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Wilburton Cemetery Montgomery County Texas
aka Tamina Cemetery

From Conroe, take I-45 South to the Tamina Road exit. Take a left at the lights crossing under the freeway. Go straight (this is still Tamina Road.) until you cross railroad tracks; then take a right turn (this is now Main Street, Oak Ridge North, Texas). Drive straight along Main Street until you see the Electric Company's sub-station and slow down immediately. The cemetery will be on your left, just a short distance from the sub-station. Key Map 252B. Our thanks to Gail Rapoza for updated directions.

Transcription of Wilburton Cemetery
Jean Smoorenburg Updated November 2014

M = Metcalf Funeral Home
Lname Fname Born Died Notes
Addison Earline Frances 2 May 1899 29 Nov 1973 Ref: M 11:86
Birdwell O E 20 Mar 1845 23-Jan-1905 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Burke Ada 24 Jul 1896 4-Feb-1969 72 yr 6 mos 10 days; Forest Hill Funeral Home, Conroe; Died in Winnie, Chambers County, Texas; Father: W C Hanna
Burke Philemo 11 Apr 1896 13-Jun-1956 age 60 yrs 2 mos 2 days State File #38194; SS#; Father: Babe Burke Mother: Pauline Bonnin 
Ewing Floyd 22 Feb 1886 8-Jun-1955 State File #30242; Parents: Unk; unmarked grave: Ref: M 6:81
Findley Bary     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Findley Berth     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Fussell Burl 22 Feb 1870 7-Oct-1949 State File #56596 Born Spring TX Father: Calvin Fussell from MS Mother: Nancy Brown from FL
Fussell Calvin 15 Jun 1834 11 Jul 1899 Pvt Madison's Regt Texas Calvary Confederate States Army
Fussell Ellen E 18 Aug 1883 9-Jan-1973 State File #12435; SS#; born Huffsmith TX; Father: J D Harris Mother: Unk; Unmarked grave; Ref: M 9 11:54
Fussell John 10 Jun 1883 19-Jun-1967 State File #40392; SS# Parents: Unk; Unmarked Grave; Ref: M 9:49
Gordon Linda Kay 25 Dec 1948 25 Dec 1948 Stillborn Infant of John Thomas Gordon & wife Millie Talasek
Gordon Millie Talasek 27-Jul-1905 24-Jul-1988 SSDI; wife of John Thomas Gordon Sr
Gordon Weldon Eugene 25 Nov 1936 9-Jan-1996 son of John Thomas Gordon and Millie Talasek (TX Birth & Death Index)
Gordon, Sr John Thomas 23 Dec 1903 16 Dec 1994 Husband of Millie Talasek Gordon; Died Montgomery County, TX; SSDI 
Grissett Bee 21 Aug 1888 24 Mar 1994 State File #20292; SS# Born Grimes Co TX; Father Alfred Grissett Mother Unk Pyle
Higgs Loyd S 23 Jul 1899 7-May-1939 Ref: M 1:15
Herring Joel N 1859 1899  
Johns Joseph Oscar 24 Jan 1874 17 Jan 1950  State File #3440 b Montgomery County TX Father: Bill Johns of AJ Mother: Unk; according to Betty Olds, Joseph Oscar Johns married to both sisters; Ref: M 4:83
Johns Martha Bush 29 Apr 1862 12 Oct 1941 State File #47256 b AL Father: R T Bush Mother: Unk; according to Betty Olds, Joseph Oscar Johns married to both sisters; Ref: M 1:73
Johns Mary Albany Bush 12 Nov 1878 4 Aug 1950 State File #39671 b Westfield TX Father: R T Bush of AL Mother: Mary E Black of GA; Ref: M 4:102
Latzer  Albert     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Latzer  Allie     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Latzer  Antone     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Latzer  Edward Frances 9 Nov 1885 12-Jul-1958 State File #39820; Died in Baytown, TX; Father: Antone Latzer Mother: Mary
Latzer  George     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Latzer  Henry     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Latzer  Mary     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Martins - Sallee Plot       No graves; 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Miner Juanita Kay 15-Jan-1941 3-Aug-1994 SSDI  Issued in Indiana; TX Death Index states date of death as 2 Aug 1994
Needham Molley Ardelia 5-Jan-1918 15-Jun-2000 SSDI  & Texas Death Index. Double Marker with Walter Claude Needham
Needham Walter Claude 19-Jul-1912 12 MAR 1993 SSDI  & Texas Death Index; Double Marker With Moley Ardelia Needham
Neeley Alta Belle   10-Oct-1993 Texas Death Index
Neeley Lonnie Dalton 8-Feb-1914 10-Oct-1988 PFC US Army World War II
Pursley Baby     No Dates 1978 Transcription MCG&HS
Romero Mary Maxine Gordon 21 Aug 1947 10-Feb-1985 SSDI 
Synder Jessie Nolen 20-Jun-1907 28 Aug 1980  
Thibideaux Betty     Per Tracy txpoodles@yahoo.com
Webber Norman 27 Dec 1832 10 Dec 1990  
Welton Herman Francis 29 Mar 1906 5 Nov 1975 Pvt US Army World War II; State File #98677 SS#; Born in Great Falls, MT; Father: Noah F Welton Mother: Augusta Geirke; Informant: Harlan Welton (son)
Wiese Peggy M 8-Jul-1905 13 Dec 1990 SSDI SS# & TX Death Index


Check out William T. Beauregard's transcription of Tamina Cemetery.

Photos of Wilburton Cemetery

These photos were taken on March 18, 2005 by
Jane Keppler.  The camera was set with the wrong date.

Wilburton Cemetery

Overview of Wilburton Cemetery

ggggrandmother of Kenneth Lee

Joel N Herring

Weldon E Gordon
U S Army
25 Nov 1936
9 Jan 1996

Peggy M Wiese
8 Jul 1905 13 Dec 1990

Walter Claude Needham
19 Jul 1912 12 Mar 1993
Love Will Last Forever
Molly Ardelia Needham
5 Jan 1918 15 Jun 2000

Alta Belle Neeley
Jaunita Kay Miner (left)
Lonnie Dalton Neeley (right)
See Photos below

Juanita Kay Miner
15 Jan 1941
3 Aug 1994


The following photos of Wilburton were taken by Teresa Rose in November 2008:

Calvin Fussell
Texas PVT Madison's Regt Texas CAV
Confederate States Army
15 Jun 1834 11 Jul 1899

Jessie Nolen Snyder
20 Jun 1907
28 Aug 1980

Joel N Herring

Lonnie Dalton Neeley
PFC US Army World War II
9 Feb 1914 10 Oct 1988

Norman Webber
Born 27 Dec 1832
Died 10 Dec 1900


Researchers Transcriptions

From: betty olds
Date: 12/13/2006 7:56:55 PM
To: relppek91@gmail.com
Subject: Wilburton Cemetery
I have several family members buried in Wilburton Cemetery:
(My uncle) John Thomas Gordon, Sr., b. 12/23/1903 d. 12/16/1994
(His wife) Millie (Talasek) Gordon b.7/27/05 d.7/25/1988
(Their stillborn infant) Linda Kay Gordon b.d.12/25/1948
(Their daughter) Mary Maxine (Gordon) Romero b.8/21/1947 d.2/10/1985
(You show a picture of their son's marker - Weldon Eugene Gordon)
(My grandmother) Mary Albany (Bush) Johns b11/12/1878 d.8/3/1950
(My great-aunt) Martha (Bush) Johns b.4/29/1862 d.10/12/1941
Joseph Oscar Johns is also buried in Wilburton (married to both sisters)
There may be others and if or when I find them I will let you know if you wish.  Please send an acknowledgement of receipt of this message.
Betty Olds
Porter, Texas

I am looking for Graves of Thomas Spruce, died abt 1881.
Also graves of Lewis T. May, died 13 June 1909 and wife Caroline May, died 7 Sept 1908, supposedly buried in Wilburton. These are my great grandfathers and great grandmother. I am at a dead end (no pun intended).  Can you or anyone else Please help me locate my ancestors? Thanks for any help or advice to aid me in my search.
Betty Worley
1117 S.W. 133rd Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73170
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