Austin County, Texas

Austin County, Texas Births

The files in these birth pages were carefully copied from the index of births at the Austin County Courthouse. For copies of the actual birth certificates, contact the county clerk's office. Our thanks to the Austin County Historical Society and employees at the Austin County Courthouse for their financial and physical assistance with this project. The chart shows births from 1860 to 1940. (Births from 1931 to 1940 were added in 2012.

Births 1926-1934
Registration of birth was not required until about 1903, and often births were not registered before or after that date. Another issue is that frequently registration of records was delayed or records were amended, but both records were kept. If no parents are shown, it is probably because of a delayed registration for purpose of proof of birth date, and was probably filed after 1940. Keep in mind that the birth records were handwritten and hard to read, when indexed. Sometimes the index record cut off the names in unusual places, such as "Elizabe" These spellings were kept because sometimes parents created various ending such as Elizabell. Sometimes there are multiple variations of the same name. It was not our purpose to correct or edit information provided other than our own mistakes, but we sometimes added a "See also..." which was not in the index. We apologize for our own errors, but are proud of the material that we are presenting for free public access. Tip: Look throughout sections of common names, such as 'Brown', for those listed as "NOT NAMED." If you can provide us with similar records , please contact us. Thank you.

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Surname begins with A
AbbsAlvertesAbbs, DuffWilliams, Odest19 Sep 1924F
AbbsDell MarieAbbs, Jorden Haywood, Ellen12 Dec 1926F
AbbsEthel..29 Aug 1928F
AbbsLeonAbbs, HarvieCollier, Pearlie7 Jan 1935M
AbbsLucyAbbs, Jorden Haywood, Ellen6 Mar 1923F
AbbsVirginiaAbbs, Jorden Haywood, Ellen8 Nov 1919F
AbbsWarren G.Abbs, Walter S.Haywood, Ellen14 Jan 1925M
AbelAlfred Erwin-JrAbel, AlfredBolten, Isabella14 Jan 1930M
AbelAllan John Abel, AlfredBolten, Isabella14 Jan 1930M
AbelAndrew AdolfAbel, HenryBrast, Anna30 May 1908M
AbelAsmus Adolf..8 Oct 1897M
AbelCharles LawrenceAbel, LeonardZachas, Lillie May25 Feb 1933M
AbelDolores FayeAbel, LeonardZachas, Lillie May2 Nov 1934F
AbelEdina..18 Nov 1885F
AbelEdwin..16 Nov 1890M
AbelEmma L. H. Abel, AdolfWife2 Apr 1905F
AbelEmma Louise..2 Apr 1905F
AbelEstelle JeanetteAbel, EdwinWendt, Hilda7 Oct 1926F
AbelEuphrosine..17 May 1873F
AbelGloria LoisAbel, Andrew AMettke, Bertha K20 Jul 1937F
AbelHattie Meta..1 Feb 1892F
AbelHenrietteAbel, EmilWife9 Aug 1912F
AbelHenry FordAbel, Asmus AdolphHenrichsen, Valeska13 Aug 1923M
AbelHerman Louis..6 Dec 1891M
AbelHertha Clara..19 Mar 1888F
AbelJames Otto BAbel, EmilWitte, Hilda Natalie Anna6 Jun 1916M
AbelJennie BellAbel, AsmusHenrichsen, Valeska18 Dec 1925F
AbelLeonard Ida..10 Oct 1906M
AbelMargaret Joanna..2 Jul 1898F
AbelMathilde..13 Oct 1884F
AbelMercedes MaryAbel, AlfredBolten, Isabella24 Jul 1924F
AbelMildred ElmetaAbel, Edwin Chas TWendt, Hilda5 Oct 1923F
AbelRamondAbel, HyAbel, Hy, Mrs.4 Sep 1904M
AbelRegina Louise..24 Feb 1883F
AbelRobert GeneAbel, AndrewMettke, Bertha Katherine12 Jun 1939M
AbelRosa..18 Feb 1886F
AbelWerner Abel, WilhelmWife21 Jul 1904M
AbelWerner Alfred..21 Jul 1904M
AbelWilliam TravisAbel, LeonardZachas, Lillie May25 May 1937M
AbelWilma SidoniaAbel, AlfredBolten, Isabella3 Sep 1925F
AblesAlvestaAbles, William LoydNovosad, Vesta T.18 Jan 1920F
AborilHenry..1 Aug 1914M
AbramcekAndrewAbramcek, AndrewSadloceke, Rosa24 Oct 1922F
AbramcekStephenAbramcek, AndrewSadlowsky, Rosalia3 Jun 1921M
AbrawskiJohn MAbrawski, PeteWife21 Oct 1912M
AbsnaiderDorothy RoyAbsnaider, Frank JPavlicek, Louise9 Jan 1931F
AbsnaiderFlorenceAbsnaider, Frank JPavlicek, Louise12 Oct 1936F
AbsnaiderHenrietta AnnAbsnaider, F. J. Pavlicek, Louise15 Nov 1929F
AbsnaiderStanley NorbertAbsnaider, FrankPavlicek, Louise14 May 1934M
AceboAntonio Jr...1 Nov 1924M
AceboCharlie..16 May 1919M
AceboGuadalupe..26 Feb 1921F
AceboJohn..31 Dec 1917M
AceboJoseAcebo, SeverianoEspinosa, Maria28 Jan 1940M
AceboRicardoAcebo, SeverianoEspinosa, Maria27 Sep 1931M
AceboSeveriano, JrAcebo, SeverianoEspinosa, Maria22 Jan 1937M
AceboVictorianoAcebo, SeneiranoEspinosa, Maria7 Jul 1938M
AcockCatherineAcock, JoePerkins, Susie25 Apr 1932F
AcockElva MelvageneAcock, Carl ASmith, Mary Ella12 Sep 1921F
AcockIna JelineAcock, Robert FrankSmith, Myrtle May12 Mar 1923F
AcockNot NamedAcock, Carl Smith, May6 Sep 1915F
AcockOpal VernellAcock, ElmerPerkins, Minnie Pearl23 Dec 1921F
AcockRobert JAcock, Robert F.Smith, Myrtle6 Jan 1930M
AcockWhitcomb WordsworAcock, Carl Smith, Mary14 Jun 1918M
AdamekCharles, Jr...4 May 1939M
AdamsAnnie DoraAdams, James W. Smith Mable Mildred21 Jul 1930F
AdamsDan PhilipAdams, Dan PittPhillip, Hattie Sue6 Mar 1928M
AdamsIda Mae&Nbsp;&Nbsp;24 Nov 1927F
AdamsInoliaAdams, EzekielCole, Mollie2 Sep 1931F
AdamsMaggie LaneAdams, EzekielCole, Mollie29 Sep 1933F
AdamsR. L...11 Mar 1921M
AddisonJoseph BAddison, J. B. Addison, Georgia2 Feb 1904M
AddisonLucille..9 Jul 1897F
AdisonLela Mae..13 Jan 1901F
AdkinsJames Carl Lemoy..5 Dec 1919M
AdlerAnita Pauline..11 Oct 1916F
AdlerAnnie Adler, EdwardAble, Emma17 Oct 1915F
AdlerEdward DAdler, Edward DWife30 Dec 1914M
AdlerRichardAdler, EdwardAble, Emma17 Oct 1915M
AdlerWoodrowAdler, RobertAdler, Edith23 Jun 1923M
AdlerWoodrow Alfred Al..23 Jun 1922M
AdlofHerman Hugo..11 Oct 1882M
AfricerLouis B, JrAfricer, Louis BHaywood, Mary Ann14 Jan 1938M
AgeeBabyAgee, C WHoffman, Lena14 Apr 1935F
AgueroIsabel..1 Jan 1921F
AhlhornBerniceAhlhorn, John A.Ander, Erna4 Aug 1926F
AhlhornClarenceAhlhorn, John A.Ander, Erna14 Oct 1917M
AhlhornDennis John&Nbsp;&Nbsp;22 Sep 1914M
AhrensHarry Henry TheoAhrens, HermanWehring, Lydia30 Sep 1909M
AhrensHilda Lissett..6 Feb 1899F
AhrensHilda Meta..24 Dec 1916F
AhrensMaryAhrens, HermanWehring, Lydia1 Oct 1918F
AhrensNot NamedAhrens, HermanWife13 Sep 1908M
AlamanJulianAlaman, JoeMralez, Sulia10 Dec 1923M
AlbaMaria Guadalupe&Nbsp;&Nbsp;24 Aug 1919F
AlbertAda FriedaAlbert, OttoHuebner, Lena24 Jun 1905F
AlbertAleta..30 Aug 1900F
AlbertAlma..27 Mar 1890F
AlbertArchie Otto..22 Jan 1906M
AlbertCelesta Bertha..18 Aug 1916F
AlbertChester HermanAlbert, PaulSchaffner, Sidonie27 Apr 1907M
AlbertDaltonAlbert, Louis J.(Nee Juergens), Hettie31 Jan 1923M
AlbertEdna..13 Dec 1888F
AlbertElda Ottilie..11 May 1907F
AlbertEnaAlbert, Herman J.Warmke, Malinda29 Jun 1906F
AlbertFranklin Henry..9 Oct 1904M
AlbertGloria EvelynAlbert, Monroe CHold, Emma14 Dec 1927F
AlbertGrover Henry..18 Oct 1895M
AlbertHildegarde..9 Mar 1897F
AlbertHyden August..19 Sep 1888M
AlbertLola Pauline..30 Sep 1901F
AlbertLouis J...25 Feb 1899M
AlbertManfred Henry..21 Sep 1896M
AlbertNot NamedAlbert, CharlesAlbert, Charles, Mrs30 Jan 1904M
AlbertNot NamedAlbert, OttoWife2 Mar 1908F
AlbertNot NamedNot ListedAlbert, Laula22 Apr 1921M
AlbertNot NamedAlbert, HenryAlbert, Sophie11 Oct 1903F
AlbertOtto Carl..15 Sep 1892M
AlbertRaymond Christia..15 Sep 1889M
AlbertRoxey Paula..2 Feb 1900F
AlbertRudolphAlbert, JohnZalecak, Carolina18 Jan 1916M
AlbertTekla..20 Aug 1898F
AlberthaHattie Marie..7 Mar 1908F
AlbinAvis AdelaideAlbin, George NathanDrain, Lorena Olive4 Oct 1938F
AlbinNorma KathleenAlbin, George Gilbert NatDrain, Lorena Olive27 Apr 1916F
Albin Avis AdelaideAlbin, George NathanDrain, Lorena Olive19 Apr 1914F
AlbrechtAlvina..25 May 1900F
AlbrechtAnnie AugustaAlbrecht, Herman APalm, Caroline22 Aug 1903F
AlbrechtCarrie..7 Jul 1890F
AlbrechtDan ..17 Aug 1897M
AlbrechtElda OttilieAlbrecht, RudolphGlaeser, Clara14 Aug 1926F
AlbrechtElfrieda AdeleAlbrecht, Otto GustavAndreas, Lena Ida4 Aug 1919F
AlbrechtErvin, JrAlbrecht, ErvinDahse, Noble8 Apr 1940M
AlbrechtFrieda Ida..5 Sep 1905F
AlbrechtHelen MinnaAlbrecht, Otto G.Andreas, Helen Ida12 Nov 1923F
AlbrechtIrvinAlbrecht, Otto Andreas, Lena5 Sep 1917M
AlbrechtNot NamedAlbrecht, WillieWife15 Mar 1904M
AlbrechtNot NamedAlbrecht, H.Wife6 Mar 1905M
AlbrechtNot NamedAlbrecht, HermWife30 Dec 1907M
AlbrechtRudolph Fritz..16 Feb 1885M
AlbrechtShirley AnnAlbrecht, ErvinDahse, Noble20 Aug 1937F
AlbrechtViola..17 Feb 1920F
AlbrichtEmil Frank..26 Jun 1896M
AlbrichtEmma..13 Nov 1898F
AlbrichtGuylerAlbright, J. J. Wife10 Nov 1911M
AlcaresJaunAlcares, CasionsGarcia, Rosa29 May 1926M
AlemanJose..10 Dec 1923M
AlemanJoseAleman, JulioMorales, Zoila10 Dec 1923M
AlemanNot NamedAleman, Julian(Nee Morales), Saila30 Mar 1922F
AlexanderAlbert Alferd..23 Mar 1894M
AlexanderEddie Carrie..2 Jan 1886F
AlexanderJim..20 Jan 1886M
AlexanderMater..15 Nov 1887F
AlexanderPeggs LanellAlexander, Wayne BensonSchneider, Avis Lanell22 Sep 1938F
AlexanderThomas & BrieAlexander, BriefHolland, Ellen9 Jun 1904M
Aliniece Arthur..29 Oct 1916M
Aliniece Martha..29 Oct 1916F
AllalaEuphrutosa (Span..21 Jan 1921F
AllalaSylvester..31 Dec 1922M
AllbrechtBilly RoyAllbrecht, MartinLorenz, Selma5 Sep 1930M
AllbrechtMarion CarrolAllbrecht, J. J.Guyler, Mary3 Aug 1919M
AllenAda..2 Apr 1893F
AllenAlta Alice..28 Sep 1898F
AllenAmos Ike..24 Mar 1870M
AllenAnnie LaurieAllen, NewtonGlascock, Katie30 Jul 1915F
AllenAnnie W.Allen, J. F. Wife6 May 1908F
AllenArthur Willie All..27 Apr 1909M
AllenArthur Willie, Sr...9 Aug 1874M
AllenArthur Wm.Allen, ArthurWife28 Apr 1910M
AllenAudley Glenn..3 Dec 1892M
AllenBessie Edna..12 Sep 1900F
AllenDorthy MayShown, NotAllen, Lela May28 Oct 1934F
AllenEttie..26 Sep 1897F
AllenEugenia Lue StellaAllen, Arthur W.Reneau, Lue Stella19 Sep 1907F
AllenHoward JohnstonAllen MilesWeaver, Nora29 Jul 1904M
AllenKatherine..13 Nov 1919F
AllenLeola..19 Jun 1916F
AllenM. J. Allen, NewtonWife8 Aug 1914M
AllenMaggie Eudora..3 Jun 1911F
AllenMahalia..27 Nov 1877F
AllenMike Lender..26 Jun 1894M
AllenNot NamedAllen, SwintonSwinton, Lizzie14 Sep 1918F
AllenNot NamedNot ListedAllen, Lucy17 Dec 1905F
AllenPatricia AnnAllen, Guy FAkers, Anna Mae28 Oct 1932F
AllenPenelope (Nellie)..29 Mar 1891F
AllenPhillip GeorgeAllen, A CRadley, Evelyn15 Dec 1933M
AllenSamuel HerschellAllen, Samuel HerschellMorris, Mary Luise31 Jan 1938M
AllenSue VaughnAllen, RichardMcnutt, Edna Schenk1 Aug 1925F
AlmonEdmond PierceAlmon, F. H. Burton, Cora Bell27 Apr 1919M
AltmanArthur Dewey..9 Aug 1898M
AltmanFlorence RubyAltman, MaxWeige, Emma4 Feb 1909F
AltmanNot NamedAltman, MaxWife16 Jul 1907F
AltmannIvy..26 Jul 1907F
AlvaradaJessieAlvarada, AurelioGonzales, Juanita2 Sep 1927M
AlvaradoAbelardo..9 Jan 1924M
Alverado APaulinaAlverado, Benito Garcia, Amalda8 Jan 1940F
AlveyJudy RushAlvey, Casey PRush, Maxine3 Sep 1939F
AmersonEmma GAmenson, JamesHall, Mereia26 Jul 1937F
AmesAlbert..25 Sep 1912M
AmesClara..7 Dec 1875F
AmesMary Willis..15 Mar 1924F
AmmermannHelen Ammermann, OscarKing, Vera30 Jul 1920F
AmminsCora Lillie..16 Oct 1900F
AmmonsBabyAmmons, WilliamWife5 Oct 1905M
AmmonsBenjamin Emerson..24 Oct 1921M
AmmonsEmmett Waldo..5 Jun 1894M
AmmonsMartha Lou..9 Sep 1919F
AmmonsOdes Ray..21 Mar 1917F
AmmonsSamuel Charles J...29 Jul 1925M
AmonNot NamedAmon, SamuelWife14 Nov 1911F
AmslerAlbert Marcus..16 Sep 1880M
AmslerBerniceAmsler, Charles C. Schroeder, Magnolia29 Apr 1918F
AmslerClaytonAmsler, Charlie ConradSchroeder, Magnolia28 Oct 1923M
AmslerGeorgiaAmsler, JohnWife25 Mar 1910F
AmslerGladysAmsler, JohnnieWife24 Oct 1908F
AmslerIreneAmsler, JohnyWife3 Apr 1913F
AmslerMathilda Clair..21 Aug 1884F
AmslerMurielAmsler, Johnnie E.Ognoskie, Lillie25 Jul 1927F
AmslerRuth EvelynAmsler, JohnnieOgnoski, Lillie1 Sep 1931F
AmthorChester Grimes..2 Nov 1906M
AmthorDorothy MarieAmthor, Chester GKveton, Ulna11 Feb 1934F
AmthorEmil Wilhelm..17 May 1879M
AmthorIsabel Katherine..22 Sep 1903F
AmthorMarie..8 Jan 1873F
AmthorMeta..1 Jan 1877F
AmthorVern LeeAmthor, ChesterKveton, Vlna21 Mar 1927M
AmthorWill Henry..16 May 1883M
AnderlaFlorenzAnderla, RobertPawlak, Antonio15 Feb 1928M
AnderleCharlie George..11 Mar 1914M
AnderleGeorgine Anna..24 Jul 1929F
AndersonAbner..10 May 1902M
AndersonAlfred..14 Dec 1906M
AndersonArchie Baldwin..4 Oct 1884M
AndersonAudrey Lee..17 Jun 1926F
AndersonBessie ..11 Jul 1889F
AndersonCasabanic..28 Jan 1916M
AndersonClaudine..15 Jun 1922F
AndersonCurtis, Jr...20 Mar 1937M
AndersonDee..31 Jul 1893M
AndersonDee..31 Jul 1895M
AndersonDellaAnderson, LBuyan, Edna18 Feb 1920F
AndersonDella StelaAnderson, LeeWife31 Aug 1913F
AndersonDorisAnderson, FreddieAnderson, Eugenia3 Oct 1923F
AndersonDorothy LeeAnderson, Curtis Joe EdHood, Lovie Lee29 Jan 1935F
AndersonEarnestine..3 Aug 1924F
AndersonEd Jr..17 Jan 1882M
AndersonEdward RobertAnderson, JohnnieDavis, Leola R21 Nov 1931M
AndersonFloyd..8 Jan 1917M
AndersonFrazier..29 Dec 1909M
AndersonGraceAnderson, William HAdams, Forrest10 Jan 1918F
AndersonHenry H..10 Jun 1922M
AndersonHomer Zell..29 Jul 1930M
AndersonHuretta..13 Oct 1929F
AndersonIrene Doris..14 May 1926F
AndersonJanie..11 Feb 1883F
AndersonJean NorrisAnderson, CasabanicByars, Vivian10 Apr 1936F
AndersonJimmie DillonAnderson, Jimmie EarlDillon, Evelyn Virginia12 Feb 1938M
AndersonJohn Cecil..31 Aug 1913M
AndersonJuania Bessie..1 Sep 1928F
AndersonLavenia..15 Apr 1915F
AndersonLawrence..31 Oct 1922M
AndersonLeroyAnderson, WalterHarris Virginia6 May 1917M
AndersonLeslie..7 Nov 1921M
AndersonLillieAnderson, EdDowney, Rosa Lee12 Sep 1911F
AndersonLola Belle..28 Aug 1902F
AndersonLola Mae..28 Sep 1911F
AndersonLouise Renee..7 Jul 1914I~
AndersonMercedes..2 Mar 1911F
AndersonMyrtle..7 Apr 1920F
AndersonMyrtle..22 Nov 1925F
AndersonNatalieAnderson, Roy E.Jousan, Bettie Mae29 Jul 1927F
AndersonNonnie..19 Jul 1902M
AndersonNorris Mae..3 Jan 1926F
AndersonNot NamedAnderson, NonnieJohnson, Arthur29 Jul 1930F
AndersonOdessa L..17 Dec 1898F
AndersonOttoman Ocell..20 Oct 1927M
AndersonPreston EugeneAnderson, Reuben RensleyFrank, Elenora Lucile13 Mar 1926M
AndersonRay Jean..16 Mar 1926M
AndersonRebecca..11 Aug 1882F
AndersonRobert EverettAnderson, Roy E.Jousan, Bettie Mae18 Aug 1925M
AndersonRobert Lee..5 Oct 1900M
AndersonRosie L.L.Anderson, LeeDavis, Hannah11 Nov 1911F
AndersonRosie Lee..25 Mar 1892F
AndersonSammieAnderson, CurtisWood, Lorie Lee20 Mar 1937M
AndersonSaul..16 Mar 1898M
AndersonSidney..7 Mar 1897M
AndersonTheophilus..6 Nov 1920M
AndersonVera..21 Oct 1914F
AndersonVera Callie..4 Apr 1904F
AndersonWarren Owen..24 Feb 1925M
AndersonWilhelmina Yvo..6 Feb 1922F
AndersonWillie BAnderson, WillieKinner, Roberta8 Dec 1925M
AndersonWillie HaywoodAnderson, FreddieBrooks, Eugenia12 Jul 1934M
AndersonWilma Cherry..8 Oct 1928F
AndrakeJohn Charles Jr...20 Dec 1918M
AndrallaEvyoline AntonAndralla, RobertPavrulak, Antonia30 Oct 1934F
AndreasAnita Andreas, HermWife7 Nov 1905F
AndreasArno HermanAndreas, AdolphBrandt, Hulda20 Nov 1919M
AndreasBen..8 Feb 2008M
AndreasBen CharlesAndreas, BenDorbritz, Agnes20 Mar 1925M
AndreasBerniceAndreas, AdolphBrandt, Hulda25 Jul 1924F
AndreasEdmund HermAndreas, OttoAlbrecht, Carrie6 Jul 1917M
AndreasEleanorAndreas, AdolphBrandt, Hulda14 Oct 1917F
AndreasElla..28 Sep 1888F
AndreasEmma..26 Oct 1873F
AndreasErna Minna..14 Jul 1898F
AndreasErwinAndreas, WilliamStrauss, Adela6 Sep 1913M
AndreasHenry Louis..23 Dec 1901M
AndreasHerman..23 Feb 1903M
AndreasIvyNot ListedNot Listed10 Nov 1917F
AndreasLena..20 Apr 1896F
AndreasLottie BelleAndreas, HermBravenec, Tillie5 Sep 1927F
AndreasMargaret IdellAndreas, BenDorbritz, Agnes31 Aug 1923F
AndreasMax Fredrick..16 Apr 1884M
AndreasOtto..25 Jul 1891M
AndrellaRobert Frank..29 Jan 1906M
AndrewJohn Jr...5 Jan 1919M
AndrewsBowie Robert..8 May 1899M
AndrewsCharlieAndrews, Jim R.Trater, Roxy7 Dec 1919M
AndrewsDavid JrAndrews, DavidClay, Marie1 Jul 1925M
AndrewsDe Ella..20 Aug 1896F
AndrewsLonzell..29 Aug 1921M
AndrewsLouisAndrews, LonieAndrews, Maggie26 Oct 1924M
AndrewsNellieAndrews, L. R. Trader, Resie1 Mar 1922F
AndrewsRobert LeeAndrews, DaveClay, Marie26 May 1932M
AndrillaBenita BobbieAndrilla, BobPavilak, Antonio Marle6 Nov 1939F
AndruchAlouis WillieAndruch, FabinBalusek, Annie10 Jun 1935M
ApfelbachGustav Herman..4 Jul 1896M
ApfelbachWilmaApfelbach, F.Schmidt, Emma7 Nov 1903F
ArchieHortense VirginiaNot Shown, Archie, Johnnie Mae6 Aug 1935F
ArchieJohnie May (JohnArchie, TomBeal, Vinie7 Mar 1917F
ArchieJosephineArchie, TomBeal, Vinie18 Oct 1913F
ArchieL. C.Archie, ThosWife4 Sep 1911M
ArchieMarjorie DoloresNot Shown, Archie, Johnnie Mae18 Apr 1937F
ArchieRosie B.Archie, TomBeal, Vinie22 Jan 1923F
ArchieTom, Jr.Archie, TomBeal, Vinie15 Jul 1919M
Arispe Aurelia&Nbsp;&Nbsp;3 Feb 1927F
ArmentroutAllena AnnArmentrout, Allen BHood, Ann Lucile14 Sep 1929F
ArmerJames Terrell..24 Aug 1896M
ArmsteadJettie..26 Jan 1898F
ArmsteadJohn Jr...17 Jan 1898 
ArmsteadJohn, JrArmstead, JohnHill, Rena17 Jan 1940M
ArmstrongA J FrancisNot Shown, Armstrong, Inez10 Apr 1932M
ArmstrongCal Davis..11 Jan 1911M
ArmstrongDaisy..17 Jan 1915F
ArmstrongEliza..16 Apr 1909F
ArmstrongEtta MayArmstrong, WillChappel, Frannie13 May 1922F
ArmstrongIda Mae&Nbsp;&Nbsp;9 Nov 1919F
ArmstrongInezNot ListedArmstrong, Georgia Anna24 Nov 1929F
ArmstrongIneze..16 Sep 1916F
ArmstrongJack Kendrick..31 Dec 1903M
ArmstrongLillian..8 Mar 1899F
ArmstrongLillie Mae..18 Aug 1911F
ArmstrongNot NamedArmstrong, B.Armstrong, B, Mrs4 Aug 1905M
ArmstrongNot NamedArmstron, GeoWife25 Aug 1913F
ArmstrongNot NamedNot ListedArmstrong, Della4 Oct 1910M
ArmstrongShelby Burt..23 Oct 1894M
ArndtArno Edward..29 Jul 1897M
ArndtCalvin ArnoArndt, Otto A.Becker, Elfrieda13 Nov 1924M
ArndtCharles OttoArndt, Otto A.Becker, Frieda19 Jun 1920M
ArndtDelbert FritzArndt, Otto Becker, Frieda16 Aug 1922M
ArndtElda J&Nbsp;&Nbsp;15 Sep 1903 
ArndtElda JArndt, KarlLindemann, Ella15 Sep 1903f
ArndtElla MayArndt, GustavGlasman, Ella21 Aug 1929F
ArniensOttoArniens, TheoWife28 May 1912M
ArningAncurteyArning, Wm.Wife30 Jun 1906F
ArningArthurArning, Wm.Wife7 Aug 1908M
ArningArthur..7 Aug 1908M
ArningArthur John..8 Aug 1908M
ArningArthur, JrArning,Sr, ArthurLoesch, Nettie21 Apr 1934M
ArningBernard ChristArning, JohnWiecker, Frieda17 Dec 1920M
ArningDoris JeanArning, Herbert L Gleaser, Lydia Dora11 Oct 1934F
ArningElwoodArning, ArthurLoesch, Nettie4 Aug 1939M
ArningEugeneArming, Arthar,Loesch, Nettie25 Sep 1936M
ArningFrances JeanArning, Sr, ArthurLoesch, Nettie23 Aug 1940F
ArningHerbert Louis..23 Apr 1905M
ArningJohn H. E., Jr.Arning, JohnWiecker, Frieda24 Apr 1926M
ArningMarthaArning, Wm.Wife19 Jan 1912F
ArningRaymondArning, Wm.Wife5 Jul 1910M
ArningRoy FArning, JohnWiecker, Frieda1 Aug 1934M
ArnoldAudrey GenevaArnold, James BKnowles, Anna Lou29 Nov 1932F
ArnoldDonald LeonArnold, AmbergRyman, Mamie12 Sep 1925M
ArnoldFrances ElizabethArnold, James F.Holt, Eula29 Jan 1920F
ArnoldHazel EstelleArnold, James F.Holt, Eula6 Oct 1918F
ArnoldJ B., JrArnold, J. B.Knowles, Annie Lou25 Jul 1927M
ArnoldJames CliftonArnold, JimName Not Given18 Jul 1921M
ArnoldJeff Douglas..26 Aug 1923M
ArnoldJeffie JimArnold, JoeHolt, Nel30 Jan 1917M
ArnoldMarvinArnold, AlvinBenson, Lois6 Oct 1916M
ArnoldMozella Lewis..7 Mar 1894F
ArnoldNot NamedArnold, JoeHolt, Nellie31 Dec 1915M
ArnoldSally MaudArnold, J B Knowles, Anna Lou21 Sep 1930F
AronsonIna JuliaAronson, Magus PeterNelson, Anna Catherine4 Mar 1913F
AronsonLillian Elsie..19 Aug 1914F
ArreagaManuela..22 Oct 1922F
ArriagaPaula..18 Oct 1918F
ArriensFrank JonahArriens, TheoRemmert, Bertha11 Jun 1919M
ArriensOtto..28 May 1912M
AschenbeckAugustAschenbeck, AugustSchlobach, Pearl23 Oct 1940M
AshornAlonzo Henry..24 Aug 1905M
AshornBernhard Charles..12 Aug 1899M
AshornDelanoAshorn, Ed.Mehner, Lena8 Dec 1934M
AshornDennisAshorn, Edgar EWasucek, Olga6 Nov 1934M
AshornEdgar Edmund EmiAshorn, Edward, Jr.Mehner, Lina6 Apr 1910M
AshornEdmund..24 May 1884M
AshornEdmund, Jr...14 Apr 1916M
AshornEdward..26 Mar 1883M
AshornElva Franziska..30 Aug 1911F
AshornJesse..10 Jun 1921M
AshornJesse InschrichAshorn, InschrichMieth, Bertha10 Jun 1921M
AshornLeeAshorn, Eddie, Jr.Mehner, Lena18 Oct 1908M
AshornLeroyAshorn, WillieMuench, Mary22 Apr 1920M
AshornLester..21 Mar 1916M
AshornLillian..12 Jan 1927F
AshornMiltonAshorn, Eddie, Jr.Mehner, Lena2 Apr 1926M
AshornNot NamedAshorn, WmWife24 Aug 1905M
AshornNot NamedAshorn, ArthurHinkel, Milda24 Aug 1930F
AshornNot NamedAshorn, EnschrichWife21 Sep 1908M
AshornNot NamedAshorn, EnschrichWife29 Oct 1905F
AshornOlan LeeAshorn, LeeGlaeser, Lina24 Feb 1939F
AshornOlgaAshorn, EdMehner, Lena3 Jan 1919F
AshornOlima Martha..19 Jun 1913F
AshornOllie MaeAshorn, EdgarWasusek, Olga22 May 1940F
AshornOtisAshorn, Lee H WGlaeser, Lena Mary4 Oct 1931M
AshornOttilie Frances..13 Sep 1894F
AshornOtto..7 Jan 1897M
AshornRegina..12 Jul 1915F
AshornRileyAshorn, Otto WHinkel, Lina6 Dec 1922M
AshornShirley DainAshorn, Lee H WGlaeser, Lena29 Jul 1936F
AshornWalter Adolph..17 Nov 1919M
AshornWilbertAshorn, EddieMehner, Lena27 Aug 1921M
AshornWillie Gus..27 Nov 1892M
AshornWinnieAshorn, Willie G.Muensh, Mary7 May 1918F
AsmanSadie MaryAsman, WillieMarek, Olga22 Aug 1922F
AssmannAdolf Julius..8 Dec 1895M
AstorgaJosefa..12 Jan 1923F
AtkinsonArthur HerbertAtkinson, PinkSchavrda, Louise30 Jan 1915M
AtkinsonIda Dona..2 Feb 1892F
AtkinsonJohn Pinkney JrAtkinson, John Pinkney, SrSchavrda, Louise10 Mar 1912M
AtkinsonOra LeeAtkinson, John PinkneySchavrda, Louise4 Aug 1913F
AtkinsonOscar ErvinAtkinson, John PinkneySchavrda, Louise12 Aug 1916M
AtkinsonRobert WayneAtkinson, Jr, John PSiegert, Anita11 Dec 1937M
AtkisonMyrtte RuthAtkison, SeymoreAtkinson, Bertha26 Sep 1931F
AurichBertram JesseAurich, ArthurWife26 Jun 1908M
AurichEldaAurich, PaulWife24 Sep 1907F
AurichKermit Lee..11 May 1913M
AurichLester Paul..8 Jun 1911M
AurichPaul..13 Sep 1879M
AurichWinston Wayne..27 Aug 1939 
AustinAda Elizabeth..12 Sep 1908F
AustinClaraNot Shown, Austin, Annie Lee30 Nov 1935F
AustinDarthaAustin, OdusAustin, Fannie4 Sep 1903F
AustinJohnnie LeeAustin, FloydHill, Lizzie5 May 1926F
AustinKate..11 Jun 1898F
AustinL. D.Austin, SpencerJackson, Elizzie26 Aug 1912M
AustinMabelAustin, RubyCarter, Zollie Mae12 Aug 1937F
AustinMammie Louise..3 May 1900F
AustinMurray C...25 Nov 1902M
AustinRuby Green.Austin, Annie Lee10 Mar 1938F
AustinThelma Marie.&Nbsp;12 Mar 1915F