Waller Cemetery

Montgomery County Texas

From Conroe take Hwy 105 West to Dobbin--take a right on FM1486--go thru Dacus--continue on FM1486 until you see Waller Cemetery sign on left. Continue on this winding road until it dead ends--turn left and road makes a shape turn to right--cemetery is on right at end of road.

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This compilation of records was ascertained by comparing the six volumes of Montgomery County Cemeteries (published by the Montgomery County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc._ surveyed by Oveta & Horace Wright in 1978, and all extant Montgomery county Texas Funeral Homes records.

Funeral Home records consulted (also published by the MCG&HS) are referred to in these records are referred to as:

W-Wahrenberger Funeral Home

C- Cockerham-Branch-Marland Funeral Home

F- Forest Hill's Funeral Home

M- Metcalf Funeral Home

The number following the letter gives the volume number and the number following: _ is the page number.

These are unmarked graves as of 1978. These graves could have been overlooked by the cemetery surveyors or the grave markers may have been broken or unreadable. It is also possible that recorders misread the marker.

There are many early unmarked graves in Montgomery County. Private cemeteries have been lost forever. The only available information as to where a person was buried is the funeral home records, and it is not altogether impossible that errors occurred in recording the information in the funeral home records. All the above funeral homes are out of business except Metcalf's and all of their records were lost in the fire in 199_.

If a researcher is aware of an unmarked grave, please send the information to the MCG&HS or email Jane Keppler.

HOLMES, ROBERT LEWIS  Jan 6, 1904-Apr 25, 1967  Ref: M 9:44

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