Austin County, Texas

Military Veterans
of Austin County, Texas

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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

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World War II
Austin County Veterans

United We Win

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Name GenFolks
Abel, Alfred E. Sr. (1890-1986)Details
Abel, Henry F. Sr. (????-????)Details
Abel, Henry Ford Sr. (1923-????)Details
Abel, James Otto B (1916-1989)Details
Abell, John Emanuel (1920-2000)Details
Abke, Earl (1923-1998)Details
Ables, Elmer Vernon (1918-2008)Details
Acebo, Antonio "Tony" Jr. (1924-????)Details
Acebo, SGT Charlie Sr. (1919-1980)Details
Acebo, John (1917-2000)Details
Acock, PVT Louin (1924-1901)Details
Adair, SSGT Paul Neal "Red" (1915-2004)Details
Adair, Robert Lee (????-????)Details
Adamek, Amos Daniel (1917-2001)Details
Adams, Edward Ambrous (????-????)Details
Adams, Glen Ellis (????-????)Details
Adams, James E. (????-????)Details
Adams, John (????-????)Details
Adams, Pansy (????-????)Details
Addkison, Richard Bennett (1925-2006)Details
Ahlhorn, Clarence E. (????-????)Details
Ahlhorn, Clarence Willie (????-????)Details
Aitken, John (1928-2003)Details
Aitkin, John (1928-2003)Details
Albert, Chester Herman (1907-1975)Details
Albert, Dalton Paul "Dutch" (1923-1999)Details
Albert, Ernst Hugo (1878-1881)Details
Alcantar, Richard (????-????)Details
Aldrich, Lester Frank Jr. (????-????)Details
Aldridge, CPL Vivian (1921-1956)Details
Alexander, George Gambrell Sr. (1926-2003)Details
Alexander, W. B. (????-????)Details
Alexander, Warren Amos (????-????)Details
Alexander, Wayne Benson Sr. (1916-2012)Details
Alford, John Henry Sr. (1916-2005)Details
Allee, Elmer N. (????-????)Details
Allen, Arthur William "Willie" Jr. (1909-1991)Details
Allen, Dorothy Jane (????-????)Details
Allen, John Bert (????-????)Details
Allen, Miles Johnston "MJ" (1914-1960)Details
Allphin, Charles Lee (????-????)Details
Altman, Lester Arthur (1912-1995)Details
Ames, Robert Charles (????-????)Details
Ammons, PVT Benjamin Emerson II (1921-????)Details
Ammons, Samuel Charles Jr. (1925-????)Details
Amthor, MSGT August Lee (1908-1948)Details
Anders, Carl Benjamin Jr. (????-????)Details
Anderson, Everett (????-????)Details
Anderson, Lawrence (1922-1972)Details
Anderson, Leslie Sr. (1921-2011)Details
Anderson, Norman (????-????)Details
Anderson, Ray Pearl (????-????)Details
Anderson, Robert Everett (1925-????)Details
Anderson, Robert Hicks (1914-1998)Details
Anderson, Warren Owen (1925-????)Details
Andrake, John Charles Jr. (1918-2003)Details
Andreas, Ben Charles (1925-1953)Details
Andrews, Glenn Alford (1925-1978)Details
Andrews, PVT Robert Lee (1932-1960)Details
Andrus, Roy Raymond (1899-1977)Details
Antkowiak, Stanley A. (????-????)Details
Archie, Tom Jr. (1919-????)Details
Armalavage, Clement George (????-????)Details
Armstead, PVT Robert Leeroy (1903-1966)Details
Armstrong, Ruby Pauline McMannama (????-????)Details
Arndt, Calvin Arno (1924-????)Details
Arndt, Charles Otto (1920-????)Details
Arndt, CPL Delbert Fritz (1922-1976)Details
Arning, SGT Bernhard Christopher "Ben" Sr. (1920-2005)Details
Arning, CPL John H. E. Jr. (1926-2002)Details
Arnn, Thomas Sterling "Tom" Jr. (????-????)Details
Arnold, James Clifton (1921-1976)Details
Arriens, Frank J. (????-????)Details
Arriens, Frank Jonah (1919-????)Details
Arriens, Otto Matthew (1912-1979)Details
Asaf, David (????-????)Details
Aschenbeck, PFC Albert William (1921-1992)Details
Ashorn, Edmund Herman Jr. (1916-1942)Details
Ashorn, Hilbert Otto (????-????)Details
Ashorn, Leroy Willie Sr (1920-1995)Details
Ashorn, Milton Willie Emil (????-????)Details
Ashorn, Riley Daniel (1922-????)Details
Ashorn, Walter Adolph Jr. (1919-????)Details
Atkinson, Edward Eugene (????-????)Details
Atkisson, Edward Eugene (1918-2006)Details
Aurich, Kermit Lee (1913-????)Details
Ausanka, Martha Ruth Miksovsky (????-????)Details
Austin, Dee Arthur (????-????)Details
Austin, Ruby (????-????)Details
Baack, Alfred E. Albert (1925-2011)Details
Baack, PFC Ernest Emil (????-????)Details
Baade, Clarence Haden (1907-1965)Details
Baade, Henry Howard Sr (1903-1996)Details
Babik, Joe James (1919-1998)Details
Babin, Herman Francis (1924-2007)Details
Bader, Edmund. Jr. (1926-????)Details
Bader, Jack (1918-1985)Details
Bader, Kathleen Zela (Woolgar) (1923-2013)Details
Baggerly, Neal S. (1926-1996)Details
Bailey, Arthur Melvin (????-????)Details
Bailey, PVT Jessie Lee (1897-1979)Details
Bailey, Walter (????-????)Details
Baker, Johnnie Otto (????-????)Details
Baker, Scott Charles (????-????)Details
Baker, Thomas John "TJ" Jr. (????-????)Details
Balke, Tim Jack (1914-1951)Details
Ball, Eddie Allen "Dick" (1905-1988)Details
Ball, Eddie Allen "Dick" (1905-1988)Details
Bankett, Elisha Lanier (????-????)Details
Baranowski, CPL Charles (1920-2005)Details
Baranowski, Edward "Ed" (????-????)Details
Baranowski, CPL Ignac Joe "Ike" (1920-2001)Details
Barbee, SSGT Hurst "Doc" (1921-1996)Details
Barbur, Elburtis Wayne (????-????)Details
Barclay, Randall Chester (????-????)Details
Barkley, Elizabeth Rosalie (McKown) (1920-1998)Details
Barkley, Dr. Jim "Bob" (1920-2001)Details
Barnes, Jessie J. (1920-1992)Details
Barnett, MAJ Doyle Eugene (????-????)Details
Barr, Bryant Charles (1911-1985)Details
Barr, CPL Leo Delma (1922-????)Details
Barr, Leslie Tut (1917-????)Details
Barrett, Arthur "Dick" (1916-2008)Details
Barrett, Kirby William Sr. (1923-????)Details
Barrett, Madison Leroy (????-????)Details
Barrett, Rubin (1916-????)Details
Barry, Claude Kenneth (1916-1993)Details
Barry, PFC Eugene Winston "Tucky, Slim" (1922-2003)Details
Barry, James Steck (1920-2004)Details
Barta, PVT John Emil (1925-2011)Details
Bartay, A1c Delmar Melvin (1923-2015)Details
Bartay, Edward George Jr. (1926-2001)Details
Bartels, Idie Carrell (????-????)Details
Bartlett, Fred B. (????-????)Details
Barton, Daniel (????-????)Details
Barton, Richard Lee Sr. (1925-2003)Details
Barton, Theodore "Ted" (????-????)Details
Bartos, PFC Jim Adolph (1918-2000)Details
Bas, Jorge Luis (????-????)Details
Basey, Henry Lee (1921-1986)Details
Bass, CPL Wylie Judson (1924-2003)Details
Bassett, PVT Johnnie Samuel Jr. (1889-1964)Details
Beach, Roy Oliver, Jr. (????-????)Details
Bean, Clarence Elmer (1921-2013)Details
Bean, Harold Eugene Sr. (????-0)Details
Bear, Harvey Elton Sr. (????-????)Details
Bear, Nolan Ross (1906-1977)Details
Beathard, Lloyd Thomas (????-????)Details
Beckman, August William (1923-????)Details
Beckman, Edwin Herman "Bill" (????-????)Details
Beckman, Otto Lee (????-????)Details
Beckman, Robert Paul (????-????)Details
Beckman, Wilbert Gus (1923-1960)Details
Beckmann, CPL Norman Lee (1924-2000)Details
Beckmann, CPL Norman Lee (1924-2000)Details
Bedford, PFC Raphel (1907-1979)Details
Bednar, Ladislav J. (????-????)Details
Bednar, Richard Paul (????-????)Details
Beeler, Francis Earl (1913-1984)Details
Bell, Alfred Wesley "Al" (1925-2009)Details
Bell, Roy Chester "Beau" (????-????)Details
Bellinoski, Adolph Aloise (????-????)Details
Bellville, Sam (????-????)Details
Belnoske, John Frank (1925-2007)Details
Belunek, Joseph Alois "Joe" (1921-1976)Details
Bender, Edmond Forest (????-????)Details
Bender, Henry W. (????-????)Details
Benkowski, Steve Clarence Jr. (????-????)Details
Bennett, Marvin Franklin (1922-1989)Details
Bennett, TEC4 Thomas James Sr. (1915-1984)Details
Benson, 2LT Rozella Vera (Richter) (1921-1979)Details
Benson, William Bryant (1921-1981)Details
Benson, William Francis "Bill" (1919-2011)Details
Benton, SGT Orville Russell (1922-2016)Details
Berndt, Edgar (1910-1965)Details
Bernshausen, Arthur Robert (1914-1982)Details
Bernshausen, SGT Richard Emil (1908-????)Details
Berry, LT William Mylrea "Chigger" (1921-2014)Details
Bertling, Douglas Amos (1924-????)Details
Bertling, Francis Lee "Penny" (1926-2017)Details
Bertrand, MSGT Jessie James (1903-1986)Details
Bertsch, Henry Fred Jr. (1925-2014)Details
Beseda, Rev. Henry Earnest Jr. (????-????)Details
Besson, Amos James (1919-1992)Details
Beyer, Herman Otto (1918-1991)Details
Bielec, Enos Henry (????-????)Details
Bielec, Frank Enos "Poncho" (1916-1997)Details
Bielec, Sgt Sgt Frank "Poncho" (1916-1997)Details
Bielec, William J. (1913-1998)Details
Bilbrey, William C. (????-????)Details
Billig, Erwin Gustav (1915-????)Details
Billig, Harold Louis (1922-????)Details
Billig, Herbert Willie (1920-????)Details
Bilski, PVT Mike Steve (1912-1979)Details
Birkelbach, Elwood John (????-????)Details
Bishop, James Allen "Jim" (1922-2018)Details
Bishop, Joe Harlan (????-????)Details
Bishop, PVT Robert Morris Sr. (1914-1983)Details
Black, William Carroll Jr. (????-????)Details
Blackman, James Allen (????-????)Details
Blackman, PFC Neely (1916-1972)Details
Blackman, Orie (????-????)Details
Blackmon, SSGT Clarence (1912-1962)Details
Blackmon, Henderson (1910-1969)Details
Blackmon, Preston Louis Sr. (1922-2014)Details
Blackmon, Robert (1927-1977)Details
Blacknell, Cecil (????-????)Details
Blacknell, John Luke (????-????)Details
Blackwell, Thomas Wiley (????-????)Details
Blaikie, Roger Ewart (????-????)Details
Blanchette, Richard Lemuel (1923-1965)Details
Blanchette, William Henry (????-????)Details
Blankenship, J. C. (????-????)Details
Blanks, William Joseph (1918-2006)Details
Blaschke, Botho (1913-????)Details
Blazek, John Jerry (1903-1985)Details
Blazek, Willie Otto (????-????)Details
Bleike, Dale Caldwell (????-????)Details
Blezinger, SSGT Eldie Arthur (1920-2007)Details
Blezinger, Herbert Adolph (1918-1977)Details
Blezinger, Monfred Albert (1910-1954)Details
Blinka, Alanade John (1918-2000)Details
Blow, John Freeman (????-????)Details
Blum, Harvey Rudolph Sr. (1912-1987)Details
Blum, Louis Charles (1907-1989)Details
Bock, Frank Glenn (1922-1992)Details
Boecker, Leon Henry (1926-2014)Details
Boecker, CPL Leroy Charles (1923-1996)Details
Boehm, Edgar Joe (1916-1981)Details
Boeker, Grady Charles (1927-????)Details
Boelsche, Joe Willie (1925-2008)Details
Boerger, Arthur Alfred (1921-1989)Details
Boesling, John Edward (????-????)Details
Boethel, PVT Harvey Adolph (1922-2003)Details
Bogar, Louis John "Bo" (1931-2008)Details
Bogar, William Thomas (1924-2008)Details
Bohne, Edwin C. (1919-2008)Details
Boldt, Leon Louis (1913-1986)Details
Bollom, William Edward (????-????)Details
Bolten, Deroy Sr. (1925-1995)Details
Bolten, James William "Penny" (1917-????)Details
Bolten, Otto Edward (1913-????)Details
Bond, Alfred Dixon (????-????)Details
Bonner, Booker Thomas Jr. (1927-2016)Details
Bonner, Chester Allen (1910-2005)Details
Bonner, Edgar (????-0)Details
Bonner, James William (????-????)Details
Bonner, Louis Taylor Sr. (1927-2012)Details
Bookout, John Charles (1916-200)Details
Borman, Glenn Otto (????-????)Details
Borman, Robert Bruno (????-????)Details
Bormann, Roger Alfred Jr. (1921-1989)Details
Bouquet, Leonard Edward (????-????)Details
Boyd, Freddie Lee Sr. (1922-2005)Details
Bozarth, Maurice (????-????)Details
Bradley, Carl Boone (????-????)Details
Bradley, James Thomas (1913-2005)Details
Bradley, Luman Leroy (1928-1998)Details
Braesicke, Herbert Willie (1911-1959)Details
Brandiberg, L. C. (1922-1980)Details
Brandiburg, L. C. (1922-1980)Details
Brandt, Charlie Fritz (????-????)Details
Brandt, Delmus John (1922-2009)Details
Brandt, Frederick Otto (1922-2005)Details
Brandt, Herbert Willie (1917-????)Details
Brandt, Jerry Isador (1925-2006)Details
Brandt, Leonard (????-????)Details
Brandt, Willie Joe (1923-1944)Details
Branham, Rev. Charles Douglas (1928-2007)Details
Brast, Albert Milton (1927-2017)Details
Brast, Bernhard Frederic "Fritz" (1919-????)Details
Brast, Fritz Gerhart Jr. (1908-1964)Details
Brast, George Bernice (????-????)Details
Brast, PFC Hugo Fritz (1915-1998)Details
Brast, Melvin Michael (1921-????)Details
Braunig, William August (????-????)Details
Bravenec, SSGT John Ignac (1920-1984)Details
Bravenec, Marcus Lee (1919-????)Details
Brechin, John Bryce (????-????)Details
Breddin, Edwin Rudolph (1916-2008)Details
Bremby, Levine (1913-1977)Details
Bremby, Robert Lee (1907-1972)Details
Brending, Bob (1915-1991)Details
Brending, Theodore (1905-1972)Details
Brenner, William George "Willie" (1921-2005)Details
Brewer, David (1912-1983)Details
Brezina, Albert Charlie (1917-1978)Details
Brezina, Frank William (1909-1967)Details
Brhel, SGT Frank Fred (1913-1958)Details
Brhel, Frank J (1866-1935)Details
Britton, J. W. (1909-1982)Details
Broeker, Gilbert Richard (1919-????)Details
Broeker, Walton Edmund (1921-????)Details
Brokmeyer, Isedore Anton (1919-1995)Details
Brooks, James Howard (1921-1995)Details
Brosig, Roland Roosevelt (1879-1947)Details
Brosig, PFC Roy Roland (1924-2003)Details
Brown, Alfred Curtis (????-????)Details
Brown, Charles James (????-????)Details
Brown, Edgar Lee (????-????)Details
Brown, Gauvin (????-????)Details
Brown, Harold Sylvester (????-????)Details
Brown, Howel Carver (????-????)Details
Brown, John. (????-????)Details
Brown, Oliver Lee (1923-1987)Details
Brown, Randell (1899-1977)Details
Brown, Richard Lewis (1917-2001)Details
Brown, Russell Lowell (1911-1962)Details
Brown, Sam (????-????)Details
Brown, Searcy Lee Sr. (1912-1992)Details
Brown, Willie Albert Jr. (????-????)Details
Brownschidel, Theo Otto (????-????)Details
Broz, PFC Eddie Adolf (1923-2019)Details
Broz, Frank Joe (1920-2008)Details
Broz, John Frank Jr. (????-????)Details
Broz, Vencil Edwin (1915-2004)Details
Brugger, Clifford Samuel (1916-????)Details
Brugger, Joe Alton (1913-1975)Details
Brune, Adolph Andrew (????-????)Details
Brune, Alton William (1923-1966)Details
Brune, Clarence William (????-????)Details
Brune, Edwin Herman (????-????)Details
Brune, CPL Herbert James (1921-2016)Details
Brune, Leslie Leo (1915-????)Details
Brune, Lloyd Edward (1919-1997)Details
Brune, Roland John (1920-????)Details
Bruton, Jesse. Jr. (????-????)Details
Bryan, Leslie Boyce (????-0)Details
Bryant, Allen Elvin (1921-1999)Details
Bryant, John Edward (????-????)Details
Bryant, CPL John Edward (1913-1953)Details
Bryant, Lee Franklin (1925-2005)Details
Buchala, CPL Louis Joe (1912-1992)Details
Buchanan, William B. (????-????)Details
Buchannan, Grafton Lorel "Cotton" (1915-1997)Details
Buchhorn, PFC Walter Paul (????-????)Details
Buchtien, Ernest William (1912-????)Details
Buchtien, Lee Roy (1913-2006)Details
Buchtien, Leslie Ennis (1920-1998)Details
Buchtien, Norman Walter (1925-2000)Details
Buckley, Harold Richard (????-0)Details
Buddenberg, William Delmus "Jake" (1921-1998)Details
Budschick, Herman William (1915-1973)Details
Buechmann, Eldie Paul (1920-2000)Details
Buechmann, Walter Albert (1912-1992)Details
Bueckner, John Earnest (????-????)Details
Buenger, Jay Charles "Jimmie" (1924-2015)Details
Bugaj, PFC Max Milien (1921-1997)Details
Bunjes, Reinhard Hermann (????-????)Details
Buntzel, Dallas (1912-2000)Details
Buntzel, Waco (1905-????)Details
Burditt, PVT Austin Jr. (1919-1984)Details
Burditt, Willie Massey (????-????)Details
Burger, Fred William Sr (1915-2001)Details
Burger, William Herman (????-????)Details
Burk, CPL Carl Kenneth (1918-1997)Details
Burke, John Joseph (????-????)Details
Burkhardt, Ernst (????-????)Details
Burleson, Cuba Leonard (1918-2001)Details
Burleson, Marvin James (1922-1998)Details
Burnett, Hal Alexander Jr. (????-????)Details
Burnley, LT. Cary Lamar (1916-1994)Details
Burns, Donald Bruce (????-????)Details
Burns, Norwood Westcott (????-????)Details
Burns, Robert Willard (????-????)Details
Burns, Wallace Rogers (????-????)Details
Bush, Johnny Lee (1924-1991)Details
Butler, Clifton Murray "Jack" (1926-2000)Details
Butler, James Bernard (????-????)Details
Butler, Victor Merle (????-????)Details
Byars, John Andrew Sr. (1913-1983)Details
Byars, John Willie (????-????)Details
Byars, Walter (1924-1983)Details
Byers, Harold Dean (????-????)Details
Byers, K. J. Sr. (????-????)Details
Bynum, PVT Eddie (1909-1947)Details
Caletka, Lester (????-????)Details
Callahan, John Clifford (1923-2004)Details
Callaway, Kenneth Ray (1920-2010)Details
Calligan, George Robert (1915-1979)Details
Calton, TEC5 Samuel Orestes Sr. (1913-1984)Details
Cameron, Alexander Hart (????-????)Details
Campbell, Andrew Charles (1927-1958)Details
Campbell, Earl Leo Sr (1919-1999)Details
Campbell, Rev. James Walter Jr. (1925-2011)Details
Campbell, Lawrence Curtis Sr. (1927-2018)Details
Campbell, Leroy (1925-1947)Details
Campbell, Stamps Jr. (????-????)Details
Campbell, Warren Franklin (1920-????)Details
Campbell, William Cleo "Bill, Willie" (1926-2003)Details
Cannon, James Henry "Jim" (1922-2000)Details
Cantrell, Franklin Marion "Frank" Jr. (1924-2014)Details
Canty, Eddie (1891-1975)Details
Canty, Jay Dee (????-????)Details
Carbery, Charles William Jr. (????-????)Details
Carbery, Worth Harrison (????-????)Details
Cardwell, Jesse Cleo (????-????)Details
Carey, Charles Washington "Charlie" (1923-2013)Details
Carlson, Eric Rupert (1918-1994)Details
Carlson, Raymond Arthur (????-????)Details
Carnes, John Henry (1925-2003)Details
Carpenter, SSGT Albert Lewis (1918-1983)Details
Carpenter, Malcolm Luther Sr. (1923-1994)Details
Carr, R. L. (????-????)Details
Carroll, Jordan Paul (????-????)Details
Carter, Jessie James (????-????)Details
Carter, Julius Ceasar, Jr. (1924-????)Details
Cartesio, Peter Joseph (1927-2012)Details
Cass, Russell Ernest (????-????)Details
Cass, Samuel Harvey (1927-2014)Details
Cassling, Donald Eugene (????-liv)Details
Catania, Frank Angelo (????-????)Details
Cerny, Jarda Anton (????-????)Details
Cerny, Simon Frank (1923-2017)Details
Cervenka, Cyril Sidney (????-????)Details
Cessna, John Harley (1921-2008)Details
Cevallos, Andres Sr (1922-1988)Details
Chaloupka, Alvin William (1917-????)Details
Chaloupka, Rudolf Ernest (????-????)Details
Chaloupka, PVT Vince Bedric (1913-1965)Details
Chance, Oscar Dellinger (1916-1996)Details
Chance, Thomas D'Lonia Sr. (????-????)Details
Chandler, Austin Eugene (????-????)Details
Chaney, PFC Johnny Adams Jr. (1922-1948)Details
Chapple, Ed (1910-1961)Details
Charpiot, LT Robert Batiste (1923-2008)Details
Chatham, Leroy (1918-1994)Details
Chatham, Pat Elmer (1920-????)Details
Chatham, MAJ Roy Jackson "Jack" (1922-2008)Details
Chatham, Walter Edward (1916-1943)Details
Cheely, SGT Joel Frank (1925-2005)Details
Chernosky, Dennis Elmo (1927-????)Details
Chernosky, PFC Randolph (1910-1993)Details
Cherry, PVT Julius Joseph (1921-1985)Details
Cherry, Louis (1912-1994)Details
Cherwak, Ludwig "Ludy" (1898-1947)Details
Chessher, Paul Wilburn (1924-2004)Details
Childers, PFC Ellis Buffington "Buck" (1921-1989)Details
Chudej, Julius John (1920-1969)Details
Cieslewicz, Charlie Conrad (1924-1953)Details
Cieslewicz, Conrad Edmund (1921-1967)Details
Cieslewicz, Joseph John (1918-1983)Details
Cieslewicz, Jozef John "Joe" (1888-1944)Details
Cieslewicz, Victor Joe (1921-1960)Details
Cieslewitz, Joseph John Jr. (1918-1983)Details
Clapp, Norval Franklin Jr. (1924-2013)Details
Clare, Burns Lee (1926-2006)Details
Clark, David Clare (1920-1989)Details
Clark, George Jr. (????-????)Details
Clark, Lamar Shaffer (????-????)Details
Clark, Raleigh Thomas (????-????)Details
Clark, Walter (1928-????)Details
Claxton, Buford Everett (1927-2009)Details
Clayton, Archie Bailey Sr. (????-????)Details
Clegg, Millard Fillmore Jr. (1922-2010)Details
Cleveland, Charles Reginald Sr. (????-????)Details
Cleveland, James L. (????-????)Details
Cleveland, Tilofus Sr. (????-????)Details
Clingan, Ralph Owen (????-????)Details
Clore, John Lane (1922-1993)Details
Cloud, Alfred (????-????)Details
Cloud, Lee (????-????)Details
Clover, Carl Estes Sr. (????-????)Details
Cloyd, TSGT Cecil Dennis "Buddy" (1919-1981)Details
Cloyd, Cecil Thomas "Monkey" Sr. (1896-1942)Details
Cloyd, CPL Raymond Elvin "Bogger" (1925-2012)Details
Coats, Calvin Lamar Jr. (1926-1971)Details
Coats, Clyde Kelton (????-????)Details
Coats, Will (????-????)Details
Cocke, William Alexander Jr. (????-????)Details
Coker, Leonard Thompson (1919-1966)Details
Coleman, A. C. (1906-1953)Details
Coleman, Ernest (????-????)Details
Coleman, SFC Jess Willard (1919-1997)Details
Coleman, Perry L. (????-????)Details
Collins, Ernest (1924-1990)Details
Collins, Rufus Lee (1918-????)Details
Compton, Carson Allen (1916-1996)Details
Cone, Claude Steffens (1909-2001)Details
Coody, TEC5 Barney Jr. (1916-1998)Details
Coody, Mance L. (1922-2008)Details
Cook, Robert Edward (????-????)Details
Cook, Theodore Marion "Ted" (????-????)Details
Coombs, Robert Warren (????-????)Details
Cooper, Raymunn Edward (????-????)Details
Cooper, Vance Uriah (1914-2004)Details
Cope, Donald William (????-????)Details
Corbin, Rogers (1910-1976)Details
Corrigan, John Carroll (1923-1993)Details
Cossman, Frank Paul (1917-2002)Details
Coufal, Benjamin Joseph (1912-1974)Details
Coufal, Edwin Joseph (????-????)Details
Coufal, Joseph Jaroslav (????-????)Details
Coward, Russell Allen Jr. (1920-2008)Details
Cox, Hershel (????-????)Details
Cox, Louis Nelson (1926-2023)Details
Cozzens, Jerold Elton "Jerry" (????-????)Details
Craddock, John William Sr. (????-????)Details
Craig, James Harvey (1886-1951)Details
Craig, SGT Johnny James Sr. (????-liv)Details
Crawford, Hubert Marsene (1918-2005)Details
Crawford, PFC James Edward (1898-1971)Details
Crawford, John (????-????)Details
Crick, William Richard (1920-2010)Details
Criswell, Charley Calvin (????-????)Details
Cronin, Lee Roscoe (1918-1992)Details
Crosby, Billy Bishop (????-????)Details
Crow, Richard Jackson Jr. (????-????)Details
Crowder, CAPT Hickerson Bluchers "HB" III (1921-1960)Details
Crumpton, L. C. (1919-1960)Details
Crutchfield, John David Sr. (1921-1989)Details
Cufr, Joe Daniel (????-????)Details
Cufr, John Joseph (1915-????)Details
Cumings, Kenneth (1925-2010)Details
Cummings, Hollie Max (????-????)Details
Curd, MSGT Thomas Louie (1917-1984)Details
Curfman, Percy Alvin (????-????)Details
Currens, Kenneth Lloyd (????-0)Details
Curry, Enoch (????-????)Details
Curtis, Henry L. (????-????)Details
Dabney, Earnest Sr. (1920-2001)Details
Dabney, Forest (1916-1967)Details
Dabney, Fred Hover (1906-1981)Details
Dabney, James (1914-1979)Details
Dabney, Johnnie Dee (1910-1997)Details
Dabney, Samuel (????-????)Details
Dabney, Thelmus Sr. (????-????)Details
Dahse, Milton Fritz William (1925-????)Details
Dahse, Norbert T. (1922-2009)Details
Dahse, Walter Joe (1897-1968)Details
Dalziel, Edward James (????-????)Details
Danek, PVT Joe Ludewk (1898-1924)Details
Daniels, Lee Abner (????-????)Details
Dannhaus, SSGT Reinhardt "RA" (1911-1944)Details
Davis, Berry Bevil "BB" (1920-2003)Details
Davis, Boyce Dalton (1926-1999)Details
Davis, Dan Akers (1919-1992)Details
Davis, Ed Manual Sr. (????-????)Details
Davis, Emroy (????-????)Details
Davis, J. W. Nelson (1900-1953)Details
Davis, CPL Oren Clepatric (1924-1973)Details
Davis, Rex Laverne (????-????)Details
Davis, Ruben Dan (????-????)Details
Davis, Weldon Bailey (1908-1959)Details
Davis, Willie Lawrence (1916-????)Details
Day, Alvis Franklin (1909-1990)Details
Day, Eugene William (1918-1968)Details
De Los Santos, Enrique "Henry" (1920-2010)Details
Dean, Douglas Charles Sr. (1928-1982)Details
Deere, Carlos Howard (1926-2008)Details
Deere, Charles William (1925-1979)Details
Deffenbaugh, Robert Joseph (1926-2005)Details
DeFratus, Frank William Jr. (????-????)Details
Dehnel, Fred William (1921-1998)Details
Dehnel, John Henry Jr. (1920-????)Details
Dehnel, Richard (1904-1968)Details
DeLoach, Pruit Ray (1913-1980)Details
Demny, David Edward (????-????)Details
Demny, Florian Christopher (????-????)Details
Demny, TSGT John Theodore (1927-1995)Details
Dernehl, Martin Irin Les (1917-????)Details
Dernehl, Waco Albert (1927-1975)Details
Dernehl, Werner Leemarge (1914-2008)Details
Dernehl, Werner Lemager (1914-2008)Details
Dernehl, Wilbert Otto (1921-1998)Details
Derr, Audrie Ann (Voskamp) (1921-2003)Details
Derr, Francis Edward "Frank" (1924-1982)Details
Dethlefsen, William Christian (????-????)Details
Dethloff, PVT William Fred "Willie" (1899-1972)Details
Dewey, Howard Glenn (????-????)Details
Dhom, Ivo Ray (????-????)Details
Dibala, Hubert Joe (1911-1990)Details
Dickehut, Lawrence Weldon (1926-1983)Details
Dickson, Hobby Lester (????-????)Details
Dierking, CPL William Jr. (1931-2020)Details
Diestel, Arthur Lee (1927-1966)Details
Dietz, Howard Rufus Sr. (1916-1987)Details
Diggs, Ennis Earl Sr. (1913-1987)Details
Diggs, Floyd Louis (1910-1983)Details
Dilworth, Henry (1910-1957)Details
Dinkins, James William "Jimmie" (1926-1986)Details
Dittert, Andrew (1911-????)Details
Dittert, Edgar Edward (1917-1984)Details
Dittert, Henry Marion Sr. (1913-1996)Details
Dittert, Jessie James (1913-????)Details
Dittert, Robert Lee Sr. (1921-2002)Details
Dittert, William Jr. (1908-????)Details
Dittmar, Finley Ernest (1918-1990)Details
Dittmar, Herbert Alfred Sr. (1921-2000)Details
Dittmar, Lee Allen Paul (1918-1997)Details
Dittmar, Max Charles (????-????)Details
Dittmar, Olin Edmund (????-????)Details
Dixon, Herbert Logan (????-????)Details
Dixon, Richard Vincent (1920-2011)Details
Doering, SSGT Henry John "Buddy" (1921-1989)Details
Doerr, Robert August (????-????)Details
Doggett, William Noah (1910-1953)Details
Doleshal, Armond Emil "Dolly" (1908-2007)Details
Donnelly, James Ray Sr. (1925-1997)Details
Dorsey, Thomas J. (????-????)Details
Dotson, Moner (????-????)Details
Dotson, Shelton Williams (1920-1996)Details
Doty, Clyde Barnette (1922-1997)Details
Dowdy, Arthur Gene (1926-2005)Details
Downey, Herman Robert (????-????)Details
Drabek, Johnnie Henry (????-????)Details
Drake, Albert Thomas (1919-1979)Details
Drattlo, Albert (1921-????)Details
Drattlo, Andrew James (1920-????)Details
Drattlo, Reese Allen (????-????)Details
Drozd, Albert Petter (1924-1972)Details
Drozd, John Felix (1922-2011)Details
Drummond, Lloyd Allen (????-????)Details
Drymala, Felix Joe (1917-2001)Details
Drymalla, Anton Alfred (1911-1961)Details
Drymalla, Bernard Max "Bennie" (????-????)Details
Drymalla, SGT Victor Andreas (1911-1990)Details
Drymalla, Victor Frank (1924-1962)Details
Dubec, Joseph William (????-????)Details
Duebbe, Louis Fritz (1921-1991)Details
Duensing, Delbert Jr. (????-????)Details
Dujka, Adolph W. (1910-1992)Details
Duke, TEC4 Leon Bedford "Sonny" (1949-1984)Details
Duke, Partin "Buddy" (1909-2001)Details
Dunaway, Frank Carl (1923-1944)Details
Dunaway, James Karl (????-????)Details
Duncan, Douglas Monroe Sr. (????-????)Details
Duncan, Roland Ray (1927-2004)Details
Dungen, Henry (????-????)Details
Dunham, Audley Scott (????-????)Details
Dunman, Jerry Melvin Jr. (????-????)Details
Dunn, George Hayes Jr. (1913-1943)Details
Dunn, Jack Gardner (1921-2004)Details
Dupre, Carlton Joseph (1909-1969)Details
Durbin, Harvey Jerome Sr. (????-????)Details
Dusak, Frank Charlie (1915-1991)Details
Dusak, Jake Christopher Sr. (????-????)Details
Dusak, John Paul (????-????)Details
Dusek, Frank (1908-1991)Details
Duve, PFC Roy Dean (1924-1990)Details
Dvorak, Charlie (????-????)Details
Dvorak, Leonard Edward (????-????)Details
Dybala, Joe John (????-????)Details
Dyer, Kenneth James (????-????)Details
Dziadek, William John "Bill" (1915-1989)Details
Dzierzanowski, PFC Anton Raymond (1920-2003)Details
Eads, Wayne Duain (????-????)Details
Ebert, Charles Edwin (1920-1988)Details
Eckelberg, Dennis Allen (1922-1941)Details
Eckelberg, Waco A. (1915-1994)Details
Eckerman, Robert C. (1915-1977)Details
Eckermann, Alwood Ben (1924-1975)Details
Eckermann, Elroy Clarence (1927-2007)Details
Eckermann, Harvey Andrew (1920-1949)Details
Eckermann, Miles Bernhard (1915-2000)Details
Eckermann, Milton Clarence Sr. (????-????)Details
Eckhart, George Willard (????-????)Details
Eder, August Sylvester (1914-????)Details
Eder, Edward Ignac (1917-2000)Details
Eder, John Willie (1919-2002)Details
Eder, Lidge Michael (1926-2023)Details
Eder, SSGT Marion Frank (1924-2012)Details
Eder, Victor Frank (1921-1978)Details
Edwards, Bluney (1897-1949)Details
Edwards, SFC Jack Estes (1924-1965)Details
Edwards, John Broach Sr (1916-1982)Details
Edwards, Simon (1920-1985)Details
Edwards, Tenola (????-????)Details
Egger, Marvin Albert (1915-1991)Details
Eickhoff, Wilbert William (1924-????)Details
Einkauf, Herman (1914-1942)Details
Eitzmann, Ira Marvin (????-????)Details
Ekarius, Elmore Otto (1912-1982)Details
Elkins, James David "J. D." (????-????)Details
Elledge, Lemon Ernest "Lee" Jr. (????-????)Details
Elliott, David Gray (1918-1983)Details
Ellis, Marvin Lester (1921-1988)Details
Elolf, Lawrence Fritz (1918-1967)Details
Elshick, Daniel Max (1922-2000)Details
Emshoff, Bennie Wilbert (1925-????)Details
Emshoff, PFC Elton William (1925-2003)Details
Emshoff, Gardner Otto "Gardie" (1926-2000)Details
Emshoff, Herbert Walter (????-????)Details
Emshoff, LeeRoy Herman (????-????)Details
Emshoff, Willie John (????-????)Details
Enax, Herbert William (????-????)Details
Enax, Marvin Charles Sr. (1919-????)Details
Engelbrecht, Leonard William (1912-2003)Details
Engelholm, Gilbert Herbert (1919-2004)Details
Engeling, Paul Milton (1926-2014)Details
Engelke, Clarence Paul "CP" (1924-1987)Details
Engelking, PFC Arthur George (1912-1977)Details
Engelking, Fritz James (1922-2015)Details
Engelking, Julius Christian Jr. (1921-????)Details
Engelking, Rudolph Adolph Jr. (1906-2006)Details
English, Leon Kemmeter (????-????)Details
Erickson, Edward F. Jr. (????-????)Details
Ermis, Ignac Phillip "Phil" (????-????)Details
Erwin, Eugene Lee (????-????)Details
Esar, Charles Mike Jr. (1927-1991)Details
Esterak, Joe John (1900-1972)Details
Ethridge, Dr. Clayton Bernard (????-????)Details
Evans, Emmett Vincent Jr. (????-????)Details
Evans, Lawrence L. (????-????)Details
Evans, Thomas Jefferson (1919-2006)Details
Evans, Willie James (1911-????)Details
Eveline, Willie (????-????)Details
Evetts, Elmer Dean (????-????)Details
Fahrenthold, Max Cole (1925-2011)Details
Fair, Victor Leroy Sr. (1923-2006)Details
Faircloth, Bill (1926-2009)Details
Faist, Clemons Steven (1912-1970)Details
Fajkus, Charlie Adolf (1907-1972)Details
Fajkus, PFC Felix Raymond (1920-1951)Details
Fajkus, John Simon (1911-1979)Details
Fajkus, Ladgie (????-????)Details
Falk, Charles Denatius {Donadouss} Jr. (1909-1987)Details
Falk, Douglas Madison Sr. (1913-1989)Details
Falk, Trenckman Dick "TD" (1921-1999)Details
Faltisek, John Joseph (????-????)Details
Farek, Wilbert Walter (????-????)Details
Fariss, William Felix (1924-1994)Details
Farmer, Homer Lawrence DeWayne (????-????)Details
Farmer, Richard (????-????)Details
Farnsworth, CAPT Walter Lewis Jr. (1920-1996)Details
Farris, Kathleen Ruth (Kelling) (????-????)Details
Farris, William Felix (1924-1994)Details
Faterkowski, Adam Nick (????-????)Details
Faterkowski, Frank Edd (????-????)Details
Faterkowski, Stanley Charles (????-????)Details
Fatherree, Dulcie Joy Scrivener (????-????)Details
Faucett, Thurman (1916-????)Details
Fedford, Ayria Arnett. Jr. (1925-1993)Details
Fee, Clarence William (????-????)Details
Fee, Joseph Lee (????-????)Details
Feik, Ernest (1906-1947)Details
Feist, Bennie (1925-1991)Details
Felcman, Frank Henry (1923-2015)Details
Felcman, Frank Leslie (1924-????)Details
Felcman, Joe Louis (????-????)Details
Feldmann, Charlie (????-????)Details
Ferguson, Benjamin Lloyd (????-????)Details
Ferguson, James Edgar (????-????)Details
Ferree, Clark Robbins Jr. (????-????)Details
Fick, TEC5 Emil John Jr. (1923-1986)Details
Fiedler, Raymond Charles (1921-2005)Details
Fields, Clyde Eugene "Gene" (1921-2011)Details
Fiew, Norvell (????-????)Details
Filip, Johnnie Jacob (1925-2015)Details
Filipp, George John (1922-1970)Details
Filipp, Joe Frank (1915-1983)Details
Fillip, Eugene Edward (1922-2023)Details
Finch, Capt. William Reid (1917-1968)Details
Findeisen, Hugo Willie (1911-2003)Details
Findeisen, Rogers Otto (1924-????)Details
Fink, Leo Raphael "Buddy" Jr. (1926-1998)Details
Finke, Jones Gus (1917-2010)Details
Finster, Wilburn (????-????)Details
Fischer, SGT Lorenz Douglas (1921-1999)Details
Fischer, Robert Seiler "Bob" (1916-1998)Details
Fisher, LT Clarence James (1920-1943)Details
Fisher, SSGT Clifton Neely (1919-1996)Details
Fisher, Floyd Lloyd (1924-????)Details
Fisher, CPL James Luther (1915-2001)Details
Fisher, Kenneth Sidney (1916-????)Details
Fisher, Milton (1921-????)Details
Flake, Floyd Texas (1929-????)Details
Flake, James Garfield Jr. (????-????)Details
Flake, Robert Booker (1919-????)Details
Flakes, Jeff David (????-????)Details
Fluitt, Curtis Lynwood (????-????)Details
Focht, Frank Tuck (1926-2010)Details
Foehner, Eugene Leon (1924-2008)Details
Fojtik, John Pete (????-????)Details
Foote, Edward Richard Jr. (????-????)Details
Ford, Dr. Henry Kenneth (1916-2015)Details
Ford, Jane Lillian Smith (1920-2002)Details
Fortice, Frank Eugene Jr. (1908-1966)Details
Fosha, Elmus (1913-????)Details
Fosha, PFC Seth James (1910-1960)Details
Fosha, Willis Lowell Sr. (????-????)Details
Fox, Lee Schley "Sleepy" Jr. (1928-2000)Details
Foytik, TSGT Johnnie Edward (1926-1974)Details
Francis, Willie Lee (1925-????)Details
Frank, Bryan William (1924-2003)Details
Frank, Dan Owen (1928-1995)Details
Frank, Harold (1910-1946)Details
Frank, Henry Herman Fred (1908-1958)Details
Frank, Hubert Lee (1922-2006)Details
Frank, James Herman "Henry" (1922-1996)Details
Frank, Julius "Puddler" Jr. (1911-1946)Details
Frank, Milton Herman (1925-2007)Details
Frank, Morris Reinhold (1914-????)Details
Frank, CPL Otis Allen (1922-1981)Details
Frank, Roger Lester (1927-????)Details
Frank, Wilbert Bernhard "Candy" (1914-1995)Details
Frank, William Herman (1913-1995)Details
Franke, Franklin Ernst (1904-1959)Details
Franke, PVT Helmuth Sam (1911-1996)Details
Franke, CPL Henry Lee (1924-2019)Details
Franke, PFC Max Charles Jr. (1918-2004)Details
Franke, Milton Charles (1911-????)Details
Franke, SSGT Ralph Allen (1925-2012)Details
Franke, PVT Roger Myles (1915-1982)Details
Franke, Roy Emmett (1922-????)Details
Franke, Wilburn Otto (????-????)Details
Franklin, Robert Lee (1921-2002)Details
Franks, Everett Earl (1919-1977)Details
Franks, PVT Harry Lee (1918-1981)Details
Frazier, Dallas Fred William (1920-1982)Details
Frazier, Waco Frank (1922-1986)Details
Freeman, J. H. (????-????)Details
Freier, Paul Henry (1915-1983)Details
Freitag, Albert William Jr. (????-????)Details
Freitag, Elmer (1908-1996)Details
Frenzel, Harold Reinhold (1926-????)Details
Frenzel, Howard Anthony (1923-????)Details
Frenzel, Morris Herbert (1921-????)Details
Frenzel, Norman Adolph (1918-????)Details
Frenzel, Oscar "Buddy" (1927-1993)Details
Freude, Calton Dennis Sr. (????-????)Details
Frieda, CPL Jodie Henry (1920-2007)Details
Frnka, Milford Curtis (1923-1996)Details
Frnka, Miroslav Elmo (1903-1972)Details
Froebel, Lee Vernon (1926-????)Details
Froelich, PFC Alfred John (1908-????)Details
Fuchs, Minard (????-????)Details
Fulgham, Robert Ernest "Buddy" (1929-????)Details
Fuller, Dr. Rex George Jr. (????-????)Details
Furber, George Pope (????-????)Details
Furr, Earl (????-????)Details

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