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Morgan Cemetery of
Montgomery County Texas

On Morgan Cemetery Road,
formerly McShan Road,
Security, Texas
Key Map 193J

Photos by Sherrie Landry

Overview of Entrance to Morgan Cemetery


This marker is a dedication to the founders of this cemetery. This grave site was selected by Louis Collins in 1887 as the resting place for this little girl Baby Page who died while her family was traveling through this community."  It is believed to be the first grave in Morgan Cemetery.


In the year of our Lord 1988 on this day May 7, Ernest Daniel Biano and Ruby Lang Biano lovingly donate this 3.77 acres of land to Morgan Cemetery, in memory of their daughter, Sonya Danell Biano and her grandmother Bertha Morgan Biano who's father donated the original land for Morgan Cemetery.

Click here for Gift Deed to Morgan Cemetery from Ernest Daniel Biano and Ruby Lang Biano

Click Here More Photos


Click Here for
Burials in Morgan Cemetery
with Corrections


Check out William T. Beauregard's
transcription for Morgan Cemetery


Contacts & Corrections

If you would like your name added as a contact on any of the people that is listed in any cemetery, please email Jane Keppler or Jean Smoorenburg and we will add this information.  This would be a great way to find someone else that may be researching the name you are researching.

My mother and Father, Lois Mae Nix Collins & Monroe Lester Collins and my step son Erwin Darrell Phillips are all buried there. I can also be contacted for Clettie & Cordelia Collins and most of the Collins I have researched them back to North Carolina and to England and beyond. I noticed that my dad is not listed on the burial list.

Joel L. Collins


Doretha R. Hough.  She was the oldest daughter of Wm H. and Cordelia Ott Mizell who are my g-grandparents, also buried in Morgan Cemetery. Doretha's grave is marked along with that of her husband Hugh Hough.

My mother and Father, Lois Mae Nix Collins & Monroe Lester Collins and my step son Erwin Darrell Phillips are all buried there. I can also be contacted for Clettie & Cordelia Collins and most of the Collins I have researched them back to North Carolina and to England and beyond. I noticed that my dad is not listed on the burial list.

My Fathers info:
Monroe Lester Collins
DOB: 11 December 1905 Security TX
DOD: 11 April 1982 Harris County TX

He and my mother Lois Mae Collins are buried side by side.

Thank You
Joel L. Collins


Cheryle Hubenak


Gilbert O. Moody - My father.

Lucy B Moody - My mother.

Harriet E. Purswell - My maternal grandmother

Isobelle (Hough) Purswell - My maternal great grandmother

William H. Purswell - My maternal grandfather

Eva Ward - my maternal grand aunt.

Winnie D Cooper - My aunt.

Velda Irene Kubala - My sister

Clifford Charles Dryman - My nephew



Steve Moody


My husband is Mike Singleton, son of Con and Flossie Singleton.  Flossie was Hillery and Vera Lakey's daughter.

I have been doing genealogy of Mike's family with his and his brothers permission.  He is interested but doesn't enjoy doing the footwork as much as I do.  We have lost touch will all of his mother's family, since she died so young.  I believe some of Flossie's sisters are probably still living.  Someone is putting flowers on Hillery and Vera's graves.  I would love to meet them.


Thank you for doing this.   The e-mail below is my personal e-mail address.


Connie Singleton


Houston, TX

From: Steve Moody

Date: 05/05/05 12:49:40

To: relppek91@gmail.com

Subject: Morgan Cemetery, Montgomery County, TX




Thank you so much for providing this resource.  It is very good of you to take the time and effort to work on this site.  I'm sure you have put in a lot of time and I for one appreciate it very much.


I did find two very minor errors in your information though that I would like to give you corrections for.


1.  Velda I. (Irene) Kubala.  Her maiden name was Farrow not Moody. (my half sister).

2.  Winnie D Cooper.  You have Winnie Dee Cooper.  Her middle name was just the letter D no period, it didn't stand for anything just the letter D - (My mother was Lucy "B" Purswell Moody.  The B didn't stand for anything either.  I don't know why my grandparents named the girls that way but that's the way they did.)


Again, thank you so very much for providing this information to everyone!


Steve Moody

I have numerous relatives buried in this cemetery.


Debra Burkett Redman


From: Gerry Holloway <barbntx@att.net>
Subject: Morgan Cemetery
To: relppek91@gmail.com
Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 8:39 AM

Good Morning,
I recently view the Morgan Cemetery web site. I have a son buried there and would like to make a correction. The name on the list is Holloway, Gary. Parents G. W. Holloway and Barbara Beach Holloway. His name should be Gerry Lemott Holloway. The first name is misspelled. I will appreciate your help in making this correction.

Thank you,
Barbara Holloway

From:"Davis, Tiffany" <Tiffany.Davis@safway.com>
Sent: Mon, May 23, 2011 2:00:05 PM
Subject: Contact

I would like to add myself as a contact. My father, Gerry Lemott Holloway is buried in your cemetery and I would like to be listed as his daughter, Tiffany Renee Holloway.

His other daughter, and you can list her as well, is Brittany Austyn Holloway and grand daughter, Victoria Anne Davis.

Thank You,

Tiffany Davis


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