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Photos of Decker Prairie Cemetery
Montgomery County Texas
Submitted by Jo Ann Pipkin Londot

From Decker Prairie on Hwy 249 turn on Decker Prairie-Rosehill Road. Go approximately 2 miles and turn right. Wright Road Baptist Church is on corner of Decker Prairie-Rosehill Road and Wright Road. Go past this, and turn right on the first gravel road.

It is my understanding that there are two Deckers Prairie Cemeteries. The one that I have posted to is a white cemetery. I am attaching a copy of the people I have personally taken pictures of the graves. Virginia A. Pipkin is my aunt. The Lairds are relatives of Jettie Pipkin Laird who was my fathers half-sister. Jo Ann Pipkin Londot

Entrance Decker Prairie Cemetery

Amos Lee Laird

Mar 22, 1896 - Feb 15, 1925
Brother of Edgar Laird

Annie Laird
July 8, 1869 - Sept 26, 1952

Archie Louis Laird
Mar 22, 1911 - Jan 14, 1994
I Saw The Light

Arch Laird
Oct 26, 1943 - May 27, 1899
His Memory Is Blessed
Great Uncle of Edgar Laird

Edgar Laird
Born Apr 24, 1888
Died Feb 27, 1938
First Husband of Jettie B Pipkin Laird

Evelyn B "Laird"
Sept 22, 1919 - Dec 29, 1989

Jettie B Laird
Aug 28, 1892
Mar 21, 1973
daughter of Samuel Pipkin & Lethia Addie Mae Wright
Half Sister of Clyde Odell Pipkin

John Laird
1873 - 1949

Leontine L Laird
wife of J R Laird
Sept 20, 1869 - Feb 27, 1947

J R Laird
May 15, 1863 - Sept 8, 1949
Father of Edgar Laird

Lora Laird
July 19, 1885 - Dec 3, 1940

Mattie Elizabeth Laird
September 1, 1903 - January 1, 1954
God Is Love

M J  (Dollie)
June 22, 1888 - Dec 27, 1947

T B (Britt)
July 18, 1858 - June 30, 1931

Nannie E Laird
Feb 16, 1909 - May 28,
sister of Edgar Laird

Nonie Pearl Laird
Born November 20, 1922 - Died May 24, 1937
Nona or Nonnie, daughter of Edgar Laird & Jettie B Pipkin

Virginia A Pipkin
June 12, 1909 June 17, 1909
daughter of Samuel Pipkin & Addie Parker
Sister of Clyde Odell Pipkin
Aunt of Jo Ann Londot

No Photo
Nonie Pearl Laird
July 9, 1906 24 Jan 1910
sister of Edgar Laird

No Photo
Otto Lee Laird
24 Feb 1898
29 Jan 1899

Oto Lee Laird
Feb 24, 1898
Jan 29, 1899



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