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Oak Knoll (B)


This cemetery is located  in Bellville on Mechanic St. and FM 529, east of Santa Fe R. R. tracks.  There  is only one  cemetery.

It is  shown as OK(A) , OK(B)  and OK(C) because  the original file is very large.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.


Surname Given Name Date of Birth Date of Death Comments Location
Abel Adolph 8 Aug 1849 24-Mar-41   31 E17
Abel Emma Schulke 11 Sep 1864 10-Apr-47   31 E17
Abel Alfred Erwin, Jr. 14-Jan-30 2-Sep-85   42 B15
Abel Alfred, Sr. 20 Jan 1890 20-May-86   42 B15
Abel Isabella Bolten 29-May-01 2-Feb-79   42 B15
Acebo Antonio 21 Sep 1873 18-Jun-49   42 A6
Acebo Edicta 17 Jan 1882 16-Jan-55   42 A6
Adams Edna Louise Schroeder 13 Jun 1898 22-Feb-37   31 E9
Albert Dalton Paul "Dutch" 31-Jan-23 13-Sep-99 WWII 31 B1
Albert Paul 14 Jan 1875 31-May-34   31 B1
Albert Sidonia Schaffner 27 Oct 1879 26-Nov-61   31 B1
Albert Louis John 25 Feb 1898 16-Sep-83   31 B1
Albert Hattie Juergens 15-Nov-00 11-Jan-99   31 B1
Albert Emmie E. Hold 20-Jul-00 9-Aug-69   31 F5
Albert Monroe Charles 28-Nov-00 4-Mar-52   31 F5
Alexander Deborah Brown 1-Mar-52 11-Jul-81   31 F11
Alexander Wayne Benson 10-Dec-16 16-Jul-12 WWII 31 F11
Andrews Clarence Oran 30 Aug 1882 10-Aug-62   42 C10
Andrews Maude Odessa Sturdivant 12 Sep 1897 19-Dec-67   42 C10
Andrus Roy Raymond 17 Aug 1899 13-Oct-77 WWII 42 G 16
Andrus Norma C. Goeke 3-Mar-13 31-Dec-67   42 G 16
Arning William H. 21 Dec 1877 15-Apr-51   42 F6
Arning Emma C. Grebe 8 Aug 1877 17-Nov-59 w/o Wm. H 42 F6
Arning Arthur J., Sr. 7-Aug-08 27-Dec-78   42 F6
Arning Eugene Alvin 25-Sep-36 21 Feb  2000   42 F6
Arnold Jim Francis 9 Jul 1896 22-Oct-35   31 B7
Arnold Nell E. Holt 16 May 1893 22-Aug-75   31 B7
Arnold Joe Leonard 1888 1939   31 B7
Arnold David Wayne 26-Sep-49 27-Sep-49   31 B7
Arnold Gladys J. 25-May-21 1-Apr-11   31 B7
Arnold James Clifton 18-Jul-21 22-Mar-76 WWII 31 B7
Aschenbeck  Albert Wm. 16-Jul-21 1-Apr-92    
Atkerson Mary Louise Letien 29-Sep-26 10-Feb-02   31 I-1
Atkisson Edward Eugene 13-Mar-18 9-Apr-06 WWII 42 G18
Atkisson Jeanette Irene Batla 21-Jan-20 6-Mar-11   42 G18
Austin Frank M. 5 Jun 1893 2-Jun-62   31 G7
Austin Dovie Smith 15 Oct 1891 15-May-80   31 G7
Bader Martha Haak 2 Jan 1862 26-Oct-50 w/o Fred Wm. 31 C1
Bader Fred William 23 Jul 1857 14-Feb-33   31 C1
Baker Fred G. 17 Nov 1891 19-Oct-71   42 F19
Baker Edna Muery 24 Feb 1895 24-Aug-71 w/o Fred G 42 F19
Baranowski Theodore Paul 24-Aug-13 15-Sep-76   42 E11
Baranowski Irene Gladys Taylor 10-Oct-17 31-Jul-07 w/o Theodore P 42 E11
Baranowski David Earl 16-Jul-38 3-Mar-06    
Baranowski Melvin Roy 24-Oct-40 11-Apr-14    
Barr Zollie Lorine Barrett 23-Nov-17 2314 May 2009 w/o Bryant C. 42 B1
Barr Bryant Charles 2-Sep-11 18-Feb-85 WWII 42 B1
Barrett Bertha Emma Smith 26 Feb 1891 16-Aug-73 w/o Jacob A, Jr 42 B1
Barrett Marvin Earlin 8-Apr-25 16-Jan-90   42 B1
Barrett Beatrice Belle Thompson 21-Oct-25 21-Mar-98 w/o Marvin E 42 B1
Barrett Arthur 24-Oct-16 18-Feb-08 WWII 42 C11
Barrett Vera Opal Brooks. 18-Oct-18 not given   42 C11
Barrett Charlie B., Jr. 9-Nov-05 6-May-72   42 D3
Barrett Catherine B. Fuchs 28-Nov-19 25-Dec-87 w/o Charlie B Jr 42 D3
Barrett Charlie B. Sr. 12 Sep 1875 9-Apr-47   42 D3
Barrett Alvina Pfeffer 20 Jan 1878 6-Nov-63 w/o Charlie B Sr. 42 D3
Barrett Jacob Allen, Jr. 28 Aug 1895 22-Jul-68   42/13 1
Barry Claude Mahon 26 Sep 1887 7-Aug-49   42 G13
Barry Maggie Mae Glenn 26 Jan 1887 11-Apr-78 w/o Claude Mahon 42 G13
Barry Ruth Lee 22-Jul-13 19-May-99   42 G13
Barry Claude Kenneth 20-Mar-16 22-Aug-93 WWII 42 G13
Bartay Erwin John 25 Jan 1898 15-Nov-83   31 C2
Bartay Viola Weige 15-Dec-02 2-Jan-93 w/o Erwin J 31 C2
Bartay Lee Roy W. 9-Jul-02 5-Jun-46   42 E3
Bartay Ella Elise Schiller 27-Mar-00 3-May-84 w/o Lee Roy W 42 E3
Bartay infant son No date given 3-Apr-48   42 E6
Bartay Roland 17 Mar 1893 14-Jul-72   42 G3
Bartay Vernon R. 17-Jan-30 24-Jun-95   42 G3
Bartay Valeria Lucille Mikeska 23-Sep-31 No dates given   42 G3
Bartay Alvina Liska 20 Jan 1898 2-Jun-98 w/o Roland 42 G3
Bartay Nancy Diane 13-May-56 19-Jul-57 d/o Vernon Ray 42 G3
Bartay Patricia Ann Garrett 31-Oct-32 28-Sep-12 h/o Delmar M. Sr  
Bartay Ethel Bell Fischer   7-Nov-17    
Batla Edward "Ed" 14 Jun 1884 17-Aug-50   42 G 15
Batla Julia Uhrik 17 Dec 1886 21-Sep-76 w/o Edward 42 G 15
Batla Thomas Woodrow 9-Oct-12 15-Mar-61   42 G 15
Becker William 18 Jan 1862 16-Oct-48   31 B5
Becker Emilie Bertha Hackfeld 20 Jul 1866 31-May-38 w/o William 31 B5
Becker Vesta Mae 27 Aug 1899 28-Apr-79 w/o Oliver H 31 B5
Becker Oliver H. 15 Oct 1898 25-Sep-80   31 B5
Benson Rozella Vera Richter 4-Jun-21 5-Dec-79 w/o William F 31 GH
Benson William Francis "Bill" 12-Apr-19 4-Jun-11 WWII; h/o Rozella  R. 31 GH4
Berndt Edgar 11-Apr-10 28-Feb-65 WWII 42 D20
Berndt Annie Frank 9 Mar 1889 25-Jan-83 w/o Richard 42 D20
Berndt Richard 23 Nov 1881 11-Nov-53   42 D20
Berndt Paul Edmund, D.D.S. 13 Dec 1879 13-Apr-54   42 H5
Berndt Jewel Pearl Moses Jan 1887 24-Aug-62 w/o Paul Edmund 42 H5
Bethany Auga Ueckert 11 Jul 1885 4-Jul-58 w/o Roff Vivian 31 A6
Biggs Anna Bradford  Pier 25 Jan 1875 3-Nov-65 w/o Thomas Ira 42 A1
Biggs Ray 31 Dec 1898 28-May-66   42 A1
Blazek Ladgie John 3-Sep-06 3-Mar-85   31 G4
Blazek Annie J. Pilchik 14-Mar-05 14-Jun-67 w/o Ladgie John 31 G4
Blezinger Herbert A. 23-Feb-18 30-May-77 WWII 31 G6
Blezinger Grace Virginia. Kiesewetter 27-Mar-20 25-May-11 w/o Herbert A 31 G6
Blum Robert Henry 31-Mar-12 10-Mar-93   42 G12
Blum Bernice E. Frank 17-Oct-20 No dates given w/o Robert Henry 42 G12
Boelsche Olivia M. Wendt 28 May 1896 15-Nov-73 w/o Leroy Emil 42 B13
Boelsche Leroy Emil 31 May 1892 20-Oct-82   42 B13
Bolten Baldie W. 5 Aug 1890 23-Aug-74   31 F7
Bolten Frieda T. Hoffmann 24 Jun 1891 28-Jan-77   31 F7
Boone Will A       31 C7
Bouldin Mercedes Trenckmann 27-Sep-05 11-Aug-83 w/o Wood W 31 E12
Bracey Claude Odell,  Jr. 8-Jun-09 23-Sep-40   31 D1
Bracey Claude Odell, Sr. 12 Sep 1884 10-Nov-55   31 D1
Bracey Lillian Charpiot 10 Dec 1889 29-Dec-88 w/o Claude O Sr 31 D1
Bracey Hyla L. 3-Dec-10 14-Aug-72   31 D1
Bracey infant No date given 3-Jul-45   31 D1
Bracey Beuford Norris 21-Oct-11 5-Nov-02   31 D1
Bracey Beuford H., Jr. 16-Mar-42 4-May-42   31 D1
Bracy Lena W 26-Mar-12 20-Feb-08    
Brast Hilda M. Stahl 18-Feb-07 18-Aug-79 w/o Walter 31 GH
Brast Walter F. 26-Jan-05 27-Jun-83   31 GH8
Brast Carl 23 Feb 1842 4-Jan-29    
Brast Evelyn Joyce 31-Jan-41 1-Sep-58    
Bregenzer Nelda Boone Kurt 18 Oct 1886 24-Dec-58 1st w/o Charles Kurt 31 C7
Brooks John Williamson 26 Dec 1856 21-Jul-39   31 E3
Brooks Mary Eunice Styers 23 Apr 1874 5-Feb-38 w/o John Williamson 31 E3
Brooks Hedwig  Hoff "Hattie" 8 Feb 1898 May-77 w/o Sam Lee 42 A3
Brooks Sam Lee 27 Nov 1892 13-Aug-51   42 A3
Brooks Beverly Ruth 23-May-40 5-Nov-63   42 B10
Brooks Alfred Lister, Jr. 16-Aug-08 13-Jul-96   42 B10
Brooks Inez Granau 6-Mar-14 27-Jan-01 w/o Alfred Lister 42 B10
Brooks Smith 25 Dec 1895 22-Sep-78    
Brooks Eldie Lee Fulgham 20 Dec 1891 20-Jun-79 w/o Smith  
Brown Robert Harris 11-Feb-02 6-Sep-65   31 A4
Brown Belle Lorene Smith 12-Nov-02 4 Aug  1964 w/o Robert Harris 31 A4
Brugger Andrew 28 Apr 1855 7-Oct-16   31 E19
Brugger Auga Schumacher 2 Feb 1858 23-May-46 w/o Andrew 31 E19
Brugger Clara Sophie 12 Feb 1887 23-Oct-62   31 E19
Brugger Alfred 23 Apr 1883 24-Aug-62   31 E20
Brugger Regina Louise Abel 24 Feb 1883 18-May-66 w/o Alfred 31 E20
Brugger Leslie Raymond 9-May-09 8-Jan-73   31 E23
Brugger Dennie Georgia Bartay 7-Jul-14 25-May-79 w/o Leslie Raymond 31 E23
Brugger Henry 20 Sep 1881 23-Nov-49   31 E23
Brugger Edna Christine Francis 11 Nov 1887 6-Aug-38 w/o Henry 31 E23
Brugger Marcia Burke 29-Jul-13 29-Jan-86 w/o Joe Alton 31 E23
Brugger Joe Alton 15-Sep-13 29-Aug-75 WWII 31 E23
Brzymialkiewicz Walter 16 Nov 1889 3-Aug-64 WWI 42 H7
Brzymialkiewicz Victoria 2-Jan-00 16-Sep-52 w/o Walter 42 H7
Buchtien Marie Kay Kaliszewski 8-Sep-14 18-Feb-03 w/o Lee Roy 31 F4
Buchtien Lee Roy 4-Aug-13 2-Jul-06 WWII 31 F4
Budschick Herman William. 11-Mar-15 1-Aug-73 WWII 31 F8
Burleson Cuba Leonard 20 Nov  1918 24  Jan 2001 WWII 42 A11
Burleson Mary Judith Sklar   3-May-06 85 yrs w/o Cuba  
Burnley Cary Lamar 21-Sep-26 11-Nov-00 WWII, Korea 42 F2
Burns John Caesar 17 May 1843 17-Feb-34   31 A12
Burns Rose Bell Gertrude Levison 21 Dec 18571857 26-Oct-41 w/o John Caesar 31 A12
Burns Gertrude Burns Lambeth       31 A12
Bush J. V. 20 May 1896 23-Jun-75   31 B4
Bush J. V       31 B4
Bush Bessie Ruth Wotipka 28-Oct-03 12-Jul-03 99 w/o J.V.  
Cannon Oliver Gilmer 13 Mar 1891 2-Oct-63   31 B15
Cannon Nettie Pauline Remmert 14-Aug-05 5-Jan-96 w/o Oliver 31 B15
Carraway Adell Maggie Wernli 4-Oct-25 25-May-06 w/o Fred L 42 D19
Carrell infant 1945 8-Sep-45   42 B20
Carter Kenneth Forest 3-May-07 7-Dec-82   31 A11
Carter Viola May Dittert 28-Jun-12 14-Apr-07 w/o Kenneth F 31 A11
Chatham Leo 12-Oct-00 14-May-78 WWI 42 C9
Chatham Ruby Fulgham 9-Oct-00 28-May-79 w/o Leo 42 C9
Clemons Thomas Lincoln 15 Jun 1896 20-Feb-78   42 A5
Clemons Maude Oma Foster 10-Aug-00 17-Jan-87 w/o Thomas L. 42 A5
Cochran Ora Alene Marable 9 Aug 1898 31-Aug-57 w/o Milam D 42 E18
Cofer Beulah Mae Taylor 20 Mar 1882 27-Feb-70 w/o Joseph Israel 42 C8
Cofer Jennie Lou 1893 1949   42 C8
Cofer Ewell Wirt 10-Dec-04 10-Apr-65   42 C8
Coker Leonard Thompson 15-Oct-19 18-Jun-66 WWII 42 H9
Coker Anita Michaelis 22-Nov-21 2-Jul-04 w/o L.T. 42 H9
Coker Thomas 5-Dec-56 5-Dec-56 s/o L.T 42 H9
Coker L. T., Jr. 5-Jul-42 9-Jul-42 s/o LT 42 H9
Cooke John Francis 15-Jun-14 14-Oct-93   31 E16
Cooke Gladys Elma Schoeter 18-May-22 9-Jan-97 w/o John F. 31 E16
Coufal Benjamin Joseph 6-Jan-12 16-Nov-74 WWII 42 E9
Coufal Delores Rose Janecek 17 Dec 19__ not given   42 E9
Crawford Meta Elizabeth Willrodt 30 Jan 1882 16-Jun-57 w/o George H. 42 A6
Crawford George H 25 Dec 1868 25-Sep-46   42 A6
Cumings Dora Stalbaum 22 Feb 1866 17-Nov-41 w/o William Luther 31 D3
Dahse Ben H. 16-Dec-05 1-Sep-84   31 C6
Dahse Martha Auga. Pfeffer 26-Apr-11 23-Dec-11 w/o Ben H 31 C6
Dahse Norbert T 18-Sep-22 24-Sep-09 WWII  
Dailey Oscar Franklin 13 Feb 1892 29-Aug-66 w/o Oscar F 31 E19
Dailey Edna Susie Brugger 16 May 1889 17-Oct-81   31 E19
Davis Weldon Bailey 10-Feb-08 1-Sep-59 WWII 31 C4
Davis Louise Marie Muenker 14-Aug-05 4-Sep-97 w/o Weldon 31 C4
Dawson Anna Amalia 17 Jan 1893 30-Sep-78 w/o William H 42 E17
Dehnel Fred William 6-Sep-21 1-Aug-98 WWII 31 I-3
Dehnel LaVerne Verlene       31 I-3
Dehnel Hulda Neinast 10 Mar 1892 19-Jan-62 w/o Paul W. 42 A2
Dehnel Paul W 29 Jun 1884 No date given   42 A2
Dehnel Leon D. 6-Nov-31 29-Nov-99   42 A2
Dernehl Werner Lee 24-Jan-14 25-Apr-08 WWII 42 D1
Dernehl Evelyn Earline Kersten 16-Jul-18 28-Feb-83 w/o Werner L 42 D1
Dernehl Waco Albert 11-Jan-27 21-Feb-75 WWII 42 D1
Dernehl Helen Lucile Dierking 13-Jul-29 4-Jul-99 w/o Waco A 42 D1
Dernehl Emil Martin H. 30 Nov 1879 13-Jul-48   42 D1
Dernehl Mary Elizabeth Dierke 2 May 1888 7-Jul-61 w/o Emil M 42 D1
Dernehl Louis H. 2-Aug-07 9-Oct-78   42 D1
Deutrich Fritz 8 Feb 1874 20-Jul-40   31 B17
Deutrich Dora Knuepling 6 Mar 1881 22-Feb-68 w/o Fritz 31 B17
Deutrich Raymond Herman 25-Apr-14 19-Sep-44   42 C2
Deutrich Lillie Dell Zander 21-Mar-16 22-May-04 w/o Raymond H 42 C2
Deutrich Ernest Carl 16-May-10 4-Jan-98   42 C2
Deutrich Irene Anna Ueckert 8-Jul-13 29-May-88 w/o Ernest C 42 C2
Deutrich Kyle Sterling 15-Jun-69 22-Nov-85   42 C2
Dickehut Lawrence Weldon 21-Mar-26 24-Oct-83 WWII 42 G12
Dickehut Maxine Frank 8-Jan-29 No dates given w/o Lawrence W. 42 G12
Dickehut Ben 30 Jul 1893 18-Mar-55   42 G8
Dickehut Adele Willrodt 7 Jun 1895 7-Jun-74 w/o Ben 42 G8
Dietz Irene Isabelle Bartay 22-Oct-25 16-Aug-85 w/o Howard R. Sr. 42 G3
Dietz Howard R., Sr. 14-Jul-16 21-Jul-87 WWII 42 G3
Dietz Sharon Kaye 6-Jul 6-Jul-48 d/o Howard R. Sr 42 G3
Dinkins Julia Lange 17-Mar-01 17-Aug-88 w/o James Nicolis D 42 C3
Dinkins James William "Jimmie" 19-Feb-26 16-Nov-86 WWII 42 C3
Dippel Emil 10 Aug 1881 20-Jun-66   42 E13
Dippel Dessie 19-Mar-18 20-Oct-05   42 E13
Dippel Emma Krause 3 Jul 1885 3-Nov-48 w/o Emil  
Dittert Edward 13 Oct 1880 23-Nov-49   31 A11
Dittert Emilie Franciska Hellmuth 21 Nov 1883 8-Dec-77 w/o Edward 31 A11
Dittert Edgar Edward 8-Dec-17 6-Mar-84 WWII 31 A11
Dittert Otto 29 Aug 1876 23-Jan-51   42 A9
Dittert Alvina 22 Oct 1878 4-Nov-43   42 A9
Dittert Lawrence Frank 21-May-00 30-Jan-80   42 B13
Dittert Della Minna Krueger 11-Aug-09 2-Jan-96 w/o Lawrence Frank 42 B13
Dittert Charles William 2-Jun-40 24-Apr-97   42 B13
Dittert J. Lee 24-May-00 14-Jan-67 WWI 42 C4
Dittert Hazel Lenore Young 26-Nov-04 3-Mar-84 w/o J. Lee 42 C4
Dittert William 11 Nov 1864 20-Aug-53   42 D12
Dittert Ida Sophia Thomsen 4 Sep 1871 9-Oct-61 w/o William 42 D12
Dittert Christian 28 Aug 1874 21-Apr-51   42 D9
Dittert Mary Janecek 8 Oct 1880 26-Jul-68 w/o Christain 42 D9
Donahue James William 10 Nov 1895 29-Oct-69 WWI 42 B14
Donahue Hillia Mittanck 22-Feb-09 5-Feb-94 w/o James w. 42 B14
Drake Albert T. 20-Oct-19 2-Nov-79 WWII 31 GH
Drake Laverne 8-Apr-05 23-Jun-05   31 GH
Draper Inez Batla 23-Jan-11 24-Apr-92   42 G 15
Dubois Henrietta E. R. 10 Apr 1883 4-May-37 w/o W. Dubois 31 E2
Dubois Edith Henrietta 6-Aug-19 9-Nov-22 d/o W. Dubois  
Duncan Clarence Douglass 8 Nov 1888 3-Dec-62   42 E18
Duncan Birdie Lee Marable 7-Oct-10 27-Aug-98 2nd w/o Clarence 42 E18
Dunn Mary Alice Gardner 4 Apr 1887 10-Apr-68 w/o George H. Sr. 42 A10
Dunn George H. 18 Sep 1884 13-Sep-43   42 A10
Dunn George H., Jr. 22-Apr-13 27-Sep-43 WWII 42 A10
Eben Paul W. 1 Jan 1890 8-May-65   42 E16
Eben Zulika Reichle 13 Oct 1890 22-Jun-81 w/o Paul W 42 E16
Eben John P. 1-Aug-20 15-Jan-96   42 E16
Ebert Charles Edwin 25-Feb-20 21-Sep-88 WWII 31 E20
Ebert Doris Grace Brugger 2-Oct-19 23-Jan-95 w/o Charles E 31 E20
Ebert Alvina Herrmann 4 Jul 1884 31-Aug-59 w/o Charles Ebert 42 C1
Ebert Charles 12 Aug 1871 15-Jan-44   42 C1
Eckelberg Dennis Allen 31-Jul-22 25-Jun-41 WWII 31 D2
Eckelberg Sadie G. Bartay 6-Apr-01 28-Aug-80 w/o Charles F 31 D2
Eckelberg Charles Frank 18 May 1897 7-Feb-56 WWI 31 D2
Edwards Bluney 20 Aug 1897 20-Mar-49 WWII 42 E17
Edwards Ervin Walter 26-Jun-07 5-Oct-71   42 E17
Edwards Edna May 26-Jul-10 8-Oct-71   42 E17
Edwards Ellis R 24-Aug-01 4-Jul-75   42 E17
Edwards Charles V., Jr. 12 Dec 1895 1-Feb-77 WWI 42 E17
Edwards John Tilly 5 May 1899 22-Mar-69   42 E17
Edwards Beatrice Erline Davis 15-Sep-03 14-Mar-69 w/o John T. 42 E17
Eiland  Arthur C. 9-Jan-12 18-Mar-55    
Einkauf Riley W. 7 Feb 1898 18-Mar-74   31 E1
Einkauf Mabel M. 31-Oct-06 24-May-88 2nd w/o Riley W 31 E1
Ellis Carolyn Sue 17-Feb-48 19-Feb-48 d/o Marvin L 42 F21
Ellis Merle Meyer 3-Nov-19 29-Apr-88 w/o Marvin L 42 F21
Ellis Marvin Lester 3-Sep-21 5-Oct-88 WWII 42 F21
Ellisor Nathan Hunter       42 I-14
Emshoff Emmie Becker 11-Nov-02 30-Mar-45 w/o Henry Christoph 31 B5
Emshoff Henry Christoph 6-Sep-00 4-Apr-45   31 B5
Emshoff Nelda Dippel 13-Jan-11 14-Feb-91 d/o w/o Roland B 42 E13
Emshoff Roland B "Buddy" 17-Apr-10 7-Jan-56   42 E13
Engeling Paul Milton 12-Nov-26 20-Apr-14 h/o Ruth G  
Evans Ernest Connally 13-Feb-17 not given   31 A5
Evans Hazel Frances Hellmuth 30-Aug-18 21-Jul-89 w/o Ernest C. 31 A5
Fant John Charles Sr. 31 Aug 1893 11-Sep-83 WWI 31 H8
Fant Eva Maye Weisler 27-Sep-10 3-May-83 w/o John Charles 31 H8
Fariss William Felix 12-Jun-24 30-Dec-94 WWII 31 B14
Fariss Jean E. 15-Feb-31 18-May-03    
Felchak Thaddeaus Joseph 12-May-09 26-Jul-83   42 H20
Felchak Geraldine Spence 22-Feb-17 31-Mar-10   42 H20
Felchak Walter Lee 17-Jul-38 13-Oct-48 s/o Thaddeaus 42 H20
Fischer Josie 17 Dec 1888 15-Oct-68   31 B16
Fischer Hugo 10 Oct 1882 1-Apr-53   31 B16
Fordtran Gilbert C. 26-Jun-09 18-Feb-32   31 A1
Fordtran Robert Edward Lee 7 Nov 1864 29-May-34   31 A1
Fordtran Mary Catherine Carmichael 7 Apr 1872 9-Mar-44 w/o Robert E. L. 31 A1
Fordtran Charles Neil. "Dutch" 22-Oct-10 24-Dec-73   31 A2
Fordtran Lee Roy A."Pat" 15 Jul 1897 27-May-85   31 A2
Fordtran Josephine Knolle 21 Sep 1899 23-May-83 w/o Lee Roy A 31 A2
Fordtran Benjamin Franklin 8 Mar 1889 24-Jul-70 WWI 31 A2
Fordtran Della Louise Koch 29 Jun 1895 20-May-89 w/o Benjamin F 31 A2
Fordtran Ruby Jurries Stein 11-Apr-14 19-Jul-03 w/o Charles N.  
Frank William Bernard  A. "Candy" 12-Nov-14 4-Nov-95 WWII 31 I-4
Frank Louise Faye Franke 11-Jun-22 14-Sep-13 w/o Wilbert B. 31 I-4
Frank Albert Ferdinand 23 Nov 1882 11-Mar-57   42 B19
Frank Minnie Sauter 20 Jan 1884 11-May-60 w/o Albert F. 42 B19
Frank James Henry/Herman 12-Aug-22 25-Apr-96 WWII 42 E18
Frank Mona Maxine Cochran 30-Oct-23 8-Aug-92 w/o James  H. 42 E18
Frank Dottie Mae Meyer 18-Jun-14 23-Dec-94 w/o Earl K 42 F21
Frank Earl Kitchner 5-Jan-15 16-Sep-97   42 F21
Frank Arno Edward,  Sr 6 Jan 1895 27-Aug-49 WWI 42 G12
Frank Norma Mewis 19-Mar-01 8-Aug-95 w/o Arno E. 42 G12
Frank Katie       42 H10
Frank Bernhard "Ben" 16 Jun 1890 24-Jun-66   42 H16
Frank Alwina Schroeder 6 Apr 1891 17-Nov-72 w/oBernhard 42 H16
Frank Otis Allen 27-Sep-22 27-Mar-81 WWII; h/o Katie Pauline Tomczak 42 H16
Franke Edward 12 Aug 1876 7-Mar-62   31 I-4
Franke Mary E. Freier 5 May 1886 4-Jul-67 w/o Edward 31 I-4
Franke Norma Elizabeth 11-Nov-15 13-Dec-06   31 I-4
Frazier David Jeffery 15-Jan-57 5-Jul-97   31 E4
Freier Otto A. 23 Sep 1888 28-Apr-66   31 I-4
Freitag Philip 21 Aug 1875 4-Aug-45   42 D21
Freitag Emma Dentler 15 Oct 1876 18-Apr-73 w/o Philip 42 D21
Freitag Elmer 17-Sep-08 15-Nov-96 WWII 42 D21
Freitag Lucile Schwartz 24-Jun-17 7-Dec-11 w/o Elmer 42 D21
Frizzell Hayden Crawford 3 Feb 1896 13-Feb-89 w/o Hayden 31 B15
Frizzell Isabel Remmert 18-Apr-20 not given   31 B15
Fulgham William Ed 11 Feb 1869 10-Dec-46   42 C9
Fulgham Mattie Ellen Ferguson 2 Apr 1867 23-Nov-54 w/o Wm. E 42 C9
Garrett Alma Helen Wolnitzek 12 Oct 1887 7-Apr-53 w/o Wm. 31 B3
Garrett Blanche Sherrod 4-Dec-06 23-Apr-74 w/o Leon 42 D10
Gaskamp Gus C William 3 Dec 1885 21-Sep-69   31 D4
Gaskamp Emma Charlotte C.Sander 28 Jan 1890 7-Jul-63 w/o Gus C. W. 31 D4
Gaskamp William H. 20 Oct 1883 4-Feb-62   31 I-4
Gaskamp Minnie E. Freier 19 Dec 1891 21-Apr-72 w/o Wm H. 31 I-4
Gilbert Elmer Owen 3-Jun-15 30-May-92   42 G10
Gilbert Gladys Auga Huffman 13-Apr-18 26-Jan-05 w/o Elmer Owen 42 G10
Gilbert Earl Morris 17-May-40 11-Aug-74 h/o Sandra Sue Landrum 42 G7
Gilbert Leona Emma Pfeffer 6-Jun-22 8-Nov-87 w/o John Christian 42 G7
Gilbert John Christian 26-Jul-13 22-Nov-88   42 G7
Giles Kathleen Mary Nicholson  20-Apr-00 29-Jan-74   31 I-2
Giles Donna Adeline 17 Feb 1878 22-Sep-65   42 G2
Gill Walter Ward 14-Jun-11 6-Feb-92   42 F19
Gill Dorothy Emily Baker 12-Nov-17 7-Jan-95 w/o Walter W. 42 F19
Gillham Daisie D. 1867 1940   31 C8
Gindorf Stephen, Sr. 18 Jun 1890 1-May-61   31 B11
Gindorf Edward Otto 11-Dec-12 7-Mar-40   31 B11
Gindorf Hedwig Amanda Bertha Grabow 16 Mar 1891 7-Oct-73 w/o Stephen Andrew Sr. 31 B11
Gindorf Henry John 2-Dec-14 7-Nov-68   31 B11
Gindorf Stephen Andrew., Jr. 25-Jul-24 6-May-85 WWII 31 B11
Goebel  Helen Bertha "Hallie" Albert 30-Sep-02 2-Feb-81 w/o Gus  
Goebel  Gus 30 Sep 1898 5-Apr-82    
Goeke John D. 10-Nov-15 1-May-90 WWII 42 C1
Goeke Elfrieda Dorthia Ebert 17-Oct-10 1-Apr-99 w/o John D 42 C1
Goeke Clara B. Albrecht 4 Aug 1886 24-Feb-68 w/o John H. 42 G 16
Goeke John H. 29 Dec 1885 29-Nov-61   42 G 16
Gohlke Rudie C. 6-May-07 10-Jan-72   42 D8
Gohlke Sudie Amanda Woodley Hoff 15-Feb-07 25-May-93 w/o Henry Hoff, then Rudie C. 42 D8
Golden Rex 1908 1980   42 F19
Golden Lucille 1919 1961   42 F19
Goller Irma Bolten 26-Sep-03 1-Dec-86 w/o Charles C 42 I-13
Goller Charles "Charlie" C 7 Jan 1899 9-May-50   42 I-13
Goodman John Russell 21 Oct 1891 25-Jun-43   31 D4
Goodman Annie Belle Waters 12-Mar-06 7-Feb-91   31 D4
Gore Floyd 18-May-21 21-Nov-90 WWII 31 E6
Gore Reva N. Mahnke 6-May-35 not given w/o Fred 31 E6
Grabow Wallis Andrew 29-Jan-04 21-Dec-69 WWII 31 E7
Grabow Roma Blanche Stallknecht 20-Apr-10 6-Nov-95 w/o Wallis Andrew 31 E7
Graeber Lonnie William 22-Aug-14 6-Nov-97 WWII; h/o Mercedes Mart Abel 42 B15
Graf Philip John 12 Sep 1899 6-Apr-81   31 H4
Graf Lillie Annie H. Weitstruck 6-Jan-08 6-Jun-92 w/o Phillip John 31 H4
Graf Herman Christian 25 Dec 1887 16-Apr-58   42 I-13
Graf Auge Lahrmann 16 Dec 1884 12-Aug-76 w/o Herman Christian 42 I-13
Granau Ruth C. Dent 4 Jul 1894 26-Feb-82 w/o Herman F. 42 B10
Granau Herman F., Jr. 6 Mar 1887 27-Oct-62   42 B10
Grawunder Herman Henry 29 Sep 1871 17-Jan-43   31 F2
Grawunder Bertha Deitrich 28 Dec 1876 4-Jan-54 w/o Herman Henry