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Magnolia Cemetery,
Montgomery County Texas

Transcribed by Gavin Johnson
for his Eagle Scout Project
June 2010

Magnolia Cemetery is located in Magnolia, Texas off FM 1488 at North Sixth Street behind the First Baptist Church. Key Map 212J.

As his Eagle Scout Project Gavin Johnson and his troop transcribed and photographed the tombstones in Magnolia Cemetery. Since tombstones do disappear, noted in his work are tombstones that are no longer visible in the cemetery.

Gavin Johnson, His Helpers & Photos of him


Magnolia Cemetery Entrance



Transcription & Photos of Magnolia Cemetery in Excel
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To See Photos click on the Red link on the right

Headstones Transcribed at Magnolia Cemetery, Montgomery County, Texas
by Gavin Johnson for his Eagle Scout Project June 2010
Info from 1978 transcription; no marker = Montgomery County Texas Cemeteries, Vol. IV p 17-30 by MCG&HS 1978
Section Last  Given Born Died Other Inscriptions Notes
D18 Aberl Shannon Wayne McCleskey 18-Apr-1972 10-Jun-1979   Cross
H7 Abney Betty Lou 1930 1976 Stepmother  
G15 Abney Henry M 1892 1962   Double marker with Lydia E Abney
H8 Abney Joann 13-Apr-1905 29-May-1905 Mother Double marker with John H Abney
D44 Abney Joel J 9-Jan-1905 18-Dec-1976    
H8 Abney John H 1927   Father Double marker with Joann Abney
D44 Abney Lela O 23-May-1909 20-Jun-1999    
G15 Abney Lydia Elizabeth 1892 1959   Double marker with Henry M Abney
C51 Adams Effie Ollie 10-Aug-1918 28-Apr-1982 I am alone as a sparrow upon a rooftop Double marker with Grady Eugene Adams
C51 Adams Grady Eugene 14-Jul-1919 6-Jul-1972 Here lies a man…one who was of service to others Star with symbols, Double marker with Effie Ollie Adams
C50 Adams Jessie T 1897 1972    
C50 Adams William F 1898 1956    
D5 Aleman Pauline A 9-Apr-1915 31-Dec-1999   Cross
C48 Alford Georgia J 9-Sep-1924 13-Dec-1997    
C19 Alford Lydia T 1891 1978 Our precious mother  
C48 Alford Wm Harry 1-Jan-1900 6-Aug-1991 Married July 12, 1946  
E2 Allam Gracie M 03-Feb-1878 25-May-1931   Double marker with Percy Allam
E2 Allam Percy 19-Jul-1870 12-Aug-1954   Double marker with Gracie Allam
E53 Alvarado Pedro A 1900 1956   Oil lamp symbol
A21 Applewhite Roger Todd     21 March 1966 Infant  
A18 Applewhite Thomas Jefferson 10-Jan-1906 30-Nov-1949    
A20 Applewhite Thomas Weldon     15 August 1936  Infant  
A22 Applewhite       1936 Baby  
G43 Armstrong Woodrow W 4-Jan-1913 9-Mar-1959 Texas; CPL BTRY H 18 Field Arty; World War II Cross
G19 Austin Lydia J L 28-Oct-1932 na Married 24 Aug 1963 Double marker with Willis Ray Austin
E43 Austin Lydia Smith 15-Aug-1890 8-Mar-1974    
E42 Austin Thomas Wylie 21-Dec-1886 16-Jul-1954    
G19 Austin Willis Ray 24-Aug-1929 14-Nov-1989 Married 24 Aug 1963 Double marker with Lydia J L Austin
B54 Baker Amanda D 29-Aug-1874 3-Dec-1927   Double marker with William R Baker
C57 Baker Atha Sue 13-Jan-1924 6-Jan-2000    
C57 Baker Clarence Earl 17-Nov-1909 13-Feb-1970 C E "Pete", Texas TEC 5 US Army                  World War II, Married June 19  
E3 Baker Daniel Porter 1-Dec-1906 3-May-1978 TEC 4 US Army WWII Double marker with L. Frances Baker
C29 Baker Dayton Wayne Jr 16-Feb-1959 25-May-1978 Gone but not forgotten Love Mamaw Symbol large letter M with number 89; 2 footballs, one baseball, one for track with 76
D20 Baker Frances Corin 1938 1997   Cross
D19 Baker James Harold 18-Aug-1940 4-Jul-1993 PFC US Army Cross
E3 Baker L Frances 13-Oct-1901 6-Apr-1979   Double marker with Daniel Porter Baker
H23 Baker Mary Helen Ingle 7-Apr-1919 1-Aug-1998 In God's care  
C28 Baker Minnie Lee M 15-Sep-1904 16-May-1983   Double marker with Orus B. "Jake" Baker
C28 Baker Orus B  27-Sep-1899 5-Jan-1971 "Jake" Double marker with Minnie Lee M. Baker
A73 Baker Verda Mae na na Only date given is 28 May 1935 Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
B54 Baker William R 16-Jul-1870 28-Feb-1949   Double marker with Amanda D Baker
A53 Ballard Bina 1884 1971    
A39 Ballard Elizabeth 1859 1903    
A72 Ballard Geneva Locke 1884 1927   Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
A40 Ballard Thomas 1857 1931    
A49 Ballard          
D40 Bankston Afton L "Kitty" 4-Jul-1921 6-Dec-1988 Mother;  Married Dec. 3, 1941 Double marker with Garland Leroy Bankston; Cross
D40 Bankston Garland Leroy 4-Jun-1919 26-Nov-1995 Father;  Married Dec. 3, 1941 Double marker with Afton L Bankston; Cross
G81 Barnett Buryl G___ na 14-Jun-____ 61 years 6 months 4 days, Pat H Foley Houston TX Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
G76 Barnett Lydia Mrs 1909 1969   Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
F23 Bartlett Carrie A 1878 1970    
F23 Bartlett Thos J  1842 1913 MD  
H14 Barton Ed 3-Mar-1935 22-Nov-1978 In loving memory,  husband  
H50 Barton Elmer R 10-Apr-1930 1-Nov-2000 "Cpl US Army" Cross symbol
H27 Beck Alton 28-Aug-1903 23-Dec-1978   Grandmason symbol; Cross; Double marker with Tommie Lee Beck
H31 Beck Jerry Donald 5-Jul-1935 24-Feb-1992 "Pop" Double marker with Jessie M Beck
H31 Beck Jessie M 7-Jul-1944     Double marker with Jerry Donald Beck
H27 Beck Tommie Lee 6-Jul-1917 16-May-1990   Eastern Star and Cross; Double marker with Alton Beck
A46 Beyette Janie 1886 1957 71 years old  
A45 Beyette Joseph 14-Feb-1911 Aug 1931    
A47 Beyette Thomas   6-Aug-1931 Died  
A48 Beyette       Baby  
F49 Black Anna Bell 1898 1986    
H47 blank headstone          
B37 Botkin Alice Minich 1867 1942 At rest Double marker with Charles Henry Botkin
D34 Botkin Bud 14-Oct-1908 5-Aug-1978 In Love and Memory Double marker with Levina Botkin; praying hands
B37 Botkin Charles Henry 1851 1934 At rest Double marker with Alice Minich Botkin 
B36 Botkin George 29-Dec-1886 31-Jul-1967 Mr. George  Botkin; In loving memory Double marker with Mrs. George Botkin
B36 Botkin George Mrs 18-Dec-1884 30-Jan-1968 Mrs. George Botkin; In loving memory Double marker with Mr. George Botkin
D33 Botkin George Inman 20-Aug-1906 14-Mar-1977 PVT US Army; World War II Cross
B34 Botkin John Henry 1-Jan-1936 1-Jan-1963 Gods Little Angel; Stillborn; Parents Bud and Levina Botkin  
G7 Botkin John V 8-Aug-1924 na In loving memory Double marker with Louise Botkin
D34 Botkin Levina 23-Dec-1915 8-Aug-1997 In love and memory Double marker with Bud Botkin praying hands
G7 Botkin Louise 7-Jul-1934 17-Jun-1969 In loving memory Double marker with John V Botkin
H29 Bowman James Jim Morgan 6-May-1962 21-Apr-1994    
B8 Brantley Bertie 11-Dec-1908 3-Dec-1998 7B; Together Forever Married 61 years; wed Sept 24 1927 Double marker with Bill Brantley
B8 Brantley Bill 13-Aug-1907 1-Jun-1989 7B; Together Forever Married 61 years; wed Sept 24 1927 Double marker with Bertie Brantley
B19 Brantley Fred 1863 1943   Double marker with Lou Brantley
B20 Brantley Fred 2-Dec-1904 10-May-1962   Double marker with Mamie Brantley
B19 Brantley Lou 1864 1950   Double marker with Fred Brantley
B20 Brantley Mamie 3-Mar-1908 3-Mar-1998   Double marker with Fred Brantley
C32 Bridges Angelia Dodd 6-Sep-1921 5-Sep-1975 Beloved Mother  
C66 Brown Florence F 23-Jan-1881 31-May-1968 He walks with me and He talks to me  
D42 Bucharski Leonard F 5-May-1927 6-Jan-2007 PHM3 US Navy; World War II; Korea Cross
A35a C W T(?)        
B9 Cameron William Henry 24-Aug-1865 26-Feb-1918    
A5 Carley Larry Allen 18-Dec-1960 19-Dec-1960    
F59 Carpenter Harley R 1886 1966   Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
F60 Carpenter  Elsa 1896 1969   Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
B47 Carraway Christine Stowe 25-Dec-1936 9-Jan-2003 The Lord is King forever & Ever  
D58 Carrico Aaron Keith na 10-Apr-197_ Earthman Funeral Home, Baytown TX Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
D47 Carrico Clara E 1898 1993    
E54 Carrico Faye Ellen 6-May-1952 4-Dec-1954    
D39 Carrico Kenneth W 3-Jan-1942 18-Oct-1979   Cross
D47 Carrico William E 1891 1972    
F50 Carter Joseph Terry 26-Sep-1896 16-Mar-1969 Horseshoer US Army; WW I Cross
A68 Cassity William Vinson 26-Feb-1944 24-May-1996 PFC US Marine Corps; Vietnam  
C26 Cauthen Abb F 22-Nov-1893 8-Jun-1960    
C25 Cauthen Ivan Oliver 8-Oct-1924 9-Jul-1980 US Navy,  World War II Korea  
C27 Cauthen Mary 16-Jul-1894 14-Apr-1985    
F48 Chapman Alfred  18-Sep-1900 8-Apr-1957 Daddy  
G46 Charpiot Strawn Eunice Armstrong  16-Sep-1911 25-Jun-1973    
G69 Chism Corraine Nesby 31-May-1919 1-Jan-1981 Rest in peace  
H17 Clark Lora Essie 15-Sep-1929 27-Oct-2000 in loving memory, Mom Double marker with Paul Cecil Clark
G21 Clark Maxine 3-Mar-1932 19-Apr-2004 women's mason symbol Double marker with Paul Clark; praying hands and Cross
G21 Clark Paul 13-Jun-1924 25-Mar-2003 Grandmason symbol, banner with number 1 Double marker with Maxine Clark; praying hands and Cross
H17 Clark Paul Cecil 11-Sep-1928 13-Nov-1986 In loving memory, Dad Double marker with Lora Essie Clark
F20 Clepper Lemuel C 28-Oct-1813 19-Jun-1893 Capt; Co K; 20 Tex Inf; CSA  
F21 Clepper Mary Ann Faulkner 16-Nov-1828 15-May-1895    
F1 Cochran Mellie S 1900 1966 Gone but not forgotten; Ma  
F3 Cochran Susan 1884 1941 She was the sunshine of our home; wife of William David Deax  
F1 Cochran Thomas Fred  1896 na Gone but not forgotten; Papa  
F42 Coleman Lon 24-Aug-1892 16-Jul-1913 Resting sweetly in the arms of Jesus; Woodmen of the world memorial  
B25 Collier Ada 1889 1986   Double grave with Bud Collier
B25 Collier Bud 1887 1953   Double marker with Ada Collier
C46 Collier Owen Adolph 14-Sep-1915 7-Aug-1974 God Bless My Son  
B26 Collier William C     Texas seaman; US navy Only date give was 15-Apr-1940
D12 Cook Paul 6-Jul-1943 3-Apr-2009 SP4 US Army; Vietnam  
B17 Cordell Baby Boy 1928 1928   Double marker with Janice Cordell
B18 Cordell Howard 27-Apr-1893 4-Nov-1918    
B17 Cordell Janice 1922 1923   Double marker with baby boy Cordell
A17 Corgey Betty 16-Jul-1866 16-Aug-1951   Double Marker with William J. Corgey
A16 Corgey W T 15-Oct-1891 17-Aug-1911   Woodmen of the World Memorial
A17 Corgey William J 24-Sep-1865 7-Dec-1954   Double Marker with Betty Corgey
H52 Crabb Mamie E 3-Oct-1919 27-Jul-1976 "Jesus is the way and the life" Double marker with Raymond L Crabb
H52 Crabb Raymond L 18-Oct-1913   "Jesus is the way and the life" Double marker with Mamie E Crabb
D35 Crabtree Betty Lea 13-Nov-1938 21-Feb-2004 Mother;  She touched so many heart  
G72 Daigle Ada Mary   18-Dec-___ Mother of Mrs. W D Lowe and family Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
D61 Davenport Addie Mrs 1880 1973 Klein Funeral Home Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
C39 Davenport James 5-Feb-1920 28-Oct-1999    
A2 Davenport Llayne M 23-Jan-1938 14-May-1949 In heaven there is one angel more; Butch  
C40 Davenport Ruby Inez 30-Oct-1919 28-Sep-2004 Mother                           Double marker with Thomas H Davenport
C40 Davenport Thomas H 30-Nov-1913 8-Nov-1993 Father, "Uncle Dave"                          Married Mar 4, 1937 Double marker with Ruby Inez Davenport
G53 Davis Bobby E 27-May-1934 26-Nov-2000 In God's care  
G49 Davis  Bobby E 27-May-1934 26-Nov-2000 SP3 US Army Korea Cross
A66 Dean Allen T 4-Nov-1888 22-Nov-1954 Asleep in Jesus Double Headstone with Lena S. Dean
B57 Dean Annie L 23-Jul-1880 28-Oct-1951 Women's mason symbol Double marker with George I Dean
A63 Dean Arnold W 6-Sep-1895 6-Jun-1950 At Rest   
C14 Dean Beverly Ann Robison 9-Aug-1938 23-Jan-1997 Walk in Patience Love and Forgiveness  
C22 Dean Bobbie H 5-Dec-1931     Double marker with Frank III Dean
C13 Dean Elizabeth Thomas 21-Oct-1879 24-Feb-1967    
C22 Dean Frank III 10-Mar-1936 15-Feb-1998   Double marker with Bobbie H Dean
C11 Dean Frank Jr 24-Apr-1913 14-May-1962    
C12 Dean Frank Sr 27-Dec-1871 19-Oct-1955    
B57 Dean George I 13-Feb-1872 21-Jan-1963 Grandmason symbol Double grave with Annie L Dean
C54 Dean Gertrude E Crook 22-Dec-1894 22-Apr-1983   Born in Cairo, Ill wife of Wm A Dean Jr
H18 Dean Lena Rose 9-Feb-1925 15-Jul-2001   Cross symbol; Double marker with Morris A Dean
A66 Dean Lena S 25-Feb-1896 26-May-1984 Asleep in Jesus Double Headstone with Allen T Dean
H18 Dean Morris A 26-Jan-1923 2-Mar-2002   Cross symbol, Double marker with Lena Rose Dean
A67 Dean Roy T 1920 1991 Sgt US Air Force World War II      
C55 Dean Wm Aylett Jr 6-Jul-1876 16-Aug-1963   Native to Magnolia, TX  Son of Wm Aylett Dean Sr.  born in Conecuh Co. Ala 1827 died in Magnolia, TX 1899 and his wife Clarissa Arnold Dean descendant of the Connecticut Arnolds.  Symbol of square and compass
C15 Dean          
F55 Deax Susan Cochran 1884 1941 Wife of William Deax Info from 1978 transcription; no marker; See F3 Susan Cochran
F2 Deax William David 25-Jun-1881 28-Mar-1941 Jesus never fails Woodmen of the World
D55 Denson John C 16-Jul-1928 19-Nov-1976    
D56 Denson Lovie Grace 4-Sep-1929 13-May-1996    
E13 Dickerson Billy E 19-Apr-1924 27-Oct-1983 Rest in peace  
E15 Dickerson Frances B 08-Oct-1884 6-Dec-1980   Double marker with George W Dickerson
E15 Dickerson George W 22-Jan-1880 11-Jul-1951   Double marker with Frances B Dickerson
E14 Dickerson George W Jr 21-Jun-1911 29-Jun-1955    
D2 Dinkins Addie B 12-Dec-1926 6-Apr-2008 Mama; Married Sep 1, 1994 Double marker with TJ Dinkins; wedding rings
D1 Dinkins T J 22-Jan-1925 25-Nov-1989 S1 US Navy; World War II Cross
D2 Dinkins T J 22-Jan-1925 25-Nov-1989 Daddy; Married Sep 1, 1994 Double marker with Addie B Dinkins; wedding rings
C33 Dodd David C 20-Jul-1896 11-Aug-1961 Married 45 years Double marker with Kathie J Dodd
C33 Dodd Kathie J 23-Jan-1898 25-Feb-1977 Married 45 yrs Double marker with David Dodd
G36 Dorris Cleona Esther Stewart 6-Sep-1902 15-Mar-1986 parents of Holly, Marvin, Mary, Yvonne Double marker with Holly Campbell Dorris
D3 Dorris Essie Dinkins 24-Oct-1923 12-Jan-1999 My little angel; Married May 23, 1942; Children: Marvin Jr, Stephen Wayne, Gary Lynn Double marker with Marvin E Dorris; wedding rings; angel
G29 Dorris H C Mr 1900 1974   Cross
G28 Dorris Holly C 1900 1974 CPL US Army World War I Cross
G36 Dorris Holly Campbell 20-Sep-1900 22-Feb-1974 Parents of Holly, Marvin, Mary, Yvonne Double marker with Cleona Esther Stewart Dorris
G35 Dorris Holly S 10-Aug-1917 16-Aug-1965 son of Holly C and Cleona Dorris; parents of Dana K and Sherry L Dorris Double marker with Ora E "Leah" Dorris
D3 Dorris Marvin E  25-Jun-1921 23-Aug-2008 The Singing Mailman; Married May 23, 1942  Children:  Marvin Jr., Stephen Wayne, Gary Lynn Double marker with Essie Dinkins Dorris; wedding rings; violin
G35 Dorris Ora E "Leah" 2-Oct-1920 19-May-2006 Daughter of Aldine K and Nora lively; parents of Dana K and Sherry L Dorris Double marker with Holly S Dorris
F51 Drude Edmund G 10-Feb-1890 11-Dec-1966   Double marker with Ruth E Drude
F51 Drude Ruth E 11-Feb-1889 14-Jun-1976   Double marker with Edmund G Drude
F46 Dunn Cherie Lea 23-Apr-1965 17-Jan-1968 Loving daughter  
H53 Dunn Jacob Elliott 5-Sep-1990 18-Sep-2008   Cross symbol
F34 DuPree Abraham 5-Mar-1920 18-Jul-1937 Just in the morning of his day in youth and love he died  
F30 DuPree C S 21-Apr-1860 7-May-1925 Asleep in Jesus  
F43 DuPree Charles L Roy 1885 1963 Woodmen of the world memorial; Cross Double marker with Era J DuPree
F43 DuPree Era J 1896 1972 Woodmen of the world memorial; Cross Double marker with Charles L Roy DuPree
E16 Dupree Franklin G 14-Apr-1826 22-Apr-1914 Captain CO H 26 Texas MTD CAV CSA  
F31 DuPree M W L 22-May-1866 6-Nov-1898 Rock of ages; Gone but not forgotten; Never shall thy memory fade sweetest thoughts shall ever linger precious mother of thee Wife of CS Dupree;                                  Cross
D48 Dupree R Inez Abney 1915 1993 Love lives on  
E9 Dupree Relda 1867 1953 Asleep in Jesus  
D48 Dupree Robert B  1907 1987 Love lives on; "Red"  
E17 Dupree Samantha na 3-Feb-1911 Age 69 years. Wife of F.G. Dupree  
F33 DuPree Vera May 18-Aug-1922 12-Oct-1923 She was the sunshine of our home  
F32 DuPree William L 22-Oct-1898 14-May-1899 Son of C S and M W L Dupree  
G79 E____d na na 1958 Klein Funeral Home marker Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
D57 Elder Edwin L 30-Sep-1936 18-May-1977    
D57 Elder Ramona L 9-Sep-1938 12-Dec-1976    
D57 Elder S Kirk 3-Dec-1965 19-May-1977    
G20 Evans Ernest Loyle 29-Aug-1916 21-May-1987 First date 21 May 1961, Married 21 feb 1963; "deacon" Double marker with Meta Jenelle; wedding rings
C30 Evans Gerald 1912 1955    
D43 Evans Henry Earl 20-Jan-1910 8-Jan-1992 Father;  In Loving Memory  
G20 Evans Meta Jenelle 5-Jan-1933 30-Jun-2007 First date 21 May 1961, Married 21 feb 1963; Darby Double marker with Ernest Loyle Evans
D43 Evans Nora U 21-Jul-1917 4-Apr-2006 Mother; In Loving Memory  
G62 Everett Blanche W 22-Aug-1914 12-Apr-2006 Married 30 Sep 1934 Double marker with Grady Everett
G62 Everett Grady 26-Dec-1909 24-Oct-1978 Married 30 Sep 1934 Double marker with Blanche W Everett
G59 Fischer Edith C 22-Jun-1900 8-Dec-1964   Praying hands and Cross
B15 Fitzgerald Mary Elizabeth 19-Nov-1868 10-Mar-1941    
C44 Fleming Annie C 1884 1964   Double marker with James B Fleming
C43 Fleming E Paul 1919 1994 In Loving Memory Double marker with M Evelyn Fleming
C41 Fleming Elmer Paul 28-Dec-1919 1-Jan-1994 TEC 5 US Army WW II  
C44 Fleming James B 1888 1976   Double marker with Annie C Fleming
C43 Fleming M Evelyn 1922 1994 In Loving Memory Double marker with E Paul Fleming
G33 Forrest Mary Rickett 2-Aug-1892 20-Feb-1979    
E57 Fox Monica 1926 1977   Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
E26a Freeman Mrs S P        
E26 Freeman S Penny 1850 1934 Grandmother  
H48 FRKINSON     19__    
C49 Garner Betty L 8-Aug-1933   Married May 18, 1950 Double marker with leslie H Garner
D4 Garner Debra Cook 15-Feb-1973 20-Nov-1997 Forever In Our Hearts Cross
C49 Garner Leslie H 17-Jan-1931 28-Nov-2000 Married May 18, 1950 Double marker with Betty L Garner
G80 Garrett Thomas Lee 1948 1972 Klein Funeral Home Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
D46 Gayle Addie 18-Jun-1908 30-Dec-1992 in God's care  
F11 Gayle C P 24-Sept-1856 15-May-1931    
B77 Gayle Dalton 8-Dec-1913 18-Apr-1915 Little Dalton; son of Mr & Mrs W.J. Gayle; of such is the kingdom of heaven Statue of a lamb
B76 Gayle Emilie C 1892 1948 Mother Double marker with William J Gayle
D46 Gayle Emmett C 5-Mar-1882 22-Mar-1972 In God's care  
F56 Gayle Luella Love 6-Feb-1869 9-Feb-1929 wife of C P Gayle Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
B78 Gayle Milton Wilber 2-Sep-1917 11-Dec-1921 Son of Mr & Mrs W.J. Gayle; asleep in Jesus Statue of a lamb
H35 Gayle Ruth 19-Nov-1919     Double marker with Wilbur K Gayle
H30 Gayle Wilbur K 1919 1980 US Navy; World War II; Korea  
H35 Gayle Wilbur K 17-Aug-1919 25-Aug-1980   Double marker with Ruth Gayle
B76 Gayle William J 1885 1957 Father Double grave with Emilie C Gayle
G42 Gibson Eivie Armstrong 27-Oct-1889 8-Sep-1973   Double marker with Ovis D Gibson
G45 Gibson Ernest N 17-Apr-1927 23-Jun-1984    
G54 Gibson Frances C 31-Aug-1923 3-Jan-1981 Resting with those he loved Double marker with George W Gibson; Cross
G54 Gibson George W 25-Aug-1922 19-Oct-1977 Resting with those he loved Double marker with Frances C Gibson; Cross
G50 Gibson George Washington 25-Aug-1922 19-Oct-1977 Pvt US Army; World War II Cross
G42 Gibson Ovis D 19-Jul-1902 1-Jan-1988   Double marker with Evie Armstrong Gibson
D54 Gilliam Frank Thad 13-Aug-1933   Loving husband and father; Married Jun 8, 1952; sparrows to eagles Double marker with Joyce Ann Roye Gilliam; wedding rings
D54 Gilliam Joyce Ann Roye 1-Jul-1935   Loving wife and mother; Married Jun 8, 1952; sparrows to eagles Double marker with Frank Thad Gilliam; wedding rings
G75 Gilliand _______ na Feb _____ Metcalf Funeral Dir., Conroe TX Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
G27 Gilliland Oscar 29-Nov-1884 10-Nov-1964    
A52 Glass Elizabeth     Grandmother  
H42 Glasscock Archie Clifford 3-Jan-1910 16-Dec-1992    
H43 Glasscock Helen Lois 30-Oct-1922 5-Feb-1976    
H44 Glasscock Stephanie Jo 31-Aug-1955 16-Aug-2008 "Our beloved daughter and sister"  
G32 Gleghorn D "Artie" 12-Jul-1912 29-Feb-1992 Grandmason symbol; wed June 30, 1961 Double marker with Edna B Gleghorn
G32 Gleghorn Edna B 16-Feb-1930 21-Oct-1994 women's mason symbol; wed June 30, 1961 Double marker with D Artie Gleghorn
G31 Goodin Mattilee DuPree 16-Nov-1899 13-May-1991    
G63 Goodson Carl Leonard 2-Jan-1928 25-Sep-1997 PFC US Army; World War II Cross
C65 Goodson Charles W 11-Aug-1884 29-Aug-1962   Double marker with Lexia E. Goodson
G64 Goodson Etta 10-Jan-1898 na   Double marker with Tommie Goodson
E29 Goodson H Winnie Mrs 04-Jul-1867 24-Jan-1911    
E56 Goodson infant 16-Nov-1902 16-Nov-1902 Daughter of Mr and Mrs T  J Goodson Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
E39 Goodson J William 11-Apr-1884 19-Oct-1940 Grandmason symbol  
E36 Goodson Lester 1898 1978   Double marker with Margaret Goodson
C65 Goodson Lexia E 15-Jan-1891 10-Apr-1982   Double marker with Charles W. Goodson
E36 Goodson Margaret 1900 1981   Double marker with Lester Goodson
E40 Goodson Mildred May 24-Jan-1897 13-Mar-1958    
E31 Goodson na 16-Nov-1902 16-Nov-1902 Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Goodson  
E38 Goodson R E 09-Jun-1890 18-Jan-1917 Woodmen of the World; wife and mother dear, I'm not dead but sleeping here. I was not yours but God's alone, He loved me best and called me home.  
C65 Goodson Ruby Lee 17-Jan-1930 na    
E28 Goodson T J 13-Mar-1858 20-Apr-1913 Asleep in Jesus Woodmen of the World memorial
E37 Goodson Tom C 24-Mar-1887 4-Feb-1936    
G64 Goodson Tommie 1-Jul-1892 na   Double marker with Etta Goodson
E27 Goodson William Earl 27-Oct-1919 18-Nov-2001 US Army Air Forces WWII  
E35 Goodson William Earle 27-Oct-1919 18-Nov-2001 Son of J.W. and Mildred Ah! To have lived in the 20th century
C17 Grant Ida R 4-Dec-1899 26-Dec-1969 Mother Dearest  
F47 Grant Ruben 11-Apr-1926 6-Jan-1978 Bud; In loving memory Praying hands, Cross
B72 Graves James W Jr 12-Oct-1917 25-Feb-1969 Texas RM1 USNR WWII Korea Cross inscription
C64 Greaves Golda A 28-Mar-1937     Double marker with Leonard A. Greaves
C64 Greaves Leonard A 9-Aug-1932 10-Jan-1989   Double marker with Golda A. Greaves
E6 Green Betty L 28-Jan-1930 1-Oct-1930   Triple marker with Peggy A Green and Johnnie F Green
E5 Green E W "DUB" 4-Feb-1908 11-Dec-1976   Double marker with Verna S Green
E6 Green Johnnie F 6-Mar-1932 6-Oct-1932   Triple marker with Peggy A Green and Betty L Green
E6 Green Peggy A 8-Sep-1934 28-May-1936   Triple marker with Johnnie F Green and Betty L Green
E5 Green Verna S 12-Jun-1910 na   Double marker with E W "DUB" Green
G60 Greenfield          
G61 Greenfield          
G13 Greenstein Edward A Jr 22-Feb-1915 31-Aug-1991 Grandmason symbol Double marker with Norine O Greenstein; praying hands
G13 Greenstein Norine O  1-Oct-1917 13-Jul-1994 Women's mason symbol Double marker with Edward A Greenstein Jr; praying hands
B74 Gresham Lillie Gayle na 30-Jan-1987 Mother & Nona  
B79 Gresham Wilfred Evlyn 26-Aug-1886 30-Sep-1924    
H26 Gunn Buryl B 10-Dec-1912 14-Jun-1974 Father; Together forever; mother Double marker with Willie E Gunn
H26 Gunn Willie E 1-Mar-1912 19-Jan-1998 Father; together forever; mother Double marker with Buryl B Gunn
G70 Hall Waudell Iverson 1921 1983   Cross
G70 Hall Waudell Iverson 6-Mar-1921 10-Apr-1983 US Marine Corps; World War II Cross
B48 Hamilton Jesse W 17-March-1891 10-May-1964 Texas PVT Co E. 156 Infantry WW I  
B91 Hamilton John H 1885 1950   Double marker with Minnie F Hamilton
B93 Hamilton Mary Sue 4-Oct-1853 7-Apr-1925    
B91 Hamilton Minnie F 1890 1978   Double Grave with John H Hamilton
C24 Hanks Harry Fletcher 26-Dec-1914 6-Apr-1988 Daddy in Loving Memory Mother  Married Jan 10, 1941 Double marker with Mildred Cauthen Hanks
C24 Hanks Mildred Cauthen 5-Apr-1918 24-Jul-1991 Married Jan 10, 1941 Double marker with Harry Fletcher Hanks
C58 Hanning Gladys Ann 29-Jun-1943 21-Jul-2008 Devoted wife, mother, sister, and grandmother truly a fighter and our hero; Married Dec 1, 1960 Double marker with James L. Hanning
C58 Hanning James L 7-Sep-1939 20-Mar-1989 A gentle man, he touched everyone with special love & kindness                        Married Dec 1, 1960 Double marker with Gladys Ann Hanning
G51 Hanson Wilimae M 22-Jun-1908 20-Oct-1982   Praying hands
D23 Harper Arthur Lee 13-Apr-1942 13-Apr-2005    
D24 Harper Everett 13-Feb-1908 13-Oct-1998 Precious Lord Take My Hands Double marker with Mae E Harper; heavenly hand receiving earthly hands
D24 Harper Mae E 4-Sep-1913 9-Jan-1987 Precious Lord Take My Hands Double marker with Everett Harper; heavenly hand receiving earthly hands
H9 Hass Ray Lynn 3-Jan-1963 17-Aug-2004 Our beloved son and brother Cowboy hat and dove
H10 Hass Roy Glynn 3-Jan-1963 6-Dec-1978 In memory of our loving son and brother Cowboy boots and praying hands
E4 Hawkins B H  09-Aug-1870 28-Aug-1936 Father, Erected in loving memory by his daughter Lillie Stade  
B92 Hebert Robert J 13-Aug-1920 17-Feb-1998 Loving husband and father Picture of a Cross
E10 Heflin Joe M 14-Feb-1865 7-Oct-1955 Asleep in Jesus  
A54 Heflin Julia E 23-Sep-1855 5-Jul-1934 Mother  
A55 Heflin M D 2-Dec-1855 10-Jun-1930 Father  
F16 Heflin Maldie Nettie  4-Jul-1855 24-Feb-1892 At rest  
A56 Heflin R M 12-Nov-1896 22-Sep-1933 Brother  
C21 Heidler Wilora Thomas 1899 1980    
H15 Hickman Geraldine (Yawn) 7-Feb-1922 15-Jan-2005   Double marker with Wade Hickman
H15 Hickman Wade 7-Aug-1920 13-Jun-1983 Thy will be done Double marker with Geraldine Yawn; The Invisible Me poem written by Wade Hickman inscribed on back of headstone
G55 Hicks Alice L 20-May-1934 na Mother Double marker with Benjamin C Hicks; praying hands
G55 Hicks Benjamin C 7-May-1929 16-Feb-1997 Father Double marker with Alice L Hicks; praying hands
G17 Hines Dewey S 1898 1958   Double marker with Pauline Hines
G17 Hines Pauline 1912 1998   Double marker with Dewey S Hines
E19 Holder Audrey Mae 12-Mar-1935 20-Dec-1999 In God's Care  
A3 Holder Edna Ann 6-Sep-1897 25-Feb-1970   Double marker with John Bell Holder
A4 Holder George W 5-Feb-1921 2-May-1948 Brother  
A3 Holder John Bell 2-Jan-1898 27-Jan-1960   Double marker with Edna Ann Holder
A71 Holder Linda Gay 1953 1953   Info from 1978 transcription; no marker
A11 Holder Lloyd J 7-Jul-1931 23-Jul-1966 Brother   
E18 Holder Robert C 26-Aug-1933 5-Oct-1974    
A6 Holder Wanda Jean 15-Sep-1956 16-Sep-1956 Beloved sister  
G41 Hood Lula Belle Armstrong 17-Sep-1917 16-Jun-1976 Rest in peace at foot of grave of Mrs. Lula Belle Clebosky
E12 Howard Beulah 17-Aug-1892 16-Dec-1955    
E12 Howard James H 19-Jan-1877 8-Feb-1963   Double marker with Beulah Howard
G12 Howard Myrtle Kelly 1901 1982 Faithful "companion in labour" Phil. 2:25  
H37 Howland Martha 1901 1973    
B23 Huenerberg Adolph H 3-Jan-1887 23-Feb-1934