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Veterans of  World War II

Listed by veteran's surname.


Most of the Information provided here was collected and supplied by Joy Neely.

Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all! 

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News. 

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                             DR = Discharge Record

                                                VM = Veteran's memorial

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files February 2021



Maass Anton Gus US Army 1944-47 Oak Knoll VA death file
Mabry Wilson David  EM2 US Navy Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone
Macat Alvin Joe "Cotton"  Sgt. U. S. Army Co. H. 1st Infantry National BT-8/10/95 p. 10
Macat Jessie F. Pfc Co. A-795 Amph TK-BN POW   BT11/12/2009p3 VM
Macat Jessie Frank  Cpl. U. S. Army National S.N. 38303106, tombstone
MacGregor John D.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38422525
Macha Freddie  Pfc. U. S. Army Hartsville  tombstone
Machala Charles Paul/ Charlie P.  Field Art. Bugle Corp PFC. U.S. Army CathSealy BT-10/24/96 p. 11 S#38303062
Machala Louis F.  S/Sgt U S Army   S# 38075333; military marker
Machemehl Albert Charles. Jr 2nd Lt US Army CBI Theater 3 1/2 yrs Oak Knoll S# 18073005 VA; BT obit
Machemehl Charles W. Capt 1st Airborn Army 82nd & 17th Airborne Div ETO Prairie Lea Cem. Brenham, Tx BT-8/23/45, VM; US Vet. Gravesites
Machemehl Louis. A., Jr. Lt US Navy So. Pacific LST #1038 Oak Knoll VM, tombstone; DC
Machemehl Milton Paul  AM Mate 3/c U. S. Navy Oak Knoll S# 8421677& BT-8/23/45, VM; VA
Machemehl William (Wm.) Lee U. S. Army 557 Ord. Tank Co. Europe Memorial Oaks Cem; Houston VM; obit
Machemehl William Paul "Bill"  Col. USAR 101st Airborne Division Oak Knoll BT-6/26/97 p. 4; DC; VA
Machinsky John Sgt US Army Europe New Ulm VM ; Vet gravesites
Maddox Truman A.  Sgt US Army 36th Div Sealy BT-5/14/98
Maeckel Marvin William CPL US Air Force Puerto Rico Pilgrim's Rest VM
Maeckel Willie A.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38093171
Magill Aaron Winston US Army Sealy BT-11/11/99
Mahala Henry J.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38075321
Mahlmann Norris Robert PFC US Army Susen mil tombstone
Mahnke Paul C S/Sgt. U. S. Army WWII & Korea Sealy SN-6/28/79
Mai Norbert L.  U S Army New Ulm tombstone
Mai Warner L.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial # 38160314 & BT-7/26/45
Makowsky Wilbert August  Army Natl Bleiberville BT-5/14/98
Malatek Jerome S. "Jerry"  T/Sgt USAF GAngelWallis tombstone
Malcak Henry R. US Army Air Corps Labrador   VM
Maler Theodore A US Army Sealy enlistment record, VA death file.
Malota Jerome J U. S. Army   VM
Malota Jerome J.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38303057
Manak Anton     Dierking's list
Manak August L Inducted Nov21, 1942 Holy Cross, Sealy BTNov12,2009p3; military tombstone
Manak Frank Cyril. Sr US Army Tec 4 Co. B 756th Tank Batt. Cath. Sealy VM; military markerSerial Number 38053903
Manak Joe Jerry  Sgt. U. S. Army Cath. Sealy Serial Number 38056630; military marker
Manak Paul A.  Sgt. U. S. Army medic Holy Cross Sealy BT-8/13/87 p. 9; military tombstone
Manna Frank John  TEC5 U S Army CathSealy tombstone
Manning Eugene Seymour, Jr. Sgt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone
Manry T. W. US Army SGT  KIA Bastogne   VM
Mansel Edward Earl US AAC Sealy enl. record; VA death file
Marburger Leroy  S 2/c U. S. Navy Sealy Serial # 9688590 & BT-7/13/95p.11
Marcum John  TX Pfc US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 7
Marek Alvin Corporal Army Europe   VM
Marek Alvin J.  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38677948
Marek Bernard Frank  U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6258997
Marek Edwin Gilbert  RM 2/c U. S. Navy Oak Knoll S#5765043; VM
Maresh John U. S. Army   VM
Maresh John Henry  Pfc. U. S. Army National  Serial # 38241377 & BT-11/18/93
Marks Clarence TSgt US Air Force Pilgrim's Rest V.A.
Markwardt Lee Roy SSgt US Army Shelby mil tombstone
Markwardt Roland W.  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38232231
Martens Norman L. Pfc Army Batt A. 605th Field Art.Italy. Bronze Star   VM
Martens Norman Lee  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38545541
Martens Walter Herman  Pvt. U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38154325 & BT-1/18/96; WM, VA
Martin Galen Ward US Navy Seabees Pilgrim's Rest BT 11/7/96
Martin Herman Eugene AO1 US Navy Sealy mil. tombstone
Martin John A. US Army   VM
Martindale John Edgar SF 1 US Naval Reserves Oak Knoll tombstone
Marxen Robert James US Navy Forest Pk BT -7/11/96 p.12
Masarik Clifford  1941-1945   Frydek Grotto
Massey Murel Ray PFC US Army National mil tombstone
Matejka John I.  Cpl. U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 6
Matthews Anita  Pvt. WAC   BT-6/28/45 p. 1
Mau Edmund      
Mau Edwin   S-1/c U. S. Navy   S# 8427768
Mau Ervin  S-1/c U. S. Navy   S# 8433455
Mau Richard W. G.  U. S. Army 32nd Infantry Regiment CatSpringLuth. BT-7/9/92 p.3
Mauntel Ralph E US Army 1943-45 Oak Knoll VA death file
May Edgar James US Navy 1945-47 Pilgrim's Rest BT Obit.; VA
Mays Alfred  Pfc. U. S. Army   S# 38415146
Mays Frank Sr. Pfc U.S. Army Pilgrim's RestC Vet. Marker
McAlister Max US Navy 1943-45 Oak Knoll VA; US Veteran Gravesites
McCamy Ira Lamar GM1c Oak Knoll DC; VA; Navy Muster Rolls
McCasland Winton Navy Oak Knoll VA
McClendon Milton CPL US Army Sealy military tombstone
McClure Marshall Franklin, Jr. S1c US Navy 1942-45 Oak Knoll VA; Navy Muster Rolls
McCoy Lucille Army Oak Knoll VA
McCray Freddie   Army Jeff  tombstone
McDade Emmett J.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38545646
McDonald Marshall  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38416106
McDonald, Sr. George Erwin  U. S. Army MemOaks Hous BT-10/26/89 p. 18
McDonald Willie CPL US Army Macedonia military tombstone
McElwee Fredrick  CSF U. S. Navy Sealy tombstone sec 7
McEnroe Patrick John, Jr. 3rd U. S. Army 6th Armored Div. 50th Inf. Bn Co. B ET)   VM SSDI
McGowan Jesse Freeman 1943-46 Oak Knoll VA; DC
McGregor Melvin  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38205965
McGuire James Lloyd  U. S. Air Force Caldwell,TX BT-12/25/97 p. 4
McGuirk Lee Otis  Pfc. U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-12/19/85, tombstone
McHenry James P M/Sgt Army, Europe, Africa   VM
McKeown. Robert, Sr.  U. S. Marine Corps Buckhorn BT-4/8/93
McKinney Ola A US Army National VA death file
McLean Eugene Cecil Tec5 US Army; Silver Star Sealy mil. tombstone
McLeod Acie Leonard  TX S/1 U. S. Navy Sealy SN-6/28/79 mil. tombstone
McMillian Edgar USAF ETO Parachutist   VM
McMurrey Clarence Willard Us Army Air Corps San Felipe VM; Enlistment record
McMurrey Earl  US Navy   VM
McNeil Leslie T 5/c US Army Engineers European Combat   VM
McNeil Leslie Vurns, Sr.  Tech. 5th Grade U. S. Army   BT-11/26/98 p. 4
McNutt James N. US Army 36 Div. Africa, Italy, France, 4 1/2 yrs   VM
McNutt Joseph   Oak Knoll VA
McNutt Walter Brown SSgt19th Inf. Pacific Odd Fellows Rest Cem. Columbus BT-5/26/55, VA;VM
Meier Gilbert Hellmuth PFC US Army Fulshear Cem. mil. tombstone
Meinecke Robert Lee Enlisted, Sgt. US Army Houston Ntl Cem. VA; VM; BT 5/23/96
Meinecke Roy  Sgt. Signal Corps U. S. Army Oak Knoll S # 38027647 & BT-5/23/96; VA
Meinen Delphine. W. (Sonny) U. S. Army Infantry Philippines   VM
Meinhart Robert A. US Navy Pacific Fleet USS Lst 272 S2C   VM
Meinscher William Henry  Pfc. U. S. Army Oak Knoll S # 38679132 & BT-6/24/93VA
Meischen Edgar F.  S/Sgt. U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest-Industry Serial # 6275763 & BT-6/30/94 p.11
Meissner Arthur Fred "Charlie"  Tec4 U S Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-8/28/97 p. 4; tombstone
Meissner Richard W.  Pvt. 1st Class U S Army CatSpringLutheran tombstone DEATH CERT WW2
Meissner. Walter, Jr.  "Sonny"  Army, Central Europe Pilgrim's Rest BT-2/17/97 VM; tombstone
Melnar Joe B. Pvt HQ AB A.A.F.   VM
Melnar Joseph B.  Pvt. AAF GAngelWallis tombstone
Melnar Leonard USAF Europe   VM
Melnar Leonard Lawrence  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 18189599
Meredith Ross Capt. SIGC  ETO 42-5 JAGD USA 48-51   VM
Merten Otto Lee Pfc US Army Purple Heart Africa Pilgrim's Rest BT VM
Mertz Claude US Army OCWupation Europe   VM
Mertz Lee R.  U S Army Wesley tombstone
Mertz Reimund F.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38552046
Mertz Reimund F. TC5 US Army 627 Fld Arty Bat Europe   VM
Merz Stanley (John) T4 U. S. Army 801 MPBn, South Pacific Welcome 2 VM, mil. tombstone
Mewis Delmus Us Army 10th Mountain Division Oak Knoll BT-6/14/45 p.3 & BT-10/17/85,VM; VA
Mewis James  U.S.Marines Pilgrim's Rest BT-2/25/99 p. 4; VA death file
Mewis Jesse   SC 3/c U. S. Navy,  USS Shipley Bay Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 9685331; VM
Mewis Leon F Sgt. Army MP Germany Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38075328 VM; tombstone
Mewis Marvin, Sr. PFC US Army Oak Knoll BT-10/10/96 p. 11, VM; US Vet. Gravesites
Mewis Richard William Gilbert "Brock".  Pfc. U. S. Army Air Corps Ne Guinea Oak Knoll VA; BT-7/18/91 p. 9; BT-6/14/45; S# 38303139
Mewis Roland US Army PVT. 8th Ser. Com.HQ Det. 1885th Unit   VA; VM; S#38207210
Meyer Fred G Pfc US. Army ETO 29th Inf. Div 9th Army.   VM
Meyer Kinch Edward  TSgt. U. S. Army Sealy Serial Number 18189382 mil. tombstone sec 3
Meyer Walter W. US Navy Stateside   VM
Meyer Waltermore Wm.  S 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9686824
Michaelis Leroy W. T/Sgt US Army Philipines   VM; Serial Number 38549752 mil tombstone
Michaelis Marge Selesky WAC   VM
Middlebrok Vernon B TM3 US Navy Susen mil tombstone
Mikes Adolph      
Mikeska Calvin Joe  Pfc. US. Army 71 Ifn. 44 Div ETO Natl. Serial # 18073743 & BT-7/26/45, VM
Mikeska Connie Alburney  (C. A.)  U. S. Army Purple Heart Bronze Star Oak Knoll BT-1/23/92; VA
Mikeska Dalby L.  Cpl.US Army 44th Div Europe Natl. VFW #6522 & BT-7/26/45 VM, tombstone
Mikeska Denny K.(Kroulik)  SC 3/c U. S. Navy, South Pacific Clute VM;Serial Number 5770331
Mikeska Edwin O.  US Army National BT-12/31/92; VA death file
Mikeska Elba J US Army National enlistment record
Mikeska Elden D Cpl US Marine Corps National mil. tombstone
Mikeska John Robert, Jr. U. S. Navy Welcome2 BT-3/16/95 p. 16 Navy Muster Rolls
Mikeska Lonnie Pfc USArmy Europe National VM; Knesek obit.
Mikeska Nelson (Frank Sr.)  Sgt. U. S. Army National S.N. 38303137; Knesek obit.
Mikeska Otto Adolph  S1/C U. S. Navy National BT-6/28/45 p.1 VA death file
Miksovsky Arthur Navy USNA Sub Off ATL Pac 20 yr   VM
Miksovsky Benjamin Paul US Navy 1941-43 d. L.A. Calif US Navy muster rolls, Dierking's list
Miksovsky Francis George  T/Sgt. 397 Bomb Grp. US Army; Eng.  AC Bronze & Silver Star Angleton?? Serial Number 18187740 VM SN 9/22/11
Miksova George T Pvt US Army AC Oak Gr. Mem. Irving Dirking's list, enl. record
Miksovsky Joseph W.(William) US AAC d. L.A. Calif VA death file, SN
Mikus James Edward T4 US Army Shelby mil tombstone
Miller Albert E. US Army Pilgrim's Rest BT- 11/20/86
Miller Oscar Lee US Army (WW II & Korea) National VA death file
Milligan John J. Medical Corp   VM
Minar Paul Henry  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38078627
Minch Floyd US Army Mem. Gardens Edna enl. record, VA death file
Minks Geo. W. Us Navy Pacific   VM
Minton Danford  U. S. Army Smithville, TX BT-8/13/98
Minton Danford J. Army North Africa   VM
Mintz Sam F2 US Navy, 1940-41 Oak Knoll Obit 2001 p.15; VA; US Vet. Gravesites
Mittanck Elmore August R. Capt Ord Co.; US Army Oak Knoll VA; tombstone app.
Mittanck Erhard Henry "Mit"  Colonel U. S. Army Reserve CalvaryDallas BT 7/20/89 p. 11
Mize Bennie C.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38550644
Mize Garland "Spot" Sgt 6th US Army H09 Co S. Pacific   VM
Mize J. T., Jr. Dr. US Army   VM
Mlcak Albert  US Navy1941-1945 St.Mary's, Frydek Frydek Grotto, military tombstone
Mlcak Albin August Sr. 393 Engr SpSvs Div  US Army 1943-1945 GuardianAngel Frydek Grotto
Mlcak Edward C  US Army Air Corps Oakwood Cem. Whitesboro Enlistment record; Frydek Grotto
Mlcak Fred August  Sgt. U. S. Army 1942-46 StMaryFrydek Serial Number 38241387 Frydek Grotto,tombstone,  VA death file
Mlcak Henry Richard  U. S. Army Air Corps CathFrydek BT-10/14/93 p. 17; military tombstone
Moebes Arth;ur William PFC US AAC Sealy enl. record
Moeller Waldo E. Electrician US Navy USS Alhena AKA 9 Asiatic-Pacific Theater   VM
Monk James W.   US Navy Aviator   VM
Moore Abraham B.   Goodwill tombstone
Moore Clifford R. US Army 1941-45 d.Waco VA death file
Moore Hampton Allan QM Sgt. US Marine Corps Oak Knoll BT-12/7/89 p. 12; VA; USMC Muster Rolls
Moore Willie E.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38050752
Morehead Wayne L   Wesley  
Moorehead/ Morehead Woodrow W.  Pvt. U S Army San Fellipe  military tombstone
Morgan Ralph B.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 36486200
Morgan Ralph F.  U. S. Army Air Force  Sealy tombstone sec 2 & BT-11/3/94
Morgan Robert Army Air Corps Masonic Cem. Eagle Lake V.A. death file; US Vet Gravesites
Morgensen Arne C. Sr. CPL US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Morrison Donald E Cpl US Army New Ulm mil tombstone
Morrison F. W. SOM 1st Class US Navy   VM
Morrison J. L. Sgt Army Air Force   VM
Morrison R. H. Pvt Infantry   VM
Moshay Albert  Pvt U S Army died in World War II Hillside/Wal BT-7/18/46 & 5/26/55 & tombstone
Mosely Pascal Ray T% US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Moudry Joe J.  T/5 U. S. Army Medical Corps CathIndustry Serial Number 38078594
Moudry Joe S. US Army TSGT 5th Gr. 1849 SCU   VM
Moudry L. R.  killed in action   BT-7/18/46 p. 1
Moudry Ladgie Pvt.  US Army KIA Belgium November 1944   Tex. WWII Casualties VM
Moudry Willie F.  T/5 U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest S. No.  38595607; VA death file
Muchler Miles H. Navy Lion 4 3205 7th Fleet   VM
Mueller Charles William  T/5 U. S. Army Rec'd Purple Heart Millheim  Serial # 38303140 & BT-10/31/96
Mueller Innes P.  U. S. Navy Sealy Serial Number 6246468 VA death file
Mueller Joseph George  S 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 3600985
Mueller Waldo Eugene US Navy 1942-1945 I_Pilgrims_Rest VM, Mem. Oaks obit.
Muench Eugene C.  Cpl. U S Army 1941-44 Ft Logan Ntl Cem; Denver Serial Number 38055458 US Vet. gravesites
Muench Julius S US Army d. Washington Serial No 38059563,  enl. record
Muery Allen Neely "Happy" Surgical TEC4 67Gen. Hosp, England; EAME Campaign; US Army Oak Knoll VM; Death Notice & BT-5/28/98
Muery Otto James  Pfc. U. S. Army Inf. Oak Knoll S# 38075341; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Muske Harry H.  Army  Shelby Tombstone
Muzik Willie J PFC Army Holy Cross military tombstone
Nanez Joe, Sr.  Pfc. U S Army GAngelWallis Tombstone
Naquin. Jules Francis. Jr. US Army Oak Knoll VA; DC; tombstone
Nash Willie  Pvt. U S Army San Felipe Black tombstone, BT Nov12,2009 p.3
Nastoupil Raymond SGT US Army  Japan Occupation 1946-47 Cath. Sealy tombstone
Nastoupil Willie Edward (William, Sr.)  RM 1/c U. S. Navy 1942-46 Mem. Gardens, Edna Co. Serial Number 5766195 VM; VA death marker
Naumann Arnold E Sgt U.S. Army Air Corp Phillipsburg Luth V. A.
Navarro Raymond, Sr. T-5 Sgt. US Army European Theater   VM
Necker Raymond A US Army Oak Knoll Enl. record; tombstone
Neely Robert Allen WW 2 & KW LT COMMDR MD USNR   Family, VM
Nehrkorn Alburney Ben  S/Sgt. U. S. Army 1942-1946, Germany Oak Knoll S# 38303142 & BT-3/16/95; VM
Neidig Hugo Enlisted, 1942    
Nelius Clifford      
Nelius Erwin      
Nelius Fritz Lee  Cpl. AAF Coshatte Tombstone
Nelius Fritz Lee Cpl AAF 31 Bomb Sq   VM
Nelius Lloyd (Earl?)      
Nelius Robert Lee  S/Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38239989
Nelius Theodore O.  Pvt. U S Army   Serial Number 6958753
Nelius Trenckmann  S/Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38413311, VM
Nelius Victor S. Army 3rd Medical Supply Depot So. Pacific   VM
Nelius Victor Steve  M/Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38050196
Nelius Waco  U. S. Army Millheim . BT-11/14/91 p. 8
Nelius Wesley      
Nelson Claud N. Tech 5th Grade Co L 39th Inf, US Army Europe Shelby Tombstone, VM
Nelson Jesse Bryant  Cpl Tec 5 Army Pilgrim's Rest Serial Number 38091344
Nentwig Bruno (Franklin) T3 Medical Corp US Army Sealy VM
Nentwig Ennis C 2nd Lt. US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Nentwig James E U. S. Navy CB South Pacific   VM
Nerland Robert Mac U. S. Airforce, Europe   VM
Ness James D.  U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-2/13/92
Netzel Cllinton F.  Army Shelby Tombstone
Netzel Lynn H.  Army Shelby Tombstone
Netzer Martin Tec5 US Army Tank Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Neumann Harry A.  Pfc 28th Inf 8 Inf Div U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & 5/26/55 VM; tombstone
Neumann Horace Albert  T/5 U. S. Army  3012 QM Bkry Co. Europe Oak Knoll S# 38032387 VM; tombstone
Neumann Kermit Sgt US Army Air Forces New Ulm mil tombstone
Neumann Morris Leon  U S Navy New Ulm BT-12/25/97 p. 4
Newman Carrell W.  Seaman 2nd Class U. S. Navy, Guam Pilgrim's Rest BT-4/21/88 p. 9, VM; tombstone
Newman George E.  Sgt 1st class Army & Air Force New Bremen BT-9/30/99 p. 4. VM
Newsom Aubrey Hall  RM-3/c U. S. Navy Oak Knoll tombstone & S# 5765742
Newsom James  Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38549347
Newsom Leon L.  Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38416098
Newsome Walker  Pvt U S Army Hillside Ceme tombstone
Nichols Alton Gee  Air Force Jeff Ceme tombstone
Nicholson Thomas James, Jr. SR US Navy Oak Knoll BT obit. Navy Muster Rolls
Nona Chester  Pvt. 45th Tank Battalion U. S. Army   BT-6/28/45 p. 1
North George (Manning,Jr.)  Ym3c US Navy KIA Solomon Isl. Ntl Mem Cem Pac. Honolulu, Hawaii BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & 5/26/55
Northcutt J. L. S1 US Coast Guard  Oak Knoll VM; US Vet. Gravesites
Norwood Earl James  U. S. Army under Gen. Patton Pilgrim's Rest BT-3/9/89 p. 9, tombstone
Novicke Anton Henry  U. S. Army Air Corps CathSealy BT-8/6/98 military marker
Novicke Victor L Sgt . US Army  KIA Germany Margraten Cem. Margraten, Holland BT-7/18/46 p. 1 res. SN Mar.1945 US Rost. WWII dead
Noviskie Bryan Theodore. "Cotton" US Navy USS Shasta Spf 3c  USS Shipley Bay VM, VA
Noviskie Louis F.(Frank) Cpl US Army Engr Europe National VM; mil. tombstone
Noviskie Stanley. Willie "Bert" Sgt US Army Inf Europe Oak Knoll VM; VA; BT obit.
Novosad Albin A.  TSC5 28 Service GP US Army Air Corps CathSealy tombstone
Novosad Jerry J. US Army Europe 18 months   VM
Novosad Joe W. CPL US Army European Theater   VM;  military marker
Novosad Joseph  1941-1945 Frydek Grotto    
Nowak Alvin J.  U. S. Army 144 Inf. Sealy BT 5/10/90p.9 tombstone sec 6
Nowak Edward J. Cpl USMC   VM
Nowak Edward James  Cpl U S Marines   Serial Number 340847
Nowak Louis B.  Sgt. U. S. Marines   Serial Number 347441
Oakley Charles Foster "Chuck"  Major U. S. Army Air Corp 1941-45   Enl. rec.; VM; BTobit
O'Brien John William CPL US Army Air Forces Pilgrim's Rest BT Obit., US Vet. Gravesites
Ofczarzak John US  Army S/Sgt Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Ognoski Albert Leon US Army Oak Knoll V.A.; BT obit.
Ognoskie Ben William PVT US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Ognosky Jesse Anton Sgt U. S. Army 823 Tank Destroy, Europe Oak Knoll VM; VM; BT obit.
Ohrnberger Carl H.  U S Navy Wesley Brethren tombstone
Oldag Daniel Moody, Sr  U S Navy PubSealy BT-6/11/98
Oldag Ferguson J.   KIA Luxenburg, Germany. Purple Heart Hamm, Luxembourg BT-7/18/46 p.1.   SN 6/28/79 death roster
Oldag James F PFC U. S. Army Luxomburg KIA   Tex. WWII Casualties, VM
Oldag Robert L.  Pvt U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 2
Oldham/ Gonzales Gonzales/Oldham  Tec5 U S Army SF_Black tombstone
Olson Edward G. USN Pacific 3 yrs   VM
Olson Joseph Franklin USN 1946-55 Valley Forge -CV45 USNR 8 yrs Oak Knoll VM; VA; BT obit.
Opperman Edgar W.  S/Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38092168
Orange James Earl, Sr. Sgt T31st Air Natl Sqd US Army, N.France Rhineland Pilgrim's Rest VM
Orange, Sr. Herman Doyle  Pfc U. S. Army San Felipe tombstone
Orsak Charlie Sgt. U. S. Army   VM
Orth Elmore E Army Pacific, Bronze Star   VM
Osanik Alex U. S. Navy1942-46;Pacific   BT obit; VM
Osborne Allan K. USCG & USAF   VM
Osborne Eddie Rayvern Cpl. USMC  Pilgrim's Rest Black tombstone
Oswald Raymond E. Sgt US Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/26/88; tombstone
Otem John  Pfc U. S. Army   Serial Number 38205977
Owens A. D. SN U.S. Navy Pilgrim's Rest V. A., tombstone
Owens O Army Pilgrim's Rest VA
Pagel Albert John, SR US Army Sealy VA death cert
Paine Ray Treat  Cpl. Co D1753 U S AAF India Burma Campaigns Oak Knoll BT-11/21/96 p. 10, VM
Palm Lawrence   Pfc U S Army Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38303060, tombstone
Palm William Otto  899th Ord Co; T 4th Grade, US Army Sealy Serial # 38073720 & BT-11/19/98
Pampell Ervin E.  US Army; TSGT Anti Tank Co. 405 Inf B.S.M Cath. Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone/military marker
Papke Adolph  TX Field Arty 4 Div Pvt 1 Cl. 16 Phillipsburg tombstone
Papke Henry A Cpl 6th Inf. Purple Heart   VM
Papke Henry A.  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38538732
Pargas John  SC 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 5762578
Parker James T.  Cpl U S Army Hillside tombstone
Parker Robert Oran, Sr. Lt. US Navy   VM
Parker, Jr. Samuel J.  TX STMI US Coast Guard Res Gilber tombstone
Patterson Thomas A US Army Sealy VA death file
Pavelka Elgin M (Melvin) Pvt.Army 25 Div. 27th Reg   VM; mil. tombstone
Pavelka Irwin William  Merchant Marine Sealy BT-11/2/89 p. 8
Pavlicek Edward Charles   Sts Cyril & Methodius Cath Cem.;  Damon Frydek Grotto
Pavlicek Edward J.  1941-1945   Frydek Grotto
Pawlak Steve Martin  Pvt U S Army Cath. Sealy Serial Number 38419155 military marker
Payne Kay Army   VA
Payton Chester Fred Capt. US Army Air Force Pacific Pilgrim's Rest VM, tombstone
Payton Okel Dempsey  U. S. Army Lawrence, Ohio BT-4/7/88 p. 18
Pazderny Leonard C.  U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6246063
Pearson David W U. S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Cath. Sealy VM; VA death file
Pechanec Charles Alois  U. S. Army Sealy BT-10/10/96 p. 11 & 10/24/96 p. 11;  mil tombstone
Pechanec Emil John  U. S. Army   Sealy tombstone sec 5 & BT-10/28/93
Pechanec Frank Willie  USArmy 1941-1945 St.Mary's, Frydek Frydek Grotto BT-8/17/89 p. 20, military tombstone
Pechanec William Johnnie (Bill)  U. S. Army Air Corp Sealy BT-5/21/92 & Frydek Grotto mil. tombstone
Pedreira Dario Anthony Tec 5  Army CO B 61st Engr. Bn Oak Knoll BT-3/19/98; tombstone; VA
Pennington Walter E.  TSgt. U S Army WAL tombstone
Percival R. E. US Navy   VM
Perkins Arthur E Army ETO Corporal   VM
Perkins Arthur Ernest  T/5 U. S. Army   S# 38303099
Perley Myron C. US Army Ft. Robinson   VM
Perrine Charles Jerry  MMM 1/c U. S. Navy Oxford, MS S# 6258251 BT-1/17/85
Perry Alvin  Pvt U S Army   S#38553689;
Peschel Cecil Clarence  Pvt U S Army Davis Greenlawn Cem. Rosenburg S#38552740BT obit
Peschel Leroy C.  Cpl. U. S. Marines   Serial Number 417962
Peschel Newton 1st Sgt US Army Pacific   VM
Peschel Newton O.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 6958787
Peska Joe L Sgt. Army Central Europe   VM
Peschke Jerome Matthewson Capt.US Navy Mem. Oaks Cem. Houston BT 5/26/55, US Vet. Gravesites
Peter Frank Benjamin  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 18187392
Peter Leon   GAngelWallis BT-5/26/55
Peters Edgar  192 Tank Battalion U. S. Army BryanCity BT-8/31/95 p. 15
Peters Edgar  US Army 192 Tank Div. Bataan Death March   VM
Peters Frankie E. Inducted Nov21, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Peters Henry Louis  U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-3/9/95 p. 10; tombstone
Peters Kermit F. Asiatic Pacific   VM
Peters Monroe Sr. Pfc 466 Sig. US Army Philippines Pilgrim's Rest BT 6/13/96 p.11;VM
Petrash Raymond L.   GuardianAngel  BT-5/26/55
Petrusek Edward E.  U. S. Army Sealy tombstone sec 6; VA death file
Petrusek Erwin A.  AOM 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 5763399 VA death file, mil. tombstone
Pfeffer Emil E. Pvt 23 Inf 2 Div US Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/26/55; tombstone
Pfeffer Lawrence A Pfc U. S. Army, Europe   VM
Pfeffer Lawrence H.  Pfc. US Army Purple Heart Pilgrim's Rest S. No.38303058, tombstone
Pfeffer Oscar Sgt. U. S. Army, Europe Pilgrim's Rest VM
Pfeffer Oscar Fritz  Tec 4 U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38241379; tombstone
Pfeffer Owen Radarman 1st Class MOM 2/c U. S. Navy    BT-6/13/46  Serial Number 8797869
Pfeffer Phillip W.  Pfc.  BTRY C 441st  AAA BN; US Army; Infantry European 3 yrs Oak Knoll S# 38162973 & BT-4/13/95; VM
Pfeffer Woodrow W. SFC U. S. Army45-46, 49-53 D W2 & Korea Pilgrim's Rest VM, tombstone
Phelps Leroy Alexander.  Pvt. U S Army Oak Knoll S#18226968; DC; VA
Phenicie Frank (E.?) W.  U. S. Army Died non battle Legion Hosp. Sealy BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & tombstone sec 6
Phillips Earl Douglas  MOMM 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 8418332
Phillips Edward J.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38058751
Phillips George Horace  T/5 U. S. Army San Felipe  Serial Number 38091341; military tombstone
Phillips Harry Stanley  U S Navy deck & engineering officer Oak Knoll BT-2/15/96 p. 7
Phillips Neppie, Jr.  SCB 3/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6421966
Pieper Alfred L.  T/4 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38075329
Pieper Bernhard W.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38203541
Pieper Charlie Henry US Army Woodlawn Cem. Houston BT-5/26/55; Enl. record
Pieper Elton William PFC US Army St. James Luth. Cem.


BT-5/26/55, Discharge Record; VA; tombstone
Pilcik John Frank   GuarAngel BT-5/26/55
Pilipp Joe F.  Pvt. U S Army CathSealy tombstone
Pinette Buck A SA11 US Navy Sealy mil. tombstone
Piwetz Frank Fred AVCAD US Navy Fayetteville Cath. U.S. Vet. Gravesites
Plasek Joe V.  Pfc. U. S. Army, Pacific Pilgrim's RestC BT-5/26/55 Serial Number 38161711 VM
Pleasant Joseph D   Pilgrim's RestC BT-5/26/55
Pledger Robin C. 101st Airborne 501st Para Reg Medic   VM
Pless Ennis John  U. S. Army Sealy tombstone sec 7
Pless Marvin Fred CM2 US Navy Sealy BT obit; tombstone
Poffenberger James Edward  S 1/c U. S. Navy  Pacific Pilgrim's Rest S.No. 5779956 VM
Poindexter Don L.   Pilgrim's RestC  
Polasek Charles F.   Pilgrim's RestC  
Polasek Charles Paul  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 18061824
Polasek Johnnie W. Enl W2    
Polasek,  Leonard C. Enl W2 on 14 Aug 1941    
Polka Stanislaus     BT-5/26/55
Pomikal Ben J. Pfc Army, Pacific   VM
Pomikal Ben J. Pfc Army, Pacific Millheim Cem.  Vet. Grsites.  
Pomikahl Emmett US Army Sealy enl. record
Pomikal Melvin O. W.  S/Sgt. U. S. Army Pilgrim's RestC Serial Number 18225774
Pontruff Willie Pvt US Army Shelby mil. tombstone
Pope Alven  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38418797
Pophanken Emmett U. S. Army Air Force   VM
Posey Marvin R.  POW   VFW #6522
Post Jerome James W2 Sgt. USArmy A.F. Laurel Land Mem. Park, Ft. Worth, Tx
Prall Robert L. 1st Lt 13th AF So Pacific   VM
Prause George Harvey  T/3 U. S. Army Cat Spring Serial Number 38078623 BT 10/25/90
Prause Johnnie Willie  U S Army Air Corp Immac.Sealy BT-11/13/97 p. 4; military marker
Preibisch Homer Oscar  T/5 U. S. Army Sealy Serial Number 38093157; VA death file
Preibisch Landon A.   Non- battle death Sealy SN-6/28/79 & BT 7/18/46 p. 1
Preibisch Melvin A.  CSP U S Navy Sealy tombstone,sec6 & Serial # 6245095
Price David L. W2-BT-5/26/55-SFC    
Priesmeyer Erwin M. W2-BT-5/26/55-SFC    
Priesmeyer Erwin William Pfc USMC First Marine Div. China Pilgrim's Rest BT Obit; VM
Priesmeyer H. F. BM2 US Navy San Diego, Calif. Pilgrim's Rest VM, BT Obit, US Vet. Gravesites
Prokap Richard SFC   PTS-BT-5/26/55-
Prokop Henry Frank  U. S. Marine Corps 1945-1946 Cath. Sealy BT-3/7/91 p. 6 military marker
Pulos Arthur Francis T4 US Army;  Purple Heart Sealy mil. tombstone
Pustejovsky Alois R.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38596711
Pyka Eddie G.  Pfc. U. S. Army 1942-1945 Cath. Sealy Serial Number 38078591; VA death file
Pyka Joseph  A. Enl28 Apr 1944 Ft. Sam Houston; Army 1945-46 Cath. Sealy Enl Records; VA death file
Quiller Clarence R.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38205948
Quiller Lawrence Inducted Nov20, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Quinton Clyde Oatman US Army Palestine, Tx Palestine HP 3/18/10
Quinton Herman Hawley F1 US Navy San Felipe military tombstone
Quinton Lowell M SGT US Army Pattison Meth Cem. military tombstone
Quinton Raymond Lee US Army w/ Gen. Patton Brookdale Mem. Park, Houston Conroe Courrier 6/6/09


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