Robertson County




County Coordinator is Jane Keppler.

County Co-Coordinator is Jean Huot Smoorenburg

If you have any questions or would like to submit information for Robertson County, please email one of the above.

We do not live in Robertson County so we cannot do research.

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Interactive Maps

To navigate one of these maps, click on it.  It will enlarge.  Then, click on the area of the map you wish to see.  Another map of the selected area will appear.  You can enlarge the map by using the drop-down menu under "Resolution" to go to 6%, 12%, 25%, 50%, or 100% zoom.

Once enlarged, you should notice small black crosses enclosed in black rectangular boxes.  These identify cemeteries.  As the 50%-zoom map below illustrates, the New Baden & Mount Pleasant Cemeteries are clearly marked.  The Brown #2 Cemetery is the unmarked cross on the road towards the New Baden Cemetery.


General Maps
Map Names Descriptions
Robertson's Original Colony & Present Day Counties Central Texas Area Museum Of History, Salado, Bell County, TX, 1969
1835, Texas by David H. Burr, Published By J. H. Colton & Co., New York, New York
1836, New Map Of Texas with the contiguous American & Mexican states, by J. H. Young, published by S. Augustus Mitchell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1836, State Of Texas by Professor H. D. Rogers & A. Keith Johnston
1838, Texas by Thomas G. Bradford
1840, Nouvelle Carte du Mexique du Texas et d'une partie des stats limitrophes, by A. H. Brue, Paris, France
1840, Texas by Jeremy Greenleaf, compiled from the latest and best authorities
1844, Map Of Texas compiled from surveys recorded in the land office of Texas and other official surveys, by John Arrowsmith, Soho Square, London, England
1844, Map Of Texas & The Countries Adjacent compiled by the Bureau of the Corps of Topographical Engineers from the best authorities for the State Department, by E. H. Emory, War Department
1846, Map Of Texas from the most recent authorities, published by C. S. Williams, Philadelphia, PA
1847, Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Mejico I. Distuenell, 102 Broadway, Nueva York
1856, Texas published by J. H. Colton & Co, No. 172, William Street, New York, New York
1856, J. De Cordova's State Of Texas compiled from the records of the general land office of the state by Robert Greuzbaum, revised & corrected by Charles W. Pressler, J. H. Colton & Co., No. 172, William Street, New York, New York
1857, Texas of the United States showing the Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Railroad
1860, Johnson's Texas by J. J. Johnson & Browning
1861, Richardson's New Map Of The State Of Texas including part of Mexico, compiled from government surveys & other authentic documents, published by Charles De Silver, No. 714 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1875, Cram's Railroad & Township Map Of Texas published by George F. Cram, proprietor of Western Map Depot, 66 Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois
1882, Map Of Texas new enlarged scale, showing every railroad station & post office in the state, Rand McNally & Co., Chicago, Illinois
1882, Original New Baden Landowners Plat large fold-out map included in 1882 Deutsch Colony Of New Baden booklet by John George Meyer, New Baden, TX, The Center For American History Collection, The University of Texas at Austin
1891, County & Railroad Map Of Texas large scale, compiled from the latest and most accurate surveys, Rand McNally & Co., map publishers and engravers, Chicago, Illinois
1902, Texas by Rand McNally & Co., Chicago, Illinois
2001, Robertson County Map Robertson County Appraisal District, 108 Morgan Street, Post Office Box 998, Franklin, Texas 77856, 979.828.5800
2001, Robertson County Map Hearne Chamber Of Commerce, 304 South Market Street, Hearne, Texas 77859
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State Coordinator: Gina Heffernan

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