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Bible Records with Montgomery
County Texas Connections
by Vera Wimberly

The files containing copies of the original Bible records have been placed in the Genealogy Department and are available for use by the public. Some of these files contain additional family information. Copies of the original Bible pages may be purchased in the Genealogy Department of Montgomery County Memorial Library.  Any requests for information from these files should be sent to the library staff by emailing librarygenealogy@countylibrary.org or by calling 936-788-8363 x6249.
Pg 1: Addison Bible: Surnames: Addison, Carter, Womack, Felder, Hazard, Libley, Alford, Harvin, Smith, Woodward.
Pg. 3: Alford Bible: Surnames: Briers, Clayton, Ogg, Page, Izard, Thompson, Townson, Yancy, Jones, Hafer, Brown, Sorsby, Bench, Frazier, Lucas, Lee, Prince, Yancey, Williams, FilzeBurns, Clepper, Silverstein, Crawford, Gentry, White, Walker, McKeown, Gentry.
Pg. 6: Arnold Bible: Surnames: Arnold only.
Pg. 6: Barkley Bible: Surnames: Barkley, Gabriel
Pg. 8: Barnum Bible: Family information: Surnames: Barnum, Stevens, Flint.
Pg. 9: Boney Bible: Surnames: Boney, Saxton, Montgomery, Whitlow, Boyce, Freeman, Colby, Keever.
Pg. 12: Briers - Clayton Bible: Surnames: Briers, Clayton, Coldison, Alford, McKeown.
Pg. 13: Carter Bible: Surnames: Cardwell, Marshall, Beard.
Pg. 14: Coleman Bible: Surnames: Coleman, Jenkins, Pruitt, Croft, Hubbard, Akin, Jones, Maclin, Henderson, Boyles, Pope, Stockley, Scott.
Pg. 16: Covington Bible: Surnames: Covington, Harper, Elmore, Kyle, Barkley, Petty, Crook, Hutto, Smith.
Pg. 17: Dean Bible: Surnames: Dean, Hodges, McCall, Jones, Steger, Shannon, Kendrick, Arnold, Campbell.
Pg. 20: Downs Bible: Surnames: Downs, Johnson, Reagons, Lyons, Tanner.
Pg. 20: Eklof Bible: Surnames: Eklof, Anderson, Koehns, Jones, Smith, Goranson.
Pg. 22: Enloe Bible: Surnames: Enloe, Stewart, Strozier, Ramey, Pope.
Pg. 24: Fletcher Bible: Surnames: Fletcher, Blakley, Garrison.
Pg. 25: Forehand Bible: Surnames: Forehand, Turpin, Clepper, Harris, Giboney, Stiflemire, Cockrell
Pg. 26: Foster Bible: Surnames: Allen, Brightman, Lyon, Foster,Wardie.
Pg. 28: Garey Bible: Surnames: Garey, Price.
Pg. 29: Griffin Bible: Surnames: Griffin, Thomas, Badger.
Pg. 30: Gwin Bible: Surnames: Twin, Smith, Short, Henderson, Howell, Wallace, Richardson, Haralson.
Pg. 32: Halbert Bible: Surnames: Halbert, Irvine, McMahon, Broocke, Gillespie, Arnold, Anderson, Young.
Pg. 36: Hallmark Bible: Surnames: Hallmark, Green, Satterwhite.
Pg. 37: Heflin Bible: Surnames: Heflin, Proctor, Ballard, Sauder.
Pg. 38: Holland Bible: Surnames: Holland, Harris, Prouty, Morriss.
Pg. 39: Klepper Bible: Surnames: Klepper, Campbell, Long, Gillingwaters,Downer, McLaren, Pow.
Pg. 41: Kneisley - Lee Bible: Surnames: Kneisley, Lee, McCrary, James.
Pg. 43: Krause Bible: Surnames: Krause, Brenner, Nehring, Gummelt,Koerth,Gillispie.
Pg. 44: Middleton Bible: Surnames: Middleton, Killgore, Morgan, Graham, Merrifield, Hall, Marlow.
Pg. 46: Moulds Bible: Surnames: Moulds, Lyles, Dupriert, Smith, Lee.
Pg. 48: Peoples Bible: Surnames: Peoples, Brown, Woods, Evans, Winn, McDaniel, Seale, Barkley, Baum, Walton.
Pg. 50: Pittman Bible: Surnames: Pittman, Marshall, Buford, Davis, Shepardson, Sandberg, Goff.
Pg. 52: Price Bible: Surnames: Price, Taliaferro.
Pg. 53: Puckett Bible: Surnames: Whitehurst, Puckett, Manor, Smith, Langston, Geer.
Pg. 55: Quarles Bible: Surnames: Quarles, Skilton, Burdett, Rainy, Stevenson, Miller, Neal, Greene, Horton, Moseley.
Pg. 58: Raborn Bible: Surnames: Raborn, Tait.
Pg. 60: Reed Bible: Surnames: Reed, Cox, Jackson, Bogue, Prouty, Haring, Clark.
Pg. 61: Roberts Bible: Surnames: Roberts, Edwards.
Pg. 63: Ruport Bible: Surnames: Ruport, George, Parham, Burgess, Walker.
Pg. 64: Saxton Bible: Surnames: Saxton.
Pg. 65: Shue Bible: Surnames: Shue, Elliott, Franklin, Cheney, Dumas, Bennett.
Pg. 66: Smith Bible: Surnames: Smith, Ainsworth, Landrum, Moulds.
Pg. 68: Smyth Bible: Surnames mentioned: Smyth, Atkinson, Gould, Carlson, Haight.
Pg. 69: Spencer Bible: Surnames: Spencer, Knox, Cash.
Pg. 70: Stewart Bible: Surnames: Stewart, Obanion, Vick, Calfee, Collard, Owens, Carlisle, Pool, Wood, Mathis, Ellisor, Walker.
Pg. 72: Tinsley Bible: Surnames: Tinsley, White, Gaines, Saffold, Simpson, Dixon, Stafford.
Pg. 73: Warren Bible: Surnames: Boulds, Warren, Spencer, Rodgers, Smith, Browning.
Pg. 75: Whitehurst Bible: Surnames: Biles, Whitehurst.
Pg. 76: Whitworth Bible: Surnames: Whitworth, Mounger, Johnson, Byrd, Eastland, Hendrix, Wright, Lee, Bode.
Pg. 78: Williams Bible: Surnames: Williams, Turben, Walker, Grant, Odell.
Pg. 80: Willis Bible: Surnames: Willis, Womack, Price, Ames, Sealy, Ladd, Goldthwaite.
Pg. 83: Woodcock & Williams Bible: Surnames: Williams, Woodcock, Smoot, Montgomery, Cude, Burkhelter, Samora, Chambland, Patterson, Havor, Preslent.

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