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Cedar Grove Cemetery

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Directions: On east side of Highway 1414, south of junctions with Highway 2991.

Offsite listing of graves on Find A Grave:

Cedar Grove Cemetery at Find A Grave

Last First/maiden DOB DOD Notes
Washington George 26-Jan-1871 3-Sep-1936  

Burials from death certificates:

Burnham, Bennie                  1888     19 Jan 1930     Dau of Jack Burnham and America Cheetch
Burnham, Ruthie Harriet   07 Dec 1939     07 Dec 1939     Dau of James Burnham and Arvetta Rivers

Ford, Elbert Zanie        38 Aug 1908     17 Jul 1937     Son of Will Ford and Tilda Knighton
Ford, Shedrick                   1921     16 Apr 1930     Son of Harvey Ford and Bessie

Hamilton, Johnnie         12 Mar 1921     21 Oct 1921     Son of Nelson Hamilton and Coella Simmons
Hickman, Alexander        02 Aug 1910     02 Nov 1936     Son of Charley Hickman and Pearl Galaspie
Hickman, Charley          15 Apr 1882     05 Jan 1944     Son of Jim Hickman and Fannie Swearengen
Hickman, Levy             06 Nov 1922     22 Oct 1947     Son of Charlie Hickman and Pearl Glaspie

Jones, Tom                06 Mar 1870     07 Mar 1934     Son of Glaser Jones

Knighton, Carl            25 Jun 1942     10 Oct 1942     Son of Ilan Knighton and Jessie Lee Rhodes
Knighton, Henry           07 Mar 1878     17 Aug 1934     Son of Henry Knighton and Sarah Foreston
Knighton, Ira Fair        30 May 1883     29 Dec 1955     Son of Henry Knighton and Violet Knighton
Knighton, Samantha        05 Feb 1868     14 Nov 1938     Dau of Winfield Simmons and Harriott Miller
Knighton, Samantha        27 Nov 1882     30 May 1952     Dau of Rubin Horn and Narciss ?

Lee, Anthony              26 Feb 1862     05 Jul 1919     Son of Elija Lee and Elizabeth Brach

McMahan, Otis             20 Jan 1904     27 Oct 1952     Son of Alfin McMahan and Buna Bernahom

Simmons, Cal              26 Dec 1920     21 Jun 1959     Son of Mark Simmons and Edna Gobar
Simmons, Edna             10 Dec 1888     10 Dec 1957     Dau of Adams Gaber
Simmons, Gramson          10 Dec 1853     01 Sep 1936     Son of Tilman Simmons and Emily Kirkwood
Simmons, Jim              17 Mar 1876     09 Oct 1956     Son of Andrew Simmons and Ella Knighton 
Simmons, Johnnie          15 Jan 1894     31 Dec 1959     Son of Andrew Simmons and Ella Knighton
Simmons, Martha Ella      24 Aug 1885     30 Apr 1947     Dau of Henry Roebuck and Delia Joiner
Simmons, Molly McBride    27 Jul 1867     16 Jul 1942     Dau of Stephen McBride and Mary Perkin
Simmons, Odell            09 May 1934     09 Aug 1938     Son of Johnnie Simmons and Annie Owens
Simmons, Paten            07 Jan 1880     07 Apr 1959     Son of Grinson Simmons and Salina Lee
Simmons, Windfield                        25 Feb 1917           
Steel, Lydia              15 Nov 1832     01 May 1933     Dau of B. Bingham and Sarah Bingham
Steele, Kizzie            10 Apr 1876     17 Dec 1942     Dau of Robt. Holmes 
Swearengen, Alice         15 Feb 1873     10 May 1949     Dau of Ruben Horn

Washington, George        26 Jan 1871     03 Sep 1936     Son of George Washington and Emily Sweet


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