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Beaman High Prairie Cemetery

Dime Box, Texas
Contributed by Stacey M. Bliss   queenb67@ev1.net

"This is a list of all those who have marked graves at the Beaman-High Prairie Cemetery, near Dime Box, Texas on CR 122.  I took down each stone as it read, along with any other information that may have been on them.  I also have traced as many people as possible in terms of their relations to see how they came to be buried there.  There are a few exceptions, such as permission given by some family members to close friends to bury a child or adult individual there, or as told to me by my father, poorer persons who couldn't afford to bury their loved ones elsewhere.  There are several unmarked graves that I hope to get future information on from the caretakers.

My father has told me that the land for the cemetery was donated by Josiah Beaman back when he first settled in the area, and that it was meant for the Beaman family and any relatives that sub-sequently married into the family.  I have been told there has been at least two charters made, the first after some people were supposedly buried in the cemetery without the family's permission, and stated that Beamans only were to be buried there, but then in later years a second amending it to just the families that were already present, and that no new members were to be added.  (I will try to get a copy of this if possible, since as a direct descendent, someone in my family should have a copy somewhere!)  Most buried there are related, as there are only about 10 named individuals that I cannot find family ties for.

The property itself is not very large in terms of space, approximately 1/4 to 1/2 acres.  There are a few very large, old trees, and several younger ones, surrounded by a black painted wrought iron fence with a gate in the front, and the remaining 3 sides by chain-link.  It sits right next to the driveway of the Beaman High Prairie Ranch, and is probably maintained by the current occupant.  All living persons that had headstones in place have been removed from this list.

**In my search, I came across the name Simpson F. Wiggins, b. DEC 1850, South Carolina who was a hired hand of Thomas J. Bolander for many years. I couldn't find a death date, but I am sure he passed away sometime after the 1920 Federal Census, since he was already into his 70's by then. Simpson F. Wiggins was most likely buried there by the Bolanders.**

Marriages from my research are listed in the Notes column, some marriage dates are included".

~Stacey M. Bliss

Name Birth Death Notes
ALLCORN, Lizzie 11 Jun 1871 4 May 1966
BEAMAN, B.G. (Baldwin Goss) 7 Dec 1858 22 Aug 1914
BEAMAN, Bernard Sr. 1884 1957 m. Bessie Bolander Beaman
BEAMAN, Bessie Bolander 1896 1935 m. Bernard Beaman, Sr.
BEAMAN, Beulah C. (Beulah Canary) 15 May 1875 15 Dec 1888
BEAMAN, Donhugh 13 Apr 1880 19 Dec 1919 m. Mary Dodd Beaman

BEAMAN, Herbert E. 12 Nov 1917 10 Oct 1987
BEAMAN, Joseph W. 30 Nov 1854 29 Oct 1921
BEAMAN, Josiah 1830 1899 m. Susannah Atkinson Beaman

BEAMAN, Mary Dodd 8 Feb 1855 16 Dec 1942 m. Donhugh Beaman

BEAMAN, Orlena 8 Jun 1896 21 Oct 1899
BEAMAN, Susannah Atkinson 1830 1891 m. Josiah Beaman

BOLANDER, Claud 6 Jun 1898 10 Sep 1969 m. Ellen Mae Bolander
BOLANDER, Drucilla E. Moore 24 Dec 1851 18 Jan 1933 m. LaFayette Augusta Bolander
BOLANDER, Ellen Mae 24 Sep 1904 3 Feb 1971 m. Claud Bolander
BOLANDER, Etter 12 Oct 1894 8 Nov 1898
BOLANDER, La Fayette Augusta 14 Feb 1848 13 Feb 1933 m. Drucilla E. Moore Bolander
BOLANDER, Ruth 16 Nov 1873 28 Jan 1953 m. Thomas J. Bolander
BOLANDER, Thomas J. 10 Mar 1853 14 Jan 1929 m. Ruth Bolander
CHRISTIANSEN, Annie Lee 1 Oct 1915 11 Apr 1917 18 months old
COWAN, Charlie (William Charles) 25 Aug 1888 24 Jul 1963 m. Mattie (Martha Allcorn) Cowan
COWAN, Donald Ray 1 Oct 1952 3 Oct 1952 2 days old
COWAN, Donald Teague 9 Jul 1935 9 Jul 1935
COWAN, Margie Perry 20 Feb 1923 27 Apr 2003 m. Wilburn C. Cowan [m. 10 Jul 1940]
COWAN, Mattie (Martha Allcorn) 2 Dec 1895 22 Aug 1977 m. Charlie (William Charles) Cowan
COWAN, Wilburn C. 11 Aug 1915 5 Feb 1988 m. Margie Perry Cowan [m. 10 Jul 1940]
COWAN, Will J. (William J.) 8 Apr 1861 10 Feb 1940 m. (Person is living) Cowan
DOUGLAS, Johnnie W. 31 Mar 1916 14 Nov 1994
DUNCAN, Barbara Cowan (Barbara Mae) 11 Jun 1917 19 Jan 1993 m. Lee J. (Lee Joe) Duncan [m. 23 Mar 1935]
DUNCAN, Jean Elizabeth 7 Aug 1936 7 Aug 1936
DUNCAN, Lee J. (Lee Joe) 12 Jan 1912 27 Feb 1991 m. Barbara Cowan (Barbara Mae) [m. 23 Mar 1935]
FLIPPIN, Claude A. Jr. (Butchie) Oct 1951 1 Mar 1953
FUSSELL, Novita Beaman 2 Aug 1922 17 Mar 2003 m. (Person is living) Fussell
GRIFFIN, W.M. (Bill) 21 May 1930 17 Feb 2002 m. (Person is living) Griffin [m.19 Nov 1949]
HARRIS, Reba Nell Cowan 19 Jul 1946 6 Jul 1999 m. (Person is living) Harris [m. 1 Jan 1956]
MARTIN, Krista Noel 10 Jun 1999 10 Jun 1999
M. ? 1896 ?
McDANIEL, H. Jessie 4 Jul 1924 2 Sep 2001 m. (Person is living) McDaniel [m. 10 Aug 1956]
McDANIEL, Inf Dau 23 May 1957 23 May 1957
McMILLAN, Elvira B. 3 Dec 1939 25 Sep 1974
L.N. ? ? ?
PLANT, Howard B. 19 Feb 1922 2 Jun 1946
S.T. ? 18(8)9? ?
STANLEY, Andrew (Andy) 26 Dec 1893 2 Feb 1978
STANLEY, C.W. (Charles W.) 6 Mar 1849 27 Jul 1905 m. Rebecca Harper Stanley
STANLEY, Elizabeth 24 Jun 1924 4 Mar 1997 m. Kenneth Stanley
STANLEY, G.R. (George R.) 25 Mar 1839 17 May 1926 m. Lavania Beaman Stanley
STANLEY, Kenneth 6 Jul 1928 19 May 1975 m. Elizabeth Stanley
STANLEY, Lavania B. (Lavania Beaman) 1856 1904 m. G.R. (George R.) Stanley
STANLEY, Lela 23 Dec 1906 18 Dec 1992 m. Pink (Pinkus P.) Stanley
STANLEY, Pink (Pinkus P.) 19 Sep 1896 27 Apr 1971 m. Lela Stanley
STANLEY, Rebecca (Rebecca Harper) 6 Nov 1848 1 Jan 1934 m. C.W. Stanley
STRONG, Emma Bolander 20 May 1881 26 Mar 1911
TEAGUE, Joel Brownlo 13 Apr 1869 22 Sep 1946 m. Minnie (Jones) Teague
TEAGUE, Mattie Hayes (Cowan) 15 Dec 1907 30 Sep 1993 m. Tommie F. (Tommie Florney) Teague
TEAGUE, Minnie (Eva Ormenta Jones) 31 Oct 1876 5 Mar 1938 m. Joel Brownlo Teague
TEAGUE, Thomas Joel 4 Oct 1934 17 Dec 1935 14 mos. old
TEAGUE, Tommie F. (Tommie Florney) 9 Apr 1905 23 Sep 1940 m. Mattie Hayes Teague
THOMPSON, Flara B. 9 Nov 1902 2 Dec 1982 m. James A. Thompson
THOMPSON, James A. 18 Mar 1890 18 Feb 1962 m. Flara B. Thompson
THOMPSON, Lily Turner 27 Jul 1890 24 Oct 1918
TISDEL, Edna S. 20 May 1886 12 Aug 1908
TURNER, George W. 8 Jan 1884 22 Jan 1897
TURNER, James B. 26 Jan 1881 22 Jan 1897
TURNER, Mary Jane 26 Jan 1881 22 Jan 1897
WIGGINS, **Unknown** ? ?
WILSON, J.E. 11 Apr ?86? ? Nov ?24?
WILSON, Mary 28 May 1894 21 May 1984




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