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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Welcome Old Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery

Near Welcome

Location: Cemetery is beside Hwy 109, across the road from the church in Welcome, Texas. From Bellville take 159 west to Nelsonville. Turn right onto FM2502 north. At Welcome, turn right onto FM 109. Cemetery is across from church where there are two cemeteries in a pasture area. The one to the left is the older of the two. This cemetery on the right is Welcome New Salem Lutheran Cemetery as the newer one. This cemetery is full, and no new burials occur in this portion at present.

Additional information may be found at the GenFolks database link above.

Name GenFolks
Ahrens, Bernhard (1912-1913)Details
Albert, Carl E. (1866-1906)Details
Albert, Edward (1879-1919)Details
Albrecht, Auguste E. (1900-1887)Details
Albrecht, Hulda (1900-1891)Details

Albrecht, Wilhelm M. J. (1832-1919)
Albrecht, Wilhelmine (1867-1918)Details
Albrecht, Wilhelmine H. (1900-1888)Details
Albreght, Freurich L. (1824-1874)Details
Albreght, Gustav (1864-1873)Details
Albreght, Helene (1892-1918)Details
Albreght, Sam A. (1859-1945)Details
Albricht, Anna J. (1835-1912)Details
Berens, Heinrich (1815-1878)Details
Bockelmann, Friederich (1889-1889)Details
Bockelmann, Heinrich (1815-1885)Details
Bockelmann, unknown (1896-1897)Details
Bocker, Carl F. W. (1877-1878)Details
Bocker, Karl W. (1871-1874)Details
Bocker, Lisetta (1887-1892)Details

Boecker, PVT August Sr. (1833-1911)
Boecker, Encel (1800-1879)Details
Boecker, Friedrich (1870-1887)Details
Boecker, Otto F. (1881-1981)Details
Bormann, Robert (1860-1924)Details
Buckelmann, Heinrich (1882-1883)Details
Buehring, Marie L. (1853-1913)Details
Buehring, Theodore (1853-1916)Details
Dahse, E. Sophia (1819-1879)Details
Dahse, Levin J. (1809-1880)Details
Eben, Anna (1824-1902)Details
Eben, Clara (1863-1902)Details
Eben, infant (1882-1882)Details
Eben, infant (1915-1915)Details
Eben, Johann H. E. (1879-1880)Details
Eben, Laura (Bormann) (1859-1901)Details
Eben, Louis J. (1865-1912)Details
Eben, unknown (????-????)Details
Ehlers, Karl J. E. (1863-1876)Details
Eichoff, infant (????-1896)Details
Eichoff, Wilhelm (1863-1899)Details

Eickhoff, William Christoph (1894-1923)
Eismann, Elenora (1825-1892)Details
Emshoff, Walter F. W. (1900-1901)Details
Fahrenfort, Friedrich (1803-1881)Details
Fahrenfort, Sophie (1803-1880)Details
Foerster, Dorothea (1826-1903)Details
Freier, Joachim (1850-1939)Details
Freier, Wilhelmine (Hoppe) (1855-1927)Details
Fritze, Eleonora (1832-1902)Details
Fritze, Friedrich (1837-1911)Details
G.L., unknown (????-????)Details
Garlin, Carline (1848-1924)Details
Garlin, Dora Wilhelmine (1869-1885)Details
Garlin, Wilhelm (1834-1919)Details
Giessel, Dorethea (1831-1874)Details
Grebe, Henrietta (Spreen) (1847-1928)Details
Grebe, Henry (1849-1911)Details
Grebe, infants (????-????)Details
Grote, Norma (1856-1883)Details
Gueldner, Louise (1861-1933)Details
Gueldner, William (1854-1923)Details
Hachfeld, C.F. (1887-1895)Details
Hackfeld, Bertha (1859-1880)Details
Hackfeld, Friederic C. (1819-1895)Details
Hagemann, Otto H. C. (1888-1888)Details
Hassebrock, Lena (1856-1923)Details
Haverlah, Adolph A. (1867-1892)Details
Haverlah, Andreas (1824-1914)Details
Haverlah, Heinrich (1868-1895)Details
Haverlah, Louise (Koehler) (1849-1885)Details
Herbst, Elisabetha (1824-1907)Details
Hering, Albert G. F. (1887-1890)Details
Hering, Henrich (1880-1881)Details
Hering, Lonnie (1904-1907)Details
Hill, Alma (1877-1881)Details
Hohlt, Almale (1891-1891)Details
Hohlt, August H. (1884-1885)Details
Hohlt, Charlotte (1866-1901)Details
Hohlt, Friederich C. W. (1901-1901)Details
Hohlt, Friedrich (????-1898)Details
Hohlt, Lisette (1881-1881)Details
Hohlt, Sophie (1860-1944)Details
Hohlt, William (1856-1922)Details
Holih, Bertha (????-????)Details
Honerkamp, Pauline (1882-1918)Details
Huebner, Selma E. (1902-1922)Details
Juergens, Bertha (1875-1906)Details

Juergens, Pvt. John Henry (1829-1918)
Juergens, Marie (1844-1899)Details
Koehler, Heinrich (1858-1926)Details
Koehler, Marie (1861-1947)Details
Kohring, Johana Charlotte (1896-1896)Details
Krause, Bruno (1914-1914)Details
Krueger, Bertha C. M. (1876-1877)Details
Krueger, Berthold (1909-1910)Details
Krueger, Eliese (1817-1893)Details
Krueger, H. F. (1822-1905)Details
Krueger, Heinrich F. J. (1878-1878)Details
Krueger, Karl W. G. (1875-1877)Details
L. R., No dates given (????-????)Details
Lahrmann, infant (????-1924)Details
Lahrmann, Joachim (1856-1914)Details
Lahrmann, Laura (1859-1936)Details
Lange, Susana (1825-1892)Details
Lindemann, Friedrich Wilhelm (1890-1892)Details
Ludke, Karoline (1819-1878)Details
Ludwig, Heinrich (1880-1882)Details
Machemehl, Amalie (Graff) (1858-1940)Details
Machemehl, Otto G. (1855-1927)Details
Mahlmann, E. (1819-1897)Details
Mahlmann, Elisabeth (1827-1906)Details
Mahlmann, Emma (Huebner) (1864-1954)Details
Mahlmann, George (1861-1923)Details
Mahlmann, Wilhelm E. (1854-1877)Details
Melcher, Friedrich (1859-1896)Details
Mertz, John (1896-1901)Details
Mertz, Otto C. (1889-1909)Details
Meyer, Adele (1907-1921)Details
Mueller, Anna (1840-1924)Details
Mueller, Bernhard (1820-1912)Details
Mueller, Heinrich F.W.A. (1882-1884)Details
Mutter, Anna (1828-1924)Details
Nustedt, Anna (1855-1906)Details
Oberrender, L. Gotthold (1842-1924)Details
Oberrender, Sophie (1848-1925)Details
Ohmliede, Wilheim (1812-1881)Details
Ottmer, Friedrich (1822-1884)Details
Paap, Friedrich (1866-1879)Details
R.O., unknown (????-????)Details
Rapp, Dionis (1866-1926)Details
Rathke, Emma (1875-1922)Details
Rathke, Gustav J. (1875-1919)Details
Rathke, Michael H. (1827-1905)Details
Rathke, unknown (1822-1884)Details
Rathke, Wilhelmine (1840-1877)Details
Reichle, G.C. (1841-1925)Details
Rosembaum, Herbert (1898-1898)Details
Rosenbaum, Heinrich (1913-1914)Details
Rosenbaum, Norma (1901-1912)Details
Sassenberg, Friedrich (1862-1873)Details
Schaffner, Louis (1857-1880)Details
Schaffner, unknown (1857-1880)Details
Schellina, O.L. (1804-1876)Details
Schlinke, Anna (????-1880)Details
Schlinke, Bertha (????-1875)Details
Schlinke, Carl (1842-1880)Details
Schmidt, Elsa (1898-1902)Details

Schmidt, Pvt. Heinrich (1834-1920)
Schmidt, Paul (1892-1895)Details
Schmidt, Sophia (1834-1914)Details
Schroeder, H. (1836-1899)Details
Schroeder, John (1830-1908)Details
Schuette, Henry C. (1876-1914)Details
Schultz, Auguste (1863-1925)Details
Schulz, Gotlieb (1848-1917)Details
Schulz, Louise (1858-1934)Details
Schulz, Ophelia (Thielemann) (1901-1928)Details
Schwettmann, Louise (1827-1873)Details
Sonnenberg, infant (1876-1878)Details
Sonnenberg, Juliann E. (1854-1874)Details
Spreen, Bertha H. W. (1883-1885)Details
Spreen, Charlotte H. (1838-1909)Details
Spreen, Heinrich (1843-1912)Details
Stoeltge, Marcaretha (1808-1892)Details
Stoeltje, Elise A. (1871-1898)Details
Stoeltje, H. W. (1837-1911)Details
Stoeltje, Joseph (1885-1886)Details
Stoeltje, Julius J. (1848-1901)Details
Stoeltje, Marie (1848-1898)Details
Stoerner, Martin (1882-1919)Details
Stover, Johann F. (1836-1917)Details
Thiel, Christian A. (1863-1877)Details
Thiel, Emma (1862-1884)Details
Thiel, Heinrich J. (1825-1891)Details
Thielemann, Alita (1921-1924)Details
Thielemann, Caroline (1864-1928)Details

Thielemann, Pvt. Christoph (1836-1924)
Thielemann, Otto (1902-1903)Details
Thielemann, Wilhelm (1861-1917)Details
Tietghjem, Sophie (1843-1879)Details
unknown, unknown (1897-1897)Details
unknown, unknown (1905-1905)Details
Warmke, Elsa (1910-1912)Details
Warmke, Minnie (1852-1931)Details
Warmke, Otto (1892-1922)Details
Warmke, Ruby (1913-1914)Details
Warmke, Sophie (1882-1924)Details
Warmke, Sophie (1888-1888)Details
Warmke, Wilhelm (1846-1908)Details
Weber, F. (1810-1878)Details
Wehring, Bernhart (1862-1912)Details
Wehring, Bertha (Remmert) (1868-1917)Details
Wehring, Emilie M. (1902-1906)Details
Wensel, August (1893-1894)Details
Wensel, infant (????-????)Details
Wensel, Wilhelm (1908-1908)Details
Wesatzke, August (1846-1900)Details
Wesatzke, Malinde (1890-1920)Details
Wilke, August (1861-1926)Details
Wilke, Frieda P E (1895-1895)Details
Wilke, Friederick (1822-1902)Details
Wilke, Friedericke (1865-1938)Details
Wittlif, Otto (1897-1909)Details
Wittneben, infant (????-1914)Details
Wittner, Herman (1860-1889)Details
Woltmann, Karl (1867-1920)Details
Yost, Helena S. (1851-1880)Details
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