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Fawil, Texas


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Added by: Ben Wilson

Directions: from intersection of US190 and FM363 (west of Bon Wier), travel west on FM363 2.9 miles; cemetery on right / south.

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Dougharty Maud Lewis   10-Nov-1926  52 years old

Burials from death certificates:

Bohannon, Earl Edward     11 Oct 1889     26 Jan 1957     Son of John R Bohannon and Sarah Jane Pershing
Boyett, Barbara J.        23 Sep 1938     23 Apr 1940     Dau of Eugene P. Boyette and Pauline Burkitt
Brown, Ernest Jefferson   09 Apr 1899     24 Jul 1962     Son of Thomas Brown and Ludie Ford

Cotty, William Cecil      20 Jun 1921     23 Apr 1958     Son of John Dewey Cotty and Fannie Biscamp, WW II veteran

Davis, Evie Irene         26 Dec 1903     29 Oct 1962     Dau of Thomas J Brown and Ludie Ford
Davis, J. J.              06 Apr 1883     12 Nov 1942     Son of P. B. Davis and Viola Lewis
Davis, Joseph Ordell      11 Sep 1876     26 Jun 1934     Son of Arbe Davis and Mary Malendia Atwell
Davis, Loucile            14 Nov 1887     14 May 1924     Dau of Frank Davis and Millie Singletary
Davis, Pleasant Barkley   12 Sep 1859     01 Aug 1936     Son of Pleasant Davis and Annie Hughes
Davis, Samuel David       08 Jul 1934     18 Nov 1934     Son of Ramsey Davis and Arvil Haney
Davis, Sarah Palmer       25 Jul 1868     22 Mar 1921     Dau of Joshua Lee and Jane Mitchell
Davis, Unnamed Girl       09 May 1924     09 May 1924     Dau of Lee and Loucile Davis
Davis, Victoria           13 Mar 1885     16 Jul 1919     Dau of J. T. Buckley and Hannah Williams
Davis, Viola              14 Mar 1862     20 Sep 1931     Dau of Wm. Lewis and Melisha Moore

Gilley, Walter Ray        28 Aug 1963     28 Aug 1963     Son of Daniel Polk Gillery and Nora Lee Luckey

Herrin, Fed Thomas        10 Feb 1917     10 Jun 1957     Son of Del Herrin and Minnie J Love
Herrin, Joseph A Delbert  09 Feb 1879     07 Jun 1950     Son of Tom Herrin and Margaret E Smith
Herrin, W. M. D.          19 Jun 1851     07 May 1934     Son of James Herrin and Jane Lewis
Herford, Ella             11 Mar 1906     17 Dec 1938     Dau of Geo. Dougharty and Maude Lewis
Herford, Willie Graham    07 Jan 1931     16 Jun 1931     Son of I. D. Hereford and Ella Dougherty
Herrin, Harriet                  1850     12 May 1932     Dau of Turner Davis and Annie Hall

Kelley, Major             16 Jul 1893     30 Jan 1941     Son of L. L. Kelley and Mattie Taylor

Lewis, John Taylor        27 Aug 1874     06 Jun 1953     Son of N D Lewis and Metilda Herrin
Love, Jackson Monroe      06 Jan 1861     24 Jul 1923     Son of Jos. Love and Martha Jones

Stivender, Arthur William 20 Mar 1914     07 May 1953     Son of John T Stivender and Martha Cotten
Stivender, Martha Jane    16 Feb 1868     29 Jun 1953                

Wilson, Joseph Jay        02 Feb 1926     26 Sep 1959     Son of Herman J Wilson and Erma Fay Irvin; WW II veteran


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