Rest discharge rec; KnesekFH-7/31/2017
Schramm Leeland Frank US Army 1957-63 National Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-7/22/2013
Schroeder Carl Henry US Navy   SSDI
Schroeder David Gene PFC US Army National BT-8/2/62 p1; discharge record
Schroeder  Harry Gene US Navy Houston National Cemetery discharge record;
Schroeder Robert Wayne RD3 US Navy Sweeny Cem US Vet Gravesites
Schulte Robert Michael     SSDI
Schultz Benny Lee SSGT US Army Ft Gibson (OK) Natl Cem BT-7/26/62 p4; tombstone
Schultz Gilbert James LTC US Air Force 1950-72 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; KnesekFH-5/3/2019
Schultz Lester E. CWO3 US Army (II, K, V) Houston National Cemetery DC; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Schulz Delphine Henry US Air Force Guiceland Cem--Salmon TX BBP-6/23/2004;
Schumann Robert Wayne US Navy 1963-65   Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-6/20/2015
Scranton Gerald "Snook" IC2/E-5 US Navy   SN-11/2015 p30; SN-7/13/2017
Scranton Howard Edward SGT US Army Hillside tombstone
Seals  Anthony James SSGT US Army 1956-83 Macedonia VM; VA; tombstone; SN-11/2015
Selig Frederick Henry, Jr. US Navy 1961-66 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Servis Charles Ronald US Navy   MJFH-12/18/2015; WNR-11/12/2020
Shafer Tommy Lee EN3 US Navy Sealy Catholic tombstone
Share John Bertram, Sr. US Naval Reserves-14 yrs   BT-7/16/98 p4
Sherrill Dalton Ray SP5 US Army Burns Cem--Blue TX VM;
Sillavan Gene Ray US Navy 1965-67 Oak Knoll VM; CallaJonesFH-11/27/2017
Sisa Ladgie Reuben US Army National tombstone
Skalak Douglas Wayne US Army CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny BT-7/17/86 p15
Smith Garry Leon PVT US Army Sealy Catholic Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-12/22/2020
Smith Harold Millard, Jr. LT US Navy Pilot USS Kitty Hawk   Family; US Select Mil Registers
Smith Roy Milton  SP4 US Army KIA PR_Black VA death file; tombstone
Sodolak Joseph Steven, Jr. SK3 US Navy StMary's-Frydek Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-11/24/2010; tombstone
Solis Jesse Espinoza US Army Sealy Catholic BT-7/10/97 p4; tombstone
Sommer Charlie Martin Natl Guard/USAR St James BrenMemOaksFH-7/9/2022
Spaugh Glen Dwain US Army Oak Knoll SchFH-4/6/2022
Spillars Joe Bailey, Jr. SP4 US Army Danbury Cem tombstone;
Spoede Robert William US Army 1949-1963 Wallis USMilRegisters; KnesekFH-3/17/2021
Spohn Edward Allen SFC US Army--21 yrs Africa Cem--Lewis Center OH BT-5/16/2002; US Vet Gravesites
Stastny Arnold Anton, Sr. CS1c Us Navy (II, K, V) Sealy Catholic VM; tombstone
Stavinoha James Henry (b.1942) USMC Reserves Guardian Angel (Mausoleum) discharge rec; KnesekFH-3/24/2016
Steck Michael Ernest SGT Air Force 1969-73 Houston National Cemetery BT-9/9/2010 p6; VA; tombstone
Stepan David Ray SP4 US Army National VA death file; tombstone
Sterling Frederick Benjamin, Jr. TSGT US Air Force Oak Knoll VM; Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-1/24/2016
Stolarski Leonard Michael US Army Reserves 1963-69 StMary's-Frydek VM; SN-9/11/2018
Stone Charles Richard 2LT US Army Sealy Catholic MF&CSFH-8/12/2017
Strange Edward Alan MSGT US Army Freedom Cem--Boonville IN Evansville CP-2/12/2009
Stuckey Medford Wright CPL USMC 1962-65   VM; VA death file
Stuckey Wiley Wright III PM3 US Navy Forest Park Lawndale--Houston US Vet Gravesites
Surovcak Frank Fred ET2 US Navy 1958-62 Sealy Catholic headstone app; tombstone
Surovik Johnnie Wayne SP4 US Army Sealy tombstone
Susen Delmer John, Jr. PVT US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest tombstone
Susen Douglas Alfred FA US Coast Guard Sealy US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Svach Joe John, Jr. SGT US Army 1970-86 Sealy Catholic BT-4/18/74 p4; VA death file
Swearington Victor Vaughn SP4 US Army 1970-72 Pope VA death file; tombstone
Tapley Donald Ray US Air Force San Felipe SN-11/26/2008
Taylor James Lanier MMFN US Navy Sealy BT-11/6/97 p4; tombstone
Teague James Milton GM3 US Navy (II, K, V) 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; VA; tombstone
Thompson Robert Ray A3c US Air Force Sealy Catholic tombstone
Thorn William Lynn   Hawley (TX) Cem Bellville VFW
Tiemann Edward Louis US Army Natl Guard StJames BT-11/14/96 p11
Tiemann Elton Lonnie Natl Guard 1964-65 StJames BrenMemOaks-4/22/2003
Till Leon Raymond US Army Confederate Cem-=Alvin VA death file; tombstone
Tlucek Timothy US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest SchFH-9/1/2020
Todd Michael Dane US Navy 1966-70 UT Medical School BT-8/7/2003 p4; VA death file
Tollett John Paul SGT US Army 1970-74 Trails End Cem--Center TX SN-11/2015 p33
Touchette Bernard Lawrence TSGT US Air Force 1957-79 Houston National Cemetery BT-5/25/2006 p4; VA; tombstone
Tramell Robert Raymond US Air Force Odd Fellows Rest Cem--Columbus VA death file
Tull  Michael Ralph SGT 561 TAC FIGHTER SQ USAF Phillipsburg US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Turner Jessie Lee, Jr. US Army 1949-70 Jefferson DC; VA death file
Tyrone Patricia Ann Berry US Air Force Gay Hill Cem--Columbus  CCC-8/16/95 p16; VA
Ueckert Bruce Wayne USN Ready Reserves 1953-61 Oak Knoll VM; BT-3/26/2009 p6
Vail Bobby Lee SGT QMC US Army C-W Forest Oak Mem Pk-Austin BT-4/14/2005 p4
Valicek Leroy Jerome TX National Guard Guardian Angel KnesekFH-6/1/2021 Obit
Vasicek William George US Marine Corps 1964-67 I_ICChurch VM; SchFH-9/24/2018
Vasut Eddie Adolph US Navy 1965-68 Frelsburg Cath Cem HennFH-12/21/2017;
Vesely Daniel Sylvester SP4 US Army 1968-69 Sealy Catholic Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-7/31/2014; tombstone
Viaclovsky Louis Jerome, Sr. SP3 US Army Guardian Angel BT-5/1/2003 p4; tombstone
Virnau Donald Ray CAPT US Air Force 1954-57 Waco (TX) Mem Pk BT-11/1/62 p9; VA death file
Vitek Edward Raymond US Army Houston National Cemetery Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-12/3/2015; tombstone
Vogelpohl William Ray US Navy Reserves Oak Knoll discharge rec; P&LFH-12/7/2015
Wagner Sidley Henry US Army Cat Spring Luth BrazosportFacts-5/16/2006
Walker Anthony Stephen CPL US Marine Corps Houston National Cemetery SN-11/11/2008 p14; USVetGravesites
Wallace Robert Lee, Jr. US Army Pleasant Grove BT-10/29/64 p7; S&SonsFH-10/18/2017
Walley Gary Lynn ADR3 US Navy 1963-67 New Ulm BT-4/1/99 p4; VM; US Vet Gravesites
Walton Paul Calvin US Army Reserves--8 yrs Oak Knoll BT-7/25/96 p15
Waltrip James McMurry 1LT US Army National HC-5/15/08; BT-5/22/2008 p4
Ward Kenneth Wayne US Navy 1972-73 GuardianAngel WhartonFH-1/14/2016;
Ward Samuel Wesley TSGT US Air Force Houston National Cemetery DC; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Warmke Lee O'Dell PFC US Army 1959-62   VM; BrenMemCh-11/14/2019
Warner Steve Allen US Army 1969-71 Jefferson VA death file
Warner Theodore PFC US Army Jefferson tombstone
Washington Jerry Lee SP4 US Army Houston National Cemetery BT-5/23/68 p10; tombstone
Watterson Lewis Andrew LTC US Air Force 1948-75 Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio VM; DC, VA; US Vet Gravesites
Weber Horst "Curly" US Navy/USNR
Wehring Weldon Lee MSGT US Air Force Houston National Cemetery VM; US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Werner John Ralf SGT US Marine Corps Oak Knoll DC; VM; VA death file
Wickel Nolan Bernard SP4 US Army Germania BT-3/5/98 p4; US Vet Gravesites
Wienecke Floyd Ray  SP5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/26/2005 p3; tombstone
Wienecke Lee Roy SP5 US Army 1963-66 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; KnesekFH-4/30/2020
Wiesner Frederick Charlie, Jr. US Navy 1955-65 Fields Store Cem BT-6/18/59 p7; VA death file
Wietstruck Larry Gale 123 SIG BN US Army 1968-69 Wietstruck VM; KnesekFH-2/10/2022 obit
Wigfall George Douglas SP4 US Army Houston National Cemetery US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Wiktorik Joseph Arnold, Jr. PFC US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-12/16/2004 p5; tombstone
Wilke Virginia Ann US Navy 1963-74 Oak Knoll VA death file; tombstone
Willoughby Jim  US Army/Air Force (II, K, V) Sealy BT-1/19/95 p6; tombstone
Wilson Levester Frank PO3 US Navy 1972-75 Houston Natl Cem ACFH-4/5/2020; tombstone
Wilson Robert, Jr. MMS2 US Navy Houston Natl Cem MJFH-10/1/2016
Wilson Sandra Marie Cay PFC US Marine Corps Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio BT-5/11/67 p3; US Vet Gravesites
Witt James Knox Polk III   Restland Mem Pk--Dallas Death Certificate
Witte William Charles, Jr. SP4 US Army Sealy Knesek Family Funeral Chapels-5/10/2016
Wood John Burkett MM2 US Navy Houston National Cemetery US Vet Gravesites; tombstone
Woods Allan Oliver CAPT US Air Force 1953-91 Houston National Cemetery VM; SchmidtFH-1/17/2022
Woodrick Victor Henry USAF/ Reserves 1947-77 Oak Knoll VM; VA death file; tombstone
Young Donald Curtis SP4 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/27/2010 p6; VA; tombstone
Zachary Donald Cliston  US Air Force Hartsville VA; USVetGravesites; tombstone
Zanek Kerby Joe SP4 US Army 1961-67 Millheim VM; BT-8/20/2009 p6; tombstone
Zapalac James Edward US Army 1969-73 Shelby SN-11/2015 p35; KBFH-1/24/2022 
Zernicek Alois D. SSGT US Army (K, V) St Joseph Cath Cem-Petersburg VA VA death file; tombstone
Zettel  August Leslie MSGT US Air Force (K, V) Ft Sam Houston Natl Cem-San Antonio VA death file; tombstone
Ziemer Dennis Edward   Houston National Cemetery Miller-Josey Mortuary-7/5/2021
Zientek John Bosco SSGT US Air Force Holy Cross Cath Cem--East Bernard VA death file; US Vet Gravesites
Zilliox Ronald Gene US Air Force 1960-66   BT-8/21/2003 p5
Zubicek Robert Lee US Air Force Cat Spring discharge record; KnesekFH-4/3/2019




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