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PLEASE NOTE:   I do not live in Austin County and cannot do research.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

World War I Veterans

Most of the Information provided here was collected and supplied by Joy Neely.

Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all!

If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler


Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times newspaper, and SN, Sealy News.


Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. March 2021

Frank Taska       Ratliff
Otto W Tegeler       VA death file
Cora Telford   Chappell Hill Comm Cem    
Acie Terry   Bellville (probably Jefferson)   death certificate
Allen Levy Terry JR   Jefferson   death certificate
Robert Thielemann PVT     tombstone
Arthur Thomas       1930 census
John Thompson PVT Co C 355 Lab Bn Jefferson   tombstone
  QMC US Army      
Julius Thompson   Jefferson     
Obe Charles Thompson Pvt 157 Spruce Sq USArmy Lubbock City Cem   tombstone
John Albert Tichavsky PVT Co G 328 INF US Army Fayetteville Cath   tombstone; DC 
Edward Tippitt        
Edwin J Toellner Pvt St John's C of C Cem-Burton   1930 census; tombstone
John J Twardowski PFC US Army GAngel-Wallis   tombstone; VA death file
Richard Twiggs Co C 412 Res Lab Bn QMC Kenney   death certificate; headstone app
Arnold Uhlig       death certificate; VA death file 
Peter Paul Uhyrek US Army Guardian Angel   1930 census; DC; VA deaths
Eddie Upshaw   Heidenheimer Black Cem   death certificate; 1930 census
Will Upshaw PFC Co B 322 Svc Bn QMC  Silver City (NM) Cemetery   1930 census; tombstone
Richard Vasicek CPL US Army East Bernard Meth Cem   death certificate; tombstone
Oscar Branch Voelkel Sr       VA death file
Herbert O Vogelpohl       tombstone
Eddie Voitek Sgt Co K 360 Inf US Army Hollywood Cem Houston   tombstone
Walter Vornkahl   Millheim   1930 census (DC says No)
Louis Voskamp Pvt US Army Odd Fellows Rest Cem-Columbus   tombstone
William "Bill" Waak       VM; VA death file
George Wade   Houston National Cemetery   death certificate; tombstone
Adolph Joe Wagner PVT US Army Med Corps Latium Cem-Washington Co   VM; DC; tombstone
Lawrence Walker  9 Co Draft Camp USA Peoples Burial Park Ft Worth   death certificate; tombstone
Joe Ward US Army Jefferson   dc; 1930 census
Louis Ward   Richard_Grove   headstone application
Wesley Ward   Jefferson    death certificate
Willie Ward   Golden Gate Cem-Houston   death certificate
Arthur Ernest Warnasch SR Pvt US Army Brenham    
Walter Warner   Jefferson   death certificate
Amber Herbert Warren   Munice Cem-Seiling OK   tombstone; 1930 census
Charlie Washington   San_Felipe_Black   death certificate
Tom Washington   Buckhorn   death certificate
John Wasicek       1930 census
Richard Wasicek Cpl East Bernard Meth Cem   death certificate; tombstone
Dallis Weaver        
Bennie L Wehring   Prairie Lea Cem-Brenham   death certificate; tombstone
Rudolph Wehring   Forest Park Cem-Houston    
Adolph Weise   Woodlawn Cem-Houston   death certificate
Reinhold"Rhiney"Weise *22 Jan 1895-26 Jan 1983 Weise   VA death file
Isaac Wells   Brookshire Mem Oaks Cem   tombstone
Hezikiah Whitley 7 Co 2 Bn     death certificate
Frank Whitmire   ParadiseCemSouth-Houston   death certificate
Pearl Whitmire   Bellville(possibly PR_Black)  FINDAGRAVE   death certificate; 1930 cen
Jan (John) Wiktorik       death certificate
Lee E Wilcox   Forest Park Cem-Houston    
Theodore Wilke   Forest Park Cem-Houston   death certificate
Ira Williams       VA death file
Jessie Williams   Rest Haven Cem-Navasota   1930 census; death certificate
John Williams   Qualls Cem - Hempstead   death certificate; tombstone
Mathews Williams--Both 1930 census/death certificate state that he was not a veteran--Delete.        
McKinley Williams Pvt CO 8 CAS CPS US Army Williams-Bouldin    1930 census; headstone application
Willie R Williams PFC US Army Downey   Marion L Brown
Albert Wilson   Paradise Cem-Houston   death certificate
Wilbert Wilson   Richard Grove   1930 census; death certificate
Virgil Winfield   Greenwood Mem Park-Fort Worth   death certificate
Oliver B Witte US Army Der Stadt Friedhof Cem-Fredericksburg (discharge date)
Robert Alvin Wittner   Grove Hill Mem Park-Dallas   1930 census
Alvin Wobbe Pvt 81CoTransCps USArmy St Mary's Cem - Nada   1930 census; DC; headstone app
Herman Woehst Jr   Died in Madison Co TX   1930 census
Frank Charles Wolchik   Hillcrest Cem - Temple   death certificate; 1930 cen
Ollie Woodards   Died in Sinton TX    
Frank Wosnitzky …Balloon...      
Ignac "Ike" Wozniak   St Mary's Cath Cem-Brenham   1930 census
Roberr S. Wright   Magnolia Park Cem-Dayton TX    
Mathew Yancy   Bellville (dc says Huffman Cem)    
Massey Bell Young        
Robert Young   Houston National Cemetery   tombstone
John Zahradnick       death certificate; 1930 census
Steve R (Stephan) Zaruba       death certificate; 1930 census
Ellis Zellis Co M 369 Inf      
John E Zernicek       tombstone
Light Zink   Pope    
Willie Zink   Pope   1930 census






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