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Veterans of  World War II

Listed by veteran's surname.


Most of the Information provided here was collected and supplied by Joy Neely and Carolyn Zascoda.

Our sincere appreciation for their ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all! 

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News. 

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                             DR = Discharge Record

                                                VM = Veteran's Memorial


To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. May 2020


Taft, Sr. George  STM1 Navy Hillside  tombstone
Tanner Virgil E.  Pvt.    
Tarver Clifton  Tec 4 U S Army Dotson tombstone & Serial # 38205961
Taska Allison D  Sgt  Air Corps Nelsonville  VA death file
Taska Colbert L.  Sgt  US Marine Corps 1942-46  Klein Mem Park Pinehurst  Marine Corps Muster Rolls
Tata Chester A. US Navy USS Sylph & PGM14   VM
Tatar Nicholas R BM2 US Navy Sealy M mil. marker on crypt
Taylor Alvis  Coshatte    
Taylor George  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38416097
Taylor Richard R.   Pilgrim's Rest  
Taylor Thomas Pugh (Tommy) US Navy 1942 Mem Oaks Cem. Ho. SN-11/2012; Ho.Chron 6/26/2009
Teague James E Navy Pilgrim's Rest VA
Teague James Milton GM3 US Navy, W2, Korea, VN, Reserves Pilgrim's Rest VM, BT Obit; VA; tombstone
Teague Thomas J. Navy Pilgrim's Rest  
Tefs Herbert  T/5 U. S. Army S. Pacific OKb S# 38207207; VM
Tegeler, Sr. LeRoy Frank  90th Inf. Div., 3rd Army Pilgrim's Restairie Lea BT-2/22/96 p. 11
Tepera George (Anton) TSgt US A. F. St.Monica's Cem' Cameron Obit:Brazosport Facts 4/292004
Tenney Leighton P Tec 3 Died non Battle   Tex. WWII Casualties
Terrel A. D. US Army 15th Air Corps Italy, 1942--47   VM
Teufel Kermit K.  T/4 Co C 711 Tank Div.  U. S. Army I_Pilgrims_Rest VM S. No.  38303074 Mem. Oaks Obit
Thies Willard Francis  U. S. Air Corps LulingCity BT-4/10/97
Thomas Moltie H.  Pfc. U S Army SF_Black tombstone
Thompson Carl Ray, Jr. Sgt. U. S. Army Sealy BT 1/9/1992p.6
Thompson Roy Douglas  Enlisted U S Army    
Thomsen Quincy Fritz  U S Army Sealy BT-11/27/97 p. 4
Tiemann Adolph  Sgt US Army Nelsonville  
Tiemann Edgar Albert  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38393076
Tiemann Melvin  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38410671
Tiemann Theodore William  T/5 U. S. Army NewWehdem Serial # 38078598 & BT-5/5/94
Tipp Leaburn Lewis Frank S2 U S Navy USS Springfield Pacific 1945--46 Sealy VM SN-9/17/2009 p2 mil tombstone
Toalson Clayton E. US Army 1940-45, 50-51 OKb VM; VA
Toelke Lester William PL SGT US MarineCorps OKC V. A.
Toellner Sidney Pfc. U. S. Army   VM
Tolbirt Samuel Elton, Jr. U. S. Navy Cath. Sealy military marker
Toman Julius John (Buck) Sr.  Pfc. U S Army Pilgrim's Rest S.No.  18115530, VM; VA
Tomlinson Everett  U. S. Marine Corps StJohn CatSpring BT-9/19/96 p. 10
Tomlinson H. P. US Navy AMM2 Kingsville AFB   VM
Tomlinson Lloyd E.(Elliott)  CMM U. S. Navy Pacific Sealy  VM; Serial Number 6258171 mi. tombstone
Townsend Oscar Luther US Navy 1946 Sealy VA death file
Trenckmann Ernst Hernry U. S. Army   BT-9/3/2009p.7 Knesek, DC
Tschatschula Clarence M. European   VM
Turner John Morgan  Major, U. S. Army, 338th Eng   VM
Tydlacka Rudolph Joseph Sr. Cpl US Army Air Force  Evergreen Mem.Park Wharton Frydek Grotto, military tombstone
Ueckert Clifton L.  Pfc. U S Marines OKb S#578668; VA
Ueckert Harry Lloyd AAC 10th Air Corps Radar Tech OKc VM
Ueckert Henry William Pfc US Army Europe  Pilgrim's Rest VM, tombstone
Ueckert Otis Allen US Army  OKc VM; VA; BT obit.
Ueckert Robert A. 8th Air Force Ellington   VM
Ueckert Robert Allen  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 18187600
Uhyrek Frank Joe  S 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9685344
Uhyrek Leonard S.  SSgt. USMC GAngelWallis Tombstone
Uhyrek Sylvester E.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38078646
Ullrich Herbert A.  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 18190384
Ullrich Herbert A. Cpl US Army AF Europe   VM
Ulrich Bernard W. US Navy Pacific Theater   VM
Ulrich Charles E MSgt Air Corps Forecaster, 16th Weather Div.   VM
Utterback Jack Milton SSgt US Army New Dublin,Tx  
Valentine Boyce K.  TX Pfc 515 M.P. Service Plat Sealy SN-6/28/79;BT-5/26/55;tombstone
Valerian Henry S. Pfc Marine Corp Pacific   VM
Valerian J. E., Jr. S/Sgt US Army Pacific Theater   VM
Valerian Joe   GAngelWallis BT-5/26/55
Vancik. Joe F, Jr  TX Tec 5 US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Vanmeter E. R.  U.S. Navy Chief Gunman's Mate Arlington, TX BT-12/27/84 p. 10
Vasek Charles Everett US Army Air Corps Sealy enl. record
Vasek Gilbert J U. S. Navy, South Pacific   VM
Vasicek John     BT-7/18/46
Vasquez Louis James S SG  Died non Battle   Tex. WWII Casualties
Vazansky John  Asst. Cook U. S. Army   Serial Number 363185
Vazansky John C U. S. Marines   VM BT-7/18/46
Vazansky Joseph John  ARM 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6255270
Veith Emmett Lee Pfc CO L 3 Bn 6 Div US Marines Pacific KIA Saipan Shelby BT-7/18/46 & 5/26/55 Tombstone, VM
Velasquez Mike U. S. Army Germany  OKb VM; BT obit.
Velchoff William S2 US Navy 1945-56;Sgt E8 WW 2 USNR KW USAF Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/13/99 p. 3, BT-7/18/46, VM;Navy Muster Rolls
Verm Eddie     BT-7/18/46
Verm Henry     BT-7/18/46
Verm James C.  Pvt 133 US Army  Inf KIA, Italy San Felipe  BT-5/26/55 &BT-7/18/46 tombstone
Veseley Alvin  U S. Army  Cath. Sealy BT-7/18/46
Vesely Alvin Delphine  U. S. Army Cath. Sealy BT-7/18/46     BT-7/3/97 p. 4
Viaclovsky Jerome Joseph TSgt US Marine Corps 1943-47 Holy Cross Cath.Cem. E. Bernard BT-7/18/46, VM
Vicenik John L.  Pfc U. S. Army I_ICChurch S 38053012; BT-7/18/46
Vicenik Louis James  GM 2c U. S. Navy SealyCath S# 6243467 & BT-9/19/96 military marker
Vick Alfred E.     BT-7/18/46
Vick Ella Mae     BT-7/18/46
Vick George W.     BT-7/18/46
Viereck Bruce Marshall  SSgt US Army Sealy BT-7/18/46 , mil tombstone
Viereck James W. US Army Europe   VM
Viereck James Walter  S/Sgt. U. S. Army OKb S#38032779; DC; VA
Viereck Wilburn Ben  T/4 U. S. Army OKc S# 38050413; VA
Vierus Wilbert E Tec4 US Army Welcome2 mil. tombstone
Villa Jessie S/S 11th & 82nd A. B  P/Trooper S/Luzon Campaign   VM
Villa Joseph Manuel U. S. Navy Boatswain Mata Pacific OKb VM;VA; Navy Muster Rolls; BT-4/11/91 p. 9; BT-7/18/46
Villman Clarence J. CM1 US Navy Pacific 4 yrs Pilgrim's Rest BT-7/18/46, VM; tombstone
Villman E. L. US Army So. Pacific 3 1/2 yrs   VM
Vinson Wayne  U. S. Air Force MausSealy BT-11/10/94
Vint Edward (Lee) US Army Tx St. Cem. Austine enl. record; BT 7/18/46
Vitek Cyril J.     BT-7/18/46
Vockel Ben H Died in war   BT-7/18/46
Voelkel Ernie A.  U. S. Army Died in war   BT-6/21/45 p. 1
Voelkel Norfleet US Army Pvt. Korea   VM
Volkman (Francis) Wayne 15 Army Air Force, Italy Pilgrim's Rest VM; tombstone
Vornkahl Gus C U. S. Navy   VM
Vornkahl Gus Charles  Yeoman 3/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6258647
Voskamp Ardnie Dietrich,  Jr. Pfc US Army Combat Engr Germany ETO New Ulm VM
Voskamp Ann Derr 2 Lt. US Army Nurse China Burma India   VM
Vrablec Alois J.  US Army Air Corp Cath. Sealy BT-7/18/46    BT-12/1/94 military marker
Vykoukal Frank Emil Maj. US Army Dentist New Guinea Cath. Sealy BT-3/21/1991 p. 6   VM, BT-7/18/46
Vykoukal Raymond F  U S Army Air Corp Cath. Sealy BT-1/8/1998; Enlist record
Vysocki (Wysocki) Charlie Died in WWII  St.Mary's, Frydek BT-7/18/1946-
Vysocki Frank Died of WWII injuries after hostilities ceased -   BT 7/18/1946
Vysocki (Wysocki) Joe Died of WWII injuries after hostilities ceased - St.Mary's, Frydek BT 7/18/1947
Vysocki (Wysocki) Stephen Died of WWII injuries after hostilities ceased - St.Mary's, Frydek BT 7/18/1948
Vyssockie Steve  Pvt. U S Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38412304
Waak Boxly William Capt US Army Resv. Wimberly, Tx. Cem. BT obit
Waak Henry Died of WWII injuries after hostilities ceased -   BT 7/18/1948
Wachel Albert  S/Sgt    
Wagner Julius Emmett Army Conbat Eng. Central Burma, India   VM, V. A.
Wahlberg L. E.  1st Lt. USAF Wallis Tombstone
Walcik Edward Emil  Pfc. U. S. Army Batt. B 274th Art. Zettel  . Serial # 38419911 & BT-5/30/91p.20
Waldrop Borden Gail  Pvt. US Army Pilgrim's Rest mil tombstone
Walker Dallas Eldon US Army OKa Enl. rec.; VA
Walla Rudy T T5 US Army New Ulm mil tombstone
Wallis William Robert Tec 5 U. S. Army OKa Tombstone
Walton William  Pvt. U. S. Army   BT-1/13/94 & 6/14/45 p. 3
Ward Ernest Lee  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38539806
Ward John  Sgt.    
Ward John William "Jay" S1 US Navy South Pacific Pilgrim's Rest VM
Ward Lewis A.  Pvt. U S Army   Serial Number 38538141
Ward Louis  Staff Sgt 1st Cavalry   obit
Ward, Jr. Barney Buddy U. S. Army Pearland, TX obit
Ware Joe O  Pfc. US Navy  Sealy  BT Obit
Warmke Burney N.  GM 3/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6258269
Warmke Fred  Pfc.    
Warmke Freddy F. S/Sgt Troop E 124 Cal CBI   VM
Warren Floyd James  Pvt. U S Army Wallis Tombstone
Washam John E. Cpl US Army   VM
Washam Thomas J.  Pvt. U S Army   Serial Number 38679134
Washam Thomas J.   Welcome # 2 Tombstone
Waters R. M. (Dick) Lt. AAF Navigator   VM
Watson, Jr. James W.  M2 U S Navy Wallis Tombstone
Watterson Lewis A Lt. Col. U. S. A. F.   VM
Watts Eddie  TX Tecs 1882 Engineer AVWBN Gilbert  . Tombstone
Wavra Rubin Thomas U S Army Air Corps, 7 campaign stars, POW Houston  
Weaver Edward A Pvt 4479 Svc Comd Unit US Army Welcome2 mil. tombstone
Weaver Floyd E.  Pfc U S Army Hartsville Wal Tombstone
Weber Horst  USNR    
Weber Harry Weiner MOMM3 US Navy St.Mary's, Frydek military tombstone
Weber Landus L. A.  Sgt. U. S. Army Air Force 621st Sq.   Dierking's list
Weber Rawlin. F.  PFC  KIA   BT-7/18/46 p. 1 Courthouse Card
Wehmeyer Eldo G. (Grimm) (Bobby) T/5 B Baty 387 Fd Art; US Army; France Europe   VM, BT-7/18/98
Wehring Theodore Ben, Jr. *Tatsey" Pvt.  U. S. Army w/ 36th Div. 131st F. Art. POW Japan Salem, Welcome (2) BT-4/10/97, VM
Wehring. Theo, Jr  CPL 236 Air Squadron, Medics    
Weige Carl  Medical Corps    
Weige Wilton Dale SA USNR  OKc VM
Weinert Bennie A.  T/5 U. S. Army Shelby Serial Number 38410658. Bz, VA death file
Weinert Wilfred Carl (SSgt) T/4 U. S. Army. Europe Shelby BT-10/9/86 & VM & Serial # 38032921; tombstone
Wells A. J. Jr USAF Gunnery Inst.   VM
Wells Isaac  S1/C Navy    
Wells. James Cornelius, Jr  U. S. Navy Natl. Hous BT-7/7/88 p. 3
Wells Jonathan S2 US Navy San Felipe military tombstone
Wendel Alvin J US Army 1942 Cath. Sealy Enlist record
Wendt Ralph Wayne, Sr.  Cpl. Btry A 270 Field Artillery, US Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-4/23/98; S. No. 38419161
Wendt Vernon L.  MOM1C U. S. Navy; 1942-45   Serial Number 5763703
Wennenweser,Jr. William "Bill"  veteran NewUlmCeme. BT-1/19/95 p. 11
Wensel Leslie  CPL Manila    
Wensel Leslie (William) GM1c US Navy 1942-1945 Trinity Luth. Frelsburg Navy Muster Rolls; BT-7/26/45
Wensel Rubin A.  U. S. Army Cavalry Salem, Welcome BT-1/5/95 p. 12
Wensel Walter 29th Inf Div Europe   VM
Wensel Walter H.  Lt.    
Wentzel Fredrick F. US Army Air Corp   VM
Wentzel Henry Lee US Calvary Killed Burma   VM
Wentzel Lawrence US Marines   VM
Wenzel Walter H.  S/Sgt Co. B, 116th Regiment, Army NewWehdem S# 38303091
Werner John D.  T/Sgt. U. S. Army   S# 38091338
Werner. Walter Herman, Jr "June"  SF 1/c U. S. Navy Oak Knoll S# 6250814; VA
Werth Raymond W2 Phillipsburg Luth V. A.
Wheeler Lionel Cpl USMC South Pacific   VM
Wheeler Mary Kathryn Harvey  S 1/c U. S. Waves   Serial Number 7648136
Wheeler William USA Air Corps N Africa Europe   VM
Whisenant James Lamar US Navy ? V. A..
White Charles  Pfc.    
White Curtis A US Navy Dotson military tombstone
White Leo Edward Air Force   VM
White Shelby L. Captain US Army 82nd Airborn   VM
Whorton Joe R. US Army Pacific   VM
Wichkoski Zefer  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38207201
Wiebusch Adolph J U. S. Army 91st Div. Italy, Germany   VM
Wietstruck Louis, Jr. Pvt. C1280 d in Bellville Pilgrim's Rest Courthouse Card
Wigley Donald Wilbourne MoMM3c US Navy OKc V. A., Obit 2008; Navy Muster Rolls
Wiktoic Joseph Army Pilgrim's Rest VA
Wiktorik Otto Seaman 2nd Class US Naval Receiving Victory Medal Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 9376781 Family Info. VM; tombstone
Wilde James L.  SF 3/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 5762748
Wiley H. P.  Seaman 1/C    
Wilke Allen  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 18156734
Wilke Arnold H.  Pvt. U S Army Air Forces Welcome # 2 Tombstone & Serial # 38241372
Wilke Arthur Christian, Sr.  EM3c U. S. Navy OKa BT-6/12/86 p. 7; VM; Navy Musster Rolls
Wilkins George L. E3 Staff Sgt Army Air Force Europe   VM
Williams Jarvis Pvt US Army OKc BT obit; tombstone; V. A.
Williams Max Norman  Pfc.    
Williams Milton Pfc US Army Engineers Normandy 4 stars   VM
Williams Milton J.  Pfc U S Army   Serial Number 38240823
Williams Monroe  Cpl. U S Army   Serial Number 38059475
Williams Ottis C Pvt. KIA   Tex. WWII Casualties
Williams Walton Charles  MOMM I U S Navy Wallis Tombstone
Williamson Leroy 36th Div. & USAF ETO, ExPOW   VM
Willis Hugh B. US Army Battle of the Bulge   VM
Willoughby Jim  US Army/ US Air Force  Sealy military tombstone 
Wilson Daniel Woodrow Army OKa V. A.
Wilson Edwin Sterling ENS US Navy OKa VA; Navy Muster Rolls
Wilson Hazel  Pvt. U S Army   Serial Number 38205909
Wilson Herman R. US Army China Burma India   VM
Wilson Maurine  Pfc 38MP 98 Inf.  U. S. Army   BT-6/28/45 p. 1
Wilson R.W. "Randy"     BT-May/86
Winfield Clyde Alfred. 98th Infantry Attchd to 38th MP St.Mary's, Frydek VM, military tombstone
Winkelmann Erwin   Carmine  BT-2/27/86 p. 12
Winkelmann Wilbert  Capt.    
Winkelmann Wilbert O.  T/Sgt    
Winkelmann Willie T. S 1/C Navy   ETO   Serial Number 9685608
Wise James H.  Cpl. U S Army GAngelWallis Tombstone
Wise James H. US Army Maples Fogg IA S. France Rheinland   VM
Wittenburg Jessie    Sealy Dierking's list
Wittneben Harriet H. "Harry" US Army Air Corps OKc BT obit
Wittneben Robert L., Sr.  S/Sgt CoB, 116th Regiment New Wehdem  
Wittneben Robert Lee Sgt. 34th Regiment 24th Inf Div U S Army   BT-7/26/45, VM
Woehst James Earl  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38555177
Wofford Grady Kenneth S1c US Navy Pettytown Cem., Red Rock, Tx BT obit; Navy Muster Rolls
Wolchik Earl W.  Pvt. Marine Corps   BT-6/14/45
Wolchik Earl W. 34 Inf Reg Japan   VM
Wolfskill James C U. S. Navy, Pacific   VM
Woodfin William Army Europe   VM
Woodley Boure  Pvt. U.S. Army   BT-6/28/45 p. 1
Woodley Fred Harrison "Harry" Enlisted,  S/Sgt  US Army  KIA Italy OKa VM; BT 5/26/55 Tex. WWII Casualties, Tombstone
Woodley Louis. Bowie Pfc US Army; South Pacific   VM; S#38550063
Woodrick Victor Henry Lt. Col U. S. Army Air Corps./  Res. OKb VM; VM; BT obit
Wren Bill     BT-7/29/99 p. 18 & Dierking WW 2
Wren Bill R Sgt. Usaf   VM
Wright Carl Francis  TEC4 1874 ENGR AVN BTN U S Army CathSealy Tombstone/ military marker
Wright Henry C. Jr 67th Navy SeaBee Pho/2c Tinian Island   VM
Wunderlich Hilbert Enlisted, Pvt. U.S.Army   VM
Wunderlich Kermit  Enlisted    
Wunderlich Raymond R. Enlisted. Pvt. U S Army   Serial Number 38303097
Wyatt Burke Bond  SKV 3/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 8492017
Wynne Leslie E US Navy 1942-45 OKa VA; DC; Bellville.
Wysocki Charles (Charlie)  Cpl. U S Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38410681 military tombstone
Wysocki Joseph  T/5 U. S. Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38410771, military tombstone
Wysocki Steve  U. S. Army St.Mary's, Frydek BT-5/19/88 p. 15
Yanez Cartarino Inducted Nov21, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Yarcso Frank USN USS LSt 835 Pacific   VM
Young Clarence   Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38241430
Young Clarence Otto  S/Sgt 2126 Army Air Force Star Hill VM, BT-10/28/04 p. 4
Young Clifford O. Navy ET3 (Electronic Technician)    
Young Lewis F.  US Navy USS Daly   VM
Zachary Donald C.  USNR Mailman 2/C(T)    
Zahradnick Emil  Army Air Corps    
Zahradnick Johnnie A US Army Sealy VA death file
Zajicek Ben P. Enlisted Sgt. 899th Ord Co. U. S. Army ETO OKc S# 38093168, VM; tombstone
Zajicek Edwin Joseph enlisted  Cpl. U S Army   Serial Number 18010029. VM
Zalesak Emil A. Sgt. US Army   VM
Zalesak Joe J. Marine Corps 88 Glider 29 Inf Div ETO Rifleman   VM
Zalesak John, Jr.   C24338th Inf Divn; SPEC 3rd   GAngelWallis BT-5/26/55
Zalesak Joseph Enlisted    
Zalmanek Edward Henry Sgt US Army St.Mary's, Frydek military marker
Zander Harry R Navy    VM
Zander Harry Richard  S 1/c U. S. Navy   OKc S#9688588; BT obit
Zander Herman George  T/Sgt. Corp. of Engineers U. S. Army OKa S# 38054661; VM
Zander Isador F. Sgt Airforce Pacific   VM
Zander Isador Fritz Alvin  Sgt. U. S. Army Air Corps, Pacific Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38303081; VM; BT Obit; tombstone
Zander Roy Joseph  U S Army 20th Air Corps OKb BT- 5/22/86 p. 10; VM; VA
Zapalac Henry Bert  Enlisted, Pfc. U S Army CathSealy Serial Number 38303093 military marker
Zapalac John A.  U. S. Army    
Zapalac John Frank Enlisted,  TEC4 U S Army CathSealy Tombstone & Serial # 38054614
Zapalac Max J. Enlisted, US Army Fort George, MD CPl US Army Cath. Sealy VM
Zapalac Robert Army    
Zapalac Robert Willie  MM 2/c U. S. Navy Cath. Sealy Serial # 38241429 & BT-6/6/96
Zapalac Willie USAF 32 BB Missions S. Pacific, Tx Ntl Guard   VM
Zapalac Willie Frank 1st Lt 7 AAF; US Army OKc VM
Zapalac Willie P S/Sgt U. S.  Army Air Force    
Zapalac Willie R.  PFC 3435 ORD MM CO. U S Army CathSealy Tombstone/ military marker
Zapalac Willie R.  Marines    
Zaruba Richard  Army Air Corp on Frydek Grotto    
Zaskoda Harvel Frank  MM 2/c USS Miller U. S. Navy Pacific ;  Purple Heart? CathSealy Serial # 5762956 & BT-11/12/98 p.4  VM   military marker
Zaskoda Valerian John (Jerry) US Navy 1942-45; Rec'd Purple Heart  Mt. Olivet Cem. Ft. Worth  VA death file
Zboril Robert Charles  Cpl. U S Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial # 38241369 & BT-8/19/93 p.7 military tombstone
Zboril Rudolph (Rudy J) Pfc U. S. Army per Frydek Grotto St.Mary's, Frydek military tombstone
Zeiner Tom  Cpl. Co D 19 Inf; U S Army WW I, II New Ulm S.No. 1496296; tombstone, Ratliff, 1930 Census
Zetik Delphine     Dierking's list
Zetik Marvin     Dierking's list
Zettel Alvin B. (Ben)  Pfc. U S Army New Ulm S.No.38057626;   BT-5/19/94  mil. tombstone
Zettel Charlie Julius  S/Sgt. 141st Inf;36 Divn;Army  ETO   S.No. 38050415, VM
Zettel Franklin B US Army Europe TX T/ 5 Btry D 910th(AutoWPNS MN CAC) AAA BN Zettel VM; BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Zettel Fritz W. PFC U. S. Army killed in action, Beaugoville Ft. McKinley; Perm. Cem) Manilla, Phillippines. BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & 6/14/45, Courthouse Card.;US Rosters of WW II Dead.
Zettel Johnnie B.  Pfc. Field Artillery U S Army Zettel Serial # 38547011 & BT-6/14/45
Zettel Ladislav Willie T/4 US Army EAME CO. B 34th Signal Const. BN Zettel VM; Serial Number 38207199
Zettel Willie Eddie  S 1/c U. S. Navy National  Tombstone; S. N.  9678385
Zettel Willie John  Pfc. U S Army Zettel S No 38205177; VA death file
Zickuhr Charles  Pvt U S Army CatSpring Lutheraln Tombstone
Ziegenbein Paul W, Sr. 2nd Marine Div. USMC Purple Heart Ho Ntl Cem. SN-11/2012
Zilliox Roland  U. S. Army    
Zook David R. US Navy Seaman 1st Class Phillipines-Pacific   VM
Zuber Jerry (Macklyn) Army OKb DC, V.A.
Zuber Lesher Louis SGT 1714 Sig Ser Co.US Army Air Force W2, K Oak Knoll DC, V.A.; tombstone
Zuber Lester Louis USNavy Lt. Commdr, Medical Corps OK tombstone
Zubicek Robert L Bomber, d. Europe OKc Tombstone
Zurek August D.  Pfc. U S Army   S#38543916
Zurek August S. US ARMY PFC 114 INF CO.44 Germany Purple Heart   VM


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