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People of Montgomery County Texas

These photos were found in the vertical files  in the library.  Apparently, the owners did not reclaim them or they were donated. Some of them have writing on the back and/or front; some do not.

William Thomas Cecil, M. D.
Died Nov. 27, 1863
at the Battle of Knoxville, Tenn CSA

Gary Nowill wrote July 21, 2012:
I have just seen the posted image of Dr. Cecil who died at the siege on Knoxville in November 1863. It was a tremendous thrill as he is my wife's great-great grandfather and I had only recently found the Federal Army Hospital entry where this 'rebel' captive was admitted with a flesh wound to the thigh and then died of his wound two days later.

I [jhs]  had asked Gary if he had more information on  Dr. Cecil and this is what he wrote on July 28, 2012:

William is listed in the 1860 Trinity County, City of Sumpter, Texas census as a Physician, a capacity in which he was enrolled into the ranks of Co. M. Sumpter Light Infantry, 1st Texas Vol. Inft. Regt. of Hoods Texas Brigade of the Confederate Army. He was Mustered into service May 5, 1862. Promoted to First Lt. upon the fatal wounding of 1st Lt. William T. Sanford, killed at Antietam, August 17, 1862. In November 1863 Company M. clashed with some of General Burnsides cavalry scouts about a half days march from the Tennessee River. Lt. Cecil was wounded and captured. According to Yankee records, Lt. Cecil was held in Knoxville on November 24 as "Rebel with flesh wondt to thight". Lt. Cecil was admitted to General Hospital No. 2 as a prisoner with a Gunshot to the Intestines. Three days later he was dead.

Of the original 130 men enlisting with William Cecil from Trinity County, only three were still in service at the time of the General Surrender. Lt. Cecil was involved in many of the bloodiest conflicts of the war, seeing action at Antietam, 2nd Manassas, Boonesbrough Gap, Fredericksburg, Siege of Suffolk, Gettysburg (among those attacking Chamberlian's forces on Little Round Top), Front Royal, Chickamugua and briefly, Siege of Knoxville.

1854 Trinity County Tax Roll state that Wm. Cecil possessed one $100.00 Horse and one $25.00 watch.

Dr. William Cecil was born in Tennessee in 1829. He married Nancy Strother from St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, daughter William Strother and Faith Stewart, in Trinity County in 1854. They had three children, George, Mary, and Margaret. Nancy bore a forth child in 1870 named Nancy, father unknown.

Gary Nowlin


Drug Store



"I would like to know if anyone researching the KELTON-LINDLEY-CLOUD line can identify the three people on the left hand side of this picture. I think they may be Keltons and Lindleys. Also, the lady with the tilted head and the little girl standing in beside the whiskered man in the chair, who is William Hamilton O'Banion. The rest of the subjects are O'Banions with the exception of the lady standing to the right of the tilted head lady who is allie Cloud."    Please contact Joan O'Banion at kelly_o@charter.net


Mary Polly (Lindsey) Little
Buried in Willis Cemetery, Section 2
daughter of
Samuel Washington Lindley and Mary Polly Hall
wife of
Hiram B. Little b 9 Apr 1809 in Illinois
son of Samuel Little


 Mrs. Wooldridge (Kate) & Edmona 5 yrs. 
identified on back of photo

Notes by Karen Hett:
Kate's  husband was Edmond Daniel Thomas Woodridge.  Child is grandchild, daughter of Edmond Cook Wooldridge and Lois Louise Conroe. Edmona was born in 1929 and died 2001. Lois was descendent of founder of Conroe.)

Also, contact F. Carlton Cranor, grandson of Kate Cook Wooldridge


Kate Wooldridge in her younger years
This photo was in a little picture frame;
There was nothing written on back 


Kate Wooldridge



On back: Katherine. Isn't this good of Sis & Phil? Beulah Wooldridge Lewis (E. C. Wooldridge's' sister) Phil Lewis (Katherine is daughter of Edmond & Kate Wooldridge.  Philip Cook Lewis was the son of John  & Martha Cook Woodson Lewis.  Philip was married to Beulah. Anne Velma Wooldridge and Katherine are sisters.)

Sandy's Nu-Prints Portland, Oregon


Edmond David Thomas Wooldridge
father of E. C. Wooldridge




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