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Directions: From intersection of SH63 and FM1414 (in/near Burkeville), travel southeast on FM1414 2.2 miles; cemetery on left

Historical Marker: Brothers Sebern (1809-1865), Allen (1814-1887) and John Woods and their families were living in Yalobusha County, Mississippi, in 1840. They traveled to the Republic of Texas with their parents, John (1785-1863) and Mary (b. 1790) Woods, in the fall, settling in what was then Jasper County. Sebern and Allen received land grants from the Republic of Texas in about 1842. They worked to build a community and in 1844 organized a Baptist Church in the home of Sebern and Nancy (Marshall) (1819-1893) Woods. The area became part of the newly formed Newton County in 1846. John Woods moved to Louisiana; Allen and his wife Mathilda Ann soon followed. She died in 1856, and Allen returned to Texas with his second wife, Eliza, in 1857. According to family history, Sebern set aside a tract of land for a cemetery. His grandson, T. R. Woods (1879-1945), later gave another tract, bringing the cemetery to 1 acres. According to oral history, the earliest grave is that of John Woods, Sr. (1785-1863). The earliest legible historic gravestones are those of three of Allen and Eliza Woods' children. More than 20 marked graves date from 1900 or earlier. The almost 50 marked graves of children dating from before 1930 are a testament to the difficult conditions of pioneer life. Woods cemetery is the final resting place of more than 368 people. Many of these men and women were pioneer residents of Newton County, including ministers, public officials, farmers, educators, medical doctors, musicians, lawyers and laborers. The 42 veterans buried here before the dawn of the 21st century included one who fought in the U.S. wars with American Indians, eight veterans of the Civil War, and several who saw conflict in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. (2000)

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Erwin James 25-Dec-1850 26-Jan-1940  He is my great grandfather.
Peggy Pletz Smithson


Warner Daniel Thomas 10-Jul-1846 8-Sep-1939  

Burials from death certificates:

Aguirre, Jose B.                          18 Sep 1937     Age 57; Son of Rosalio Aguirre and Matilde B. Barron

Clark, Dixie              30 Mar 1907     16 Apr 1936     Son of James A. Clark and Edna Enner
Clevenger, Infant son     18 Feb 1940     18 Feb 1940     Son of Jack Clevenger and Gertrude Woods

Dean, George H.           22 Jun 1858     27 Jun 1937
Deason, Mark              16 Aug 1913     27 Nov 1934     Son of Riley Deason and Allie Williamson                 
Dickerson, Ada Marinda    07 Sep 1868     29 Apr 1957     Dau of Rayford Woods and Eliza Jordan
Dickerson, Isaac Bryant   09 Mar 1869     14 Apr 1933     Son of Coleman Dickerson and Nancy Simmons
Doty, Mrs. Katie Mae      03 Nov 1909     01 Jan 1930     Dau of Bryant Dickerson and Altie Woods

Erwin, Clemmie            25 Feb 1878     24 Jun 1947       
Erwin, James Wade         13 Feb 1932     14 Nov 1936     Son of A. D. Erwin and Zula Jordan

Fowler, Hazel Lee         14 Aug 1943     14 Aug 1943     Dau of Joe R. Fowler and Mary Shaver
Fowler, Lucille           14 May 1938     08 Aug 1938     Dau of Joe Fowler and Mary Shaver
Fowler, Minnie Lee        14 Aug 1943     14 Aug 1943     Dau of Joe R. Fowler and Mary Shaver

Gallaspie, Samuel Overturf 25 Dec 1853    05 Jun 1936     Son of John Lane Gallaspie and Aursula Hardy
Gilley, Avie Idella       16 Apr 1889     28 Jun 1951     Dau of D C Ducksworth and Sally Tate
Gilley, Florence          17 May 1900     21 May 1956     Dau of Dan Warner and Mollie Fairchilds
Gilley, Polk              25 May 1838     08 Sep 1930     Son of Mose Gilley and Alice Holland

Hall, Ruby Louise         07 Nov 1921     07 Nov 1962     Dau of Prentiss Gilley and Florence Warner
Harbison, Henry           03 Aug 1907     14 Mar 1937     Son of Roy Harbison and Jessie Shaw

Kelley, Irine             04 Aug 1873     13 Oct 1920     Dau of Pleas. May

Loftin, Sarah             14 Feb 1872     15 Mar 1933     Dau of Jerry Fowler and Susan Craft

Mattox, Eddie Joe         28 Oct 1893     26 Jan 1957     Son of Joe T Mattox and Virginia Rogers
McCool,Ray Winfield       16 Mar 1928     17 Oct 1929     Son of C. W. McCool and Carrie Kelley
Medley, Anna              17 May 1878     21 Apr 1937     Dau of B. G. Medley and Alice Daniels
Medley, Beatrice          30 Sep 1928     29 Nov 1934     Dau of Johnnie Medley and Dora Dyson
Medley, R. P.             08 Aug 1931     14 Feb 1935     Son of Johnnie Medley and Dora Dyson
Miller, Flora             05 Apr 1870     28 Jan 1955     Dau of Ralfe Woods
Miller, Richard M.        22 Sep 1866     20 Feb 1937     Son of Marcus Miller and Sarah Cousins

Rogers, J. L.             23 Sep 1854     01 May 1934     Son of J. B. Rogers and Tabitha Massengale
Rogers, Mary Leona        12 Feb 1858     26 Nov 1939    

Simmons, Fannie Joe       23 Nov 1878     18 Sep 1950     Dau of S C Langham and Minnie Westbrooks
Simmons, John Travis      19 Apr 1876     26 Dec 1959     Son of Louis Simmons and Sally Jordan
Simmons, Perry            14 Oct 1903     26 Sep 1920     Son of Louis Simmons and Sallie Jordan
Smith, Doris Francis      04 Sep 1935     12 Feb 1936     Dau of Ed D. Smith and Bessie Hubbard
Smith, Mary Jane          10 Apr 1922     06 Aug 1923     Dau of W. M. Smith and Bertha Maynard
Smith, Newt Henry         31 Oct 1867     07 Nov 1954     Son of Henry Smith and Sally Edith
Smith, W. M., Sr.         28 Aug 1876     23 Apr 1924     Son of J. H. Smith

Warner, Daniel Thomas     10 Jul 1846     08 Sep 1939     Son of Geo. Warner and Nancy Ringro
Weaver, Wendell           12 Jul 1930     05 Oct 1933     Son of J. C. Weaver and Estelle Dickerson
Woods, Claude             11 Sep 1898     26 Jun 1963     Son of John P Woods and Savannah Droddy, WW I veteran
Woods, E. Z.              12 Aug 1852     03 Jun 1932     Son of Hiram Woods and Charlotte Watson
Woods, Edna Mearl         20 Jul 1944     12 Sep 1944     Dau of White H. Woods and Opal Lee Woods
Woods, Everette P         27 Mar 1888     23 Jan 1960     Son of Rayford C Woods and Eliza Jordan
Woods, Frank R.              Jul 1857     13 Nov 1943     Son of Hiram Woods and Charlotte Watson
Woods, Hattie Ava         26 Oct 1902     22 Jun 1930     Dau of T. Frank Burnham and Florence Frances Rogers
Woods, J. R.              07 Jul 1866     08 Aug 1933     Son of Hiram Woods and Saloma Watson
Woods, Lawson             14 Apr 1900     13 Feb 1921     Son of Frank R. Woods and Amanda Marshall
Woods, Lexie              19 Mar 1904     30 Oct 1918     Dau of John F. Woods and Wilmoth Powell
Woods, Melton Rush        06 Sep 1908     01 Apr 1926     Son of T. D. Woods and Evie Dickerson
Woods, Ruth O             26 Jul 1881     04 Dec 1947     Dau of James Cason Miller and Miriah Epps Cousins

Young, Unnamed Girl       29 Jul 1925     29 Jul 1925     Dau of C. Young and Asalete Keel     


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