Who do WE  think YOU are?

We think you are the descendants of men and women who were brave enough to leave all that was familiar, courageous enough to face the unknown and the known in days when "Cowboys and Indians" was not a game, but harsh reality for the settlers and for the native Americans.  Home could be a dugout, or a wagon and birthing was usually at home with or without a doctor nearby, but home was Austin County.   They washed without machines, traveled without automobiles, lived with few comforts,  and you inherited  their pride in Texas and in Austin County.  That is why you are at this site.  We share your pride in your family history and want to present what we know  and what you know about some of them.   

Welcome home.

We will be adding new histories regularly, so keep checking back!

We also want you to submit  your own family history.   But  we have rules.                      Criteria:   At least one of the ancestors must have lived in Austin County before 1900.  History must be limited to four generations and must not include anyone who is now living, or who was born after 1930.   (You may attach your e-mail address and communicate other information privately.)  Each history must begin with the one or two parents and their children, but may also stop with one generation.  Yes you may submit more than one history, but each one must meet this criteria.   Yes, you may include information in the notes for each individual, but  we reserve the right to edit if the page is slow to open.   Think in terms of less than 10 normal paper pages for each history.   Yes, one or two paragraphs is sufficient. We prefer Word documents for mechanical reasons.   And we reserve the right to refuse to post  information we believe is inappropriate for viewing by the youth of our nation who may also be descendants of these pioneers.      


Pioneers are presented alphabetically by surname.
Albert Kroulik
Alford Krumrey
Allen, Martin Kuykendall, Abner
Bravenec Lesikar
Cumings  Miller  
Franke Newman, Charles
Grimes Pennington, Elisha  Shootout at the Depot!
  Pryor and Trammell
Hetzel, Richard Robins, John Reed  (Oldest Son of Texas?)
Hill_George Schaffner, John Sr.
Hluchan Schroeder
Holzmann Voekels
Johann Janentzk Zurmuhle, Suzanna


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