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Photos of the Dennard/Phillips/Farmer Family

My name is Mary Dennard Scott. My dad Marcus Dennard was born, raised, and buried in Montgomery.  He passed away October 12, 2003; I was home in April of last year when his headstone arrived, and while we were at the New Montgomery cemetery I took some pictures with my digital camera.  I also stopped at the Martin cemetery to take a picture of Mary Dennard Martin's headstone as well as a few others that were there.  I though that maybe you could use them on the Montgomery website.

Mary Dennard Scott

Overview of some graves

Phyllis L Meldrum Dennard
May 7, 1925
married Novembe4 20, 1943
Henry Marcus Dennard
April 16, 1924
Oct 12, 2003

Henry P Dennard
Oct 15, 1899
Feb 21, 1952

C W Dennard
Aug 14, 1861
Oct 16, 1921

William W Dennard
Wagner 143 INF #6 DIV
World War I
Dec 5, 1895 Nov 26, 1942

Norma Mullins Dennard
May 28, 1904
Nov 22, 1991

Marcus L Dennard
Wagoner 143 INF 36 DIV
World War I
Sept 27, 1890 July 30, 1921

Lou Dennard
Mar 5, 1871
Jan 20, 1933

Elmer Marvin Farmer Jr
SEA1 US Coast Guard
World War II
Jun 24, 1921 Jan 3, 1999

Loretta Dorothy Farmer
PHM1 US Coast Guard
World War II
Feb 24, 1922
Jun 4, 1994

E M Bubba Farmer
Mar 22, 1897
Feb 28, 1980

Kathie V Farmer
Dec 19, 1897 Aug 15, 1965

David F Bishop
Oct 31, 1875 Feb 15, 1948

Irvin L Mullins
World War II
June 12, 1925
Dec 14, 1965


Baby Mullins
July 15, 1924
July 16, 1924

Ernest M Mullins
Aug 17, 1892
Aug 23, 1925

Loutishie Mullins
July 23, 1887
Apr 27, 1919

Annie Lou Dennard Phillips

R D Farmer
June 2, 1923
Nov 3, 1924


Pictures of the Martin's in Martin Cemetery



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