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Lewis Plantation Cemetery
Montgomery County, Willis, Texas


Lewis Plantation Cemetery is located in Willis Texas on  FM1097 where the Gulf States Utilities Lewis Creek Power 1 plant is today.
Key Map 126D.

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"1870-1970 Willis Centennial
Collectors Limited Edition"

Information on Burials in Lewis Plantation Cemetery:
See Below

  From: Dawson
  Date: 09/15/05 16:38:53
  To: relppek
  Subject: a short note after the one I just sent to you
  I am trying to find out who all is buried in the first plat or section, the oldest one, of the Willis Cemetery.  I want to be buried there and we are trying to establish who is buried under unmarked spaces.  The caretaker, Mr. Paddock and I have spoken about my buying plots for my husband and myself there in the first section but he says that there is no record of who is buried in that 1st section. I talked with Jerry Creighton, my cousin, and you probably remember him. He has been at the Darden, Creighton, Law firm there on Phillips Street for as long as I can remember.  He is about 65 to 70, about like my husband who is 65.  He does not know who all is buried there but he said if he had any say about it that we could be buried in any of the spaces empty near my Great Grandfathers.  They are right there together and I would love to be there near them.   I know that my two Great Grandfathers are buried there: John McClanahan Lewis, Jr. died 1909, alongside his son Phillip Lewis and Phillip's wife Beulah Wooldridge Lewis.  That is Mother's Mothers' Father. His father was buried, along with wife Mary , out at the old Lewis Plantation on FM 1097 where the Lewis Creek Power plant is today ... the water covered the graves.  Mother and I went there in 1964 before the water came in and tried to find the headstones as she had remembered them under the Cedar trees.  Mr. Cluxton who lived there at the time helped her and they talked along time about the old families, the Ingletts across the way, etc.
  Then, directly behind the Lewis grave is an old Iron fence surrounding the graves of Mother's father's father Clinton Bybee and his second wife, Mollie.  Clinton married her after his first wife Rachel Davidson Bybee,  Mother's true Grandmother on her paternal side, and sister to Mollie, had passed away in KY before the whole family moved to Willis to grow tobacco. In KY, Clinton and Rachel had Charlie Bybee-who was Mother's father, as well as Aunt Sallie Bybee who married El Darden, and then Aunt May who married Alf Morris and had four daughters who most all lived in Conroe. I was close to all those cousins, Esther May Creighton, Bessie Morris Virginia Metzger and Emily ? (forget her last name.  Bessie Morris Gray just passed away last year. Then, Clinton and  Mollie Bybee had Joseph David Bybee, Rachel bybee, Paul Bybee and Benora Bybee.  Only Benora was born in Willis in late 1800's, all the others in KY< Barren County.
  So, if you can guide me to a page or information you may know of concerning this I would truly be appreciative. Mary Peoples did not know and I am not well enough to drive or go to Conroe Library and do the research. Any direction you can send in me would be helpful.  I know I want to be buried there and want to pay for the plots now,  but it may have to be plots in the section on the other side of the drive (to the South of that first section.  I believe Mr. Paddock told me they are starting to bury people there now.  Otherwise, if I can get  spaces next to the graves in the section to the right as you go on down the length of the cemetery.  either side of that first section.
  Well, I appreciate any help you can give me.
  Thanks, Marilyn Dawson
  address: 7195 State Hwy 75 South
  Huntsville, TX  77340




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