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Funeral Home Records



Clark-Downs Hardware store was established in 1906.  Caskets were added to the items sold and  in the early 1903's they started providing services as a mortuary.  The funeral home was sold to Wyman Roberts in 1946.



Percy Garner and Son Mortuary was  founded by Mr. Percy Garner in 1927.  Mr. Garner along with his assistant at the time, Herman Garner, would answer the first calls by going to the family homes during there time of need and preparing the body by bathing and dressing the body. After which they would put the body in the casket, that was most likely ordered from Clark and Downs General Store or built by Joe Roberts, then the casket would be placed on a 300 lb. block of ice with salt bags placed inside the casket with the body.   During the later 1920ís an ambulance was purchased for use in emergency calls and for funerals.  Mr. Garner was licensed in 1935 during that time licensing was not like it is today where you are required by law to attend a Mortuary School.  All that was required was submitting a form requesting a license.     Later on a building was purchased at the current location of 304 Ironosa Road.  Since itís establishment the building has been expanded and remodeled through the years.  In 1956, Mr. Percyís  third son Lon L. Garner was licensed as a Funeral Director and took over the daily management and running of business. In 1974, Mr. Percy Garner passed away leaving his sons to carry on with the business.  Between 1984 and 1986 with the passage of state laws requiring the licensing of ambulance services and other legislative laws, the Emergency Service part of Garner & son was slowly discontinued and the focus on providing Funeral Services became the main business.  On October 1, 1987, Chemertie Johnson joined the ranks as a Funeral Director and office manager where she served full time for 17 and still continues to help when needed.  On  November 26, 2002, Alex Jolon Garner became the third generation of Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer to serve with the company.  In 2004 David Garner joined the ranks full time. On August 26, 2008, Mr. Lon L. Garner passed away leaving the control of the company to his sons, Alex and David Garner.   


San Augustine Funeral Home records are not available



Purchased from Herman Clark in 1946, Wyman Roberts operated the funeral home until his death in 1950.  His widow, Marie Sparks Roberts continued services and with her second husband, Charley Lawrence operated it until 1983 at which time it was purchased by Al & Johnnie Godsey.  In 1994 it was sold to a corporation.  On July 5, 2007 it was purchased by Heritage Family Services, Inc. owned by Charles and Lisa Sharp, Mike and Debbie Jackson.


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