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County Coordinator is Jane Keppler.

County Co-Coordinator is Jean Huot Smoorenburg

If you have any questions or would like to submit information for Robertson County,

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School yearbooks provide a great deal of valuable genealogical and historical information.  In addition to allowing you to stroll down memory lane when looking at them, the names of high school students and others help to place families in geographic areas at specific times.  They also help identify children with family surnames that may be of interest in your research.

This is the beginning of a new school yearbook section that, if successful, is going to require a great deal of volunteer effort.  So, if you've got some yearbooks from your school years, those of your parents, aunts & uncles, grandparents, and children stashed away on a bookshelf, in the attic, or sitting at the bottom of a closet, dig them out and share their information with others.

Bremond High School

No Yearbooks Have Been Posted Online By Former Students


Calvert High School

No Yearbooks Have Been Posted Online By Former Students

1928 Elmo School Class

Schultz Store

Rabe Store

Community Center

Water Tower & Plant

Peter's Gin


Train Depot

Hanhart Place

Brunette Place

Dieckmann Place

Schultz Homes

Pfistner Place

Rabe Place

1896 Group Photograph


Franklin High School

Chaparral Yearbook - from at least 1919 through 1939
Monarch Yearbook - from 1940 until the present
(a complete collection of the Monarch Yearbook is in the Franklin High School Library;
other copies are in the Robertson County Library in Franklin)

1899 Graduates 1909 Graduates Pre-1919 Chaparrals 1919 Chaparral 1920 Chaparral 1921 Chaparral
1922 Chaparral 1923 Chaparral 1924 Chaparral 1925 Chaparral 1926 Chaparral 1927 Chaparral
1928 Chaparral 1929 Chaparral 1930 Chaparral 1931 Chaparral 1932 Graduates 1932 Chaparral
1933 Chaparral 1934 Chaparral 1935 Graduates 1935 Chaparral 1936 Graduates 1936 Chaparral
1937 Graduates 1937 Chaparral 1938 Graduates 1938 Chaparral 1939 Graduates 1939 Chaparral
1940 Monarch 1941 Monarch 1942 Monarch 1943 Monarch 1944 Graduates 1944 Monarch
1945 Monarch 1946 Monarch 1947 Monarch 1948 Monarch 1949 Monarch 1950 Monarch

red - copy of annual needed          blue - available online


Hearne High School Graduates 1950-1959

(file contains 490 names & will take a while to load)


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State Coordinator: Gina Hefferman
Assistant State Coordinators: Jane KepplerBunny Freeman and Laura Gregory Roberts
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