DeSoto Parish Louisiana

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana
and to the motto for which it stands:
A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals,
confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here."

DeSoto Parish Obituaries

Names are linked to individual page obituaries.  Scroll down this page for a list of names in a large file consisting of  many obits from the SABINE INDEX.   Have a record to contribute? PLEASE  E-MAIL ME.  Your contributions are always welcome & appreciated for other researchers to share!

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Marian Luella Hyde Adams

Wylie M. Barrow

Catherine Hoyle Tomkies Beard

Goodwyn E. Bixler

William Lorin Bixler

Rev. B. F. Brown

Sandra Kay Hogan Buchanan

Douglas John Cater

LT. COL. Charles V. Christian

Louis Haden Christian

Nannie Ovada Christian

Edwin Connell

Miss Elgin Connell

Joe Connell

Dr. E. Davies

J. A. Dixon

Lula J. DuBois

Mattie Bell Garrett

Celia Gilliard

Jennie Phillips Glasscox

Mrs. B.C. Gordon

Loda Williams Hamilton

Michael Wayne Heinz

Will Hightower

Adolphus Franklin Jackson

Mary Celine Laffitte

James William Matthews

Lydia Vay Matthews

Winnie Bixler McAnally

Beverly Jean Caskey Meeks

Opal Mounce

William Chamberlin Myhand

Eileen Nabors

Mamie Rambin Calmes

Dr. Abijah Rembert II

Clay Robertson

Robert H. Scott

Elizabeth Downs Sheppard

William V. Simpkins

Clara Williams Smith

Dorothy "Dot" Smith

James D. Raines

Max Wayne Smith

Jack Stewart

Annie Walters

Harold Welborn

John Whitten

Bessie W. Williams

Ellie Ann Howell Williams

O. D. (Kidd) Williams

Sarah Williams

Some 1950's Records From Osborne Funeral Home, Shreveport

Various Obituaries From the 'Sabine Index'

W. E. Abington, Miss Lula Adams, Arnold Ailstock, Jim Anderson, Mrs. Thelma B. Arnold,  Mrs. Frank Autrey, Mrs. Gladys Autrey, Mrs. Delia Bailey,  Burton L. Bass,
Mrs. Mamie  Bazemore, Clarence R. Behan,  Herman W. Blue,  Hure O. Blue,  Rufus Boone,
James W. Bowden, William H. Boyd, Jr.,  Ernest Bridges,  Mrs. Orvilla Dykes Bridges,
Dr. Otis E. Bridges,  J.G. Brown,  Mrs. Justine Brown,  Hal A. Burgess, Allen R. Bush,
Squire Campbell,  Marie Canton,  Sheila A. Carroll, Frederick Chamberlin,  Mrs. Ida Cobb,
David James Cook,  Mrs. Sidney E. Cook, Thomas Craig(2),  Novice Marie Crutchfield,  Edward H. Curtis,  Mrs. Rose Daniels,  Travis J. Davis, Herbert DeSoto,  Dr. W. E. Dillon,
Mrs. Mary Downs,  Alice M. Edwards,  Tessie Elliott, Rosie Emmons,  Mrs. Clara English,
Mrs. Sue Ezernack,  Mrs. Mary Farr,  Mrs. I.L. Farris,  Mrs. Vivian Flanders,  Mrs. Lizzie Folks,  Mrs. Anna E. Frazier,  James Prentiss Furlow,  Rev. L. F. Gill,  Mrs. Cleo J. Glover,
Mrs. Virginia Huey Good,  Ella Graves,  Mrs. Roy E. Green,  Mrs. Tiny Green,  Mrs. Walter Griffis,  Mrs. Minnie Gross,  Guy B. Hall, Sr., Elmer Harris, Mrs. Ruby Hatcher,  Thomas C. Hatcher, W.B. Hill,  Rev. Joe E. Hinkie,  Jerry Horton,  Ned Walter Jenkins,  Luther F. Johnston,  J. J. Jones,  Emma Lou Kelly, Mr. Marvin Lee Kelly,  H.A. Kennedy,
Mrs. Josephine K. Lambert,  Nedra Latham,  J.E. Laurence,  Lillian Leggett,  Mrs. J.L. Leopold,  James Richard Lewis,  Eloise Taylor Lilly,  William Truly Litton,   Mr. Ray Douglas Logan Jr.,  Mrs. Loretta Lowrey,  Mrs. Fannie Lou Lum,  James Magee,  Ms. Marble Malmay,  Mrs. S.A. Marshall,  Mrs. Miranda Martin,  James R. Matthews,  Mrs. Callie McCullor,  Billy Wayne Miller,  W.E. Miller,  Johnny Moore,  Tom Moore,  Hattie Mosley,  Mrs. Victoria Moss,
Mrs. W.C. Nabors,  James E. Napier,  Angus L. Neal, Jr.,  Clyde Neal,  Maggie Neal,
Mrs. Minnie Paddie,  Mrs. Edna Mary Palmer,  John Patton Sr.,  Rev. H. Peacock,  Robert Peacock, Sr.,  William Peacock, Mrs. Minnie Phipps,  Vester Pilcher,  Wilmer Polk,  Donoho Porter,  W.H. Price,   J.B. Prothro,  Tandy B. Prothro,  Mrs. Mary Pullen,  Mr. Clarence A. Quillen,  George Raborn,  Mrs. Mary Raines,  Mrs. Virgil Rains,  Mr. John Edward Rambin, Jr.,
Mrs. Joyce Kay Richard,  Elie Rivers, Jr.,  Viola B. Robbins,  W.H. Robbins,  Matthias Roberts,  Dr. Archie Robinson,  Mrs. Ella Russell,  Mrs. Robert "Jack" Ryals,  Robert S. Salter,  Joseph Santos,  Wiley M. Scott,  Mrs. Annie Setton,  Mrs. Callie Shelton,   John E. Shetley,
Mr. Edward Lee Simpson, Jr.,  Mrs. Mamie Sims,  Robert P. Sims,  Archie Smith,
Mrs. Harold L. Smith,  Mrs. Tom E. Smith,  Mr. James Douglas Spann, Harvey Stoker,  Mrs. Beulah Sturdavin,  Wilburn Sullivan,  Mrs. C.B. Tanner,  Mrs. Hattie Mae Armstrong Tarbox,
Maudie V. Tatum,  Sam Taylor,  Ed G. Teasley,  Warren Thomas,  Mrs. Grace Kaylor Thompson,  Edith Traigle,  Mrs. Annie Tylor,  James W. Valentine,  Bud Walden,  James Watson,  Mrs. Ernestine Webb,  Mrs. M.J. Webb,  Mr. Roy E. Wells,  Jack J. Wheless,
Mrs. Margaret White,  Mrs. Pearl Williams,  Robert Pendleton Wilson,  Alonzo L. Woods, Alonzo Leroy Woods,  Mrs. Abbie Worsham, Mrs. Effie Wright,  John V. Wyatt,  Mrs. Alice Youngblood,  Cpl. David W. Youngblood,  R.O. Youngblood.


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