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Buddy Moorhead: A Conroe Legend
by Robin Montgomery

Perhaps the most familiar name in Conroe is Buddy Moorhead. Ask anyone in town, and the odds are they will have heard of Buddy Moorhead Stadium of Conroe High School.

Who was the man of legendary proportions named Buddy Moorhead? We will look first at his remarkable record as a coach, then at some personal remembrances from his own high school days.

Like the stadium bearing his name, Buddy was a classic individual. Graduating from Conroe High School in 1957, Buddy died suddenly after his third season as head football coach at his alma mater. In that last season, 1982, he accomplished what had been done only four times in the history of the school, winning 11 games. Over the three years of his tenure, Buddy’s teams compiled an astounding record of 29 wins against only four losses, with one tie. Incredibly, Buddy also achieved honors as coach of the year in Texas, in the sport of golf.

Buddy was possessed of a magical personality, inspiring all in his purview to reach their best. According to fellow coach Dave “Tex” Brown, he was an inspiration to both coaches and players. With a unique way of communicating, Buddy did not fret over “political correctness” and all with whom he associated loved it.

I can testify personally to the inspiration of Buddy Moorhead. I was privileged to be in the same class with Buddy at Conroe High, quarterbacking our high school team on which Buddy was a lineman. His work habits, his drive always to do his best, served as the example to us all.

But it was off the field where my fondest memories of Buddy Moorhead lie. The story begins with our mutual friendship with Campbell “Wildman” Woodman. A few years older than Buddy and me, Wildman had been the winner of numerous state boxing titles and the forerunner of the Cut and Shoot boxing dynasty that produced the mighty Roy Harris. Part of our story involves a brother-in-law of that same Roy Harris, Edwin Rice. Together, Buddy, Wildman, Edwin and I developed a country-rock and roll band, called “Robin and the Wild Robineers.” Buddy was our drummer.

During the high school days of Buddy, Edwin and myself, Wildman was a teacher at the time, the Wild Robineers had a live half-hour show on Saturdays at Conroe’s first radio station, the old KMCO. We were honored to work on many occasions with the incomparable musician and radio personality, Mary McCoy.

How Buddy learned to play the drums has always been a mystery to me. One day, he came by my house for a visit, sat down at the drums and, to the amazement of us all, just started to play, and very well.

In his life after high school, Buddy played college football. Later, Buddy, his wife Nancy and their children, Mike and Kristen, were a model family.

Exemplary family man, musician, friend to all who knew him and phenomenal trainer of young athletes, Buddy Moorhead is a name inspiring awe to all who ride past the football stadium that proudly portrays his name.

The Courier, April 2, 2009, p 7a




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