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Cat Spring Cemetery AKA Kollatschny Cemetery

AKA: Cat Spring Kollatschny Cemetery, Cat Spring Cemetery | Near Cat Spring

Location: 7522 Cat Spring Cemetery Road Cat Spring, Texas 78933.
Going from Sealy, take FM 1094 West for 11 miles to Cat Spring. At the Crossroads take FM 949 to right. Go .2 mile and turn left on Sandy Road and travel .8 mile. After you cross creek, turn left on paved road and travel .4 mile. Cemetery is on your right.

Little History of the Cemetery

The CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Cemetery's official name today is the Cat Spring Cemetery. Locals have called it the CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Cemetery for years because the CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschnys were apparently early caretakers of the cemetery. That's the name that appeared on older funeral notices and death certificates, and it was the one most commonly used for years. If you look at the Funeral Notices section on the this site, you will see CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Cemetery because that is what was printed on the funeral notices that were placed around Austin County towns. At the time that Austin County Historical Society cemetery inventories began in the 1980s, that's the name that was used on these cemetery records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda for history updates to these files May 2020. and for updates December 2022 for military records.

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There are several unmarked graves

Name GenFolks
Abel, Rudolph (1870-1961)Details
Abel, Theresa (Bielefeld) (1879-1949)Details
Amsler, Otto (1875-1876)Details
Amthor, Chester Grimes (1906-1974)Details
Amthor, Emilie (1835-1911)Details
Amthor, Ulna Kveton (1906-1994)Details
Amthor, Wilhelm (1873-1882)Details
Andreas, Agnes A (1903-1959)Details
Andreas, Ben (1898-1984)Details
Andreas, Ben Charles (1925-1953) USFlagDetails
Andreas, Erwin (1913-1994)Details
Andreas, Katherina Dittert (1857-1923)Details
Andreas, Mary Frances (Kollatschny) (1916-2014)Details
Baade, Elise (1831-1919)Details
Baade, Heinrich (1865-1898)Details
Baade, Johann (1829-1898)Details
Baade, Johanna (1857-1874)Details
Baggerly, Neal S. (1926-1996) USFlagDetails
Bahow, Karl (1866-1900)Details
Balke, Ed Jr (1901-1907)Details
Balke, Infant Ed & Anna (1885-1885)Details
Batla, Jesse (1900-1986)Details
Batla, Ollie (1900-1980)Details
Batla, PFC Victor (1893-1976) USFlagDetails
Bieberstein, August (1816-1882)Details
Bielefeld, Twin 1 (????-????)Details
Bielefeld, Twin 2 (????-????)Details
Bielefeld, Unknown (????-????)Details
Bielefeld, Unknown (????-????)Details
Bielefeld, Charles (1867-1943)Details
Bielefeld, Christian (1830-????) USFlagDetails
Bielefeld, Clara Ewald (1873-1951)Details
Bielefeld, Emma (1882-1961)Details
Bielefeld, Emma L (1887-1961)Details
Bielefeld, Fritz Sr (1859-1885)Details
Bielefeld, George (1899-1914)Details
Bielefeld, Minnie Schwanback (????-????)Details
Bielefeld, William (1870-????)Details
Bischoff, Dorothea (Thomsen) (1846-1893)Details
Blaschke, Alma K (1874-1973)Details
Blaschke, Anna "Annie" (Walicek) (1855-1939)Details
Blaschke, Joseph (1860-1937)Details
Blaschke, Maria (Pospisil) (1814-1890)Details
Blaschke, Rudolph Sr (1835-1920)Details
Blaschke, Rudolph (1875-1964)Details
Blaschke, Wenzel (1808-1890)Details
Braesicke, Eliza Willenberg (1877-1934)Details
Braesicke, Albert Sr. (1837-1922)Details
Braesicke, Albert Jr (1873-1946)Details
Braesicke, Antonie (Wittenburg) (1874-1973)Details
Braesicke, Emma (Doernbrock) (1883-1959)Details
Braesicke, Heinrich (1881-1883)Details
Braesicke, Herbert Willie (1911-1959) USFlagDetails
Braesicke, Herman (1876-1949)Details
Braesicke, Hugo Carl (1891-1949)Details
Braesicke, Nola (Kadernoschka) (1899-1982)Details
Braesicke, Otto (1874-1940)Details
Braesicke, Paul (1879-1905)Details
Braesicke, Wilhelmine "Minnie" (Meier) (1852-1917)Details
Brast, Hulda (1922-????)Details
Brast, Lina (1865-1952)Details
Brast, PVT Otto Louis (1898-1919) USFlagDetails
Brast, Theodore Ludwick (1865-1952)Details
Bretschneider, Leona Angela (Luedecke) (1904-1995)Details
Bretschneider, Walter (1894-1971) USFlagDetails
Briedel, Anton (1876-1942)Details
Briedel, Augusta (Kollatschny) (1876-1961)Details
Briedel, Marie (1830-1896)Details
Brock, Charles Russell (1904-1973)Details
Brock, Colin Kelly (1941-2023)Details
Brock, Joyce Ann Engelbrecht (1947-2001)Details
Brock, Louise (Dethlefsen) (1907-2004)Details
Brock, Russell S (????-1904)Details
Brock, Selma Palm (1875-1963)Details
Bubak, Anna M (Sens) (1867-1955)Details
Bubak, Ernest (1861-1941)Details
Buchtien, Anna (1880-1897)Details
Buchtien, Marie (1808-1884)Details
Buenger, Charles (1862-1928)Details
Buenger, Friedericke (1866-1937)Details
Bugaj, Mary Louise (Clarkson) (1932-2000)Details
Bugaj, PFC Max Milien (1921-1997) USFlagDetails
Caletka, Alfred (1898-1972)Details
Caletka, Elty A (1906-1954)Details
Caletka, Norma Reichardt (????-????)Details
Cenke, F R (1875-1900)Details
Colson, Clinton Wilhelm (1982-2005)Details
Darby, Thomas Russell (1968-2005) USFlagDetails
Dittert, Adele M (Kluever) (1891-1976)Details
Dittert, Anna (Reibenstein) (1867-1946)Details
Dittert, Charles (1863-1946)Details
Dittert, Christian L (1812-1884)Details
Dittert, Jubal Chester (1916-1925)Details
Dittert, Leopold (1889-1973)Details
Dittert, Lisa Louise (Howard) (1970-2018)Details
Dittert, Marie (Luchowisky) (1834-1917)Details
Dittert, Walter (1895-1899)Details
Doernbraack, Anna (Luedecke) (1864-1944)Details
Doernbraack, William (1860-1933)Details
Doernbrack, Fritz (1832-1893)Details
Doernbrack, Fritz (1852-1925)Details
Doernbrack, Lena Barrs (1862-1935)Details
Doernbrack, Wilhelmine (1835-1915)Details
Dolezal, Joseph "Joe" (1816-1894)Details
Dolezal, Mary Anne "Mollie" (Meyer) (1831-1918)Details
Doty, Carolyn A (1923-2002)Details
Doty, Clyde Barnette (1922-1997) USFlagDetails
Duecke, S Frau (Gerbermann) (????-????)Details
Eckardt, Edwin H (1898-1994)Details
Eckardt, Erna Ivy (Keding) (1902-1994)Details
Eckelberg, Opal (1820-1860)Details
Eckelberg, Albert (1867-1870)Details
Eckelberg, Anna (1876-1938)Details
Eckelberg, Charles (1859-1901)Details
Eckelberg, Elise (1867-????)Details
Eckelberg, F (1892-1892)Details
Eckelberg, Fernando (1875-1882)Details
Eckelberg, Friederick (1797-1874)Details
Eckelberg, Fritz (1865-1921)Details
Eckelberg, Helene (1879-1896)Details
Eckelberg, Henry (1868-1937)Details
Eckelberg, Louis (1839-1901)Details
Eckelberg, Louise (Netzel) (1847-1927)Details
Eckelberg, Maria (1801-1888)Details
Eckelberg, Sophia (1829-1860)Details
Eckelberg, Sophie (1828-1896)Details
Eikelberg, Fernando (1875-1882)Details
Engelbrecht, Leonard William (1912-2003) USFlagDetails
Engelbrecht, Valora Johanna Francesca (Albers) (1922-2006)Details
Engelking, Fritz James (1922-2015) USFlagDetails
Engelking, James Scott (1953-1986)Details
Ewald, Alfred Ruben (1934-2012)Details
Ewald, Arthur (1895-1955) USFlagDetails
Ewald, Elizabeth (Glaum) (1840-1928)Details
Ewald, Emilie (Krancher) (1869-1945)Details
Ewald, Fritz W (1869-1941)Details
Ewald, Fritz Wilbert "Fred" (1905-1990)Details
Ewald, Hattie Emilie (1903-1969)Details
Ewald, Mary (1861-1925)Details
Ewald, Mary A Husar (1873-1942)Details
Ewald, Ruby Hilda Marek (1914-2003)Details
Ewald, Wanda Lange (1940-1986)Details
Ewald, William George "Willie" (1858-1926)Details
Faircloth, Billy E (1929-1998) USFlagDetails
Faircloth, MSGT Billy Edward Sr (1929-1998) USFlagDetails
Faircloth, Willie Mae Ladig (1924-1989)Details
Feller, Agnes (1847-1933)Details
Feller, Gottieb (1837-1883)Details
Feller, Minna (1875-1931)Details
Findeisen, Anna (1888-1936)Details
Findeisen, Carl G (1851-1934)Details
Findeisen, Erna (1897-1936)Details
Findeisen, Mary (1864-1936)Details
Flynn, Effie Maye (Gann) (1906-1994)Details
Fricke, Evelyn Mercedes (Strauss) (1915-2003)Details
Fricke, Hilmer George (1911-1973)Details
Friebel, Christina Concordia (Hein) (1829-1910)Details
Friebel, Johann Friedrich August Sr (1822-1894)Details
Friederich, Augusta (1845-1910)Details
Friederich, Friederich (1842-1918)Details
Friese, Hellmuth (1901-1902)Details
Friese, Marie (1839-1905)Details
Froebel, Arthur Sr (1906-1990)Details
Froebel, Pvt. August "Aug" Sr. (1860-1954) USFlagDetails
Froebel, Claire Marie (Leenen) (1907-2005)Details
Froebel, Clyde Rupert (1934-2005) USFlagDetails
Froebel, Nancy Lou (1941-1998)Details
Futch, Emily Kollatschny (1897-1982)Details
Futch, James Jewel (1892-1972) USFlagDetails
Garling, C (1837-1883)Details
Glaum, Johann (1805-1893)Details
Glaum, Johann Georg (1836-1862)Details
Glaum, Johannes (1833-1850)Details
Glaum, Mrs Catherina Elisabeth (Mohr) (1807-1882)Details
Gluck, PVT Theodore (1842-1917) USFlagDetails
Gluck, Theresa (1852-1923)Details
Gluck, Therese (Renz) (1852-1923)Details
Glueck, August (1890-1938)Details
Glueck, Augusta (1882-1960)Details
Glueck, Cecilia (1886-1974)Details
Glueck, Edna Mae (Bubak) (1902-1986)Details
Glueck, Edward Leopold (1896-1968)Details
Glueck, Reinhold Franklin (1899-1999)Details
Glueck, Theresa (1893-1959)Details
Granberry, Del Norte (1910-1983)Details
Granberry, Seth Samuel (1914-1989) USFlagDetails
Griffin, James Augsteen Jr (1935-2001) USFlagDetails
Griffin, Taresa (Rawls) (1955-????)Details
Gross, Clara (Hillboldt) (1857-1945)Details
Gross, Frank O (1847-1935)Details
Gross, Marcus (1890-1964) USFlagDetails
Gruener, Carl (1849-1921)Details
Gruener, Mary (1863-1926)Details
Hackbarth, Lena (1858-1883)Details
Hammond, Steven Lynn (1950-2023)Details
Harpold, Lew W (1932-2010)Details
Hartman, Anna (1865-1952)Details
Hartman, Carl Jr. (1925-2017) USFlagDetails
Hartman, PFC Edmund Gus (1923-2013) USFlagDetails
Hartman, H A (1854-1934)Details
Hartman, Leatrice Marie (Ilse) (1925-2019)Details
Hartmann, Alfred Alvin Edmond (1921-1990)Details
Hartmann, Carl Sr (1879-1967)Details
Hartmann, Edwin (1895-1974)Details
Hartmann, Frieda Ella (Richter) (1923-1998)Details
Hartmann, Hugo Carl (1924-2001)Details
Hartmann, John (1821-1911)Details
Hartmann, Karl (1827-1915)Details
Hartmann, Louise (1902-1987)Details
Hartmann, Marie (1834-1915)Details
Hartmann, Unknown (1821-1917)Details
Hartmann, Willie (1871-1955)Details
Hassler, Augusta (Thompson) (1875-1963)Details
Hassler, Birdie (1898-1918)Details
Hassler, Charles Henry (1869-1950)Details
Hassler, Emil (1871-1892)Details
Hassler, Emilie (1876-1950)Details
Hassler, Henrich (1864-1886)Details
Hassler, Henry (1839-1896)Details
Hassler, Jesse James (1896-1947) USFlagDetails
Hassler, Otto (1878-1888)Details
Hassler, Wilhelmina "Mrs H" (1842-1921)Details
Hein, Bertha (1886-1944)Details
Hein, Ferdinand E. (1888-1930) USFlagDetails
Hein, Fritz (1853-1935)Details
Hein, Selma (Eckardt) (1851-1934)Details
Helms, Johanna (Brill) (1836-1924)Details
Hering, Gustav A. (1901-1977)Details
Hering, Henry J (1870-1953)Details
Hering, Ida Emma (Pless) (1869-1948)Details
Hering, Lawrence Herman (1909-1992)Details
Hering, Mabel (Bolten) (1917-2001)Details
Hering, Oswald Eduard (1899-1901)Details
Hibbler, Alma (Necker) (1886-1981)Details
Hicks, J Cecil (1901-1982)Details
Hicks, Vera Mae (1905-1997)Details
Hillbold, Sam (1884-1885)Details
Hinkel, Ellie Margaret (Keding) (1895-1992)Details
Hinkel, Henry Fred (1886-1964)Details
Hodge, Alma (Hassler) (1880-1981)Details
Hodge, Minnie Violet (1915-1934)Details
Hodges, Peggy Joyce (Smith) (1940-1985)Details
Hollhoff, Friederte (1799-1872)Details
Hollien, A J (1860-1938)Details
Hollien, Heinrich (1844-1914)Details
Hollien, Johann (1808-1881)Details
Hollien, Wilhelm (1859-1894)Details
Hood, Stanley Edward (1953-1976)Details
Hopkins, Gloria Ann (1940-2010)Details
Hopkins, James Carl Jr (1938-2023) USFlagDetails
Horne, Mary Christina (1835-1913)Details
Huber, Antonia (1890-1892)Details
Huber, Anna (1860-1894)Details
Huber, August (1867-1939)Details
Huber, Barbara (1848-1915)Details
Huber, Emma (Henry) (1874-1902)Details
Huber, Fritz (1857-1925)Details
Huber, Helena (1865-1947)Details
Huber, Henry (1865-1942)Details
Huber, Pvt. Isaac (1819-1900) USFlagDetails
Huber, Lana (1895-1900)Details
Huber, Maria (1851-1877)Details
Huber, Marie (1821-1880)Details
Huber, PVT Walter (1895-1918) USFlagDetails
Jaskoda, Jan (1850-1914)Details
John, Thekla (1832-1895)Details
Johnson, Thomas Dwayne (????-1993)Details
Jousan, Jake (1869-1946)Details
Jousan, Frances (Ladig) (1870-1954)Details
Kabell, Louise (1886-1959)Details
Kabell, William (1883-1918)Details
Kadernoschke, Ida (Suhr) (1860-1940)Details
Kadernoschke, John (1856-1929)Details
Kadernoschke, Max (1886-1963)Details
Kager, Anna (1860-1932)Details
Karger, Otto (????-1892)Details
Karger, Hugo E (1890-1932)Details
Karger, Julius (1856-1937)Details
Keding, Alex (1898-1960)Details
Keding, August (1857-1929)Details
Keding, Elizabeth (1827-1903)Details
Keding, Emma (1867-1889)Details
Keding, Erna (1889-1909)Details
Keding, Jacob (1823-1903)Details
Keding, Joachim (1820-1902)Details
Keding, Joachim (1848-1915)Details
Keding, Johanna (1871-1959)Details
Keding, Lina Krueger (1857-1922)Details
Keding, Margaretha (1824-1921)Details
Keding, Nelly Kollatschny (1901-1996)Details
Keding, Richard (1884-1968)Details
Kinkler, Anna (Koy) (1851-1938)Details
Kinkler, Anna Mary (1807-1889)Details
Kinkler, August (1848-1916)Details
Kircin, Elenora (1867-1937)Details
Koeppen, baby (????-1920)Details
Koeppen, Ida (1826-1914)Details
Koeppen, Pvt. Wilhelm (1827-1887) USFlagDetails
Kollatschny, Edmund (1891-1896)Details
Kollatschny, Adolph (1862-1946)Details
Kollatschny, Amanda (1875-1900)Details
Kollatschny, Auguste (1885-1972)Details
Kollatschny, Charles (1875-1956)Details
Kollatschny, Emma (Dittert) (1886-1925)Details
Kollatschny, Emma (Suhr) (1870-1901)Details
Kollatschny, Fannie (1879-1962)Details
Kollatschny, Friederikke (Brill) (1841-1875)Details
Kollatschny, Georgia Lena (1906-2001)Details
Kollatschny, Gottlieb (1825-1911) USFlagDetails
Kollatschny, Mary (Batla) (1880-1970)Details
Kollatschny, Paul (1876-1956)Details
Kollatschny, William (1863-1940)Details
Kollhoff, Andreas (1798-1882)Details
Kollhoff, Friedricke (1799-1872)Details
Koy, Adelheide (1859-1924)Details
Koy, August (1855-1931)Details
Koy, Franz (1816-1895)Details
Koy, Friederich (1857-1878)Details
Koy, Hulda (1864-1867)Details
Koy, Klara (1892-1900)Details
Koy, Lily (1868-1929)Details
Koy, Matilde (1825-1882)Details
Koy, Robert (1864-1894)Details
Krause, August (1879-1953)Details
Krause, C J (1917-1917)Details
Krause, Marie (1878-1917)Details
Kretzschmar, Bertha (Himly) (1856-1929)Details
Kretzschmar, Carl (1855-1942)Details
Kretzschmar, Emil (1883-1965)Details
Kretzschmar, Thusnelda (Brune) (1864-1928)Details
Kretzschmar, William A (1860-1941)Details
Kroener, Anna (1884-1964)Details
Kroener, Charlotte (1883-1968)Details
Kroener, Elise (1831-1914)Details
Kroener, Herman (1847-1939)Details
Kroener, J T (1829-1898)Details
Kroener, Johanna (1828-1867)Details
Kroener, Max (1881-1969)Details
Kroener, Minna (1860-1949)Details
Kroener, Otto Sr (1879-1934)Details
Kroener, Otto Jr (1909-1909)Details
Kroener, T L (1829-1898)Details
Kulow, Antonie (Doernbrack) (1885-1941)Details
Kulow, Charles (1881-1970)Details
Kulow, Johanna (1848-1928)Details
Kulow, John (1845-1915)Details
Kulow, Walter (1915-1975)Details
Kveton, Vojtech (1842-1897)Details
Kveton, Adolf (1907-1908)Details
Kveton, Anna (1837-????)Details
Kveton, Annie (Kuna) (1843-1901)Details
Kveton, Caroline (Schoverling) (1852-1886)Details
Kveton, Dianne (Eikelberg) (1870-1895)Details
Kveton, G (1877-1900)Details
Kveton, Jan (1838-1918)Details
Kveton, Johanna (Renz) (1843-1902)Details
Kveton, Joseph (1843-1898)Details
Kveton, Joseph J Jr (1875-1900)Details
Kveton, Karl (1883-1883)Details
Kveton, Matthew (1872-1879)Details
Kveton, Rozina (1818-1904)Details
Kveton, Rudolf (1912-1912)Details
Kveton, Wenzel (1820-1910) USFlagDetails
Kveton, Wenzel (1842-1911)Details
Kveton, Woodrow (1912-1915)Details
Ladig, Allen (1928-2017)Details
Ladig, Auguste Ida (1873-1946)Details
Ladig, Christina (Schroeder) (1846-1937)Details
Ladig, Fritz (1867-1908)Details
Ladig, Ida (1870-1937)Details
Ladig, Karl (1841-1914)Details
Ladig, Lee (1909-1909)Details
Ladig, Myrtle Gladys (1911-1911)Details
Ladig, SGT Raymond (1914-1969) USFlagDetails
Ladig, Selma (Hartmann) (1883-1953)Details
Ladig, Will (1876-1953)Details
Lebermann, Louis (????-1873)Details
LeStrange, Elsie (Ladig) (1894-1986)Details
LeStrange, Sidney (Herbert) (1876-1966)Details
Liermann, Caroline (1822-1902)Details
Maecke, Friedericke (1860-1929)Details
Maecke, Louis (1867-1946)Details
Marsh, Ellasta (1913-2006)Details
Marsh, Lynn (1909-1995)Details
Martens, PFC Norman Lee Sr. (1923-2001) USFlagDetails
Martin, Jessie Rae (1937-2008)Details
Mau, William (????-????)Details
Mau, Adelheide (1916-1974)Details
Mau, Emma (????-1965)Details
Mau, Henry (1891-1967)Details
Mau, Johann "John" (????-????) USFlagDetails
Mau, Maria (1863-1922)Details
Mau, Vernon W (1935-1978)Details
Mau, PVT Willie (1894-1917) USFlagDetails
McLaughlin, Melba K (1905-1983)Details
Meier, Amalie (1905-1983)Details
Meier, August (1854-1932)Details
Meier, August F (1889-1922)Details
Meier, Child 1 (????-????)Details
Meier, Child 2 (????-????)Details
Meier, Child 3 (????-????)Details
Meier, Friederike (1823-1884)Details
Meier, Heinrich (1861-1926)Details
Meier, Infant (1887-1887)Details
Meier, Infant (1887-1887)Details
Meier, Johann C.A. (1821-1878)Details
Meier, Johanna (1883-1943)Details
Meier, Julius E (1869-1972)Details
Meier, Mary (1861-1938)Details
Meier, Mary (1862-1935)Details
Meier, Violet (1907-1909)Details
Meier, Wilhelm (1874-1918)Details
Meister, Infant (????-????)Details
Meister, Infant (????-????)Details
Meister, Infant (????-????)Details
Meister, Wilhelmine (Findersen) (1838-1923)Details
Meyer, Bertha (????-????)Details
Meyer, Ida (????-????)Details
Meyer, Amalia (????-1985)Details
Meyer, Bennie A (1906-1977)Details
Meyer, Johann C A (1821-1878)Details
Meyer, Johanna Louise (Hoppe) (1883-1943)Details
Meyer, Marie (1826-1897)Details
Meyer, Otto J (1897-1968)Details
Meyer, Samuel (1833-1892)Details
Meyer, Theodor (1849-1887)Details
Meyer, Wilhelm (1850-1918)Details
Morgan, Margaret (1923-1970)Details
Mousley, Gilbert Joseph (1954-2024)Details
Nance, Furman G Sr (1918-1978)Details
Necker, Emily (Ladig) (1892-1978)Details
Necker, Ernestine (1852-1934)Details
Necker, William Henry (1888-1968)Details
Netzel, Doris "Dorthea" (1849-1934)Details
Netzel, Pvt. Edward Friedrich (1842-1880) USFlagDetails
Palm, John (????-????)Details
Palm, Adolf (????-1927)Details
Palm, Christine (Findeisen) (1846-1924)Details
Palm, Herman (1858-1935)Details
Palm, Ida (Findeisen) (1883-1918)Details
Palm, John (1868-1929)Details
Papike, Marie (1843-1916)Details
Peters, Alvina A (Froebel) (1871-1957)Details
Peters, Edmund (1869-1931)Details
Petrak, Marie (1864-1886)Details
Pless, Auguste (Hassler) (1866-1951)Details
Pless, Christop (1848-1927)Details
Pless, Fritz (1864-1898)Details
Pless, Ida (1875-1925)Details
Pless, John Sr (1835-1924)Details
Pless, John Jr (1859-1900)Details
Pless, Karl (1877-1893)Details
Pless, Minna (Palm) (1859-1911)Details
Pless, Sophie (1840-1899)Details
Pless, Sophie (1846-1930)Details
Pless, Theodore (1869-1949)Details
Polson, Joachim (1824-????)Details
Polson, Louise (1825-1892)Details
Pomikal, Rudolf (1920-1940)Details
Pomikal, Anna (1827-1906)Details
Pomikal, Johan (1850-1913)Details
Pomikal, Josef (1820-1890)Details
Pomikal, Marie (Hartman) (1859-1952)Details
Prescott, Arman Foster Sr (1939-2020)Details
Prescott, Sheila Sue (Volkening) (1942-2021)Details
Priesmeyer, Raymond Henry "RH" (1941-2023) USFlagDetails
Rade, PVT Walter Louis (1902-1984) USFlagDetails
Ramm, Anna (1875-1961)Details
Ramm, Carl J.F (1907-1907)Details
Ramm, Frantiska G (1853-1922)Details
Ramm, Henry (1882-1963)Details
Ramm, Johann (1845-1918)Details
Ramm, Johanna (1881-1961)Details
Reibenstein, Julius Max (1867-1937)Details
Reibenstein, Lizzie (1870-1936)Details
Reichardt, Lena (1940-????)Details
Reichardt, Leslie George (1903-1993)Details
Reichardt, Mathilda H (1862-1898)Details
Reichardt, Minna (Dierke) (1872-1948)Details
Reichardt, Norma (1894-1941)Details
Reichardt, Otto (1856-1924)Details
Renz, Adolph (1879-1948)Details
Renz, Annie (1883-1952)Details
Renz, Charles (1885-1965)Details
Renz, Eldora (1838-1918)Details
Renz, Frank Sr (1850-1935)Details
Renz, Frank Jr (1875-1933)Details
Renz, Hertha (1897-1979)Details
Renz, Joseph (1878-1929)Details
Renz, Mary (1881-1925)Details
Renz, Minnie (1884-1967)Details
Renz, Wenzel (1876-1934)Details
Richerson, Mary Elizabeth (1903-1995)Details
Rives, Virginia (1929-1931)Details
Roberts, Fannie (1863-1954)Details
Roberts, Marion D (1867-1938)Details
Sailer, Karl (1893-1894)Details
Sanders, Ethelyn J (1920-2011)Details
Sanders, J.R. Glenn (1919-2002)Details
Sanders, James R (1941-1990)Details
Schaer, Carl Frederick (1914-2003)Details
Schaer, Lou Ella (1917-2006)Details
Scheller, Charles "Carl" (1855-1933)Details
Scheller, Henry (1867-1951)Details
Scheller, Hermann (1857-1922)Details
Scheller, Johanna (Findeisen) (1831-1912)Details
Schluns, Johann (1825-1882)Details
Schmidt, Frances M (1910-2002)Details
Schmoeller, Frieda (1892-1893)Details
Schotsch, Andreas (1877-1943)Details
Schrader, Magda (1807-1886)Details
Schroeder, Marie (1844-1879)Details
Schuette, H (1817-1888)Details
Schuette, Sophie (1821-1876)Details
Schuknecht, Johnny Jovan Sr (1939-2006) USFlagDetails
Schultz, August (1868-1902)Details
Schultz, Augusta (Kulow) (1870-1941)Details
Schultz, Marie "Mary" (Kollhoff) (1842-1902)Details
Schultz, Wilhelm Sr (1830-1923)Details
Schultze, Adolph (1826-1905)Details
Schultze, Emilie (1826-1905)Details
Sechting, Gustav (1865-1946)Details
Sechting, Albert (1872-1944)Details
Sechting, August (1815-1897)Details
Sechting, August (1866-1957)Details
Sechting, Charles (1878-1962)Details
Sechting, Maria B (1840-2016)Details
Sechting, Marie (1863-1923)Details
Sens, Baby (1865-1865)Details
Sens, Bertha (1879-1960)Details
Sens, Emil (1860-1861)Details
Sens, Emma (1887-1962)Details
Sens, Fritz (1878-1952)Details
Sens, Fritz J (1810-1885)Details
Sens, Hedwig (1885-1977)Details
Sens, Hedwig (Himly) (1852-1912)Details
Sens, Henrietta (1886-1974)Details
Sens, Henriette (Beckman) (1849-1921)Details
Sens, Henry (1849-1921)Details
Sens, Henry (1884-1965)Details
Sens, Hugo (1891-1917) USFlagDetails
Sens, Karl (1836-1906)Details
Sens, Leopold (1890-1970)Details
Sens, Maria C (1813-1895)Details
Sens, Marianne (1844-1874)Details
Sens, Oskar (1878-1879)Details
Sens, Paul (1866-1869)Details
Sens, Paul (1880-1947)Details
Severin, Arlie Mae (Caletka) (1928-2014)Details
Sharp, Lauralyn Lee (1953-1971)Details
Sharp, Monroe Lee (1913-1988)Details
Sharp, Ora Dell (Ladig) (1916-1993)Details
Sharp, Richard Paul (1952-2006)Details
Shelborn, Nancy (1866-1888)Details
Shelburne, Vanetta "Nancy" (Dolezal) (1866-1888)Details
Shrum, Travis Glenn (1952-2005)Details
Skalak, Bertha (Hartman) (1894-1973)Details
Skalak, Douglas Wayne (1941-1986) USFlagDetails
Skalak, Jerry (1893-1959)Details
Skalak, Joe (1884-1952)Details
Skalak, Joseph (1856-1941)Details
Skalak, Katerina (1830-1917)Details
Skalak, Katherine (1856-1936)Details
Skalak, Kazimer (1888-1964)Details
Skalak, Minnie (Wolchik) (1897-1973)Details
Skeen, Charlie (1901-1901)Details
Skeen, Thomas (1901-1901)Details
Sliever, Berta (1875-1894)Details
Smith, Ella Joyce (Kollatschny) (1909-2001)Details
Smith, Monroe William (1911-2000)Details
Spinks, Sophie (Kollatschny) (1903-1998)Details
Stasney, John (1831-1906)Details
Stasney, Joseph (1809-1895)Details
Stasny, Auguste J (1895-1981)Details
Stasny, Emilie C (1894-1894)Details
Stasny, Katy (1835-1922)Details
Stasny, Mathilda (Glueck) (1863-1946)Details
Stasny, Otto J (1887-1973)Details
Stasny, Thomas (1859-1931)Details
Stienhauser, B (1893-1895)Details
Strauss, Ida (1878-1946)Details
Strauss, Fritz (1887-1970)Details
Strauss, Herman Adolf (1885-1967)Details
Strauss, Ludwig (1849-1900)Details
Strauss, Marcella (1911-2004)Details
Strauss, Olga (Kollatschny) (1893-1985)Details
Strauss, Robertina (Eckelberg) (1852-1924)Details
Stuessel, Milton Edward (1913-1998)Details
Stuessel, Viola A (1917-2007)Details
Suhr, August (1868-1921)Details
Suhr, Clara J. (1902-1998)Details
Suhr, Elizabeth (Keding) (1830-1913)Details
Suhr, Hugo (1896-1979) USFlagDetails
Suhr, Infant (????-1904)Details
Suhr, Infant (????-1900)Details
Suhr, Pvt. Joachim (1834-1906) USFlagDetails
Suhr, Lena M. (Ladig) (1883-1987)Details
Suhr, Milton (1914-1915)Details
Suhr, Ottilie (Dittert) (1868-1904)Details
Thomsen, Bertha (1869-1887)Details
Thomsen, Ernestine (1842-1934)Details
Thomsen, Ernestine Sophia Johanna "Christina" (Wittenburg) (1842-1934)Details
Thomsen, Fritz (1842-1916)Details
Thomsen, Joachim Friedrich Johann "Fritz" (1842-1916)Details
Tuelle, Johann (1810-????)Details
Tuelle, Minna (1819-1888)Details
Ueckert, Ellie (Eckelbeerg) (1898-1988)Details
Ueckert, Fannie (1865-1923)Details
Ueckert, Herbert (1900-1973)Details
Ueckert, Johanna (1871-1959)Details
Ueckert, Paul (1861-1936)Details
Uhlig, Adelheid (Froebel) (1859-1957)Details
Uhlig, Edgar (1901-1990)Details
Uhlig, Edmund A (1903-1969)Details
Uhlig, Edwin (1900-1984)Details
Uhlig, Ellis (1938-1966)Details
Uhlig, Elsie Frieda (Hoppe) (1909-1994)Details
Uhlig, Lester Edwin (1911-1979) USFlagDetails
Uhlig, Otto Karl (1869-1957)Details
Uhlig, Violet Pauline (Gruesen) (1908-1982)Details
Ulbricht, Betty Jo (Lynch) (1936-2011)Details
Ulbricht, Hans Richard "Jim" (1933-2001) USFlagDetails
Unknown, Twin 2 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 1 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 10 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 11 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 12 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 13 (????-????)Details
UnKnown, Unknown 14 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 15 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 16 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 17 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 18 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 19 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 2 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 20 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 3 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 4 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 5 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 7 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 8 (????-????)Details
Unknown, Unknown 9 (????-????)Details
Vierus, Carl F (1873-1954)Details
Vierus, Pauline (1880-1947)Details
Vierus, Robert (1875-1880)Details
Volkening, Bernice Estell (Strauss) (1918-2010)Details
Volkening, Vertis Bertram (1915-1973)Details
Wade, J B (1904-1981)Details
Washburn, Clifford Ben (1988-2016)Details
Wendt, Evelyn Mae Glueck (1930-2009)Details
Wendt, Kenneth Adolph (1915-1999)Details
White, PVT Albert Daniel "A. B." Sr. (1916-2016) USFlagDetails
White, Beatrice Adeline (Shattuck) (1923-2003)Details
Wible, Ellen (Reichardt) (1952-2017)Details
Willberg, Adele (1884-1942)Details
Willberg, Ferdinand (1884-1931)Details
Williamson, Bertha F (Kretzschmar) (1884-1978)Details
Williamson, Jasper Andrew (1887-1939)Details
Williamson, Lena (1864-1947)Details
Wittenburg, Adolph (1887-1887)Details
Wittenburg, Albert (1872-1941)Details
Wittenburg, Alfred J (1906-1989)Details
Wittenburg, Alma (1889-1985)Details
Wittenburg, August (1876-1918)Details
Wittenburg, Bertha (1878-1950)Details
Wittenburg, Bertha (1906-1906)Details
Wittenburg, Carl (1873-1886)Details
Wittenburg, Clara H (1889-1979)Details
Wittenburg, Edward (1903-1906)Details
Wittenburg, Emil (1884-1886)Details
Wittenburg, Emma (1879-1958)Details
Wittenburg, Fritz (1836-1909)Details
Wittenburg, George (1889-1980)Details
Wittenburg, Gustav J (1886-1982)Details
Wittenburg, Homer (1908-1987)Details
Wittenburg, Infant (1882-1882)Details
Wittenburg, Joachim (1845-1928)Details
Wittenburg, Johah (1885-1911)Details
Wittenburg, Johann (1835-1906)Details
Wittenburg, Leroy (1935-2007)Details
Wittenburg, Louis (1872-1967)Details
Wittenburg, Lucille Emma Marie (1919-1921)Details
Wittenburg, Maria (1809-1892)Details
Wittenburg, Marie (1851-1911)Details
Wittenburg, Marie Witte (1840-1901)Details
Wittenburg, Meta (1875-1952)Details
Wittenburg, Metha (1882-1886)Details
Wittenburg, Richard (1880-1885)Details
Wittenburg, Sophia (Schroeder) (1836-1924)Details
Wittenburg, Sophie (Eckelberg) (1902-1984)Details
Wolchik, Charles (1862-1932)Details
Wolchik, Charlie Jr (1890-1963)Details
Wolchik, Rosa (Pomikal) (1856-1935)Details
Wolcyk, Catherina (1826-1882)Details
Wolcyk, Johann (1825-1885)Details
Wolcyk, Joseph (1859-1880)Details
Wotipka, Anna K (1869-1908)Details
Wotipka, John (1870-1943)Details
Zaskoda, Adolf (1880-1941)Details
Zaskoda, Gertrude T (1908-1908)Details
Zaskoda, Jan (1850-1914)Details
Zaskoda, Katerina (1842-1917)Details
Zaskoda, Mathilda (1880-1973)Details
Zubicek, Eliese (1874-1957)Details
Zubicek, Leontina (1902-1976)Details
Zubicek, Thomas (1868-1912)Details
Zubicek, Thomas (1899-1981)Details
Zunker, Franz G (1867-1893)Details
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