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3 Sep 1897. Houston Post, page 3

Johnson - Newton, Texas, September 1 - Rev. J. F. Johnson, a veteran Methodist divine, died at his home six miles southeast of here on the 28th inst. and was buried at the family residence burying ground near his place on the 29th.

4 Dec 1898. The Marshall Messenger, page 2

Mr. Jake Pierce, thrown out of a buggy at Call, Newton county, Texas some time ago, died of his injuries.

14 Apr 1899. Houston Post, page 3
Residence at Newton

Newton, Texas, April 12 - C. C. Gilchriest, one Newton county's most prosperous farmers, lost his residence and all its contents by fire on the evening of the 10th instant. He had $200 in gold and some silver and paper money in the house when it was burned. The house seems to have caught from the chimney. The loss amounts to something like $1500, with no insurance.

2 May 1903. McKinney Dailey Courier, page 2

Col. John B. McLendon of Belgrade, Newton county, Texas is in McKinney on business. He was a Colonel in the 7th regiment. Goven's Brigade in Cleburne's division during the war. Col. McLendon has been a lawyer for 50 years, and enjoys the distinction of being at present the only resident lawyer in Newton county.

21 Nov 1903. Houston Post, 22 Nov 1903, page 16
Texas Fire Record. Residence at Newton.

Newton, Texas, November 21 - Mr. James Kellie's residence was destroyed by fire yesterday with all his household effects, as well as about two bales of cotton. The building belonged to Mr. William Davidson and there was no insurance either on the house or contents.

During the fire the wife of Judge C. A. Woods was present and rendered such aid as she could and on her way home was prostrated and for a time her life was despaired of but she has revived and there are now hopes of her recovery. Two physicians were called and rendered all medical aid possible.

14 May 1904. Houston Post, page 7
Deaths at Burkeville

Burkeville, Texas, May 13 - Sarah aged 14, daughter of Levi J. Miller, died last night.

Mr. G. Powell of Newton came here this morning after a casket for his little grandson, age 11 months, a son of Dallas Powell, that died last night.

Workmen are erecting the wire for a local telephone, here.

6 Aug 1904. Houston Post, page 1
Aged Couple Married; Seventy-Five-Year-Old Groom's Fourth Wife is 73

Newton, Texas, August 5 - Mr. Edward Smith and Mrs. Moad [sic] Marshall were united in marriage yesterday evening by Justice Matthews at the home of Mr. Enoch Smith, a son of the groom, about seven miles east of this place.

This is Mr. Smith's fourth wife and the second husband of Mrs. Marshall. The groom is 75 years of age, while the bride is 73, and Justice Matthews, who performed the ceremony, is 78.

Each of the contracting parties have great-grandchildren, many of whom are almost grown. The happy couple will leave immediately for the country home of the groom in the north end of this county, carrying with them the best wishes of wedded bliss. If either party has made a mistake, it will not be properly Chargeable to youth and inexperience.

5 Oct 1904. Houston Post, page 7
Deaths at Burkeville.

Burkeville, Texas, October 2 - Thelma, daughter of D. F. Smith, aged 5 years, died of pneumonia the night of the 30th and was buried here yesterday.

D. H. Youngblood, age 84, one of the county's oldest citizens died last night of heart failure at his home three miles from here.

There seems to be almost an epidemic of pneumonia in this section. An infant of D. F. Smith and one of W. D. Jordan are both very low with it.

16 May 1906. Houston Post, page 4
Losses at Burkeville.

Burkeville, Texas, May 15 - A statement of the losses by the fire of Monday night show the following: J. S. McWhorter & Co. $12,000, insurance $4500; C. F. Cade & Co. $10,000, insurance $5000; R. D. Hines & Bros. $3500, insurance $2000; G. A. McWhorter $1800, no insurance; Mrchants' and Planters' bank $1500, no insurance; Woodmen of the World $1000, no insurance; B. R. Stewart $1000, no insurance; John D. Long $1000, no insurance. The only business house to escape was that of the Newton County Record.

16 Jul 1906. Houston Post, page 3
Dr. A. A. McWhorter at Burkeville.

Burkeville, Texas, July 15 - Dr. A. A. McWhorter died here at 4 pm of paralysis. He was born in Alabama in 1825 and moved to Texas in 1849, and was engaged in the practice of medicine until 1896 when he moved to Orange, Texas, where he resided four years and returned to this place. He was thrice married and leaves by the three marriages six daughters and three sons. The three sons and two daughters residing here, and three residing in Houston, Texas, and one in Canada. He was a member of the Masonic lodge here and will be buried at 3 pm with Masonic honors.

22 Aug 1906. Houston Post, page 2
Mrs. Seastrunk at Burkeville

Burkeville, Texas, August 20 - Dr. T. R. Seastrunk died at his home on Houston Street at 1 am today, aged 84 years, 1 month and 11 days. He was born July 9, 1822 near Charleston, SC; graduated at Charleston in 1840, was married to Miss Mary M. Cade in 1847 and came to Newton county Texas in 1857 where he lived until his death. His wife preceded him one year and five months. He leaves to mourn his death two sons Dr. J. C. Seastrunk of Orange and R. T. Seastrunk of Jasper; three daughters, Mrs. C. f. Smith and Mrs. T. H. Good of this place and Mrs. H. T. Booker of Leesville, LA as well as a large number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

22 Nov 1906. Houston Post, 25 Nov 1906, page 8.
W. M. Clark at Newton.

Newton, Texas, November 23 - Captain W. M. Clark, an old citizen of this town, died yesterday mornings soon after midnight, and was buried here this evening with Masonic honors. He was a man well and favorably known over this part of the country, having been in the mercantile and cattle business nearly all of his life. He was one of the most thorough going men I ever knew, and had provided well for his family and had laid up something for a "rainy day." He has raised a large family, nearly all of whom are doing well.

7 Mar 1907. Houston Post, page 11
Aunt May Griner at Newton

Newton, Texas, March 6. - Aunt Mary Griner, who lived about seven miles northwest of town, died Monday morning. She was living with one of her sons and had been on the bed of affliction for several years. She was about 80 years old. She was highly respected by all who knew her and leaves a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

21 Apr 1907. Houston Post, page 23.
Texas Deaths. Mrs. Drucilla Perry at Newton.

Newton, Texas, April 20 - On Thursday was laid to rest in the town Cemetery Mrs. Drucilla Perry,mother of Mrs. J. R. West of this place. Mrs. Perry was a widow, about 74 years old, and had formerly resided at Korville, in Harris County. Mr. E. R. Perry of Houston had been summoned and was at the bedside of his mother when she died.

15 Feb 1908. Houston Post, page 7.

MATTOX - Newton, Texas, February 13. - Jack Mattox died here Wednesday and was interred here yesterday in the town cemetery. Jack was a brother of the well known townsman and popular hotel man, J. W. Mattox.

18 Sep 1908. Houston Post, 20 Sep 1908, page 11.
Hancock-Powell Wedding. Prominent Young People of Newton Married - Will Live at Austin.

Newton, Texas, September 18- At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Horger in Newton, Texas September 13, at 10 o'clock am John A. Hancock and Miss Alma Powell were united in marriage. Rev S. D. Horger of Silsbee officiating. The wedding march was played by Miss Lulu Clark as Flem Clark and Miss Mary Lee provided the bride and groom and Arthur Mattox and Miss Mamie Horger followed them to the altar in a room beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and flowers. The following of their friends and relatives assembled to witness the marriage: Rev. B. Z. Powell, Mrs. S. A. P. Harper, Mrs. J. M. Westbrook and children of Farrsville, W. J. Powell of Leesville, LA, Miss Ethel Hancock of Buna, Judge W. B. Powell of Jasper, George B. Markley, U. B. McCorquodale of Orange, A. M. Hill of Kountze, Dr. W. H. and Miss Bessie Hardy, J. P. McMahon, Jr. and family, James B. Kerr and family, Judge George V. Denman and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Burton, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Shaw, Mrs. John Oswald, Miss Kate Wilson, Judge C. A. Woods, J. W. Mattox, Thomas Becker, J. S. Peters, R. A. Booker, A. A. Fuller, J. H. Booker and Master Lamkin Burton of Newton.

A number of friends accompanied the couple in buggies to Rogan, and thence as far as Kirbyville.

They will make Austin their home while Mr. Hancock attends the law school at the university.

26 May 1909. Houston Post, page 7

Newton, Texas, May 23 - The W. H. Ford school was closed Saturday. The school has had a very successful session under the management of Prof. W. B. Martin. The commencement sermon was preached today by Rev. R. L. McQuistion of Kirbyville. The summer normal will open here on the 31st instant, will be taught in the new $10,000 brick school building, which has just been completed. The normal will be conducted by Prof. P. L. Hunter of Jasper.

2 Mar 1912. Houston Post, page 5

Newton, Texas, March 1. - The entire business block on the west side of the public square burned here last night about 11 o'clock. R. H. Windham lost merchandise valued at $16,000 insurance $8000. Hall Brothers' storehouse, $4000, insurance $2000. W. T. Gray & Co, merchandise, $8,000, insurance $4,000. Dave Gilchrist, storehouse, $3,000, no insurance. William Brothers' drug store, $2000, no insurance. H. E. Miller, barber shop, $500, no insurance.

Origin of fire not known.

17 Feb 1916. El Paso Herald, page 6.
Newton, Texas, Woman died here; body returned

Mrs. Minnie Felder, age 29 years, died Thursday morning at 5:45 oclock at a local hospital, following an illness of several weeks.

Deceased came to El Paso two years ago from her home in Newton, Texas to where the body will be shipped for interment tonight, accompanied by relatives.

2 Apr 1922. The Marshall News Messenger, page 1
Men Injured when Motor Car Wrecks

Kirbyville, Texas, April 1 - Johnny Gallegher, of Newton, Texas, was killed and J. H. Haney and W. E. Withers, both of Call, Texas, hurt seriously when a motor car in which they were riding on the Santa Fe, 6 miles from here, was wrecked. It is believed the two injured men will recover.

9 Feb 1932. Wichita Falls Times, 9 Feb 1932, page 1.

Newton, Texas, Feb. 9 (INS) - Three persons were dead today and a fourth was in a serious condition as the result of a gun battle in the Newton County jail following the attempt of a negro prisoner to escape last night. The dead are:
Sheriff Dave C. Humphries of Newton County.
B. A. Meadows, superintendent of a crate factory.
Caesar Powell, negro prisoner.
Constable Recy Hamilton, who was attacked by the negro, today was in a serious condition from a bullet wound and a severe beating administered by the negro.

21 Nov 1938. Tyler Morning Telegraph, page 5.
Newton Dentist Dies

Jasper, Nov 20 (AP) - Dr. Thomas Rush Dickerson, 49, dentist of Newton, Texas, died at a hospital here Sunday. Funeral services will be held at Newton Monday.

13 Dec 1940. The Tyler Morning Telegraph, page 2
Mrs. Martha Rogers, lone centenarian, dies at Nacogdoches.

Nacogdoches, Dec 12 - Mrs. Martha B. Rogers, the lone centenarian of Nacogdoches County, died at her home here two months after she had celebrated her one hundredth birthday. Funeral services were held at the Redland Cemetery, and burial was made there.

Surviving Mrs. Rogers are 132 direct descendants in four generations.

Born Oct 9, 1840 in Burkville, Newton County, Texas, Mrs. Rogers was a native of the Republic of Texas and was believed to have been one of the oldest native Texans. She was married and had a child before the Civil War ended and outlived seven of her ten children.

Reared in Newton County in deep East Texas, Mrs. Rogers held clear memories of those pioneer days up to the time of her death. Her father and other members of her family were frequently called to quell uprisings among Indians during those early days.

Immediate survivors of the historical old lady include two sons, Frank Rogers of Nacogdoches and R. J. Rogers of Houston; a daughter, Mrs. S. E. Corley of Sacul; a brother, L. R. Wortham of Eustace, and 39 grandchildren.

6 Mar 1943.

A bomber from the base at Lake Charles, Louisiana, with 5 airmen on board crashed in Newton County about 10 miles southeast of Newton. Four of the five airmen died that day from burns and severe internal injuries. An article about the crash and fatalities appeared in several Texas newspapers on the 8th.
Officers Announce Newton Crash Victims. Lake Charles, LA, March 8 -- (AP) --

Public relations officers of the Lake Charles air base announced Monday the four men killed late Saturday in the crash of a bomber near Newton, Texas, were: First Lt. Paul E. Smith, pilot, of Bath, NY; 2nd Lt. Richard F. Edward, Renfrew, PA; Staff Sgt. Russell M. Corbett, Progress, PA; and Staff Sgt. Charles A. Colson, Jr, Essex, MA.

The fifth member of the crew was reported recovering at the base.

[From The Austin American; Austin, Texas; 09 Mar 1943, Tue, Page 5. Article found on Newspapers.com]

15 Jun 1944. Liberty Vindicator, page 4.
Burch Families Attend Gray Rites.

Mr. and Mrs. Elza Burch accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Orland R. Burch of Houston to Trinity, Friday, June 9 to attend the funeral service of Dennis Call Gray, brother of Mrs. Orland Burch.

Mr. Gray, who died at 9:30 pm Wednesday, June 7, at the Marine base hospital in Galveston, was a World War I veteran and had served four years in the navy, part of which time he was stationed in the Phillipines.

Burial was held in the family cemetery in Newton, Texas. Mr. Gray is survived by his father, Judge W. E. Gray of Newton, his widow, Mrs. Alma Grady Gray, three daughters, three sons, three sisters, four brothers and a grand-daughter.

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