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Oak Knoll (C)


This cemetery is located  in Bellville on Mechanic St. and FM 529, east of Santa Fe R. R. tracks.  There  is only one  cemetery.

It is  shown as OK(A) , OK(B)  and OK(C) because  the original file is very large.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.


Last name First name Birth Death Comment Location
Abel Elsie Becker 30 Mar 1894 11 Aug 1884   MAU
Abel Werner Henry 7 Mar 1892 1-Nov-69   MAU
Abel Annie Marie 20-Jul-29 4-Dec-86 dau of Willie A 52 N12
Abel Willie Aug 16 Dec 1899 11-Nov-84   52 N12
Abel Cordella Necker 21-Oct-04 5-Jan-84   52 N12
Abel Raymond John 4-Sep-04 6-Sep-88   52 S15
Abel Adele Meyer 17-Aug-09 21-May-09   52 S15
Abel Hazel E. 29-Jan-18 3-Jan-77 w/o James O 52 V1
Abel James Otto 6-Jun-16 10-Dec-89 WWII 52 V1
Abel Arnold Claud 19-Sep-04 9-Jun-71   52 V12
Abel Edna Zube 14-Jun-11 25-Sep-99   52 V12
Abel Asmus Adolf 8 Oct 1897 22-Jul-59    
Abel Valeska Henrichsen 3 Aug 1897 11-Feb-93    
Abel William Ray 23-Jan-51 11-Sep-05    
Acebo Sam       52 R8
Acebo Soledad Velasquez 28-Oct-17 14-Feb-07   52 V2
Acebo Charlie, Sr. 16-May-19 1-Mar-80 WWII 52 V2
Acebo John 31-Dec-17 20-Oct-00 WWII 52 W14
Acebo Lena Ferron 25-Dec-20 22-Nov-14 w/o John 52 W14
Acebo Ricardo 27-Sep-32 3-Feb-37    
Acebo Severiana 20-Jul-30 10-Apr-61    
Acuna Sadie Najeli 2-Jan-02 8-Aug-07 5 yrs.  
Adams Mabel Hill 15 Nov 1892 16-Oct-78   26 C2
Adams Edwin F. 25 Jul 1892 30-Jul-60   26 C2
Adams Thomas E. 18-Aug-28 13-Oct-90   26 C2
Adams Mrs. P. E. No date given 18-May-07   26 O4
Akin Roy B. 13-Nov-01 28-Oct-76   52 V9
Akin Loretta Westbrook 15-Feb-08 14-Jan-96   52 V9
Albrecht Margaret Elizabeth Clark 16-Sep-19 26-Dec-01   52 R16
Albrecht Otto G. 10 Nov 1887 20-Jan-54   52 R16
Albrecht Lena Ida Andreas 20 Apr 1896 21-Feb-95   52 R16
Albrecht Ervin Herman 5-Sep-17 29-Sep-84   52 R16
Alexander George Gambrell, Jr. 13-Sep-53 3-Sep-10   99 45
Alexander George Gambrell, Sr. 10-Mar-26 2-Nov-03 WWII 99 45
Alexander Helen Cunningham 1-Sep-1926 1-Aug-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Alford Rosa C.  Hill 29 Mar 1875 17 Jan 1899   89 C,  26 C2
Andreas Herman 23-Feb-03 14-Sep-86   52 R12
Andreas Mary Middlebrook 10-Feb-08 28-Jun-85   52 R12
Andreas Carrie Albrecht 7 Jul 1889 12-Jul-68   52 R12
Andreas Otto 25 Jul 1891 12-Jan-81   52 R12
Andress Viola L. Oxley 7 Aug 1889 11-Sep-73 w/o William M. 26 D7
Andress William Monroe 1 Mar 1864 18-Dec-51   26 D7
Andress Marsaleet 8 Apr 1862 3-Jul-22   26 D7
Andress Delmar 9 Jun 1893 15-Feb-20 WW!  
Armstrong Ralph William 28-Nov-37 13-Sep-03   99 48
Arning Antonie Lydia Bravenec 11-Mar-31 29-Mar-69   52 P12
Arning Roy H. 1-Aug-34 29-Mar-69   52 P12
Arning John, Sr. 25 Nov 1895 29-Jun-67   52 U6
Arning Freida Wiecker 11 Sep 1896 8-Feb-71   52 U6
Arning John H. E., Jr. 24-Apr-26 31-May-02 WWII  
Arning Eugene Alvin 25-Sep-56 21-Feb-00    
Aschenbeck Albert William 16-Jul-21 1-Apr-92 WWII 52 P11
Aschenbeck Clara Jessie Bravenec 28-Feb-27 7-Dec-91   52 P11
Ashley Lenore Schluens 7-Oct-37 24-Oct-12   52 N11?
Ashley Jimmy A. "Big Jim" 28-Mar-36 11-Aug-86    
Aukerman E. L. 2-Oct-03 7-Sep-75   MAU
Aukerman Edythe Mae       MAU
Autwell Ruby Lee Vincent 14-Sep-40 11-Jan-85   52 U4
Bader  Thomas 20-Oct-05 7-Nov-91   52 U6
Bader  Elfrieda Caroline Schroeder 7-Oct-16 24-Feb-01 w/o Thomas 52 U6
Bailleux Bertha Albers 28 Mar 1858 5-Apr-24 w/o J. B. 26 O5
Bailleux J. B. 2 Feb 1854 5-Sep-13   13 O5 26 O5
Baldwin Francis A. Nov 1837 10 Oct 1890   26 D7
Baldwin Willie Bell Hill 17 Oct 1862 10 Oct 1894    
Baldwin Millie       26 D7
Baldwin Martha Ann Engelking 21-Feb-43 11-Apr-01   26 P1
Ballard Ida       26 P1
Barler Beatrice Frances Ripple 17-Feb-18 1-Jul-13    
Barrett Johanna Baranowski 14-Mar-27 31-Dec-08 w/o Halbert 52 V10
Barrett Halbert 31-Jan-19 11-Sep-86   13 C10 52V10
Barry James Steck 19-Jul-20 1-Nov-04 WWII 26 N1
Barry Eugene Winston "Lucky" 28-Sep-22 21-Sep-03    
Barzak Stephan 27 Feb 1828 11-Oct-05   13 D10
Beaman infant 1-Nov-82 1-Nov-82    
Beckmann  Metha Nelius 14 Dec 1876 13-Aug-63 w/o Charles 52 T8
Beckmann Charles Louis 8 Aug 1875 16-Dec-57   52 T8  70 Z7
Bell George C. 25 Feb 1847 3-Apr-02   26 A2
Bell Luther C. 12 Nov 1889 5-Sep-22 WWI 26 B2
Bell Belle Brown 12 Nov 1893 18-Feb-78 w/o Foster F 26 B2
Bell Foster Franklin 16 Oct 1893 6-Sep-67 WWI 13 B2, 26 A2
Bell Penelope Green 10 Nov 1819 31-Dec-02 w/o John G 26 B2
Bell John Gideon, "J.G" 2 May 1820 17 Sep 1895   26 B2
Bell William G. 11 Sep 1859 3 Oct 1897   89 B2, 26 B2
Bell Foster F 16 Oct 1893 6-Sep-67 WWI  
Bell Alfred Wesley "Al" 15-Jul-25 12-Nov-09 WWII 99 29
Bell Thelma Lee Collier 20-Dec-24 28-Jul-12 wife of Alfred W. 99 29
Berger Ida Mary 15 Mar 1889 20-Mar-58   52 S7
Berger Elizabeth A. 28 Jul 1884 19-Jul-65   52 S7
Berger Minnie Aug 13 Mar 1891 5-Jun-69   52 S7
Berger Malinda E. 2 Dec 1895 23-Jan-85   52 S7
Berndt Helena "Lena" Reichle 7 May 1886 10-May-65 w/o Emil 52 S8
Berndt Emil 22 Dec 1874 15-Dec-58   52 S8
Bertling Francis L. (Penny) 20-Jul-1926 1-Aug-2017 Navy  -Kneske Funeral Chapel  
Bertling Lewis Clyde 21 Mar 1897 13-Dec-86 WWI 52 O14
Bertling Sadie Mattie Ryman 17-Sep-03 10-Sep-91 w/o Lewis Clyde 52 O14
Bertling Winnie Mae Orsak 27-Jan-29 6-Jun-10 81 yrs  
Bethany James Miller 14 Feb 1850 6 Nov 1890   26 A1
Bethany Calpernia Hutchin "Callie" Bell 7 Mar 1850 10-Apr-01   26 A1
Bethany Emma 12 Apr 1874 7 Jan 1897   26 A1
Bethany Olla 25 Dec 1870 4-May-03   26 A1
Bethany Thomas A. 31 Mar 1877 30-Aug-26   26 A1
Bethany James Lewis 3 Sep 1890 8 Feb 1891 s/o James M. 89 A3
Bethany John C. 13 Jun 1869 31 Dec 1895   26 A2
Bethany Annie L. Dement 26 Aug 1870 24 Dec 1897 w/o John C 26 A2
Bethany Wells Matthew 1892 1916   26 A2
Bethany Roff V. 25 Apr 1886 27-Nov-25   26 A2
Bethany Callie 12 Dec 1866 9-Sep-02    
Bethany Mary Adaline Woods 20 Feb 1825 26-May-21 w/o James Waller 26 C5
Bielefeld  Ben 6 Nov 1894 15-Jun-54   52 U16
Bielefeld  Bessie Mae Sloan 28-Aug-06 24-Nov-02 w/o Ben 52 U16
Birkmann Isabel 2 May 1895 14 Jun 1895 d/o William 26 D7
Blackmore Clifford Ray 17-Oct-63 6-May-64    
Blake Arthur Upshaw 15 Aug 1873 27 Nov 1873   1856
Blake Samuel Reese III 4 Jun 1871 14 Feb 1873   1856
Blake Samuel Reese Jr 19 Jan 1845 29-Nov-08    
Blake Julia  Lee Upshaw 16 Oct 1843 15-Sep-31    
Blake Louise 23 Oct 1875 8-May-76    
Blanchard  Zebulon Vance 1-Jan-07 30-Jan-89   52 T14
Blanchard  Nell Louise Crawford 1-Jun-13 3-Nov-08   52 T14
Bogar Henrietta Mary Rohan 24-Sep-21 27-Jul-08 w/o William Thomas 99 48
Bogar William Thomas 7-Dec-24 13-Sep-08 WWII 99 48
Boggs Donald George 14-Mar-46 8-Jun-07 VN 99 46
Bolten Laura Harigel 15 Sep 1861 16-Jan-60 2nd w/o John Wm. 26 D1
Booker Charles Ammon 25-Sep-12 22-Feb-81   52 V8
Booker Janie V. Perkins 2-May-11 8-Jun-92 w/o Charles A 52 V8
Bosse Gene Raymond 4-Jan-44 11-Nov-10    
Bosse Raymond Fritz 21-Apr-17 6-Apr-11   52 V8
Bosse Elfrieda Hold 18-Oct-19 28-May-74 1st w/o Raymond F 52 V18
Bracey Rosanah Benson 29 Jun 1834 22 Dec 1895 w/o James W 26 O10
Brandes Hedwig Louise Behrens 3-Dec-00 5-Nov-75   MAU
Brandes Otto 28 Jul 1894 23-Sep-63 WWI  MAU
Brandt Lillie Krueger 6-Jun-10 23-Jun-90   MAU
Brandt Arno 18-Oct-09 13-Apr-92   MAU
Brandt Elizabeth Emma 15-Jul-05 27-Dec-90   52 R12
Brandt  Emil 23 Aug 1878 2-Oct-53   52 U14
Brandt  Martha Lueckemeyer 29 Mar 1883 15-Jun-73 w/o Emil 52 U14
Brashear Coleman Earl 15-Sep-13 30-Mar-00   52 R1
Brashear Eva Zelma Vaughan 2-Sep-16 15-May-03 w/o Coleman Earl 52 R1
Brashear Sidney Earl 20-Feb-46 19-Dec-06 VN  
Brast Ervin George 27-Aug-08 26-Jun-67   52 Q7
Brast Evelyn Joyce 31-Jan-41 1-Sep-58   52 Q7
Brast Norma Richter 7-Feb-14 30-Mar-92 w/o Ervin George 52 Q7
Bravenec  John I. 31-Jul-20 4-May-84 WWII & KW 52 P15
Bravenec  John, Jr. 21 Mar 1892 12-Oct-65 WWI 52 P15
Bravenec  Lydia Janovsky 5 Aug 1891 1-Dec-74 w/o John 52 P15
Bravenec Elenora Martens 20-Aug-17 7-Aug-64 1st w/o Louis 52 S16
Bravenec Gilbert W. 21-Dec-13 30-Apr-86   52 T9
Bravenec Sadie Kroulik 16-Jul-07 6-Sep-88 w/o Gilbert W 52 T9
Bravenec Lydia Janovsky 5 Aug 1891 1-Dec-74 w/o John 52 U5
Bravenec John, Jr. 21 Mar 1892 12-Oct-65 WWI 52 U5
Breddin  Dennis Brannard 11-Aug-07 3-May-99   52 U14
Breddin  Edna Mathilda Brandt 18-Apr-12 3-Jan-02 w/o Dennis Brannard 52 U14
Breddin Edna Mathilda Brandt 18-Apr-12 3-Jan-02    
Brenton  Ralph E. 18-Aug-06 28-Apr-88   42 P9,  52 P9
Brenton  Bertha Mae Hast 5-May-10 28-Sep-93   52 P9
Brooks Frances JaneVerm 24-Nov-19 1-Jan-84   52 P10
Brooks James Howard 16-Apr-21 26-Feb-95 WWII h/o Erna Belle Brast 52 P10
Brouillette Ruth 20-Dec-02 15-Jun-60   MAU
Brouillette Herbert M. 28-Apr-00 1-Jun-85  WWI MAU
Brown Pauline Louwien 14 Dec 1889 27-May-29    
Broz  Eddie Adolph 9-Jun-23 not given   52 U10
Broz  Mada Marie Goeke 4-Sep-24 1-Jul-16   52 U10
Bryant Lee Franklin 18-May-25 3-Jun-05 WWII  
Buchtien Roger Lee 28-Dec-53 5-Apr-13 h/o JoAnn Mantey  
Buckner  Glenn Cecil 30-Jan-03 5-Jan-68   52 U1
Buckner  Gertrude Hattie Fulton 26-Mar-08 3-Nov-69 w/o Glenn Cecil 52 U1
Buelow J. P. No dates given      
Buelow Ida Haak 25 Jan 1870 6-Mar-52 w/o John von  
Bufkin James "Ralph" 14-Jul-30 5-Aug-15 h/o Diana  
Buntzel Mary Neinast 6 Sep 1885 30-Apr-72 w/o Julius 52 S4
Buntzel Julius 14 Apr 1879 3-May-61   52 S4
Burk Carl Kenneth 11-Oct-18 24-Jun-97 WWII  
Burk Marie Helen Lammert 10 Jul  1916 17-Apr-08 w/o Carl Kenneth 52 N7
Burleson Cuba Leonard 20-Nov-18 24-Jan-01 WWII  
Burns Thomas H 1833 1896 3d h/o Elizabeth H. 89  B, 26 B4
Burns Elizabeth Hinton Brewer 23 Jul 1831 1905 1st w/o Jasper N Bell 26 B4
Butler  Clifton A. Murray. "Jack" 21-Sep-26 11-Nov-00 WWII  
Byerly Sylvia May Wilkins 8 May 1898 18-Jul-59 w/o Samuel 52 S12
Byerly Samuel Lee, II 1952 1953   52 S12
Byerly Clement Samuel 8-Sep-30 23-Dec-00 K War 52 S12
Bynum  Sammy Smith 27-Jul-06 18-Apr-94   52 V11
Bynum Newton Franklin 6-Nov-07 9-Dec-68    
Cano Erlinda Lopez 29-Dec-50 25-May-04    
Carpenter Estabel Dawson 30-Aug-24 26-Jul-14 w/o Malcolm L.  
Carpenter Malcolm Luther, Sr. 25-Apr-23 26-Jun-94 h/o Estabel Dawson 52 S9
Carpenter Malcolm Luther, Jr 2-Sep-47 5-Mar-90   52 S9
Carpenter Albert Lewis 27-Nov-18 12-Sep-83 h/o Delanie Ann 52 S9
Carpenter Delanie Ann Weeks 1 Oct 1896 13-Oct-75 w/o Albert 52 S9
Carpenter Frank Leslie 29 Apr 1893 18-Mar-60   52 S9
Carpenter Nina Orchard 4-Jan-21 6-Dec-02 w/o Albert Lewis 52 S9
Carver Dorothy Marie Mosmeyer 13-May-28 30-Dec-96   MAU
Carver Melvin 28-Dec-51 8-Sep-10   MAU
Cary Ruby Rye 2 Jan 1899 10-Dec-83  w/o Howard B 52 N12
Cary Howard Brillault, Jr. 15 Sep 1891 12-Mar-78 WWI 52 N12
Ceballos Ableardo P 8-Sep-24 26-Apr-10   99 47
Charpiot  Albert Alexander 12 Feb 1892 26-Aug-62 WWI 52 U15
Charpiot  Ethel Thompson 9 Feb 1892 4-Feb-73 w/o Albert A 52 U15
Charpiot Robert Batiste 31-Aug-23 5-Mar-08 WWII  
Chernosky  Randolph 11-Nov-10 12-Aug-93 WWII 52 T10
Chernosky  Beatrice Lubojacky 18-Apr-25 13-Jan-77   52 T10
Chesley Alvah 27 Sep 1831 17-Jul-07   89 C, 26 C1
Chesley Alvah, Jr. 10 Feb 1881 10-Jul-29   26 C1
Chesley Marguerite Emma Hagerty 8 May 1842 10-Oct-32   26 C1
Chovanec  Austin Hunner 22-Jul-93 23-Jul-93 s/o David Wayne 52 U2
Clare Burns Lee 18-Aug-26 28-Jan-06 WWII  
Clark Lucy Burns 19 Jun 1869 13-Sep-48   26 B4
Clark James G. 5 Sep 1890 6-Nov-76 WWI  
Clark Mary Lou Woolley 11 Jan 1897 5-Jun-60   52 R5
Clark Margaret O. Kamman 27-Jan-17 11-May-02    
Clarke  Arthur T. 29-Jul-03 12-Mar-65   52 T7
Clarke  Jackie Alexander Pointer 10-Feb-05 21-Aug-93 w/o Arthur T 52 T7
Cloyd Raymond Ryle 26 Jul 1894 28-Apr-64 WWI 52 R14
Cloyd Maude Barrett 29 Mar 1898 4-Feb-78 w/o Raymond Ryle 52 R14
Cocke William Irby 21 Dec 1829 6 Aug 1873    
Cocke Mary Rebecca Cleveland 30 Apr 1837 14-May-11    
Cocke Richard 1861 Jan-19    
Cocke Ezra 29 Nov 1869 22 Oct 1870   1856
Cocke Mamie 14 Feb 1866 17 Sep 1867    
Cocke Jean 9 Aug 1864 17 Jul 1867   1856
Colunga Zeferino Eusebio 8-Jun-83 6-Aug-03 IRAQ  
Cook Fisher 13-Sep-17 17-Jan-03    
Cotton Carroll Wayne 18-Sep-63 19-Oct-84   52 N10
Coward Russell Allen, Jr. 7-Apr-20 1-Jan-08 WWII 52 W15
Coward  Mildred Elaine Knolle 10-Nov-20 7-Nov-99   52 W15
Crawford  Bobby Jerome 27-Oct-29 18-Feb-53  Army Korea 52 T14
Crawford  Hugh Raymond 17 Mar 1890 5-May-70   52 T14
Crawford  Lillian M. Smith 13 Apr 1894 22-Jan-74 w/o Marsene 52 T14
Crawford  Hubert Marsene 28-Aug-18 19-Apr-05 WWII 52 T14
Crawford  Lena Schuette 12-Sep-15 31-Aug-97 w/o Hugh Raymond 52 T14
Crawford Lister 09 Jun 1894 24-Jun-23 WWI  
Creekmore Elbert T.   18 Dec 1847 28-Jul-19   13 D10
Crofford Erna A. (Hellmuth) Wilson 16 Sep 1889 6-Oct-78 1st w/o N. W. Wilson 26 C7
Crump America Montgomery 29 Sep 1851 27-May-40 w/o James Waddy 26 A2
Crump Edna Edmunds 29 Oct 1882 2 Dec 1885   1856
Current Elda Tonn 29-Nov-04 28-Nov-71 w/o John L. Current 52 V12
Current John Louis 25 Jan 1894 4-Mar-85   52 V12
Dahse  Lee 11 Feb 1899 15-Nov-65   52 T2
Dahse  Ida Schaare 5-Feb-01 25-Feb-95 w/o Lee 52 T2
Dahse  Walter J. 30 Aug 1897 22-Jan-68 WWII 52 U2
Dahse  Norma Iselt Gross 24-Mar-10 23-Oct-77 1st w/o Willie Gross 52 U2
Dahse Calvin Louis 2-Jan-30 27-Nov-83  Navy 52 V2
Dahse Donna J. 1932 No date given w/o Calvin 52 V2
Dahse  Louis C. 18-Jan-00 1-Sep-77   52 V12
Dahse  Lillie Malinda Bohne 16-Sep-02 18-Dec-81 w/o Louis C 52 V12
Dahse Theodore F. 30-Aug-01 13-Sep-98   52 W15
Dahse Matilda Caroline Wernli 29-Sep-03 30-Jul-97 w/o Theodore 52 W15
Dahse Thelma Remmert 19-Jan-19      
Daughtry         26 O10
Davis Annie Laura Miller 2-Dec-01 29-Apr-85 w/o Berry B 52 N14
Davis Berry Biggs 24 Sep 1890 10-Jul-74 WWI 52 N14
Davis Boyce Dalton 12-Jun-26 4-Dec-99 WWII 52 N14
Davis Marjorie L.       52 N14
Day  J. V. 10-Jul-12 15-Apr-56   52 U8
Day  Bertha I. 18-Sep-13 18-Jan-89   52 U8
Day  Jack Allen 23-Oct-41 10-Jan-97   52 U8
Deere Charles William 13-Apr-25 20-Jul-79 WWII h/o Verna Lois Schulte 52 N13
Deere Carlos Howard 30-Oct-27 12-Aug-08 WWII 52 S6
Deere William Jackson 20-Dec-03 24-Oct-66   52 S6
Deere Allie Granville Smotherman 1-Aug-09 3-Mar-92 w/o Wm. J 52 S6
Deere Charlotte Dianne 7-Mar-48 25-Aug-10    
Dehnel John Henry 1 Jul 1882 4-Apr-54   26 D8
Dehnel Irene Marie 10-Aug-30 21-Mar-03    
DeLay  Roy Earl 6 Jul 1884 5-Feb-60 WWI 52 T3
DeLosSantos Alicia Talamantez 2-Nov-46 12-Dec-97    
Denena  Leonard Allen 29-Dec-56 10-Jan-83   52 U9
Denena  Leon 29-Sep-28 6-Feb-70 Vet. 52 U9
Denena  Margaret Lee Lamb 25-Nov-31 21-Feb-65 w/o Leon 52 U9
Denena  Gary Michael 5-Mar-55 14-Mar-55   52 U9
Deschner Helen Julia Bapka 2-Dec-13 22-Dec-04   52 U13
Deschner Henry J. 28-Feb-09 15-Mar-84   52 U13
Deschner Edward R. 24-Feb-38 5-Apr-15 s/o Henry & Helen  
Deschner Julia "Helen" Bapka 2-Dec-13 22-Dec-04    
Deutrich Wilbert Ray 5-Jan-42 12-Jul-05 VN 99 45
Deutrich Linda J. Pearson 8-Apr-42 4-Mar-15 w/o Wilbert  
Dierbach Robert Friedrich 13 Sep 1836 1-Jul-16    
Dierbach Auge Paula Hillman 15 May 1850 6 Oct 1883 w/o Robert F  
Dippel Walter 7-Aug-07 14-Mar-81   52 R10
Dippel Martha Emshoff 17-Aug-07 26-Aug-92 w/o Walter 52 R10
Dittmar Diane Sue 28-Feb-51 2-Mar-51 d/o Glenn Ed.  
Dixon Richard Vincent 2-Aug-20 8-Sep-11 WWII  
Drake Laverne 31-May-25 8-Aug-01    
Duebbe  Alvin (Sonny) 12-Apr-41 3-Jun-94   52 P15
Duebbe Freddie Lee 27-Jan-46 6-Feb-16 h/o Stella Stolarski  
Duebbe Otto Ed 24-Jul-19 10-Apr-85   52 V3
Duebbe Carol Ada Ray 19-Dec-27 16-Jan-81 w/o Otto Ed 52 V3
Duebbe Louis F. 27-Jul-21 27-Oct-91 WWII 52 V3
Duebbe Wayne Allen 29-May-05 18-Jul-76 s/o Freddie 52 V8
Duebbe Freddie Lee 27-Jan-46 6-Feb-16 h/o Stella Stolarski  
Duncan Barbara Ann Aycock 11-Sep-37 4-Jul-04 w/o Dan L.  
Dunn  Judith Ann Richards 29-May-51 19-Oct-99   52 W11
Dunn Dorothy Charpiot 2-Aug-20 12-Aug-04 w/o Jack G.  
Dunn Jack Gardner 7-Feb-20 5-Nov-04 WWII  
Dunn James R. 15-Dec-07 22-Nov-91    
Durr infant No date given 2 Jul 1881   1856,  26 P2
Earthman Samuel Cruz 30-May-15 30-May-15    
Eber  Julius Bob 1881 1958 s/o Gus 52 T6
Eber  Gratie Ida 1885 1957 d/o Gus 52 T6
Edwards John Douglas 27-Feb-80 29-Feb-80 s/o John Broach E.  
Edwards Stephen A. 15-May-85 15-May-85    
Eldred Bonnie Jean Lange 31-Aug-33 28-Nov-02    
Eldridge  Henry Lee 8 Dec 1894 28-Sep-69 WWI 52 O15
Eldridge  Willie Mae Fisher 28 Sep 1896 6-Nov-92 w/o Henry Lee 52 O15
Eldridge  J. R. 17-May-11 13-Sep-93   52 V6
Eldridge  Anita Ebert 31-May-13 12-Nov-94 w/o J. R. 52 V6
Emshoff Gardner "Gardie" Otto 12-Jan-26 7-Oct-00 WWII 52 R10
Emshoff Lucy L. Hill 9-May-28 not given w/o Gardner O 52 R10
Emshoff Annie A. Brau 19-Nov-01 20-Apr-98 w/o Edwin W 52 R10
Emshoff Edwin W. 5-Mar-00 31-Mar-84   52 R10
Emshoff Emma H. Loesch 1884 1961 w/o William C 52 R10
Emshoff William Clarence 1879 1962   52 R10
Engelholm  Ronnie 21-Jan-55 23-Jan-55   52 T5
Engelholm  Robert Charles 19 Mar 1894 24-Oct-74 WWI 52 T5
Engelholm Cecelia Janosky 15 May 1895 8-Aug-70 w/o Robert C 52 T5
Engelking Louise       26 P1
Engelking Charles       26 P1
Engelking Gustav Adolph 30 Dec 1874 7-Oct-54   26 P1
Engelking Mary Helena Balke 29 Jan 1884 25-Apr-62 w/o Gustav A 26 P1
Engelking William George 3-Sep-12 27-Apr-78   26 P1
Engelking Nonie Mewis 25-May-15 4-Feb-07 w/o Wm. George 26 P1
Ennis Jason   2001    
Esquivel John R. 2-Nov-37 7-Apr-04   99 48
Etlinger Karen Leigh 4-Nov-43 No date given   MAU
Etlinger Elsie Emma Prazak 21-Sep-11 17-Aug-02   MAU
Etlinger Pete E. 10-Apr-10 31-Jul-96   MAU
Etlinger Peter Layne 13-Jun-38 5-Jun-92   MAU
Evans twins No date given 4-Nov-51 buried by Jerry Wayne Evans  
Evans Jerry Wayne 6-Mar-57 11-Mar-57    
Finch  William R. 6-Mar-17 27-May-68 WWII 52 U3
Fisher Amalia Anna Roensch 18 Nov 1898 11-May-87   MAU
Fisher Herbert O. 2 Jul 1897 6-Feb-61   MAU
Fisher Lena L. Boeckelmann 27 Mar 1897 4-Dec-78   MAU
Fisher Raymond 6-Jul-02 8-Dec-80   MAU
Fisher Birdie Alice Spence 4 Feb 1890 23-Apr-88 w/o Henry 52 R13
Fisher Henry 9 Aug 1882 22-Aug-57   52 R13
Fisher  Paul 25-Jan-16 7-Sep-73   52 V7
Fisher  Paul Douglas 16-Oct-57 23-Feb-99 h/o Lisa Davila 52 V7
Fisher  Lester 29-Dec-06 5-Dec-74 h/o Edith J. Volcek 52 V7
Fisher  Ina Jeline Acock 12-Mar-23 14-May-82 w/o Paul 52 V7
Fitch Laraine P. Schluens 1-Jan-47 1-Jul-01 w/o Anthony J. 52 N7
Fitt Gussie Charles 21-Sep-03 25-Jan-81   52 V15
Fitt Virgie       52 V15
Flores Amanda Lee 11-Jan-12 11-Oct-14 d/o Carol (Revels) & Robert Flores  
Ford Henry Kenneth, MD 28-Apr-16 3-Jan-15 h/o Jane Lillian S  
Ford Jane Lillian Smith 2-Feb-20 6-Sep-02 WWII w/o Henry K 99 45
Ford Jerry Milton 20-Oct-37 20-Sep-15 w/o Dolores Loesch  
Fox Otto Bismark 28 Aug 1857 10-Mar-27   26 D9
Fox Lillian Octavia 1863 1891 w/o Otto B 26 D9
Frank Arnold Charles Jr. 27-Sep-10 19-Aug-77    
Frank Leona Mae Viereck 19-Oct-12 w/o Arnold C Jr.    
Frank Bryan William 26-Dec-24 8-Feb-03 WWII & KW  
Frenzel Alphons A. 12 Aug 1891 14-Aug-75   52 R3
Frenzel Clara Vogelpohl 27 Apr 1894 25-Mar-73 w/o Alphons A 52 R3
Froebel Paul Arthur 19-Jun-04 15-Apr-94   52 R11
Froebel Anita Pauline Schaffner 4-Aug-10 26-May-01 w/o Paul A 52 R11
Froelich Myrtle Ella Anna Kristen 26-Aug-06 10-May-02   MAU
Froelich John Otto 11-Oct-07 25-Nov-74   MAU
Fuqua  James Burford 4-Oct-01 13-Sep-71   52 U4
Fuqua  Clara Dora Davenport 12-Apr-04 18-Mar-90 w/o James B 52 U4
Furr  Myrtle Nelius 31-May-14 17-Jan-72 w/o Jack 52 T16
Fuson John William 4-Apr-33 4-Apr-33 s/o W. W. Fuson