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Guardian Angel Cemetery (Wallis)


From Sealy, take Hwy 36 south.   Go thorough Wallis and turn right at third blinker, to FM 1952 by the Catholic Church.   Follow the road for .9 mile south.   Cemetery is on west side of road. 

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. May 2020


Last name First name Birth Death Comment
2 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
Adams Glendon B 10-Jun-1943 24-Oct-2015 h/o Rosalie
Aguilar Frank 17-Sep-1929 22-Oct-1998  
Aguilar Joe A 2-Mar-1945 24-Jun-2019  
Aleman Cecilia Macumba 20-Jun-1908 16-Jan-1998  
Aleman Victor 6-Mar-1908 22-Sep-1992  
Allen Joseph Diego 28-Oct-1937 5-Jul-2016 h/o Gertrude T
Almaraz Diego Javier (Infant)   1-Aug-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapel
Alvarado Antonio 1964 22-Aug-2014  
Alvarado Beatrice Aleman 8-Nov-1939 20-Mar-2017  
Alvarado Trinidad 5-Aug-1927 19-Jul-2010  
Andel  Louis 2-May-1914 31-Jan-1956  
Aylor  Christine 28-Aug-1938 28-Aug-1938  
Balzek  Anna 18 May 1879 26-Oct-1962  
Baranowski  Steve 5 Aug 1894 20-Apr-1976  
Baranowski Ignac J (Ike) 22-Jan-1920 9-Jul-2001 Cpl US Army WWII
Barta Alfons 11 Jul 1897 16-Dec-1977 WWI
Barta Johana Peter 22-Feb-1869 31-Aug-1951  
Barta John E     WWII
Barta Frantisek 23-Dec-1868 22-May-1938  
Barta  ictor 2-Mar-1911 20-May-1929 WWI
Barta Linda 29-Jun-1952 23-Aug-1981  
Bartos  Elouise 14-Apr-1924 7-Feb-1966  
Bartos Jim Adolph 30-Jul-1918 3-Jun-2000 PFC US Army WWII 
Bartosh  Roman F. 26-Aug-1908 10-Mar-1952  
Bielec  Sophie 2 Oct 1893 14-Mar-1983  
Bielec  Annie 30 Jul 1890 11-Nov-1955  
Bielec  Ladislav 5 Mar 1887 1-Mar-1972  
Bielec Frank Poncho 7-Aug-1916 22-Jan-1997 1st Sgt US Army WWII  
Bielec William J 12-Sep-1912 1-Apr-1979 Pvt. US Army WWII  
Bilski  Mike S. 13-Sep-1912 9-Apr-1979 Veteran WWII
Bilsky  Cecelia No dates given    
Blahuta  Marvin 2o Dec 1930 20-Dec-1930  
Blanar  Johanna 21 Apr 1871 27-Dec-1926  
Blazek  John  9 Apr 1876 21-Jan-1948  
Blazek  Annie M. 13-Feb-1918 4-Jan-1983  
Blazek Maureen Weaver 16-Jul-1931 12-Jun-2013 w/o Leroy
Blazek  Otilie 13-Feb-1902 23-Jan-1916  
Blazek  Joseph F. 26-Mar-1906 12-Nov-1907  
Blazek  Leonard 24-Sep-1916 11-Oct-1919  
Blazek  Edward Bernard 25 Mar 1895 8-Jun-1967  
Blazek  Willie 27-Sep-1911 28-Oct-1979  
Blazek  Lucy Zurek 18 Nov 1893 28-Jul-1993  
Bohac  Agnes Vojtka 2-Nov-1855 31-Dec-1938  
Bohac  Frank 2-Sep-1861 12-Feb-1946  
Bohac  Frank 12 Aug 1887 4-Jan-1968  
Bohac  Philomina 29 Oct 1886 28-Mar-1957  
Bohacek  Frank M. 7-Mar-1913 3-Oct-1980  
Boldt Leon Louis 1-Apr-1913 2-Jan1986 WWI
Bradford  Mary Ann 10-Nov-1947 11-Nov-1947  
Brandt  Allen 11-Jul-1902 13-May-1964  
Brandt  Donald Dennis 5-Dec-1942 24-Jun-2000  
Brast  Marcus Herman 21-Jan-1924 20-Dec-2004  
Brast Tillie Silva 15-Aug-1917 4-Feb-2015 w/o Marcus
Brewer  Richard 28-Apr-1951 29-Apr-1951  
Bubela  Frantiska 22 Feb 1880 23-Aug-1931  
Bujnoch  Mary Macha 16-Jul-1873 30-Aug-1950  
Callahan Leda 7-Oct-1902 15-Jan-1976  
Cartesio Peter Joseph 22-Jun-1927 30-Mar-2012 WWII  Find A Grave pic
Cerny  Frank W. 25 Jan 1895 14-Dec-1982 WWI
Cerny Jerome Theodore 14-Nov-1928 25-Oct-2004  
Cerny Simon Frank 17-Feb-1923 1-Aug-2017 WWII  
Cervenka  Louis 1923 1965  
Cevallos Andres "Andy" 31-Jul-1954 23-Mar-2019 Schmidt Funeral Home
Chalupa  Frank 26-Mar-1929 26-Aug-1955  
Coffman  Lucille 12-Jul-1914 26-May-1970  
Contreras Jesus n/a 24-Oct-2007  
Contreras  Zabas 1894 1965  
Demel  Rev. Vaclay 3 Nov 1876 21-Mar-1922  
Demny  Alex D. 9-Feb-1902 19-Mar-1970  
Demny  Emma C. Gratzek 1-May-1905 30-Dec-1978  
Demny Mary J. 2 Dec 1876 22-Dec-1956  
Demny John J. 22 Oct 1876 4-Nov-1939  
Demny John Theodore     WWII  
Demny Roy Alexander 2-Aug-1930 27-Apr-2015 Son of Alex & Emma
Dernehl  Betty Jo 25-Dec-1930 6-Aug-2004  
Dernehl Wilbert Otto 8-May 1921 14-Mar-1998 WWII  
Dirba Bernard "Bennie" 26-Mar-1930 12-Dec-1984 CPL US Army Korea
Dirba  Mary 11 Oct 1899 24-Aug-1970  
Dirba  Emelie Krchnak 13-Mar-1905 3-May-1905  
Dirba  Anezka 18-Feb-1905 5-May-1905  
Dirba  Frank 16-Feb-1905 11-May-1905  
Dirba  Katherine No date given 27-Sep-1957  
Dirba  Michael 3-Feb-1956 11-Jan-1967  
Dirba  Raymond 17 Aug 1896 15-Jan-1971    WWI
Divin Lillian Uhyrek 9-Nov-1917 13-Apr-2015 w/o John Joe
Divin  Maria No dates given    
Divin  D. No dates given    
Drozd  Frank 26 Jul 1895 9-Oct-1975  
Drozd  Albert P. 27-Mar-1924 3-Jul-1972  
Drozd Aileen Kolafa 27-Mar-1926 28-Aug-2015 w/oJohn Felix
Drymalla  Victor 17 Jun 1875 26-Sep-1964  
Drymalla  Marye 15 Nov 1885 17-Apr-1955  
Drymalla  Anton 17-Jun-1911 29-Sep-1961  
Drzymala  Klara 4-Apr-1924 4-Jul-1924  
Drzymala  Viktoric 6-Jan-1915 12-Apr-1924  
Dujka  Karolina 8 Jul 1863 18-Jun-1914  
Dusek Agnes Kuzilek 13-Jan-1898 22-May-1968 parents: Leopard & Terezie Kuzilek
Dusek  Blazej 1873 1924 Parents: Vinc Duske & Johanna Frnke
Dusek  Bohumir J. 8-Nov-1884 18-Nov-1954 Parents: Leopold Dusek and Rosalia Barta.  Spouse: Sophia Petrash
Dusek Charles J. 22-Apr-1915 7-Oct-2000 parents: Bohumir & Sophie.  Spouse, Olga Georgia Smaistria
Dusek Emil 21-Sep-1900 8-Jul-1976 Parents: Leopard Dusek & Terzie Kuzelek.  Spouse: Wilma Viachovsky
Dusek Johanna Frnke 1849 1940 Spouse: Vinc Dusek
Dusek Joe Stanley "Joe" 16-Apr-1917 24-Jan-2004 Parents: Bohumir & Sophie.  Spouse: Otilia Poessel
Dusek Leopold 13-Jan-1859 19-Jul-1948 Parents: Frantisek Dusek & Terezie Faltus.  Spouses: (1) Rosalia Barta (2) 2nd cousin Terezie Kuzilek
Dusek  Lillie F. Polasek 13-Sep-1902 13-Sep-1939 Spouse: Jerry B. Dusek
Dusek Olga Georgia Smaistria 19-Dec-1919 4-Jul-2002 Parents: Frank Bohumil Smaistria & Marie C. Vacek.  Spouse: Charles Jerry Dusek
Dusek Otilia Poessel "Tillie" 29-Mar-1917 16-Nov-2017 Parents: Wlliam & Annie Janis.  Spouse: Joe.
Dusek Sophie Petrash 15-May-1888 4-Feb-1955 Parents: Jan Petras & Veronika Vecera.   Spouse Bohumir Dusek
Dusek Terezie Kuzilet 17-Mar-1869 26-Mar-1959 Born in Cermna, Bohemia Czechoslovakia to Joseph Kuzilek and Frantiska Dusek.  Spouse Leopold Dusek.
Dusek Vinc 1848 1936 Spouse: Johanna Frnke
Dusek Wilma Viachovsky 1907 1998 Parents: Frank Viachovsky & Agnes Klecka.   Spouse: Emil
Dusky Yprolinda 8-Jul-1853 8-Jul-1914  
Eder Agnes Drymalla 2-Mar-1920 15-Dec-2009  
Eder Catherine 24 Oct 1890 1-Apr-1981  
Eder Edward Ignac 17-Sep-1917 16-Aug-2000  
Eder Helen 1929 1932  
Eder John 23-Sep-1919 26-2002  
Eder Ludmilla Mary "Lillie" Bogar 1-Dec-1927 18-Sep-2015 w/o John
Eder Marion Frank 11-Jul-1924 8-Nov-2012 h/of Mary
Eder Mary Annie 22 Aug 1888 17-Mar-1943  
Eder Mike F. 24 Jan 1891 6-Nov-1957  
Eder Victor F. 17-Oct-1921 1-Jan-1978  
Faichtinger Emil, Sr. 28-Jan-1913 9-Apr-1983  
Fajkus Frances 5-Aug-1909 18-Nov-1937  
Fajkus Charles 7-Jul-1907 10-Aug-1972  
Fajkus Felix 14-Jan-1920 11-Mar-1951  
Fajkus Joe F. 24-Feb-1905 7-May-1905  
Fajkus  Mary 25-Feb-1905 3-May-1905  
Fajkus  Ruzenka 18-Jul-1909 16-Sep-1910  
Fajkus  Adolph 7 Feb 1895 18-Dec-1954  WWI
Fajkus  John 7-Mar-1911 5-Aug-1979  
Faltisek  Cecilia 26-Jul-1912 4-Aug-1941  
Faltisek  Anna 26 Jul 1881 13-Feb-1964  
Faltisek  Adolph 8 Aug 1878 10-May-1949  
Faltisek  Frantiska 24 Nov 1836 21-Jun-1925  
Faltisek  Joseph B. 25-Mar-1927 26-Mar-1931  
Farkas  Joseph Lee 9 Sep 1887 20-May-1944  
Felcman Frank Henry 27-Aug-1923 9-Sep-2015 h/o Josephine B
Files  Tommy 5-May-1905 31-May-1905  
Files  Eugene 11-Aug-1948 8-Oct-1948  
Fojtik  Frank 9 Mar 1888 26-Aug-1965  
Fojtik  Edna 26 Feb 1891 27-Apr-1961  
Fojtik  Adelia 12-Mar-1917 19-May-1931  
Fojtik  Laura 6-Mar-1905 5-May-1905  
Fojtik  Joe J. 19 Mar1884 31-Aug-1970  
Fojtik  Lydia 23-Apr-1919 4-Apr-1921  
Forst  George 8-Feb-1905 19-Apr-1905  
Frybert  infant 24-Apr-1905 24-Apr-1905  
Frybert  infant No date given 26-Apr-1905  
Gajevsky  Infant 6-Jun-1945 7-Jun-1945  
Gajevsky  Wilma 15-Jan-1943 16-Jan-1943  
Gallia  Ludmila 24-Mar-1905 25-Mar-1905  
Gallia  Robert 26-Mar-1905 26-Mar-1905  
Gallia  Aug 6-Apr-1905 6-Apr-1905  
Gallia  Paul 2-Apr-1905 2-Apr-1905  
Gallia  Jane E. 4-Apr-1905 10-May-1905  
Gallia  Peter 3-Apr-1905 17-May-1905  
Gallia  Jim 20-Sep-1917 10-May-1976  
Gallia  Tracy 27-May-1916 1-Jan-1983  
Gallia  Vinc, Sr. 19 Jul 1888 3-May-1981  
Garcia Rosendo, Jr. 5-Oct-1949 6-Jun-2015 h/o Terri Bradley
Gavronovic  unknown No dates given    
Gerlich  Charles 26-Jan-1909 11-Dec-1962  
Gllia  Anna 10 Jan 1865 12-Aug-1955  
Gratzek  William 24-Jun-1902 17-Jan-1976  
Gratzek  Joe 29-Oct-1903 13-Aug-1969  
Gratzik  Ignac 14 Jul 1874 3-May-1939  
Gratzik  Frances 12 Jun 1886 25-Nov-1972  
Gresak  John 2-Mar-1905 7-May-1905  
Gresak  Aug 4-Mar-1905 23-May-1905  
Grigar  Raymond J. 9-Aug-1900 3-Apr-1942  
Grigar  Raymond 29-Nov-1932 26-Dec-1984  
Grigar  Veronika 15 Jun 1873 11-Apr-1949  
Grigar  Josef 14 Mar 1877 29-Dec-1928  
Grigar  Frank, Sr. 20 May 1885 27-Aug-1919  
Grigar  Robert 27 Mar 1887 9-May-1917  
Grigar  Hermina 8 Nov 1892 14-Sep-1977  
Grigar  John J.,Sr. 21 Dec 1891 27-Mar-1968  
Grigar  Alfred 4 Oct 1897 2-Mar-1951 WWI
Grigar  Mary 24 Apr 1898 28-Aug-1953  
Grigar  Frank W.Jr 29-Oct-1917 5-Apr-1920  
Grigar  Gladys 8-Apr-1905 12-Apr-1905  
Grigar  Jerry 7-Aug-1932 5-Feb-1976  
Grigar  Alfred  Jr. 1-Jun-1922 6-Jan-1961  
Grigar  Eugene J. 11-Aug-1929 23-Jul-1979  
Grigar  Otillie 1-Feb-1920 3-Jan-2003  
Grigar  Luitgard 10-Mar-1909 8-Mar-1977  
Gurasich  Joan 30-Oct-1922 20-Jul-1971  
Gutierrez Pauline Sais 6-Jun-1923 15-Aug-2015 w/o Lilo
Gutierrez  Petra 19 Oct 1876 28-Mar-1958  
Gwosdz Leon Eugene 8-Sep-1936  14-Nov-2017 U.S. Army
Hajdik Willie Jr. "Pawpaw" 18-Sep-1935 16-Jun-2014 h/oVernetta ("Weasel")
Hajovsky  Frank 8-Feb-1905 3-May-1905  
Hajovsky  Mary 16-Feb-1905 15-Apr-1905  
Hajovsky  Jan 2 Feb 1897 17-Nov-1918  
Hajovsky  Charlie 8-Sep-1905 13-Dec-1984  
Hanacek  Anton 13-Mar-1905 7-May-1905  
Hanzelka  Martha 21-Jan-1921 29-Dec-1933  
Hanzelka  Veronika 18 Sep 1881 6-Nov-1960  
Hanzelka  John 30 Nov 1866 3-Jun-1925  
Hanzelka  Bernard 13-Feb-1916 19-Sep-1935  
Hanzelka  Adolph J. 5-Jun-1918 13-Feb-1966  
Hanzelka  Frank 29-Nov-1904 10-May-1982  
Hanzelka  Willie 23-Jan-1909 23-Feb-1978  
Hartmann  Gilbert 17-Apr-1905 19-Apr-1905  
Heinrich  Frances 2 Apr 1884 14-Dec-1964  
Henrichsen Travis Adam 28-Jan-1988 11-Jan-2015 son of Ricky & Gloria
Hernandez Alejandra Melchor 11-Jan-1941 3-Jun-1914 w/o Feliciano Jr.
Hernandez Feliciano G. Jr. (Blackie) 7-Jun-1931 7-Jun-2015 h/o Alejandra Melchor
Hickl  Henrietta 10-Aug-1921 4-Aug-1946  
Hinze  Joyce 3-Oct-1956 4-Oct-1956  
Hlavinka  Jindrich 4-Jul-1925 28-Apr-1927  
Hlozek Betty Melnar 25-May-1938 8-Mar-2016  
Holecek  Eva 19 Mar 1881 22-Apr-1966  
Holecek  John 10 May 1893 17-Mar-1959  
Holub  Adolfek 16-Aug-1917 4-Jan-1918  
Holub Alvin Joseph 22-Aug-1927 6-Mar-2003 WWII Find-A-Grave  husband of Henrietta
Holub Arnold 1-Dec-1907 8-Dec-1935  
Holub Rev. Ben V. 29-Sep-1913 11-Jan-1966  
Holub Bernardetta 30-May-1912 19-Nov-1912  
Holub  Dan E. 13-Oct-1918 27-Feb-1984 WWII Find-A-Grave
Holub  Daniel, Jr. 6-Feb-1960 8-Feb-1960  
Holub Edith 2-Jul-1929 21-Apr-1941  
Holub Frances 17 Mar 1868 13-Sep-1946  
Holub Frances 30 Apr 1888 23-Jan-1967  
Holub Henrietta Frances Hajdik 26-Oct-1932 21-Nov-2007 Wife of Alvin Joseph Holub
Holub  Jerry W. No date given 10-Jun-1953  
Holub  Joe E. 10 Aug 1895 15-Nov-1927  
Holub  Karel 26-Aug-1912 27-Mar-1905  
Holub  Libor J. 18 Dec 1890 24-Mar-1944  
Holub  Marenka 14-Jul-1920 15-Dec-1920  
Holub  Paul 1-Oct-1950 7-Oct-1951  
Holub  Peter 19 Sep 1893 16-Jul-1984  
Holub  Rose L. 14 Sep 1898 25-Nov-1949  
Holub  Teresa 18-Apr-1905    
Holub  Vincent 21 Jan 1886 14-Dec-1951  
Hranicky  Mary 22-Feb-1905 15-May-1905  
Hranicky  Charles 25-Feb-1905 1-May-1905  
Hranicky  Clara 18-Apr-1911 4-Aug-1963  
Hranicky  Rudolph 19 Apr 1885 7-Mar-1952  
Hranicky  Marie 8 Oct 1890 5-Apr-1919  
Hranicky  Karlik 30-Sep-1909 11-Jan-1910  
Hranicky  Adolph J. 15 May 1889 1-Jul-1954  
Hranicky  Annie 4-Nov-1982 19-Apr-1965  
Hranicky  Bernard 4-Jul-1912 27-May-1980  
Hranicky Stephanie 29-Nov-1918 25-Nov-1961  
Hranicky  Robert No date given 20-Apr-1905  
Hranicky  Anna 7 Aug 1888 27-Sep-1979  
Hranicky  Ignac 8 Jul 1887 3-Nov-1958  
Hrdlicka  Alois 15 Apr 1864 5-Oct-1946  
Hrdlicka  Mary 26 Sep 1898 24-May-1984  
Hrdlicka  Joseph J. 25 Feb 1899 16-Sep-1976  
Hruzek  Frank 17-Nov-1902 24-May-1939  
Hruzek  Anton 17-Feb-1905 17-May-1905  
Hruzek  Frances 16 Sep 1881 15-Jul-1968  
Hruzek  Raymond 30-Aug-1904 16-Sep-1976  
Hruzek  Anton P. 5-Aug-1920 15-Sep-1951  
Hruzek  Frank T. 7-Dec-1933 9-Jun-1951  
Hruzek  Frantisek 6 Mar 1840 30-Nov-1914  
Hruzek  Marve 27-Nov-1907 1-Jan-1910  
Hruzek  Rafaela 9-Apr-1905 9-Apr-1905  
Hruzek  Emil L. 18 Feb 1890 19-Jan-1956  
Hruzek  Elizabeth 4 Nov 1891 19-Jan-1985  
Hundl  Dominic A. 30-Apr-1929 14-Nov-1930  
Hundl  Raymond, Sr. 12-Aug-1921 17-Feb-1985  
Hundl  Mary Ann 17 Aug 1891 22-Jun-1958  
Hundl  John 24 Oct 1872 15-Jan-1965  
Hundl infant   9-Feb-1927 9-Feb-1927  
Jalowy  Joseph 13-Feb-1905 13-May-1905  
Jalowy  Emilie 17-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905  
Jalowy  Victor 30-Jan-1922 27-Jun-1946  
Jalowy  Filomena Apr 1882 30-Jan-1964  
Jalowy  Peter Mar 1864 1-Apr-1939  
Jalowy  Magdalena 6-Jan-1905 8-Apr-1905  
Jalowy  Della 2-Dec-1938 2-Dec-1938  
Jalowy  Lad No dates given    
Jalowy  Lena A. 3-Mar-1907 1-Jun-1982  
Jalowy  Charles 9-Sep-1903 1-Feb-1969  
Jalowy  Jerry J. 22-Nov-1936 1-Dec-1973  
Jalowy  Willie Anton 15-Jan-1921 27-Jun-2004  
Janecek  Bohumir 8-Oct-1901 21-May-1984  
Janeceka  Edward 7-Sep-1910 17-Feb-1976  
Janicek, SR Alred C. 6-Jan-1929 28-Oct-2017  
Janicek  Rosie 20 Apr 1867 15-Jan-1945  
Janicek  Charles J. 21 Jan 1896 21-Mar-1960  
Janicek  Martha 16-Jan-1901 29-Jul-1924  
Janicek  Edward 2 Jul 1899 6-May-1937  
Janicek  Frank 5 Oct 1865 5-May-1920  
Janicek  Frantisek 8 May 1889 20-Feb-1914  
Janicek  Silvester 18-Dec-1914 28-Jun-1917  
Janicek  Aug S. 15-Mar-1905 3-Jun-1905  
Janik  Josef 13 May 1884 14-Dec-1919  
Janik  Emilie 13 Jun 1883 23-Oct-1963  
Janik  Hedvika 16-Dec-1907 15-Sep-1915  
Janik  Freda 2-Jul-1914 17-Feb-1984  
Janik Mildred Louise 29-Jul-1929 15-Sep-2015  
Janovsky  Anton 14 May 1868 25-Dec-1910  
Janovsky  Veronica 29 Jun 1873 25-May-1947  
Janovsky  Wilem 10-Jun-1910 20-Sep-1910  
Jemela  Helenka 26-Aug-1906 30-Dec-1930  
Jemela  Otilie 2 May 1871 17-Nov-1953  
Jemela  Jan 8 Jul 1866 14-May-1935  
Jetelina  Ciryl 3 Mar 1858 30-Jan-1937  
Jetelina Frantiska 27 Jan 1866 17-Dec-1937  
Jetelina Leona "Ramona" 23-Jul-1937 12-Oct-2015 w/o Robert Jerry
Jetelina  Adolph 9-Sep-1936 9-Jul-1983  
Jez  Frank 6 Oct 1860 30-Jun-1911  
Jez  Marie 8 Sep 1859 4-Mar-1930  
Jez  Louisa 17-Dec-1915 28-Mar-1916  
Jezek  Celestina 31 Aug 1897 26-Nov-1981  
Jurek  Apolena 2-Feb-1905 4-May-1905  
Jurek  Frank 20-Jan-1905 9-Apr-1905  
Jurek  Vaclay 28-Sep-1921 30-Dec-1922  
Jurek  Frances 2 Feb 1895 27-Aug-1974  
Jurek  Edmund E. 16 Nov 1889 28-Mar-1981  
Jurek  Sylvester 28-Dec-1919 18-Jan-1957  
Jurek  Delfeen 2-Sep-1937 11-Jun-1970  
Jurek  Marcella 21-Jul-1922 18-Jun-2004  
Kalischko  Edwin Edward 9-Sep-1921 17-May-2004  
Kanak  Albina 18-Apr-1911 10-Jan-1971  
Kanak  Edward 8-May-1908 30-Sep-1949  
Kanak  Marie 21-Apr-1905 15-May-1905  
Kanak  Frank L. 20-Nov-1901 1-Apr-1971  
Kanak  Millie 26-Nov-1906 1-Feb-1980  
Kanak  Raymon 1-Jan-1935 1-Mar-1985  
Karasek  Clifford No date given 12-Apr-1905  
Karasek  David 28-Sep-1903 29-Oct-1977  
Karasek  Hattie 16-Feb-1907 24-Nov-1973  
Kaspar  Eva 24 Dec 1853 4-Jun-1911  
Kaspar  Joseph 19 Mar 1851 6-Nov-1929  
Kellner  John 24 Nov 1879 27-Jul-1927  
King  Gregory 26-Dec-1957 26-Dec-1957  
King  Joseph L. 20-Oct-1950 20-Oct-1950  
Kirby  Maggie 6-May-1902 13-Jun-1932  
Kiselica  Frantiska 16 Oct 1883 17-Oct-1936  
Kiselica  Paul 26 Jun 1871 17-Dec-1963  
Klecka  Frank 9 Oct 1865 12-Aug-1940  
Klecka  Agnes 24 Jan 1871 16-May-1937  
Klecka  Frantisek 9-Aug-1911 24-Jan-1930  
Klecka  Steve 26 Dec 1886 12-Jan-1958  
Klecka  Emilie 7-Mar-1905 12-May-1905  
Klecka  Charlie 27 Jan 1899 8-Dec-1967  
Klecka  Alma 27 Feb 1893 8-Jun-1972  
Klecka  John 13 Nov 1890 3-Jun-1977  
Klekar  Magdalena 10 Aug 1883 6-Apr-1907  
Klekar  Adolf 15-Mar-1907 20-May-1907  
Klekar  Simon 17-Feb-1918 14-May-1918  
Klish  Emilie 22 Feb 1882 1-Feb-1919  
Klish  Adolf J. 30 May 1879 11-Dec-1917  
Knesek  Richard 2-Nov-1914 17-Aug-1981  
Knesek Rudolph John "R.J." 10-Sep-1918 22-Sep-2015 h/o Beagrice M
Knesek Beatrice "Bea" Motl 20-Feb-1924 11-Oct-2011 w/o Rudolph
Knesek  Dennis 23-Feb-1955 24-Feb-1955  
Knesek  Rudolph R. 15 Sep 1886 27-Apr-1978  
Knesek  Cecelia 12 Aug 1889 18-Jul-1973  
Kolafa Eddie "Shorty" 9-Jul-1924 1 Apr, 2015 h/o Lillie Drozd
Kolafa  James 17-Jun-1953 12-Jul-1958  
Kolafa  Jake F. 9-Apr-1902 23-Jan-1976  
Kolafa Lillie Drozd 21-May-1927 25-Apr-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Konvicka  Agnes 13-Jan-1910 18-Nov-1935  
Konvicka  Anna 8 Nov 1885 19-Jun-1962  
Konvicka  Jaul Allen No date given 6-Mar-1968  
Konvicka  John 12 Jun 1874 14-Aug-1964  
Konvicka Johnny Joseph 8-Feb-1945 29-Jun2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Kopecky  Joe 27 Aug 1897 16-May-1925  
Kopecky  Louise Minks 15 Sep 1890 7-Jul-1967  
Kopecky  Frank 28 Nov 1889 15-Jul-1967  
Kopycinski  Stanley 24 Jul 1882 24-Nov-1964  
Kopycinski  Mary 20 Mar 1883 12-Nov-1961  
Kopycinski  Dan Z. 7-Oct-1915 21-Nov-1960  
Korcak  Barbora 9 Feb 1870 23-Jul-1950  
Korcak  Jakub 29 Jun 1860 28-Mar-1917  
Korcak  Stepanka 30 Sep 1890 13-Apr-1975  
Korcak  John F. 20 Jan 1892 10-Feb-1983  
Korcak  Mary No date given 29-Jun-1984  
Korcak  Frank J. 8-Oct-1908 10-Apr-1954  
Korcak  James S. 28-Sep-1903 29-Oct-1977  
Kosik  Catherine 2 May 1865 6-Aug-1942  
Kosik  Ondrej 2 Dec 1866 28-Mar-1928  
Kosik  Zuzina 18-Feb-1905 4-Apr-1905  
Kosik  Paul 11-Feb-1905 6-Apr-1905  
Kosik  infant 27-Nov-1938 27-Nov-1938  
Kosik  infant 20-Sep-1937 20-Sep-1937  
Kosik  Rosalie 27-Mar-1907 25-Aug-1983  
Kosik  Andrew 8-Aug-1906 17-Apr-1965  
Kosik Sylvester Alfred 21-Nov-1928 23-Nov-2014 h/o Loretta Traina
Kostelnik  Joe 2 May 1895 4-Aug-1935  
Kostelnik  Silvester 23-Dec-1916 22-Apr-1917  
Kovacevic  Joseph, Sr. 28-Feb-1905 21-May-1905  
Kovacevic  Josephine 6-Mar-1905 8-May-1905  
Kovasovic  Joe 8-Apr-1905 13-Apr-1905  
Kozuch  Agnes 6-Jan-1905 8-Apr-1905  
Kozuch  infant 13-Sep-1941 13-Sep-1941  
Krc  John 18-Dec-1902 16-Nov-1959  
Krc  Mary A. 3 Oct 1869 16-Apr-1956  
Krc  John C. 28 Apr 1869 28-May-1940  
Krchnak  Frank 10-Jul-1915 8-Nov-1978  
Krejci  Filip 1 May 1846 20-May-1917  
Krejcicek  Rudolph 8 Dec 1876 15-Mar-1958  
Krejcicek  Emil 23 Aug 1880 17-May-1959  
Krejcicek  Filipina 9 Jul 1885 21-Nov-1971  
Krenek  Anna 11 Feb 1865 13-Jun-1939  
Krenek  Josef 2 Feb 1860 21-Nov-1941  
Krenek Johnnie David 26-Dec-1928 11-Nov-2014 h/o Angelina Jankowski, Monica
Krenek  Alsie 1-Nov-1918 9-Nov-1918  
Krenek  Millie 1 Dec 1893 16-Dec-1981  
Krenek  Angeline 24-Mar-1933 13-Aug-1956  
Krenek  Frank M. 14 Mar 1890 8-Mar-1972  
Kristynik  Joseph 14 Mar 1880 20-Jan-1963  
Kristynik  Frances 10 Nov 1882 6-Sep-1948  
Kristynik  Annie 7-Jun-1927 11-Jun-1927  
Kristynik  Joseph F. 1-Mar-1901 31-Oct-1967  
Krolczyk  Helena 24-Jan-1905 No date given  
Krolczyk  Agnes No date given 21-Nov-1920  
Krolczyk  John 16 Jul 1876 15-May-1948  
Krolczyk  Martha 15 Jul 1887